Mmm, aren't you a clever girl? It's a shame. I suppose your little one would have had the same smarts...

Stefan Salvatore and Valerie Tulle's Unborn Child was a fetus that was first mentioned in Age of Innocence. This child was killed by Julian in 1863. In Stefan's dream, he was an eleven year old boy named Jacob who was, seemingly, human. Stefan dreamed of the child after Valerie revealed that Julian caused her to miscarry the fetus.

The child would have been a member of the Salvatore Family.



The unborn child was conceived in 1863 when Stefan and Valerie met. Afterwards, Valerie was going to leave her "family", the Heretics, and come back to Mystic Falls to tell Stefan about her pregnancy and also because she promised she would come back. Before she could board a ship, she was stopped by Julian and he mentions that he can hear two heartbeats. He then proceeded to kick Valerie in the stomach senselessly, which caused Valerie to lose the baby.

It is later revealed by Valerie that she tried to save the baby with magic, but since she did not have an entire coven to help her, she didn't succeed. Due to this failure and the loss of her child, she killed herself. However, having Lily's blood in her system, she became the first witch-vampire hybrid.


Season Seven

Physical Appearance

Nothing is known about what the child looked like, apart from Stefan's dream. In the dream, "Jacob" looked exactly like his father, with short dark, brown hair and brown eyes. He wore clothes similar to that of other young men of the era, such as a light brown coat and a dress shirt.

Powers and Abilities

The child, if it had been born, would have possibly been a witch or Siphoner, possessing all the standard powers and abilities of one or the other. However, in Stefan's dream, he appeared to be human.


The child would have had the typical weaknesses of a witch/human.



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