But that still leaves us a bit outnumbered. How do you propose we fight our way into an entire secret society of ancient vampires?

The Strix Gala took place in A Walk on the Wild Side.

Season Three (The Originals)

In A Walk on the Wild Side, Elijah and Marcel got invited in the Strix Gala. Hayley invites herself to attend the party as Elijah's date. In the party according to Tristan's plan Marcel's daylight ring gets stolen. Afterwards Tristan asks Marcel first to deduce the identity of the thief and then to simply take back what is his before dawn. If he accomplishes his task he would become one of them. But if he fails, he would meet his death.

Klaus, Freya and Lucien intrude the party

As Alexis gets missing, Klaus, Freya and Lucien intrude the party. While Klaus and Lucien distract the guests, Freya goes in search of Alexis. But before Freya rescues Alexis, Aurora disguised as one of the invited guests finds out Alexis and poisons her drink.

At the end of the party, Tristan asks Marcel to identify the thief. Then Marcel says that Aya stole his ring and gave it to her mentor Mohinder. After that Marcel has to join a combat with Mohinder in order to get back his ring. Mohinder almost defeats Marcel and bites him on his neck. At that moment Marcel reveals that he was bitten by a werewolf, a plan Marcel and Hayley planed to win the task. Mohinder becomes weak and easily killable, but Marcel denies to kill him as he says all Mohinder's fault was his poor selection of friends. Tristan then kills Mohinder himself saying he was plotting unspeakable crimes against his sworn brothers and sisters. He returns Marcel's ring back to him and welcomes him to The Strix.


  • Elijah describes the Strix as "The most dangerous and influential congregation of vampires the world has ever known".
  • In this party Aya introduces her mentor Mohinder to Marcel.
  • Hayley goes to the party as Elijah's date.
  • When Elijah sees Marcel, who is from Klaus's sireline, he understands that it wasn't a party, It was an initiation.
  • Tristan and Hayley share a dance.
  • Tristan de Martel introduces Marcel to the party as A very Special Guest.
  • Aya and Marcel share their first kiss in this party.
  • Klaus, Freya, Lucien and Aurora attain the party without any invitation.
  • All the invited guest, aside from Marcel and Hayley, are from Elijah's sireline.
  • In the middle of the party Marcel's daylight ring gets stolen by Tristan's people which he didn't notice until Tristan points it out.
  • At the end of the party Tristan welcomes Marcel to The Strix.


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