Klaus using super hearing.

Super Senses is an ability of vampires, werewolves, and hybrids, to have supernatural senses. This allows the user to see, smell, hear, taste and feel better than non-supernatural beings normally can.

Super senses varies from user to user in the vampire species, although, it is usually the older users who has better senses than younger ones.


Non-Original Vampires


Vampires have senses that exceed humans and werewolves in human form. They can hear things from great distances. They can also hear things such as heartbeats to tell if someone is lying such as when Elijah did so to Elena. They can also see in the dark to a much greater degree than humans can. It is implied that vampires taste food differently by Lillian Salvatore.

Augustine Vampires

Augustine Vampires presumably have the same super senses as regular Vampires. However, they might have greater senses due to the Augustine Virus amplifying it. 

Original Vampires

Due to being created to be superior to werewolves by Dark Magic and being the progenitors of the vampire species, Original Vampires have the highest degree of super senses out of vampires. For example, they can listen to someone's heartbeat. They can also hear footsteps from a great distance away as shown by Elijah hearing Gia in Fire with Fire.

Enhanced Original Vampire

Due to being created by Dark Magic to hunt the Original Vampires, Enhanced Original Vampires have a great degree of super senses. It is at least equal to that of the Original Vampires.

Upgraded Original Vampires

Due to being created by Dark Magic to kill the Original Vampires, Upgraded Original Vampires have a highest degree of super senses. It is at least equal to that of the Original Vampires.


Hayley tracking a scent

Non-Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrids

Due to being both vampires and werewolves, Non-Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrids inherit the combine super senses of both species.

Vampire-Witch Hybrids

Vampire-Witch Hybrids have the exact same super senses as regular vampires.

Original Hybrid

Klaus has the greatest amount of super senses due to being an Original Vampire and a Werewolf.



Werewolves have enhanced senses like vampires, albeit less developed. They are able to hear things that humans cannot, such as the Gilbert Device, however, they were not shown to have hearing capabilities of vampires. They also have heightened taste senses, as Tyler Lockwood was able to taste the vervain in his coffee. Furthermore, Jules was able to smell vampires, and many other werewolves have proven their ability to smell blood from far away.

Evolved Werewolves

Evolved werewolves possess the same heightened senses as regular werewolves.


Specific Frequencies: Certain frequencies such as the one emitted from the Gilbert Device can cause extreme pain to creatures with super hearing such as Vampires and Werewolves. These frequencies can also be produced by magic as shown when Freya incapacitated Aiden with it.

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