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For centuries, supernatural creatures have lived among us. There are vampires, werewolves, doppelgangers, witches and even hybrids. There are those who protect them and those who want them dead. There are friends, our enemies, the ones we love, and the ones we've lost. And then there's me. I'm human. At least I was.
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Supernaturals or supernatural beings are a collection of varying species, singular entities, races of both mortal and immortal, sentient beings that mostly live in secret among humankind. While humans make up for the majority of the Earth's population, at one time, the world was filled with an untold number and kinds of supernatural entities on varying planes of existence. When the golem Malivore was created, many of these beings were consumed and wiped from the collective conscious mind of anyone that knew of them and sequestered away in darkness. In time they were only remembered as myths and folk legends pasted down through written texts.

Modern day, the world's supernatural population includes mainly witches, werewolves, and vampires, and a few number of doppelgängers, hybrids, Original and Upgraded Original vampires, and Evolved werewolves.


An Arachne was originally a beautiful woman who was cursed by a jealous god and turned into a giant spider.
MG about the Arachne from Greek lore in Hope is Not the Goal
Main article: Arachne

The Arachne is a giant spider-like supernatural being that first appeared on the fourth episode of the first season of Legacies. When the unnamed arachne was released from Malivore, it came after the supernatural knife at the Salvatore Boarding School, though it was moved by Dorian Williams to safeguard it. In order to find the knife undetected, it it targeted the Mystic Falls High School students, Connor and Dana Lilien. It bit Dana, injecting her with its toxin that caused her to melt inside out, while it killed Connor and proceeded to wear his skin to impersonate and pass for human, at least physically as it never spoke.

Besides being able to wear the skin of its victims, it had large fangs that secretes a toxic substance, thick webbing to trapping and containing its prey was was by all accounts immune to magical fire. This was the only known arachne and it was killed by Hope Mikaelson, Josie, and Lizzie Saltzman.


An Argus. Big, ugly, thousand eyes, hard to kill, harder to get the drop on.

The Argus is a giant, misshapen, and monstrous entity covered in a hundred eyes that first appeared on the sixth episode of the fourth season of Legacies. Information surrounding this creature remains unknown, but has several similarities with Argus Panoptes of Greek mythology.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In You're A Long Way From Home, the Argus is kept chained in the heart of the Triad data facility as a watchdog to handle intruders. Hope and Ryan break into the facility where Hope comments that she'd just kill it single-handedly, but opts to throw Ryan down for him to handle and use him as bait. As the Argus sets its many eyes on Ryan, Hope is free to find what she's looking for. Ryan runs from the Argus, circling back and around, ensnaring the chain on filing cabinets, stopping the creature from reaching him in a dead end turn. Hope has found what she's been looking for and intends to find out just who Ryan wants to be. She grabs a sword and breaks the chain, freeing the Argus. Ryan prepares to attack, though the Argus stops in its tracks, turns to look at Hope and walks off away from them now free. Hope won't know who he intends to be, Ryan or Clarke.

That night, Ryan calls the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted to alert the "super squad" that there's an Argus on the loose and acting weird off of Route 50.

In Someplace Far Away From All This Violence, the Argus continues to stalk the woods off of Route 66, unknown that Kaleb and Jed have come in pursuit. Kaleb and Jed come across a mutilated corpse, believing it to be the work of the Argus.

Having found Kaleb, who struggles against him, the Argus, pins him the ground. The Argus chomps down on to his arm, but Kaleb is unfazed due to his new found dragon skin. Kaleb rips out one of his many eyes and calls for help from Jed. Jed finally arrives with a small pack of wolves, though they quickly run scared of the Argus. Jed takes the axe to the Argus' back but doesn't even feel the weapon. Jed wants him to burn the creature alive and Kaleb is forced to unleash his fire breath. Unable to avoid Kaleb, the Argus is consumed in Kaleb's fire.


Augustine Vampires[]

Main article: Augustine Vampire

Artificially created sub-species of vampires-turned-cannibalistic ripper with an insatiable, ravenous hunger for the blood of other vampires.


According to Irish mythology, the banshee is a harbinger. Whenever they appear, death is not far behind.
Alaric about the Banshee in All's Well That Ends Well
Main article: Banshee

Banshees are possessing, demonic spirits that first appeared on the tenth episode of the third season of Legacies. When the banshee was released from Malivore, it was possessing the human Kaelan who had died from her inconsolable grief sometime around 1014. It came to the Salvatore Boarding School in search of Cleo Sowande. Banshees possess the ability to make high-pitched, supernatural wails that is believed to cause death by, melting the brain. They also have some limited form of divination that allows them to see possible paths that lead to people's demise. Some are clearer than others, and depending on choices that are made, new paths can be revealed as others darken.

A banshee's possession can be broken if the grief can be overcame; in the case with Kaelan, when she found out that her son survived and went on to have children and grandchildren, she was able to expel the banshee, allowing her to find peace in her death.


According to Filipino legend, Berbalangs are like living viruses. They replicate themselves through physical contact. If you get bit by one, it's only a matter of time before you turn into one.

Berbalangs are inhuman, misshapen looking creatures that first appeared on the eleventh episode of the third season of Legacies. They are described as having red necrotic eyes, insatiable appetite for dead flesh and are able to interact with the astral plane. According to Filipino legend, Berbalangs are like living viruses. They replicate themselves through physical contact and when bit by one, it's only a matter of time before you turn into one. Wade also explains to Hope that they hate fire.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, inside the Salvatore Crypt, Landon and Hope stumble upon the dismembered remains of the Necromancer. The berbalang falls from the ceiling, scaring the two, as it pick up and continues to consume the corpse. Landon queries Hope on their astral status, but Hope remarks that they cannot be seen nor hurt in this form. This turns out to be false, however, when they are attacked by the creature. Hope throws herself at the creature to protect Landon, only for the berbalang to bit Hope. In the essence of safety, Hope sends Landon back to reality to face the berbalang herself. To divide and conquer. Ultimately, it's unknown what happened to the trapped berbalang.

Believing Hope to be in imminent danger, Landon turns to Josie for help. With all of their magical friends busy, Josie and Landon turn to Wade for help identifying the monster. Wade tells them that their monster is a "berbalang", a mythical creature from the Dungeons and Dragons board game. He explains that the scratch will turn Hope into a berbalang herself if she is not rescued within a matter of time, but it is too late, and the trio watch as a half-transformed berbalang Hope appears behind them. Despite their efforts to reason with Hope, they find themselves faced with an imminent threat should they not act accordingly.

Landon is somewhat successful in his attempts to break through to Hope, but these efforts are eventually futile. Josie arrives moments later having taken her magic from the coin. She hands over the pearl-bladed dagger which she has enchanted and should be able to stop the transformation process that turning Hope into a berbalang. The trio are hesitant, however, given they could kill Hope should the lore be incorrect. Landon snatches the blade and stabs Hope in the heart, revealing that their planned worked—Hope has been cured of the supernatural virus and reversed the transformation process.



Let this stand as a warning for all who dare consider summoning the Croatoan. For who among us is without secrets? Without deceit in their heart? But, if you must, it requires the magic of a powerful witch... who has not a thing to hide.
Main article: Croatoan

Croatoans are summoned monsters that first appeared in the sixth episode of the second season of Legacies. Around 1585–1590 the powerful witch Cassandra of the Roanoke colony summoned the monster to ferret out the lies that the Puritan hypocrites were concealing from the rest of the village while hoping to spare her vampire lover, Sebastian. Now keeping his secret, the croatoan turned against her and killed her and Sebastian was helpless and could only watch her death occur. The creature would eventually be consumed by Malivore.

One of the most defining abilities this creature has is to seek out the truth and detect hidden secrets, though how it does so remains unknown. Its also described as a writhing mass of tentacles and a beak like nose and acid-like saliva. It also appears to be immune to magic and that only the witch who summoned it can destroy it. Hope manages to destroy the croatoan by using a token of Cassandras'.


A large, brutish, humanoid creature that appears to be composed of rocks and magma. Its arms derive into jagged points, almost claw-like. Water spells seem ineffectively against this creature and it has capabilities to melt steel nearly instantaneously. Its weaknesses are unknown, though Malivore made one using a human host. When Blake died, so did the cherfue.

Cyclops and Trolls[]

A large, brutish nocturnal creature with a single eye and incredible strength and terrible odor. They are presumably akin to Trolls as there is a "surprising amount of overlap" between the two species. It remains unknown if trolls exist.


Main article: Doppelgänger

Supernatural occurrences that were created by Nature as a result of the creation of true immortals as a means to maintain the balance that all things must die.


Main article: Dragon

Terrifying monsters with the ability to transform into winged-beasts with unmatched power. They are capable of breathing fire in both their human and dragon forms.


Main article: Dryad

Gentle living tree spirits that once lived among humans and are attuned with Nature.


They are parasitic spirits of Jewish folklore that imbues its host with supernatural strength. Killing a dybbuk is relatively easy, though. All one must do is kill the host. Those taken possession by the spirit will take on a monstrous, grotesque, and misshapen form with one arm abnormally larger than the other. Drawing the spirit from the host leaves the body "porous", resulting in drastic blood loss if not healed.

Enhanced Original Vampire[]

Main article: Enhanced Original Vampire

An Original vampire with enhanced features over the original creation. The only one, Alaric, was purified and reverted back into a human.


Main article: Pothos

Collectively known as the Erotes, lore dictates that they are a group of winged gods representing the multiple dimensions of love and desire. According to some texts, they were infallible, and all mortals were said to worship them for their ability to share the divine power of love.

Evolved Werewolves[]

Main article: Evolved Werewolf

Werewolves specifically of the Crescent Wolf Pack that participated in the Unification Ceremony and gained additional abilities over that of traditional werewolves; notably, control of their transformation.


Main article: Wade Rivers

A magical species whose power is dependent on the belief of others. They can produce wings, seemingly with the ability to fly, and shoot fairy dust. They are a weakness to qareens.


Main article: Gargoyle

Towering statue and stone-like supernatural being with wings and claws that secrete a paralytic toxin.


Main article: Ghost

Souls of deceased supernatural beings that could, under certain circumstances, appear as a visible manifestation to the living, and in even rarer circumstances, physically interact with the living world.


Main article: God

Otherwise divine beings, they're worshiped across a dozen or more cultures, however, they're separated from humans because they possess magic. Gods are only as powerful as people's belief in them, which had diminished over the years. Specifically after the creation of Malivore Ken tasked Jen with protecting them, sleeping in sarcophagi until his destruction.


Main article: Golem

A mud creature created from black magic. The first golem, Malivore, is capable of consuming supernaturals and humans into itself, a dark hell-like dimension designed to cleanse the earth of "monsters" and wipe their existence from the collective conscience. Malivore created his own beings, imperfect and powerless golems, that resemble humans but cannot continue his legacy.


Main article: Nia

Supernatural beings that can turn their hair into snakes and petrify humans.

Green Knight[]

Once noble and now a monster, his body and soul corrupted and decayed as a result of the power he became unworthy to wield, his thirst for more making him a scourge upon mankind.
Nimue about the Green Knight in We're Not Worthy

The Green Knight is an ancient being that appeared on the first episode of the third season of Legacies. He was once a noble knight and rightful owner of Excalibur; however, that power corrupted and decayed his body and soul and he became unworthy to wield it. When he last wielded Excalibur, his thirst for more power made him a scourge upon mankind—Camelot fell and the Dark Ages began. He's unnaturally strong with high resistance, immune to witchcraft—at least fire and immobilization—and can only be felled with Excalibur.

Eventually, Nimue, Lady of the Lake, became the sword's protector and was bound by duty to find a worthy champion to fell the Green Knight. However, at an unknown point in time, both he and Nimue are consumed by Malivore.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In We're Not Worthy, the Green Knight found the sword Excalibur as well as its protector, Nimue, at the Salvatore School's field day. Nimue pleaded with the students to entrust the sword to her so that she could take it to the protected isle of Avalon, for if they hesitated, the world would be plunged into darkness again. As he approached the students, the sword flew into the air and plunged itself into a large rock; the challenge has begun.

Now in sight of his prize, Nimue, and the students began to move more slowly with each step; Nimue explained she had cursed him eons ago but assured the stduent that he would reach it unless he was bested by a worthy challenger. As most of the students fled while given the opportunity, Jed decided to face him alone and lunged at him. The knight's strength easily swatted him away with his morning star molded into his right arm. Nimue explains that the worthy champion must wield Excalibur and that only its power can conquer him.

The Knight continues to slowly approach the sword as the students try and fail to remove the sword from the stone. The sky rages above them with lightening as MG takes command. MG has Kaleb, Jed, and Wade grab the tug-of-war rope to slow him down and has Lizzie and Josie protect the sword. MG walks up to him and punches him in the helmet which only enrages him more. Despite their efforts the rope doesn't hold the knight. Lizzie casts the incendia spell, blasting the knight with fire though to no avail; he's immune. Josie quickly counters, suggesting to use immobilus. The knight freezes in place, though quickly overcomes the spell and MG attacks him once more. The knight punches him back with his free hand as MG falls to the ground. Rafael arrives and inadvertently removes Excalibur. With the knight still held back in rope, Rafael plunges the sword into his chest, killing him. The challenge has been won and the Green Knight disintegrates into the wind.



An inhuman-looking supernatural creature that feeds off disrespect. Their voice mimicry helps to cause discord between people and, as it feeds, it molts and grows into a large, grotesque monster becoming more dangerous to those around it. Genuine respect, however, is its weakness which causes them to grow weak and shrink in physical size.

Headless Horseman[]

A supernatural being that carries around his severed head but functions otherwise normally. He's seemingly highly resistant to magic and carries around a spinal column that functions as a whip.


Main article: Hybrid

Cross-breeds of two or more different supernatural species; such as werewolf-vampire, siphoner witch-vampire, witch-werewolf, and witch-werewolf-vampire hybrids.


Main article: Immortal

Truly immortal supernatural beings that cannot be killed by any conventional weapon.


Main article: Jinni

Supernatural wish-granting beings that are born into 500 years of servitude.


An inhuman-looking supernatural being described as anti-Santa. He is a monster that brings snow and ice and seeks out hatred and anger. He can also attack his targets with an extremely long, whip-like tongue or his bony, claw-like hands. He also carries around a small scythe and has the ability to turn into smoke to escape.


An inhuman-looking, little supernatural being whose powers include being attracted to and attracting wealth, as well as having super speed and the ability to produce rainbows. Their mere presence will entice humans into spending indiscriminately. They consume the wealth they find within their stomach. They speak an unknown language that even a witch's translation spell will not help with.

Lady of the Lake[]

I am Nimue. [...] Entrust the sword to me, and I shall take it to the protected isle of Avalon.
Main article: Lady of the Lake

Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, is a supernatural being that appeared on the first episode of the third season of Legacies. She is the protector of Excalibur, the enchanted blade of kings. She guards the blade from a true monster, the Green Knight, that is magically bound to her by the sword's power. In the Modern age, she seeks out the sword to take it to the protected isle of Avalon before the Green Knight ushers in a new dark age. She has some form of magic to control water, turn her being into water, as well as able to curse the Green Knight to move slowly.

After she was released from Malivore she found the sword at Salvatore School's field day. Though the students were hesitant to give her the sword, she remained with them after a new challenge begun with the approach of the Green Knight. After he was defeated by Rafael she bid them all farewell entrusting him to protect the sword better than his ancestors and she would never need to return.


A large supernatural aquatic being with enhanced strength and super speed.


Main article: Medium

Humans who gain the supernatural ability to communicate with deceased beings on the Other Side as a result of being resurrected from a non-supernatural death.


A large supernatural bull-like creature with great strength. It travels with the Keeper and seemingly trapped within the Labyrinth during its creation as a means to punish a maiden who refused a sorcerer's affections.


The mummy's curse is bound by the scarab in its chest. Once the girls siphon the scarab, the curse will be lifted and the mummy will be dead.

The Mummy is a supernatural being bound by a cursed scarab that appeared in the twelfth episode of the first season of Legacies. He's statuesque and loosely covered in wrapped bandages, with his gaunt body and face exposed. The mummy's curse is bound by the green-glowing scarab embedded in his chest which imparts supernatural abilities that allows him to create mini plagues—sandstorms, locusts, scorpions, and hornets that are indigenous to Africa. Should the mummy be destroyed, the scarab will fully reconstitute him.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, the Mummy tracks the urn that went downstream river to a man-made reservoir outside of Maple Hollows, South Carolina. Dorian had retrieved the urn but was stopped by Triad Industries. The mummy unleashes his hornets on the four guards causing them to collapse on the ground covered in large welts. Confronting Dorian, he takes the urn, leaving him unharmed.

Continuing his task to return the urn to Malivore, he enters Maple Hallow, facing down Alaric, Lizzie, Josie, and Hope who blocks his path. The Mummy unleashes hornets from his mouth, but the girls casts a protective barrier that repeals the hornets. As Hope and Lizzie argue, the mummy reaches out and begins to curse Hope making her cough up bugs. Lizzie begins to do the same, though Josie is quick to cast a counter spell to resist the curse. Casting another spell, the mummy is blasted with a large ball of continuous fire. The mummy is completely destroyed and rendered into ash.

Triad Industries collect all supernatural artifacts as evidence, including the mummy's ashes and scarab. Not long after, the scarab begins to melt away the briefcase in which it was stored. The mummy's curse begins again and causes the ashes and new bandages to fly into the air and swarm around, fully reconstituting the mummy. Alaric has a plan for Lizzie and Josie to siphon away the curse and has Kaleb vamp speed up to him and take the scarab. He gives the scarab to Lizzie as she and Josie siphon away the magic. The mummy unleashes more hornets as Hope protects them with a barrier spell, but the curse is siphoned away before the attack hits them. The mummy remains a standing corpse as the curse is lifted


Night Hag[]

Our latest monster is a Night Hag, a malevolent spirit trapped on the astral plane that can only interact with us through dreams. In this case, nightmares.

The Night Hag is supernatural being that is described as a malevolent spirit trapped on the astral plane and can only interact with humans and supernaturals through dreams and nightmares. An Oneiroi posing as a Night Hag appeared in the ninth episode of the first season of Legacies.

Lore dictates that they cannot physically interact with or affect reality. The unnamed Oneiros specifically disguised itself as a Night Hag in order to hide its identity so it couldn't easily be stopped, likely due in part to their similar abilities. Though only shown as a disguise, the Oneiros taking its form likely confirms that they too exist, as well as the written accounts of Night Hags. It remains unknown if they've been consumed by Malivore, given that they are believed to be only trapped on the astral plane and cannot physically affect the mortal plane.



Main article: Oneiroi

Large, black-winged shapeshifting dream "demons". They are presumably akin to Night Hags, but the existence of such a creature remains unknown.


A supernatural "demon-ghost-monster," as described by Josie, that can possess people through touch, either through voluntary or involuntary action. Once inhabiting a host, it makes them act crazy. However, those with a "broken mind" makes it harder for the oni to control its host.

Original Vampires[]

Main article: Original Vampire

The first generation of extremely powerful vampires created through magic and the progenitors of a vampire bloodline.


Main article: Landon Kirby

A supernatural being that resurrects upon death in a burst of fire. Much remains unknown about this species.


Main article: Protoclown

A clown effigy-turned-supernatural being by an Egyptian witch. It was born of fire and brought to life to punish the villagers for taking her away from her home. Its bite is poisonous, making those infected forced to contront the memories of the worst things they'd ever done, so that they could be redeemed, or die by being stubborn.


Main article: Psychic

Subset of humans, though classified as a supernatural species, that exhibit the ability to read, manipulate and/or control the minds of others.


They are creatures capable of traversing dimensional planes. A notable psychopomp from Greek myth is Charon, the Ferryman. Pay his bounty, and he will carry your soul across the River Styx. Cleo Sowande created a golem in his likeness.


Main article: Ethan Machado

Large woodland sprites from Native American lore. They can appear and disappear at will, teleport short distances, and, can "phase", a form of intangibility. These creature resemble a porcupine from the back though can walk upright. Lizzie explains that their powers are finite and tied to their lifespan. The more one phases, the quicker it dies.


Main article: Qareen

An Arabian monster that whispers insecurities and feeds off the discord and strife it creates. As they become stronger and affect more people, they are able to materializes into the mortal plane.

Santa Claus[]

Purveyor of Christmas and associated magic and belief, he rewards good boys and girls, while seeking out peace and joy. He possesses great supernatural speed, to which he attributes to making it to all the houses around the world in a single night.

Shadow Men[]

Skeletal-like supernatural beings with unknown abilities though they possess numerous sharp teeth and shrunken eyes.

Shunka Warakin[]

A supernatural being of Ioway Native American legend that is a large carnivorous creature with huge claws that feeds only on werewolves.


Main article: Siphoner

A subsection of witches born without the ability to generate their own magic but do possess a rare power that allows them to siphon magic from other sources and use that magic for their own purposes.


Main article: Siren

Supernatural beings who were originally psychic, but through a deal made with Arcadius they were given immortality, youth, and beautiful. Their deal was dependent on sending Arcadius souls in exchange for their immortality and his willingness to send their souls back should they "die" while their beauty was dependent on the feeding of human flesh.


The unicorn wasn't the monster. It was just the host to this thing. A parasite. It hitched a ride here in that Trojan horse, and then it moved on to us. From what Hope describes, it sounds like it latches onto the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with inhibitions.

Slugs are a parasitic supernatural creature that appeared in the eleventh episode of the first season of Legacies.

They are approximately an inch long, red-striped with pink flesh, bioluminescent slugs that infect hosts by through the nose, ear, or mouth, at which point will make their way into the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The slugs replicate inside the host and lie in wait for the opportunity to infect someone else while lowering the hosts inhibitions. Once the host becomes susceptible to suggestion, they'll do whatever the slug wants. After which the host will perish. They're only known weakness is a shock of electricity that will immediately expel them from the host's body, returning them to their normal behavior.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, the slug hitches its ride out of Malivore by way of the unicorn. Freed, the slug expels itself through the unicorn's ear where it climbs onto Hope's shoe. That morning, it slithers into her through her nose and immediately begins to lower her inhibitions. The slug continues to replicate in the unicorn and attempts to infect Dorian, but he discovers it before it can. Meanwhile at the Salvatore Boarding School the slug replicates from Hope into Josie and so on infecting each new person they come in contact with.

Eventually, the slug's suggestion to Hope was to take the urn and "get rid of it". Though Landon told her it was a bad idea, Hope is inadvertently freed from the slug's mind control when she touched the switch to the kitchen vent, and it shocked her. Landon and Hope convene with Dorian and track down the slugs, which lead them to most of the talent show students. Hope spells them behind a door as they devise a plan to free them. Dorian is joined with Emma, freed from her slug, and Alaric. Emma suggests using Aximander Dust, as it conducts electricity through anything it touches, like chain lightning.

Meanwhile, Penelope and Josie goes after the urn with Josie siphoning away Hope's boundary spell. The two are confronted by Hope and Lizzie and after a brief magical fight, Lizzie tricks Josie with the shock bracelet freeing her of her slug.

Believed that all the slugs have been taken care of, the students continue with their talent show. Later that night, a slug makes its way into Alaric's drink, unbeknownst to him, which he ingests. The slug inhibits him enough to suggest throwing the urn down river, partially succeeding its task and allowing for the next monster to continue.



Main article: Sphinx

A supernatural being capable of divining future events.


Main article: Spirit

The souls of deceased beings that have passed on to find peace in the Bright World, the ultimate destination for the dead, or were previously sent to Hell before its destruction. It remains unknown what happened to the souls that were contained in Hell after its destruction with Hellfire. Some spirits can continue to linger, however, in the Space In-between or Spectral Plane.


Main article: Robin Goodfellow

A magical species that are cousins of the Faerie Folk, much of the lore surrounding them remains unexplored. Sprites, however, possess a powerful form of suggestion that instinctively causes humans and other supernatural beings to believe whatever they tell them.

Supernatural Hunters[]

Main article: Supernatural Hunter

Supernatural Hunters and Huntresses that were originally humans who are endowed with supernatural abilities to hunt and kill vampires through magical means.


Main article: The Travelers

A once powerful, but cursed sub-culture of nomadic witches that excelled in possession and were obsessed with 'anti' or purification of magic.

Upgraded Original Vampires[]

Main article: Upgraded Original Vampire

An Original vampire created by reverse-engineering the Immortality Spell that created the Originals with the addition of a lethal venom, scientifically altered werewolf venom, capable of killing Original vampires and their prodigies.


Can't we just leave it alone? It's trapped, it's not going anywhere. It's harmless.

Unicorns are a mysterious supernatural creature with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead that appeared in the eleventh episode of the first season of Legacies.

The unicorn was pure white with a flowing white mane and black eyes and, as Dorian describes, otherwise harmless. It was thought to be the "monster" released from Malivore, however, initially it was unknown that it was a host to a parasitic slug. Nothing is known about this creature or what abilities, if any, it possesses.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, the unicorn trips the "monster alarm", created by a boundary spell, that alerts Dorian, Alaric and Hope. Upon discovery, Dorian and Alaric are both ready to shoot the unicorn, however Hope is able to convince them not to; unbeknownst to them, a small, slug-like creature crawls from the unicorn's ear and onto Hope's shoe.

While the students prepare for the talent show, Dorian talks with the unicorn, and one of the slug-like creatures crawls up his leg. He goes on to explain to Landon and Hope that the unicorn wasn't the monster, but was just a host to the parasitic slug—a Trojan horse. The unicorn, however, keels over—dead.



I have to admit... at first, it felt strange, the metallic taste. But then, it was like electricity coursing through my body-- a million stars exploding in my mind all at once. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. It was amazing. And all I can think now is... I want to do it again.
Camille about becoming a vampire in A Ghost Along the Mississippi
Main article: Vampire

Vampires are magically reanimated human corpses that first appeared in the first episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Vampires closely resemble the living human they once were before becoming a vampire with the notable difference that they are a predatory species that must feed on blood, typically human, to survive. Vampires are superior to some other supernatural species, such as werewolves—where they could bite, vampires bite harder. Where they had speed we had to be faster; agility, strength, senses are all heightened as vampires. Despite all their strengths, they can be greatly weakened by vervain and be killed by a wooden stake through the heart.

Vampire can also create more of their kind when a human who has ingested their blood dies, awakens in transition, and then feeds on another human to complete the process. Vampires are the sired offspring of an Original vampire, who were first created by the witch Esther Mikaelson through the Immortality Spell. This spell connects the Original vampire to each vampire they turn and so forth, a magical bond through their respective bloodlines—their sireline.


If wendigos are weak, they'll try to snag an easy meal by taking human form.

Wendigos are large, gauntly, skeletal beasts that first appeared in the fourteenth episode of the third season of Legacies.

These beasts have an ashen complexion, covered in fur, and large rack of antlers. They have sunken, glowing blue eyes with a skeletal chest, where their icy hearts emit a dim blue light. Their icy hearts are their greatest weakness as removing or melting it with fire will greatly weaken, but not kill it, as they have to be completely incineration. If not killed, they'll try to snag an easy meal by taking human form with speech capabilities. They possess incredible strength with a powerful jaw for attacking while inflicted wounds by this creature will not heal until the wendigo is destroyed.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In This Feels A Little Cult-y, Dorian wrongly believes that MG is responsible for a dead hiker close to Grove Hill. While burying the hiker, the wendigo attacks Dorian, injuring him. Dorian escapes into a cave and is found by Alaric. Before they're able to escape, the wendigo finds them and the two distracts the creature long enough for MG to remove his daylight ring and plunge his burning hand into the beast's chest removing and melting its icy heart.

In A New Hope, Alaric charges Kaleb and MG to retrieve the wendigo corpse and bury it. Tensions between the two are still high and Kaleb invites Jed along, leaving MG the bulk of the work. As Dorian's injuries greatly worsen and reopens, Alaric learns that the wendigo isn't dead. MG and Kaleb quickly discover this first hand and race to find and kill the creature before Dorian's wounds kill him. Kaleb believes the creature to be dead and that the exercise is a bonding scenario and parts ways with the two. Greatly weakened, the wendigo targets Kaleb who puts up a fight against the creature but is ultimately rescued by Jed and MG. MG plunges a torch into the creatures chest and is engulfed in flames. They continue to roast the creature over a funeral pyre ensuring its demise.



When the full moon crests in the sky, whoever is unlucky enough to fall under the werewolf curse turns into a wolf. [...] Werewolves will attack humans, but instinct and centuries of rivalry have hardwired them to hunt their prey of choice—vampires.
Vanessa about werewolves in Bad Moon Rising
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Werewolves are shapeshifting supernatural species who unwillingly transform into wolves under the full moon that first appeared in the first episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries. The first werewolves were cursed by the frightening witch Inadu who's thirst for power lead to her tribesman to track her down with wolves and kill her. Upon her dying breath, she used her death to cast the spell to enact revenge against her tribesmen, creating seven unique bloodlines of werewolves, each with their own unique "gifts". Overtime through a special ritual, these powers became shared among all werewolves.

The werewolf curse is an inherited genetic condition when one is born to at least one werewolf parent. Furthermore, the werewolf gene must be "triggered" by taking the life of a living person or supernatural being, regardless of intention. Until them, they are considered "human" and not supernatural and can be compelled by vampires. After their first kill, they will not transform until the first full moon thereafter. Even in their human form, werewolves possess superhuman physical prowess, though less than that of a vampire or as compared to under a full moon. One particular advantage that werewolves have against vampires is the venom that's created from their fangs in their wolf forms. These venomous bite are fatally lethal to vampires. While transformed, werewolves are hardwired to kill vampires on sight, though they still hunt human prey whenever there are no vampires to kill.


The Italians call them Strega. The Yoruba of West Africa call them Aje, meaning mother. Where my mother was from, they called them Häxa. And here, we call them witch. Over the centuries, vampires have fought them and fought beside them, bedded them and burned them. Whether adversary or ally, they have been a force to be reckoned with.
Elijah about witches in Après Moi, Le Déluge
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Witches are supernatural beings who are born with the power to affect change by magical means, known as witchcraft, that first appeared in the first episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Before a witch taps into their magic, they are considered as "untapped", meaning their magic is pure; furthermore, they are for all intents and purposes considered "human". Once they've awakened their powers, witchcraft can include a variety of powers, such as telekinesis, elemental control like pyrokinesis, and pain infliction as well as spell casting and channeling. Spell casting is one of the defining characteristics of a witch; a spell is typically a word, a verse, or ritualistic action, or any combination thereof that carries out a magical action. Witches can also use and tap into a variety of magic used in various magical practices that can differ between belief systems, countries and cultures.

Although the majority of traditional witches are commonly portrayed as being kind and selfless humans who use their powers to maintain balance within the world, some witches are not and go directly against the Balance of Nature by practicing their powers for dark and sinister or selfish deeds. A few darker witches go so far as to subvert the very laws that govern Nature which has led to either the direct or indirect creation of new supernatural species, thus are claimed as the "Architects of the Supernatural".


Coined by Penelope Park, "zombies" are a unique classification of supernatural beings that are humans that have been reanimated by the Necromancer using necromancy. These beings are essentially walking corpses that lack all but basic instincts and are used to do the Necromancer's bidding. While the Necromancer has resurrected other supernatural beings in otherwise perfect health, they've not specifically been referred to as a zombie, though the Necromancer has complete control over the reanimated person's faculties.



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