I am actually quite objective. 

Well 1x22 is not the best example. Nothing in season 1 is really going to be a good example. Damon tried to kill Bonnie and had her terrified more than once.  At the end of the season Bonnie threaten to take Damon down along with Stefan if he got in the way. Damon was the main antagonists from season 1. They were sodily in the enemies catergory.

2x18 is also cancelled by his pushing for them to use Bonnie to take down Klaus. Even though he knew it would kill her.

4x15 Matt beleives he hates Bonnie. That did not make Elena look like a good friend because she and Bonnie are supposed to be like sisters. While I understand Elena was wrapped up with Jeremy. The general lack of concern from the group was a little off putting. Bonnie could have been dead but there was a general lack of caring from the group.  Bonnie is actually on her own for pretty much the rest of the season. That's seven episodes of Bonnie dealing with expression and avoiding being killed by Elena. The only solid friend Bonnie had was Jeremy and he died early in the season. A Damon Bonnie frienship could have developed but Elena turned off her humanity. That was that for Bonnie and Damon.

Season 5 was probaly the least close they had been. Damon and Elena were offically together  in season 5. Damon knew what happen to Elena with Jeremy 's death. He did not want a repeat with Bonnie. Except Elena did not have a major breakdown. This again puts  question mark on the Elena Bonnie friendship. Jeremy was Bonnie's first and Damon almost killing him ... Well that was that.

Its like I said there were moments they could have worked toward a friendship. Except it always end back up with them at odds. The quote from 5xx22 was spot on. They never made it past allies at the end.

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