That's not true. Sci-Fi fantasy shows get noticed for two reasons,  writing and effects.

TVD's writing has missed the mark on older audiences. It is primarily a character driven show and not a story driven show. Its main character has as much hate as love within its own fanon. TVD decided not to go too supernatural. It saves money for special effects but never gets in the running for the award category.

AS for Sci-Fi, fantasy shows getting nominated: Game of Thrones 59 nomnations. 10 wins so far

American Horror Story has been nominated for 17. 4 wins

Walking Dead 6 nominations. 2 wins

Lost 24 nominations. 4 wins

Battlestar Galactica 8 nominations. 3 Wins

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 10 nominations. 2 Wins

Angel 1 nomination.

The X-files 21 nominations. 3 Wins

Quantum Leap 8 nominations. 4 wins

Touched by Angel 12 nominations.

There has always, always been one sci-fi fantasy show to win something.

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