Actually she's bisexual, but like a lot of shows, once a bisexual person starts dating the same sex then they can never be put/shipped with the opposite sex because people would call it homophobic. Despite bisexuality meaning you are attracted to both so actually those people are being biphobic. Also the same person (Carina) who - before season 4 -  said Keelin was bisexual, has changed it she's just a lesbian.  Though yeah, making her bisexual in itself isnt a problem. But the way they did it is. Also, really annoyed at the fact that since Keelin is a lesbian black woman that means they'll never kill her off, yet literally everyone else even those who have been here since day 1 or those the show was intended to be about are fair game. Like her gender sexuality and race make her more important and untouchable than the others. 

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