Tami Bryce (Full Name: Tamra Bryce) was a resident of Fell's Church and Jim Bryce's younger sister. She pressed her body against Matt Honeycutt in the doorway when he visited, causing Elena Gilbert and her friends to correctly conclude that she had been possessed by a malach.

Matt and Elena later went to check on her. They found that she had superglued a homemade stripper outfit onto herself, and made sexual overtures to a horrified Matt. He and Elena left by way of the Old Wood, looking for malach and Tree-Men. Instead, they found Damon, who ordered the two of them to have sex while he recorded it on his video camera. Elena tried to co-operate, but Matt objected, so Damon tortured him and left him unconscious in the wood.


While her physical appearance wasn't described, she wore a thong bikini bottom and two round decorations made of cardboard with sequins pasted on, with a few strands of colored tinsel on top. She wore a paper crown on the top of her head, and it had been noted that the outfit was superglued onto her body.


According to Meredith, Tami is a very nice girl and not at all mature for her age.


  • Tamra comes from Hebrew origin and means "palm tree".
  • Bryce is a surname of Celtic origins.

The Return Series


When Matt went to Jim's house, Tami pressed her body sexually against Matt.

After the group concludes that Tami is possessed by a malach, Matt and Elena go the Bryce house to check on her. She opens the door, wearing an homemade stripper outfit, and makes sexual overture at Matt again, while insulting Elena in the process. After Elena sees the PermaStick, it's revealed that Tami superglued the outfit to her skin, which Elena and Matt decide to take the girl the police. Tami follows the two while shouting lurid details about what a good time the three had. The two then drop Tami off with the police and drive off.

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