Josette Parker levitating a book

Telekinesis is an ability of the witches to move objects with their mind through force of will. Witches commonly use this power to bring objects to them or generate a concussive force to push people away. More adept users can use this power to easily snap bones and necks or inflict wounds upon their victims. This power is commonly performed non-verbally, either channeled through the eyes or, more frequently, the hands in order to move the target in the desired direction. This power can also be activated through a spell, evoked through the Latin-based term "Motus".

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett

TVD 1x08 Bonnie Uses Telekinesis on Feathers to show Elena.gif

Bonnie has used this power from feats as small as lifting small objects into the air to forcefully shoving people away from her without making physical contact. Unbeknownst to her she first used this power to cause the water, during the car wash to 'explode' and splash Tiki, in You're Undead to Me. Her first active demonstration of this power was to her friend Elena in 162 Candles, when she revealed herself to be a witch. She demonstrated her powers by lifting dozens of feathers from a pillow into the air. She also reveals that her Grams had been teaching her magic. In Isobel, Damon, not trusting in Bonnie's abilities (to remove the spell on the Gilbert Device) demonstrates her power by concentrating on a named book, suggested by Damon and telekinetically flinging it to him off the bookshelf. In Founder's Day, Bonnie fakes removing the spell upon the Gilbert device by floating the spelled piece into the air, causing the fire to blaze and the lights to flicker.

In The Return she used this power to open the doors of the Lockwood Mansion when Katherine Pierce tried to feed on her. Once the doors were open, she was forced to stop at risk of exposing herself as a vampire to the guests at the wake. In Know Thy Enemy, while upset for the role that Damon played in the transition of Caroline she used the non-verbal form of this power to turn on a water hose so she could use the water as a magical catalyst to set Damon on fire. In Know Thy Enemy, while concentrating on the grimoire that contained the spell to harness a deceased witch's power, she caused the book to telekinetically fly off the bookshelf. In The Last Dance, she used this power several times; she demonstrates her power to Damon, using the power of the harnessed magic from the dead witches to throw him to the ground and as well as to protect Elena and herself from Klaus. Klaus, reveals that he was possessing Alaric Saltzman's body and was there to kill her and advances on them though she throws him across the hall with her non-verbal power; as they run, she telekinetically closes two doors, attempting to buy more time as they escape. Not much later she attempted to injure Klaus, using this power to break his wrist, making him drop the knife he held. She continues to break his shoulder and leg, forcing him to the ground, though the protection spell is strong and he is trying to get up. Stefan and Elena rush to her, though she blocks their path, magically shutting the doors, barring the entrance to the room as she uses the last of her, seemingly dying in the process. Klaus escapes, having taken down the witch. Bonnie usually activates this power by lifting her arm or hands towards the object she wishes to move and then moves it in the direction she wishes the object to go, but she has also used her eyes and mind alone.

In Disturbing Behavior, the Darkness as Anna describes it, sets a bunch of Grimoires on fire, one of which was in Jeremy's lap. Bonnie quickly telekinetically pushes the burning book off his lap and uses her magic to quench the flames.

Can you do it one last time?

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Bonnie uses the Motus spell to throw a pick-axe into Kai's chest. Later, she telekinetically throws Kai off of Damon, then pulls Damon to the center of the spot where he could travel between worlds and sends him back to the mortal plane. In The Downward Spiral, she telekinetically throws open a door after confronting a 'changed' Kai at a party. Moments prior she told him that if she saw him again she would melt his face off. Later, Damon confronts her again, without Kai. She is furious with him and proceeds to physically show him the pain that Kai caused her in the prison world. She displayed her hand outward, replicating the wound and pain of an arrow for which he was there to witness. She continues, gesturing her hands as if she is twisting something causing Damon to be telekinetically strangled. Finally, she repeated the first gesture, replicating the final stab wound before Kai freed himself. She tells Damon that she wished she could show him the pain she felt when she was alone, but couldn't. During this instance, this is the most devastating use of her telekinetic power heightened by her emotions, only seen by a few other witches. In Because, Bonnie uses the verbal Motus spell to shove Damon off of her when she attempts to destroy the 1903 prison world ascendant. In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Bonnie uses the basic power to fulfill Elena's last favor, asking her "Can you do it one last time?" while she visited with her in her mind; to levitate the feathers in her pillow, one last time.

In Postcards from the Edge, she attempts to use the Motus spell to force Rayna Cruz off of her, though she quickly finds out that she is immune to magic (that directly affects her). In I Would for You, Bonnie uses non-verbal telekinesis to magically grab a scalpel blade to show Damon that she had recovered. In Kill 'Em All Bonnie uniquely uses the Motus spell to cause a small fire to extinguish while also learning the magic suppression pill effects had worn off, making her traceable by the Armory.

Emily Bennett

Emily using the ability while possessing Bonnie.

Emily has only been seen to use this ability while possessing her descendant Bonnie in History Repeating, so it is unknown if she tapped into Bonnie's powers, used her own or both. It is more likely that Emily didn't use Bonnie's powers as while possessed, Bonnie performed more powerful magic than she had ever done up to that point, and she was not strong enough to produce such powerful magic again for some time. She used this ability twice: to close and lock all the doors after she went into the bathroom, and to send Damon flying onto a tree branch when he tried to attack her.

In Know Thy Enemy, it is assumed because of Damon's comment ("Screw you too, Emily"), that Emily telekinetically slammed the door on the old witch house in his face after she de-spelled his daylight ring.

Luka Martin

In Katerina, Luka reveals to Bonnie that he too is a witch. He does this by pouring salt on the table and using this basic power to levitate the salt.

Jonas Martin

Jonas pinning Jeremy against the wall

Jonas used this power a few times during his run on the show. The most notable time was in The Dinner Party when he burst into the Gilbert house and pinned Jeremy Gilbert to the wall with his powers, took Bonnie's magic from her, and then stormed out before telekinetically slamming the door shut behind him. He activated this power by splaying his fingers forward and threw his arm towards Jeremy before he went flying to the wall. He was pretty skilled in the use of this power, as he was able to keep Jeremy pinned to the wall while maintaining most of his concentration on taking Bonnie's powers away from her. Later in The House Guest, he uses this power to break the lights in the Mystic Grill, trying to force Bonnie into giving him Elena. He would also cause the liquor bottles to explode so he could magically set the alcohol a flame.


Maddox uses the power.

Maddox used this power quite a bit during his siding with Klaus. The most notable time was when Carol Lockwood had been compelled to call her son; after she'd asked "Why did I say that?", he replied, "Because you've had a terrible fall." He then used his telekinetic powers to push her over the banister so she'd fall and end up in the hospital, which he could use to successfully lure her werewolf son Tyler to town for Klaus to use in the sacrifice. Maddox activated this power by splaying his fingers and pushing his hand towards Carol's head. She then went flying to the ground. He would later use this power on Damon to fling him off of himself shortly before his demise.

Greta Martin

TVD 2x21 Greta Uses Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis on Elena.gif

Greta used this power once during Klaus' sacrifice ritual in The Sun Also Rises. She used it to separate Elena and Jenna Sommers by flinging Elena through the air so she could trap them in the enormous rings of fire and feed Jenna her blood to complete her transition. She activated this power similarly as she activated her pyrokinesis—she splayed her fingers and pushed Elena away from her. Elena then went flying through the air and landed on the rough ground just as Greta had intended.

Esther Mikaelson

TVD 3x20 Esther Uses Telekinesis on Matt and Jeremy's Weapons.gif

In Do Not Go Gentle, Esther used this power to force a large gash on Elena's palm and forcefully took her blood in order to finish her spell to turn Alaric into an Enhanced Original Vampire. Shortly thereafter, Esther was seen using the basic form of telekinesis when she controlled the movements of Jeremy's and Matt's weapons, forcing the gun and the crossbow to face each other. She was stopped when a transitioning Alaric stabbed her in the back.


In Original Sin, Damon attacked her, though she was about to quickly subdue him with a pain infliction spell. After which she telekinetically throws him across the room before vanishing from the cabin. In Death and the Maiden, she would encounter Silas after he halted her Anchor Transference ritual. She proceeded to telekinetically throw glasses at him, though he easily avoided them. Upon the final glass, he caught it and threw it back at her, distracting her (as she missed it) only to be stabbed with a fireplace rod-iron.


After being cured of Immortality, Silas, in Handle with Care, used the non-verbal, basic form of this power to telekinetically open the curtains in the Salvatore Boarding house living room. Thereafter, he forced the crossbow that Jeremy was holding to fire, hitting Elena in the leg. When pressed, he claimed the next one would hit her in the heart. In Death and the Maiden, he would again use the basic form of this power to impale Qetsiyah's shoulder with a fireplace rod-iron.

Luke and Liv Parker

TVD 5x17 Liv Uses Telekinesis on Tyler.gif

As powerful witches of the Gemini Coven who have been trained in witchcraft since young children, both Liv and Luke have been seen using telekinesis, having highly advanced control and precision that many witches lack. In Rescue Me, she used the Motus incantation to fling Tyler, a hybrid, along with all the furniture around him, across the room after he confronted her regarding the conversation with Jeremy and referred to her as a "newbie witch." Later she ambushed Elena at school, where she telekinetically threw her against a wall, and, at the same time, sent wooden debris at the wall to pin her there by her biceps without any effort. Luke, attempting to rescue her from Damon, was ambushed by Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler. Tyler having incredible speed over Luke was able to prevent him from using the verbal incantation to stop them.

TVD 5x21 Liv Uses Telekinesis on SUV.gif
TVD 5x21 Luke Uses Telekinesis on Stefan.gif

In Promised Land, Liv is seen performing her most powerful feat with telekinesis. She was able to lock and control the movement of a running SUV while also throwing it back and forth, though, she had assistance from her twin brother Luke. While Luke forced the SUV to drive forward, Liv created a telekinetic wall in front of her, causing the SUV to crash. It should be noted that Olivia was able to perform this powerful demonstration of telekinesis both by using spirit magic, which draws on the power of deceased witch spirits, as well as traditional magic, believed to be a "weaker" form of witchcraft because it draws power from the witch herself and can easily drain a witch of their energy if they overexert themselves. They then proceed to use this power to attack Stefan and Elena, breaking the latter's arm and leg in the process.

In Prayer For the Dying, Luke performed the alternate verbal spell in order to telekinetically grab and pull Kai towards him when he attempted to flee from the failed Merge with Jo when Luke offered that he perform the Merge instead of his older sister. In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Liv uses the basic power to lift Tyler's truck out of her path to get to a mortally wounded student. In I Alone, Liv runs from Kai's attempt to kill her; she uses this basic power to block his path by moving the bar tables and chairs in-between them, though he quickly tosses them aside with the stolen magic he got from her. In The Day I Tried To Live, she used the verbal spell to attack Kai, throwing a fork into his chest.


In What Lies Beneath, Maria uses this power to divert the path of an arrow, shot by Jeremy, away from her. They proceed to cast a Traveler spell to cause Jeremy to suffocate.

Malachai Parker

Kai throws Alaric into a tree.

In I Alone, he successfully steals Liv's magic to use as his own. He terrorizes her in the bar she is working in. As she attempts to flee, he telekinetically closes the doors one by one until she is chased to the top level. She attempts to bar his path to her by telekinetically moving tables, though he quickly throws them aside with his borrowed magic. Later, still able to use Liv's magic, uses this power to throw the ascendant into a tree, effectively shattering it into pieces. He also slides Damon across the ground. In Fade Into You, Kai steals the magic in the 1994 prison world's version of the knife then proceeds to levitate it to demonstrate to Bonnie that he has magic again. In Woke Up With a Monster, Kai practices his use of telekinesis on Elena. The first several times he is unable to use it on her, flipping around tables and chairs around her. The final time, he is successful in snapping her neck. In Christmas Through Your Eyes, after absorbing the magic from the Traveler's purification spell, he was able to fling Alaric into a tree. In The Day I Tried To Live, Liv attempts a verbal spell on Kai, though he, using the non-verbal form, telekinetically throws a fork into her shoulder.

TVD 6x22 Kai Uses Telekinesis on Bonnie.gif

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, he also used this power to ruin Jo and Alaric's wedding and to attack the guess by exploding the glass causing everyone to be flung across the room in various directions. Shortly thereafter, he used a variant verbal spell to pull his father towards him in order to consume a drop of his blood, completing his transition into a Heretic. He also displayed both the basic power (to levitate Bonnie) then the verbal Motus spell to fling her into the adjacent wall, causing her lung to collapse and to start to suffocate.

  • Incantation: Vodux
  • Incantation: Motus

Three days prior to the events of The Lies Will Catch Up To You, Kai managed to partially escape hell. Upon the realization that he could not taste or feel anything, he lashed out, using the Motus spell to pull a Mystic Grill waiter towards him, stabbing him in the neck. He would attempt to cast the spell again, against Alaric who held a dagger to his throat, though he could not concentrate enough to siphon magic and cast the spell. In It's Been a Hell of a Ride, Kai began to siphon magic from the Armory's walls, specifically the glass of his cell. As he is doing so, he uses the non-verbal form of telekinesis to crack and shatter the glass as he attacks Caroline with a non-verbal pain infliction spell. He then proceeds to break her neck with a twist of his wrist, culminating with the complete and forced shattering of the glass of his cell.

Josette Laughlin

In Woke Up With a Monster, Jo, who recently regained her magic, is practicing the basic form of telekinesis by levitating a heavy book in mid-air, though easily distracted and lost her concentration, the book fell to the floor.

The Heretics

In I Never Could Love Like That a flashback reveals the first taste of power that the heretics possess; they telekinetically unscrew and throw open their coffin lids and rise out of the coffins they are traveling in.

TVD 7x05 Beau Uses Telekinesis on Damon.gif

  • Beau: In Live Through This, he was seen throwing Damon Salvatore across the room, by waving his arm to direct his non-verbal telekinesis, in order to protect Lily. Damon was choking her after it was revealed that she was the reason behind Kai's Sleeping Curse on Elena. He then proceeded to cause a great majority of the coffins in the surrounding area to explode, having the wood fragments impale Stefan, Damon, and Valerie.


  • Nora Hildegard: She along with Mary Louise were among the first few witches to use an incantation to activate this basic power. In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, she uses a variant incantation to knock a girl, who was running away from her, Mary Louise and Valerie, with the door of an SUV. Slamming into it, she falls to the ground and moans in pain. In Never Let Me Go, Nora used the non-verbal form of this power to rip Matt's rifle from his hands, impaling Ryan, a college student that snuck past the Mystic Falls town border with Amanda, in the chest. In I Carry Your Heart With Me, Nora used this basic power to take a stake from Stefan after he threatened to kill Mary Louise if she didn't siphon the repulsion spell from Caroline. In Days of Future Past, she uses the original spell to attack Enzo. The spell was strong enough to cause some bones to break as he struggled against the spell, though he eventually breaks free. In Things We Lost in the Fire, she telekinetically chokes Matt by extending her arm and positioning her hand as if she was physically choking him, her magic doing the work for her. In Days of Future Past, she uses the Motus spell to attack Enzo though he powers through the spell and overpowers her and forces a magic-suppression pill down her throat.
    • Nora's Incantation: Phasmatos Motus

TVD 7x08 Mary Louise Uses Pain Infliction on Damon and Telekinesis on Valerie.gif

  • Mary Louise: She performed yet another variation of the original incantation. In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, she along with Nora torments a young girl. As Nora knocks her to the ground with telekinesis, she uses a second spell to pull her across the ground towards her. She and Nora grab her and Valerie proceeds to feed on her, killing her. In I Carry Your Heart With Me, Mary Louise used the basic power to stab a man with a pair of scissors at the Heaven & Hell Ball after she got into a fight with Nora. In Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, she uses this power on Valerie, snapping her neck when she didn't want to listen to the truth about Julain (about losing her pregnancy).
    • Mary Louise's Incantation: Vido

TVD 7x03 Oscar Uses Telekinesis and Pain Infliction on Alaric, Bonnie, and Damon.gif

  • Oscar: He performed two variant incantations as well as non-verbally activated the basic form of this power, all in Age of Innocence. The first incantation was to magically disarm Alaric by causing the gun to fly from his hand. While he causes Alaric and Bonnie to choke and pass out from a non-verbal pain infliction spell, he snapped Damon's neck by balling his fist. The second spell was to attack Damon, causing him to be flung up into the air. Later in Live Through This, the spirit that possesses his body learns that when angry, he can siphon and use magic. He tests this by using Telekinesis to cause an overhead light to fall from the ceiling of the Salvatore Boarding house.
    • First Incantation: Espirimus paratis!
    • Second Incantation: Aerodux Motus
  • Valerie Tulle: In Live Through This, she telekinetically chokes Damon by extending her arm and positioning her hand as if she was physically choking him.

Beatrice Bennett

8x12 Beatrice Casts Motus Spell.gif

In What Are You?, Beatrice performed the verbal Motus incantation to protect herself from Ethan Maxwell. Ethan had been sirened and forced to attack his friend. As he lunged, her magic was quicker and successfully subdued him, however, it also seemingly locked him within the secret room within the Armory's vault. Whether it was the doing of the spell or Ethan himself remains unknown, as Alaric's interns were able to open the secret room from the outside.

Lizzie and Josie Saltzman


In The Lies Will Catch Up To You, Lizzie and Josie began developing their magic. Like their aunts and uncles at the same age, performing magic was accidental and random. Specifically, they could cause crayons to float. Alaric, witnessing this and their subsequent dismissal from their preschool, called Caroline and sought help from Kai. He explained that their magic was going haywire because they were staying at the Armory, subconsciously siphoning the magic from its very walls.

Throughout The Originals

Davina Claire

TO 1x04 Davina Uses Telekinesis on Klaus.gif
TO 1x10 Davina Uses Telekinesis on Four Witches.gif

Davina was capable of incredible telekinetic feats while she had the power of the Harvest Witches. In House of the Rising Son, Davina was first seen using the basic form of telekinesis when Rebekah tried to un-dagger Elijah, though Davina forced the dagger back into his chest. She then levitated Rebekah, pinned her on the wall and sung her several times across the room before finally throwing her through the window. In Girl in New Orleans, Davina truly displayed the power of the harvest girls by twisting Klaus' leg with a simple hand gesture. She distorted the entire church to the point of shattering its windows, causing the furniture to break away, and knocking out the Original hybrid. In The Casket Girls, Davina levitated four witches, one being Céleste Dubois, into the air and proceeded in snapping their necks simultaneously. Davina also managed to hold Klaus down, force him to transform, and finally break Klaus' neck. She then telekinetically stopped Marcel and Elijah, and pinned them both on the floor. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Davina who is being consumed by the power of the other three harvest witches, used this power frequently. First, she used it to throw Marcel around her room, wanting revenge for Tim's death, though he refused. She would later throw various items around the room as the collective power began to manifest physical signs of the elements. Later, confused by Marcel's actions and believing he was going to kill her, she used this power to forcibly push him away from her, knocking him to the ground.

Despite losing her collective Harvest abilities, Davina has exhibited telekinesis on a lower scale, though she still has immense power in her own right. She was strong enough to toss Kol (while possessing the witch Kaleb Westphall) around a room in Red Door once she found out his true identity, even to the point of overpowering him. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, in a fury, she attacked Marcel, snapping his neck. Klaus continued to mock her for not being as powerful as she once was, though she retorted she still had enough power to take him down. Channeling dark objects in her blood she was able to telekinetically throw Klaus through a set of French doors, prompting him to bite and consume her poisoned blood, effectively taking him down; outsmarted again. In Ashes to Ashes, she used this basic power to telekinetically break Rebekah's legs, snapping them one after the other when she found out that she was no longer in a witch body, before she finally broke her neck.

TO 3x14 Davina Uses Telekinesis on Klaus.gif

In A Streetcar Named Desire, she, along with the other sisters, used telekinesis to push Marcel, Elijah and Hayley away from them and back into the pool of water. When Klaus jumped out of the pool to attack Davina, she held him in the air and threw him back into the water, and lastly held him down while she broke his sire link.

In Voodoo in My Blood, Davina, an ancestral spirit, used this power to force Marcel to bare his fangs and excrete his venom. Once she had enough venom, she caused gashes on Klaus' hand to appear and drew the venom towards his open wound, in an attempt to kill him. She was stopped once Hope broke the circle that bound her to the mortal plane.

Monique Deveraux

When she first came back to life after the harvest ritual in Crescent City, Monique screamed and made the grave she was currently in explode. In From a Cradle to a Grave, she used a simple hand gesture to snap Klaus' neck. Later, along with Abigail, using the collective power of the ancestors to activate a powerful telekinesis spell (Defense Spell) to keep them at bay while Genevieve attempted to sacrifice Hope.

Céleste Dubois

In Crescent City, Céleste who possessed the body of the witch Sabine pridefully confronts Elijah, saying "you won't hurt me." As he takes a step towards her and the raised witches Genevieve and Bastianna, displaying her hand outward, she uses telekinesis to break the bones in his legs, dropping him to his knees. Closing it into a fist, she continues to break more bones in his body. She would finish him off with a pain infliction spell, leaving him on the ground to recover.

Ancestral Spirits

TO 1x22 Monique, Abigail, and the Ancestors Use Telekinesis on Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah.gif

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Genevieve contacted the ancestors and begged them not to force her to kill Hope. The Ancestors responded to her plea by making Genevieve bleed (by an aneurysm spell) and threw her around and across the Lafayette Cemetery until she agreed she'd sacrifice Hope. During From a Cradle to a Grave, the Ancestors, using the Harvest Girls Monique and Abigail as magical conduits, manifested in spirit form. Monique claimed that while in Lafayette Cemetery, their place of power, Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah, did not just face three; they faced them all. Collectively, the Ancestors and Harvest Girls sent Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley flying away from them. Their power was so great that Elijah couldn't gain footing to approach the witches. Papa Tunde's twin sons specifically appeared to Klaus, and used telekinesis to smash him against one of the cemetery walls, causing it to break completely and temporarily deterring him from getting back to Hope. Unfortunately, when Klaus killed Abigail, the collective power that allowed the Ancestors to manifest in the cemetery diminished and they vanished.

  • Incantation: La mère, le père, le frère, la sœur.

In Wild at Heart, while on the Ancestral Plane, a group of ancestral spirits hunting Davina and Ariane used their power to easily break open the doors of St. Anne's Church when Kol poorly attempted to bar their entry. In Behind the Black Horizon, the Ancestors used the power to twist and bend Vincent's body, since he attempted to stop Lucien from drinking the elixir to become The Beast. In No More Heartbreaks, after causing a massive earthquake that shook New Orleans, the Ancestors used telekinesis to un-dagger Kol so he could kill Davina. Once again in Where Nothing Stays Buried, after Elijah and Freya betrayed Marcel and Davina; the Ancestors used the power to pull Davina towards them in the ancestral plane in order to shatter her soul.

In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, the Ancestors used telekinesis to snap Elijah's neck after he forced Vincent's hand and started a new Harvest Ritual to reconnect the Ancestral Plane. They refused his sacrifice until Vincent channeled Davina, a French Quarter witch, and she accepted his offer.

Kol Mikaelson

TO 2x05 Kol (Possessing Kaleb) Uses Telekinesis on Davina.gif

In the new found possession of the witch, Kaleb Westphall's, body, Kol readily 'flexed' his magic after centuries as a vampire in Rebirth. Using his telekinesis, he caused the skirt of a young woman to fly up, exposing herself as she crossed the street. As he proceeded to cross the street, he took an apple from a sidewalk fruit stand, and to distract the proprietor using his magic, caused the bin to break and the apples to roll off the stand. Kol used telekinesis again in Red Door, against Davina, who discovered his real identity, a Mikaelson. They telekinetically fought though he pushed her against a wall. He attempted to keep her pinned, though she was able to subdue him with an aneurysm spell and eventually lost his hold on his magic. In The Devil is Damned, Kol telekinetically shoved his sister down into an adjacent chair, pushing her away from him and Klaus as he brought his brother to his knees with a powerful pain infliction spell.

Esther Mikaelson

TO 2x04 Esther (Possessing Lenore) Uses Telekinesis on Elijah.gif

While possessing the witch Lenore, in Live and Let Die, Esther used this power to send a wooden stake into Elijah's heart and twist it with nothing but sheer power in order to save Finn from his wrath. In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Esther pushed Klaus and snapped his neck.

Finn Mikaelson

TO 2x04 Finn (Possessing Vincent) Uses Telekinesis on Oliver.gif

While possessing the witch Vincent Griffith, Finn repeatedly used this as his power of choice. He is also one of the few witches to use this power in verbal form as in Chasing the Devil's Tail, he attempted to rip out Hayley's heart. In The Devil is Damned he used this power to telekinetically rip out the heart of one of Marcel's vampires. Later, he continued to use this power to antagonize Elijah; throwing him around, impaling him with a pickaxe and 'killing' him with the wooden end of a shovel. After having recovered, he used a verbal spell coupled with a hand gesture to fling Elijah around the surrounding walls and finally throw him through a wall. In Live and Let Die, he telekinetically threw Oliver up against a car, successfully knocking the werewolf to the ground. In They All Asked For You, Finn attacks Klaus initially with fire, though when that fails, he uses this power to impale his brother with a section of a rod iron gate.

  • Heart Crushing Incantation: Le specto tre colo ves bestia.
  • Telekinesis Incantation: Lec tare sel vipre.

Freya Mikaelson

TO 2x12 Freya Uses Telekinesis on Kindred Witches.gif

In Sanctuary Freya was seen using telekinesis on a very powerful scale when rescuing Rebekah from two Kindred witches, throwing them against opposite walls simultaneously while also throwing a third up against the ceiling of the Dowager Fauline Cottage. Shortly thereafter, she effortlessly threw away the gate to the Cottage after undoing the barrier spell that held all the witches of the asylum imprisoned for centuries. In Exquisite Corpse, she again displayed her impressive skill and proficiency with this power. She was able to break through the cursed shackles that were meant to block her power, telekinetically forcing them off of her and immediately snapped Klaus' neck with ease with a simple hand gesture. In Ashes to Ashes, Freya telekinetically moved a toothpick to locate the white oak stake, which she found. Later, in an attempt to kill Dahlia, she wanted to sacrifice Klaus, who was linked to her; She pinned Marcel against the wall though before she could stake him, both he and Dahlia awoke. Later while temporarily constrained with the cursed shackles by Esther, she was released from Dahlia's telekinetic strangle. Given the opportunity, Freya immediately broke Dahlia's barrier salt circle and extracted the white oak ash from her siblings.

TO318 2799 Freya.jpg

In You Hung the Moon, Freya pinned Jackson down so he couldn't interfere with Hayley and Klaus' fight. In Beautiful Mistake, Freya astral projects to Morocco and saves Rebekah by using a powerful, verbal telekinetic spell that simultaneously broke the necks of multiple members of the Strix. In Out of the Easy, Freya snapped Aurora's neck with a nonverbal hand gesture spell. Again in Savior, Freya was able to snap a Strix' vampire's neck with ease, though she was later overpowered by two other vampires that broke her arm and poisoned her. In Heart Shaped Box, Freya was kidnapped and drugged by Aurora, she attempted a verbal telekinetic spell, but failed due to lack of concentration, and was shot soon after. She was then buried alive by Aurora and using her talisman, calling out to Finn, levitated her blood so that Klaus could locate her through smell. After she was found she was able to telekinetically deflect a bullet non-verbally, though was greatly affected just to overcome the drugs. In A Streetcar Named Desire, Freya again was able to easily snap the ancient vampire's, Lucien, neck with no effort or incantation. In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Freya performed the telekinetic heart extraction spell in an attempt to take down Lucien, albeit temporarily, though the Ancestors began to negate her magic and the spell failed.

  • Neck Snapping Incantation: Menedek qual suurentaa!
  • Heart Extraction Incantation: Delfan eoten cor.

TO 4x03 Freya Uses Telekinesis on Hayley.gif

In Haunter of Ruins, Freya used the non-verbal form of this power to throw Hayley off of her, after she had freed Keelin, before she had enough of her venom. She was intent on subduing Hayley and going after Keelin, though Elijah intervened and told her to drop it. Though unknown to them, she continued with her plan to locate and re-capture Keelin. In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Freya used this power non-verbally against Dominic's followers, breaking one of their necks. She also used it to drop her trap around Dominic, containing him in a Disempowerment Boundary. During his brief entrapment, she tortured him with pain infliction for information. Knowing that she couldn't kill him until she got what she wanted, she used her telekinesis to briefly cause Dominic's heart to go into cardiac arrest, though she relented. After their chat, and he threatened Keelin, she was angered and distracted and telekinetically threw him across the room and out of her trap, allowing him to go free. In Queen Death, Freya used this power to break the neck of a defected New Orleans witch who joined the Hollow and their promise for power and the removal of vampires. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Hayley and Freya confront the Hollow, though their first attempt leaves them both unconscious. During the second, Freya aids Hayley by telekinetically throwing a blade into the Hollow's throat. Unable to focus, Hayley is released from the Hollow's telekinesis and she takes the opportunity to kill the Hollow.

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, and later revealed in The Kindness of Strangers, Freya attacked and telekinetically broke Klaus' neck, rendering him temporarily dead. Once dead, she trapped his consciousness into a Chambre de Chasse, so that she could take his body to St. Anne's Church, ultimately, aiding Hope Mikaelson to take back the darkness of the Hollow.

Ruben Morris

In They All Asked For You, Ruben attacked Marcel with the non-verbal form of this power, after he drugged him and Rebekah (in Eva's body) with Gypsum weed. Outstretching his arm, he cupped his hand into as if he was choking Marcel, momentarily subduing him until he broke his neck and left him unconscious while he attempted to attack Rebekah in Eva's body.


TO 2x18 Dahlia Uses Telekinesis on Klaus.gif

As a powerful witch and a firstborn of her bloodline, in Night Has A Thousand Eyes Dahlia used keening and made an acolyte telekinetically shatter a window. Thereafter, Dahlia continued to use telekinesis during her fight with Klaus and Mikael. Her telekinesis was even strong enough to match Elijah's speed.

TO 2x19 Dahlia Uses Telekinesis on Hybrid.gif

In When the Levee Breaks, Dahlia was seen snapping evolved werewolf's necks with ease using a small subtle hand gesture. Later, she used telekinesis to force Aiden's movements, injure him while making it look as if the wounds were delivered from a hybrid, broke several of his bones, and finally ripped out his heart, bringing it into her hand.

TO 2x19 Dahlia Uses Telekinesis on Aiden.gif

In City Beneath The Sea, Dahlia took Klaus into her mind, showing him memories of her and Esther's past. As a Viking was attempting to take Esther, Dahlia threw the Viking away with extreme force using this power. In Fire with Fire, Dahlia threw Freya across the room for her attempt to kill her. Later in Ashes to Ashes, she used telekinesis to direct the white oak stake into her hand and attempted to draw Klaus into the stake, though was saved by Marcel. Later, she pinned Freya on her knees, created a circle of salt boundary and forced the originals to inhale the vaporized white oak, this is the most proficient use and control over this basic power that has occurred.

  • Dahlia's Acolytes:
    TO 2x18 Dahlia Acolyte Telekinesis.jpg
    In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Dahlia bestowed a portion of her considerable power to a small army of 'Acolytes', that she controlled with her Kenning spell, to attack Klaus and Mikael. The two acolytes, specifically using magic, confronted Klaus and Mikael and subdued them with non-verbal pain infliction spells. Thereafter, one flung Mikael across the room causing him to crash through pews while the other threw Klaus up into the air, crashing into the upper banister of the church, briefly knocking them both out.

Eva Sinclair

TO 2x17 Eva Uses Telekinesis on Hayley.gif

The powerful witch Eva, while channeling eight teenage witches, has been seen using Telekinesis in Exquisite Corpse when she first broke Marcel's neck, she then flung Hayley across the room and away from Hope. She proceeded to strangle Hayley and pinned Klaus down in her attempt to take Hope so that she could steal her power and complete the Rite of Nines. Though Klaus was able to wound her and she was forced to leave.

Vincent Griffith

TO 2x17 Vincent Uses Pain Infliction and Telekinesis on Marcel.gif

A powerful witch, member of the Tremé Coven, and the former Regent of the Nine Covens, Vincent has used this basic ability numerous times at a proficient level. In Exquisite Corpse, Vincent easily and quickly subdued Marcel with an Aneurysm spell and threw him through a glass window. The combined effects were enough to knock him unconscious. He then proceeded to use this ability to remove the cursed shackles from around Eva's wrists. In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, he used the basic power in order to knock a stone statue on top of an unnamed Strix vampire to attack and kill the unnamed Obi witch. Later, he uniquely used a verbal spell to disable and flip (causing it to crash and roll) a moving SUV.

  • Incantation: Sispann la agresè.

TO 4x06 Vincent uses Telekinesis on Hollow Followers.gif

In Bag of Cobras, Vincent and Klaus confronted two subordinates of Sofya who had weapons capable of killing an Original, specifically Klaus. As the men made a move towards them, Vincent cast the first verbal spell to telekinetically throw them backward. As they recovered, he used his magic again to pin them both up against the adjacent wall, holding them there as Klaus took the weapons and spoke to them. Hey eventually released them and Klaus granted them clemency. In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Vincent used this second incantation in order to break open Davina's grave so that he could use her remains in order to channel her magic. In Queen Death, Vincent used the non-verbal form of this power to save Maxine from a defected New Orleans witch. Moments later, he would use this power to break Nathaniel's neck in a failed attempt to stop him from burning the enchanted thorns. In Voodoo Child, Vincent was approached by the Hollow's Acolyte and two unnamed followers. Vincent made the first move, telekinetically throwing one follower to the ceiling and forcefully bringing him down to the floor. Distracted, he was attacked by the second, though he was able to stab him in the neck before he was subdued by the Acolyte.

  • First Incantation: Unknown
  • Second Incantation: Louvir

TO 5x04 Vincent Uses Telekinesis on Klaus.gif

In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Vincent arrives just in time to save Josh from Klaus, who had kidnapped Josh, Colette and David, the latter two he'd just killed by heart extraction and draining of blood, respectively. Vincent flung him into a neighboring wall of the underground prison of the Abattoir. He had warned Klaus about what would happen if he attacked one of his witches and in regards to Colette, he demanded that innocent blood be given back. Using his non-verbal telekinesis, he forcefully makes Klaus regurgitate Colette's blood, choking as it comes back up. Once Vincent's satisfied, he breaks Klaus' neck. He waits for Marcel, telling him that he has a witch to bury and that he can deal with David's corpse.

Kara Nguyen

TO 3x11 Kara Uses Telekinesis on Kol.gif

Though a powerful Elder of the Ninth Ward Coven, she has only displayed her telekinetic skills on two occasions. In Wild at Heart, while Davina traversed the Ancestral Plane, she ambushed Davina, using this power to throw Kol away from her while she cast a pain infliction spell on Davina, hoping to kill her while out of her body, though Ariane intervened and temporarily saved them both. In Give 'Em Hell Kid, she would use this power to pin the newly consecrated Davina against a mausoleum so that other Ancestors could hold her down as she cast the Soul-Shredding Spell. After Davina was sent back to the Ancestral Plane, she would use this power to trip the frightened Davina and pull her across the ground towards her in order to complete the spell she was unable to finish the first time.

The Sisters

TO 3x11 Ariane Uses Telekinesis on Josh.gif

  • Ariane: A former member of the Sisters, Ariane was a powerful and skilled dark witch. In Wild at Heart, she used telekinesis to accurately and effectively slit Josh's throat, temporarily killing him and breaking Davina's connection (Josh) from the mortal plane. She is one of the very few witches to use telekinesis in such an offensive form, as most witches would rather push away or, for vampires, break their necks. She would later enter the Ancestral Plane, through an unknown means, and save Kol and Davina from Kara's wrath, telekinetically forcing her spirit away. Not long afterward, she used her non-verbal telekinesis to seal the door to the attic of St. Anne's Church to buy Davina time to return to her body on the mortal plane.

TO 3x12 Madison Uses Telekinesis on Klaus.gif

  • Madison: A former member of the Sisters, Madison has shown proficiency in telekinesis and is capable of performing it to great effect with little to no effort. She was first seen using it to levitate the prideful Klaus, simultaneously casting an aneurysm spell, before finally breaking his neck. Not soon later, she would again use it to forcefully twist Camille's legs, one then the other, followed by her wrist, telekinetically breaking the bones while on a mission to retrieve the Wooden Knight in Dead Angels.

Cynthia TO3.14 Image 11.jpg

  • Cynthia: Cynthia used telekinesis in A Streetcar Named Desire when Davina attempted to break the sire link; she along with the other Sisters and Davina, used a hand gesture to push away Hayley and Marcel.
  • Unnamed Members: In Heart Shaped Box, several unnamed witches from the Sisters' Coven attacked Cami and Hayley, quickly tossing Cami aside and attempted to extract Hayley's heart via magic. In A Streetcar Named Desire, the Sisters forcefully shoved Marcel and Hayley away from the pool containing Klaus and Elijah while they attempted to finish the Sire-Line Unlinking spell.

The Hollow

TO 4x08 Inadu The Hollow Uses Telekinesis on Tribesmen.gif

In No Quarter, the then unknown, dark entity attacked Vincent and telekinetically pinned him up against the wall of the abandoned house. In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, as a spirit, shrouded in darkness, she removed Papa Tunde's Blade from Sofya's chest and proceeded to use her as a vessel by possessing her. In Voodoo in My Blood, while still possessing the vampire Sofya, utilized the basic, non-verbal form of this power to attack Alaric, first by disarming him of his crossbow and, secondly, to throw him backwards onto the ground. Later, she used this power again against Elijah and Marcel, quickly and efficiently throwing them down to the ground. With Hayley's arrival, she raised her hands and brought them down, Marcel, Elijah and Hayley following suit as she forced them to the ground in pain. They struggled, but were no match for her advanced magic. In a flashback, it's revealed that she also used this power to kill at least four members of her tribe, as well as their hunting wolves, simply with a raised, clenched fist gesture. In Queen Death, the Hollow, still possessing Sofya, confronts Vincent at St. Anne's Church, offering him a deal to join her once again. He refuses and she retaliates, holding him aloft, showing him her power. After he denied her again, with a flick of her hand, she sent him flying into one of the church pews knocking the wind from him. Later, once she is forced out of Sofya's body, as a spirit, she would use this power to destroy the jar that contained the cure to Marcel's venom as well as to open the doors of the barn where she housed Elijah. Afterwards, she was resurrected with Elijah's death, regaining her original form. In Phantomesque, in her original body, the Hollow is confronted by Marcel who he wants her to undo the infection that was destroying Sofya. She agreed if he pleaded loyalty to her, though he refused and attacked her. Uniquely, she utilized this basic power through her voice, a projected scream, that telekinetically threw Marcel across the room, knocking him unconscious after he hit the adjacent door frame. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Freya and Hayley seek to kill the Hollow, though when they enter her lair, the LaForge House, she's ready for them and telekinetically throws Freya into the opposite room, knocking her unconscious from crashing on to a table. As Hayley advances forward, she reveals herself to Hayley and, raising and flicking her wrist, she snaps Hayley's neck. After some time passes, she is confronted by a revived Hayley, though as she bursts through the door, the Hollow continues to use her telekinesis to knock the knife from her hand and begins to break her bones, crippling her to the floor. Hayley attempts to fight through the pain, though she pins her to the floor and continues to break more of her bone. However, Freya comes to her aid and uses her own telekinesis to throw a surgical blade into the Hollow's neck, giving Hayley enough time to kill her.

TO 4x12 The Hollow Uses Telekinesis on Hayley.gif

In Voodoo Child, the Hollow continued to show her proficiency with telekinesis, both from possessing Hope as well as a spirit. While possessing Hope, she discarded the magic suppression bracelet and caused a wooden picture frame to break, staking Rebekah from behind. After Hayley confronted her, she threw her through a set of doors, enraging her, though she wouldn't attack her daughter. In retaliation, Freya used a sleeping powder and knocked her out, though the Hollow circumvented his by leaving Hope's body, appearing in spirit form. Later, as a spirit, she used it numerous times. She began by completely shattering Freya's talisman with a flick of her hand and then proceeded to throw Freya towards a wall in her direction, knocking her out. She and Hayley then fought though, as a spirit, her incorporeal form allowed her to easily best her, allowing her to throw a wooden stake through her heart, impaling and suspending her on an iron door. With the arrival of Elijah, Sofya, Marcel and Vincent, she turned her attention to defeating each of them. She began with Sofya, appearing to her after they split up. Before she could counter, the Hollow gripped her with her magic and telekinetically damaged her internal organs, causing her to bleed and cough up blood, enough so, to cause her to fall unconscious to the floor. As Elijah attempted to come to Hayley's rescue, she appeared to and noted how predictable he was and gripped him in the same manner, unable to escape her grasp. With her hand raised, she clutched her hand into a fist, causing Elijah's neck to instantly break.

TO412-120~Vincent-The Hollow.png

She would repeat the same actions with Marcel, briefly suspending him, causing him to clutch his chest and proceeded to snap his neck. However, the vampires served as a distraction for Vincent to begin his spell to banish the Hollow. She attempted to use her magic on him, though with her spirit bound by salt, she was unable to do so. As Vincent attempted to banish her, she focused all of her power and telekinetically broke through the salt circle, throwing Vincent backwards, knocking him unconscious in the process. Freed, she returned to Hope, possessing her once again. In The Feast of All Sinners, the Hollow, still possessing Hope, continued to utilize this power, lifting Hayley from the ground and telekinetically snapping her neck before letting her fall to the ground, temporarily dead.

The Hollow's Followers

TO 4x03 Zealot Uses Telekinesis on Marcel.gif

  • The Zealot: In Haunter of Ruins, the unnamed Zealot used this power to incapacitate Marcel. He, non-verbally but made a throwing motion, telekinetically threw an iron fence beam into Marcel's chest, through the heart, and pinned him up against a marble column in the old Strix Mansion. He would eventually revive and remove the rod from his chest to attack the Zealot.

TO 4x07 Dominic Uses Telekinesis on Freya.gif

  • Dominic: In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, the Hollow's High Priest, Dominic utilized this power in its non-verbal form. He first used it against Sofya, using it to force her to listen to him and bend to his will, making her kneel before him. Even as a vampire of advanced age, she was subdued by his magic which forced her hand to reveal her knowledge about Marcel's location. Later he used his telekinesis on Josh, attempting to remove his heart though Freya intervened and saved him. Once he was freed from Freya's trap (the Disempowerment Boundary Spell), he retaliated by telekinetically throwing her across Josh's loft and caused her to go into cardiac arrest via his magic. In The Feast of All Sinners, the recently resurrected high priest used this power against Josh, at Rousseau's, throwing him across the length of the room into the door facing, knocking him completely unconscious. He would then dispatch of the vampire "filth" and appeal to the witches.
  • Lead Acolyte: In Voodoo Child, the Hollow's leading Acolyte and two followers tracked down and attacked Vincent in Lafayette Cemetery in order to retrieve their master's sacrificial instruction manual. While the followers distracted Vincent, the Acolyte used this power to subdue Vincent, restraining him and throwing him to the ground.

Hope Mikaelson

In Voodoo in My Blood, Hope used her telekinesis to break the salt circle that bound the Harvest girls' Ancestral Plane Transcending Spell. Once broken, it forced Davina back to the Ancestral realm and released Klaus.

In Where You Left Your Heart, Hope used this basic power to attack her mother, Hayley. Unseen and unnoticed by Hayley, Hope slammed her up against the stone facing the wall she leaned against while leaving a message for Declan. Once she was on the ground, she performed a Sleeping Spell on her, rendering her completely unconscious. In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon, Hope used this power again but on her father, who was attempting to bite Declan who had pushed Klaus' buttons for not being there for Hope. She would continue to use it to bar Klaus from leaving the Abattoir by closing a set of double doors, eventually casting a Boundary Spell to stop him. Klaus had attempted to leave after learning of Hayley's whereabouts but Hope, despite the ever growing Dark Magic that was affecting them in proximity, wanted to continue to talk to her father. In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Emmett crashes Hayley's funeral. Freya attempts to convince Hope to get to safety; however, Hope is overwhelmed with grief and anger and pushes Freya aside with her telekinesis and proceeds to attack the two vans of vampires.

TO 5x09 Hope Uses Telekinesis on Elijah.gif

In We Have Not Long To Love, Klaus, Freya, and Hope, have breakfast. Elijah walks in and Hope's demeanor changes immediately while she telekinetically bends a fork in half. Elijah attempts to apologize to Hope but she abruptly leaves the room. Later, needing absinthe for a spell, she heads to Rousseau's and encounters Elijah once again. They get into an argument and she tells him that she hates him. Overcome with anger and the influence of Hollow's Dark Magic, she attacks Elijah with her telekinesis. She pins him to the floor and sweeps her hand across from her, a deep gash mimicking her motion on to Elijah's chest. He heals with relative ease and it only infuriates Hope more. She lashes out, using her telekinesis to repeatedly cut through Elijah's chest and back while flinging him into the adjacent table and chair and bar before she finally lets him fall to the floor. Enraged, she even attacks Klaus with a pain infliction spell before she leaves Rousseau's. In There in the Disappearing Light, Hope attempted to quell her affliction by inflicting violence upon Klaus, particularly throwing him around the Abattoir via her telekinesis. However, Klaus told her that she wasn't 'trying'; he asked for a name and she gave him Roman's. In order to help his daughter, Klaus kidnapped Roman and brought him to their underground prison where Hope would unleash her anger. Enraged and afflicted with the Dark Magic of the Hollow, Hope used the non-verbal form of this power to reach out and grab a knife in order to stab Roman; however, she stopped at the last minute, showing him mercy. Later, to prevent Emmett from obtaining his duffel bag of vials of Marcel's venom, she threw it against a far-facing wall of St. Anne's church. As a result, all the vials within were broken, and the venom lost. In The Tale of Two Wolves, after Hope froze the water on Connor's car from the car wash, she proceeded to shatter his windows with a simple flick of her wrists.


TO 4x10 Jessica Uses Pain Infliction and Amy Uses Telekinesis on Kol.gif

In Phantomesque, Amy and Jessica met with Kol upon his request. He wanted to trade dozens of dark objects in order for the two Harvest Girls to perform a spell which would allow him to see Davina once again with the reconnected Ancestral Plane. They refused and attacked Kol. Jessica used a non-verbal pain infliction spell to keep him at bay while Amy used basic, non-verbal telekinesis to break Kol's neck. With Kol temporarily dead, they left him in Lafayette Cemetery and took the two bags of dark objects.


TO 5x07 Ivy Uses Telekinesis on Klaus.gif

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, as Klaus attends Hayley's funeral, via Ivy's Astral Projection spell, Emmett and his vampires attempt to attack Hope. The spell is lost and he attempts to leave and save Hope in person. Ivy tells him that he cannot go and pins him down with her telekinesis. Klaus threatens her that he'll break every bone in her body; however, she explains that she's in even more danger if he was to go. Klaus doesn't care, he refuses to let her keep him there. Undeterred, she pulls him forward to her car with her telekinesis, by bringing her outstretched hand inward. She shows him the grimoire of a seer that foretold the signs of the Hollow's Dark Magic. She tells him to read the passage, with the final "plague" being the death of all firstborns, Freya, herself and Hope included.

Throughout Legacies

Hope Mikaelson

LGC 1x02 Hope Uses Telekinesis on Landon.gif

In This is the Part Where You Run, while assisting Alaric Saltzman to located a newly turned werewolf, Rafael Waithe, she used the first incantation to break open the church doors where his foster parents were attempting to have a priest to perform an exorcism. In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Hope spars with Alaric and, to gain the upper hand over him, uses the second spell to cause him to flip over on his back onto the ground. Once they found Landon, she attacked him with a verbal spell to pin him against a wall and threatened him to give her back the knife he stole. He claimed that he lost it running through the woods from a fire-breathing girl. Confronting Dragon, she used non-verbal telekinesis to throw her across the ground, though that did little to deter her and she attacked with her fire-breath. Hope cast a Shield Spell and Rafael knocked her down with a rock until he stabbed her. In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, Hope used this basic power to release the shackles from the Necromancer's wrists so that she could have MG take her into the Necromancer's subconscious.


In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Hope tracked Landon to a house, by use of the magical compass that she gave him when he set off for his travels. At the house, Hope believed that Landon was contained within and was being attacked as she heard a loud scream. Believing that he was in trouble, she performed the third incantation to blow a door off its hinges. Upon entering the home, it was revealed that an older couple was simply watching television and that the compass had been planted in the door's mailbox. Having tracked Landon to a motel, she would use the fourth incantation against, what Alaric described as, a 'Mer-Man' when it found them at the motel. Upon using the spell, she threw the creature back inside the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind it, though it quickly made its way through the wooden door. In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, Hope performed the fifth incantation against a mind controlled Penelope who, along with Josie, was attempting to steal the Anubian urn. Penelope attempted to attack Hope first, however, Hope was quicker with her incantation and sent her flying through the air into a banister, knocking her out in the process. In There's Always a Loophole, Hope used the non-verbal form of this power to stop the Headless Horseman from throwing the third key into Malivore. After obtaining the key, she fought off the creature with numerous spells that had no apparent effect on him. She subsequently used the fourth incantation against him to knock him onto his back, though this stunning effect was brief and he quickly recovered. Landon eventually figured out that by destroying the head, the creature would be stopped; Hope impaled the Horseman's head with a pipe and he was defeated.

  • First Incantation: Dissera portus
  • Second Incantation: Dimiterre
  • Third Incantation: Corporis impetu
  • Fourth Incantation: Ictus
  • Fifth Incantation: Icaeus

In This Year Will Be Different, while tracking the "troll", Hope performed the Icaeus spell on the troll as it made its way to and targeted Landon. Landon was oblivious to his surroundings, with his earbud and music play, which allowed Hope the opportunity to fight the troll unobstructed. During the battle, Hope directed the Incendia spell against the creature and caused its hair to catch on fire. As the creature extinguished the flames, it was revealed that the creature was in fact a cyclops, and not a troll. With an idea on how to kill it, Hope directed an arrow at the cyclops' eye, which fatally wounded the monster. Once dead, it turned to ash and scattered in the wind. In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Hope used the sixth incantation to telekinetically close a security gate in between Landon and Rafael who was possessed by an oni. She then subdued Rafael with a sleeping spell but when it wore off, he attacked her, Landon, Josie and Rafael. Kurutta attacked Rafael with his spelled katana sword but Hope used the Motus to magically take his sword from him before he could use it to kill the oni, and subsequently Rafael.


In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Ryan believed he found an 'out' to his situation - a loophole. Having been betrayed, Hope spelled him inside one of the rooms of the boarding school. Reminding him of the unpleasant consequences, she telekinetically choked him, forcing Ryan to tell her what he wished for. Ryan, however, wished for a savior. He believed that the Krampus was coming to rescue him instead of going after Landon and it'd kill anyone dumb enough to get in its way. With the looming threat of the Krampus, Hope attempted to disrupt the student's Christmas cheer. Doing so, she caused the record player and lights to short circuit and burst and telekinetically caused the food and gingerbread houses to fly up into the air. With the cheer gone, the students began to return to normal. With the arrival of the Krampus, it wasn't there to save Ryan. Instead it attacked him and began to choke him with his extremely long tongue; however, Hope saved him. While fighting the Krampus, Hope telekinetically threw it into the fireplace mantel, using her seventh variant spell. The spell bought Hope a few moments to introduce herself, but the Krampus was unfazed and, before she could attack again, it placed its finger on its nose, turned to smoke, and disappeared within the fireplace. In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, Hope used the non-verbal form of this power to telekinetically grab and bring the mora miserium to her, to keep it from crashing to the floor, when the qareen dissipated in smoke. After she found an ascendant in Alyssa Chang's side of their shared room, she used her seventh incantation to force her up into the air and pin her against the wall so that she would force an answer from her about what she had done.


In What Cupid Problem?, Hope learns that Landon lost Pothos and he had escaped from the Salvatore School. Hope, presumably, tracked Landon or Pothos to Mystic Tap. Believing that he was Cupid, and his own arrows being his weakness, Hope used her eighth spell to telekinetically lift and throw nearly a dozen arrows at Pothos, all of which struck him in the chest. However, after she left, Kaleb and Landon discovered the Pothos' body had disappeared and they learned that he wasn't Cupid. In You Can't Save Them All, Hope used the Icaeus to telekinetically lift a crate to throw at Kai during their fight. Kai, however, blocked the attack and prolonged the fight to keep Hope distracted. Learning that Kai could have blocked her physical attacks, she telekinetically forced him up off the ground and chained him to a wooden pillar, preventing his escape. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Alaric wanted to use the Chambre de Chasse device on Josie in order to trap her mind within and keep her safe until he and Caroline could help her. Hope and Kaleb disagreed with Alaric's plan, considering Josie previously manipulated the device and they needed to keep the school safe. To treat the situation as a "monster" problem, Hope used this basic ability to open the device in front of Alaric, turning his own plan against him, trapping his consciousness inside. As tensions escalated with Alyssa's death, Kaleb was willing to resort to Plan B, killing Josie. Hope again used this basic ability to turn and use the Chambre de Chasse device against Kaleb, to keep him from harming Josie, so Hope could enact her own plan. In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Hope performed her ninth spell while inside Josie's subconsciousness. The spell was cast on a rock, using magic to trick the Big Bad Wolf, Josie's darkness. The distraction caused the darkness into leaving her and Pig alone since it could smell magic being used. When the darkness finally tracked Pig and Hope down to a cabin, Hope used this ability to force close a door, latching the wooden beam. However the darkness easily busted down the door. When 'dark' Josie searched her own subconscious and found Hope, she attempted to fight Josie off using the Icaeus spell. However, 'dark' Josie siphoned the spell as it reached it and had no effect.

  • Fifth Incantation: Icaeus
  • Sixth Incantation: Scalare
  • Seventh Incantation: Mittent
  • Eighth Incantation: Exsurgo
  • Ninth Incantation: Saithus

In Salvatore: The Musical!, after overhearing other students talk about her father, she got angry and lashed out. Losing control of her magic, she caused books to fly off the shelves and the electricity to discharge. She claimed to Robin Goodfellow that it was a headache. As the students were performing the musical, she telekinetically closed her door to reduce the noise from the observers cheering and clapping. In This is What It Takes, after being forced out of the therapy box early, Hope telekinetically threw the box across the room. Angry and believing that Alaric put her in the box to give up on Landon, she attacked Alaric with the seventh incantation. She threw him and pinned him up against his bookshelf. However, if what she believed were true, he reasons he wouldn't have let her out. With the revelation that he got the artifact from Pinky, she released the spell and he fell to the floor.

Lizzie Saltzman

LGC 1x01 Lizzie Uses Telekinesis.gif

In This is the Part Where You Run, Lizzie told Rafael that she knew what happened to his girlfriend and, mistakenly, told him that they all were happy he was single. She attempted to make the situation better by telling him it was her "inside voice" and that hot, angry, damaged guys like himself made her nervous. Rafael responds that he's made it a post to keep clear of girls like Lizzie. Upset that she ruined her chances with the new guy, goes to the Boarding School Kitchen and unleashes her magic. Screaming, she telekinetically throws glassware and dishes across the room and turns over kitchen carts, culminating in throwing knives at the wall. Alaric walks in and a stray knife nearly strikes him in the head, but Lizzie stops it mere inches from his face. In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Lizzie used a verbal incantation to make Dana fumble a football during the Salvatore Boarding School and Mystic Falls High School's annual flag football game. In I'll Tell You a Story, Lizzie and Josie had an argument over Lizzie's selfishness and codependency on Josie. Josie, fed up with her sister's actions, confronted Lizzie and her attempts to reconcile. Lizzie eventually blames Josie for being just as codependent on her and that despite herself being awful and needy, Josie was happy to hide and let her be the one that everyone hated because she was too scared to be herself. Infuriating Lizzie more, Josie brushed off Lizzie's comment and told her that she'd come back for the part where she'd beg for her forgiveness. Fed up with her sister, Lizzie siphoned magic from one of Esther's Grimoires to attack. Josie, having noticed what Lizzie was doing, siphoned from the wall of the Salvatore school to defend herself. Lizzie attacked Josie with another telekinesis spell; however, Josie blocked her spell and rebounded it against her. The spell that was meant for Josie in fact sent Lizzie flying through the air and she landed on her bed, physically unharmed. Despite the magical altercation, Josie apologized for what happened and left her sister, shocked at what transpired.

  • First Incantation: Stella bun day
  • Second Incantation: Descanto


In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, after coming to the conclusion that she could very well be mentally unstable and had imagined Sebastian, she takes out her frustration on Landon, after she discerned he was possessed by the "insanity demon" - the oni. After calling out to him with no response, she decided to telekinetically take Kurutta's sword. Grabbing him on the shoulder to turn him around, she ran Landon through with the sword, believing that she killed the oni, though the oni had already transferred itself into her. In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Lizzie used this basic power to close the doors to the Salvatore School after MG threw the reanimated "zombie" jogger into the common room. They then proceeded to set it on fire, but MG convinced her they needed to lock it up and contain it to prevent another monster from coming from the portal. Lizzie then uses another spell to quench the flames. In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Lizzie, siphoning from the school used her fourth spell to set free the sphinx in the werewolf transition space, in their attempt to close the portal using "Simulandon". The sphinx however had a different plan and did not do as expected. Lizzie uses this basic power to then in turn close the cell doors to keep him contained. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Lizzie returned to the Salvatore School to face her sister in the Merge. Arriving at the gymnasium, she saved Hope's life by catching her mid-air with her own telekinesis before Josie nearly impaled her by letting her fall on a wooden stake. Lizzie did this while simultaneously siphoning from MG.

  • Third Incantation: Fugere
  • Fourth Incantation: Patentibus

Josie Saltzman

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In This is the Part Where You Run, Josie performed a Summoning Spell remotely from where Landon was being held in the werewolf transformation cell. The spell caused the cell doors to telekinetically open and he was forcefully dragged from the cell and threw the woods to where Josie and Rafael attended a party. In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Lizzie wanted to win the annual flag football between the Salvatore Boarding School and Mystic Falls High fair and square; however, Josie wanted to do right by their father and lose the game. With the winning throw close at hand, Josie performed a verbal spell to cause Kaleb to fumble the ball, causing them to lose the game.

  • First Incantation: Passim

LGC 2x14 Josie Uses Telekinesis.gif

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, while Josie and Landon played chess, Josie used this basic power to move one of the chess pieces. In Screw Endgame, Josie used the Motus spell to lock her bedroom door while she and Landon planned to be intimate with one another. In You Can't Save Them All, Josie, now corrupted with dark magic from smashing the mora miserium, used this non-verbal power to telekinetically move a book from a shelf while in the 2018 Prison World. In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Josie, having succumbed to the effects of dark magic and her dark alter-ego now in control, performed her second telekinetic spell within the werewolf transition space in the Salvatore School. When the spell was cast, it was devastatingly powerful as it rocked the building's foundation, and caused the lights to flicker, surge and bust. The concrete floor was broken within the confines of the cell and Josie telekinetically lifted the floor from the ground, upward into the school. Her escape caused a fiery explosion at the school's entrance, which she emerged from unharmed. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Josie used this basic ability throughout her extended return to the Salvatore School. She began with the morning assembly, where she threw open the double door to make a shocking entrance, followed by levitating herself down over the stairs in a single bound. Later as the day progressed, Josie surprised Lizzie with the truth of her return. Snapping her fingers, she revealed a banner entitled, "Happy Merge day" while threatening her that if she was late she would have to do something drastic. After Lizzie went to Alyssa with some psyche help, reading her inner most thoughts with her Crystal Ball, Josie snapped Alyssa's neck, killing her instantly, with a flick of her wrist. Josie warned Lizzie that she didn't show up for the Merge, she'd start killing her actual friends. With the Merge Ritual soon underway, Josie dramatically entered the school's gymnasium, telekinetically throwing open its double doors. As Josie and Hope fought, Josie gained the upper hand over Hope, eventually using a third spell to lift Hope up off of the ground. Josie held her aloft a destroyed wooden beam, split into a large wooden stake. Wanting to kill her, Josie released the spell. Hope, however, was caught mid-air by Lizzie, siphoning from MG, saving her life. With Lizzie's arrival, Josie allowed the other students to leave, sparing their lives. In doing so, she flung open the gymnasium doors, with a snap of her fingers, telling them all to get out. In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Josie used his ability against the Necromancer, taking completely physical control over his body — forcing him to stand straight, unable to move, with a snap of her fingers. After 'dark' Josie found Hope within her subconscious, she attacked Hope using this ability, throwing her outside of the ruins where she and the good portion of Josie talked. Dark Josie then attacked her "weaker" self in the same manner, throwing several feet backwards into the ruins. Dark Josie gave Hope three strikes before she attacked again, telekinetically pinning her up against the ruined walls before, seemingly, petrifying her within her own mind. Josie ran back to the cabin and grabbed a knife for her own protection, but her darker self easily flung it away with a flick of her wrist. Josie, however, took back control of her own mind and defeated her own darkness.

  • Second Incantation: Autem
  • Third Incantation: Ascendo

Penelope Park

In Malivore, Penelope used this basic power to magically cast her vote for the student species representative at the Salvatore Boarding School's honor council. Theatrically, she held up her vote in the palm of her hand and blew a kiss, sending the piece of paper floating through the air, to come to rest within the ballot box and smirking at Josie.

Goth Coven

LGC 1x16 Salvatore School Goth Coven Uses Telekinesis Against Triad Agents.gif

In Mombie Dearest, MG helped organize Lizzie and Josie's sweet sixteen birthday party. To help, MG enlisted the Goth Coven to assist with decoration and had them telekinetically release silver confetti from the ceiling while he spoke with Lizzie. In There's Always a Loophole, Veronica Greasley and Triad Industries forced their way into the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. Veronica used Alaric's contingency plan to sneak into the school using a secret tunnel and a dark object, a blood fountain created by the Travelers, that nullifies magic. MG rescued Hope, Lizzie and Josie; MG rallied the students while Hope attempted to shut the dark object down, but she couldn't figure it out. Alaric arrived and easily and quickly shut it down by marking over the symbols on the skulls with the blood that poured from the fountain. With the dark object de-powered, the students had their magic again and MG led the charge and wanted the goth witches to "make it rain". Burr and six other Triad agents raised their weapons against the witches, but they telekinetically took the guns from them, raising them into the air, and turned them into rose petals. Burr realized their magic was back and attempted to have another agent get to the tunnels and fix the dark object.

The Necromancer

LGC 2x09 The Necromancer Uses Telekinesis.gif

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, the Necromancer, though his identity was hidden, used his basic power to break open the gates to the Mystic Falls Cemetery. This event was shown again in more context in I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, as the Necromancer, having regained his powers, returned to Mystic Falls - to a site of almost unlimited power. Using the cemetery as his home base, he consecrated the ground and to seal his bond and draw from the mystical hot spot beneath. In doing so, he murdered a helpless jogger.

Malachai Parker

In You Can't Save Them All, after being lured to a small warehouse with a crate from the Salvatore School, Hope tried to stake him from behind. Kai, however, predicted her attack, and stopped it before it staked it, with his back turned. As he turned, he kept the piece of wood afloat mid-air before dropping it to the floor. They fought long enough to keep Hope distracted while Alyssa could unlink him from the Prison World and for Landon to be felled with the golden arrow. Hope left him chained to a pillar until his demise at Alaric's hand.


  • In a deleted scene of Let Her Go, Jo uses the "Motus" spell to toss Kai over an examination table. Afterwards, she followed that spell up with a non-verbal Aneurysm spell to attack Kai. After speaking to her father, Joshua, knowing that he and Olivia were fine, she came to the conclusion that Kai lied about the deterioration of the Coven. She believed that it was another ploy to gain her magic.
  • In a deleted scene of Give 'Em Hell Kid, Freya uses the non-verbal form of telekinesis on double doors to prevent Hayley from leaving the Abattoir after she saw who was in the the Prophecy vision.
  • In a deleted scene of The Bloody Crown, Vincent uses the non-verbal form of telekinesis to affect Will Kinney's Holter Monitor, likely releasing pain medication as he states "I can't make you good as new, but every little bit helps".
  • In a deleted scene of Keepers of the House, Freya uses the non-verbal form of telekinesis to close the door to Marcel's safe's hidden door as someone is at the door. As Sofya enters, Freya casts a cloaking spell, preventing Sofya from finding her and Keelin who's attempting to steal Marcel's venom.
  • In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, an unnamed male student at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted used the non-verbal form of telekinesis to hold aloft a soccer ball as a game between shirts versus skins was being played. Despite his efforts to prevent the other side from scoring, Roman head-butted the ball into the goal.
  • In There in the Disappearing Light, an unnamed male witch working for Emmett subdued Marcel with non-verbal pain infliction and proceeded to break his neck with Telekinesis.
  • In This is the Part Where You Run, as Rafael is brought into the Salvatore Boarding School, he notices an unnamed witch levitating some textbooks. Later, Lizzie mentions that Alyssa Chang was able to make a broom "fly" in physics last year. During a game of Wickery, an unnamed female witch used telekinesis to redirect the ball towards another student to score a goal.
  • In There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True, "wish" Penelope from Lizzie Saltzman's third wish reality used a telekinetic spell to attack a Triad agent. Ironically, "wish" Penelope used the same incantation (Icaeus) that Hope would later use in We're Gonna Need A Spotlight against Penelope. The version of the spell in the alternate reality, however, emitted a bright white light when cast, though Hope's use of the spell had no such effect.


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