Unknown, 2010

January 2, 2010

Harper asks the hiker what year it is, and he says it's Saturday, 2010. Obviously, each of the reawakened vampires left the tomb at different times, and then they spent some time looking for each other. Saturday was on January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 in 2010

  • Harper, after escaping from the tomb, stumbled into the woods and fed from a hiker to death. Afterward, he took the hiker's clothes, but left the man's cell phone behind after its ringing startled him. He then walked into the town square, where he was overwhelmed by the speeding cars, as well as all the people walking in modern clothes, skateboarding and talking on cell phones. He caught the eye of a woman, Bethanne, who was sitting at a bus stop, and who looked at him and smiled, with a slight nod in acknowledgment.
  • That night, Harper finally made it to Samantha Gibbons' home, where Annabelle, Pearl, and the other tomb vampires were living following the latters' escape from the tomb. ("A Few Good Men")

January 7, 2010

Vampire isobel


Date is speculation. There has been a time jump of a several days since Fool Me Once. In that time, Sheila has been buried and Bonnie is said to be staying with an aunt.

  • Jenna Sommers showed Elena Gilbert what she had learned about Elena's biological mother, whose name they learned is Isobel Flemming.
  • After finding the name and address of a friend of Isobel's named Trudie Peterson, Elena went to visit her to learn more about her mother.
  • Isobel compelled a man to tell Elena to stop looking for her, and to kill Trudie after she talked to Elena. When the man completed his mission, he stepped in front of a car, killing himself.
  • During an awkward conversation, Jenna and Alaric figured out that Elena's mother is also Alaric's missing (and supposedly dead) ex-wife.
  • A Mystic Falls fundraising bachelor auction was held at the Mystic Grill. The event was hosted by Carol Lockwood with assistance from volunteers including Jenna, Caroline Forbes, and Liz Forbes. Carol was in charge of raffling off dates with various eligible bachelors of the town, including Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman. Other attendants of the event were Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, Matt Donovan, and Kelly Donovan, who had just returned to Mystic Falls after an extended absence.
    • Alaric's date ended up being won by Jenna, while Kelly won a date with Bachelor #3, and Damon won a date with Carol (after Carol, as the host, cheated specifically to win a date with him).
  • After the charity raffle, where Damon publicly hinted that he had a tryst with Alaric's wife, a furious Alaric sneaked into the Salvatore Boarding House and waited for Damon to return home. Once he did, Alaric then tried to stake him to death, but the vampire was easily able to overpower him. Upon incapacitating Alaric, Damon confessed that he hadn't just killed Isobel-- he turned her into a vampire because she begged him to do so. This enraged Alaric so much that he once again attacked Damon, only to be staked in the lung and killed as a result.
  • Stefan returned home to find Alaric's body on the floor of the parlor and was upset at Damon for killing him even after Damon insisted that Alaric attacked him first. Damon left Stefan to dispose of the body, but before Stefan could do so, Alaric magically came back to life, scaring and confusing them both in the process. Stefan initially believed Alaric must have been slipped vampire blood before he died and subsequently reawakened as a vampire, but after a moment of thinking about it, Alaric eventually realized that the Gilbert ring that Isobel had given him had actually resurrected him. ("A Few Good Men")

January 15, 2010

There is no indication of time for this episode. A few days have passed since A Few Good Men.

  • Elena, Stefan, Caroline and Matt decided to go on a double date at Caroline's suggestion, as she was intent to prove that Matt and Elena had moved on from each other now that they were both in new relationships with herself and Stefan, respectively.
    • Stefan and Matt bonded over old cars after discussing their mutual love of making models. Matt fixes Stefan's red 1962 Porsche 356 B, which Stefan claimed to have inherited from his family but really seemed to have had since the 1960s. While they all talked, Matt and Elena reminisced about their past, which made Caroline insecure, but after Matt got the car running, Stefan let Matt take Caroline on a ride so they could make up.
  • Damon, Jenna, and the newly-returned Kelly Donovan partied at the Mystic Grill and got drunk together. Damon and Kelly flirted with each other until Jenna left, after which Damon eventually brought Kelly back to the boarding house to hook up.
    • While there, they were caught by Matt, Caroline, Elena and Stefan when they returned to the house. Matt became so embarrassed by his mother's behavior that he left early to take her home. Once at the Donovan House, he yelled at her and reminded her that he was the kid and she was the adult, and not the other way around before insisting that she get her act together.
  • Pearl was revealed to be reconnecting with all of the tomb vampires who had escaped and housing them on the farm she, Anna, and the others had commandeered from Samantha Gibbons outside of town. Pearl also revealed that she had big plans to take back Mystic Falls after being entombed by the Founding Families in 1864.
  • Frederick began to get antsy while he and the other vampires were cooped up inside the farm house, since most didn't have daylight rings, so he and his girlfriend Bethanne sneaked out of the house and went into town. At the Mystic Grill, he mistook Elena for Katherine and inadvertently alerted to her that he is a vampire.
  • Jeremy learned that Anna is a vampire after getting suspicious and purposely cutting his hand to bait her into transforming. Later that night, she returned to the Gilbert House and demanded to know why he would risk her killing him. Jeremy then explained that it was partially due to curiosity because after learning about what Anna was, he started to wonder if his ex-girlfriend Vicki Donovan could have been going through the same thing (still not knowing that he had been compelled to forget that she had attacked him), but also brought up the truth about why he tricked her-- he wanted Anna to turn him into a vampire.
  • Frederick and Bethanne tried to take on Damon and Stefan by attacking them at the boarding house. Stefan managed to stake and kill Bethanne in self-defense during the fight, but Frederick immediately fled at the sight of his dead girlfriend before Damon could do the same to him.
    • When Frederick returned to the Gibbons' farm, he informed Pearl of Bethanne's death and reluctantly admitted that Pearl was right about them staying inside for the time being. Pearl initially seemed sympathetic and offered him blood, but when she gave him a glass of it, she stabbed him in the stomach with a wooden spoon and insisted that he would listen to her next time. ("There Goes the Neighborhood")

January 16, 2010

Its the next day. Both Elena and Pearl refer to the events of There Goes the Neighborhood as "yesterday".

  • The tomb vampires, led by Frederick, kidnapped Stefan in the woods while he was hunting. They brought him back to the farmhouse to torture him in retribution for what happened to them in 1864 and for killing Bethanne. When Harper defended Stefan, they tortured him as well.
  • Jeremy continued to try to convince Anna to turn him, and after her mother gave her a hard time about being friends with a Gilbert, Anna eventually agreed. However, when she came to see him that night, she learned Jeremy only wanted to be turned because of Vicki and became upset before leaving.
  • Caroline was stranded in the woods after driving through it during an immense thunderstorm and getting stuck. While she was looking for cell service to call for help, she inadvertently found Vicki Donovan's body where Damon buried it after she was killed and immediately freaked out.
  • Damon and Elena teamed up with Alaric to rescue Stefan from the tomb vampires. Damon tried to keep Elena from being involved, but she sneaked along anyway and ended up proving herself useful during Stefan's rescue.
    • This teamwork marked the beginning of "Team Badass", or Damon and Alaric's "bromance." It also revealed how much Damon cares about Elena's well-being, as well as how much Elena is willing to risk harm to protect Stefan.
  • Stefan was badly injured and weakened from the torture and vervain, and when Frederick tracked them down in the woods, Elena managed to incapacitate him with a vervain dart of Alaric's.
    • However, Frederick recovered quickly, forcing Elena to feed Stefan her blood to heal him enough to be able to defend them. Stefan, having just drunk human blood for the first time in decades, became so overcome with rage and bloodlust that he staked Frederick multiple times until Elena finally stopped him.
  • Just as Alaric and Damon had used up all of their remaining weapons fighting vampires, Pearl returned home and was shocked at what had happened in her absence. Damon was furious at her for not keeping a better eye on her vampires and for going against their deal, but Pearl assured him that the guilty parties would be dealt with, not knowing that the ringleader, Frederick, had already been killed.
  • When Damon returned home, he found Stefan on the floor of the parlor, surrounded by empty blood bags and having "fallen off the wagon" for the first time in the series. ("Let The Right One In")

January 30, 2010

Stefan and Elena have not seen each other for a "few days" now. A full moon is shown to be influencing Tyler and his father. By the lunar calendar, the full moon was January 30. [1]

  • John Gilbert returned to town for the first time since Grayson and Miranda's funeral. Jenna called him because she wants to sell the Gilbert building to Pearl, and he came to discuss it with Jenna because he wasn't willing to sell it, as he was the executor of the Gilbert estate despite Jenna having guardianship of Jeremy and Elena.
  • John, a Founder's Council member, called a meeting of the Founding Families and informed them that they still have a vampire problem. John then provoked Damon at the Founder's event at the Lockwood Mansion, who killed him by snapping his neck and throwing him over the balcony. However, John came back to life within minutes, thanks to his Gilbert ring, and he confronted Damon and Alaric after the party, revealing that he knew both Isobel and Katherine, along with the fact that Damon was inadvertently behind the release of the tomb vampires.
  • Stefan has a difficult time controlling his bloodlust after having fed on human blood for the first time in decades. He ultimately consumed a lot of alcohol in an attempt to control the cravings, but after he almost fed on Matt's mother and a man who was rude to him and Elena at the party, he was forced to confess that he didn't have his hunger under control and that it's a part of him that he doesn't want her to see.
  • A grieving and drunk Kelly made out with similarly grieving and drunk Tyler after they discussed their shared grief over Vicki's death. When Matt caught them, he punched Tyler in the face, triggering Tyler's full-moon-enhanced anger and causing a full-on fight that was fortunately broken up by Alaric and Mayor Lockwood before Matt could be seriously injured.
  • Upon returning home, Matt kicked Kelly out of their house, arguing that he could take care of himself better than she could and that her presence was only making his life harder.
  • Elena finally confessed to Jeremy that she is adopted and started to earn his trust back after all of the drama they had experienced in recent months. However, when Jeremy became suspicious of Elena after she lied to him about what she believed about the cause of Vicki's death, he returned home and found her journal in her bedroom, which he read and learned everything that had been happening in Mystic Falls, from the town's vampire population to Elena having Damon compel away Jeremy's memories to Anna having initially used Jeremy to free her mother from the tomb and everything in between.("Under Control")

February 7, 2010

Miss Mystic Falls08

Pageants in the Miss Mystic Falls

One week after Under Control.

  • At the next round of Founder's Day celebrations, Elena and Caroline competed for the title of "Miss Mystic Falls" against several other girls from town, including Tina Fell and Amber Bradley, at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.
  • Bonnie returned to town after the death of her Grams, and as a result of the circumstances surrounding Sheila's death, she wasn't comfortable socializing with vampires - not even Stefan, who had previously saved her life on multiple occasions.
  • John Gilbert was revealed to be working for Isobel to achieve their ultimate goal: they wanted a component of the Gilbert Device, which was stolen from Johnathan Gilbert by Pearl in 1864.
  • Pearl gave the device to Damon as a peace offering after the rest of the tomb vampires captured and tortured Stefan.
  • Stefan continued to struggle with his bloodlust after feeding on human blood for the first time in decades. To satiate his hunger without hurting anyone, he stole a huge supply of donated blood from the blood bank, which unfortunately roused suspicions in the Founder's Council, who once again went on alert at the signs of another vampire in Mystic Falls.
  • Jeremy and Anna reconnected after their brief break-up following the revelation that Jeremy only wanted Anna to turn him because of Vicki.
  • Damon informed Elena that Stefan was drinking human blood again when he realized that Stefan was completely out of control.
  • Just before the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, Stefan became so overwhelmed with the realization that Elena knew his secret about his bloodlust that he kidnapped Amber and took her out to the woods, where he struggled to resist feeding on her for the duration of the ceremony. Eventually, he bit and fed on her, but Damon, Elena and Bonnie arrived just in time to save her and stop him after Bonnie hit him with a pain infliction spell.
  • Because of his struggle with his hunger, Stefan missed the call to escort Elena for the traditional dance. Damon quickly took his place to save Elena the embarrassment of being abandoned by her escort in front of everyone.
  • After the ceremony, Elena went to talk to Stefan about what happened at the boarding house, and Stefan became so frustrated and overwhelmed by self-loathing that he yelled at her and tried to scare her away. He felt so guilty afterward that he gave Elena a hug and cried that he had no idea what to do, and Elena unhappily stabbed him in the back with a vervain dart to knock him out so that she and Damon could lock him in the cellar to "get clean." Once Stefan was secured, Damon and Elena sat together in the hallway outside of his cell together in silent support of each other. ("Miss Mystic Falls")

February 14, 2010

Date is conjecture, but Damon says that the human blood must be already out of Stefan's system.

  • Stefan continued to be imprisoned in the cellar after his blood problem was revealed to Elena and Damon. He refused to drink the animal blood he was offered by Damon, and the vervain Damon injected him with to keep him contained in the cellar of the boarding house caused him to hallucinate memories from 1864.
    • During these flashbacks, he remembered when he and Damon were first inadvertently turned into vampires after trying to rescue Katherine from the vampire round-up. They were both shot and killed by their father, who was so ashamed that his sons were vampire sympathizers that he preferred that they die at his hands rather than embarrass him in front of the Founding Families.
  • Afterward, Stefan felt so guilty for all the pain he had caused in his life, starting with forcing Damon to complete his transition, that he decided to end his life at Steven's Quarry, where his vampire life started. He purposely left his daylight ring behind with the intention of burning to death when the sun rose in the morning.
    • Fortunately, Elena found him just in time and tried to convince him to stay alive and fight. She handed him his ring and let him make his own choice, and after a moment, he chose to put the ring on and live another day.
  • Meanwhile, Alaric and Damon spent the day teaming up to investigate John's extra-curricular activities in hopes of finding Isobel. Instead, they found out he has been hiding a friendly tomb vampire named Henry who was feeding him intel on the rest of the tomb vampires, all of whom wanted revenge on the Founding Families, in exchange for an apartment and a crash-course on life in the 21st century.
  • John had dinner with Pearl, where he tried to get her to give him the Gilbert device she stole from Johnathan Gilbert in 1864 prior to the vampire round-up, believing it to be the Gilbert Compass. He initially tried to win her over by telling her that Johnathan Gilbert loved Pearl back in the day, but when she appeared to have believed him, John laughed and told her that not only did he hate her, but that he regretted not being the one to kill her himself. Pearl then angrily told him to go to hell before informing him that she had given the device to Damon.
  • Pearl and Harper decided to leave town together for their own safety, but Anna, not wanting to leave Jeremy, chose to stay behind. However, John showed up at the farmhouse just as they had packed up their things to leave and killed both Pearl and Harper before Anna returned home.
  • Isobel finally returned to Mystic Falls at John's behest and confronted Alaric at the Grill, marking their first reunion since Isobel died and became a vampire in 2007. Isobel informed him that she would be going on a killing rampage through the town unless Alaric arranged for a meeting between herself and her daughter Elena.("Blood Brothers")

February 15, 2010

Alaric saw Isobel "last night".

  • Elena met Isobel for the first time during the meeting Alaric arranged for them at the Mystic Grill. While there, Isobel made antagonistic small talk with her daughter, first commenting on Elena's uncanny resemblance to Katherine and how she, like Katherine, seemed to enjoy both of the Salvatore brothers. She also admitted that she became friends with Katherine after the elder vampire sought her out due to "genetic curiosity" and that Katherine helped her obtain her daylight amulet necklace. Isobel then refused to tell Elena who her biological father is when she asked, only describing him as a "teenage waste of space" before getting to the point of their meeting-- she wanted the Gilbert device, and she knew that Elena was aware of its location. Elena eventually left the meeting in tears after her disastrous introduction to her biological mother and ran into Bonnie, who still felt so uncomfortable around Elena that she left without a word.
  • It was revealed that Isobel and John are both working for Katherine, and that Damon's allegiance is now with Elena when Damon tracked Isobel down to the home where she was staying and threatened to kill her if she ever put Elena in this position again.
  • When Isobel's threats regarding the Gilbert device weren't taken seriously, she and her compelled minions Cherie and Frank enacted their plan to put pressure on Elena by both kidnapping Jeremy and hurting Matt when the town gathered to make the floats for the Founder's Day Parade. To make matters worse, Isobel also stole John's Gilbert ring and began to beat him violently after he balked at her decision to kidnap his nephew.
  • Tyler tried to apologize to Matt for hooking up with his mother, but he was still angry about their fight and wasn't receptive to his attempts to reconcile.
  • Bonnie read her family's grimoire and learned that that the device is a weapon to be used against vampires, and that it was spelled by her ancestor Emily Bennett, along with the Gilbert rings and the Gilbert compass, in order to make Jonathan Gilbert's designs actually work.
  • After feeling guilty for her earlier behavior, Bonnie went to the Gilbert House and apologized to Elena. After the two talked, Elena suggested that perhaps Bonnie could remove the enchantment that made the Gilbert device work as a weapon against vampires, since her ancestor Emily had made the device. Bonnie reluctantly agreed to do it, but secretly left the enchantment in place because she thought it was in the best interest of the town to get rid of the vampire population that was threatening its citizens.
  • Jeremy admitted to Elena that he now knew "everything" about Mystic Falls' supernatural community from reading Elena's diary, though he continued to resent her for all of the lies she told him about it and for allowing Damon to compel away his memories of Vicki's death.
  • Isobel was finally given the device by Elena (who believed it had been magically deactivated by Bonnie), and she purposely declared that she knew that Damon was in love with Elena before warning her that as long as she had a Salvatore brother on each arm, she would be doomed. Afterward, Isobel then gave the device to John on the condition that he use it to also kill the Salvatore brothers, and in doing so, confirmed that John was indeed Elena's biological father. ("Isobel (Episode)")

February 25, 2010

Founders' Day is the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Mystic Falls.

  • The tomb vampires enacted their plan to infiltrate the festival and kill the Founding Family members in retribution for the fact that their ancestors are what caused them to be locked in the tomb for 145 years.
  • Anna gave Jeremy a vial of her blood and told him that if he died with it in his system, he would turn into a vampire, and reminded him that if he turned, he could be with her forever and not have to be alone anymore. However, Jeremy was visibly hesitant to go through with this plan, and told her he wasn't sure.
  • When John and Mayor Lockwood explained to Sheriff Forbes their plan to take out the town's vampire population using the Gilbert device to identify them, she refused to allow it because she feared that innocent civilians would be harmed in the process. However, John, unwilling to put his plan on hold, knocked her out so that he could go through the town's second vampire round-up without her interference.
  • John Gilbert and Mayor Lockwood then used the device to incapacitate the town's vampires with a loud, earsplitting noise that only those with enhanced senses could hear, including tomb vampires, Damon, Stefan, and Anna. Once the vampires were neutralized and identified by the town's deputies and the Founder's Council, they were injected with vervain by its members to weaken them and were subsequently taken to Dr. Gilbert's old medical clinic. Once the majority of the vampires were accounted for, John then set fire to the building, killing the trapped vampires in the process. History repeats itself - just like in 1864, the Founding families planned to round-up the town's vampire population, taking them to a secret location and then setting fire to a building owned by one of the Founding Families with the intent to kill them all.
  • Thanks to Alaric's quick thinking, Stefan managed to avoid being taken, but all of the tomb vampires and Anna were identified as vampires and taken to the clinic. Damon, who had confronted John prior to his activation of the device, was also affected and brought to the clinic, where he was forced to watch weakly as John staked Anna to death before he set the building ablaze and left.
  • After Stefan learned that Damon had been captured and brought to the clinic, Bonnie, knowing that she was responsible for the situation after lying about breaking the spell on the device, used her powers of pyrokinesis to diminish the flames long enough for Stefan to get inside, allowing him to successfully rescue his brother before he burned to death.
  • The town's vampires were also not the only casualties of the Founders' vampire round-up-- both Richard and Tyler were also affected by the noise emitted by the device, causing the former to be injected with vervain and brought to the clinic with the rest of the vampires. However, Richard was not weakened by vervain, confirming that he and Tyler were not vampires themselves. After the night's events, Damon would later speculate that the Lockwoods must be another type of supernatural creature, but wasn't sure which.
    • Unfortunately, once Richard was identified as a Founding Family member, one of the tomb vampires quickly snapped his neck and killed him just before the building burned down.
    • When Tyler was affected by the device, he lost control of the car he was driving with Matt and Caroline as passengers and ran into a nearby stone wall. When the paramedics examined Tyler, his eyes flashed gold upon exposure to bright light just before Caroline collapsed from internal bleeding due to her injuries from the accident.
  • After his rescue, Damon went to the Gilbert House to inform Jeremy of Anna's death, and even admitted that he felt terrible that he couldn't help her. He then apologized to him for his loss and offered to compel away his memories to make it easier for him, but Jeremy declined, as he still felt sadness despite his memories of Vicki being erased-- the only difference was that he couldn't fully identify why he was sad. However, Jeremy was still so devastated by Anna's death that, after Damon admitted that being a vampire meant you didn't have to feel bad if you didn't want to, he decided to turn himself into a vampire with Anna's blood to shut off the pain he was feeling. After drinking the vial of her blood, he tried to kill himself with a bottle of painkillers leftover from Elena's car accident.
  • Damon kissed "Elena" on her front porch, not knowing it was actually Katherine impersonating Elena. When Jenna saw it happen, she unintentionally invited Katherine into the Gilbert House by telling "Elena" that she should come inside, visibly unhappy that Damon would be kissing her underage niece.
  • Katherine then confronted John in the kitchen of the Gilbert House and tried to kill him by chopping off the fingers on the hand on which he wore his Gilbert ring with a meat cleaver before stabbing him in the stomach with it. Elena managed to show up just in time to call 911 and call an ambulance for him, though she had a narrow encounter with Katherine, who stopped to take in the resemblance Elena shared with her before vamp-speeding away from the scene of the crime. ("Founder's Day")
  • Bonnie, after learning about the accident Tyler, Matt, and Caroline were in and realizing that she was indirectly responsible as a result of Tyler being affected by the Gilbert device, felt so guilty about her role in Caroline's severe injuries that she convinced Damon to feed Caroline his blood to save her life.
  • After the ambulance came to take John to the hospital, Elena found Jeremy in his room. She had Stefan check him over to make sure he wasn't a vampire, and after a moment, Stefan determined that since he took the vampire blood first, it actually healed him of the damage of the pills instead of them killing him, which meant he was still human. However, Stefan then sternly lectured Jeremy on his choices and warned him that the blood was passing through his system, which meant if he tried to kill and turn himself again, he could actually die for good.
  • Elena went to the hospital when she heard about Caroline, and when she arrived, Damon confronted her about their "kiss." When Elena didn't know what he was talking about and didn't remember Jenna telling her that she was going to the fire department to take care of paperwork regarding Grayson's clinic, Damon realized that Katherine was back in town and that she had been impersonating Elena during their kiss. ("The Return")

February 26, 2010

Caroline spends one night at the hospital.

  • Mason Lockwood returned to Mystic Falls for the first time in five years for the funeral of his brother, Mayor Lockwood. Upon his arrival, he began to bond with his nephew Tyler, who was still grieving the loss of his father.
  • Stefan and Elena went to the hospital to question John on why Katherine had come to town and what she wanted. When he refused to answer their questions, Elena angrily told him that his hatred was going to get him killed and left the room. Before Stefan followed after her, he forcefully fed John his vampire blood and threatened to kill him and turn him into a vampire if he didn't leave town in the next 24 hours.
  • Katherine impersonated Elena with Stefan in order to pit one Salvatore brother against the other. However, Stefan quickly realized that she couldn't be Elena and didn't take the bait.
  • That night, Damon returned to Elena's room and drunkenly confronted her again about their "kiss" after he was rejected by Katherine, who came back to town for Stefan. When Elena rejected his advances, he lost control of his temper and snapped Jeremy's neck, and though he regretted it instantly, he left after Elena began sobbing. Fortunately, Jeremy was wearing the Gilbert ring that John had given to him earlier.
  • Katherine, having heard that Damon had healed Caroline with his vampire blood, visited Caroline at the hospital and smothered her with a pillow after instructing her to give the Salvatore brothers a message for her-- "Game on." ("The Return")
    • However, unbeknownst to anyone else, Katherine killed Caroline and had her turned into a vampire not only to send the Salvatore brothers a message, but to also have Caroline be the vampire offered to Klaus for the sacrifice ritual to break his hybrid curse, as he needed a vampire, a werewolf, and a human Petrova doppelgänger.("Katerina")

February 27, 2010

It's the next day.

  • Caroline awakened in transition in her hospital bed and was totally confused about what has happened to her. However, she was quickly and unconsciously drawn to the next room, where she found a patient receiving a blood transfusion and ended up stealing the blood bag despite not fully understanding why. Once alone in her room, she drank the bag in spite of her revulsion in doing so, and unknowingly completed her transition into a vampire.
    • When her fangs grew in, the sound of her cries drew a nurse into the room, whom she managed to instinctively compel to not tell anyone that she had fed on her. After realizing the extent of her new mind control abilities, she then went on to compel her doctor to release her that night instead of the next morning as planned, as she had figured out that she couldn't go into the sunlight without being burned.
  • Jeremy was shown to have a hard time dealing with the fact that he was killed by a vampire and brought back to life by a magic ring. In his anger and confusion following his first-ever death, Jeremy planned on killing Damon using the vervain given to him by Stefan to protect himself as well as a stake he had made. However, at the last moment, he ultimately decided not to go through with it after he realized he was unsure of whether following in his father and uncle's footsteps with regards to killing vampires is the best plan. Despite resenting Damon for what he did, the two ended up having a talk that caused them to bond over their respective fathers, a first step into what would become a fraternal bond, albeit an antagonistic one.
  • At the Carnival, Caroline was having a hard time controlling her strength and her bloodlust, especially around Matt, from whom she eventually ran away in order to avoid feeding on him. She later confronted Damon inside the school, where she told him that she remembered everything he had compelled her to forget in the hours since her transformation and passed on the message given to her by Katherine ("Game on") before shoving him down the hall.
  • After the Salvatore brothers witnessed Mason Lockwood demonstrating superhuman strength (though not superior to that of a vampire), Damon became so curious about what his secret was that he compelled a carny to pick a fight with Tyler to see what the Lockwoods would do. Once the carny starts the fight as instructed, Tyler began to beat him up until Mason finally intervened and broke them apart, revealing that his eyes had turned gold and black in the heat of the moment, a fact that did not escape Tyler's notice.
    • Caroline eventually came upon the carny, who was bleeding profusely as a result of the injuries he sustained in the fight, and was unable to control her newborn vampire bloodlust at the scent of his blood. She eventually fed on him to the point of killing him, much to her own horror.
  • Mason was revealed to be looking for the moonstone. Tyler later found it hidden in his father's study, but decided not to give it to his uncle yet until he knew more about it and why he wanted it, since he knew that Mason was hiding things from him.
  • Stefan, Elena, and Damon found Caroline with the carny's body, and the former two stopped Damon from killing her to ensure that they were not exposed.
    • Bonnie stumbled upon the scene soon after and was so shocked and horrified by Caroline's transformation that she channeled her anger into blaming Damon for Caroline becoming a vampire and tried to use pyrokinesis to kill him. Fortunately, Elena intervened and stopped her before Damon could be burned alive, but Bonnie was still unable to deal with the news about Caroline and ran off. ("Brave New World")

February 28, 2010

No sequence clue, but it's the next full moon. [1]

  • Stefan helped take care of Caroline and taught her how to adapt to being a vampire.
  • After much insistence from Stefan, Bonnie made a daylight ring for Caroline to help her adjust by allowing her to go into daylight and spend time with her friends to keep her connected to her humanity.
  • Stefan took Caroline hunting in the woods before they went to the party Tyler threw at the swimming hole, which was attended by most of their friends, including Matt and Aimee Bradley.
  • Meanwhile, Damon, Alaric and Elena traveled to Duke University in North Carolina to try and find information about werewolves in Isobel's research, as Damon had suspicions that Mason was one.
  • While there, Vanessa Monroe, Isobel's assistant, shot an arrow at Elena but Damon put himself in front of Elena to protect her. Damon was intent on killing her afterward, but Elena convinced him not to do so.
  • Vanessa then helped them with their research by telling them the Aztec legend of the "Curse of the Sun and the Moon," a legend that claimed that both vampires and werewolves had the power to walk in sunlight and control their transformations, respectively, until an Aztec shaman cursed them to limit their power, forcing vampires to become "slaves to the sun" and werewolves to be "servants to the moon." She also informed them that werewolf bites are rumored to be fatal to vampires.
    • Elena immediately called Stefan to inform him of this information, as it was a full moon and she was worried he could be bitten if Mason was indeed a werewolf.
  • At the party by the swimming hole, Caroline lost control over her bloodlust and accidentally bit and fed on Matt after he inadvertently hurt his arm.
    • Fortunately, Stefan found them in time and intervened, but before they could check on him, a werewolf appeared, forcing Stefan and Caroline to flee at vampire speed to lure the wolf away from Matt. The wolf ended up tackling Caroline, but before he could bite her, Tyler appeared and managed to shoo him away. With Stefan's help, Caroline was able to go back to Matt and compel him to believe that the wolf attacked him instead of her.
  • Tyler later caught Mason transforming back from a wolf into a human after the peak hours of the full moon were over. He then learned about the Lockwood werewolf lineage, though Mason kept the details about his lycanthropy and their werewolf heritage hidden from him.
  • After Elena spent the day asking Damon if he was telling the truth about knowing Jeremy had the Gilbert ring when he snapped his neck, Damon finally confessed that he really had no idea that Jeremy had the ring. Elena thanked him for being truthful, but stated that they were no longer friends because of his actions. ("Bad Moon Rising")

March 4, 2010

  • Tyler once again tried to question his uncle Mason about the revelation that he was a werewolf, but Mason refused to tell Tyler much about it, though he did assure Tyler that he was not going to become one himself and admitted that not even Richard (Tyler's father and Mason's older brother) was a full werewolf, even though the gene runs in their Lockwood blood.
  • Katherine reappeared at the Salvatore Boarding house, where Stefan weakened her with vervain and locked her in the cellar in order to question her on why she was in town. During their conversation, Katherine initially led Stefan to believe that he successfully captured her and revealed several things to him, including that it was actually George Lockwood who had committed the murders that led to the 1864 vampire round-up, which Katherine learned and used to blackmail him into helping her fake her death.
    • She also told him that she had come back to be with him before revealing that she had been ingesting small amounts of vervain daily for over a century in order to build up a tolerance after she was caught off-guard by it in 1864 (when she accidentally was incapacitated by it after Giuseppe Salvatore spiked Stefan's drink with it earlier in the day and she later fed on him just before the vampire round-up).
    • She then broke out of her binds and attacked Stefan, and before she left, she made it clear that she wanted Elena out of his life immediately, or else she would take it out on her and the rest of the townsfolk.
  • Damon, with help from Alaric, orchestrated a barbeque at the Gilbert House that would be hosted by Jenna, as she had attended high school with Mason, and Damon wanted to invite him in order to learn more about him. After dropping several unsubtle hints throughout the meal, Mason revealed that he knew Damon is a vampire and that Damon knew he was a werewolf and insisted that he didn't want to fall prey to the fighting between their respective species that had existed for centuries.
    • However, Damon still didn't trust him, so when Mason left for the night, Damon stole a knife from Jenna's family's antique silverware set and followed him, eventually attacking outside the Grill with it. Unfortunately for Damon, Mason quickly healed from the wound and joked that the myth that werewolves were vulnerable to silver was probably started by the wolves themselves for situations like this. However, he was visibly angry that Damon insisted on not trusting him and informed him that he had just made an enemy before leaving Damon to worry about the consequences to his actions.
  • Meanwhile, Caroline spent the day trying to keep Elena busy and away from Stefan on Katherine's orders (which were actually more like threats) to ensure that Katherine would have time to talk to Stefan without Elena's interference. After Caroline ultimately failed at this task, Katherine confronted Caroline at the Grill and angrily reminded her that she had already killed her once and could easily do it again if she didn't do everything that she asked.
  • Shortly afterward, Stefan and Elena met at the Grill and talked about Stefan's interactions with Katherine, during which they had an argument that was overheard by both Caroline and Damon. This argument eventually led to Stefan and Elena taking a break from their relationship.
    • However, when Elena returned home and went to her room, Stefan was waiting for her, and it was revealed that they staged their breakup after they had realized that Caroline was obviously being controlled by Katherine somehow and decided that the best course of action was to make everyone, including Katherine, believe that they had truly ended their relationship. ("Memory Lane")

March 5, 2010

  • After a lot of prodding, Mason eventually confessed to Tyler how a werewolf triggers their curse-- by taking a a human life, whether by accident or by intentionally killing someone.
  • Stefan and Elena continued to pretend that they were fighting and broken up in hopes of buying time to figure out what exactly Katherine wanted. As Katherine was still controlling Caroline, the latter continued to eavesdrop on their conversations to pass on information to her.
  • Jeremy bonded with Tyler at a small get-together he had at the Lockwood Mansion, during which time Jeremy tried to get more information about the werewolf curse for Damon. While they talked, Tyler admitted that Mason was looking for a moonstone, and that he had found it but didn't want to give it to him.and tries to find out more about the werewolf curse.
  • In order to get back at Damon for attacking him, Mason informed Sheriff Forbes that Stefan and Damon are vampires, and slipped vervain into Damon's lemonade to prove it. Mason then lured the brothers into the woods, where they were ambushed by Sheriff Forbes and two of her deputies, who shot them with wooden bullets and injected them with more vervain.
  • Caroline and Elena, knowing that something was going on with Sheriff Forbes, went looking for Stefan in the woods. They were confronted by Mason, who threatened to out Caroline as a vampire to her mother. When Caroline tried to attack him, he grabbed Elena in a headlock and threatened to snap her neck. However, Caroline still managed to beat him up so badly that he was left groaning on the ground, allowing Caroline and Elena to track down the Salvatores.
  • Sheriff Forbes then brought the brothers down into the Lockwood Cellar to question them on how they manage to walk in daylight. When Damon refused to answer, Sheriff ordered her deputies to stake them both. However, before they could do this, Caroline vamp-sped into the cellar to save them, inadvertently killing the two deputies in the frenzy; one of them was killed when Caroline fed on him, and the other was killed when Caroline used him as a human shield when the first tried to shoot her.
  • During a prank gone wrong, Tyler nearly killed Sarah when he accidentally pushed her down the stairs in his attempt to steal the moonstone back. She was revealed to be just fine, but Tyler was still shaken by the realization that he could have triggered his curse. Afterward, Tyler decided to give the moonstone to Mason, as he didn't want to have anything to do with werewolves.
  • Once the Salvatore brothers had recovered, Stefan, Damon, Elena, and Caroline discussed what they would do next. Despite the fact that Sheriff Forbes had threatened to torture Damon slowly, Damon decided that, because she was his friend, he would keep her locked in the boarding house cellar until the vervain left her system before compelling her to forget everything she knew about them being vampires.
  • After his near-death experience earlier in the day, Stefan made the decision to make himself stronger to ensure this wouldn't happen again. Part of this plan involved building up his tolerance to human blood by drinking a small amount every day and increasing his dosage, so Elena volunteers to give him her blood. Stefan also decided to start drinking small amounts of vervain every day to develop an immunity to it in case it's used against them. ("Kill or Be Killed")

March 8, 2010

Stefan and Damon needed to keep Liz locked up for at least three days until the vervain left her system and she could be compelled

  • Elena and Stefan, who had continued pretending they were broken up, had an early-morning rendezvous in Elena's bed, which Jenna overheard.
  • Jeremy, having learned more about werewolves and the Lockwood Family from Tyler, went to the Salvatore boarding house to inform Damon of this new information. Damon's interest was piqued by his mention of the moonstone, and Jeremy offered to try to get it from Tyler so they can learn more about it.
  • Bonnie bumped into Mason while helping with the decorations for the upcoming Masquerade Ball at the Lockwood Mansion, and the contact with him caused her to have a vision of him kissing who she initially believed to be Elena. However, upon relaying this news to Stefan, they realized he was actually in a relationship with Katherine and became concerned.
  • Once it became clear that Mason was a threat to the entire Mystic Falls Gang, Bonnie reluctantly agreed to help Stefan and Damon take him down. She used magic to knock him out with a pain infliction spell, and once he had been restrained back at the boarding house, she used her power of clairvoyance to get into his head to look for the moonstone's location, where she found that it had been hidden in the well near the old Lockwood property.
  • Afterward, Bonnie ran into Caroline for the first time since her transformation, and the two began to reconcile when they went to the well together.
  • Stefan, having also been informed about the well, arrived there first with Elena (despite his concern that Katherine would catch them being together) and jumped down to get the moonstone out. However, it wasn't until he fell into the water that he learned that Mason had filled it up with a large amount of vervain flowers, which immediately started to burn his skin to the point that he fell unconscious. Caroline helped Elena jump in so she could pull him out and grab the moonstone for him, and afterward, she then fed him some of her blood to help him heal.
  • Meanwhile, Damon tortured Mason in an attempt to figure out where Katherine was and what her plans were. While looking through his bag, Jeremy found wolfsbane and looked it up on his phone, eventually learning that it could be used to weaken werewolves like vervain for vampires. Realizing that Mason was truly in love with Katherine and that she had serious plans in Mystic Falls, Damon ripped Mason's heart out.
  • The Sheriff spent some time with Caroline, and after talking with her, she seemed to realize that she was still the same person despite being a vampire, and the two began to bond. She told her daughter that she would keep her secret, but Caroline, knowing her mother wouldn't trust the Salvatore brothers, compelled her mother to forget she knew any of them were vampires, much to her own unhappiness.
  • Damon, unable to help himself, called Katherine on Mason's phone to taunt her about Mason's death. Katherine became so furious about this news that she informed him that she had a Plan B before instructing him to give her love to Stefan. She then called Elena and revealed that she had been compelling Jenna to be her spy for days (after having convinced her to stop wearing her vervain perfume and drinking her vervain tea) before Jenna stabbed herself in the stomach with a large knife, having been compelled to do so both in retribution for Elena not staying away from Stefan and for Damon ruining her plans.
  • That night, Katherine lured Matt to her room at Mrs. Flowers' bed and breakfast and informed him that since she lost the werewolf she had, she needed a new one before compelling him to pick a fight with Tyler at the upcoming Masquerade Gala and beat him up until Tyler killed him and triggered his curse. ("Kill or Be Killed") ("Plan B")

March 24, 2010

Exactly how much time has passed since Plan B is unknown, but there is a half-moon in the sky

  • After having her wound stitched up after Katherine compelled her to stab herself in the stomach with a knife, Jenna returned home from the hospital.
  • Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline and Alaric organize a plan to kill Katherine at that night's Masquerade Ball, but purposely leave Elena out of the planning process out of a fear that she'll get hurt. They decided that Bonnie will cast a modified version of the boundary spell that was cast on the Vampire's Tomb to trap Katherine in a room upstairs at the party so Stefan and Damon can stake her to death. Caroline and Jeremy were then given the task of luring Katherine up there with the promise of regaining the moonstone, while Alaric was instructed to keep an eye on Elena and Jenna while they were all gone.
  • Katherine invited a witch, Lucy Bennett, to help her reclaim the moonstone from the Mystic Falls Gang and possibly even break the curse with it. It is later revealed that Lucy is a Bennett witch, just like Bonnie.
  • When Elena realized that Alaric and the others had lied to her about their plans for the Masquerade Ball, she sneaked out of the house to go intervene while Alaric and Jenna watch a movie together.
  • Katherine is lured to the boundary-sealed room by Caroline as planned, but when Stefan and Damon attacked her, it was revealed that she had convinced Lucy to cast a linking spell on Katherine and Elena, preventing the Salvatore brothers from killing her without also killing Elena right with her. Though Bonnie couldn't heal the wounds Elena sustained from the fight, she did cast a spell to ease her pain before going to find Lucy.
  • Matt, having been compelled by Katherine to force Tyler to trigger his werewolf curse by killing him, picked a fight with Tyler by insulting Tyler's late father and their relationship. Caroline managed to intervene and knock Matt out before he could be killed, but she was unable to stop Sarah, who had also been compelled, from stabbing Tyler in the shoulder with a letter opener. When Tyler pushed Sarah away from him, she fell backward and hit her head on the edge of the desk, which instantly killed her and triggered Tyler's curse as intended. Tyler then groaned in pain and fell to his knees as his eyes turned black and gold. Knowing what had just happened to him, Caroline covered for Tyler by telling Carol Lockwood that Sarah was drunk, and that she died because she accidentally tripped and hit her head. Once Carol left, Caroline asked Tyler if his wound had healed yet, indicating that she knew what he had become.
  • When Lucy realized that a fellow Bennett witch was involved in Katherine's scheme, she turned against Katherine by unlinking Katherine from Elena and cursing the moonstone so that Katherine would be incapacitated as soon as she touched it. Lucy then told Bonnie that she was doing exactly what she was meant to be doing, unlike herself, who couldn't help but be manipulated by vampires. Before she left, Lucy told Bonnie that they'd see each other again.
  • During the ball, Jeremy and Bonnie bond, which marked the start of their romantic relationship.
  • Damon locked Katherine in the tomb and told her that she was finally where she belonged. Katherine then began to plead with him and informed him that Elena was in danger, and insisted that she hadn't killed Elena because she's the doppelgänger and needed to be protected. However, Damon, believing she was lying, simply replied that he would protect Elena himself.
  • Stefan approached Elena, believing that Katherine's defeat meant that they could get back together again, but Elena told him that she couldn't restart their relationship until she was able to know that she and her loved ones were safe. After Stefan left, Elena was kidnapped by a man in a clown mask just as she was walking to her car to leave the Lockwood Mansion. ("Masquerade")

March 25, 2010

Its the next morning since Masquerade.

  • Jeremy and Stefan realize that Elena is missing.
  • Trevor kills the man who kidnapped Elena, and take her to Rose. They call Elijah.
  • Bonnie does a locator spell and finds where they are keeping Elena. Her nose bleeds (but none of the vampires smell it or vamp out because there's already Jeremy's blood in the room) Jeremy looks at the area on satellite pictures and finds an isolated house.
  • The brothers to the rescue! ROAD TRIP!
  • Bonnie does a spell to send Elena a message, her nose bleeds again, and she passes out.
  • Rose tells Elena that her blood can break the curse of the sun and the moon, because she is a Petrova Doppelgänger.
  • Its the first time that "The Originals" are mentioned.
  • Rose tells Elijah that Katherine is alive, and she has a doppelgänger. Elijah "forgives" Trevor, but cuts his head for betraying his trust. He says he understands Rose's loyalty to Trevor, and grants her forgiveness.
  • Elena tries to negotiate with Elijah, but he compels her and learns that Katherine has the moonstone in the tomb.
  • Stefan and Damon battle Elijah. Elena throws a vervain grenade on his face. Damon stakes him with a wooden coat rack, but that does not kill Elijah.
  • Tyler puts pressure in Caroline until she tells him she is a vampire.
  • Stefan apologises to Damon for having turned him 145 years ago.
  • Rose warns Stefan that Klaus will be coming for Elena.
  • Damon tells Elena that he loves her, but he does not feel he deserves her. He then compels her to forget what he said. He returns her vervain necklace.("Rose (Episode)")

March 26, 2010

It's the next day.

  • The Martins arrive in Mystic Falls. Luka puts the moves on Bonnie.
  • Elena asks Caroline to open the Tomb so she can speak to Katherine, and to distract Stefan.
  • Katherine tells Elena how she turned into a vampire in 1492, after she learned that Klaus needed to sacrifice her to break the curse. Elena figures that besides the stone and the doppelgänger, he also needs to sacrifice a werewolf. Katherine tells her they also need a vampire, and a witch to do the spell.
  • Katherine tells her that Klaus killed her whole family in revenge, and that everybody that Elena cares for are in danger.
  • Damon and Rose go visit Slater. Slater tells them that if a werewolf lifts the curse, they will be able to turn at will but the vampires will be stuck in night time. If the vampires break the curse, they will be able to walk in daylight, but werewolves will be stuck with the full moon forever.
  • Elijah uses coins to break the cafe's windows. He compels Slater to call Rose and tell her that a witch can un-spell the moonstone (which is a lie - one witch cannot undo a spell made by another witch). Then he compels Slater to stake himself.
  • Dr Jonas Martin is working for Elijah. ("Katerina")

March 28, 2010

  • Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie make a plan to steal the Moonstone. Jeremy steals some of the ashes and uses them to weaken Katherine, but he does not get out fast enough and is captured by her. But he manages to toss the Moonstone out of the seal.
  • Elena convinces Rose to look for Slater. They find him dead, but his girlfriend helps them get into his computer. Elena sends a message to Cody, one of Klaus' men, that the doppelgänger is alive and wants to turn herself in.
  • Rose calls Damon when she realizes that Elena is on a suicide mission.
  • Bonnie channels Luka's energy for the spell to lower the Tomb's seal, but she is not strong enough and passes out. Stefan enters the tomb and throws Jeremy out. He now is trapped inside with Katherine.
  • Caroline and Tyler find Mason's diary and flashcard with a video of his transformation. Tyler is scared.
  • When they are about to leave Slater apartment, three of Klaus' men appear. Elijah appears from nothing, asks them if anybody else knows where they are. When they answer no, he then kills the three of them and disappears.
  • Bonnie and Jeremy bond over having almost died. They almost kiss ,but Bonnie runs away.
  • Damon promises Stefan that he will take care of Elena.("The Sacrifice")

March 29, 2010

Its the day before Tyler's first transformation

March 30, 2010

It's the full moon. [1]

  • Jules appears in Mystic Falls, and tells Carol that Mason never made it to Florida.
  • Because Elena is still determined to turn herself over to Klaus with the Moonstone, Damon and Jeremy have Bonnie make a spell to trap her inside the house.
  • Alaric and Damon try to poison Jules with Wolfsbane, but she outsmarts both of them. She also warns him that "he has been marked".
  • Elijah gets invited inside Elena's house. He offers her a deal: Elena has to stop to try and kill herself (by contacting Klaus), and Elijah will protect all her loved ones - until he has the opportunity to kill Klaus. Elena asks him to free Stefan from the tomb, and accepts the deal. For now.
  • Stefan and Katherine taunt each other. Katherine suggest they ask Isobel about Klaus.
  • Luka pretends to de-spell the Moonstone, create some fireworks, and deliver the stone to Elijah.
  • Caroline stand by Tyler as long as she can for his transformation.
  • Jules, in wolf form, breaks into the Salvatore house, and bites Rose. ("By the Light of the Moon")

March 31, 2010

The following morning following the full moon.

  • Jules, naked in the woods laying by a big pile of dead bodies. She killed them when she was a werewolf the previous night. She is about to burn the bodies when a Park Ranger, named Jerry, comes she makes up a story and kills him.
  • Elena and Stefan discuss calling Isobel. Stefan is not happy with the deal Elena made with Elijah. He also starts to drink vervain to increase his tolerance to it.
  • Rose is getting worse. She told him that she is 560 years old, so she lived enough. Damon tells her that Rose will probably die so if she dies sooner it will be better. Elena stayed to watch Rose.
  • Tyler and Caroline meet near Mystic Falls High School. She tells him that one werewolf bite can kill a vampire. Then Matt came, so Tyler left. Matt tried to fix his relationship with Caroline, so he kissed her, after she ran away from him saying that they can't be together.
  • Jules came to the Mystic Grill to speak with Sheriff Forbes. She said that she started the search for Mason. Alaric saw her and immediately called Damon. Stefan asked Alaric how to contact Isobel, but the number that he has contacts him with John Gilbert.
  • After many crazy stunts and killing three innocent people, Rose begs to die. Damon gives a dream, they are at her home, the place she misses but isn't here anymore. In the dream they were talking. Then she asks to race with him. She counts to three. On three he stakes her as he is crying.
  • Later that night, Damon is laying in the middle of the road. A girl named Jessica stops by to help him. He confesses to her that he misses being human, but he's not human anymore and has to accept what he is, so he cannot be what "she" expects of him. He eventually kills her. ("The Descent")

April 1, 2010

It's the next day. Elena complains that John avoided her questions "last night".

  • Tyler questions Caroline about Mason's death and is infuriated that she kept Mason's death a secret from him.
  • Elena and John argue because John won't reveal what he knows. Jenna becomes upset over the revelation that John is Elena's biological father. John tries to gain some authority over Elena, but she resents that.
  • Jules meets her wolf-lover Brady in the woods and tells him she wants to take Tyler with them and leave town.
  • Caroline asks Stefan to try and reason with Tyler, while Jules takes Caroline hostage. Jules calls Stefan and tells him to bring Tyler to her in exchange for Caroline. Stefan calls Elena to inform Damon of the situation and tells John to make sure Elena doesn't get involved. Damon and Stefan both approach Jules with Tyler. Stefan tries to make peace, but when that fails Damon offers his "bloodier" method.

Caroline captured by the Wolf Pack

  • Stefan and Damon fight the werewolf pack, and when they are about to get staked, Jonas, on Elijah's behalf, shows up and incapacitates Jules and Brady and gives Tyler a message: "Tell your friends to get the hell out of town." Tyler tries to apologize to Caroline, but she furiously declines and tells him they are no longer friends.
  • Matt rings Caroline, asking why she didn't show up as promised. Caroline is still tending to her wounds, she tells him that she was with Bonnie, but Bonnie and Jeremy are in the Grill having a good time.
  • John gives Damon a silver dagger and a vial with ashes, a weapon that can "kill" an original. He also says that Isobel has a plan to neutralize Klaus.
  • Tyler tells Jules and Brady about the Moonstone, now they want it.
  • Later Elena and Bonnie spent the night at Caroline's house for a girls sleep-over.
  • Damon starts his relationship with Andie Starr.
  • John visits Katherine in the tomb, and reveals he and Isobel are trying to get her out of the tomb. ("Daddy Issues")

April 2, 2010

It's the next day, Jules and Brady are burning the bodies. Since its Good Friday, it makes sense why none of the characters are seen going to school

  • Stevie deduces that someone is getting all the ingredients together to break the Sun and the Moon curse. So they decide they must stay and stop it.
  • Lakehouseblurrypromo

    Gilbert's Lake House

    In Caroline's house, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline are sleeping following last night's girls night, Stefan calls Elena, she tells him that, since her dad is in town, she wants to go as far away as possible. They go to the Lake House.
  • In the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon compels Andie not to reveal any of his secrets. Alaric asks Damon not to kill Andie, and to beware of Elijah.
  • In the grill, Caroline and Bonnie have a plan to take down Luka. She gets into his mind and forces him to tell the plan to kill Klaus. They are all horrified to learn that Elena still dies during the ritual.
  • At the lake house, Stefan and Elena are making out in the lake house. They discover a hollow wall that hides a secret door. In the room, they see a lot of vampire-hunter's weapons and the rest of Johnathan Gilbert's journals.
  • At the Historical Society Tea Party, Damon tries to pressure Elijah to reveal more of the plan, but Elijah easily overpowers him. John tells Alaric that he wants his ring back soon.
  • The werewolves break into Damon's house, kill Alaric and inject Damon with vervain. They chain Damon to a chair and torture him to find out where is the Moonstone. Elijah appears and saves Damon, again, ripping the hearts from three werewolves. Jules escapes.
  • Tyler and Brady go the lake house, shoot Stefan and try to capture Elena. Elena fights back, and Stefan tells Tyler what the werewolves have not told him: that to break the curse, Elena has to die.
  • Tyler leaves a letter to his mom, tells Matt to be good to Caroline and goes to Caroline's house, just to see her. Then he leaves town with Jules. ("Crying Wolf")

April 3, 2010

Its the next day. Damon tells Stefan that Tyler ran away "last night".

  • Still at her family cabin, Elena reads Johnathan Gilbert's old journals about vampires. Stefan explains that when he first became a vampire, he was out of control from guilt and fear, leading him to turn off his emotions and behave recklessly.
  • Damon goes to visit Katherine's tomb. Katherine reveals that it is possible to kill an Original, but begs Damon to not kill Elijah until she figures out a way to get out of the tomb. She explains that if Elijah dies, she'll be compelled to stay in the tomb forever.
  • At the party, Alaric stops Damon just in time and surprises everyone by stabbing Elijah. Elijah appears dead, and they put his body in the cellar before Jenna comes back. Unfortunately, the dagger must stay in the body for the Original to stay dead. Elijah flees to the Martin household. Jonas learns that Bonnie knows about Luka's sister.


  • The seeds of suspicion that John planted in Jenna's mind are growing - probably because Alaric is actually hiding a whole lot of things from her. She breaks up with him, and Alaric gives the ring to John.
  • Jonas heads over to the Gilbert's where Bonnie and Jeremy are practicing spells. Jonas threatens them both and strips Bonnie of her powers.
  • Elijah shows up at the lake house and tells Elena that their deal is off, and demands that Elena come with him. Elena threatens to turn herself into a vampire. After Elijah renews the deal with her, Elena moves towards him and stabs him with the white oak dagger.
  • Back at the Salvatore's, Damon sees someone in the shower and assumes it's Andie; however, Katherine steps out from the shower, smugly explaining that when an Original dies, the compulsion wears off. She tells Damon that she wants to help Elena and the brothers. ("The Dinner Party")

April 8, 2010


Caroline and Matt

Since Elena and Stefan have already returned from the lake house, its assumed some time has passed. Katherine has been hiding in the boarding house for sometime since Damon has not told Stefan that Katherine is out.

  • Katherine playing with Stefan and Damon's minds by impersonating Elena. When Elena discovers that Katherine is out of the tomb, she is furious and tells Katherine to leave. Katherine insists that they all need her to help them kill Klaus.
  • Stefan and Bonnie try to win the Martin's trust, with no success.
  • Alaric broke up with Jenna because he can't tell him about Isobel.
  • Damon tries to find out where the witches were burned.
  • Caroline, Elena, Bonnie and Jenna have a girl's night. They go to the Grill, where a band is playing. Caroline sings her love for Matt and they kiss on stage.
  • Dr Martin sends Luka's spirit to the Salvatore house to pull the dagger out of Elijah. When Damon sees it he uses the flamethrower - and Luka burns on his house and dies. Jonas goes to the grill to take down Elena.
  • Matt is hurt in the fight, and Caroline gives him her blood to heal him. He freaks out when he finds out she is a vampire, and he understands that Vicki was really bitten by a vampire.
  • They replace Elena with Katherine and she kills Jonas. Before he dies, he restores Bonnie's powers, and gives her "instructions" on how to kill Klaus.
  • Isobel returns to town and arrives at Gilbert's House, and says that it is nice to see Elena again. Elena does not let Jenna invite her in, but is devastated by finding out that Elena knew that Isobel was alive all along. Jenna refuses to hear explanations and decides to leave the house and live on campus.("The House Guest") ("Know Thy Enemy")

April 9, 2010

Elena and Isobel @ grave

Isobel and Elena at the cemetery

It's the next day after the events from The House Guest

  • Caroline calls Stefan and tells him Matt now knows about vampires, but she can't find him anywhere. He is talking with Sheriff Forbes.
  • John invites Isobel into the Gilbert House to speak with Stefan and Elena. She heard that there are rumors that the doppelgänger is alive, so Klaus should be coming any minute now. She offers Elena a safe house - a house in her name where she can control which vampires can get in.
  • Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy go the Martin's house. Luka's body is still in the room. They are looking for the grimoire that has the spell to harness ancient dead-witch power. They then go to the witches burial ground. Damon is not welcome inside, but Bonnie does the spell and harness the witches power - she is locked and loaded.
  • Elena meets with Isobel. Isobel is working on a deal with Klaus to spare Katherine if she delivers the moonstone and the doppelgänger - they are both double crossing Damon and Stefan.
  • Katherine finds the moonstone hidden in the soap bowl.
  • Isobel delivers Alaric to Maddox, after telling him that she loved him. She then kills John at the Historical Society meeting, and Katherine changes place with Elena and vervains Stefan.
  • Isobel delivers Katherine to Maddox.
  • Isobel brings Elena to the Grove Hill Cemetery where they stand at her grave. The grave was put there by Elena's grandparents when it became clear to them that the police were never going to find Isobel's body. Isobel received a phone call from Maddox who told her that she has finished what Klaus compelled her to do and is free to let Elena go, she then she removed her lapis lazuli necklace and burned to death.
  • Matt asks Caroline to tell him all about vampires, then asks her to erase his memories. But he is on vervain and working with Sheriff Forbes, who does not know what to do about this information.
  • Klaus takes possession of Alaric's body. ("Know Thy Enemy")

April 26, 2010

Damon and Elena.

Damon and Elena dancing at the 60's Decade Dance

The 60's Decade Dance takes place.

  • Klaus/Alaric has Katherine imprisoned and is learning about Elena's life from her.
  • Damon and Stefan transfer the deeds of the house to Elena, creating her personal safe house. But Elena makes Damon promise they will do things her way from now on before she invites him in.
  • Jeremy is divided. If Bonnie uses her whole power to defeat Klaus she might die. If she doesn't it could be Elena.
  • Klaus sends message that he is around, inviting Elena to the dance, asking her to save the last dance for him and dedicating a song for her.
  • After Klaus/Alaric finds out that Bonnie is fully loaded, he and Maddox make a plan to goad Bonnie into killing Alaric - this would kill her too, but the Klaus persona would be safe and could use another body.
  • Bonnie fights Klaus/Alaric and dies. It was part of her plan with Damon, and she wakes later at the Witches Burial place. She is going to hide in there with Jeremy.
  • Damon tells Stefan that he will be the bad guy, take all the life and death decisions and save her life while Stefan is worried about collateral.
  • Elena is decided to find another way, where her friends don't have to die and removes the dagger from Elijah.("The Last Dance")

April 27, 2010


Elijah, Katherine and Klaus

its the next day after The Last Dance

  • Elena sits as Elijah suddenly comes back to life and mistakes Elena for Katherine. He can't breath because he is not invited in the house.She gives Elijah the dagger back to show that he can trust her.
  • Stefan realizes both Elena and Elijah are gone. On the phone and she tells him that she needs time alone with Elijah and Stefan needs to respect her decision.
  • Elijah tells Elena that Klaus is his half brother, and a werewolf / vampire hybrid. Also that the Sun and the Moon curse is false and has been planted by them. It was a ruse to get both vampires and werewolves looking for the Moonstone and the doppelgänger. The curse was placed on Klaus to make is werewolf side dormant, and when he manages to break it, he will be a true hybrid, and almost invincible.
  • Klaus/Alaric tells Jenna about vampires, and tricks Stefan to reveal himself to Jenna.
  • Elena leaves Elijah briefly to comfort her aunt and admit that not only do vampires exist, but basically everyone around her has known but her.
  • Damon admits that he loves Elena, and that he is using Andie as a distraction.
  • Elena renegotiates with Elijah, but Damon does not accept the new deal.
  • Greta and Maddox cast a spell to release Klaus from Alaric's body. They open up a life-size box and out walks present-day Klaus. "Now that's more like it," he says. ("Klaus (Episode)")

April 28, 2010

It's the full moon. [1]

  • Maddox pushes Carol Lockwood down the stairs to lure Tyler back home. He comes with Jules, and both are captured, as well as Caroline.
  • Alaric is back on his own body. Klaus sent him with the message that the ritual happens tonight.
  • LastDaysunset
    Damon does not accept Elena's decision to trust Elijah and go on with the ritual. He feeds her his blood, but regrets it immediately and does his best to delay the ritual by rescuing Caroline and Tyler. He has a run against Maddox and is saved by Matt. They don't have enough time to arrive in the cellar and lock Tyler up, who begins to transform. In the fight Tyler bites Damon.
  • Stefan takes Elena on a hike, for her to enjoy her last day as human and come to terms with her emotions. And she is very emotional about not wanting to be a vampire.
  • Although Damon risks his life to rescue Caroline and Tyler and postpone the ritual, Klaus has back ups: Jules the werewolf and Jenna, who is in transition to become a vampire.
  • Elena watches in horror as Greta feeds blood to Jenna to complete the transition.
  • Caroline and Matt hide inside the Lockwood's house, while Tyler in wolf form stakes them. Matt admits that he was in vervain when Caroline compelled him, and that her mother also knows.
  • Stefan offers himself for sacrifice instead of Jenna, but Klaus has other plans for him.
  • John finds a spell that can save Elena, at the cost of this own life.
  • Greta pyrokinesis

    Greta and Elena

    Bonnie makes a spell that traps Jeremy and Alaric in the abandoned house. She goes with Elijah and Damon to the quarry where the ritual is taking place. They wait until Elena is dead before they make their move. Bonnie attacks Klaus while Damon kills Greta. Stefan asks Damon to take Elena away.
  • As Elijah has his hand inside his chest, Klaus tells Elijah that their family is in a safe location and that he can reunite them. Elijah superspeeds out of there before Bonnie has a chance to take them both.
  • The hybrid curse is broken. ("The Last Day") ("The Sun Also Rises")

April 29, 2010

May 1, 2010

  • Damon goes to Elena's house and asks for her forgiveness, then tries to commit suicide burning in the sun. Stefan saves him and locks him in the cellar.
  • Klaus wakes up after spending 2 days as a wolf, proving that he can change at will. He also remembers all the kills.
  • Elena takes Jeremy and Caroline to the screening of "Gone with the Wind" as an attempt to distract them from their problems, but Stefan shows up and tells her that Damon's been bitten.
  • Bonnie contacts Emily and Stefan asks for help. The answer he gets is "Klaus", so he goes to Klaus to ask for a cure. He offers Klaus "anything he wants". Klaus says he wants the "Ripper" back and feeds him blood until Stefan breaks.
  • Klaus daggers Elijah, thus "reuniting him with the family", who we presume are all daggered.
  • Carol Forbes tells the Sheriff she must do something about the vampires, now, or she will find somebody to do it. The Sheriff goes to the Salvatore house, arrests Elena and accidentally free a crazy Damon.
  • Sheriff Forbes shoots at Damon, but he moves at superspeed, and the bullet takes Jeremy, who dies. Caroline tries to give him blood to heal him, but he is already dead. Bonnie makes a spell to bring him back to life, despite warnings that "there will be consequences".
  • Elena breaks free and finds Damon in the square. In his crazy state he mistakes Elena for Katherine and bites her. In his flashback we see that Katherine never compelled Damon, he fed on her of his free will.
  • DelenaKiss

    Damon and Elena

    Elena is by Damon as he suffers from the poisoning. He tells her that she would have liked him in 1864, but she tells him that she loves him now, just the way he is.
  • The cure for the werewolf bite is Klaus' blood. He puts it in a vial and gives to Katherine to take to Damon. Although Stefan thinks she will just skip town, she does actually take the vial to Damon, because "she owed him one". As she leaves, she tells Elena that "It's okay to love them both. I know I did."
  • Alaric stays with Jeremy at the Gilbert's house. Jeremy sees the ghosts of Anna and Vicki.("As I Lay Dying")

Between May and June, 2010

  • Elena is looking for clues about Stefan's whereabouts.
  • Damon is following the leads, but hiding the information from her.
  • Stefan and Klaus are following leads, trying to find a werewolf pack - Klaus wants to start his hybrid army.

Summer 2010

June 22, 2010

Elena mentions that Damon has been tracking Klaus and Stefan the whole summer

Mid/late August, 2010

August 24, 2010

It's the full moon. [1]

August 31, 2010

  • Klaus turns Tyler into a hybrid.
  • Klaus compels Stefan to turn off his humanity. ("The Reckoning")

September 6, 2010

It they were setting up the pranks the night before school starts, then it must be the next day....

  • Elena is training "vampire slaying" with Alaric.
    Elena training

    Elena is training.

  • Now, its Stefan who is drinking up sorority girls and staining the carpet with blood.
  • Rebekah was left behind when Klaus took off, and she takes residence in the Salvatore Boarding House.
  • Elena wants to lock Stefan down until Mikael comes to town and kill Klaus, so that the compulsion is lifted. They create a very elaborate plan to capture him.
  • They find out Tyler has been sired - he is totally subservient to Klaus.
  • Thumb-VickiDonovan

    Vicki Donavan

    Vicki convinces Matt to do a ritual that would allow her to interact with the physical world. She is being helped by the Original Witch on the other side, and price she has to pay is to kill Elena.
  • Vicki sets Alaric's car on fire trapping Elena and a vervained Stefan inside. Luckily Stefan is strong enough to kick open the door. Elena escapes but comes back to rescue him, just before the car explodes.
  • Bonnie makes a spell to send Vicki back.
  • Katherine finally manages to wake Mikael up. When he declares that he can and will kill Klaus, she frees him from the chains. He then drinks from her blood.
  • We see both Anna and Mason's ghosts interacting with the physical world.("Smells Like Teen Spirit")

September 7, 2010

Damon was tortured by Mason since "last night". So, it's the following day.

  • Dead vampires appear as ghosts in Mystic Falls. Several things happen at the same time, with groups of people in different places. Still, thanks to the amazing cell phone technology, everybody knows what is happening at all the other places.
  • Its "Illumination Day", and volunteers are hanging lanterns in the town square.
  • Damon tells Bonnie that ghosts are on the lose, and that she has to close the door. Bonnie's grimoire opens on the page that has the spell she needs. She and Caroline go to the witches house to do the spell. Grams appears and says that the witch on the other side has open the door to this world. They need to destroy the necklace to close it again.
  • Elena wants Jeremy to try and contact Lexi, so that Lexi can help her bring Stefan back.
  • Anna is hanging around Jeremy. They can touch so they make out.
  • Lexi and elena

    Lexi teaches Elena "Ripper Detox"

    Lexi appears to help Elena. She captures Stefan and chains him to the chair in the chamber under the jail. She gets into his head and gives him the illusion that he has been without blood for years. Then she proceeds to torture him. She tells Elena that the idea is to force him to "feel something, anything", even if its rage.
  • Mason appears to Damon. He says he is here to help Tyler, and that he knows of a weapon that can kill Klaus. He leads Damon to a place under the Lockwood property, but he disappears before he can tell what he saw.
  • The tomb vampires are back, and they plan on killing the founders during the party. They start with Tobias Fell.
  • Bonnie and Caroline cannot find the necklace because Anna took it. She wants to meet up with her mother.
  • Caroline fights Frederick and other vampires who want to kill Carol Lockwood.
  • Anna finally reunites with her mother, Pearl.
  • Anna and Pearl find peace.
  • Bonnie and Grams destroy the necklace and the ghosts disappear. But afterwords, the necklace appears again in the fireplace.
  • Bonnie and Jeremy break up. Alaric and Damon kind of make peace. ("Ghost World")

September 15, 2010

  • Flashbacks to the time when the Original family was created.
  • Damon is helping Elena with her training.
  • Alaric is deciphering the cave paintings. They learn from the names carved in the wall that Mikael is "Papa Original". He also learns that it was Klaus (the hybrid) who killed their mother, and not Mikael, as Klaus told his brothers.
  • Damon breaks Stefan free, and takes him to a bar to teach him moderation.
  • Elena talks with Rebekah, and learns the story of the Originals, and everything that happened in c.a. 1020.
  • Mikael, who has been freed by Katherine in Smells Like Teen Spirit, finds the Salvatore brothers. He threatens to kill Damon, and Stefan agrees to lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls.("Ordinary People")

September 17, 2010

Homecoming dance occurs. There is no time reference. Days could have passed.

  • Damon, Stefan and Elena make a very elaborate plan with Mikael to kill Klaus.
  • Elena stabs rebekah

    Elena daggers Rebekah

    To lure Klaus back, Elena stabs Mikael. Both Stefan and Rebekah can truthfully confirm to Klaus that Mikael is daggered.
  • Afraid that Rebekah will put family above the play, Elena daggers her.
  • Klaus floods the gym and transfers the homecoming dance to the Lockwood property. He brings several hybrids with him and calls the party a wake for his father.
  • Tyler realizes that if there is a plan against Klaus, he is compelled to protect Klaus, because he, like all the other hybrids are sired, and won't let anything happen to him. He vervains Caroline and asks Matt to take her away from the dance.

    Mikael confronts Klaus over the threshold.

  • Damon and Tyler fight, but are separated by Bonnie.
  • While Mikael and Klaus have their showdown by the threshold, Damon, who has the White Oak stake and an invitation into the Lockwood house, jumps on Klaus and tries to stake him. Stefan jumps on Damon. Klaus grab the stake and kill Mikael. The stake burns.
  • Katherine and Stefan run away.("Homecoming")

September 25, 2010

Bonnie in the woods

No time stamp. Weeks could have passed.

  • Bonnie dreams about entering the old witch house and towards four coffins in the basement of the witch house. She then opens the fourth coffin only to find Klaus's dead body.("The New Deal")

September 26, 2010

  • On Sunday Morning, Elena while having a normal time jogging, discovers that a mysterious man is following her. Then her and Bonnie meet up at the Mystic Grill and share their eerie early morning encounters. Elena says that she is getting paranoid due the horrific recent events. Turns out her instincts are good, and she IS being followed by one of Klaus' hybrids.
  • Klaus is till in town, looking for Rebekah and the rest of his family, that Stefan has hidden.
  • Damon is day drunk and with Alaric. Alaric is worried about Jeremy's grades and is further shocked to discover that he was fired from the Grill and did not even bother to tell anybody.
  • Stefan has the coffins hidden in the witches house. He recruits Bonnie to help him hide them, and asks her not to tell Elena - which she does before the end of the episode.
  • Tyler and Jeremy are hanging out in the woods. Tyler is still pissed that Caroline had dumped him and wants to get drunk and "shoot stuff" with Jeremy, who recently also broke up with Bonnie.
  • Jeremy is "spiraling". He is faking his homework, got fired from the grill and is hanging out with Tyler. He get pissed with Elena and Alaric when they try to intervene and invite Tyler into the Gilbert house.
  • They learn from Tyler that being sired is like being brainwashed into a cult. Tyler got Jeremy out of vervain, and Klaus compels him to stand in front of a speeding car, without his ring. Alaric saves him in the nick of time. Lucky for him, the hybrid was driving the car, or else the ring would not have helped.
  • When Alaric returns from death, something is wrong, and when he comes back, his injuries are not healed.
  • Elena calls the ambulance, but the hybrid compels the paramedics to go away. Jeremy shoots Tony from behind, then cuts his head with a meat cleaver.
  • Tyler is upset that Klaus used him to try to kill Jeremy, but there is nothing he can do.
  • Damon learns that Stefan saved Klaus to save his life - again.
  • Elena returns Rebekah to Klaus.
  • Damon visits Alaric in the hospital and gives him blood to heal him. This raises the suspicion of a doctor, Meredith Fell. He also gets rid of the body. On Elena's request, he compels Jeremy to leave town, go to live with some friends in Denver.
  • Damon and Elena kiss.("The New Deal")

October 10, 2010

  • Caroline's 18th birthday occurs. Her friends tried to give her a birthday party, but she refuses. Elena then proposes that, since she is dead, what she needs is a funeral.
  • Stefan tells Klaus to get rid of the hybrids, but Klaus refuses. Stefan kidnaps Elena, feeds her his blood and threatens to turn her into a vampire. Klaus complies.
  • Klaus orders Tyler to bite Caroline, he says he wont, but later when he visits her at the graveyard he bites her anyway.
  • Alaric meets Meredith Fell at the council meeting. She knows about the vampires in town. She has a discussion with the Medical Examiner, her old Prom date.
  • Klaus comes to Caroline's house to heal her and wish her Happy Birthday. He gives her a diamond bracelet.("Our Town")

October 11, 2010

  • Jeremy leaves to Denver. Bonnie does not approve the fact that Elena had him compelled, but still shows up to say good-bye.
  • Elena calls Matt to the Wickery Bridge for a funeral to "Old Elena", so that she also can move on.
  • Alaric and Meredith bond over some drinks.
  • The Medical Examiner is found dead with a stake in his chest, although he is not a vampire. ("Our Town")

October 19, 2010

  • Bonnie walks through the cemetery toward a coffin above ground. She tries to open it. Klaus appears behind her and asks if she can open it, then he rushes her and bites her. She wakes up, but her situation has not improved. She's trapped in a coffin, with only the light of her cell phone. She tries a spell, but it does nothing. She hears someone outside and pounds furiously. It opens and she sees a woman looking over her. She wakes up again.("The Ties That Bind")

October 20, 2010

  • Bonnie realizes the dream means she needs the help of her mother to open the coffin, and enlists Elena's help to track her. But it is Damon who finds out where Abby is, using a bit of compulsion.
  • Elena insists she and Bonnie go alone, and ditch both brothers. They find Abby living in an isolated house with an adopted kid, Jamie. She lost her magic when she locked Mikael down in that cemetery, but agrees to help out.

Abby talking to Elena about Mikael

  • Stefan shows up, but Jamie shoots him and tie Elena up, while Abby kidnaps Bonnie - they have been compelled by the hybrid. But Elena manages to find a loophole in the compelling and frees herself. Abby tells Bonnie she must tell where the coffins are, but allows her to warn her friends - Damon has enough time to move one of the coffins.
  • Damon confronts Meredith Fell about the murder of the Medical Examiner. She vervains him and collects some of his blood.
  • Tyler enlists Bill Forbes to try and get rid of the sire bond. Bill insists Tyler must turn into werewolf so many times that he owns the pain and is not grateful to Klaus anymore. The chains are not strong enough, he breaks free and attacks Bill.
  • Meredith reveals to Alaric that she uses vampire blood to heal patients that are on the verge of death, like Bill Forbes.
  • Elena tells Stefan she kissed Damon. Stefan apologizes for almost killing her.
  • Damon undaggers Elijah. ("The Ties That Bind")

October 21, 2010

  • Sheriff Forbes tell Elena that the Medical Examiner was killed with one of the Gilbert family weapons, and has a clear set of her prints, but she does not think Elena is the murderer.
  • The obvious suspect is Meredith Fell, but Elena refuses to believe she did it.
  • Damon has a meeting with Elijah, they set up a dinner date.
  • Abbie and Bonnie work together to open the sealed coffin.
  • Caroline goes to pick up Bill Forbes, but finds out he has been stabbed but is in transition to become a vampire. He chooses not to drink blood and complete the transition, so he dies a tragic death.
  • Alaric finds out that Bill Forbes was stabbed with another weapon from the Gilbert collection.
  • Klaus, Elijah, Damon and Stefan have a delightful dinner and discuss proposals to solve their impasse, but they cannot come to an agreement.
  • When Elena arrives home with Matt, they find Alaric has been stabbed and is dying. To save him, Elena kills him to activate his Gilbert ring.
  • Elijah and Damon undagger all the remaining Originals - Rebekah, Kol, and Finn - and they are quite pissed with Klaus.
  • Damon and Stefan admit to each other that they both love Elena.
  • Esther, the Original witch and mother to the Originals was in the coffin that the Bennett witches opened. She shows up at Klaus' mansion and say she forgives him, and just wants to bring the family together. ("Bringing Out The Dead")
  • Rebekah confronts Elena at night after leaving the hospital after she drops Alaric there to stay the night. She is saved by Elijah. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

October 22, 2010

  • While Elena, Damon and Stefan are discussing last night events, Elena receives an invitation to the Mikaelson's Ball, with a special note from Esther, that she wants to chat with Elena.
  • Elena wants to go, but Damon is very much against the idea.
  • The recently undaggered Original brothers bicker like 12 year old children.
  • Elena tries to recruit Caroline as her vampire body guard.
  • Rebekah invites Matt and Klaus invites Caroline ( and sends a beautiful gown with the invitation).
  • Klaus court Caroline, but she tells him some hard truths.

    Elena between two brothers.

  • Elena recruits Stefan to keep Damon out of the way while she talks with Momma Original.
  • Esther wants Elena's blood for a ritual that will bond all her children, so that what happens to one happens to all of them. Finn has volunteered to sacrifice himself, killing all the Originals this way.
  • Rebekah asks for Kol's help to kill Matt, but desists after Matt gives her his coat. Kol is upset and breaks Matt's hand.
  • Elena lies to Elijah about Esther's real intentions.
  • Both Stefan and Elena tell Damon that he "cares too much", although both regret this later, it is too late. He switches off his "caring" and goes a little crazy - this includes some Original sex.("Dangerous Liaisons")

October 23, 2010

The morning after Damon and Rebekah spent the night together. It's the full moon. [1]

Rebekah and Damon

  • Elena wakes up and calls Stefan, to discuss about Esther's plans. The call is ignored. She also calls Damon, who is till in bed with Rebekah. Elena goes to the Salvatore's boarding house and discovers Damon's indiscretion and is upset by it.
  • Rebekah returns back to the Original's manor, is teased by her brothers, mostly Kol, about her one night stand. Elijah is suspicious of his mother and confides with Rebekah whether Esther has been acting strange. Rebekah rebuffs his reasoning.
  • Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are trying to replicate Esther's privacy spell to no avail. Esther has approached both Bonnie and Abby for help in performing the sacrificial ritual of the Originals.
  • Stefan and Damon are given an ultimatum from Elijah: they either stop Esther from completing the ritual or Rebekah kills Elena.
  • Tvd-recap-all-my-children-18

    Another ritual... it must be full moon!

    Damon and Stefan turn to Meredith and Alaric for help in daggering Kol, which ends up being a terrible choice: Klaus finds out about the ritual as well.
  • Elijah, Klaus and Kol show up to stop Esther's spell. To make sure everyone is safe Damon turns Abby, thus preventing her to be a witch anymore. Esther and Finn flee after they are discovered by the other originals and Abby dies.
  • Elena hears the news and the price of saving her. She seeks Bonnie who is watching over Abby who is in transition. Caroline tells her Bonnie does not want to see her.
  • At Dr. Meredith Fells house, Alaric wakes up, and finds one of the blades that belongs to Elena's family along with files and information on all the recent deaths, while Alaric is seeing everything, Meredith walks in on him. She tells him that he wasn't suppose to see them, and shots him with a gun. ("All My Children")

October 24, 2010

Probably the next day after Alaric was shot.

  • Alaric wakes up in a jail-cell after Meredith shot him, although there is no solid evidence against him, but the Sheriff claims he is in prison for his own protection.
    1912 Alaric

    Alaric behind bars

  • Damon recruits Stefan to solve the murders. He looks for Stefan's diary from 1912 when a serial killer was killing council members. That year Stefan and Damon met each other for the first time since they separated, Sage taught Damon to enjoy being a vampire, and when Damon tried to share this with Stefan, he awakened the ripper in him.
  • Elena and Matt break into Meredith's house looking for evidence to free Alaric. They find Samantha Gilbert's diary from 1912 and a letter from the county coroner changing the time of death, but are caught by Meredith.
  • Damon tries to convince Stefan that going cold turkey has never worked, that he must learn moderation to keep the ripper at bay. Of course, Elena walks bay as Stefan is snacking on a girl after Damon's insistence, so he goes back 2 places....
    1912 Stefan

    Elena had to show up that minute....

  • Meredith had taken the letter to the Sheriff and clears Alaric's name. She claims that he is having black-outs so he could be doing it while he is out.
  • Elena got to the same conclusion after reading Samantha's diary, and at the same time Damon and Stefan figure out that the Alaric's ring could be the same ring that drove Samantha insane. ("1912")

October 27, 2010

Probably a few day after they discover that Alaric has a killer alter ego. Some time probaly passed with Caroline and Bonnie helping Abby adjust to being a vampire.

  • Meredith does a MRI of Alaric to try and find a physical cause for the split personality.
  • Sage arrives at Mystic Falls.
    Sage returns


  • Bonnie and Caroline are still at Abby's. Although she has a day-ring now, she is having trouble adapting to the vampire "lifestyle" because she cannot feel her garden or nature anymore. She accidental bites Jamie and decides to split.
  • Jamie also has trouble accepting Abbie and vampires in general, but Caroline manages to bring him about.
  • Elena asks Bonnie to help with Alaric. Bonnie does a spell that is supposed to bind the killer, and brings some herbs that he is supposed to take twice a day.
  • Damon and Sage spring a trap on Rebekah, and Sage "gets inside her mind" and finds out she is looking for a White Oak Tree. Damon looks into the milling records and finds out that the wood was used in the Wickery Bridge - conveniently, the bridge is suffering renovation! But Sage knows that if Damon kills one original, Finn will also die, so she informs Rebekah, who burn all the wood.
    Elena Meredith

    Elena and Stefan find Meredith in the bathroom

  • Evil-Alaric surfaces while he is alone with Meredith and stabs her. Elena and Stefan arrive just in time to save her. Stefan manages to control his bloodlust and feeds Meredith some blood instead of drinking her. ("Break On Through")

October 28, 2010

Damon wakes Alaric up the following morning, so its the following morning. 'Elena asks if there were no issues "last night" - so its the same day from the end of the previous episode as well.

  • Damon wakes Alaric up early in the morning and fills him in on the events of last night.
  • Caroline and Jamie are in the garden planting, and she offers him some advise.
  • Abby decides to leave Bonnie again.
  • Stefan celebrates with some bourbon while Damon arrives with the Wickery Bridge wooden sign. ("Break On Through")
  • Elena visits Alaric in the Loft but Damon does not allow her to enter because they are cutting the Wickery Bridge sign into stakes.
  • Klaus goes to find Finn, and bring him back to Mystic Falls where he reunites with Sage.
  • Stefan calls the whole gang: they have 12 white oak stakes. They rehearse scenarios to kill originals.
  • Rebekah imprisons Damon and starts to bleed the vervain out of him.
    TVD318 - 5

    Rebekah tortures Damon

  • When they see Finn in town with Sage they put forward a plan to kill him, and they succeed.
  • At the same time, Bonnie is being coerced to make a spell to unbind the Originals.
  • After Finn is dead, Sage and Troy also die. They conclude that when one Original dies, the whole bloodline dies as well. So now their priority changes to keep the Originals alive, at least until they find out to which bloodline they belong.
  • Stefan trades the stakes for Damon. He tries to hide 3 stakes, but Klaus sees the deception and wants all the stakes.
  • Evil Alaric has hidden his, so they need his "cooperation" to reveal where his stake is. ("The Murder of One")

November 1, 2010

Alaric has been kept in a dungeon for at least three days.

  • Alaric is locked in the dungeon where he'll hopefully morph into his crazy self and reveal where he hid the white oak stake.
  • Stefan decides to stay and hang with him while Damon and Elena road trip it and get Jeremy and soon the two are boozing to try to speed up the turning process.
  • Damon and Elena arrive in late afternoon to get Jeremy to contact Rose.
  • Rose reveals that a vampire called Mary Porter turned her, she leaves to find out where she is.
  • While they wait Elena and Damon bond and kiss passionately.
  • Esther shows up to Rebekah and changes place with her.
  • Boozing did not work out to bring Evil Alaric. Klaus kills Alaric, but when he returns from death he is still Alaric, so Stefan has to torture him, and keep torturing him after Evil Alaric surfaces to make him confess where he hid the stake.
  • Rebekah take him to the Lockwood tomb, and reveals herself to him as Esther. ("Heart of Darkness")

November 5, 2010

The 20s Decade Dance occurs on a Friday night.

  • Rebekah is neutralized.
  • Esther was in Rebekah's body, and has made a deal with Evil Alaric. She fools Klaus and convinces him to go to the decade dance.
  • Elena asks Stefan to take her to the ball, and he agrees, despite their tragic historic related to decade dances.
  • Alaric leaves his loft and he did not take Bonnie's herbs.
  • Esther uses the power of the hotspot created at the place where she was killed to channel power. She fuses the last Oak Tree stake with Alaric's immortality ring to make an indestructible stake.

    The Ultimate Weapon... For The Ultimate Hunter

  • Tyler comes to the dance, and has a face off with Klaus. But he decides to pretend he is still under Klaus influence, although he is very jealous.
  • Esther pours a gigantic salt ring around the school that traps all the vampires inside, and takes Elena to the cemetery, where she uses Elena's blood to turn Alaric into an Original Vampire.
  • When Alaric wakes up in transition, he decides he will not complete the transition. Almost all the cast shows up in the cemetery to say their goodbyes.
  • Damon resists his impulse to snap Alaric's neck and end his misery, which gives Esther a chance to interfere. She possesses Bonnie and goes to the Cemetery and feed Alaric her blood completing the transition. ("Do Not Go Gentle")

November 6, 2010

Early morning next day after the dance, Alaric holed out at the school.

  • Rebekah, Caroline and the cleanup committee occurs early at 8:03 am.
    Caroline tied up by evilric

    Alaric puts a vervained gag on Caroline

  • Klaus tries to take Elena out, but cannot enter the Gilbert house. He stakes the house in the best Big Bad Wolf style.
  • Klaus, Stefan and Damon team up to free Caroline and Elena.
  • Bonnie offers to desiccate Alaric, but its Klaus who end up desiccated. She has to tap into dark magic to do this.
  • Elena figures that Alaric's vampire life is linked to her: if she dies, he dies too.
  • Klaus drains Elena's blood, but Tyler saves her - he has managed to break the sire bond.
  • Alaric tells the council about Caroline, Tyler and all the other friendly vampires. ("Before Sunset")

Night between November 6 and 7, 2010

It's the same night from Elena passing out, Meredith says that Jeremy took Elena to the Hospital "earlier tonight." After the council meeting with Alaric, who outted Caroline and Tyler, Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes and Carol Lockwood waited for Caroline and Tyler to come home.

  • Because he found Elena on the floor bleeding by the nose, Jeremy took her to the hospital.
  • Damon and Stefan turn ballistic, because her life is in danger, and order him to take her back home.
  • They flip coins to decide who will go back to Mystic Falls, and who will proceed to hide Klaus.
  • Alaric tries to make a pact with Jeremy.
  • Elijah makes a deal with Elena: if she returns Klaus body and the stake, he, Rebekah and Kol will scatter around the world, Alaric will follow and leave her alone. They promise they would not revive Klaus while she, or her children are still alive.
  • Carol Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes call Caroline and Tyler. They give them some money, fake ids and tell them to run for their lives.
  • Bonnie meets Damon, allegedly to make a spell that will prevent Alaric from finding Klaus body.
  • Stefan kisses Elena before he goes to face Alaric.
  • Matt drugs Elena, puts her in his truck and drives her away from Mystic Falls.
  • Alaric found out where Damon is. He fights him and Rebekah and stakes Klaus.
  • Believing that Klaus sired their bloodline, all the vampires we came to love prepare to die - only they don't die.
  • Elena chooses to go to Stefan (Caroline and Tyler) instead of towards Damon.
  • We learn that Damon met Elena before Stefan, but compelled the memory away from her.
  • Tyler tricks Caroline into believing he is dying, but actually, Bonnie has switched him with Klaus, or put them both together in Tyler body, or something - so no friendly vampire dies.
  • Because Klaus is dead, Rebekah decides to kill Alaric by killing Elena.
  • Matt and Elena drive off Wickery Bridge and Elena drowns.
  • Alaric dies because Elena has died. ("The Departed")

November 7, 2010

It's the morning after the accident. Elena mentions the accident happened "last night".

  • Elena wakes up in transition the morning after the accident to find the thing she dreaded the most has come true. She died with Damon's blood that Dr. Fell gave her, now she is in transition to become a vampire. Stefan promises her that he and Bonnie will exhaust every possible way out of the situation, Damon is furious with his brother for letting her die in the first place.
  • Pastor Young drops by the hospital and informs Dr. Fell he's upping the security surrounding the hospital blood supply, under the authority of The Mystic Falls council.
  • Next, he arrests the mayor and takes the sheriff's badge. He takes Caroline, Rebekah, Stefan and Elena to his cattle ranch.
  • Klaus (as Tyler) saves Caroline, but leaves Rebekah revealing himself to them.
  • Damon, Matt, Meredith and Liz try to sort out where Caroline, Elena and Stefan could be. Matt realizes they may be at Pastor Young's ranch, and Damon and Matt set out there.
  • Bonnie does the spell to try and bring Elena's human soul back to her body, but Grams shows up, telling Bonnie she is not allowed to do that. Grams sends her back to the land of the living, without Elena.
  • Though Rebekah initially shows happiness in seeing Elena die, she is impressed by their love and helps Stefan kill a guard. His blood allows Elena to turn into a vampire, just in time to prevent Damon from killing Matt.
  • Klaus forces Bonnie to put him back into his body. Grams pays the price for her actions and Bonnie is shattered by what has happened.
  • Klaus rejects Rebekah as part of his family abandoning her for good and leaves town.

Elena's daylight ring

  • Stefan gives Elena her daylight ring, as they sit on the roof of his house contemplating how life is going to change forever for Elena.
  • Pastor Young locks himself and many council members in house and kills himself for a purpose. ("Growing Pains")

November 13, 2010

Damon mentions Elena hasn't been able to keep blood down for days, so some time has passed since the previous episode. The Memorial Service would have occurred on the weekend at Church.

  • Stefan tries to get Elena to learn and follow the diet of drinking animal blood. She vomits it all, but Stefan, despite his super vampire hearing and blood smelling capacities, is unaware of it.
  • A vampire hunter (Connor) investigates the council members deaths, and confronts Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood about it.
  • Damon mourns Alaric at the Grill, and both Liz and Elena accuse him of killing the council.
  • April Young, who has been away on a boarding house since her mother died, returns for her father's funeral. Everybody knows and likes her.
  • At the Lockwood house, Connor recognizes that Tyler is a vampire and shoots him with wood bullets carved with mysterious symbols. Stefan declares them deadly to all vampires and Bonnie declares the symbols are not magical.
  • Elena cannot keep animal blood down, Damon feeds her his blood, and she pukes that too. She won't even feed from a blood bag.
  • Connor sets a stakeout during the Memorial Service, making April bleed. Elena almost looses it, and Matt offers his vein.
  • Damon confronts Connor, Stefan slaps Damon, Caroline teaches Elena some self and mind control.
  • Elena, Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt have a little gathering where they remember all the people each of them lost including; Alaric, Jenna, Lexi, Bill, Vicki, Grayson, Miranda, John, Isobel and Grams.
  • Damon refuses to take part and Instead he heads to the graveyard to Alaric's grave, makes a speech about how he misses his friend and leaves the bottle of alcohol on the grave. Alaric’s ghost misses him too. ("Memorial")

November 22, 2010

Since the memorial service occurred on the weekend, and Elena is a vampire for two weeks, Elena took a few weeks off school to adjust and returns fresh on a Monday.

  • Connor took Tyler's venom and puts the beer keg at the Curfew party. It affected Rebekah (who's Original,so nothing happened to her) and Elena. Klaus healed Elena.
  • When Damon went to investigate Connor he got caught in his trap. Meredith helped him out of it.
  • Klaus came back to town with a few hybrids to protect Tyler.
  • Klaus and Damon set the same trap in the hospital. Connor got out and blow up the hospital.
  • Klaus found out that Connor is one of The Five, so he saves and imprisons him.
  • Elena and Rebekah fight.
  • Hayley arrives and Klaus found out that she was with Tyler.
  • Elena looses control while feeding on Matt and almost kills him. Damon arrives just in time. ("The Rager")

November 23, 2010

Elena tells Stefan that "last night" she almost killed Matt feeding on him.

  • Damon raids Connor's trailer trying to find some clue about "The Five".
  • Bonnie, Elena and Damon go to Whitmore College. Bonnie wants to visit Professor Shane, who is taking over the Occult Studies classes formerly taught by Sheila Bennett, Bonnie’s grandmother.
  • At a costume party, Damon gives Elena a lesson in being a hunter.Rebekah buys Matt a new truck, as an apology.
  • Klaus has Connor imprisoned. He teams up with Stefan to get information from Rebekah about The Five. He also forces Jeremy to make a drawing of the invisible tattoos. Connor tells Jeremy that every time he kills a vampire, the tattoos grow.
  • After he gets the information from Rebekah, Klaus daggers her.
  • Elena is disgusted at herself, that she was having fun feeding at the party. Stefan will do everything to make her human again - even a deal with Klaus. ("The Five")

November 24, 2010

Damon thinks Elena told Stefan about their bloody dance at the Murder House, last night.

  • Klaus is in Italy, digging for Alexander's Sword - which he finds.
  • Connor invades the Mystic Grill and takes Jeremy, April and Matt as hostages.
  • Elena, Damon, Tyler and Caroline try to come up with a plan to rescue the hostages, but Stefan interrupts - nobody knows he is working with Klaus and they need Connor alive.
  • Connor has rigged some werewolf venom bombs, and another hybrid dies while trying to rescue the hostages.
  • Caroline finds out about Tyler and Hayley's relationship.
  • Elena loses control and kills Connor - then immediately spirals into regret and depression.
  • The hunter's mark appear on Jeremy's hand.
  • Elena has a vision of blood all over her bathroom, and the word killer written in blood in her mirror. ("The Killer")

November 25, 2010

Elena is mad with Stefan for what happened "last night".

  • Terrifying hallucinations leave Elena shaken and confused.
  • Mistaking Jeremy for Connor, she stabs him on the neck, killing him.
  • Luckily he was wearing the Gilbert Ring, so he came back to life.
    Tumblr mdrx2byXax1qkfvkzo7 1280
  • Elena is still mad at Stefan because he is working with Klaus, compelled Jeremy to forget something and has been hiding stuff from her.
  • Klaus recovers Alexander's Sword. He kidnaps Elena to keep her safe from her hallucinations.
  • Tyler and Hayley are working to free the hybrids from the sire bond. Caroline agrees to fake she is fighting with Tyler to help them.
  • Professor Shane gives a lecture about the first immortal, Silas, and how his spurned lover, the witch Qetsiyah, buried him alive.
  • Damon learns from him that hallucinations will stop when the next hunter is activated.
  • Caroline tell Klaus about Jeremy being a potential hunter. Klaus agrees to sacrifice one of his few remaining, incredibly precious, impossible-to-make-more-while-Elena-is-a-vampire hybrids to activate Jeremy as a hunter.
  • The victim, Chris was Hayley's friend, who had just broken his sire bond and helped Stefan get to Elena. Poor Chris - we barely knew you...
  • Stefan lets Elena escape. Following the hallucinations, she goes to the Wickery Bridge, where she throws away her daylight ring. ("We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes")

November 26, 2010

  • Damon saves her in the nick of time, just before sunrise.
  • Stefan and Elena break up.
  • Matt gives Damon startling new information about Professor Shane. ("We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes")

November 27, 2010

It's Saturday. Caroline is making arrangements for Miss Mystic Falls Pageant that will happen next day.

  • Stefan told Caroline and Damon that he and Elena broke up.
  • Klaus threatened to have Jeremy kill Stefan if he did not find (or make) vampires for Jeremy to kill to grow his Hunter's Mark.
  • Stefan found a convicted murderer in the hospital. After ensuring that the guy was unrepentant, he fed him his blood and broke his neck.
  • Jeremy had a nightmare about killing Elena. He woke up with a knife in one hand, and a stake in the other, into which he had carved the Hunter's symbol. ("My Brother's Keeper")

November 28, 2010

It's Sunday, the day of the Pageant.

  • Stefan forced Jeremy to kill the newly made vampire. Jeremy did not trust him, and refused to tell him how far the tattoo had grown. He stabs Stefan in the stomach with a stake when he tried to compel him, and informed Stefan that as a hunter, he can no longer be compelled.
  • April won Miss Mystic Falls.
  • Elena moved in with Damon at the Salvatore Boarding House temporarily, due to Jeremy's attempt to kill her at the pageant, and Stefan, who felt awkward about their break-up, stayed the night at Caroline's house.
  • Damon and Elena had sex for the first time and became a couple. ("My Brother's Keeper")

November 29, 2010

It's Monday, a school day. Damon and Elena wake up together, and so do Stefan and Caroline.

  • Stefan told Damon that Elena might be sire-bound to him.
  • Damon tested the bond by suggesting that Elena try to drink from bloodbags again. When she did, she didn't get sick like she had when she had first transitioned.
  • Elena called Bonnie and Caroline for a "girl's night." It ended badly when Caroline called Damon a "manslut" and blurted out that Elena was sire-bound to him.
  • Damon and Stefan went to New Orleans to try and find a way to break Damon's the sire bond with Elena.
  • 408-0111
    They learned from Nandi that her mother, Valerie, lied to Damon in 1942 about doing a spell to break Charlotte's sire bond to him. She revealed that her mother really wanted a sacrifice of twelve humans in order to use them as a source of power to practice a darker-than-dark magic called "Expression."
  • Kimberley defied Tyler's position as Alpha. She kidnapped and tortured Caroline in order to get back at Tyler for bossing them around.
  • Tyler made Kimberley submit to him as Alpha, and the whole pack bowed to him.("We'll Always Have Bourbon Street")

November 30, 2010


It's the following morning. Elena is cleaning the mess from the girl's night.

  • Stefan and Damon returned from New Orleans.
  • Damon wanted to break the bond by letting Elena go, but Elena believed her feelings for him were true.
  • Bonnie merrily informed Elena and Caroline that the new, exciting magic Professor Shane had been teaching her was called "Expression".
  • Adrian broke his sire bond, which made him the last unsired hybrid of a total set of twelve hybrids that Hayley promised to deliver to Professor Shane in return for information about her biological parents. Shane informed Hayley that her parents are dead, but that someday, she will be able to talk to them. ("We'll Always Have Bourbon Street")

December 1, 2010

It's the next day.

  • A Winter Wonderland-themed party was thrown in Mystic Falls.
  • Stefan and Caroline did not agree with Tyler's elaborate plan to neutralize Klaus.
  • Caroline proposed a brilliant solution to their problem, but Hayley, who had her own agenda, was not on board with the new plan.
  • Tyler and Carol Lockwood had a major heart to heart.
  • When Klaus found out about Tyler and the hybrids' plan, he brutally slaughters all of the hybrids, except for Tyler, with Alexander's sword.
  • Elena and Damon retreated to the Gilbert Lake House to help Jeremy control his vampire killing instincts, with the help of Bonnie and Professor Shane.
  • Shane revealed that he knew where the Hunter's Mark will lead them, which meant they wouldn't need the sword, which Klaus could translate, to decipher it.
  • After killing twelve of his thirteen hybrids, Klaus sought after Tyler to complete his revenge. Unfortunately, Klaus found Carol Lockwood first, and after exchanging a few words, Niklaus decided it would hurt Tyler more if his mother died instead, and killed her by drowning her in a fountain. ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")


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