January 9, 2011


A few weeks has passed since Carol died and got buried, New year has already occurred and everyone is back at school after the holiday break.

January 26, 2011

The memorial occurred on a Sunday, and everyone is at school again, so it's a new day now, and some time has passed perhaps.

  • At the lake house, Damon is teaching Jeremy how to fight in a right way, Matt is also there to help.
  • Rebekah traps Elena, Caroline and Stefan in the library, to interrogate them.
  • Kol brings Shane in, and tortures him. Shane reveals information about Silas and the Cure. Knowing that Silas would bring the end of time, Kol kills Shane and makes it his business to stop any attempt to raise Silas.
  • Bonnie's Expression spell to protect Shane almost kills April.
  • Elena and Stefan have some hard conversation about what happened between her and Damon, and her feelings for both brothers.
  • Stefan and Rebekah make a secret alliance to find the Cure.
  • Elena declares her love to Damon. ("After School Special")
  • To accelerate the revelation of Jeremy's Hunter's Mark Klaus turns everybody in a bar into Vampires for Jeremy to stake - but Jer refuses as this would put Matt in risk.
  • Klaus' new vampires attack Matt and Jeremy, Elena arrives in the woods and saves Matt's life, and the three of them retreat to the lakehouse for safety.
  • Elena is naturally upset with Damon, but she agrees to let him stay with Jeremy and go hunting while she took Matt home with her for protection. ("Catch Me If You Can")

January 27, 2011


Stefan and Rebekah

It's the next day, Elena and Matt have returned to Mystic Falls and Matt mentions he was training with Jeremy for the past two days.

  • April tells Elizabeth Forbes that Shane is responsible for the deaths of her father and the council members.
  • Rudy Hopkins and Liz interrogate Shane. Bonnie learns that Shane was really instrumental in those deaths.
  • She stops trusting him, but he manipulates her to do his bidding anyway.
  • Stefan and Rebekah have hot revenge sex - no strings attached.
  • Elena negotiates with Klaus to keep Jeremy safe, but her plan backfires when Kol compels Damon to kill Jeremy.
  • To break the compulsion, protect Jeremy and guarantee that they have a chance to get the cure, Elena cooks up a plan to Kill Kol. ("Catch Me If You Can")

January 28, 2011

Since there's a decade dance cancelled this episode will take place on a Friday, unless Rudy cancels it ahead of time. Rebekah wakes up with Stefan, so it's the following morning.

  • When Rebekah turns down Klaus' plea to stop Kol and protect Jeremy, Klaus turns to Stefan for help.
  • After an angry confrontation with her father, Rudy Hopkins, over his unconventional approach to ending the violence in Mystic Falls, Bonnie has a frightening run-in with Kol.
  • Rudy Hopkins calls Abby Bennett Wilson to help him control Bonnie. The plan backfires. Bonnie is too strong for her.
  • Klaus complicates the already tense feelings between Stefan and Damon by revealing a bit of Stefan's indiscretion, then surprises Damon by asking for personal advice.
  • Elena tells Stefan about her dangerous plan for Jeremy, leaving Stefan in a difficult spot.
  • The Mystic Falls High School's 1980s Decade Dance is cancelled by Mayor Hopkins, Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah.
  • While he is dancing away with Rebekah, Kol gains entrance to the Gilbert House and proceed to try to kill Elena and cut off Jeremy's arms. But eventually Elena manages to stake him with the White Oak Stake.
  • Klaus arrives just in time to see this and is about to burn the house down with Elena and Jeremy inside, when Bonnie arrives and manages to trap Klaus inside the Gilbert's living room.
  • When Kol's whole bloodline dies, Jeremy's hunter's mark is completed. ("A View to a Kill")

January 31, 2011

From Virginia, USA to Nova Scotia, Canada about fifteen hundred miles; or twenty hours on a car. The gang flies to the island off of the coast of Canada as fast as they can. [1]

  • Professor Shane, Jeremy, Stefan, Damon, Elena, Rebekah, and Bonnie arrive on the island, 200 miles off the Nova Scotia mainland, where Silas has been entombed for 2,000 years, in order to find the cure.
  • Stefan tries to convince Rebekah and Elena to get over their mutual dislike of each other in order to work together to find the cure. Elena responds by attacking her and trying to stake Bekah. 
  • As they trek through the woods at night, someone attacks Jeremy. Elena saves him in the nick of time, but an unknown person kills his assailant with a hatchet. 
  • Bonnie takes photos of Jeremy's tattoos to try to find the spell hidden in it.
  • In Mystic Falls, Tyler stops by the Gilbert house to taunt Klaus, who is still trapped in the living room. Tyler's plan is to use the cure that the gang will bring home to cure Klaus so they can kill him. Klaus believes that curing him would result in everyone sired by him being cured as well, including Tyler, which would return him to being simply a werewolf, rather than a hybrid. ("Into the Wild")

February 1, 2011

Bonnie's spell holding Klaus in the house will only last four days. Most of the events of this episode happen on the night between January 31st and the February 1st.

  • Caroline joins Tyler as he gloats over Klaus. Caroline gets to work covering up Kol's dead body, which is still lying in the kitchen. Klaus suggests that because they killed Kol and he killed Carol Lockwood, they're even. Caroline gets worked up reciting all his other misdeeds, including killing Jenna Sommers. Unfortunately, she gets too close to the field trapping Klaus, and he is able to skewer her with a curtain rod, yank her into the room, and bite her on the neck.
  • Damon wants more details regarding Shane's plan, so he tortures him into getting answers. Shane is ultimately saved by Elena.
  • Back at camp, Bonnie tries a locator spell to find Jeremy. She lights a fire then follows its trail through the woods. The wind starts blowing and she hears voices all around her.
  • Elena, Rebekah and Stefan walk through the woods, while both women bicker. Elena accidentally trips a trap, but Rebekah stops the trap before Elena is staked in the heart, much to Elena and Stefan's appreciation.
  • Rebekah and Stefan tromp through the woods together at night and accidentally trip another trap, which results in them jumping close together to avoid it. They have a quick moment, and he asks if she's serious about a truce with Elena. Rebekah argues that they're being unfair to think of her as evil, because, like Elena, all she did was to protect her family.
  • Caroline's hybrid bite gets worse, and she starts to hallucinate. Tyler blames himself for what happened, but she assures him he's a great leader, and that people believe in him. He asks her to trust him, and then takes her back and lays her at Klaus' feet. Tyler tells him that if he wants Caroline to die, then he'll have to watch it happen. Tyler leaves. ("Into the Wild")

February 2, 2011

  • Back at the Gilbert house, Klaus tells Caroline that letting her die will teach Tyler a lesson. Caroline says he's doing it because he's hurt, which means there's a part of him that's human. She says she's seen it and has wished she could forget all the horrible things he's done. Klaus finally feeds her his blood to cure her hybrid bite.
  • Back on the island, Rebekah freaks out, because she believes Stefan and Elena are behind the disappearance of the tombstone. Stefan reminds her that the cure is his only hope to end the constant pain and suffering of being a vampire.
  • Elena offers Rebekah the indestructible white oak stake as a peace offering, and adds that the three of them need to work together.
  • When Elena asks Damon to take the cure with her, he admits that he does not want to take the cure, nor does he want her to take the cure--he would much rather live happily ever after with her, without getting old or sick, forever.
  • Damon walks alone in the woods and gets hit by an arrow. Someone jumps out and attacks him. Damon gets the upper-hand as they fight, then he sees the man's Hunter's Mark and realizes he's one of the Five. The hunter regains the upper-hand and snaps Damon's neck. ("Into the Wild")

February 3, 2011

It's the next morning.

  • On the island, Damon is still being held captive by the hunter, whose name is Galen Vaughn, and is a memoer of the Five.
  • Stefan confesses his true feelings about the possibility of becoming human again to Elena.
  • A stunning new piece of information is revealed: there is just one dose of the cure. This fact changes the stakes for everyone.
  • Jeremy helps Bonnie recognize that what she thinks is her Grams is really just an illusion created by Silas. Shane is comforted by his deceased wife, Caitlin Shane, who is also an illusion created by Silas.
  • Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler find that their attempt to translate the code on the Hunter’s Sword is futile without help from Klaus. He helps translate the message, but neglects to say anything about there only being one dose until he is able to talk on the phone to Rebekah.
  • Tyler leaves town and Caroline forever to go on the run, due to Klaus' threat to kill him.
  • Katherine makes a surprise return by joining the gang on the island. She impersonates Elena to join Bonnie and Jeremy, and feeds Jeremy's blood to Silas in order to wake him before taking off before she can be caught. To add insult to injury, she left with the cure, destroying the rest of the gang's plans.
  • The spell holding Klaus in the Gilbert house's living room breaks, either because the full moon started to wane, or because Bonnie was too weak from being stabbed by Vaughn. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

February 5, 2011

From Virginia, USA to Nova Scotia, Canada about fifteen hundred miles; or twenty hours on a car. Elena and Stefan hurry back from Canada to Mystic Falls with Jeremy's body. [1]

  • Elena and Stefan return to the Gilbert home with Jeremy's dead body. Caroline is there waiting for them and is shocked about the news. 
  • Elena is in denial about Jeremy's death. She hangs on to the hope that since his tattoo has disappeared, he might not be one of the Five anymore, and thus not supernatural, which would mean the Gilbert ring could bring him back.
  • In the island, "Shane" explains to Bonnie that Jeremy had died, and that how she could bring him and her Grams back with a spell. He informs her that all she needs to do is complete the final sacrifice of another 12 people. This sacrifice would complete the Expression Triangle, which could be used to power a spell that would bring down the veil between The Other Side and the world of the living. With the veil down, every supernatural being who had died since the existence of the Other Side would be brought back to life, including Jeremy, Grams, and many of the gang's loved ones.
  • Damon finally finds Bonnie. ("Stand By Me")

February 6, 2011

  • Damon brings Bonnie back to Mystic Falls.
  • Bonnie explains the Expression Triangle plan to her friends.
  • The MF gang is not on board with Silas/Bonnie's plan. Elena finally accepts that Jeremy is really dead, and that she is not willing to let Bonnie bring back all of their dead supernatural enemies, just to bring Jeremy and their dead loved ones back.
  • The realization that everyone she loves is dead crushes her. Damon uses the sire bond to convince her to turn off her humanity switch.
  • Elena burns down the Gilbert house, with Jeremy's body and nearly all of her possessions and memories still inside. ("Stand By Me")

March 24, 2011

Damon mentions it's been days since Elena turned off her humanity, most likely Elena hasn't been at school for weeks since Jeremy's death, so that some time has passed.

  • Katherine sends a vampire to kill Hayley. She asks for Klaus' protection, he invites her for dinner and they conceive their child together.
  • Damon and Stefan worry about emotionless Elena. Stefan decides that going back to school will be good for her.
  • She rejoins the cheerleading squad just in time for a cheering competition.
  • Although Damon told her specifically not to eat anyone in school, Elena feeds on one of the cheerleaders, demonstrating that she is not sired to Damon now that her emotions are shut out.
  • Blood supply is disappearing from all the hospitals in the vicinity.
  • Stefan grounds Elena until she learns to control her bloodlust and not feed on visiting cheerleaders.
  • Elena trumps his plan by organizing a party and inviting everybody to the Salvatore Boarding House
  • Caroline encourages Stefan to have fun.
  • Elena and Damon leave town for New York late at night. ("Bring It On")

March 25, 2011

Caroline is seen cleaning up the party Elena had the night before, so it's the following morning now.

  • Damon takes Elena to New York, where he lived and partied hard in the 1970s. Rebekah also shows up in New York, she’s impressed with Elena's secret agenda. 
  • Stefan and Caroline try to convince Klaus that it would be in his own best interest to help them track Silas down.
  • Bonnie struggles to keep her grasp on reality and doing the right thing for her and her friends in Mystic Falls. ("Because the Night")

March 26, 2011

It's early in the morning, when Elena and Rebekah leave town in Damon's car.

April 21, 2011

  • Elena and Rebekah find Katherine just before midday.
  • Elijah returns.
  • Stefan and Damon catch up with the girls in Katherine's town.
  • Katherine gives Elijah the cure.
  • Elijah and Rebekah are reunited and drive back to Mystic Falls in the evening.
  • Elena kills a waitress in the evening, just to make a point. ("American Gothic")

April 29, 2011

Stefan said in that it has passed eight or nine days since Elena killed a human.

May 2, 2011

Hayley says that she was imprisoned for 3 days since April 30.

  • Klaus arrives early in the morning in New Orleans. At the end of the episode it is still the same night. ("The Originals (Episode)")
  • Note: Elena could have been locked up for many weeks trying to get her humanity back it couldn't have happened over a few days, so most of May was all about this.

June 13, 2011

Bonnie says that the full moon is in two days.

  • Rebekah tries to prove to Matt that she can be good.
  • Silas torments Caroline to make her bring Bonnie to him.
  • Elena turns her humanity switch on. ("She's Come Undone")

June 14, 2011

  • Bonnie links herself to Katherine so that she is stuck with her.
  • Elena has focused all her emotions to hate against Katherine.
  • Bonnie's magic causes a storm and power outage in town before dropping the veil.
  • Bonnie turns Silas to stone. ("The Walking Dead")

June 15, 2011

Typically, high school graduation occurs in June. There was a Full Moon on June 15, 2011. [2]

  • Bonnie puts the veil to the other side back up on the night of the full moon, which is the same night that Graduation occurs.
  • With her emotions back, and the sire bond removed, Elena tells Damon she loves him again, and chooses Damon. ("Graduation (Episode)")

August 21, 2011

September 5, 2011

It's Labor Day.

September 6-7, 2011

  • Rebekah arrives in New Orleans at her brother Elijah's insistence, she meets Hayley, who gives her some unexpected news. Concerned that her brother Klaus is up to no good, Rebekah seeks help from a reluctant Sophie. At her wits’ end, Hayley takes matters into her own hands, but things quickly take a dangerous turn.
  • Determined to uncover Marcel's secret weapon, Klaus stays one step ahead and executes his plan.
  • After a run-in with Marcel, Rebekah is reminded of all the anger and disappointment Klaus has caused her throughout the years.
  • Marcel enlists Davina's help in his own dangerous plan. ("Always and Forever")

September 10, 2011

It's only been about five to six days since Elena and Caroline entered college.

  • Without telling Elena that Stefan is missing, Damon turns to Sheriff Forbes for help finding his brother.
  • Elena and Caroline try to find out who is covering up a campus murder, and a fellow Whitmore student named Jesse, gives Elena some intriguing information about Professor Wes Maxfield.
  • Jeremy struggles to return to his old life, he continues to be the only person who can see and talk to Bonnie, but he can’t convince her that it’s time to let the others know that she sacrificed her own life for his.
  • After learning that Silas is searching for Katherine, Damon asks Matt and Jeremy to keep her out of sight, but the situation quickly spirals out of control. Finally, Nadia uses violence to make a point about her own agenda. ("True Lies")

September 11, 2011

It's only been about four days since the events of House of the Rising Son.

  • After discovering some interesting news about someone in Marcel's inner circle, Klaus and Rebekah come together to attempt to unravel Marcel's empire from within in spite of Elijah's concerns.
  • They enlist help from Sophie, who is reluctant to get involved for fear of the wrath of Marcel's secret weapon, Davina.
  • Rebekah sneakily invites an oblivious Camille to a huge vampire party thrown by Marcel, managing to anger Marcel in the process.
  • Hayley learns from the witch Sabine that the supernatural creatures of New Orleans are reacting to the potential existence of a hybrid baby and is told the gender of her and Klaus' child. ("Tangled Up In Blue")

September 13, 2011

It's only been three days since the events of True Lies.

  • Elena, Katherine and Damon go looking for Stefan.
  • Nadia ambushes Katherine at the cabin.
  • Stefan meets Qetsiyah, who erases his memories.
  • Matt demands to know what Nadia did to him. ("Original Sin")

September 16-17, 2011

  • Elena and Stefan almost kiss.
  • Elena and Damon try to help Stefan regain his memories.
  • Matt searches for answers about his possession and about Gregor.
  • Jeremy reveals Bonnie is dead and the gang holds a funeral.
  • Tyler returns.
  • Jesse is turned into a vampire by Wes Maxfield using Caroline's blood. ("For Whom the Bell Tolls")

September 18, 2011

  • Wes Maxfield starts experimenting on Jesse.
  • Elena tries to find out more on Megan's death.
  • Historical Ball occurs.
  • Qetsiyah does a spell to desiccate Silas with Stefan's help.
  • Katherine is drained of her blood by Silas, but wakes up moments later.
  • Tyler breaks up with Caroline and leaves to fight Klaus. ("Monster's Ball")

September 21, 2011

There is a three-day time jump before this episode.

  • Katherine discovers she is dying.
  • Amara is discovered to be alive and was the anchor.
  • Amara drains Silas of his blood.
  • Elena tries to find Stefan and is trapped by Silas at Qetsiyah's cabin.
  • Jeremy and Bonnie try to find a way to resurrect Bonnie.
  • Caroline tries to do anything to get information out of Wes Maxfield. ("Handle with Care")

September 22, 2011

  • Silas races back to Mystic Falls to find Amara and refuses to help Damon with bringing back Bonnie from the Other Side.
  • Katherine makes a deal with Qetsiyah to slow down her aging. However, Qetsiyah makes their deal void.
  • Stefan kills Silas, but it just causes more pain and suffering than before.
  • Bonnie becomes the Anchor to the Other Side and is able to interact with the living world. ("Death and the Maiden")

October 1, 2011

  • Caroline worries about Jesse after revealing to Elena that she hasn't spoken to him in two weeks.
  • Elena kills Jesse after his attempts to kill Damon.
  • Bonnie starts to feel the reprecussions of being the Anchor.
  • Bonnie loses her virginity to Jeremy.
  • Katherine gets through to Stefan and helps Matt with his Passenger problem.
  • Wes kidnaps Damon. ("Dead Man on Campus")

October 3rd, 2011

  • Elena decides to check on Aaron and ask if he has heard from Wes.
  • Elena is kidnapped.
  • Stefan and Katherine have sex.
  • Caroline tries to help Stefan overcome his PTSD.
  • Damon tells Elena about Enzo, his old friend.
  • Damon revealed he kills the Whitmores for the revenge of his imprisonment from 1953-58. ("The Cell")

October 5-6, 2011

There is a two-day jump before this episode.


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