• Lexi Branson was turned by an unknown vampire.



  • After an unknown woman accused Rebekah of witchcraft, Klaus subsequently turned her husband and compelled him to drain her dry. ("The Bloody Crown")


  • Mikael tracked his children to where they had settled in Cádiz, Spain. After he killed Klaus' horse, Theo, stuck the horse's head on a pike in the town square,

    Kol is daggered

    and burned down half the city, Elijah and Klaus left Cadiz on horseback to find Kol and tell him they were going to leave the country.
    • When Kol refused to flee with them, Klaus and Elijah daggered him, put him in his coffin, and joined Rebekah and the still-daggered Finn on a ship bound for the New World. Kol would not be reawakened for over a century. ("Alive and Kicking")

Between 1702 and 1718


  • Klaus and his siblings began to help to build the city of New Orleans.


  • Nadia's search
    TVD 5x15 Nadia 1720
    for her mother Katerina Petrova brought her to France, where she had heard rumor that she had been seen killing a man outside the Palace of Versailles. She found the man who spread the rumor and gave him a sack full of gold in exchange for the truth about what he saw and any additional information that could potentially lead to Katerina's whereabouts. ("Gone Girl")


  • In order to acquire a piece of land owned by a simple farmer, Niklaus turned and compelled him to burn his entire village to the ground. ("The Bloody Crown")



ca. 1790

ca. 1800s


  • Marcel Gerard was born to the then-Governor of New Orleans and one of his slaves. Marcel's mother elected not to name him until he turned ten years old to ensure that he would survive the influenza outbreak that had spread through the area. However, Marcel's mother ended up dying of the fever herself before he reached that age. ("House of the Rising Son"), ("A Closer Walk With Thee")
  • October 9: Giuseppe Salvatore was born in presumably the United States.



Fighting for Rebekah's honor

  • Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah were residing at the Governor of Lousiana's mansion as part of a deal they made. As per their arrangement, the Mikaelson siblings would be given a residence and their feeding habits would be overlooked by the city's leaders in exchange for the three paying him off with large sums of gold.
  • Rebekah, who was in a long-term relationship with the Governor's eldest son Emil, became so enamored with him that she asked Klaus and Elijah for permission to turn him so that they could live together forever. However, Elijah rejected this proposal on the grounds that turning the Governor's "only son" (though the Governor actually did have a second, though illegitimate, son in Marcel) would make him an enemy and would thus cause the family too much trouble. When Klaus made a rude comment about Rebekah wanting to turn every single person with whom she had ever fell in love, Emil became so offended on her behalf that he attempted to fight him for Rebekah's honor. Because Emil was only a human, this fight ultimately ended in Emil's death at Klaus' hands after Klaus tossed him over the balcony at the party.
    The originals marcel

    Klaus rescue young Marcel

  • Days later, at Emil's funeral, Klaus saw young Marcel, who had been caught eating an apple from the plantation's apple trees and was whipped by one of the slave masters as punishment. Klaus was so impressed to see Marcel fight back against the man that he saved Marcel from more harm by killing the slave master where he stood. Having realized that the two were kindred spirits due to Marcel also being a "bastard son" of a wealthy landowner, Klaus decided to adopt the boy into the Mikaelson family as his ward. When he learned the child did not have a name, he suggested the name "Marcellus," since it's meaning, "little warrior," seemed to fit his personality. ("House of the Rising Son")
  • February 27: Lillian Salvatore was born in presumably the United States.


  • Elijah began to take Klaus' young ward, Marcellus Gerard, under his wing and began schooling him in literature, music, and art. During Elijah's time as his tutor, the two became very close, and Marcel began to look up to Elijah as a mentor, even saying that he wanted to play piano as well as he does.
  • Klaus, jealous of Elijah's budding friendship with Marcel, decided he needed someone with whom he could have some fun, so he undaggered Kol for the first time since 1702 and went on a feeding frenzy with him, during which the two brothers killed at least sixty residents of a tenement building.

    Chess game after a mass slaughter

  • Only days afterward, Klaus daggered Kol again after Kol proved to be a bad influence on Marcel by slaughtering several compelled humans in front of the young boy and feeding him his blood in preparation to turn him into a vampire, despite the fact that the boy was only eleven years old at this time. Kol would not be undaggered again for almost a century. ("Alive and Kicking")
  • On Marcel's eleventh birthday, Klaus gifted him with the Starling Necklace that his mother Esther had given him as a child, not knowing that she had placed a spell on it to cause physical weakness in the wearer. ("‎Every Mother's Son")
  • After Klaus falsely accused the New Orleans witches of killing locals in order to fuel their dark magic with the intention of covering up his own murders, Elijah's lover Céleste Dubois was drowned to death in her bathtub by the townsfolk as punishment. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Céleste used her magic to live on for the next two centuries by taking over the bodies of young female witches in the French Quarter Coven using spirit possession spells. ("The River in Reverse"), ("Long Way Back From Hell"), ("Le Grand Guignol")


  • Klaus daggered

    Klaus stops Marcel and Rebekah

    Rebekah when she went against his orders and attempted to pursue a relationship with Marcel.
  • Klaus gave Marcel the choice of either undaggering Rebekah and living out the rest of his human life with her, or being turned into a vampire by him. Marcel chose the latter, which resulted in Rebekah remaining daggered for the next 52 years. ("House of the Rising Son")




  • In Saint Malo, Louisiana, Vicente Cruz, a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, traced his Hunter's Mark so that his daughter Rayna could see it for herself. When she asked him when she got her own, he told her that he hoped she never would, because if he had his way, there would be no more vampires. He then began to train Rayna so that she could defend herself, giving her the Phoenix Sword affixed with the Phoenix Stone to use as a weapon, though it did not yet possess the power it would eventually gain. ("This Woman's Work")


816-1846-Stefans Memorial


  • November 28:

Damon, 1851

    • Stefan and Damon celebrated Thanksgiving in the Salvatore Estate with their parents, Giuseppe and Lily Salvatore, when they were age five and twelve, respectively.
    • Giuseppe made Damon behead his pet turkey, Sami, so that they could eat her for Thanksgiving dinner. Damon initially refused to eat his pet turkey, but when Giuseppe threatens to lock him in the cellar without supper for the rest of the evening, he is forced to reluctantly eat the meal anyway.

Stefan, 1851

    • Lily stole money from Giuseppe's bureau so that she could buy train tickets to escape her abusive husband with her sons, since she had no money of her own, nor any other resources she could use to leave him. However, Giuseppe noticed the stolen money, and he purposely sent Lily to go make him a drink before confronting Damon about it, believing him to have been the thief. Damon insisted that he didn't take it at first, but when he began to worry that Giuseppe would harm Stefan, Damon falsely admitted to taking the money, and his father burned Damon's hand with a lit cigar as both a punishment for lying and stealing and as a deterrent for future misbehavior. Lily noticed later that Giuseppe had harmed Damon, but she said nothing out of fear of what Giuseppe would do.

Lily, 1851

    • In the night, Lily went to the library to sneak away the train tickets she had hidden in a book, but began to panic when she couldn't find them. Giuseppe then appeared behind her and held up the tickets that he had found. Lily tried to lie and say that she bought the tickets as a surprise for him and the boys, but Giuseppe knew what she was really planning to do and beat Lily out of drunken anger, promising to take the boys from her for good if she tried anything like this again.
      • That night, Giuseppe found her tending to her wounds in their bedroom and apologized for his behavior, though he also stated that he couldn't be blamed for wanting to do whatever he had to in order to keep his family together. Lily, having seen Giuseppe's true colors, pretended to accept his apology and forgive him, but secretly harbored deep resentment toward him for thwarting her plans. ("Mommie Dearest")


  • Julian came to Vicente and Rayna Cruz's village, where he slayed dozens of their fellow people before attempting to kill Vicente. Just as he was about to drain him of his blood, Rayna appeared and stopped him, informing him that he was a member of the Brotherhood of the Five and that if Julian killed him, he would be afflicted with the Hunter's Curse. To get around this obstacle, Julian compelled Rayna to kill her father for him, and though she tried her best to resist it, she was unable to do so. Before she gave him the killing blow, he told her to know that it wasn't her fault, and to remember what he taught her so she could continue his legacy.
  • Some time later, the shamans of Rayna's village performed a ritual to empower her to become the Huntress and avenge the deaths of their people. They had her drink the Tea of Protection, which imbued her with great strength and power, as well as an immunity to witch magic. They then began to kill themselves one by one, giving up their individual lives so that Rayna could be reborn like a Phoenix and have many lives to slay vampires. The surviving shaman then linked Rayna's spirit to her sword, which would thirst for the blood of vampires and aid her in her mission, before he killed himself as well. ("This Woman's Work")


  • Lily Salvatore contracted tuberculosis (then known as "consumption"), a disease that caused her much suffering. After her health had taken a turn, her husband Giuseppe Salvatore sent their youngest son Stefan to fetch cream violets in order to make an herbal tonic. However, it was later revealed that this was simply a "fool's errand" meant to make it easier for Giuseppe to send Lily to a sanatorium for hospice treatment. ("Stay") ("Age of Innocence")
  • While in the sanatorium, Lily met Valerie Tulle, a Siphoner witch who worked as a nurse there.
  • ca. May 23: When it became clear Lily was dying, Lily was fed vampire blood by another one of her nurses shortly before she passed away. She then awoke several hours later in transition to become a vampire, though whether or not her husband Giuseppe was aware of her transformation is still unclear.("Stay") ("Let Her Go") ("A Bird in a Gilded Cage")
    • The night before her funeral, Lily stopped to say goodbye to her sons. She first saw young Stefan and told him that everything would be all right. However, she was then overcome by her newborn-vampire bloodlust and was forced to flee before she could hurt him, leaving Stefan to believe he had simply seen his mother's angel in his dreams. She was then too afraid of hurting Damon to risk saying goodbye to him, and instead left for Europe without another word. ("Let Her Go") ("A Bird in a Gilded Cage")
    • Several days later, Lily's funeral was held at the town's church, and her (empty) casket was buried in what became the Mystic Falls Cemetery. Damon, who was supposed to give a eulogy for his mother at the funeral, became too overwhelmed with grief and insecurity to write a satisfactory speech, and ended up skipping the service altogether, leaving Stefan to mourn his mother all alone until Damon finally arrived after the burial. Neither brother was aware of the existence of vampires at this time, nor did they have any idea that their mother had been transformed into one. ("For Whom the Bell Tolls") ("Let Her Go")
  • After the funeral, Lily took Valerie under her wing and left town, where the two became quite close. It was this relationship with Lily that laid the foundation for the Heretics. ("Age of Innocence")



  • Lillian Salvatore, who was in a romantic relationship with a vampire named Julian, had already begun to form her new "family" with Valerie Tulle and Oscar, both of whom were Siphoner witches who had been exiled by the Gemini Coven once their true nature was revealed.
  • Early-Mid June:
    • 7X03-41-StefanValerie

      Valerie and Stefan, 1863

      Stefan Salvatore met Valerie and Julian at the County Fair after Lily sent them to make sure Stefan was doing well before they left for Europe. Despite Lily's instructions to simply observe him and not interact with him, Valerie introduced herself to Stefan, and the two quickly became smitten with each other. Julian attempted to separate them early on, but Valerie used her magical amulet to cast a cloaking spell so they wouldn't be seen.
      • Stefan ultimately lost his virginity to Valerie that night, though he was not aware that they had conceived a child during their lovemaking. Julian eventually caught them afterward and forced Valerie to leave with him, but before she left, she assured Stefan that she would find her way back to him.
    • At some point between Valerie leaving and Oscar coming to see Damon in Gettysburg, Damon received a letter from Stefan, who was a deep depression due to Giuseppe's drinking and losing Valerie. Damon was so worried about him that he begged his Colonel for two weeks leave to go home and check on him. The Colonel initially refused, but later relented when Damon offered to do anything to get it, telling Damon that he could get his leave if he helped him by capturing and bringing back some Confederate deserters who were being housed by Union sympathizers at a farmhouse several miles away. Damon agreed, and took his fellow comrade Henry Wattles with him to help.
      • However, when they arrived there, the Confederate deserters threatened with guns, and in the chaos that ensued, both deserters and the women housing them were shot dead by Damon and Henry. This was the first time that Damon had ever taken innocent lives, and he and Henry decided to never speak of the disaster ever again. It was this scene that eventually was replayed in Damon's hellscape when his soul was trapped in the Phoenix Stone in 2013.
  • June 29: Oscar was sent to Gettysburg by Lily to make sure that Damon Salvatore was doing well before they left on their trip. He ended up befriending Damon, who was fighting for the Confederacy in the American Civil War, and Damon eventually admitted he thought he was fighting for the wrong side.
  • June 30: Damon, due to his conversation with Oscar the day before, deserted the Confederate forces one day before Battle of Gettysburg. Damon would later inform Oscar that it was his influence that prevented him from dying in the battle.
  • Late Summer:
    • 7X03-90-Stefan

      Stefan reading Valerie's telegram

      Valerie sent Stefan a telegram asking him to run away with her, as she no longer wanted to be a part of Lily's family due to Julian's cruelty. Stefan arrived at their meeting place two hours early with a bouquet of flowers and waited for her there, only to be devastated when she didn't show up.
      • When Valerie left in the cover of night to meet Stefan, she was caught by Julian. She insisted that she was leaving regardless of what they wanted, but Julian forced her to stop. He then remarked that he frightened her before revealing that he could hear "both of her hearts" racing and asking her if Stefan knew she was pregnant with his child. Julian then severely beat Valerie nearly to the point of death, which ultimately caused her to miscarry her child, though she managed to survive the ordeal.
        • Valerie tried to use the little magic stored in her amulet to cast the Gemini Coven's spell to transfer a fetus from an endangered mother to a surrogate in hopes of saving her child, but the amulet did not possess enough magic for the spell to be successful. ("Mommie Dearest")
      • After she lost consciousness, Julian brought her back to their home and claimed that Valerie had been robbed and beaten by a criminal, knowing that since Lily would have been furious that Valerie had an affair with her son, Valerie would never be able to expose him without exposing herself as well. Lily gave Valerie her blood to heal her, but Valerie was so devastated by the loss of her child and her future with Stefan that she drank a bottle of laudanum mixed in her tea and drowned herself in the bathtub. However, since Lily's blood was still in her system, she awakened in transition in the tub and eventually became the first known Heretic, a Siphoner-vampire hybrid. ("Age of Innocence")
        • After Julian learned of how powerful Valerie was as a Siphoner-vampire, he desired more Heretics for his family, and presumably convinced Oscar to turn as well shortly afterward. ("Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me")


  • 106-1864-Salvatore Estate
    Early-Mid September 1864:
    Katherine used the Atlanta Campfires as a cover as she poses as an orphaned girl who lost her parents in the fires. [1]
    • 1x06-Lost Girls (2)

      Katherine Pierce arrives in Mystic Falls

      Katherine Pierce arrived to Mystic Falls (supposedly) from Atlanta, Georgia. On her way into town, she saw Stefan Salvatore working on the side of the road and immediately became so smitten by him that she sought out Giuseppe Salvatore to ask him to allow her houseroom at the Salvatore Estate. In order to convince him to agree, she claimed that she was an orphan girl whose family died in the Atlanta Fires. ("Lost Girls"), ("Fifty Shades of Grayson")
    • After some time in town, Katherine eventually revealed to Stefan and Damon that she was a vampire and began sexual relationships with both brothers; while Damon was aware that she was dallying with both of them, Stefan believed that he alone had a love affair with her. She also made friends with fellow vampires Pearl and Anna during this time, with whom she created a sizable vampire population within the town by siring many of the townsfolk.("Lost Girls")
    • Damon Salvatore, who had been fighting for the Confederacy in the American Civil War, deserted his position in the Confederate Army and returned to his home in Mystic Falls. Though he joked that he left because he was having too much fun with Stefan and Katherine to return to battle, Stefan later stated to his father that Damon deserted because he disagreed with the Confederacy's principles, a fact Damon would later confirm in 2013. ("Lost Girls") ("Under Control") ("Age of Innocence")
    • George Lockwood returned home from fighting in the Confederate Army with a new secret-- after having made his first human kill in battle, George triggered the Lockwood werewolf curse and subsequently began transforming into a large wolf every full moon. Knowing how the Founder's Council treated vampires, George became determined to keep his condition a secret for fear of what the Founding Families would do with the information. ("Memory Lane")
    • As the Foundings Families began to catch onto their town's vampire problem, Honoria Fell brought a new elixir to Pearl's Apothecary and asked Pearl to sell it at a reduced rate. After Pearl examined the elixir, she realized that it contained vervain and brought it to the attention of Katherine, insisting that the town was becoming suspicious and suggesting that Katherine carrying on with both Salvatore brothers wasn't helping their case either.
  • September 24:
    • MemoryLane21

      Katherine and Stefan at the Founder's Ball

      The First Founders' Party was held at the original Lockwood Mansion. ("Family Ties")
    • Henry informed Katherine that the recent attacks on the local residents did not seem to be the work of vampires, but rather that the victims had been mauled by something else he had never seen before now.
    • Katherine confronted George at the town's first-ever Founders' Ball and told him she knew his secret-- that he was a werewolf and had been killing the townspeople during full moons and blaming it on the vampires to avoid persecution.
    • After the ball, Stefan confessed his love for Katherine while Damon eavesdropped on them. ("Memory Lane")
  • September 25:
    The day of the "Battle of Willow Creek." [2] [3]
    • On this day, the Founding Families enacted their planned round-up and mass murder of Mystic Falls' vampire population, with the intention of writing off the vampire deaths as civilian casualties in the war.
    • Stefan and his father had a conversation about vampires after Giuseppe finally admitted that they existed, not knowing that Stefan was already aware of the supernatural world. When Stefan suggested to his father that not all vampires were monsters, Giuseppe suspected that his girlfriend Katherine was a vampire and decided to spike his son's drink with vervain to test his theory.
    • After Katherine drank Stefan’s blood while they were fooling around in bed, Katherine was immediately weakened by the vervain and fell unconscious onto the floor. Giuseppe, having expected this outcome, instantly caught them and ordered Stefan to alert Sheriff William Forbes to the fact that they had captured her. ("Children of the Damned")
    • A desperate Damon made a bargain with Emily Bennett in which he swore to protect her descendants if she would protect Katherine from the mass killing of vampires.
    • Emily used the power of the comet that was passing overhead to cast a spell on her talisman that would protect Katherine from the planned massacre of the vampires. However, because the vampires were going to be burned in the tomb under Fell's Church, she had to protect all twenty-seven vampires believed to be inside to ensure that Katherine would be protected, too.
    • Emily used the talisman to seal the tomb underneath the church, protecting the vampires from the fire that was set to kill them. In doing so, she was forced to trap them in the tomb until the spell could be reversed with the next passing of the comet. ("History Repeating")
    • Both Stefan and Damon were killed by their own father, Giuseppe, while trying to free Katherine from a carriage that was taking her to church, not knowing that Katherine had been feeding them both her blood for weeks in case something like this happened to them. ("Blood Brothers")
    • 800px-2x04-Memory-Lane-katherine-pierce-16280273-1280-720

      Katherine in 1864

      Unbeknownst to the majority of the town, including Stefan and Damon, George Lockwood freed Katherine from the tomb beneath the church after making sure her name was on the list of "deceased" vampires. In exchange for her rescue and faked death, Katherine gave him the moonstone, and both of them swore to take each other's secrets to the grave.
    • Before running to her carriage, Katherine kissed Stefan's dead body and promised him that they would meet again. ("Memory Lane")
  • September 26:
    • Stefan and Damon both awoke as vampires in transition at Steven's Quarry, where Emily Bennett and her brother had brought them to heal. Emily gave them the daylight rings that Katherine had instructed her to make for when they inevitably became vampires.
    • Stefan, who had decided along with his brother to not complete his transition, visited his father to say goodbye. However, Giuseppe did not understand how his son could still be alive after he had killed him, and, thinking his son was already a vampire, he tried to stake him to death. However, he inadvertently stabbed himself in the process after Stefan accidentally underestimated his own strength while he was defending himself and shoved him into a wall. Upon seeing Giuseppe's open wound, Stefan was not able to resist his new-found bloodlust, and ended up feeding on his father's blood, thus completing his transition.
    • At the end of the day, Stefan convinced Damon to drink human blood from a young girl from town in order to complete his transition as well, as he did not want to live forever without his brother. While Damon did eventually complete his transition as Stefan wanted, he was so upset that Stefan forced him into it that he vowed to bring him an eternity of misery in revenge.
    • After Damon completed his transition, Emily confessed that she had found a way to save Katherine and the other vampires in the tomb from dying in the fire, having chosen to wait until Damon had become a vampire to inform him so it wouldn't affect his decision on whether or not to turn. However, Damon chose not to share this information with Stefan, as he was still holding a grudge against him by forcing him to turn into a vampire with him. ("Blood Brothers")
  • Between October and December:
    • Emily Bennett, who was outed as a witch by Katherine before she fled town, was burned to death on the same spot where one hundred of her ancestors had been burned many years before. ("The House Guest")
    • Stefan fed on and killed Thomas and Honoria Fell, along with Johnathan Gilbert. However, because of his Gilbert ring, Johnathan was able to return to life, and he later identified Stefan as his killer in his journal. ("The Dinner Party")
    • Lexi Branson arrived to Mystic Falls after hearing that the town had a sizable vampire

      "What kind of idiot are you?"

      population, not knowing they had all supposedly burned to death in the town's round-up months earlier. She was found by newly-turned Stefan in a makeshift hospital for wounded soldiers, and upon learning she was a vampire, he took her to his home, where the two eventually became close friends. ("Blood Brothers")
    • As time went on, Johnathan Gilbert continued researching vampires and recording his findings and theories for future generations. In one of these journals, he listed the ways to kill an Original as such:
The wood from one tree and one tree alone, an ancient white oak, would bring death to an Original vampire. When the tree burned, all hope was thought lost... But, the ash from the tree was saved, and witches forged a dagger to which the ash could be bonded. This alchemic bond provides the necessary poison. It must be brandished by humans alone, for it will bring death to all demons who wield it. ("The Dinner Party")


  • Unhappy living as a vampire and disgusted by Stefan's indiscriminate feeding and killing of the townsfolk, Damon burned all the vervain in town before deciding to move away from Mystic Falls. Just before he left, he asked Lexi to keep an eye on Stefan for him, and it was his estrangement from his brother that led Stefan to finally begin to work on controlling his bloodlust with Lexi's help. ("Family Ties"), ("The Dinner Party")


ca. 1880

  • Two Siphoner outcasts from the Gemini Coven, Nora Hildegard and Mary Louise, met each other on the streets and fell in love. It was soon after that they were welcomed into Lily Salvatore's family and became Heretics, and the two have stayed in a relationship for 133 years. However, due to the stigma regarding same-sex relationships in this era, Nora and Mary Louise's relationship was kept secret to everyone except for Lily and the rest of the Heretics, who, unlike most, were very supportive of their love for one another.("I Carry Your Heart With Me") ("Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me")

ca. 1882 - 1883


  • Klaus undaggered Rebekah after 52 years of desiccation.
    • Rebekah then learned that while she was daggered, Klaus gave Marcel a choice between undaggering her and spending the rest of his human life with her, or being turned into a vampire, and that he chose the latter. Rebekah was so infuriated by Marcel's betrayal that she spent the next several decades holding a grudge against him.
  • After being reawakened, Elijah took Rebekah to the city's opera theatre to celebrate her reintroduction into New Orleans society. ("House of the Rising Son"), ("Girl in New Orleans")


  • After becoming enraged over a lady's coughing all night due to pneumonia, Klaus turned both her and her daughter into vampires, however made the daughter watch as he burned her mother alive. ("The Bloody Crown")

ca.Late 1800s-Early 1900s

  • Over the course of half a century or so, the Gemini Coven exiled six of its fellow witches-- Valerie Tulle, Nora Hildegard, Mary Louise, Malcolm, Beau and Oscar-- as the coven believed that because they were Siphoners and not "true" witches who generated their own magic, they were abominations and unfit to be members of the ancient and powerful coven. Upon their exile and subsequent transformation into vampires by Lily Salvatore, the Gemini Coven henceforth referred to these witches as the Heretics.
  • Sometime after they were disowned by their coven, they met Lily Salvatore, who had become a Ripper in the years following her transformation into a vampire. According to Lily, they helped her gain control over her hunger, and the seven quickly became a self-made family. Lily then turned them into vampires, but their unique magical abilities caused an unintended side-effect: because their Siphoner nature meant that they didn't possess or generate their own magic, they fell into a loophole to the law of Nature that states that a witch, as a servant of Nature, cannot both practice magic and be an immortal vampire. Instead, they retained their ability to siphon magic from other magical beings or objects while also being given vampiric abilities. Additionally, because they, as vampires, were considered a magical being, they were also given the ability to channel the magic of their own vampirism, which could be used as an endless power source. As a result of this loophole, the Heretics became the few (if not the only) true witch-vampire hybrids on Earth. ("I Never Could Love Like That")


  • December 25: Julian killed an entire coastline in Europe on Christmas day in 1897. According to Valerie, the "event" eventually became known as the "Black Sea Massacre." Despite the excessive violence of this act, Lily's love for him remained strong; however, it did the exact opposite for Valerie, instead confirming her belief that Julian is a monster. ("Live Through This")



  • In that year, Aurora de Martel and Lucien Castle, were in Paris on a vacation.
  • At some point in this year, the vampire boyfriend of Lily Salvatore, Julian, was killed by having his soul trapped within the Phoenix Stone. ("This Woman's Work")
    • The Heretics then preserved his body with magic until they could reunite his spirit with his body.
    • Some time afterward, Lily came into possession of the Phoenix Stone and held onto it until she was able to resurrect her lover. ("Live Through This")
  • Fall:
    • In Southampton, England, Lily (who had the Phoenix Stone with her) and the Heretics were preparing to board a ship to New York in the hopes of resurrecting Julian and getting their revenge on the Gemini Coven.
    • Outside the shipyard, a young man named Lorenzo was suffering from a serious case of consumption/tuberculosis and became so desperate for medical attention that he bought a ticket to board the ship that was headed for New York after hearing that there was a well-known doctor on board who could help him. However, when he headed for the ship, the severity of his illness caused him to be barred from boarding the ship by one of the guards who didn't want him to infect the rest of the ship. The guard then proceeded to rip up Enzo's ticket and begin beating him until the ill man was rescued by Lily, who felt such pity for him that she killed the guard and compelled the other dockworkers to let him onto the ship to see the doctor.
    • Once aboard the ship, Lily accompanied Enzo to see the doctor, who claimed to be able to cure him with an expensive treatment. Lily assured the doctor that money was no issue, but when she sensed he was lying about the treatment's effectiveness, she compelled him to tell the truth about Enzo's condition and his proposed treatment, forcing him to confess that his "cure" was simply castor oil mixed with lavender and that he was essentially a fraud. However, the doctor then claimed that even a real treatment wouldn't be able to save Enzo and predicted that he wouldn't live longer than a week.
    • Lily immediately felt a kinship toward Enzo, as they had both been abandoned to deal with tuberculosis alone by their families, so she spent the next days at Enzo's bedside in an effort to keep him comfortable until he passed. While they talked, she explained that she, too, had died of consumption,

      Lily, turning Lorenzo

      and described how lost she felt until she met her "new family," who were also traveling with her on the ship. When it became clear that Enzo's time was running out, Lily asked Enzo to join her and her companions and promised him that by doing so, he would never be alone again. When Enzo agreed, Lily cut her wrist and dripped her vampire blood into a glass before feeding it to him. Some time later, he eventually succumbed to the tuberculosis and died. ("I Never Could Love Like That")
  • late October 31/early November 1:
    • Enzo awoke later to find he was no longer ill, but quickly became overwhelmed when he looked around and saw that everyone on the ship, which had just arrived at the New York Harbor, had been seemingly slaughtered. After a moment, the charlatan doctor returned to the room, looking dazed, and informed him that everyone on the ship was dead. When Enzo asked him what had happened to Lily, the doctor says that she left, but that she told him to feed him her blood when he woke up. He then slit his own throat with a scalpel, and though Enzo was horrified by the sight of the doctor committing suicide, he was so overwhelmed by his newborn bloodlust that he rushed over to him and fed on him, completing his transition into a vampire.
    • Upon arrival in the port, Lily and her companions departed the ship before Enzo awoke in transition to enact their plan to attack the Gemini Coven. However, the coven managed to beat them to the punch, and before they could return to Enzo, Lily and the other vampires were magically trapped in a prison world for two reasons: first, to punish Lily for the approximately 3,000 people she killed overseas while she was a Ripper, and second, to protect the world from Lily's companions, the Heretics, who they believed to be aberrations of Nature because of their Siphoner abilities as well as their subsequent transformations into vampires. This suggested that the Heretics were maybe not as tame as Lily suggested to her sons earlier.
    • With Lily and the Heretics having seemingly disappeared, Enzo spent the next century believing that his sire had abandoned him.("The Downward Spiral"), ("A Bird in a Gilded Cage"), ("I Never Could Love Like That")
    • The Gemini Coven then burned down the ship on which Lily, Enzo, and the Heretics arrived to America, as it was full of the passengers who had been fed on and killed by the vampires. The Phoenix Stone, which was left onboard, sank into the Atlantic Ocean with the rest of the ship, where it would not be found until decades later by scuba divers in the area. At that point, it was put on display in New York's maritime museum until 2013. ("Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take")



Samantha, Marianna and Stefan at Zachariah's funeral

  • Samantha Gilbert became mentally unstable, presumably from dying and being resurrected too many times by her Gilbert ring, and killed several Founding Family members, including Zachariah Salvatore. However, because the side effects of dying while wearing the ring caused blackouts when her dark alter-ego took over, she was not initially aware of her kills, and the murders of the Founding Family members remained unsolved for over a decade.
  • Damon and Stefan reunited for the first time since Damon left Mystic Falls in 1865 when they returned to their hometown to attend their nephew's funeral. Damon continued to show resentment toward Stefan for forcing him to turn and even asked Stefan if he had been the one who killed Zachariah, but Stefan was desperate to reconcile with his older brother and invited him for a drink, during which time he tried to convince him to begin feeding on animals like he had learned to do.
  • That evening, Damon met a female vampire named Sage, who was making a living by boxing human men for money. She taught Damon to enjoy the pleasures of seduction and hunting his prey, which led to Damon finally learning to embrace and enjoy his vampire nature.
  • Damon tried to share his new "discovery" with Stefan, but Stefan, who had turned to animal blood because of his addiction to human blood, was unable to control his bloodlust and accidentally ripped the head off of the woman on whom he was feeding, killing her instantly. This led Stefan and Damon to have another fight, and Stefan relapsed back into "Ripper" mode after he left town. ("1912")
  • The Wickery Bridge has been built.


  • A supernatural war began to brew in New Orleans. The witch community split into two factions: those who sided with Niklaus Mikaelson, and those who sided with Kol Mikaelson.
  • December:
    • Kol went to St. Anne's Church and attacked the Dowager Fauline with the Devil's Star after he had learned that she possessed an extremely large and perfect paragon diamond which Mary-Alice and Astrid could use to fuel the spell to create their mystical dagger. Once she was dead, Kol went on to kill the rest of the parishioners who were attending mass that evening to be on the safe side. ("The Originals: The Awakening")
    • A short time later, Kol, Astrid, and Mary-Alice broke into the Dowager Fauline's cottage to steal the paragon diamond for their own ends after Mary-Alice cast a boundary spell on the property to prevent anyone from coming in after them.
      Normal TheOriginals209-0125Klaus-Kol

      Niklaus caught his little brother

      However, as soon as Kol left the house with the diamond in hand, he was confronted by Klaus and Marcel, who had been tipped off about Kol's plans and who then forced him to give them the diamond, although they had no idea why Kol wanted or needed it. Klaus also enlisted the help of one of his witches, who turned the boundary spell Mary-Alice cast against her, which then trapped Mary-Alice and Astrid in the home for the rest of their lives.
      • Because of this powerful boundary spell, the New Orleans covens began using the home as an asylum and prison for their fellow witches who had either broken the coven's rules or who were driven to insanity by witchcraft, as the boundary spell Klaus' ally had cast ensured that no one would be able to escape the home once they were inside.
        Normal TheOriginals209-2416KlausElijahKol

        Kol gets a dagger for Christmas

    • Freya Mikaelson met her younger siblings for the first time at the Mikaelson family Christmas party, though they did not know who she was; in fact, although Rebekah did recognize her as a witch, she mistook her for being Kol's date to the party.
    • At some point in the evening, Rebekah outed Kol's plans to make the dagger to Klaus with the French Quarter witches. Afterward, Klaus made a toast to his sister for her loyalty before he and Elijah cornered Kol on the balcony and daggered him once more in front of the entire party. Kol would once again remain daggered for almost ninety years. ("The Map of Moments")
    • An unknown amount of time after the Mikaelson family Christmas party, Freya (and presumably Dahlia as well) once again fell into their century-long sleep as a condition of their immortality and invulnerability. Either before or after they entered their slumber, Freya ended up inside the Fauline cottage (though how or why she ended up there is still unknown), where her unconscious body was eventually placed in a glass coffin and locked inside the cottages attic. She then remained there for the duration of her sleep, during which time the cottage became known as a makeshift asylum for the criminal and/or mentally unstable witches of the New Orleans covens.


  • Marcel, tired of being controlled by Klaus and trying to get over Rebekah, decided to enlist in the United States Army to fight in World War I. He was then assigned to the 369th Regiment, also known as the "Harlem Hell Fighters" or the "Brotherhood of the Damned," and was deployed to Séchault, France shortly afterward despite Klaus' protests that he stay at home where he belonged. ("Brotherhood of the Damned")


  • December 24: Stefan, still on a Ripper-binge five years after his last big fight with his brother in Mystic Falls, fed on and killed an entire migrant village in California. His bloodthirsty behavior led to Stefan becoming known by many vampires as "the Ripper of Monterey," an insatiable vampire who spent decades recovering from and relapsing into his addiction to human blood. Seline witnessed Stefan's murderous spree and was going to kill him in Arcadius' name. However, when she looked into his mind, she felt pity and took away Stefan's memory of the incident. Feeling Seline was weak for sparing Stefan's life, Cade's interests were peaked in Stefan and he decided that someday, he will recruit Stefan to work for him. ("As I Lay Dying") ("The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You")


  • Marcel continued to fight in Séchault, France during World War I, where he had attained the rank of Corporal following the death of his predecessor, as the Harlem Hell Fighters admired his dedication to their work in maintaining the line. However, their regiment was apparently not a priority when it came to Army headquarters, and they became low on most supplies, such as food and ammunition. They were also not given gas masks, despite the fact that they knew the German military has poisonous gas that they were using against their enemies.
  • Klaus tracked Marcel down to the trench where his regiment was fighting in France and summoned his adopted son to their regional headquarters in order to try to convince him to come back to the United States. However, Marcel refused to abandon his men and even rejected his gift of women to feed on despite the fact that he had been starving for weeks.
    Normal TheOriginals211-2163Marcel

    Marcel, turning his soldiers to vampires

    • Marcel returned to battle after his reunion with Klaus to find that his fellow soldiers had been exposed to mustard gas while he was gone and were unable to fight the effects without gas masks. Many of the men were already dead, but Joe Dalton and around a dozen others were still alive, though they were fading fast. When Marcel apologized to them and lamented that he had failed them, Joe insisted that he wouldn't be failing them if he turned them into vampires and gave them a fighting chance at survival. Though he was initially torn, not wanting to condemn them to a live of vampirism, he ultimately agreed to Joe's request and sired all the survivors. When they awoke in transition, Marcel led the men over the trenches and onto the battlefields, where they fed on the German soldiers and completed their transformation into vampires, continuing their reputation of maintaining their line when all of the others failed. ("Brotherhood of the Damned")
  • Archer and Sons Funeral Home was established.


  • Marcel returned to New Orleans after World War I ended and reunited with Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah at the compound, where they were throwing him a welcome home party. However, Rebekah, still angry with Marcel for choosing vampirism over their relationship in the 1800s, remained cold to him despite his attempts to talk to her.
  • Papa Tunde, a witch who practiced both ancestral and sacrificial magic, arrived to New Orleans and became the leader of the French Quarter Coven. Papa Tunde promised to help the coven vanquish their enemies, and in doing so, killed any human, witch, werewolf, and vampire who opposed his rule and used their deaths to fuel his sacrificial magic. Locals who were killed by Tunde during this time included Mayor O'Connell and many members of the Guerrera werewolf crime family.

    Sacrificial magic


Rebekah, 1919

  • Elijah and Klaus attempted to form an alliance with the Guerrera family by making the following deal, which would benefit both sides in the face of the recent passage of Prohibition in the United States: the brothers would allow the Guerreras access to the ports they controlled so the mobsters could smuggle alcohol, which was now illegal following the passage of Prohibition, into the city; in doing so, the brothers would make the Guerreras the public face of the ports while Elijah and Klaus, who were trying to remain inconspicuous to avoid Mikael being drawn to their new home, secretly remained in charge and would make the important business decisions.
  • Klaus, knowing Papa Tunde posed a threat to their lifestyle in New Orleans, studied the witch for weeks to learn his weaknesses before making his first move. When he learned that the bulk of Tunde's power came from the fact that he was channeling the magical power of his twin sons, Klaus killed the young boys before taking advantage of Tunde's weakness and killing him by gouging out his eyes with his thumbs.
  • After Tunde's death, Marcel admitted to Rebekah that he was the one who brought the powerful witch to New Orleans, in hopes that he would chase Klaus away from the city, allowing him and Rebekah to finally be be together as they always wanted. When Rebekah informed him that Klaus had dealt with a hundred Tundes in his life, they realized that there was one person who Klaus feared enough to flee town to escape from him-- their father, Mikael, the oldest Original vampire and vampire hunter who had been chasing them all for centuries. Rebekah and Marcel then decided to seek the help of a witch to summon Mikael to New Orleans.
  • Rebekah befriended a fellow nurse named Genevieve who worked with her at the Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium with her and who also happened to be a powerful witch of the French Quarter Coven. Initially, Rebekah only got close to her in order to use her to summon Mikael to New Orleans and chase Klaus away so that she and Marcel could finally have a chance at happiness without his interference; however, Rebekah unintentionally grew fond of Genevieve and started to have second thoughts about taking advantage of her kindness and friendship.
    • Eventually, Rebekah and Marcel decided to go forward with their plans and instructed Genevieve to send Mikael a magical message to summon him to New Orleans, leading Genevieve to believe that she would be reuniting their family after many years apart.
  • After Tunde was defeated, Klaus and Elijah were finally able to successfully unite all of the human and supernatural factions in New Orleans to fight Prohibition.
    • Thrilled to finally have achieved peace between the humans and supernatural beings, Klaus decided to finally give Marcel and Rebekah his blessing to be together after all these years, not knowing that the two had betrayed him by summoning Mikael to town with Genevieve's help. However, since it had been six months since they had sent the message, Rebekah and Marcel hoped that perhaps Mikael hadn't received the message, as they didn't want to ruin their relationships with Klaus now that they were finally happy as a family. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to any of them, Mikael had returned to town that day and was surreptitiously watching them to learn more about his children's lives in New Orleans.
  • Worried about Klaus finding out about their betrayal, Rebekah confronted Genevieve and demanded that she rescind Mikael's summons to New Orleans, but Genevieve insisted that the spell didn't work that way, and that it was now impossible to take back. Rebekah's anger ultimately led Genevieve to realize that the Original vampire had used her and vowed to tell Klaus in hopes that he would show them all mercy. To prevent her from exposing her to Klaus, Rebekah forced a bloody handkerchief of one of their influenza patients into Genevieve's face, infecting her with the disease and essentially sentencing her to death. Clara Summerlin (who was being possessed by Céleste Dubois) walked in just as Rebekah had done this, forcing her to infect Clara as well to keep her secret safe. She then compelled several orderlies to keep them isolated in quarantine for the duration of their illness, which is where both women ultimately died.

Klaus and Mikael

  • The same day of his arrival, Mikael confronted Elijah at the compound. When Elijah refused to help Mikael kill Klaus, Mikael staked him with a regular wooden stake, temporarily neutralizing him to buy him time to attack Klaus without interference.
  • Afterward, Mikael tracked Klaus to the opera house, where he proceeded to compel the entire audience to stay seated and laugh at the show he had put together to further torture Klaus. He also killed and mutilated several werewolves and vampires, including Klaus' lover Lana, and he seriously wounded Marcel as well before setting their bodies up in grotesque poses on the stage. After another physical fight with his three children, Mikael burned down the New Orleans Opera House and everyone inside it, though Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah managed to escape mostly unharmed.

    Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah hiding from their father.

  • Klaus and Rebekah ultimately fled New Orleans to seek safety elsewhere, while Elijah stayed behind to delay Mikael. By this point, all of the Mikaelson siblings believed Marcel to be dead, not knowing that he had actually survived his injuries and escaped before he could be burned in the opera house fire. ("Le Grand Guignol")
    • At some point after this confrontation with his father, Elijah left New Orleans as well, though, for unknown reasons, he set off on his own journey while Rebekah and Klaus stayed together during their travels. Elijah eventually came to believe that Klaus had daggered Rebekah and scattered the bodies of their siblings across the seas, and as far as it is known, the two didn't reunite again until 2010, the night that Klaus finally broke his hybrid curse. ("Klaus (Episode)"),("The Sun Also Rises")
    • After the Mikaelsons fled town, Marcel began working to gain control over New Orleans by choosing suitable humans to turn into vampires and amassing an army to give him more power. He also hoped that Rebekah would return for him, but when she didn't (because she thought he had been killed) he converted the foundation of the house he had planned on building for them to live together into a prison for vampires who betrayed them that became known as the Garden.
  • March 4:
    • The New Orleans witches celebrated Fête de Cadeau. as they did every year. It was also on this day that the infamous serial killer known as the Axeman decided to write a letter to the Times Picayune newspaper that stated his gift to the city was a night where he wouldn't kill anyone, though he would only do this if everyone in the city threw a party at their houses and played jazz music as loud as they could. If they didn't, he said he would kill thousands of citizens. However, New Orleans did as they were asked, and the Axeman stayed true to his word by not killing anyone. ("The Axeman's Letter")



Klaus and Stefan

  • At some point in this year, Klaus and Rebekah settled in Chicago, Illinois after spending three years on the run following Mikael's massacre in New Orleans.
  • Stefan met Klaus and Rebekah for the first time at Gloria's speakeasy in Chicago, where the owner, a witch named Gloria, sang jazz music. The three then spent much of their time together at this speakeasy, where they would feed on the patrons and often compel them embarrass themselves for their own amusement. Stefan also began a romantic relationship with Rebekah, and the two began to care for each other a great deal.

    The roaring 20's

  • Damon was also living in Chicago in 1922, during which time he claimed he was "indulging in his own Daisy Buchannans." Also residing in Chicago was Katherine, although neither Salvatore brother realized that she had been tracking them through the years, as Stefan believed she was dead, and Damon believed her to be desiccated and trapped in the vampire's tomb under Fell's Church.
  • Mikael, still seeking out his children so he could kill them, began working with the Chicago Police Department as the Chief of Police in order to use their resources to help him out. He and the officers under his command raided Gloria's bar one night by shooting wooden bullets at the patrons. Upon realizing that Mikael was with the police and had outed them as vampires, Klaus and Rebekah once again fled the city to get away from him, but not before Klaus compelled Stefan to forget he had ever known them until he told him otherwise. However, when Rebekah informed Klaus that she would rather stay behind with Stefan if Klaus wouldn't allow him to come with them, Klaus daggered her and brought her body with him in her coffin. She would then remain in this state for 88 years. ("The End of the Affair").
  • Samantha Gilbert, after finally having been driven to insanity after dying too many times while wearing her Gilbert ring, eventually confessed to the multiple murders of Founder's Council members in 1912. She was then subsequently put under suicide watch, which involved removing most of her personal belongings from her room, including the ring. However, the damage had already been done to her psyche, so even despite no longer wearing the ring, she was still driven to kill two orderlies at the hospital. She eventually became so desperate for relief that she ended up committing suicide by using a knitting needle to give herself a lobotomy. ("1912")


  • Lexi found Stefan in Chicago and made him go through what she called the "Ripper Detox" routine for the second time.
    • There have been conflicting reports on how long this process took; it was once said that it took Lexi thirty years to "detox" Stefan, but it was also later said that he was "back in circulation" around 1935, which seemed to indicate that while he was still fighting his cravings, he was still able to live his life semi-normally. ("The End of the Affair")


  • Marcel and his vampire army, which included Joe Dalton, the Army soldier he turned while fighting in World War I, launched a guerrilla attack against the Guerrera werewolf pack, killing all of its approximately one hundred members over the course of four days and leaving only one survivor: Gabriel Guerrera, who was only a baby at the time of his family's deaths. Gabriel was then adopted by another family in New Orleans and was renamed Gabriel Correa.
    • Gabriel would later continue the Guerrera family's bloodline and presumably passed on the knowledge of their family's werewolf heritage to his descendants, though the subsequent generations of Guerreras/Correas were all very careful to not trigger their werewolf curses in order to maintain their covers as humans involved in the Human Faction. The 21st century Guerrera/Correa family would not reveal their werewolf nature to the public or trigger their curses by taking a human life until they gained possession of the moonlight rings created by Genevieve in 2012, which allowed them to control their transformations and prevent being forced to turn on the full moon. ("The Battle of New Orleans") ("Rebirth")


  • Klaus, after daggering his sister Rebekah a few years before, was in France, and had a "falling out" with a powerful local people called the Gatineau family. ("Where You Left Your Heart")



Klaus and Elijah in Germany, Spring, 1933

  • Klaus was in Germany, and befrinded a vampire artist named August Müller, who, as Klaus later found out, saw Werewolves as abomination, much like how Klaus' father, Mikael viewed them.
  • Elijah followed Klaus to Germany, after they haven't seen each other since 1919, when they ran away from Mikael. He came to inform Klaus that his actions in Germany caught Mikael's attention. Elijah tells Klaus that Werewolves are being killed in their hundreds within 20 miles of where they are.
  • But later Klaus and Elijah found out that it was August who was killing the werewolves, and told him to stop. But August didn't stop, and Klaus try to save the wolves, while Elijah told him not to intervene, as this is not his fight. Klaus got mad, and accidently tells him that he daggered Rebekah almost a decade before. Klaus then killed August and his people, and spared his family: Greta, Antoinette, and Roman Sienna.


  • Stefan finally regained control of his cravings for human blood, and in his journal, he detailed the fact that, following his return to relatively normal feeding habits, Lexi then became focused on their new goal: trying to make him laugh. ("The End of the Affair")


640px-63692 529932587034226 1271581806

Lexi, Stefan and Damon in the 40s.

  • Damon, who had moved to New Orleans, began dating a woman named Charlotte, who he eventually turned into a vampire at her request.
  • As part of Lexi's addiction recovery program, she encouraged Stefan to contact Damon so that they could make peace with each other. Damon ultimately agreed to meet him, and the two met in New Orleans for a drink to catch up, though it went badly after Damon's girlfriend Charlotte took Damon's joking remark seriously and brought him a bleeding human to feed on, inadvertently triggering Stefan's human blood cravings in the process.
  • Stefan, who had just joined the Army to fight in World War II, was assigned to a deployment in Egypt. When Damon learned of this development in Stefan's life, he decided to enlist as well so he could fight in the war alongside his brother. However, when Lexi heard this news, she convinced him it was a bad idea with regards to Stefan's new-found "sobriety," and Damon made the decision to do the right thing for his brother's well-being by backing out at the last moment.
  • When Charlotte began behaving recklessly and following Damon's joking commands literally, Damon realized that she was sire-bound to him and sought magical help to break the bond before he left New Orleans. The witch he consulted at Nandi's Specials, Valerie LaMarche, claimed that he needed to kill twelve humans in order for her to do the spell, and he was so desperate to break the bond that he did as he was asked. However, it was later revealed that Valerie had lied to him about doing the spell and only wanted him to kill the humans so she could tap into an incredibly dark magic known as Expression. Before Damon sacrificed the humans for the spell and left New Orleans, he told Charlotte to count all of the bricks in the buildings downtown until he returned, believing that she would be free of his influence as soon as Valerie broke the sire bond. However, since Valerie did not actually perform the spell, Charlotte still felt compelled to do what he had instructed, and counted the bricks on and off for the next seventy years. ("We'll Always Have Bourbon Street")

ca. 1943

  • Lorenzo enlisted in the British military during World War II and was eventually deployed elsewhere in Europe. Also in his regiment was an American military physician named Dr. Whitmore, who eventually figured out that Enzo was a vampire after injuries Enzo sustained in battle healed unnaturally fast. Curious as to how vampire physiology worked and how their immortality, regenerative healing factor, and ability to heal others with their blood could be used to advance human medicine, Dr. Whitmore faked Enzo's death and sent him back to the United States, where he would become a vampire test subject for the Augustine Society at Whitmore College for the next sixty years. ("The Cell")

ca. 1950's

  • At some point in this decade, Marcel Gerard enrolled in law school, presumably in New Orleans. ("The Originals (Episode)")
  • During this decade, Lorenzo St. John, who had been held captive by Augustine for nearly ten years, continued to be tortured in the name of the advancement of human medicine. When he was not subjected to surgical procedures without anesthesia, Enzo was studied by Maggie James, who was hired by Augustine to observe his psychological and behavioral patterns in an effort to better understand vampires, though she was not initially aware of their more barbaric scientific pursuits.
    • The two eventually fell in love after quite some time of having daily sessions. To this end, Maggie offered to allow Enzo to turn her, both so that she would be strong enough to break him out of captivity and because it would allow them to be together forever. However, Enzo, loving her too deeply and not wanting to doom her to his fate, instead removed the vervain bracelet she wore and compelled her to forget she knew him, forget that she knew vampires existed, and to leave town.
    • Some time later, Maggie moved to Mystic Falls.("Man on Fire")


  • Four people were found dead in Mystic Falls from what was believed to be violent animal attacks that left the victims drained of blood. It is unknown if these deaths were due to being fed on by Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, or another unknown vampire attack, but it is all but confirmed that these attacks were not ordinary animal attacks as the townspeople originally assumed. ("Bloodlines")
  • June 11: Damon and Stefan were invited to the Salvatore Boarding House by their distant relative Joseph Salvatore, who, unbeknownst to either of them, was planning to set them up; Joseph had made a deal with Dr. Whitmore of the Augustine Society that involved him orchestrating a meeting with his vampire ancestors that would allow the doctor to capture them in exchange for a large sum of money. Damon arrived to the house first, and when he joined Joseph in the parlor for a drink, he was surprised to learn that the man was aware of his status as a member of the undead.
    • However, when Joseph stabbed Damon in the neck with a syringe of vervain to weaken him in order to more easily be captured, Damon managed to smash his glass of bourbon so he could fatally stab his half-brother's descendant in the neck with one of the glass shards. Dr. Whitmore then arrived and remarked on the fact that Joseph's death was convenient, since he now no longer had to pay him for his services, before he captured Damon and brought him back to Whitmore College.
    • Stefan arrived an unknown about of time afterward, only to find Joseph dead at the boarding house. He immediately assumed that Damon had simply killed him for whatever reason before leaving immediately afterward, not knowing that Joseph had set Damon up in the first place. As a result of this assumption on Stefan's part, Damon was experimented on and tortured by the Augustine Society for the next five years without anyone knowing where he was or what was happening to him. ("You're Undead to Me") ("The Cell")
  • June 12: Franklin Fell reported on Joseph's death on the local news and inadvertently caught Stefan on camera during the broadcast. Stefan was also spotted by one of the boarders who was staying at the house at the time and who would later remember him in the early 21st century. ("You're Undead to Me")
  • In New Orleans, a clusters of violent rituals took places in 4 different locations throughout the city, over the span of two months. ("Bag of Cobras")


  • Damon had been held captive by Augustine for four years, where he made friends with his cellmate,

    Damon and Enzo in a cell

    Lorenzo St. John, who had been captured by Dr. Whitmore during World War II, ten years prior to Damon's capture, and had been tortured and experimented on ever since.
  • December 31: Augustine held their annual New Year's Eve party, which they used as a forum to announce the progress they had made in their research on vampires for the duration of the year. During this party, Damon and Enzo were kept in a vervain-coated cage while the other party attendants mingled and drank champagne. Damon was only let out of the cage long enough for Dr. Whitmore to take some of his blood in order to demonstrate the healing properties of vampire blood to the rest of the guests.
  • After the party, Damon and Enzo realized that they could possibly escape during the next year's party if one of them gave up their rations to the other so that they could build up enough strength to fight their way out of the cage. After Damon won their game of "Paper, Scissors, Stone," it was decided that Damon would drink Enzo's blood rations for the next year as they put their plan into action, with Enzo only given occasional sips in order to heal his experiment wounds and prevent him from desiccation. ("The Cell")


  • January 1: Damon escaped the Augustine Society after first overpowering Dr. Whitmore as he was let out of the cage to give him his blood, and then subsequently killing all of the attendants of the New Year's Eve party. While he was attacking the guests, he accidentally knocked over a lit candelabra, which then set the building on fire. However, when he was unable to break Enzo out of his cage due to the vervain covering the bars, Damon had to choose between both of them dying or Damon saving himself by leaving Enzo behind.

    Damon turning off his humanity switch

    In order to save himself from being plagued by the guilt of betraying the man who had become his best friend, Damon turned off his humanity switch prior to fleeing Augustine's building, and would not turn it back on again until sometime in 2009.
    • Damon went on believing that Enzo had perished in the fire. However, in reality, Enzo actually had survived after being rescued by one of the few Augustine members who also survived the inferno, and he would be continue to be tortured and experimented on for the next 64 years. ("The Cell")


  • At some point during this decade, Stefan stopped drinking human blood, and would not drink it again until early 2010.
  • At some point in this year, Maggie James was somehow able to recall at least part of the memories that Lorenzo St. John compelled her to forget in the 1950s.
    TVD 1003232

    Damon, killing Maggie

  • November 8: Damon killed Maggie after she attempted to kill him in order to get revenge on him for leaving Enzo for dead in the Augustine Society fire. Once he had drained her blood, Damon then ripped her head off in order to make it look as though Stefan had killed her in a Ripper relapse, as he was still resentful toward his brother for never realizing that he was in trouble after he had been captured by Augustine.[4] ("Man on Fire")


  • Five people were found dead and drained of blood in Mystic Falls from violent animal attacks. ("Bloodlines")


  • October: Sheila Bennett led an anti-war sit-in, which Stefan attended. According to Stefan, the event drew quite a crowd, and the people in attendance were mesmerized by her speech. ("Bloodlines")

ca. 1970s

  • Stefan attended Harvard University.



  • Three people were found dead and drained of blood in Mystic Falls from violent animal attacks. ("Bloodlines")
  • Slater was sired by an unknown vampire. Shortly afterward, he decided to spend his eternity learning, and began his academic career at unknown colleges, where he went on to collect eighteen bachelor's degrees, three master's degrees and four Ph.Ds before his death in 2010. ("Katerina")




  • The Strix society of vampires used scare tactics to infiltrate and take control of aspects of New York City by having a member pretend to become a serial killer who ultimately became known as the Son of Sam. ("Out of the Easy")
  • Damon, who was then living in New York and whose humanity was still turned off, was mistaken for the Son of Sam due to his indiscriminate feeding habits. He also worked for a vampire named Will, a bar owner who also sold fake identities. As part of their deal, Damon fed on and killed people who matched the description of his clients who were seeking new identities and stole their IDs to give to Will's customers, and in return, Will let Damon feed on the patrons of his bar. Damon did not know it at the time, but Katherine was one of Will's clients, and many of the IDs that Damon procured ended up being given to her whenever she needed a new identity.
  • Stefan was once again detoxing from human blood in Mystic Falls, but when he heard about Damon's killing spree in New York, he sent Lexi to help him, just like she had helped Stefan regain his humanity in the past.

    Damon tricking Lexi

    Lexi tried to do this by awakening emotions and barraging him with memories of Katherine in the hope of helping Damon turn his humanity back on, but after six months of partying together and being forced to reminisce about Katherine, Damon became angry and frustrated by Lexi's lessons, which he referred to as "constant torturing," and decided to get back at her.
    • He then pretended he was in love with her before luring her to the roof that night, where they had sex for the first time. After she fell asleep, Damon carefully barricaded the door to return inside. At sunrise, the sunlight began to burn Lexi's skin due to her lack of a daylight ring, forcing her to stand pressed against the door to avoid being burned. Damon briefly taunted her and revealed his true plans to her before fleeing and leaving Lexi to hide on the roof until sundown. Lexi would subsequently hold a grudge against Damon until her death in 2009. ("Because the Night")





Perhaps Lexi and Stefan delayed the band by appearing backstage.[7]

  • March 5: Katherine, who had been keeping track of the Salvatore brothers over the years, spotted Stefan and Lexi at a Bon Jovi concert in Chicago.[8] ("Masquerade")




In America, high school students in their junior year (11th grade) are typically between the ages of sixteen and seventeen years old.


In America, high school students in their junior year (11th grade) are typically between the ages of sixteen and seventeen years old.


There was a solar eclipse this year on May 10, 1994.[9]

  • May 9:
    • In Portland, Oregon, Malachai Parker came to the realization that his family had no intention of allowing him to perform the Merge ceremony with his twin sister Josette to determine who would become the coven's next leader, and subsequently figured out why they had a second set of twins-- they believed that his Siphoner nature, along with the emotional instability he developed after being constantly referred to as an "abomination" made him unfit to lead, but they also knew that his Siphoner powers were strong enough to overpower Jo in the Merge ceremony if they performed it, which is why they needed another set of twins who could take their place instead.
      • This revelation made Kai so furious that he sought to kill his younger twin siblings Lucas and Olivia, who his parents specifically conceived with the intention of having them perform the ritual to become the next leader instead, believing it would give the coven no choice but to allow him and Jo to complete the Merge ceremony as planned.
      • When Kai was unable to immediately find Luke and Liv, he violently slaughtered four of his other siblings who got in his way. He also stabbed Jo in the stomach with a hunting knife when she tried to protect the twins; though it was a non-fatal injury, it was still severe enough that Jo ultimately lost her spleen as a result of the trauma.

        Jo protects her young siblings

    • Jo, desperate to save her two remaining siblings, used a cloaking spell to hide Luke and Liv and came up with a plan to trick her brother in hopes of convincing Kai to spare them. This plan involved relinquishing her magic, placing it in the same hunting knife Kai used to stab her, and hiding it in a nearby tree stump before promising to perform the Merge with Kai on the condition that he didn't harm Luke and Liv.
    • Kai agreed to Jo's terms, and their father Joshua appeared to agree as well, as he then summoned the rest of the coven to prepare for the ceremony. However, he then secretly contacted their family friend Sheila Bennett for help with a spell to take down Kai in retribution for his crimes against the family and coven. ("Black Hole Sun") ("Fade Into You")
  • May 10:
    • In Portland, Oregon, the entirety of the Gemini Coven gathered in the woods near the Parker house so that Jo and Kai could merge as one and allow the stronger twin to ascend to leader of the coven using the power of the solar eclipse overhead. However, when the twins began the ritual, Kai realized that something was going wrong and became suspicious as to why he couldn't siphon any of Jo's magic. Suddenly, the coven, led by Joshua, who held the Ascendant in his outstretched hand, began casting a Bennett family spell that created a prison world where Kai would be forever trapped in a snapshot of that day. ("Fade Into You")
      • Kai ultimately would remain trapped alone in the prison world for eighteen years, during which time he would attempt to kill himself on multiple occasions, only to be magically reborn again to repeat the cycle as part of his punishment.

        Damon visits Stefan, 1994

    • In Mystic Falls, Virginia, Liz and Damon met for the first time at the celebration of the solar eclipse held at the Salvatore Boarding House, but he compelled her to forget she had met him and Stefan.
    • Damon, angry at Stefan for misunderstanding his intentions for returning to their hometown, killed the pregnant Gail and several other party attendees in retribution. Though Damon compelled Liz to forget that she had met him and his brother, the murders of the party's attendants were so suspicious that the Founder's Council was reinstated to investigate the case and hunt down any vampires who had potentially moved into the town.
    • This was the last time Stefan and Damon would see each other until Damon returned to Mystic Falls to see his brother and stay at the boarding house in September 2009. ("Pilot")
    • Sarah Salvatore was born in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia to Zach Salvatore and the late Gail. She was delivered prematurely via a cesarean section by Dr. Grayson Gilbert following her mother's untimely death, and spent several months in an incubator after her birth before she was healthy enough to be discharged. ("Black Hole Sun")
  • October 13: Jeremy Gilbert was born in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, to Grayson and Miranda.
Note: many Season Six episodes were technically set in 1994 due to Kai, Bonnie, and Damon being trapped in the 1994 Prison World.




  • June 25-26: Dr. Grayson Gilbert, who was working as a medical researcher for the Augustine Society, conducted an experiment on a vampire test subject in the basement of his medical clinic for the society that involved shocking the vampire with 3,000-4,000 volts of electricity to determine what effect, if any, it would cause to their healing ability. ("Fifty Shades of Grayson")
    • It is possible (and very likely) that this test subject was Enzo, as he had been in Augustine's captivity since 1943.


  • Jeremy Gilbert accidentally broke his arm after diving off of the dock out at the Gilbert lake house when he was six years old. ("Crying Wolf")

Late 2000




  • Thirteen-year-old Hayley Marshall went on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with several of her friends. At some point during their trip, she and her friends snuck out and got drunk before going out on the boat for some fun. Hayley was driving the boat when they got into an accident which ultimately killed one of her friends. Unbeknownst to Hayley, she had just triggered her werewolf curse by (accidentally) causing the death of a human. ("My Brother's Keeper")
  • On the next full moon, Hayley transformed into a werewolf for the first time in the living room of her home, leading to Hayley and her adoptive parents finally realizing that she was a werewolf. Her parents were so appalled and horrified by this revelation that they kicked her out of the house. Hayley then spent nearly a decade on her own as she traveled around the country in search of information about her biological parents. ("Bring It On"), ("An Unblinking Death")


  • Isobel Flemming, who was now a professor of folklore and parapsychology at Duke University, gave her husband Alaric the Gilbert ring she was given by John Gilbert as a teenager. She told him to always wear it, as it would "protect him from all of the things that go bump in the night."
  • Isobel became obsessed with her research of vampires, and sought out her former boyfriend John to gain his help in finding one. John gave her information on Damon Salvatore, believing she simply wanted to interview him for her research. However, when she finally found him and met him, she begged him to turn her, and the two ultimately had sex. ("A Few Good Men")
  • May 4: Damon came to visit Isobel at her home while Alaric was out. When he returned, he witnessed Damon feeding on her to death, not knowing that he had fed her his blood beforehand to turn her into a vampire. Damon heard Alaric's arrival and fled out the window with Isobel's body in tow before Alaric could react to seeing him kill his wife.
  • When the police were unable to find Isobel's body, she was officially declared a missing person, though Alaric and her family believed her to be dead. Her parents eventually bought a headstone and put it in the cemetery despite the fact that they had no body to bury.
  • In his grief after Isobel's disappearance, Alaric began taking her research seriously and used it to begin hunting vampires. ("Bloodlines") ("Children of the Damned")
  • 610-December-22-2007
    December 22: The annual Winter Festival held at Mystic Falls High School was opened by Mayor Richard Lockwood and his wife Carol. Traditionally, the festival is opened by the Sheriff and their spouse, but because Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes' husband Bill was helping his "friend" Steven move furniture, Liz had the mayor and his wife take their place. ("Christmas Through Your Eyes")
    • It would later be revealed that Bill Forbes was gay, and that Steven was his lover until he and Liz got divorced, at which time he became his romantic partner. ("Family Ties")


  • Seylah Chelon, having been employed by Triad Industries, saw something she shouldn't have - Malivore. She became the hunted instead of the hunter. As a result, she was thrown into the pit, and effectively erased from the collective conscious of the world. She would spend the next two years in theisolated darkness of the dimension, until she was released. ("Maybe I Should Start From The End")


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