Teressa Liane is an Australian actress who portrays Mary Louise in the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries.


Teressa's love for Film and Musical Theatre ignited at a very young age when her mother introduced her to the magic that was... the musical (on VHS). The middle child of a single-parent household, Teressa would often be left to entertain herself...and so she did, literally. Putting on shows, telling stories, it wasn't long before her work evolved from mirror to schoolyard. At eight years of age, a visit to The Arts Centre to see HMS Pinafore and that was it. Jon English won the fight and Teressa cleared the 'Dream Job' list, with one goal in sight... to act.

Throughout high school Teressa discovered she had a knack for impressions: Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Molly Shannon - you name it you'd probably find her testing and perfecting it! - But more importantly, she discovered a thrilling love for theatre and performance. The incredible support of friends and a fabulous Drama teacher gave her the confidence to join a local Theatre Group, First Impressions Youth Theatre (FIYT) Here she was surrounded by unique performers, and gained invaluable experience as a writer and actor.

While studying at La Trobe University, Teressa was swept up in the crazy world of Student Theatre. Here she made her singing debut, her writing was honoured in the Beatnik Cabaret (2008) and she made the decision to stop studying Acting, and just do it.

Transitioning from stage to screen, she took on various classes until she came across TAFTA - The Australian Film & Television Academy, in Melbourne. Founder/Director & high-profile Actor/Writer/Director John Orcsik, soon took on the role as a mentor & friend. To this day, Teressa praises John's honesty, belief and passion for his students and credits this to her own success.


Season 7


  • She's 5'5" (1,65 m).
  • She's been a fan of the show before joining it as Mary Louise.[1]


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