Terrance Greasley is a character who appeared in the thirteenth episode of Legacies.

Terrance is a member of the Greasley Family.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season One

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, MG believed that he was disowned by his father ever since he became an vampire due to his belief system and is urged by Landon to get closure and answers from the man. However MG discovers that his father was led on to believe he was truly dead as his mother kept him in the dark about his transition into a vampire the previous year. MG can't bring himself to lie when he's with his dad and shows him the vampire face. Terrance recoils in horror, believing that a demon has taken form of his son. Seeing no other choice, MG compels his father's memory away of seeing him, restoring Terrance's original belief that his son is dead and he was an good person throughout his lifetime.


Terrance is a religious man who doesn't believe in the supernatural as he views the world as black and white, according to his wife. MG has fond childhood memories of him and in the present day Terrance 'honors' MG's memory by preaching about him in his speeches. However, despite being a good man and father, Terrance is shown to be intolerant as shown when MG revealed to him that he was a vampire and not resurrected by the Lord as Terrance first believed. MG compelled his father to think of only good memories of him and to forget that he saw him 'alive' and that he was a vampire.

Physical Appearance

He wore a dark suit with a gray-green sweater and a plaid shirt underneath. He also has a pin buttoned on his suit that is connected to him running for mayor. He has brown eyes and black hair that is shaved. He is also seen with a black mustache and beard.


  • Terrance and MG (Father/Son)
  • Terrance and Veronica (Husband/Wife)


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • Terrance is a masculine given name that derives from the Latin "Terentius", and means "smoothly polished".[1]
  • Greasley is an English surname.[2]


  • According to MG, Terrance is good at playing games and was a "trivia god".



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