I rather enjoy Thanksgiving. The turkey, the cranberry sauce... The lies, the deceit, the betrayal...

With a dire prophecy looming over the Mikaelson family, Klaus and Elijah invite Lucien, Tristan and Aurora to a Thanksgiving Dinner Party in an attempt to negotiate a truce. However, their negotiations fall flat when each side wrongs the other (the Mikaelsons vs. the de Martel's).

Season Three

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In Out of the Easy, Klaus and Elijah throw a Thanksgiving Party and invite The Trinity to negotiate a truce and also to find out where their allegiance lie. Lucien is the first to arrive at the dinner but is soon greeted by Tristan and Aurora, who he greeted with clear trepidation.

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Klaus and Elijah welcome them, dispensing with the lies, revealing that they are aware of Lucien and Tristan's alliance. During the dinner, Lucien reveals that he has Cami along with the medallion, so they wouldn't dare harm him while he has what Klaus wants. Aurora becomes jealous haring Klaus' affections for Cami. When Freya reaches the compound she becomes annoyed at the sight of her brothers' guests and comforts Aurora about the whereabouts of her sister Rebekah who she hijacked from The Strix. The dinner takes a violent turn when Aurora reveals that she has dropped Rebekah into the ocean.


  • The Trinity were invited to the party. All three of them were seen together for the first time in present time.
  • Lucien and Tristan realize that the Mikaelsons are aware of their plans for The Serratura.
  • Lucien reveals that he has Cami and the Medallion.
  • Aurora informs everyone that she dropped Rebekah in the bottom of the ocean, this is a throwback reference to the lie Elijah believed in Season Two of the The Vampire Diaries.


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