[Klaus is writing a letter to Aurora as he experiences a flashback to his time at the Count de Martel's castle in the early 11th century. While he writes, he narrates the letter in voiceover as the scene cuts back and forth to the events he references. In the flashback, Elijah and Finn are practicing throwing blades at a target together in the field outside of the castle while Klaus sits nearby on a blanket that is surrounded by baskets of fruit, cheese, bread and wine. Klaus watches as Aurora braids Rebekah's hair over by a large tree and chatter amongst themselves. As Aurora braids, she looks over at Klaus and realizes he's staring at her. Klaus looks mildly embarrassed, but Aurora smiles at him]

KLAUS: [voiceover] I never meant for you to know me. I never meant to let you in.

[The scene cuts to a short time later, where Klaus and Aurora are standing close to each other as they hide behind a tree. Klaus stares at her adoringly as she smiles and caresses his cheek with her hand. Klaus repeats the gestures to Aurora as well]

KLAUS: [voiceover] But then, I should not have kissed you.

[Klaus leans forward and kisses Aurora, gently at first before it becomes more passionate]

KLAUS: [voiceover] Not the first time.

[Aurora breaks away and stares at Klaus longingly, which causes him to smile at her]

[Night has fallen, and Aurora is in her chambers, where she's applying a fragrance of some kind onto her neck as she sits on her bed. She smiles just a moment before Klaus walks nervously into her room]

KLAUS: [voiceover] Certainly not the second. There is a light in you so bright it makes me feel like the man I wish I was... and forget the thing I am.

[Klaus sits down in front of Aurora on her bed and cups her face in his hand before the two begin to make out]

KLAUS: [voiceover] I am chained to certain hungers, and have damned another to my fate...

[In the chapel, Lucien and Klaus are feeding on a man together. Lucien stops for a moment to enjoy the rush before biting into their victim's neck again and drinking deep. Klaus looks proud as he watches Lucien eat, but his smile wipes right off his face when he sees a horrified Aurora in the doorway, stunned speechless by what she's just seen]

KLAUS: [voiceover] You've seen what we do-- we hunt.

[Lucien, concerned, vamp-speeds toward Aurora, but before he can get close, Rebekah vamp-speeds into the room out of nowhere and blocks his path as Lucien glares at her]

KLAUS: [voiceover] We feed. We kill.

[When Rebekah turns back to check on Aurora, her newborn vampire hunger gets the better of her, and her vampire face comes out, scaring the human noblewoman so much that she shrieks and runs away. Rebekah, terrified, turns back to Klaus with a panicked look on her face, and Klaus is too overwhelmed to move]

KLAUS: [voiceover] But what I am, I can't answer. My family are the first-- there is no name for it.

[It is daytime now, and Aurora is laying on her side in the middle of a patch of wild lavender, sobbing from what she had witnessed Klaus, Lucien and Rebekah had done. Klaus watches her sadly from a hill far behind her, holding a folded piece of parchment with writing on both sides in his hand]

KLAUS: [voiceover] But I also desire. Deeply.

[Klaus vamp-speeds toward Aurora, who hears the wind blow past her and sits up in alarm. However, Klaus has actually run past her, leaving behind only the letter he had written for her]

KLAUS: [voiceover] And I can love... As I love you.

[Aurora picks up the letter and reads it, smiling even as tears fill her eyes]



[In the present, it is revealed that Aurora has been telling this story from her perspective to the woman at the front desk of the shop. In her hands is a bundle of lavender, which she gently holds under her nose to sniff. On the counter are several more larger lavender bundles]

AURORA: It was the most beautiful letter I'd ever received. And I did love him, with all of my heart.

[The cashier smiles at her blankly as Aurora considers the lavender for a moment]

AURORA: But eventually, our love-- like the letter-- crumbled to dust.

[Aurora picks up a pen and starts to scribble a note onto a blank page of stationary laying on the table while the cashier watches, still blank-faced and silent. Once she's done, Aurora hands the letter to the cashier with a smile]

AURORA: Deliver this, will you, with my special instruction?


[Klaus and Elijah have just returned to the compound, where they are discussing recent events]

KLAUS: So, my first sired wants to kill you. Yours wants to kill me. Makes you regret turning vampires in the first place.
ELIJAH: Well, the division of labor seems crystal clear-- two of them, two of--

[Both Elijah and Klaus are so shocked by what they see as they enter the courtyard that they stop dead in their tracks, causing Elijah to stop speaking in the middle of his sentence. The cashier from the Jardin Gris shop is laying dead on the floor on a bed made of lavender sprigs. The woman has slashed both of her wrists and has presumably bled out onto the floor due to Aurora's compulsion]

ELIJAH: [stunned] ...Us.

[Klaus, horrified, races toward the girl to examine the body and finds a letter in her hand. He picks it up and skims it quickly, and its obvious by the look on his face that it isn't good. Klaus stands to his feet before silently handing Elijah the letter, not even looking him in the eyes. Elijah curiously reads the letter aloud for the audience's benefit]

ELIJAH: "Roses are red, lavender is blue. Come find me before I find you."

[Klaus, realizing Aurora is back, is so overwhelmed by this newest development that he cannot speak]



[Klaus and Elijah are still reeling from the body they found in their home. Klaus is rereading the letter while Elijah examines the woman's body to make sure she's really dead]

KLAUS: [scowls] I remember her a better poet.
ELIJAH: Oh, I wouldn't say that this is lacking in poetry.
KLAUS: She wants us to find her.

[Klaus throws the letter back on the body]

KLAUS: So let's.

[Klaus claps Elijah on the shoulder and heads for the front door, but Elijah stops him]

ELIJAH: Are you so eager, Niklaus? Last time you even said her name was a thousand years ago, when you told me to never speak it again in your presence.
KLAUS: [annoyed] So, am I to wait as she leaves her little calling-cards all over my home?

[Elijah looks uncomfortable, and at first, he is unable to look Klaus in the eyes]

ELIJAH: There's something you should know.

[Klaus' eyes widen in horror at the idea that Elijah has kept a secret from him, and Elijah finally looks up to meet his gaze]

ELIJAH: When Mother seized control of my mind, unleashing those monstrosities that lurk behind the red door...

[Elijah is so worried that his voice drops to a whisper]

ELIJAH: I saw something.

[Klaus seems torn between wanting to know the truth and remaining blissfully ignorant as Elijah stands to his feet and walks toward him]

ELIJAH: Aurora was there.
KLAUS: [annoyed] If you mean to confess a thousand-year-old secret that will divide us after our hard-won reconciliation, then te absolvo, brother-- there is nothing you could have done involving her that would be worse than what she did to me.
ELIJAH: Please do not dismiss this, Niklaus--
KLAUS: [cuts him off] --Whatever it is, it can wait! We have a plate of here-and-now problems, and I mean to clear it.

[Klaus claps Elijah on the shoulder affectionately]

KLAUS: If it makes you feel any better, we can kill Aurora together! Then neither of us need play her little mind-games ever again, hmm?

[Elijah looks as though he still wants to confess, but after a moment, Klaus turns and walks away, leaving a silent Elijah behind with the body Aurora left them]


[There is a huge street fair and festival being held in New Orleans, where people are walking around with drinks and slipping in and out of small shops that have been set up on the curbs. Cami and Vincent are standing on the street together and talking while they watch all the people around them and sip their coffees]

CAMI: So, there is an active serial killer at large, and the city's response is to throw a serial-killer-themed festival?
VINCENT: [laughs] Axeman's Jazz Fest is a big deal, Cami! Ain't nobody gonna sit that out because some active, second-tier serial killer is on the loose. And, as far as killers go, Axeman's the best this city's ever had.

[Cami gives Vincent a skeptical look as the two walk down the street together and continue their conversation. He scoffs at her ignorance of the Axeman's history]

VINCENT: What? The year was 1919, and after terrorizing the city for months with an actual ax, he writes a letter to the Times-Picayune. Claims he's a demon. He says he's gonna kill thousands the next night. Only way he wouldn't was if every house in the city threw a party and played jazz as loud as it could. Every single house in the city did. No one died! Haha! Now, some people think it was a vampire. He was actually a witch.

[Cami looks at Vincent in disbelief]

CAMI: How do you know he's a witch?
VINCENT: Oh, he's a witch. The day he chose was Fête de Cadeau. That's the day that every witch gives a gift to the city in hopes that the city gives one back. Now, Axeman's "idea" of gift was not murdering people for a day, and in return?

[Vincent gestures around at all the people and stalls on the streets]

VINCENT: Look! The city threw him the greatest party it has ever seen!

[Cami realizes what this means and stops in her tracks]

CAMI: Wait. So, what you're saying is while frat boys celebrate an ax murderer, the witches are having their version of Christmas, which makes them all easy pickings for whoever our killer is.
VINCENT: [concerned] You still think our playboy vampire is the best lead we got?
CAMI: My gut's telling me he's involved somehow, which means if he kills again, it's my fault for convincing Klaus not to kill him. So, I want to keep tabs on him.

[Just then, Lucien is seen walking down the street, stopping by a stall selling handmade decorations. Vincent points at him and lowers his voice]

VINCENT: Speak of the devil.

[Cami and Vincent exchange worried looks before they slowly follow Lucien down the street, trying their best to remain inconspicuous]

[Elsewhere at the festival, Klaus and Elijah are walking together in search of Aurora]

ELIJAH: [sighs] Brother, she could be anywhere. How exactly do you intend to find her?
KLAUS: She'll leave a mark. That is, after all, her favorite game.

[Klaus looks over at a stall, where he sees a row of fancy bottles full of perfume, the sight of which trigger a flashback in his mind of his time with Aurora]


[In flashback, Klaus and Aurora are laying naked in Aurora's bed after having just finished making love. Klaus is still braced on top of her as he smiles happily]

AURORA: Oh... Oh...!
KLAUS: Well, that was fun!

[Klaus starts to kiss up Aurora's arm toward her shoulder as he chuckles happily]

KLAUS: Delightful... delirious... delicious fun.

[Klaus kisses her on the cheek, and Aurora hums happily]

AURORA: Mmm... And yet, you would appear to want more. I fear I've not satisfied you.

[Klaus smiles and leans closer to her face]

KLAUS: Your fears are absurd.

[Klaus kisses her on the lips and they both giggle as Aurora suddenly flips them over so Klaus is on his back against the pillows while she straddles him]

AURORA: I'm not fragile, you know. You do not have to treat me so gently.
KLAUS: I do not wish to hurt you.
AURORA: Well, then make me like you! Do to me what you did to Lucien.

[Klaus is stunned by Aurora's request and frowns before quietly replying]

KLAUS: You know not what you ask.
AURORA: Well, I know we'd no longer have to hide our love-- not from my father, my brother. Not from anyone. If I were like you, I would be beholden to no one, and we could be together, truly, with no boundaries.

[Klaus sits up so his torso is pressed against Aurora's, and he reaches up to card his fingers through her waist-length red curls]

KLAUS: You are perfect just the way you are. Take, for example, these lovely long locks, hmm? Now, how did you manage to capture the scent of a summer's day in the tresses of your hair?

[Aurora looks at him intensely for a moment before pressing him back against the bed and kissing him]



[Klaus, who has just picked up a clear bottle of pink perfume with a red squeeze-bulb at the top from the nearby stall, as though he recognizes it. When he flips it upside down, he sees a label which reads "de Beaucage No. 9 parfum." After a moment, he sets it back on the counter. Meanwhile, Elijah, who is several feet away, looks around boredly before calling out to Klaus]

ELIJAH: This mark that you speak of... I see nothing, brother.

[Elijah turns to look at Klaus and is shocked to see that he has completely vanished. He looks around to try to find him, to no avail]


[Klaus has just arrived at the boutique where they make the perfume in Aurora's clue. He walks slowly through the front door and into the shop, and after a moment, Aurora, having heard him enter, walks out in a short red dress and knee-length boots, smiling widely at him while Klaus scowls]

AURORA: I knew you would find me. Hello, my sweet love.


[Davina, wearing a formal black dress, is being fussed over by several witches in one of the tombs. One of them is twisting her hair into a mature up-do, while others are preparing her for the event. In front of Davina stands Hayley and Jackson, both of whom look confused as to why they're there. Davina holds two different-colored thick ribbons in her hands as she addresses the two Crescent wolves]

DAVINA: I have to pick one-- orange or purple?
JACKSON: [incredulously] Did you seriously call us here to play Fashion Police?

[Davina becomes overwhelmed by one of the witches, who is holding a round incense ball hanging from a chain so the smoke wafts toward her]

DAVINA: [irritably] Okay, I know this is sacred oil, but can we please not do that right now?

[The witches leave Davina to conduct her business privately, and she calls out to them as they leave]

DAVINA: Thank you.

[Davina turns her attention back to Hayley and Jackson as she ties the orange ribbon around her throat]

DAVINA: Sorry. Thank you for coming.
HAYLEY: [rolls her eyes] Like we had a choice, Davina. Either we do your bidding, or you blow out that candle of yours and turn us back into wolves. So, we're pretty much your slaves.

[At the sight of how overwhelmed Davina looks, Jackson smiles at Hayley and tries to politely improve the tension in the room]

JACKSON: Now Hayley, come on. This is the deal we made. Let's let her say her piece, hmm?

[Jackson turns back to Davina]

JACKSON: What do you want?
DAVINA: [nervously] This is my first Cadeau as Regent. Since I represent the city, the covens have to pay tribute to me, and I throw them a party. I need them to respect me, but this is the first public event since...

[Davina, too guilty about her actions to continue, trails off, and Hayley finishes her sentence for her]

HAYLEY: ...Since you had me kill those witches in the 9th Ward?

[Davina nods once, visibly uncomfortable]

DAVINA: I have a feeling it might not go so well, especially since Van Nguyen blames me for what happened to his mom. He vowed to get back at me. Actually, he said he would erase me. I mean, who even talks like that?
HAYLEY: So, you want us to be your bodyguards?

[Davina stands to her feet, and judging by her increasingly hysterical tone of voice, it's clear that her nerves are fraying from the stress of the Fête de Cadeau festivities]

DAVINA: Look, I know that you're not exactly thrilled with me right now, but if I die, that candle's magic dies, too. And then there's nothing stopping you from changing back into wolves.

[Jackson sighs before turning to Hayley, who seems unhappy with this plan]

JACKSON: Well, why don't you stay with Davina, and I will check out the crowd?

[Jackson leaves to do just that, and Davina looks at Hayley expectantly]

HAYLEY: [sighs] I'll keep you alive.

[Hayley wrinkles her nose at Davina's outfit]

HAYLEY: But, if you wear that awful orange scarf, you'll wish that I hadn't.

[Davina rolls her eyes and reluctantly removes the blood-orange ribbon from around her throat]


[Klaus and Aurora are still standing several feet apart, both staring intensely at the other]

AURORA: A thousand years. Can it really have been so long? Looking at you now, it feels like yesterday.
KLAUS: [still scowling] If yesterday were the apocalypse.
AURORA: [smiles] Are you saying that leaving me felt like the end of the world?
KLAUS: Leaving you alive.

[Aurora snickers at his joke before changing the subject as Klaus walks toward her]

AURORA: I notice Elijah's not with you. Was he reluctant to tag along?

[Klaus smiles snidely at her]

KLAUS: On the contrary, he's been calling me incessantly since I ditched him to find you, raving about some ancient secret and the possibility of using your head as a footstool.

[They both chuckle weakly as they continue to stare at each other with only a table standing between them]

AURORA: Well, I'm sure he would rather have his footstool that have me share that little secret.

[As they continue their conversation, they circle around the table full of large bottles of perfume]

KLAUS: Let me guess-- in the time between being with me and seeking refuge in the arms of your brother, you slept with mine?
AURORA: [rolls her eyes] Oh, your accusations are so banal. The truth is, I've never been with your brother. At least, not in the way that you think.

[Klaus, tired of their game, cuts to the point]

KLAUS: Why are you here, Aurora?
AURORA: The witches here, they celebrate Fête de Cadeau-- Feast of Gifts. It made me remember that very intimate gift we gave each other so long ago.

[The two are suddenly transported back to another flashback]


[Aurora is sitting on in the chapel, sobbing loudly and sniffling into the sleeves of her dress. After a moment, Klaus walks in with a large bouquet of wild flowers]

KLAUS: [worried] I always thought the day of one's birth was an event to be celebrated?

[Aurora quickly wipes the tears from her cheeks]

AURORA: [sniffles] And yet, I wish I'd not been born.

[Klaus sits down next to her on the bench and looks at her with concern]

KLAUS: What saddens you so?

[Aurora continues to cry, which only worries Klaus more]

KLAUS: Aurora, what is it? Tell me.

[Aurora tries to catch her breath]

AURORA: The day of my birth is no occasion for joy. My mother died giving birth to me. That's my first act on this earth, was to kill the one who gave me life. It makes me cursed and broken, an abomination. I..

[Aurora breaks into sobs once again, and Klaus, feeling badly for her, leans forward to comfort her]

KLAUS: You believe that you are cursed, but you are not alone. There is a thing that I have done that I never told anybody. It will break Rebekah's heart. Kol would rage, Finn would disown me, and Elijah... would never forgive me.

[Klaus takes a deep breath before continuing]

KLAUS: I killed my mother.

[Aurora gasps in shock from this confession, and Klaus' voice gets quieter and quieter as he continues talking until it becomes only a whisper]

KLAUS: Not in childbirth, but in a fit of rage. Twice she birthed me-- once as a bastard, and then once as this thing I am now. She crippled me from becoming who I was meant to be, and then she turned her back on me in shame... And so, I killed her, and I blamed it on my father, and we've been running ever since. Until now. Until you. So, you see, however broken you think you are, you are not as broken as me.

[Aurora is stunned by Klaus' confession, but not in the way he thinks]

AURORA: You see? Once again, you seek to repel me with our differences, but all I can see is how you and I are the same.

[Aurora becomes excited by the prospect of their shared grief]

AURORA: Well, then, let us share this gift with each other! You will forever hold my deepest shame, and...

[Aurora caresses Klaus' face with her hand, wiping away a tear that had fallen]

AURORA: I... I will hold yours. Never again shall we speak them to another soul, and never again will they have any power over us.

[Klaus seems sincerely touched by Aurora's proclamation, and she pauses for a moment before continuing]

AURORA: Would you think it base of me to ask one more gift on my birthday?

[Klaus stares at her intensely]

KLAUS: I would give you anything
AURORA: [smiles weakly] Oh, then please Niklaus... Make me like you.

[Klaus pauses, clearly torn about what to do]



[In the present day, Klaus smirks snidely at Aurora]

KLAUS: You've had a thousand birthdays since. If I forgot to send a card, it's because I forgot about you. Is that why you're here? To remind me?
AURORA: [annoyed] I am here for the same reason Lucien and Tristan are-- to protect my sire. Now, if you'd turned me that night like I'd asked, I would be here to protect you. But, since you didn't, I need to know... Where in the hell is Rebekah?

[Klaus gulps nervously and looks up at Aurora]


[Tristan is wearing a suit and seated at a table, where he's eating breakfast. After a moment, Elijah approaches his table and sets a mason jar with a bloody heart inside of it in front of him. Tristan does not seem to be pleased by the sight of his sire as he slides into the seat across from him]

TRISTAN: Elijah. I didn't realize we had a meeting on the books today.
ELIJAH: We don't. Unfortunately, your assistant refused to accommodate me.

[Elijah pushes the jar toward Tristan as he wipes his face with a cloth napkin]

TRISTAN: What would you like to discuss?

[Tristan, clearly irritated, throws his napkin onto the table]

ELIJAH: Recent events would suggest you've been less than forthcoming about threats facing my family.
TRISTAN: [confused] A threat to you is a threat to me.
ELIJAH: [narrows his eyes] Naughty little liar.
TRISTAN: [amused] I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.
ELIJAH: Oh, I'm quite certain you do know precisely what I'm talking about, Tristan. I can hear that heart of yours racing away. You see, even as we speak, I suspect Niklaus is with your sister.

[Elijah pulls the blood-stained letter Aurora left for Klaus out of his inner jacket pocket and lays it in front of Tristan on the table]

ELIJAH: I don't have to tell you what a volatile combination the two of them are.
TRISTAN: And you think I'm hiding her?
ELIJAH: Wherever you go, Aurora follows.
TRISTAN: It's true, on her good days. Years ago, Rory fell into one of her dark periods. It's been a long one, and has yet to lift. I saw she got the care she needed.
ELIJAH: I don't care. Where is she?
TRISTAN: [smiles] Are you that afraid of what my sister might have to say to your brother?
ELIJAH: Your sister has a habit of cultivating misfortune.
TRISTAN: [shrugs] I can't disagree. And, as it happens, I don't know her current whereabouts, but I know she can't be here. I'm the first person she'd come to.

[Elijah narrows his eyes at Tristan, examining him for any signs that he's lying before standing and walking toward the door, though he turns back briefly for one last parting statement]

ELIJAH: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

[Once Elijah is gone, Tristan picks up the letter Aurora wrote for Klaus and begins to read it]


[Cami and Vincent are still attempting to surreptitiously follow Lucien as he walks through the streets of the festival]

CAMI: [quietly] Do you think in a hundred years, they'll be throwing him a party? Smiley-Face-Carver Blues Fest?
VINCENT: [shrugs] Eh, well, everybody likes a charismatic killer. You and me know that better than most.
CAMI: [scoffs] Excuse me?
VINCENT: You and Klaus, me and my psycho ex-wife? Why do you think I don't practice magic anymore? There was something in me that was drawn to Eva's darkness, and I will always be on guard against that part of myself.

[The two stop to talk while keeping at eye on Lucien, but just as a crowd of people walk between them, Lucien vanishes into thin air, causing both Cami and Vincent to panic]

CAMI: No! No, no... What just happened?

[Vincent shakes his head in disbelief]

VINCENT: No, no... He's stringing us along--

[Vincent turns to look back at Cami, who has also managed to disappear in the time that he was talking, making Vincent even more worried]

VINCENT: Cami! Cami?

[Lucien has vamp-sped himself and Cami into an abandoned alley, where he flings her roughly to the ground, causing her to groan loudly in pain]


[She looks up fearfully to see Lucien standing above her with a fake smile]

LUCIEN: Cami, so good to see you! I've been dying to get you alone.

[After the break, Lucien walks over to where Cami dropped her phone on the ground and picks it up while Cami continues to stare at him in horror]

LUCIEN: [sighs dramatically] You do know I was cleared of suspicion by real detectives, yet you hound me. Why is that?

[Lucien turns back to Cami, who has just pulled herself to her feet, and hands her phone out to her. She takes it quickly]

CAMI: It's my job to read people, and you aren't that hard to read.
LUCIEN: [laughs] Ha! Now, on that we disagree. One thing we can agree on-- this delicate little theater between us does need to read a conclusion, so...

[Lucien steps toward Cami, and with every step he takes, she takes one backward away from him. He ends up winning by cornering her, and she gasps as he tilts her chin with his hand so she's forced to look him in the eyes]

LUCIEN: How do we end it?

[Cami, clearly scared, tries her best to hide it and chuckles weakly]

CAMI: Heh. If you hurt me, I know a certain someone who won't react very well.
LUCIEN: [rolls his eyes] Ah. Yes. You think because you know someone like Klaus, you know someone like me? Well, you don't. You have no idea what I'm capable of, but you are about to find out.

[Before Cami can react further, Lucien vamp-speeds away in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, she hears a rustling sound behind her, followed by a wet gagging noise nearby and hesitantly follows it over to the dumpster behind her. When she walks around it, she finds a barely-alive rich man who has been drained of blood and whose mouth has been carved open like the others. Cami gasps in horror at the sight and rushes over to him]

CAMI: Oh! Oh... No, no, no.

[Cami sits the man up so he's laying back in her lap, and she tries to apply pressure to his wounds as he seemingly dies in her arms, leaving her panicked and desperately looking around for help]


[Klaus and Aurora continue their reunion in the parfumerie]

KLAUS: You came all this way to protect Rebekah? Bit of a wasted trip, really.

[Klaus moves around the table and heads for the door]

KLAUS: Your sire has moved on to greener pastures.

[Aurora, annoyed, shouts after her, and Klaus stops in the doorway]

AURORA: My fate is bound to hers! I should be allowed to protect her.

[Klaus turns to face her]

KLAUS: You needn't concern yourself with Rebekah. Besides, I doubt she'd make the same mistake twice.
AURORA: [curiously] The first mistake being...?
KLAUS: Ever trusting you.


[Rebekah walks into Aurora's bedroom to find her sprawled across her bed, her wrists and ankles slashed with a knife. She is bleeding out onto her sheets, but is not quite dead yet, and Rebekah, panicked, rushes over to her and bites her wrist]

REBEKAH: [groans in pain] AHH!

[Rebekah feeds Aurora her blood, and after a moment, Aurora's wounds heal, and she awakens with a gasp. She sits up and scoots backward away from Rebekah, who is gasping from shock and fear and looking at her with wide eyes]

REBEKAH: You stupid girl! Why would you do this to yourself?

[Aurora pants for breath and takes a moment before she answers]

AURORA: It's Tristan. He forbade me from seeing Niklaus. Everything inside of me was screaming. I had to let it out.

[Rebekah looks at her sympathetically, but is clearly still upset by what she's just witnessed]

REBEKAH: To take your own life? Aurora, this pain, it will pass...
AURORA: [pained] You do not understand. My own mind is a demon that haunts me. It tortures me and hunts me. But you? You are not saddled with such disease. You and your family, you're never ill, and if you are wounded...

[Aurora looks at the now-vanished wounds on her wrists in wonder]

AURORA: ...You heal, like Lucien after Niklaus fed him blood.

[Rebekah sighs in frustration]

REBEKAH: We have our own torments, Aurora. None that I would dare wish on another.
AURORA: Your torments of hunger and blood do not frighten me! Niklaus once told me he never felt more alive than when he became what he is.
REBEKAH: And do we seem alive to you? Hiding in your family's manor, pretending to be o a class and stature that we are not? We are cursed.

[Aurora looks upset by this refusal]

AURORA: Perhaps, but your curse is nothing compared to mine.

[Aurora's eyes fill with tears, and Rebekah stares at her for a long moment. When it becomes clear that Rebekah is not going to turn her, Aurora's voice becomes emotionless]

AURORA: Please go. I want to sleep.

[Rebekah, not realizing what she's planning, just looks at her sympathetically and rubs her leg affectionately]

REBEKAH: Oh, sweet girl.

[Aurora lays back in her bed, and Rebekah eventually leaves as Aurora asked and closes the door behind her. Once she's gone, Aurora sits back up in bed, looking at the moon overhead through the large window on the other side of the room]

AURORA: [voiceover] Your sister smelled of wild berries. It was intoxicating. And then I smelled of lavender.

[Aurora walks toward the window, lifting the skirt of her nightgown as she steps up onto the window sill and looks down at the ground below]

AURORA: [voiceover] I could see the garden from above.

[Aurora takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and allows herself to fall forward in a swan-dive, much like when she jumped off of the ledge at the monastery in I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans]


[In the present, Aurora smiles and finishes her story as she sprays some perfume onto her neck]

AURORA: The last thing I remember as a human was that scent, which clung to me all the way down.

[She turns back to look at Klaus, who is once again scowling at her]


[The witches of all nine covens have gathered in front of the Lycée, each with an animal in hand to offer to Davina as Regent. Davina is standing at the top of the steps of the Lycée, looking nervous and uncomfortable with the lavender ribbon around her neck. A man leads a goat up to Davina by a leash, while others hold animals like chickens and rabbits, all of which are squawking and baaing loudly, and she tries her best to smile through her displeasure]

DAVINA: Another goat. How lovely.

[She turns to address the rest of the witches, who are joined by Hayley, who smiles at her sympathetically]

DAVINA: I'd like to thank the Gentily Coven for their generous gift on this day of Fête de Cadeau.

[Davina blinks suddenly, overwhelmed by the sounds of all of the animals waiting to be given as gifts, and tries her best to remain calm]

DAVINA: I apologize. I need a minute.

[Davina walks away as quickly as she can and takes refuge from her duties in between a row of tombs. After a moment, Hayley appears and smiles weakly at her before sitting down beside her]

HAYLEY: Not a fan of goats, huh?
DAVINA: I love goats. But, do you know how many of them I've had to sacrifice? Just once, I'd like to get a gift card. I mean, I know this is all tradition, but it's just not me. And you know what I really hate?
HAYLEY: [chuckles] That choker-scarf?
DAVINA: This choker-scarf! And I only wore it because Josephine did, and I thought that maybe, if I were more like her, then... then maybe, they would respect me.

[Hayley, who has been drinking a bottled beer, hands it to Davina]

HAYLEY: Here. You need this more than I do.

[Davina takes it and takes a large gulp, though she grimaces at the taste of it, causing Hayley to laugh]

HAYLEY: You know, Davina, I... I wasn't okay with what you had me to do the Versailles Coven.

[Davina looks hurt by this, but continues to listen to Hayley intently]

HAYLEY: But, I'm guessing that you're not okay with it, either. So you're running from it, pretending to be someone that you're not. Someone who you think that they want you to be. You know what I've learned? No one is gonna respect you until you show them who you really are. So...

[Hayley reaches over and unties the ribbon around Davina's neck before handing it to her]

HAYLEY: ...If you're gonna wear old-lady choker-scarves, you're gonna get old-lady goats.

[Davina laughs despite herself and smiles at Hayley before taking another drink of the beer]


[Marcel and Elijah are standing outside of the cage in Marcel's fighting gym and discussing Elijah's meeting with Tristan earlier as they watch several vampires spar with each other]

MARCEL: Is that all you got? A hunch?
ELIJAH: [annoyed] I don't do hunches. I've known Tristan a thousand years. He's not easily shaken, and yet I heard that little weasel's heart pound when I accused him of working with someone, and, strangely, nothing when I mentioned Aurora. He may be telling the truth about that.
MARCEL: [nods] But, he could be hiding something, and now you need my help finding out what.
ELIJAH: [snarkily] That would be splendid, Marcellus. You do have that fabulous new Strix membership.
MARCEL: [rolls his eyes] Mmm. I'm only with those people because I want to know why they're in my city, and I'm not blowing my cover just because you heard a guy's heart skip.

[Marcel pauses and smiles smugly at Elijah]

MARCEL: But, lucky for you, I got this city wired in ways you don't even know about. I'll have my people trail your boy. Let's see what they find out.


[Aurora is in the middle of pricking her index fingertip with a pin while Klaus glares at her unhappily]

AURORA: You can always catch an insect with the smell of a flower...

[Aurora drips her blood into a bottle of perfume, before dabbing some of the bloody perfume on her neck and holding it out to Klaus' face]

AURORA: But it's the smell of blood that draws a carnivore.

[Klaus roughly grabs Aurora by the wrist and leans in close to her]

KLAUS: And what draws a snake?
AURORA: Ooh, how you loathe me, so certain I've come to do you harm. Yet, as I recall, we did plenty of harm to each other. And, if I'm not mistaken, we both rather liked it, didn't we?


[Klaus is sitting solemnly in the chapel, which has been warmed by several metal fire pits throughout the room, when Aurora walks in, wearing a dark dress and looking as though she's in awe. When Klaus hears her coming, he hops to his feet, and the sight of her nearly brings him to tears, though she's visibly happy]

KLAUS: [growls] What have you done?
AURORA: [smiles] Remade myself into your equal!

[Klaus's face twists in a mix of anger and sadness]

KLAUS: [loudly] No!
AURORA: Yes! Now we need never be alone.

[Aurora vamp-speeds toward Klaus and kisses him passionately, biting his lip so hard she draws blood. When he pulls away, a dribble of blood running down his chin, Aurora's vampire face comes out, and she licks her bloody fangs with relish. Klaus' vampire face comes out as well, and he vamp-speeds them over to the nearby wall, where he pins her as he begins to kiss her even more roughly. After a moment, Aurora spins them, speeding them against one of the support beams, where Klaus' back slams against the stone as they continue to make out. Klaus then lifts Aurora up so her legs are wrapped around his waist as they continue their tryst, while Aurora continues the story in voiceover]

AURORA: [voiceover] Do you remember what that first time felt like, to be with someone every bit as powerful, as tormented, and as cursed as you?



[Aurora is still standing close to Klaus, who is not unaffected by her words]

KLAUS: [quietly] Yes.
AURORA: Look me in the eye and tell me that you haven't thought about what we had every day for the last thousand years.

[Klaus, torn between his romantic desires and the fact that he still cannot trust her, remains silent]

AURORA: You want to know why I have come? Because after a thousand years of trying to erase your touch, your smell, the taste of your lips... I'm here for you. For this.

[Aurora moves her face closer to Klaus', testing to see how he reacts, and when he doesn't move, she slowly and carefully kisses him on the lips]


[Night has fallen, and outside the most recent crime scene of New Orleans' serial killer, Vincent is talking to a still-shaken Cami about what happened. She still has a smear of blood on her cheek from trying to resuscitate the victim]

CAMI: [sadly] There's nothing I could have done.
VINCENT: [sighs] Well, I could've. I could've--

[Vincent cuts off that thought and quickly changes the subject as the paramedics wheel the victim away in a body bag on a gurney]

VINCENT: Lucien's our killer, right? I mean, is there really any doubt? And, like you said from the very beginning, you can't use cops to take down a vampire. You gotta use something else. Something like me.

[Cami suddenly gets an idea]

CAMI: What if I told you there was a way you could use magic without actually doing it?

[Before Vincent can respond, Detective Kinney appears out of nowhere]

KINNEY: You had quite a night, O'Connell, hmmm?

[Cami, looking uncomfortable due to the supernatural nature of how she found the body, responds quietly]

CAMI: I guess I took a wrong turn.

[Kinney gives her a very suspicious and skeptical look]

KINNEY: You mean to tell me you just turned a corner and happened to find a victim in the murder you're independently investigating? Huh?

[Cami squirms nervously, and Vincent looks shocked by this accusation]

KINNEY: Vince, you were here for all this?
VINCENT: I got here, she was trying to save the guy. She was too late. That's it.
KINNEY: [rolls his eyes] Right. So, you found her after she'd been alone with the victim, is that right?

[Cami finally starts to get angry]

CAMI: Are you accusing me?
KINNEY: All I know is, I used to have to call you to these crime scenes. Now? Here you are, part of one.

[Kinney walks away with one last glare at Cami, leaving her and Vincent shocked by this turn of events]


[The Fête de Cadeau festivities are still going on, and the witches of the various covens are all celebrating and drinking together as Jackson quietly patrols the cemetery. In between a row of tombs away from the party, Van Nguyen and several other witches from his coven are in the middle of casting a spell in Vietnamese. Van holds a poppet in one hand and a large knife in the other]

VAN & THE WITCHES: [chants] Chế cao su đã. Chế cao su đã. Chế cao su đã.

[Van holds up the poppet and the knife and prepares to stab it in the heart]

VAN: In the name of those we lost, we will have justice for them.

[Before Van can stab the poppet, Jackson appears and yells at them]


[Jackson punches one of the witches in the face, his wolf-eyes glowing gold, and he kicks the other witch out of the way before pinning Van against the wall of a tomb in a choke-hold]

JACKSON: You're a little old to be playing with dolls.
VAN: [angrily] You gonna finish me like your people finished off my mom?

[Jackson growls in annoyance before grabbing Van by the front of his shirt and dragging him away]

JACKSON: Come on.


[Klaus and Aurora are still making out in the shop. However, when they pull away, Klaus looks angry and frustrated as he vamp-speeds them over to the nearby doorway and slams Aurora face-first into it]

KLAUS: We could've been the greatest love story ever told! Perhaps you've forgotten why we're not.
AURORA: Oh, I remember quite well. The night you left without me, you didn't even bother to look back.


[Finn has just rushed into their family's quarters, looking panicked as Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus look at him with concern]

FINN: [furiously] I knew it would come to this! Be it Kol's antics-- [He gestures to Klaus]-- or yours, or those creatures you and Rebekah have created.
ELIJAH: [worried] What is it?
FINN: Word has spread. The villagers talk of beasts who feed on blood, and if these country imbeciles know...
ELIJAH: [panicked] Father will come. We need to flee.

[The scene cuts to some time later, where Klaus has come to Aurora's bedroom to tell her what is happening]

AURORA: [confused] Run away with you? Leave my brother, this house?
KLAUS: The world is bigger than this house! Let me show you.
AURORA: [frowns] How? As we hide, fleeing your brute of a father? Always on the run, living like dogs? I think not.

[Klaus, stunned and hurt by this reaction, guesses what has changed her mind]

KLAUS: Your brother has turned you from me.
AURORA: No. I turned from you, because I do not love you! I... I thought I did, but it's as if I see you clearly for the first time, and I find you a cruel, wretched thing. Pathetic, really, and unworthy of anyone's love, let alone mine.

[Every word Aurora speaks just hurts Klaus more, until he's gaping at her in shock as tears fill his eyes]

KLAUS: You don't mean that.
AURORA: [angrily] After all, your own mother turned against you. If she who gave you life could come to loathe you and then be snuffed out by your own hand, what hope is there for you?
KLAUS: [in tears] You are breaking my heart... And you swore you would never speak of this.
AURORA: I owe you nothing. We are not alike, and I could never love you.

[Klaus stands heartbroken and stares at Aurora in shock]



[At the reminder of this devastating event, Klaus scowls at Aurora]

KLAUS: You know, you should count yourself lucky. In a thousand years, no one has talked to me that way and lived.
AURORA: Yes, I was rather cruel, wasn't I? Some might say uncharacteristically so.
KLAUS: [annoyed] What are you getting at?
AURORA: I was not the architect of our heartbreak. In the moments before you asked me to flee with you, I saw your brother...


[Aurora sees Elijah frantically preparing to leave and approaches him]

AURORA: [confused] Where are you going?
ELIJAH: Father is coming. We have to flee.
AURORA: Well, then I will come with you!
ELIJAH: [shakes his head] No. No, his curse is ours and ours alone to bear.
AURORA: [hurt] But I am like you now.
ELIJAH: [firmly] You are not our blood.
AURORA: What difference does blood make? All this talk of your sacred family bond, when I know things about him that you never will, even that which weighs heaviest on his heart.

[Elijah is shocked by this revelation]


AURORA: I told him I wouldn't betray you, and that true love transcends blood, but he wouldn't listen. He just had one question.


[Elijah walks over to Aurora until they are face-to-face, looking angrily at her]

ELIJAH: What could you possibly know about my brother that I do not? What, precisely, did my brother say to you?

[When a clearly anxious Aurora remains silent, Elijah lunges forward and stares her in the eyes, unknowingly compelling her in the process]

ELIJAH: [furiously] SPEAK!



[In the present, Aurora and Klaus continue their conversation. Aurora is so upset by this confession that she starts to cry, and turns her back to Klaus]

KLAUS: And so you told him.
AURORA: I couldn't stop the words flying out of my mouth-- words I swore I would never tell to another living soul, about how you killed your mother and blamed your father, and you had to lie to them so that they would flee with you.

FLASHBACK [After Aurora tells Klaus' secret, Elijah looks appalled and devastated by what he has just learned]

ELIJAH: He... He killed our... mother? Niklaus?

[Aurora, realizing what she's just done, begins to cry]

AURORA: Why did I tell you? I swore I would keep his secret.

[Elijah is so distracted by processing this new information that he isn't paying attention to Aurora]

ELIJAH: [mutters] So, he... he lied to me. He's lied to us all.
AURORA: And yet, I love him in spite of it.

[Elijah, now furious, once again lunges toward Aurora]

ELIJAH: He does not deserve your love!

[He stares her in the eyes, this time compelling her on a more conscious level, while Aurora is powerless to stop it]

ELIJAH: You listen to me. You must only see him as the wretched, deceitful monster that he truly is.

[Aurora, dazed, repeats his statement in a confused voice]

AURORA: I see him as the monster that he is.



[Aurora finishes up her story for Klaus, who is horrified by the revelation of Elijah's secret]

AURORA: When you came to see me not minutes later, begging me to go with you, I could not say yes. I had been compelled otherwise. I believe it was the first time he experienced the ability to compel, and when he understood what he did, he did not come and undo it.
KLAUS: [stunned] So, that's it...? Elijah's secret?
AURORA: Yes. You made him suffer the loss of a mother, and this was his revenge.

[Aurora and Klaus, both in tears, stare at each other for a long moment]


[Jackson and Hayley have brought Van into the tomb to see a still-stressed Davina. Van yanks himself out of their grip and shouts at Davina]

VAN: You've already taken everything away from me, so go ahead! Kill me! Get it over with!

[Davina stares at him calmly, though she doesn't seem happy about this]

DAVINA: You tried to murder a Regent, by which law you should be hanged.
VAN: [scoffs] Murder? Is that the first place your mind goes? Do you even know what I was using to attack you?

[Jackson, who has the poppet in his hands, walks over and hands it to Davina, who immediately realizes what it is and looks ashamed for her mistake]

DAVINA: This isn't to kill me.
VAN: It's a figure veritas. Stab it in the heart, and the victim must confess their darkest truths.
DAVINA: [sadly] You wanted me to admit what I did to your mom so I'd be shunned.
VAN: [shrugs] Maybe I'd rather see you dead, but at least that would be justice.
DAVINA: [sighs] Look, she's the one who attacked me. She wanted a mutiny, and if that happens, what's next? An all-out witch war to decide the next Regent? How many people will die then?
VAN: [scoffs] So you think the covens are better off with you?
DAVINA: I do. I've seen things done the old way. I've done things the old way. And it doesn't work. If you don't want peace, then fine. Go. You're free. But, I'm asking you... Please stay. We can work together. We can change things.

[Van stares at her for a long moment before he turns and leaves the tomb without another word. Davina looks disappointed, but both Jackson and Hayley seem impressed by Davina's desire to lead the witches in a new, peaceful direction]


[Elijah is in the middle of leaving Klaus yet another message as he paces around the hallway outside of the courtyard]

ELIJAH: [tensely] Niklaus, would you kindly return my call?

[As he hangs up the phone, Marcel walks into the hallway, and Elijah doesn't even have to turn around to know he's there]

ELIJAH: Marcellus. Talk to me.
MARCEL: [sighs] Yep. We got a problem.

[Elijah, bracing for bad news, turns to face Marcel as he continues what he's learned]

MARCEL: My guy stayed on Tristan's tail all day. Followed him to this place called the Candide Royale. He goes in, never comes out. So, he's obviously using it as a way to get to somewhere.
ELIJAH: How and where?
MARCEL: The building has hidden passageways leading out the back. Now, bootleggers used them in the '20s to run booze to a secret storehouse on Dauphine, and you'll never guess who just bought that storehouse.

[Elijah shakes his head once, so Marcel answers his own question]

MARCEL: Kingmaker Land Development, owned by one Lucien Castle. Now, that sure as hell isn't a coincidence.

[Elijah is stunned by this information as he brainstorms the implications]

MARCEL: Either they're brokering some kind of truce...
ELIJAH: ...Or, they've been working together the whole time.

[Marcel nods in agreement]


[Klaus looks at Aurora angrily as they continue their discussion]

KLAUS: You've had a thousand years to tell me of Elijah's betrayal. Why now?
AURORA: Well, there's never been a prophecy witch spelling all our doom until now.
KLAUS: [suspiciously] What do you know of her?
AURORA: I know I killed her.

[Aurora walks past him as she continues]

AURORA: My brother told me of her prophecy, but I needed to see her for myself. And what did she show me? The clan Mikaelson destroyed, including my sire. And I believed her. But, a dangerous toy in dangerous hands must be removed, so I poisoned her. And now, I'm going to change the future she saw.
KLAUS: [growls] By turning me against the only brother I have left.
AURORA: The prophecy said that you would fall by friend, by foe, and by family. Have you thought of who that family might be? 'Cause it might just be the one closest to you.

[Klaus glares at her angrily]


[Hayley is sitting on a bench outside of the tomb when Davina walks out of it with a small, sweet smile]

HAYLEY: Happy witch day, or whatever this is...

[Hayley gestures around with her beer bottle before taking a gulp from it. Davina giggles in amusement]

DAVINA: Hayley, I wanted to thank you.
HAYLEY: For what? The free fashion advice?

[The girls both laugh happily]

DAVINA: You were right. Since I became Regent, I've tried to control everything and everyone. But, that's not me. I don't want to be that person anymore.

[Davina turns and quickly walks back into the tomb, grabbing the lit candle infused with Hayley's hair and blood before returning to keep talking to her. Hayley looks at her warily, but says nothing]

DAVINA: I asked the Ancestors to give me the magic to lift your curse. Since it's Cadeau...

[Davina concentrates on the candle before blowing it out, causing Hayley to gasp in fear for a moment]

DAVINA: [smiles] They granted it.

[Hayley looks both surprised and touched by this gift, and breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes she won't be forced back into wolf form]

DAVINA: Keeping you a slave seems like something the older generation would do.

[Davina sits down next to Hayley and hands her the candle]

DAVINA: I'd rather have you as a friend.

[Hayley smiles widely, thrilled by this gift, and Davina smiles back at her happily]


[Cami has brought Vincent back to Kieran's old apartment, where they've entered the hidden room through the closet. Vincent looks around at all of the dark objects on the shelves before glancing at her incredulously]

VINCENT: You realize half this stuff comes from the Tremé witches, right?
CAMI: How would I know? I inherited it all from my uncle.

[Vincent looks concerned by Cami's arsenal]

VINCENT: You don't even want to know what this stuff does, Camille. Why didn't you tell me about it before?
CAMI: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah-- "Hey, Vincent, you want to check out my creepy collection of black-magic knickknacks?

[Vincent turns to face her with a serious expression]

VINCENT: See, this is no joke, alright? In the wrong hands, this stuff could destroy the city.

[Suddenly, Detective Kinney appears in the doorway, looking angry]

KINNEY: Define "the wrong hands," because I'm taking all of it-- property of NOLA PD, evidence in a murder case.

[Both Vincent and Cami are both shocked and terrified to see him]

CAMI: Detective Kinney, how did you...?
KINNEY: [gives her a look] You really think it was hard for me to find this place? Search warrant was easy-- I just gave the judge your history. Your twin brother was a mass murderer, your uncle's death smells of a cover-up. And the forensics from tonight's crime scene? Crazy thing-- the only prints on the victim are yours. Combing that with whatever the hell this is? Call that "probable cause."

[Kinney pulls out his handcuffs and spins Cami around to lock them around Cami's wrists. Cami shoots Vincent a terrified look, but he is at a loss for options as to what to do]

KINNEY: Cami O'Connell, you are under arrest.


[At the PARFUMERIE, Aurora continues talking to Klaus, who is still overwhelmed by her confession]

AURORA: I've given you much to think about.

[Aurora walks toward Klaus and tugs on the lapels of his jacket]

AURORA: I'll leave you to work through--

[Klaus angrily vamp-speeds toward Aurora and shoves her against the shelf behind her, pinning her there by the arms. However, Aurora remains calm]

AURORA: Go to Elijah. Ask him yourself. I suspect you know what you will find...

[Aurora runs her hands over Klaus' chest and under his coat. Klaus' eyes widen, and he gulps nervously as he backs away from her touch]

AURORA: And, when you do, come find me. See who's really on your side.

[Aurora vamp-speeds away before Klaus can respond, leaving him stunned and confused]

[Some time later, Klaus returns to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where Elijah is in the courtyard, having a drink at the bar. He takes a large gulp of bourbon before he addresses Klaus]

ELIJAH: [quietly] She told you. How convenient, to voice this ancient grievance in the very moment we need to stand united against our enemies.
KLAUS: [angrily] You speak to me of enemies when the greatest traitor of my life stands before me.

[Elijah slides his drink toward the right end of the bar, and as soon as he turns to face Klaus, Klaus vamp-speeds toward him, shoving him into the bar and knocking it and all of the bottles and glasses on top of it over. The glass shatters into fragments, and the wooden bar is smashed into pieces as Klaus quickly stands to his feet and kicks Elijah in the chest as he tries to get up. Once Elijah is upright, Klaus punches him hard in the face, but Elijah recovers quickly and grabs Klaus' shoulders in his hands before headbutting him. Klaus angrily shoves Elijah into one of the balcony's support beams, but Elijah responds by shoving Klaus backward just as hard and punching Klaus in the jaw so hard that he spins and falls to his knees. While Klaus is recovering, Elijah grabs him by the back of the coat and tosses him into the coffee table, which he smashes as he slides across it. Elijah glares at Klaus as he unbuttons his jacket in preparation for more fighting. Klaus stands to his face and scowls at Elijah]

KLAUS: What you did to Aurora, to me-- you set my course!

[Elijah points at Klaus for emphasis as he argues his side]

ELIJAH: I protected you! I protected our family. Aurora was the sister of a lunatic, and a powerful lunatic at that! Father was in pursuit. What was I supposed to do, Niklaus? And despite every one of your despicable deeds, I alone have always stood by you.
KLAUS: [scoffs] And why is that? Guilt.

[Elijah glares at him angrily for this accusation]

KLAUS: [shouts] You knew that your secret betrayal was the cause of everything I became!

[Klaus furiously lunges for Elijah and punches him in the face, only for Elijah to immediately swing his right leg and kick Klaus so hard in the chest he's pushed backward. When Klaus vamp-speeds toward him, Elijah holds out his arm, keeping Klaus at arm's length so he can come no closer. However, Klaus simply lets his hybrid face and fangs out and bites Elijah on the forearm, causing Elijah to roar in pain]


[Elijah lets go of Klaus, allowing him to punch him in the face with a right cross before kicking him in the chin and vamp-speeding around to hold Elijah in a head-lock, which Elijah slips out of with vampire speed before elbowing Klaus in the face and throwing him across the room and into the far wall]

ELIJAH: [shouts furiously] All this blame!

[Klaus, scowling, stands to his feet in front of the wall that he dented when his body flew into it]

ELIJAH: Will you ever look at yourself? I have carried you for centuries, Niklaus. No more! You want a fight? So be it.


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