[Jackson and Oliver are driving to the French Quarter to deliver the stones needed for the moonlight rings]

OLIVER: [looks at a duffle bag in the backseat] Lot of driving for a bag of rocks.
JACKSON: We'll be in the Quarter by dawn. 
OLIVER: You sure the hybrid will do his part? 
JACKSON: [smiles] Hayley will make sure of that.
OLIVER: [sarcastic] Yeah, I forgot your fiancée's got him wrapped around her finger. 
JACKSON: You know, Ollie, I love you like a brother, but if you don't lay off Hayley, we're gonna have a problem. 
OLIVER: [rolls his eyes] Pay attention, Romeo.

[A short distance away from them, two police cruisers are blocking the road, which forces Oliver and Jackson to stop. They are at least a half dozen police officers standing in front of the cruisers. Jackson and Oliver become extremely nervous]

JACKSON: Alright, relax. Ain't done anything.

[Jackson rolls down his window and sticks his head out to talk to the officers]

JACKSON: Evenin', officers!
OFFICER: Step out of the car. Both of you.
JACKSON: [confused] What's this about?

[All of the officers pull out their handguns and shotguns and aim them at Jackson and Oliver, which visibly frightens them. Marcel and Diego appear behind the officers and head toward the car, staring at Jackson and Oliver]

MARCEL: [smiles widely] I think you should do what the man says. [He waits a beat] Before things take a nasty turn.

[Jackson and Oliver glare at them]



[Josh is wearing sunglasses and sitting outside on a park bench with Davina, who looks worried]

JOSH: Have I told you that you're awesome? 'Cause you are! I'm with the sun... [He looks at the ring on his hand] Daylight rings... [He notices a cute boy running and checks him out] That guy jogging in a tank top...
DAVINA: [distracted by her thoughts] Josh?
JOSH: Hmm?
DAVINA: Now that you have a ring, I think you need to leave town.
JOSH: Whoa! [He takes off his sunglasses] Wait, we're breaking up?
DAVINA: I'm serious!
JOSH: I know! Serious is kind of your default setting. Which is why you need me around to lighten you up! Ergo-- not leaving.

[Davina looks past Josh and notices Mikael, standing on the sidewalk across the street. She's startled, but when she tries to look again, he's gone. Josh notices she's distracted and turns to see what she was looking at behind him]

JOSH: [concerned] Hey, you okay?
DAVINA: Just witch stuff. [beat] Marcel came to me yesterday. He wanted a cloaking spell. He's going to make a move against Klaus. A big move.
JOSH: [frowns] Wow, okay. Guess he forgot to call me. Rude! Did you help him?
DAVINA: Yes, because I didn't want him to get killed, but if Klaus finds out, then--
JOSH: [interrupts her] --Hey! Look, if Marcel's got a plan, maybe Klaus will buy a clue, realize he's a negative on the popularity chart, and go into vampire retirement? I hear Palm Springs is nice!

[Davina worriedly looks over to where Mikael's ghost was standing, but he's no longer there]

DAVINA: Klaus isn't the only thing we need to be afraid of. [Josh frowns in confusion] Look, if there's a war coming, promise me you'll go before you get caught up in it.

[Josh smiles sadly and nods in agreement]


[In Klaus' study, Klaus has given Genevieve the pages of Esther's grimoire that contain the moonlight ring spell. She examines it as Klaus watches]

GENEVIEVE: Your mother's spell is as complicated as it is elegant. She was clearly a very gifted witch. 
KLAUS: [snatches the page from her hand and points at it] Is this the bit, here?
GENEVIEVE: [snatches it back] Hey! Like I said, it's complicated. She bound protection magic to black kyanite stones. A werewolf with the stones is free from turning on a full moon. 
KLAUS: And what of the improvements? 
GENEVIEVE: This spell will enhance speed, strength, and agility. 
KLAUS: There should be something in there about fangs, it's what our mother used on us when she turned us into vampires.
GENEVIEVE: Not just fangs-- you said you want venom, so the bite is still lethal to vampires. 

[Klaus smiles, as Genevieve lays the pages carefully onto the table]

GENEVIEVE: Here. [She appears slightly jealous] It should make a nice gift. I'm sure Hayley will be thrilled.
KLAUS: Not just Hayley. You'll be making quite a few of these. Lets call it an even hundred.
GENEVIEVE: [frowns] That's not the deal I made with Elijah.
KLAUS: Well, you're dealing with me now. [He crouches down to whisper in her ear] And I am offering considerably more. 
GENEVIEVE: You think because I sleep with you, I'm suddenly at your beck and call? 
KLAUS: Because you sleep with me, love, I will protect you from those who might do you harm, including my brother. Because I need you, however, I'm prepared to offer something more valuable than my protection. 
GENEVIEVE: Which is what?
KLAUS: My mother's grimoire, from which I took these spells. You see, Elijah is offering you a mere peek at these pages, but will grant it to you as a gift. If you pledge your loyalty to me, beginning with the creation of those rings. 
GENEVIEVE: [shakes her head incredulously] This has been your plan all along! You want to build a werewolf army, and you're using me to do it!
KLAUS: [places his hand on hers] Sweetheart, I'm not the enemy. Nor the wolves. Your abusive coven expects you to sacrifice yourself for the last of the Harvest girls. [He cups her face in his hands] Do this one favor for me, and you need never fear anyone ever again. 


[Cami is working on cracking the code that Father Kieran left for her in the box that his key opens, when several men in suits come in and start clearing out the customers. Cami sees what they're doing and goes over to find out what's going on]

CAMI: Hey. HEY! What are you--
FRANCESCA: [walks into the restaurant] I tried to be nice about this...

[Cami quickly stuffs the notepad she was writing in into her back pocket]

CAMI: Who the hell do you think you are?
FRANCESCA: I am the new owner of this-- [She looks around in distaste] --gumbo shack. Ink's not dry on the contract, yet, but I can tell you I got it cheap. Business is not what it used to be since Sophie Deveraux kicked the bucket.

[One of her security guards locks the restaurant door so no one can get in or out. Cami is nervous]

CAMI: Look, I don't want any trouble.
FRANCESCA: I don't really care what you want. Let's talk about what want. 
CAMI: Right. My uncle's key.
CAMI: You said you were going to use it to protect the innocents of the city? Seems pretty ironic, considering your line of work.
FRANCESCA: [smiles fakely] I'm a legitimate businesswoman who's never been convicted of a crime. [She circles around Cami] And, as leader of the Human Faction, that key is mine. I gave you time to mourn. Now, time's up!
CAMI: Message received. Let me just go find that key I don't have.
FRANCESCA: My family's been in New Orleans a long time, Cami. Even longer than yours! And we've learned it's a very hard city to get by in if you don't have any friends. I'd like to be your friend. So I'm going to give you until tomorrow. And after that, I won't be so friendly. 

[Francesca smiles coldly and leaves with her security team, as Cami watches them go and glares at them]


[Marcel and Diego have brought Jackson and Oliver to Thierry's old warehouse at the docks. Jackson and Oliver are each bound to a chair, and both are bruised and bloody from being beaten. Diego is violently punching Oliver in the face]

JACKSON: Leave him alone!
MARCEL: We'll leave your boy alone when you tell us what Klaus is up to.
JACKSON: How the hell should I know what he's up to? 
MARCEL: See, I know you've been meeting him. The stones in your duffle bag? [He kneels down in front of Jackson to look him in the eye] That's black kyanite. It's pretty rare. I also know enough about witchcraft to recognize the ingredients of a spell.

[Jackson glares at Marcel angrily]

MARCEL: So, you'll make me ask again? [Jackson sneers at him] Okay. 

[Marcel backs away from them and looks at Diego, who grabs a blowtorch and walks over to them]

DIEGO: You wanna know the problem with having two werewolf hostages? You really only need one. [He lights the blowtorch, and Jackson and Oliver both flinch in fear]
MARCEL: You Crescent boys, you think you're a bunch of badasses, but back in '25, I wiped out a whole bloodline of Guerrera werewolves. They were a LOT tougher than you.

[Diego grabs Oliver by the hair and goes to aim the lit blowtorch at his face when Jackson finally stops him]


[Diego looks over at Marcel, who gestures at him to hold off. Diego reluctantly lets go of Oliver]

JACKSON: You let him go, I'll tell you about the stones, about Klaus, whatever. 
MARCEL: Alright! Alright. A deal's a deal. [He turns to Diego] But, since Nirvana here is gonna turn into a wolf in about eight hours, D, drop his ass off way out into the Bayou. 
DIEGO: [gestures at Jackson] Do I at least get to kill this fool?
MARCEL: [looks at Jackson, who sneers at him] Nah, I got a better idea. 


[Klaus is scaling the rooftops of various buildings in the French Quarter when Elijah calls him from the compound, while Hayley impatiently stands next to him]

KLAUS: Yes, brother, what is it?
Elijah: It appears our wolves have gone astray, brother. 
HAYLEY: [cuts in] They should have been back hours ago. 
Elijah: [interrupts] We need to find them.
KLAUS: Well, that might be a bit tricky. You see, we've located their car on a back road in the middle of nowhere. I suspect they've been shanghai'd.
Elijah: And you didn't feel the need to share this information?
KLAUS: It was my intention to present you with a problem only after I had found an appropriate solution.
Elijah: Do enlighten us.
KLAUS: I'm closing in on it as we speak. The only person who would be bold enough to snatch my wolf allies is the one who has the most to lose. 
Elijah: [sighs] Marcel.
HAYLEY: [clearly scared] No, he'll kill them!
KLAUS: Genevieve assures me that Marcel has procured a cloaking spell. The only witch who will aid Marcel is Davina. I just need to get one last bit of leverage before I pay her a visit.

[From the rooftop, Klaus looks down below and watches as Josh carries a duffle bag to his car that is parked on the street. Josh pops the trunk to his car to put away his stuff]

KLAUS: And there it is.

[Klaus hangs up and jumps down behind Josh, which startles him]

KLAUS: Hello, Joshua.

[Klaus grabs Josh and bites him on the neck before Josh can react]


[Davina is studying in the coven's home's greenhouse, when Davina senses something nearby. Behind her, Mikael appears, looking concerned]

MIKAEL: Davina!

[Davina turns her head as she tries to find the source of the voice, but Mikael has disappeared. She gets up to investigate, and jumps when she hears a noise behind her. It's Josh, who has been thrown into the room]

DAVINA: Josh? 
JOSH: [gasping] I'm sorry.
DAVINA: [kneels down next to him, worried] What happened?
KLAUS: [appears out of nowhere] Joshua went and got himself a werewolf bite! Well, a hybrid bite, technically, but it will kill him just the same. 
DAVINA: [furious] Why are you doing this?
KLAUS: Well, I blame you! After all my overtures of friendship, you've once again sided with Marcel, forcing me to do horrible things to someone you care about. [Davina glares at him, and Klaus kneels down to look her in the eye] I'm not without mercy, Davina. I can cure him. But, you have to cooperate, and tell me where to find Marcel.
DAVINA: Why? So you can kill him, too?
KLAUS: Marcel chose his path. Seems unfair that Josh should have to suffer for it. 

[Davina remains silent, so Klaus gets up to leave]

JOSH: Davina. Please.
DAVINA: He's at a warehouse at the docks! Thierry's place.
KLAUS: You see? That wasn't so hard, was it? [He walks toward the door]
DAVINA: What about Josh?
KLAUS: [stops and turns back to her] He'll live another twenty-four hours or so. I may need you, and Joshua serves as wonderful leverage. The next time I ask a question, answer quicker. 

[Klaus vamp-speeds away, leaving Davina with Josh]


[Cami is at an apartment complex, whose address was the code inside Kieran's box. The owner is taking her to his room]

CAMI: Uh, thank you for your time. I didn't realize my uncle even had this place until I read about it in his will. 
LANDLORD: The building's been in my family for decades. Your uncle helped us raise the funds to restore it after Katrina. I figured he kept this room for extra space. Anyway, I didn't ask any questions. [He fumbles with his keys] You know, Father--Father K? He was as good as they come. I'm sorry for your loss.

[Cami smiles kindly and nods as he unlocks the apartment]

CAMI: Um, do you mind if I go in alone?

[The landlord nods, and takes his leave. Cami enters the apartment, not sure what to expect. She surprised to find that it is mostly empty, with only a closet, a dining room table and chairs, and a refrigerator. Cami takes her notepad out of her purse to refer to the code she cracked, which says: "Apt 310, 456 Sycamore." She looks around for clues and finds none. She opens the fridge to see a beer inside, so she grabs it and opens it]

CAMI: [mutters to herself] Here's to buried treasure.

[She notices that the window by the closet has curtains, but not the other windows, so she opens the closet door. She notices a panel in the back wall of the closet, which has a duct-taped "x" on it]

CAMI: [shocked] Hello.

[Cami pulls the panel out to find that there is a hidden room crammed full of files, heirlooms, and historical artifacts, including the Needle of Sorrows. Cami is amazed at what she has just uncovered, and looks around until she sees a box of files labelled "Cami," which she quickly grabs and opens]


[Hayley is pacing around the compound, worrying about their current problems. Genevieve has stayed behind to look after Hayley]

HAYLEY: Elijah should have called by now. 
GENEVIEVE: Worrying isn't going to help. You should sit down, try to keep calm.
HAYLEY: [frowns] What are you, now, magician slash zen-life-coach?
GENEVIEVE: The treatment of pregnant women has advanced remarkably since I was a nurse, but even know high blood pressure is bad for you, and your baby. [Hayley sighs and sits down] Especially now, since you're so close to term.
HAYLEY: I hate this. I feel completely useless.
GENEVIEVE: Don't you get it? You're the point of all this. Klaus and Elijah running all over town? [She sighs] It's all for you. I'm a bit envious.
HAYLEY: Great. Lucky me.
GENEVIEVE: Is there anything I can get you?
HAYLEY: [smiles] How about a moonlight ring?
GENEVIEVE: [chuckles] The spell can't be performed until the full moon reaches its apex. And, of course, I need the stones, which will be here soon enough. Have a little faith!

[Hayley isn't convinced, so she gets up and walks away]


[Klaus and Elijah arrive at the docks and find Jackson, who is still bound to his chair and who was left with a black hood over his head. However, Marcel and Diego are both gone. Jackson flinches when he's found, until he realizes he's being rescued]

KLAUS: [grabs Jackson's face in his hand] Accolades to Marcel, he did quite a dance across the bridge of your nose. Where is he now?

[Jackson looks around, and then looks down at the floor to find that there is an explosive rigged to the legs of his chair, which is connected to a crate that has an even larger bomb inside]

Elijah: Nowhere to be found. [He opens a crate to find another explosive] Although, he did leave us a delightful parting gift. 
KLAUS: [to Jackson] What about the stones?
JACKSON: [frantic] I don't know. Untie me, I'll help you find them!
Elijah: Sit still! You'll be freed as soon as it's safe. 

[Elijah kneels down to examine the triggers on Jackson's chair, while Klaus looks into another crate, which holds yet another bomb]

KLAUS: Our focus should be the stones. Considering Jackson's competition for Hayley's affection, I think you'd agree. 
Elijah: [to Jackson] Disregard my brother. Over the course of the last millennium, his capacity for tact has somewhat diminished.
KLAUS: Well, that's typical, isn't it? Marcel fills a room with dynamite, and yet, I'm the tactless one. 
Elijah: I recognize these explosives from the attack on the Bayou. Could you remind me, again, why you believed that Marcel was innocent?
KLAUS: [shrugs] Remind me to ask him before I pull out his innards.

[Klaus opens another crate to find that it contains at least six bombs]

KLAUS: Okay-- [He gestures around him and the crate] --Exercise extreme caution in this general area. Bit of a mess.

[Elijah's cell phone rings. He sees Hayley is calling him, and he answers it]

Elijah: Impeccable timing. 
HAYLEY: What's going on?
Elijah: Jackson is fine. He's...a little tied up right now. Can we call you back?

[Klaus sniggers at Elijah's joke, and flips open another crate. Inside are another handful of bombs, with a folded slip of paper on top. Klaus frowns, just as the red blinking light on the bombs turn green]

KLAUS: Oh, that doesn't bode well. 
JACKSON: [angry] Are you trying to kill us?
HAYLEY: Elijah, tell me what's going on, now!

[Klaus picks up the folded paper, as Elijah watches him]

KLAUS: [reads the note aloud in a whisper] "This is for Thierry"

[Klaus and Elijah realize they've been set up, so Elijah quickly grabs Jackson as he and Klaus vamp-speed away as quickly as they can. Outside the warehouse, we can see the building explode in huge bursts. At home, Hayley has heard the explosion over the phone, and is terrified]


[Hayley is pacing around in the study when Elijah, Klaus, and Jackson, all looking very disheveled and covered in ash, return home]

JACKSON: [groans, and turns to Elijah] I got it.
HAYLEY: [runs toward them] Thank god you're alive! [She gives Jackson a hug and looks at Elijah over his shoulder] Thank you.

[Elijah nods at her and watches as Hayley and Jackson sit down to tend to his wounds]

KLAUS: [annoyed] I'm fine, too, thanks for asking.
HAYLEY: What about the stones?
Elijah: [sighs] Scattered across the bed of the Mississippi, I'd imagine.
KLAUS: [pours himself a drink] Marcel's not a fool. He knows an empowered werewolf army would mean the end of vampires in New Orleans. The explosion is his way of saying he means to prevent that. For all the good it'll do him.
HAYLEY: Well, it did him pretty damn well, didn't it? [She looks at Elijah, who frowns]
JACKSON: This is my fault. I'll find a way to fix it.
HAYLEY: [rubs his shoulder affectionately] No, Jack, you're hurt. No one's blaming you.
KLAUS: I'm blaming you! Those stones will be hard to replace. [He looks over at Elijah and smiles evilly] Fortunately, I always have a backup plan.

[Downstairs, Francesca walks into the compound with five other men, all of whom are wearing suits, and one of whom is carrying a briefcase. Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, and Jackson go down to greet her]

HAYLEY: You can't seriously mean her! She's a gangster!
KLAUS: I see her more as a means of procuring rare items at short notice. [He turns to Francesca and her entourage] Greetings, Ms. Correa! I see you've brought company.
FRANCESCA: These are my brothers. I always include them in delicate business matters. [She turns to her brothers] Fellas, meet Mr. Mikaelson. 
KLAUS: [smiles] Please, call me Klaus. All my friends do.
FRANCESCA: I don't know if I'd call us friends. [She reaches into the briefcase her brother is holding, and pulls out a small black drawstring bag] But, if you and Marcel are planning on having a little throw-down, I'd prefer my family to be on the same side as the inevitable victor. 
KLAUS: Then, you have what I asked for?
FRANCESCA: [holds out the bag] Not enough for an army at such short notice, but it's a start.
Elijah: [joins the conversation] Strange, I wasn't aware that she was familiar with our plan. 
FRANCESCA: My price for doing business is full disclosure. Your brother complied.
Elijah: And what does the Human Faction stand to benefit from all of this?
FRANCESCA: I only want us to solidify our allegiance to the ruling class. It's good for business.
KLAUS: [examining the stones] If only everyone shared your capacity for reason.
FRANCESCA: Sadly, they don't. Marcel is being especially vindictive. I'm worried he might come after me, or my family, just for meeting with you. [She takes a deep breath] It might be in our best interests if we combine our efforts. 
KLAUS: So be it! The more bodies we have to defend the compound, the better. Let's get started, shall we?

[Upstairs, Hayley is continuing to tend to Jackson's wounds]

HAYLEY: [finishes bandaging him up and smiles] There. 
JACKSON: [stands and puts on his shirt] Thank you.
HAYLEY: Don't thank me, it was Elijah who vamped your ass to safety. 
JACKSON: Yeah, well, he really seems to care about you.
HAYLEY: [blushes] It's...complicated.
JACKSON: I think that's the understatement of the year. [Hayley smiles at him] Look, I gotta go get back to the Bayou before the moon rises. 
HAYLEY: Jackson, this will be the last time. After tonight, you'll never have to turn again. No more pain, no more hiding in the bayou. I promise. 
JACKSON: You know, Klaus isn't doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He's doing it for you. Hayley, you're the one who's going to change everything for us. 

[As Jackson is leaving, Elijah approaches them]

JACKSON: [takes a deep breath] Seems I owe you yet again. 

[Elijah nods in acknowledgement of his thanks]

Elijah: I understand he risked his life to save his friend. [beat] He's a good man.
HAYLEY: Yes, he is. Elijah... there's something that I need to tell you. My family... wanted me... [She sighs] I was supposed to be betrothed to Jackson. [Elijah is shocked] I wanted to tell you sooner, I-I just didn't know how, it's this insane custody--
Elijah: No, no, you don't have to explain it. I understand the need to make sacrifices for one's family. 
HAYLEY: [waits for him to continue, but he remains silent] Come on, Elijah. For once in your immortal life, can you just not be so noble?
Elijah: What would you have me do?
HAYLEY: I just told you that I'm betrothed, according to some backwater arrangement by people that I never knew. Tell me that you think betrothals are stupid! Tell me that I have a choice--

[Elijah stops her and kisses her passionately. The two kiss for a long moment before he pulls away]

Elijah: You will always have a choice.


[In another room, Genevieve has everything arranged to start the moonlight ring spell]

KLAUS: [walks into the room] I trust you're ready?
GENEVIEVE: [sighs] The last ingredient is personal. As the spell is designed to control transformation, I need the blood of a werewolf who doesn't turn on a full moon. My first thought was Hayley, because of the pregnancy--
KLAUS: Out of the question. I'd just as soon limit the mother of my unborn side to the side-effects of your witchery. I am half-wolf, I control my form-- use my blood. 

[Klaus holds his hand out to her, but when she grabs a knife to use to cut his palm, he grabs her roughly by the arm]

KLAUS: If you fail to hold up your end of the deal, the consequences for you will be apocalyptic.
GENEVIEVE: [nervous] You say the most romantic things.

[Genevieve takes his hand and uses her knife to cut his palm. She drips the blood over the stones and it hisses as she begins the spell]


[Marcel has rallied up his army of vampires to review their battle plans before they get started]

MARCEL: I appreciate ya'll coming. It's been a while. By now, you've heard what's going on. Klaus found a way to make werewolves lethal to us 24/7. The fireworks at the docks? That was me, trying to spoil his plan. He's moving forward anyway. He's got a witch, he's got a spell, and if he pulls this off? In one night, we go from hunter to prey. Now, I know what some of y'all are thinking. We stood against Klaus before, and we failed. Uh-uh. That's on me. I failed. I called off the attack because I thought it was the only way to save lives. But make no mistake--if we don't stand against him now, our lives aren't worth a damn anyway! [The crowd begins to murmur in agreement] A wise man said, if you know yourself, and you know your enemy, then you don't need to fear the outcome of battle! I know myself. I know my friends. And, I know my enemy! I know his strengths, I know his pride, and I know his house. Every nook and cranny. We're gonna go there tonight, hard and fast, all at once, from every angle. We kill their witch, destroy her spell book, and get the hell out! [The crowd starts to cheer louder in agreement] And as for Klaus? He'll be coming for me, and that's exactly what I want. I'll lead him away. I just need the rest of you to get past Elijah and do what needs to be done. So, that's the plan. I need to know, right now-- who's with me?

[The whole crowd cheers and nods and lift their drinks up to Marcel in a show of solidarity. Marcel looks at them all proudly]


[Genevieve continues to cast the moonlight ring spell in the Mikaelson compound, while Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah watch carefully]

GENEVIEVE: [holds her hands out and chants] Tua virtuse. Materi lunare tua virtuse. Materi lunare tua virtuse.
FRANCESCA: [rushes in] My people say Marcel is on the move, and he's bringing friends. 
KLAUS: [turns to Elijah before rushing away] Get Hayley to safety.
Elijah: [walks over to Hayley and grabs her arm] Come with me.
HAYLEY: No. Some needs to watch her. [She gestures to Genevieve]
FRANCESCA: [to Elijah] You should help Klaus. My brothers and their security detail won't be much against a vampire army. I'll stay with Hayley.
HAYLEY: [nods] Go, Elijah. [She walks over to him and looks him in the eye] And don't hold back.

[Elijah reluctantly agrees to this plan, and leaves to help Klaus]

[Downstairs, Elijah strolls into the courtyard, where Francesca's brothers and their security guards are aiming guns at the vampires who are flooding in from every direction. He joins Klaus in the center of the room as the vampires surround them on all sides]

KLAUS: [smirks] I thought this lot had learnt their lesson! 
Elijah: Well, they're not exactly renowned for their genius.
KLAUS: [to the crowd] So, where's the ringleader of this circus? [He turns to face the other side of the room] Too afraid to show his face? 
MARCEL: [appears on the balcony] I'm here! And I'm gonna offer you one last chance to pack your stuff and get the hell out of my town. 
KLAUS: You'll allow your men to rush to their deaths? Again?
MARCEL: Look around. Every vampire in the Quarter is coming out! They want their city back. No surrender this time. You're gonna have to kill us all. 
KLAUS: [unfazed] Okay! I think I'll start with you.
MARCEL: Fine. Then, come get me. 

[Marcel vamp-speeds away]

Elijah: [to Klaus] If you don't kill him, I will.
KLAUS: He's mine. This won't take long. 

[Klaus vamp-speeds away, leaving Elijah with the rest of the vampires. Elijah confidently unbuttons his jacket]

Elijah: [smiles] Gentleman. [He holds his arms wide] Shall we?

[Vampires start jumping down from the balconies and lunge for him, and he jumps into battle-mode and starts fighting]


[Klaus is angrily skulking down the street to find Marcel. After walking for a moment, he turns just in time to see Marcel jump down behind him. The two begin to fight. At first, Marcel is on top, and beats Klaus up pretty badly]

KLAUS: Not bad. But, not nearly good enough.

[They resume the fight. Klaus quickly gains the upper hand, and throws Marcel across the street, where he hits a parked car]

KLAUS: [approaching him] How pathetic you've become. Explosives, Marcellus? Really? I should have known it was you who detonated those bombs in the Bayou. 
MARCEL: The docks! That was me. I got the detonators from Francesca. Why don't you ask her about the Bayou bombing? 
KLAUS: Lies! And distractions! 
MARCEL: [yells] I never went after Hayley! I'm not a monster, Klaus! I'm not you.

[Klaus glares furiously at Marcel]


[Cami is reading through all of the files that Kieran left for her in the secret room in the apartment. Inside are newspaper clippings, family trees, and notes. One note says, "GABRIEL CORREA. BIRTH CERTIFICATE FALSIFIED?? NOTE DATE: APRIL 1925." She finds the name on the family tree and follows the branches down until she sees the name "Francesca Correa." She finds another note that says, "GUERRERA WEREWOLVES-- STILL IN THE QUARTER?" Cami flashes back to her earlier conversation with Francesca, when Francesca told her that her family had been in New Orleans for a long time.]

[She pulls out her phone and calls Hayley]


[In the courtyard, Elijah is fiercely fighting against all of the vampires, and despite being severely outnumbered, he's still winning the fight. Many of the vampires try to stake him with regular wooden stakes, but he simply steals them and uses the stakes on them]

[One of the security guards makes his way into the room where Genevieve is casting the spell, in order to get Francesca out of there]

FRANCESCA: [holds up a hand] Not yet.
SECURITY GUARD: Ms. Correa, we need to go. Your brothers are already headed out the back.
GENEVIEVE: Materi lunare tua virtuse. Materi lunare tua virtuse.

[Hayley's phone buzzes. It's Cami. Hayley ignores it so she can keep watching Genevieve]

GENEVIEVE: Materi lunare tua virtuse. Materi lunare tua virtuse.

[She stops chanting and picks up a stone to examine it]

GENEVIEVE: [impressed] The stones are finished. I've done my part. Now, it's up to you.
HAYLEY: [goes to grab the stones] I'll get them to the Bayou.
FRANCESCA: [rushes over to Genevieve and holds out her hand] Actually, she was talking to me.
HAYLEY: What the hell is this?

[Genevieve, looking guilty, places the stone in Francesca's hand]

FRANCESCA: Call it a side deal. The point is, I'm taking the stones. [She starts to walk away]
HAYLEY: [follows her] Are you out of your mind? You think the humans can go up against Klaus?  
FRANCESCA: No, I don't. But, I'm not human. [She pulls out a knife, and uses it to slit the throat of her bodyguard. When the bodyguard dies, she doubles over in pain. She looks back up at Hayley with gold eyes and fangs, revealing that she had just triggered her werewolf curse] I'm like you, Hayley. And now, I'm gonna take back my town!

[Hayley lunges for Francesca]

HAYLEY: Like hell you are!

[Before she can do anything, Genevieve uses a spell to knock Hayley out, and she falls on the floor. Genevieve gives Francesca the rest of the stones. Genevieve looks nervous and guilty]

FRANCESCA: Don't look so dour, Genevieve. We both got what we wanted. 


[The scene cuts back and forth between the various scenes]

[Outside on the streets of the French Quarter, Klaus has knocked Marcel onto the ground, and is punching him in the face over and over again. Klaus starts to feel noticeably weak after a while, and stands up, leaving Marcel laying disoriented on the ground]

KLAUS: Marcellus. How well your name fits you-- little warrior. Though, ultimately one of no consequence.

[Marcel forces himself to stand up in front of Klaus]

MARCEL: My name is Marcel.

[Marcel lunges at Klaus, but Klaus easily blocks him. He slams his head against a car that is parked on the street and twists his arm behind his back]

KLAUS: Is there no end to your defiance? You summon Mikael, turn Rebekah against me, try to bury me in your Garden? And yet, you always fail. [Marcel tries to fight against him, but Klaus grabs his face in his hands and stares him in the eyes] What is there left to do but put you out of your misery? 

[Klaus lets out his hybrid face and bites Marcel on the neck, feeding on his blood]

[At Kieran's apartment, Cami is leaving Hayley another voicemail]

CAMI: Hayley, I've called six times. Call me back. You said you wanted to know if I learned anything about Francesca Correa? Her family is descended from a werewolf bloodline! 

[At the Mikaelson compound, Elijah is still fighting against the vampires]

[Outside the courtyard, Francesca is handing out moonlight stones to her brothers]

FRANCESCA: We spent two generations living a lie. And now, our time. Our time has come. [She squeezes one brother's shoulder] You know what to do.

[When she leaves them, one of her brothers kills another bodyguard to trigger his werewolf curse]

[Out in the streets, Klaus stops feeding on Marcel and gasps in pain. His hand has sliced itself open in the same place as Genevieve cut it during the spell. He falls to his knees, and Marcel, weakened from his hybrid bite, tries to pick himself off the floor]

[At the Mikaelson compound, another one of Francesca's brothers kills another bodyguard, and triggers his curse]

[Out in the streets, Klaus cries out in pain again, as if he's being affected by each newly-triggered werewolf who has a stone]

[A third Correa brother triggers his curse]

[Klaus sees Marcel standing up and roars at him ferally. Marcel vamp-speeds away]

[Back at the compound, the fountain in the courtyard is full of blood. Elijah paces around the room at all of the severely injured and dead vampires laying around the room]

Elijah: [bored] Are we done?

[Diego lurks in the corner, injured but braced for another fight. Francesca enters the room]

FRANCESCA: Well, nice job! Saved me the trouble of killing all these vampires myself! 

[Elijah looks at her, confused, and is overwhelmed by two of Francesca's brothers, who viciously bite Elijah's neck. Diego stares in horror at the Correas, realizing that they've finished the moonlight rings. Elijah is finally dropped onto the ground]

DIEGO: [terrified] RUN!

[All of the wounded vampires who can still run do so]

FRANCESCA: Kill as many of them as you can.

[The newly-turned werewolves rush around and attack all of the vampires that they can get their hands on. Before Diego can get away, one of the brothers finds him and latches onto his neck]


[Klaus wanders into the restaurant and stumbles into a custodian mopping the floor]

KLAUS: I'm sorry, mate, but I'm a bit famished.

[Klaus bites into his neck and feeds on the man. He holds out his hand, which is still bleeding. Genevieve comes in and laughs]

GENEVIEVE: You look awful.
KLAUS: Why aren't I healing? What have you done to me?
GENEVIEVE: [approaches him] Well, you're the one who wanted me to cast the spell. So, I made your stones... by linking their power to your blood. And now, each full moon, whenever a werewolf uses their power to keep from turning, they'll be drawing from your strength! And causing you pain.
KLAUS: [groaning in pain] After all I offered you, you will betray me? 
GENEVIEVE: [kneels in front of him and grabs his face] Look me in the eyes, Nik. Were you ever planning to give me your mother's grimoire? Did you care about me, even for a moment?
KLAUS: [glares at her] I suppose you'll never know. 
GENEVIEVE: [stands up to leave] Francesca kept her end of the deal. There is, after all, honor among thieves, even if they are werewolves. And as for you? The great irony is, in wanting to take the city, you lost everything. [Klaus pulls himself to his feet] Your sister Rebekah, your adopted son Marcel, and now, even your child and her mother will suffer, all because of your greed.

[Klaus lunges at her, but collapses at her feet]

KLAUS: I will kill you.
GENEVIEVE: As weak as you are? Doubtful.

[She throws out a hand and uses a pain infliction spell on him until he passes out]


[Josh is laying on the greenhouse table, as Davina sits at his bedside]

DAVINA: Josh? Please, drink this.

[She helps lift his head so she can feed him some water, but it makes him gag and cough]

JOSH: [groans] Oh, man. 
DAVINA: [near tears] Just hang on, please? 

[Josh lays back down on the table, very out of it. Davina is so upset that Josh is dying that she angrily throws the glass of water at the wall. Mikael appears behind her]

MIKAEL: Surely you're not surprised? Deep down, you knew Niklaus would leave Joshua to die. 
DAVINA: [angry] Why are you still here?
MIKAEL: I haven't much time left. But then, neither does your friend. 
DAVINA: [rubs Josh's arm soothingly] I can heal him. I'll find a way.
MIKAEL: Even if you could, how long 'til it happens again? As long as Niklaus remains in your liens, you and your loved ones will continue to suffer his torment. I am the only man in history who's been able to drive him off. To bring him fear and pain. If your friend needs Klaus' blood to survive, I've been known to spill a fair share of it.
DAVINA: [skeptical] You'll help me save Josh? 
MIKAEL: I do have personal reasons for wanting Niklaus to suffer, but yes. I'd like nothing more than to help you. 
DAVINA: And all I have to do is raise you from the dead. 
MIKAEL: A small price to pay to cure your friend and live a life free of a monster. Think, Davina. There still exists a weapon that can kill Klaus. Bring back the one being who has the strength to use it.

[Josh has another coughing fit, which distracts Davina for a moment. When she looks back to where Mikael was standing, he's gone]

JOSH: [very weak] Who were you talking to?
DAVINA: [smiles] It doesn't matter. I'm gonna fix you.


[Oliver makes his way through the wreckage from the explosion to a cabin, just after turning back into a human. Francesca is waiting for him with a moonlight stone]

FRANCESCA: It's done! [She holds out a stone] A deal's a deal.
OLIVER: You said the bombing was gonna be minor. No casualties. All I wanted to do was rally the Crescents against the vampires.
FRANCESCA: And isn't that exactly what happened? 
OLIVER: [frustrated] People died! My people! My PACK! 
FRANCESCA: Your pack? That's funny, because it looked to me like they were ready to follow Hayley. But now, thanks to me, we have control over the very thing that will inspire loyalty from both the Crescents AND the Guerreras. [She holds up his stone] The means to make our people even more powerful. The only thing that I had to trade away was the one person who could have challenged us. Poor Hayley. It is a shame. The witches drive a hard bargain. But, every revolution requires sacrifice. This city will belong to the wolves again. All we have to do-- [She holds his stone out toward him]-- is take it.

[Oliver walks over to Francesca and takes the stone from her]


[All the vampires are still laying around the compound, either dead or dying from werewolf bites. Marcel returns to the compound to find all of his men have been attacked, just as he was]

MARCEL: [distraught] No. No, no, no, no, no. 

[Marcel kneels beside one of his vampires, only to find that they're dead. When he checks on another one, he realizes they've been attacked by werewolves]

MARCEL: No, no, no, no, no!
DIEGO: [limps into the courtyard] Marcel. I'm sorry.

[Marcel goes to hug Diego, but Diego stumbles and falls. Marcel catches him before he hits the ground. Cami suddenly rushes into the courtyard]

CAMI: Oh my god, Marcel! I've been trying to find someone, anyone! [She looks around and takes in the scene] Where--what's happening?
MARCEL: [clutches her shoulders] You gotta get outta here. My guys have been bitten by wolves. They'll get sick, and then blood-crazy. 
CAMI: [sees his hybrid bite and thinks it's from a werewolf] We need to find Klaus. His blood can heal you. 
Elijah: [runs in in a rage] MARCEL! WHERE IS SHE? [Elijah throws a chair in anger, and Cami throws herself protectively between Marcel and Elijah] Where's Hayley?
CAMI: He doesn't have her! Please! I know you don't trust him, but you know I wouldn't lie. He doesn't have her. 
Elijah: Someone does. [He walks over to Marcel] Where is my brother?
MARCEL: I left him in the street. He was gonna kill me. And then he got jacked up by some witch's spell. [He starts to pant, clearly weak from the hybrid bite and the fight from earlier]
Elijah: [furious] Genevieve.


[A group of witches, accompanied by Genevieve, drag a struggling Hayley by her arms into the church toward the sacristy. Monique and another witch wait for them in the pews. Hayley screams in fright in hopes that someone will hear her]

GENEVIEVE: [to the witches restraining her] Get her down on the floor!
MONIQUE: We should take her to the City of the Dead. 
GENEVIEVE: We won't make it, the baby is coming now.
HAYLEY: [terrified] No! It's too soon! Ahhhhhh!
GENEVIEVE: Apparently not.
MONIQUE: [grabs Genevieve by the arm] The plan was to induce her when the sacrifice was ready!
GENEVIEVE: I had to subdue her, and the trauma caused a placental abruption. So, the baby is coming, and we'll just have to adapt. 
HAYLEY: [fights against the witches holding her down] AHHH! LET ME GO!
GENEVIEVE: You need to be calm, Hayley.
HAYLEY: [scared] Why are you doing this to me?
MONIQUE: To be reborn, you must sacrifice. 
HAYLEY: [pushes Monique's hand away] What does that mean, you psychotic little BITCH?
GENEVIEVE: The ancestors demand an offering in exchange for power. 
MONIQUE: You and your child will be a fine offering.
HAYLEY: No! NO! You will not take my baby, I will kill ALL OF YOU!
MONIQUE: No, you won't! And neither will Klaus, or Elijah! When your baby is born, you will offer her up to those who came before us.

[Hayley cries and shakes her head no as she continues to struggle against the witches' restraints]

GENEVIEVE: I'm sorry, Hayley, but this is the way it had to be.

[Outside, Klaus weakly stumbles down the street as he hears Hayley's horrified screams as the witches pin her down on the floor in preparation for her labor. Fully enraged, he roars at the top of his lungs in the middle of the road]


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