I'm still your boy, Pop. [...] But Mom was right. You're better off thinking that I'm dead. So you didn't see me here today. But always believe that you're gonna see the the boy that you love again.

The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Legacies and the thirteenth episode of the series overall.


PAUL WESLEY DIRECTS — When a spontaneous road trip to visit MG's parents leaves him and Landon missing, and a distressed Rafael with no memory of what happened, Hope, Alaric and Kaleb set out to find them before it's too late.[2]


In this episode of Legacies, Rafael is found without MG and Landon Kirby, who he was supposedly supposed to be with. When Alaric Saltzman finds out that they went back to MG's hometown without notifying him, he leaves with Kaleb to go find MG and Landon. Meanwhile they arrive, Emma Tig is preventing Hope Mikaelson from interrogating Rafael by injecting him with a sedative because Rafael is going through lunar psychosis from premature transformation. While Emma believes that Raf is asleep, he steals one of her sedative injections and makes her pass out. Hope then gives him an elixir that's from the Crescent line which allows him to control his werewolf side of his brain while remaining human. He goes through his memories with Hope and recalls that MG went to visit his mom. There she pushes him away, but Landon forces Raf and MG to go to a church where MG's father is practicing to give a sermon. At that moment, Alaric and Kaleb find MG in the woods, delusional from a wolf bite that is thought to come from Rafael. Back at the school, Hope is still talking to Rafael and he tells her that they didn't make it back in time for him to turn at the full moon. Hope and Rafael go to the forest when Kaleb, Alaric, and a dying MG are waiting for Hope's blood, which is the cure for the bite. At arrival, though, Rafael remembers everything that happened after Landon locked him up. There was a suspected monster around them, so Rafael told Landon to run. Landon replied that he wouldn't leave him, so Landon grabs a stick to fight the monster. When the two boys find out it was only MG, they let down their guard, but MG uses this to his advantage. He is in an angry and uncontrollable state when he starts punching Landon since he forced him to go see MG's father, who which denies him. After smelling Landon's blooding coming from his mouth, MG cannot resist and bites him. Rafael is screaming in the background and Landon drops to the floor, supposedly dead. He gets loose bites MG, leaving him there to die. Hope falls to the floor sobbing, while Rafael walks away to find Landon's body. Kaleb asks Alaric whether Hope will still cure him and he tells Kaleb to "give her a minute." A few seconds later, Hope gets back up and cuts her wrist to feed MG. Then, she goes to Rafael, who is holding a dead Landon's body in his arms. She falls on top of him, crying once again. MG is in the car when Kaleb gets it and tells him that he is his family now, forever, and for anyone to do anything to MG, they would have to go through him. The two of them leave the car to go help bring Landon's body back home, but when they arrive something unexpected happens. From below Landon's body, there is this weird blue smoke and spontaneously, his body lights on fire. Hope tries to run to him but Alaric holds her back, telling her to wait. Once the fire dies, his body is covered in ash that begins to crumble away. In its wake, Landon stands up, fully alive and healthy. Everyone looked at him, shocked, when he asked what happened.The episode ends with the line, "Have you every heard of the Legend of the Phoenix?"


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  • Alaric alludes that Landon's supernatural status could be that of a Phoenix due to rising from his ashes after his first death.
  • Hope's blood is a cure for werewolf bites.
  • There is a very rare condition called "Lunar Psychosis" that affects werewolves when a premature reversion from wolf to human causes their mind to be in flux, trapped between their wolf and human state. 
  • MG's father, Terrance, doesn't know that he's a vampire; this is due to Alaric's promise to Veronica to not tell him due to his religious beliefs.

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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title is a line used by MG.
  • It was originally announced that Paul Wesley was going to direct the 11th episode.[3] However, for reasons unknown, he directed this episode instead.

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Kaleb: "Hold up do you smell that?"
Alaric: "What is it?"
Kaleb: "Blood."
Hope: "Landon and MG are out there!"
Landon: "What the hell was that?"
Hope: "We need to do something!"
Kaleb: "This ain't the night for vampires to be walking around unchecked."
Landon: "Woah!"
Rafael: "You need to run!"
Rafael: "I said run!"
Hope: "Is Landon okay Raf?!"
Rafael: "I don't know Hope, I don't know, I don't know."



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Last.fm_play.png "Lost Without You" – Freya Ridings




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