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(To Klaus) : You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. You're afraid everyone can see what you really are-- an animal. A beast. Why don't you show us your real face? That's enough of you.
(To Elijah) : You! You looked me in the eyes and lied to my face. Pretended you wanted to help me...You call yourself the noble one, but you're a killer just like your brother. For 1,000 years, you've fed on innocent blood. Why don't you choke on it?
(To Marcel) : And you! I trusted you. I loved you, but you were just using me to stay in power. You don't care about me...When you lost to Klaus, you handed me over like some trophy. Maybe I should boil you in bronze.

The Casket Girls is the tenth episode of the first season of The Originals and the tenth episode of the series overall.



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TAKING BACK POWER — As the French Quarter Prepares for its annual celebration of the Casket Girls Festival, Cami suffers through as Davina attempts to free her of Klaus' mind compulsion. Elijah and Marcel form an unlikely alliance as Klaus sets his plan in motion to get Davina back. Once it's known that Davina is missing, Sophie gets in on the hunt to track her down. Meanwhile, Hayley is forced to make a tough decision after receiving an unexpected phone call, and Rebekah sets her own plan in motion when she enlists the help of someone from Marcel's past.


Rebekah tells her story, Flashback to 1751, Louisiana. Rebekah describes the famous Casket Girls who were heading over to the Governor's house right before their carriage was attacked. Before the girls could come to any harm, something attacks the men, killing them all. A blood-covered Rebekah reveals herself to the women, telling them that they're safe now and all the men are gone. "Us girls have got to stick together," she remarks before they all run off into the night.

Back in the present day, Rebekah explains how the Casket Girls are now celebrated in New Orleans to symbolize the power women have inside of them. Meanwhile, Davina Claire is finally able to rid Cami of the Klaus' compulsion enabling her to remember everything.

Klaus calls Marcel to inform him that Davina's gone missing. He says that if that's the case she's no longer a friend. Davina is a foe and a threat to all of them. Sabine goes to visit Sophie Deveraux and informs her of Davina's disappearance. This means Marcel is no longer able to tell if a witch is using magic. They decide to use a locator spell to track her.

Cami takes some vervain, so she can't be compelled again. Davina can sense that the witches are using magic to try and find her. Cami suggests they go to her uncle Kieran for help, but Davina reveals that he's in cahoots with the vampires and knows everything — even that the witches had hexed her brother. Cami is shocked and feels betrayed.

Sophie calls Hayley to ask for her help in completing the Harvest ritual. When Hayley refuses, she informs her that it was her bloodline who put the curse on Hayley's werewolf kin. If their magic dies as a result of not completing the Harvest then the curse can never be lifted. But if Hayley helps her, then she'll help undo the process. All she needs is to know where Elijah buried his former lover and witch, Céleste Dubois. Hayley doesn't want to betray Elijah, but agrees to the deal. Klaus meets up with Rebekah, Elijah, and Marcel at the street fair and declares that he knows the perfect way to lure Davina out into the open. After compelling Davina's crush, Tim, Klaus calls Josh and threatens to hurt Tim if Davina doesn't return to the compound.

Cami and Davina are seeking shelter in the church when Josh calls to relay Klaus' message. Davina knows she has to go save Tim, but when they go to leave a group of witches led by Sabine approach them. Davina is much stronger and snaps their necks. Cami hits her head and blacks out, but is otherwise unharmed. Davina goes to meet Klaus and runs into Josh on her way there. She promises to kill Klaus for taking Tim, not knowing that by doing that she'll kill Tim as well. Rebekah overhears and commends him for not telling her, but offers a way to assist them.

Davina returns to the compound where Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel are waiting with Tim. She demands they let him go and when Klaus refuses she uses her magic on each of them, easily overpowering them. Marcel tries to convince her that he really does care about her, but before anything else can be said, Rebekah comes up from behind and stakes him.

Rebekah takes Josh, Tim, and Davina to see Marcel's garden where he keeps all of his misbehaved vampires — even his alleged best friend, Thierry. Davina feels overwhelmed, so Tim offers her a swig of water after taking a drink himself. He immediately collapses and realizes that Klaus had compelled him to make Davina drink poisoned water. They both start to feel the effects and fall over.

After reading through Elijah's diary, Hayley is able to point Sophie to the right location of Celeste's grave. After using magic to narrow down the exact spot, Sophie starts digging.

Marcel, Elijah, and Klaus awaken to see that Davina is gone. Rebekah calls Klaus demanding to know what the cure is for the poison since vampire blood isn't working. Klaus refuses to tell her, prompting Marcel to reveal his secret alliance with Elijah: Sabine had cast a protective spell around herself before facing Davina, so she was alive when Marcel found all of them at the church. Marcel offered to spare her life if she puts the same protective spell over Davina so she will survive the poison. However, the same can't be said about Tim. Davina wakes up to see that he's dead and begins to cry.

Rebekah carries a sleeping Davina back to the compound, but Marcel offers to take her up to her room. He tells Elijah that he's scared Davina will never trust him again, but he suggests to just give her some time. Elijah remarks about Davina's many sketches in her room. Marcel explains that she started drawing them back when she was living in the church. She even referred to some of them as evil.

Klaus runs into Cami on the street and realizes that she's no longer compelled. She warns him that if he hurts Josh or Davina in any way, then she will expose him for what he truly is. Rebekah goes to visit Thierry in the garden and gives him some blood to drink. She wants his help in taking down Marcel and all the other men in her life who have tried to control her. She remarks that women are more resilient then men think and she now has an inside girl that can help her exact some much-needed revenge. At that moment, Davina opens her eyes. Hayley walks in to find Elijah looking at all of Davina's drawings. He starts placing them next to each other like a puzzle, which slowly starts to form a woman's face: Céleste's to be exact. Just then, Sophie digs deep enough and finally hits something: Céleste's coffin.


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  • Antagonists: DavinaSophie, and French Quarter Coven.
  • Narrator: Rebekah Mikaelson.
  • In this episode, Klaus is incapacitated for the second time total in the series when Davina uses her magic to force him to partially transform into a wolf before snapping his neck. This also marks the first time that anyone has managed to snap Klaus' neck, magically or otherwise.
  • Elijah and Marcel work together for the first time on screen.
  • Rebekah developed a new alliance with Davina, who like Rebekah, has been manipulated and used by the men in her life, specifically Klaus and Marcel.
  • Sophie tells Hayley that if she helps her to complete the Harvest, then she will undo the curse on Hayley's family, which keeps them stuck in their wolf forms.
    • Sophie mentioned that it was her bloodline that cast the curse in the first place. However, though it was confirmed that her relative Brynne Deveraux technically cast the curse on the Crescent Wolf Pack, it was revealed that she was being possessed by Céleste Dubois at the time and was not in control of her body.
  • Rebekah is shown speaking French in this episode when she rescues the Casket Girls in flashbacks from the 18th century.
  • Davina and Tim were poisoned by Klaus in this episode, and both of them were killed as a result. However, since Marcel, who predicted such action on Klaus' part, forced Sabine to cast a protection spell on Davina, she was resurrected shortly afterward. Unfortunately, since Marcel didn't know about Tim's involvement, he was unable to have him magically protected as well.
    • It was also established in this episode that there are some poisons that cannot be cured by vampire blood, as Josh and Rebekah fed both Davina and Tim their blood with no success. According to Klaus, he chose this poison for that very reason.
  • Davina took her anger out on Klaus and Elijah by snapping Klaus' neck and forcing Elijah to choke on the innocent blood he had consumed over the years. She also yelled at Marcel for his betrayal, but he was neutralized by Rebekah before she could punish him as well.
  • It is revealed that Hayley is from the Crescent Wolf bloodline and that Sophie's bloodline put the curse on them.
    • However, it is clarified by Jackson in Crescent City that Hayley is a descendant of the Labonair Family, which is one of two distinct bloodlines that make up the Crescent Wolf Clan.
  • Cami learns that Kieran has been aware of the supernatural goings-on in New Orleans for decades and has been hiding it from her.
  • Davina has grown so strong that she can fight the Original Vampires as if they were common vampires, as demonstrated when she forced Klaus to partially transform and snapped his neck before forcing Elijah to regurgitate the "innocent blood" he has consumed in his life. The only witch previously capable of this kind of magical feat was Bonnie Bennett, who at the time was empowered by the spirits of one hundred witches, and later by Expression magic; however, in both cases, Bonnie simply caught them off guard.
    • It is worth noting that both Davina and Bonnie only possessed this sort of empowerment temporarily and are likely no longer a challenge against the Original Vampires.
    • It was confirmed in Après Moi, Le Déluge that Davina's immense magical power came from the fact that she was imbued with the powerful magic of all four Harvest girls at the time. While Davina is still a powerful witch in her own right due to her status as a Harvest girl, she no longer possesses the devastating power following the completion of the Harvest ritual.
  • Davina learns about the Garden and what Marcel does to those that betray him from Rebekah in this episode.
  • This episode introduces the first witch on witch confrontation when Sabine and her witch cohorts attempt to capture Davina at St. Anne's Church. Despite Davina being outnumbered, she was still able to easily kill all four witches by telekinetically snapping all three witches' necks simultaneously. However, since Sabine cast a protection spell on herself, she was resurrected shortly afterward.

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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode was filmed during the week of November 8, 2013.[1]
  • This episode had about 2.07 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.26 million less than the previous episode.

Cultural References

  • A casquette girl or casket girl (Fr. fille à la cassette) was a woman brought from France to the French colonies of Louisiana to marry.
  • The women showed up, bearing only as many belongings that would fit in a little wooden chest called a "casquette" or "casket," which appears to be the 18th century equivalent of an overnight bag.
  • They were conspicuous by reason of their virtue. Normally women were supplied to the colonists by raking the streets of Paris for undesirables, or by emptying the houses of correction.
    • The casquette girls, however, were recruited from church charitable institutions, usually Orphanages and convents, and, although poor, were practically guaranteed to be virgins. For this reason, it later became a matter of pride in Louisiana to show descent from them.
  • The casquette or casket girls were the inspiration for the operetta Naughty Marietta by the composer Victor Herbert.
  • Interestingly enough, legends exist in which the casquette girls, or casket girls, were turned into vampires, making it a fitting reference for a series about vampires, especially considering Rebekah, who is a devout feminist and who hates seeing women hurt at the hands in men, would have seen an appeal into making the girls vampires so they would be strong enough to defend themselves against their potentially abusive suitors.
  • The Casket Girl is the title of a novel about a girl who comes to New Orleans from France in the 1700s by Naomi Dawn Musch.
  • The Casket Girls is the name of a band from Savannah, Georgia. The band consists of sisters Phaedra & Elsa Greene joined by Ryan Graveface.


Rebekah: "For centuries, people have come to New Orleans looking for a fresh start, hoping to find fortune, adventure, even love. Young society women, imported from France with the promise of marrying a proper New Orleans gentleman. Like the legendary Casket Girls. Little did they know that the men who awaited them were far from proper, and not at all gentle."

Rebekah: "The Casket Girls' legend lives on. Now celebrated in typical New Orleans fashion...with stylish costumes and supernatural flair. It's a yearly reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men and how they can triumph when brave enough to fight for themselves."

Rebekah: "Used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah, threatened by Klaus. She's like a modern-day Casket Girl."
Hayley: "Are you talking about Davina or yourself?"
Rebekah: "Does it matter? Either way, us girls have got to stick together."

Rebekah: "It is said that this is a man's world. And sometimes it is. For every Casket Girl that was saved, countless others were not. But women are more resilient than given credit for. And some women, well, let's just say their oppressors had better watch out."

Rebekah: "Dull, dreary, hideous—"
Marcel: "Talking about the clothes, or something else?"
Rebekah: "Why, feeling insecure? This festival might as well be in my honor. I need a proper costume, so bugger off."
Marcel: "Bekah—"
Rebekah: "Don't. You made your choice. You and Klaus are best friends again, you've relinquished your right to touch me."
Rebekah: "I wonder who that could be."

Elijah: "Would you like some help?"
Hayley: "You might need to use all your vampire strength."
Elijah: "Allow me."
Hayley: "Thanks. Not too many pregnant Casket Girls, I guess."
Elijah: "I think you look lovely."

Klaus: "That child is the most powerful witch in New Orleans. If she's fled, what's to stop her from destroying all we've worked for?"
Cami: "Klaus compelled me to go out with Marcel, to spy on him. That's what he said yesterday, before he told me to forget."
Rebekah: "Used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah, threatened by Klaus."
Hayley: "Are you talking about Davina or yourself?"
Rebekah: "Either way, us girls have got to stick together."
Sophie: "If Davina is not with Marcel, he won't know if we're practicing magic.. And if we can actually get her back, we can fix everything."
Davina: I'll kill him."
Josh: "Davina, Originals can't be killed."                                                                                 
Davina: "I'm strong, Josh."                                                                                                      
Davina: "Enough of you."



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