[Jules wakes up lying in the woods naked. She has blood and dirt on her lips. She gets up, walks and finds mutilated bodies. She puts on some of the campers' clothes and puts the limbs together so she can make a fire. She's starting the fire when a policeman arrives. He gets out of his car and come towards her. She's kneeling on the ground before a tent, pretending to be crying.]

Policeman: Good morning. Is everything alright here?
Jules: It was an animal. A wolf. It came at us in the night.
Policeman: Are you okay?
Jules: Yes. But my friends...They're all dead.
Policeman: I'm calling it in.

[She nods. He goes towards his car but Jules hits him with a wooden stick two times. She kills him.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena enters Stefan's bedroom.]

Elena: Stefan? Stefan? You're standing right behind me, aren't you?
Stefan: Yep.

[She turns around and kisses him.]

Stefan: Good morning.
Elena: I don't want us to be apart anymore. Ever.
Stefan: Me neither, but...
Elena: Don't ruin the moment.

[They kiss again but Stefan stops.]

Elena: You're about to ruin the moment, aren't you?
Stefan: I'm totally ruining the moment. Look, I can't just pretend like everything is okay.
Elena: Katherine's locked away in the tomb.
Stefan: I know but we still have this pressing little issue of you being Klaus' human sacrifice.

[She opens one of Stefan's drawers, removes a vial of vervain and and opens it.]

Elena: Yes but Elijah promised to keep me and everyone else safe as long as we play by his rules.
Stefan: Right. As long as you play by his rules.

[She puts the vervain in a glass.]

Elena: Please don't go after Isobel.
Stefan: Katherine said Isobel could have some answers and I just have a couple questions, that's all.

[She pours water in the glass with the vervain in it. She drinks.]

Elena: Stefan, I made a deal with Elijah.
Stefan: Right, you made a deal with him. I didn't make one. You should keep your deal.
Elena: Stefan, I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
Stefan: When have I ever wanted somebody to get hurt?

[She shows him the glass.]

Elena: Vervain. I made it light but are you sure? Just because Katherine built up a tolerance...
Stefan: Yes, bottoms up.

[He takes the glass and drinks but ends up on the floor coughing. After a moment he recovers and stands up.]

Elena: Are you okay?
Stefan: Yeah.
Elena: How can Elijah compel another vampire?
Stefan: He's an original. I don't really know what that means. I don't think anybody really knows what that means. Well, except maybe Isobel. Maybe we should ask her.

[He kisses her and leaves.]

[Rose is in the library, she seems sick. Damon enters her carrying a blood bag.]

Rose: I was born in 1450, that makes me 560 years old.
Damon: Well, if you were a bottle of wine...
Rose: So I can die. I've lived long enough.
Damon: You know, if you're gonna be morn, I'm just gonna kill you myself just to put me out of your misery.

[He pours blood from the bag into a glass.]

Damon: Come on, it's just a little werewolf bite.
Rose: Just a little, fatal to a vampire werewolf bite.
Damon: Well, according to a legend which is notoriously unreliable source. Drink up.

[He gives her the glass of blood.]

Damon: Blood heals.

[She drinks.]

Rose: Yeah, it does feel like it's working.
Damon: Let's have a look, come on. Let me see.

[He looks at the bite mark; it has gotten much worse and has spread further down her back.]

Rose: How is it?
Damon: Definitely...better. Right, Elena?

[Elena is in the room and seems shocked by Rose's wounds. Rose looks at her.]

Elena: Um, it's not bad.
Damon: Where's Stefan?
Elena: He left. I need you to talk to him. He's convinced that he has to find Isobel but I think that's gonna upset Elijah.
Damon: No, can do. I'm with Stefan on this one but if you could play nurse for a little while...
Rose: It's not necessary.
Damon: It is necessary. Elena is a do-gooder. It's in her nature, she just can't resist.

[He leaves the room. Elena looks at Rose for a second, then follows Damon out of the room.]

Elena: Damon. Is she gonna die?
Damon: Probably. The wolf bite caused some kind of infection and it's getting worse.
Elena: Like poison?
Damon: I don't know, Elena. I'm not an expert in the field.
Elena: I'm sorry.
Damon: Death happens. We come, we go. Sooner she dies the better. It's gloomy as hell in here.

Mystic Falls High School

[Everyone is preparing the Booster Club Barbecue. Caroline joins Tyler.]

Caroline: How are you feeling?
Tyler: I'm okay. I'm sore, every muscle aches.
Caroline: You did it. You know, you...your first full moon and you didn't hurt anyone. It'll get easier. You'll get better at it, you'll learn to control it and it won't hurt so much.
Tyler: Well, we don't know any of that for sure.
Caroline: No but small victories, Tyler. Last night was a victory. You know, let's take it.
Tyler: Look, I really want to thank you. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there.

[She smiles.]

Caroline: Yeah, anyway, month we should probably reinforce the wall because you almost got me that one time and it just would have been, um...
Tyler: What?
Caroline: Never mind, it's...
Tyler: Wait, no, wait. What is it?
Caroline: Well, it's not a big thing, it's just that one bite and it' know, curtains for me.
Tyler: What are you talking about?
Caroline: The legend says that a bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire.
Tyler: How do you know that?
Caroline: I...I think I read it somewhere...

[Matt joins them.]

Matt: Caroline, you got a second?
Tyler: Hey, Matt.
Caroline: Yeah, sure.
Tyler: I'll see you guys later.

[He leaves so they can be alone.]

Caroline: That was nothing, okay? There is nothing going on between Tyler and I, we were just talking...
Matt: I believe you. Look, Caroline, you're a lot a things but you're not a liar. You've always been straight with me, I believe you.
Caroline: Well, good.
Matt: And that's why I want to be straight with you because I...I think we got some wires crossed here.
Caroline: Oh, okay.
Matt: And you know how tongue-tied I get and I don't like this. Whatever this is that's going on between us and I...I just want to...

[He kisses her.]

Caroline: You can't.
Matt: Why?
Caroline: That's just...
Matt: But Care...
Caroline: No Matt, okay?

[She leaves.]

Mystic Grill

[Jules joins Sheriff Forbes at the bar.]

Jules: Sheriff Forbes, hi. I'm Mason Lockwood's friend from Florida.
Sheriff Forbes: Jules, right?
Jules: Is there any news?
Sheriff Forbes: No one's heard from him. I've opened an investigation. As soon as I hear anything I'll let you know.

[Alaric is looking at them. He calls Damon.]

Alaric: Hey, Damon. The wolf is at the grill.

[She sits down at a table. Stefan joins him.]

Stefan: Is that the-?
Alaric: Yeah, yeah. I just left Damon a message.
Stefan: So you're doing his dirty work for him now.
Alaric: She could have a cure for Rose. I couldn't find anything in Isobel's research except that it's fatal.
Stefan: Do you still know of a way to get in touch with Isobel?
Alaric: Even if I did, she isn't gonna help.
Stefan: Katherine said that Isobel knew of Klaus.
Alaric: So this isn't about Rose, it's about Elena. I have an old number, probably out of service.
Stefan: No harm in giving it to me then?
Alaric: You know you can't trust Isobel, even when it comes to Elena.
Stefan: I know that.
Alaric: Alright. I'm gonna see if I can find the number. If I do, I'll text it to you.

[He leaves.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Rose and Elena are in Damon's bedroom. Elena puts her in the bed.]

Rose: I hate this. I'm a vampire, I haven't had a cold in five centuries.
Elena: Just get in bed.
Rose: We don't get sick. When we die, it's fast and sudden and it's certainly not drawn out in illness.
Elena: You're not gonna die.
Rose: Such a human thing to say.

[Elena looks around Damon's room.]

Rose: You've never been in Damon's room before, have you?

[Elena takes a book and looks at it. It's Gone with the Wind]

Rose: Not what you expected?
Elena: It's just a room with a bed. Maybe I expected there to be silk sheets.

[They smile.]

Rose: You're lucky, you know. No one's ever love me the way you're loved.
Elena: I doubt that.
Rose: Trevor was my best friend. Nothing more. I spent all those years on the run from Elijah. I just never thought it was a good idea to set up roots. The whole idea of family is not exactly compatible with being a vampire. Why are you so eager to give up?
Elena: I'm not giving up on anything. Here.

[She gives her a glass of blood.]

Rose: What do you call this whole deal with Elijah?
Elena: I call it my best option.
Rose: It's your easiest option.
Elena: That's not fair.
Rose: Do you really think that your witch friend destroyed the moonstone?
Elena: I spoke with Bonnie. I know that she had the help of another witch; unless you mean it's Elijah's witch, so no, I don't.
Rose: You really are determined to die, aren't you? At least I ran, you're not even trying.

[She closes her eyes.]

Rose: I'm so tired.

[Elena is leaving but Rose is talking in her sleep.]

Rose: No, stop, wait. Tell them to prepare the horses.
Elena: It's okay Rose. Just get some sleep. You'll feel better when you wake up.
Rose: Trevor, don't be so stupid. You're never going to make it there before the sun.

[Suddenly she sits up. She's in pain.]

Rose: Elena, Elena, I need more blood.
Elena: Yeah, of course, here.

[She gives her the glass of blood. Rose drinks but throws everything up.]

Elena: It's okay, everything's gonna be alright.

[She rushes to the bathroom. When Elena comes back, Rose's not here anymore but is revealed to be standing behind Elena. When she turns around, Rose attacks her and pushes her hard against the wall.]

Rose: It's all your fault, Katerina. You Katerina, you did this.
Elena: It's Elena. Rose, Rose! I'm Elena!
Rose: You betrayed us!
Elena: I'm not Katherine!

[Rose releases her.]

Rose: Elena?
Elena: It's me, it's Elena.

[Rose comes to her senses. Her vampire face disappears.]

Rose: Oh my god Elena. I'm so sorry. I don't know what's happening to me. I'm sorry.
Elena: You're gonna be alright.
Rose: My mind, I'm...
Elena: It was just for a second.
Rose: I'm sorry, don't be scared of me.
Elena: I'm not. I'm not, but you need to rest.

[Rose lays on the bed.]

Rose: I'm scared.
Elena: You're not alone. I'm right here.
Rose: Here, where's here?
Elena: Damon's bedroom, you're in Damon's bedroom.
Rose: I want to go home.
Elena: Tell me about it.
Rose: St. Austell, thirty kilometers south of London. With fields and trees and horses.
Elena: Sounds beautiful.
Rose: When you live long enough, everything disappears. So much time wasted, I just wish I wouldn't have been so afraid.

Mystic Grill

[Jules is eating. Stefan's looking at her. He looks at his phone: Alaric's texted him the number. He calls but no one answers. He leaves a message.]

Stefan: Isobel, it's Stefan Salvatore. I need to speak with you, it's about Elena. Please know that it's important.

[He hangs up and sees Damon who has just entered. He sees Jules and goes toward her but Stefan stops him.]

Damon: What are you doing here?
Stefan: I'm waiting for you. Listen, there's a lot of people here.
Damon: Oh, damn. There goes my plan to rip her spleen through her back.
Stefan: Hey, listen, I know you're upset about Rose.
Damon: Why does everyone think that I'm upset about Rose? I'm fine. I don't know if you know this but sometimes, vampires die. I'm gonna have a friendly chat with lady wolf, brother. Ease up.

[He joins Jules. The number Stefan's called is calling. He answers and leaves.]

Jules: Well, if it isn't the one I meant to kill...I'll have to get that right next time.
Damon: You won't live to see another full moon unless...unless you tell me how to cure a wolf bite...and then I won't kill you.
Jules: Promise?
Damon: Yes.

[She leaves some money on the desk and then looks at Damon.]

Jules: Bite me.

[She gets up but Damon grabs her arm.]

Jules: I'm not afraid of you.
Damon: Then you are very, very stupid.
Jules: How's your friend? Rose, is that her name? Have the chills started? The unbearable pain?
Damon: If there's a cure, tell me or start watching your back.
Jules: Did I mention the dementia? It'll eat away at her brain. Soon she'll be rabid. You want a cure? I'll tell you the only cure that exists: take a stake and drive it through her heart.

[She leaves.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena enters Damon's bedroom with new sheets.]

Elena: I brought some clean sheets.

[Rose is not here. Elena leaves the room to search for her. She enters the library and calls Damon.]

Elena: It's Elena, I'm worried about Rose. I think you should come home.

[She hears a noise from another room and goes towards it.]

Elena: Rose?

[Elena walks into the basement. She finds an empty blood bag and picks it up. She goes farther into the basement. She finds Rose drinking blood from a bag. There are a lot of emptied blood bags on the floor around her.]

Elena: Oh my god.
Rose: Katerina.
Elena: No.

[Rose goes after her. Elena runs.]

Elena: Rose, stop, stop, it's Elena. I'm not Katherine.

[Rose stops.]

Elena: You're hallucinating. I'm not Katherine. I'm not Katherine.

[Rose grabs her and pushes her on the floor. Elena opens a curtain. Rose is hurt by the sun so Elena runs. She tries to gets out of the house but Rose stops her and tries to bites her. Elena digs her fingers into Rose's wounds on her back. Rose screams and Elena runs. She goes in Stefan's bedroom, locks the door and puts furniture in front of it. She opens the window so the sun can enter the room and breaks a wooden chair to make a stake from its leg. Rose tries to open the door.]

Rose: Elena? I know that's you and not Katherine. (She coughs and groans uncontrollably.) Elena? Please, I need your help.

Mystic Falls High School

[Caroline is in a corridor. Matt joins her.]

Matt: Caroline. Why?
Caroline: Why what?
Matt: I kissed you.
Caroline: I know, I was there.
Matt: So why did you run away?
Caroline: You caught me off guard.
Matt: Yeah?
Caroline: What did you except me to do?
Matt: Not that.
Caroline: Well, I'm sorry.
Matt: And...?
Caroline: And what? What do you want me to say, Matt?
Matt: Something, anything. How did you feel? Anything in the realm of truth right now would be nice.
Caroline: Okay, I I....I love you.

[Tears start to well up in her eyes.]

Matt: I love you then what's the problem? What are you keeping from me, Care? Look, if you love me you'll tell me, so what is it?

[She doesn't say anything. A cheerleader arrives.]

Dana: Hey Matt, we need more burgers.

[Matt turns to face Dana.]

Matt: Yeah, not now Dana.

[When he turns around to talk to Caroline, she's not there.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[It's night. Elena doesn't hear anything so she leaves the room and goes downstairs. The main door is opened. She turns around and sees Damon. She still has the stake in her hand.]

Damon: Are you okay? Where's Rose?
Elena: I don't know.

Mystic Falls High School

[Rose is there, in the parking lot near some garbage cans. She reels over and coughs. A man is throwing out some garbage and sees her.]

Man: Excuse me, are you okay?

[He comes closer. She violently bites him and drinks his blood. He falls on the ground dead.]

[Later, Damon joins the sheriff. The police have found the body.]

Damon: Hey.
Sheriff Forbes: Thanks for coming so quickly.
Damon: No, I was close by Liz, what happened?
Sheriff Forbes: A vampire. Luckily one of my deputies discovered the body before anyone else saw him.
Damon: We have to secure the area then.
Sheriff Forbes: (To her deputies.) Don't cause a panic, but let's take this party into the cafeteria. (To Damon) I take the east side of the school, you go west?
Damon: Sure, okay.

[Elena Is here too. She leaves a message to Stefan.]

Elena: Hey, Stefan, it's me. I don't know where you are but please call me. It's important.

[Damon joins her.]

Elena: Hey. Have you heard from him? Do you know what he's up to?
Damon: My baby brother is not exactly my priority right now. Take this.

[He gives her a stake.]

Damon: Come on, let's go.

[They leave.]

[Two students are walking to their car.]

Boy: Hey, what was going on back there with the police?
Girl: Some maintenance man had a heart attack. He just dropped dead.

[She goes into the car and waits for her boyfriend but he doesn't get in.]

Girl: Eddie?

[His body falls on the car. The girl screams. She runs out of the car but Rose is already there and bites her. Damon arrives.]

Damon: Rose, stop!

[She rushes toward him but he grabs her and pins her on the ground.]

Damon: Rose, Rose! It's me, it's Damon. It's Damon.

[Her face is normal again. She looks at the girl's body. She starts crying.]

Rose: Did I do this? I never meant to hurt anyone. I never wanted to hurt anyone.
Damon: I know.

[She looks at Elena.]

Rose: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
Damon: Come on, let's get you home.
Rose: No, I don't have a home, I haven't had a home in so long.

[She cries.]

Rose: Oh make it stop, please make it stop! I hate it, make it stop!

[He carries her in his arms and starts walking away. Elena picks up the stake from the ground.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Rose and Damon are in his bedroom. She's in the bed, covered in sweat.]

Damon: Hi there.
Rose: I'm sorry.
Damon: You went on a murderous rampage. It happens.

[Elena enters the room.]

Rose: I'm sorry, Elena. I don't like taking human life, I never have.
Damon: (Looking at Elena, annoyed.) You shouldn't be here.
Rose: It's the worst part about it: the hunt, the need to kill, the thirst, the pleasure it brings you afterwards. I wasn't meant to be evil. It hurts.
Damon: Stop talking about it.
Rose: Damon's a lot like me. He wants to care but when he does he runs away from it. I'm sorry for what I've done today.
Elena: I know.
Rose: And you need to fight. I know that you're scared but you have to do it anyway.

[She coughs. Elena comes closer and puts her arm under her neck.]

Rose: Why are you so nice to me?
Elena: Us humans.
Rose: You can never forget it, what it's like to be human. It haunts me. It's the only thing that's kept me going. It doesn't hurt as much anymore.

[Suddenly she starts to hurt and screams.]

Elena: What do we do?
Damon: Go.
Elena: Damon...
Damon: Just go. I got this.

[She leaves. Damon sits on the bed with Rose and takes her in his arms.]

Rose: Oh god! Make it stop, make it stop! I can't take it anymore, make it stop!

Forbes Residence

[Tyler is sitting outside of Caroline's house, waiting for her. She arrives.]

Tyler: Hey. Where have you been?
Caroline: At school. What's up? What's going on?
Tyler: We need to talk.
Caroline: Why? What's wrong with you?
Tyler: I just don't understand one thing.
Caroline: What?
Tyler: Why would you risk it? If a werewolf bite kills a vampire...why would you risk it?
Caroline: Because you needed help.
Tyler: I could have killed you.
Caroline: But you didn't.
Tyler: I don't understand you, Caroline.
Caroline: Why is it so hard for you to let someone else help you?
Tyler: That's not it.
Caroline: Yeah it is, Tyler. It's like you don't want anyone to care about you and I'm sorry I care. I care Tyler so forgive me if I overstepped my boundaries by actually giving in...

[He kisses her suddenly. They gently kiss again.]

Caroline: You can't do that.
Tyler: I'm sorry, it's...
Caroline: Everyone just need to stop kissing me!

[She goes inside and slams the door shut.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is still with Rose.]

Rose: Who would have thought you'd be a nice guy?
Damon: I‘m not nice. I'm mean. I like it.
Rose: You're lying.
Damon: Shhh, just sleep. Just sleep.

[In her dream, Rose has long hair and is in a dress. She's walking in a paddock with horses. She runs and sits down next to Damon.]

Rose: This was my favorite place to come as a girl. How did you know?
Damon: Word gets around. You told Elena.
Rose: Am I dreaming?

[Damon shrugs his shoulders. She closes her eyes and breath.]

Rose: The sun is so warm. I miss this. I miss being human.
Damon: Humanity is not all it's cracked up to be.
Rose: I had friends, I had a family, I mattered.
Damon: You still do.
Rose: No but you do. You built a life whether you want to admit it or not. I spent 500 years just existing.
Damon: You didn't have a choice, you were running from Klaus.
Rose: There's always a choice.
Damon: You know, you're ruining a perfect day with your strange philosophical babbling.

[She embraces him.]

Rose: I'd like to enjoy the fresh air. Would you enjoy it with me?
Damon: For a while.

[He holds her in his arms. They hold hands and interlock fingers.]

Rose: Thank you.
Damon: For what?
Rose: The pain's gone.
Damon: I'm glad.
Rose: Will I see them again? My family?
Damon: I think you'll see whoever you want to see.
Rose: That would be nice. Maybe I'll see Trevor too. I'm not afraid anymore.

[In reality, Damon lets go of Rose's hand and pulls out a stake. He points it to her heart. He's crying.]

[Back in the dream Rose gets up.]

Rose: I'll race you to the trees.
Damon: Well, you'll lose.
Rose: I'm older and faster.
Damon: Oh, you think?

[He gets up.]

Damon: Well, I'm controlling this dream. Maybe I'll cheat.
Rose: On the count of three. One, two...

[Damon drives the stake through her heart. He weeps. Rose's dead.]


[On a dirt road in the woods, Sheriff Forbes parks her car and gets out. Damon is waiting for her. She walks over to him, and he opens his car trunk.]

Damon: Here's your vampire.

[Rose is in the trunk. The sheriff is surprised.]

Sheriff Forbes: How did you find her?
Damon: It doesn't matter. What matters is that it's over.
Sheriff Forbes: Thank you Damon. Once again, you've helped keep this town safe.
Damon: I'll take care of burying the body.

[He closes the trunk.]

Mystic Grill

[Tyler takes a seat at Jules's table.]

Jules: Thank you for coming.
Tyler: So what do you want from me?
Jules: Just to be your friend. Mason would have wanted that. I know about Mason and you.
Tyler: You know what?
Jules: I know you're a werewolf and I know your little friend Caroline is a vampire.
Tyler: How do you know about Caroline?
Jules: You can't sniff them out?

[He doesn't answer.]

Jules: Oh my god. You're brand new. How many times have you turned?

[He doesn't answer. Jules leans over and places her hand on his.]

Jules: Hey, I can help you.

[Tyler feels uncomfortable and takes his hands off the table.]

Tyler: Do you know where Mason is?
Jules: He's dead, Tyler. He was murdered.
Tyler: No.
Jules: You want to know who murdered him?
Tyler: Just stop.
Jules: Your little blonde vampire did.
Tyler: No, Caroline would never do this.
Jules: She and her little vampire friends were behind it, Tyler.
Tyler: Caroline is the only vampire in town.
Jules: Is that what she told you? She lied. This town is crawling with vampires but don't worry, we'll get them.
Tyler: Who are you?
Jules: I'm your friend. There are others like us and they're on their way.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon enters the door. Elena's there.]

Damon: You were supposed to leave.
Elena: I did but then I came back to make sure that you're okay.

[She gives him a glass of scotch.]

Damon: I appreciate the gesture. I'm just glad it's over.

[He drinks.]

Elena: You know I don't believe that.
Damon: Go home, Elena. Get some rest. It's a whole new day tomorrow.
Elena: Damon, I'm your friend.
Damon: I'm well aware of that.
Elena: And a friend usually knows when their friend is hurting.
Damon: What do you want to hear? That I cared about Rose? That I'm upset? Well I didn't and I'm not.
Elena: There you go, pretending to turn it off, pretending not to feel. Damon, you're so close, don't give up.
Damon: I feel Elena, okay? And it sucks! What sucks even more is that it was supposed to be me. Jules was coming after me.
Elena: You feel guilty.
Damon: That would be human of me, wouldn't it Elena? And I'm not human. You want to talk about giving up? That's all you've done is give up! Go home. It's been enough doom, gloom and personal growth for one night.
Elena: Okay, I will.

[She gives him a long hug.]

Elena: Good night Damon.

[She leaves.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena arrives. Stefan's there.]

Elena: Stefan, you're home.
Stefan: Rose?

[Elena shakes her head.]

Stefan: I um...I called Isobel.
Elena: I know.
Stefan: I'm sorry, I had to.
Elena: It's okay. Did you find her?
John: Not exactly. Hello Elena.
Elena: Uncle John.


[A girl is driving down a road in the woods but she stops because a man is laying in the middle of the road. She gets out and rushes over to him. It's Damon.]

Jessica: Sir, are you okay? What happened?
Damon: I'm...lost.
Jessica: And you're laying in the middle of the road?
Damon: Not that kind of lost.

[He sits up.]

Damon: Metaphorically, existentially.
Jessica: Do you need help?
Damon: Well, yes I do. Can you help me?

[He takes a hip flask from his pocket and takes a drink.]

Jessica: You're drunk.
Damon: No. Well, yes a little maybe.

[She starts to leave.]

Damon: No please don't leave. I really do need help.

[He rushes over to her and compels her.]

Damon: Don't move.
Jessica: I don't want any trouble.
Damon: Neither do I but all I got is trouble.
Jessica: Why can't I move?

[Damon takes another drink from the flask, then puts his hands on her shoulders.]

Damon: What's your name?
Jessica: Jessica.
Damon: Hi Jessica. I have a secret, I have a big one and I never said it out loud. I mean, what's the point? It's not gonna change anything, it's not gonna make me good, make me an adopt a puppy. I can't be what other people want me to be, what she wants me to be. This is who I am, Jessica.
Jessica: Are you gonna hurt me?
Damon: I'm not sure because you are my existential crisis. Do I kill you or do I not kill you?
Jessica: Please don't.
Damon: But I have to, Jessica because I'm not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world! That is my secret but there is only so much hurt a man can take.
Jessica: Please, don't.

[He cries.]

Damon: Okay. (Compelling her.) You're free to go.

[She runs to her car but Damon rushes over to her and bites her. She falls to the ground dead.]

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