[Night has fallen, and Lucien is standing on a gazebo as he feeds on a woman. When he pulls away, the life leaves the woman's eyes as he drops her onto the floor. Lucien is wearing a vintage suit characteristic of the turn of the 20th century, and he smirks and wipes the blood off of his lips as he turns to face Aurora, who is feeding on a man who is now slumped dead over a fancy dinner table]

LUCIEN: Enjoying yourself, love?
AURORA: [smiles] I feel like a brand-new woman.

[Lucien laughs as he walks over to join her at the table]

LUCIEN: What a lovely choice of words.

[Aurora daintily dabs at the corner of her mouth with a napkin and at the same time elbows her recently-deceased victim's body off of the table, batting her eyelashes at him all the while. A presumably-compelled waiter stands silently and emotionlessly behind them]

LUCIEN: This setting reminds me of the time we were in Paris. 1903? La Belle Epoque? Peace, prosperity, hope...

[Aurora gives him a look as she holds up her half-full champagne flute for the waiter to top off ]

AURORA: Oh, so this is your intention? Ply me with champagne, and then entice me with nostalgia?
LUCIEN: I simply desired an auspicious location for us to begin a new adventure. Perhaps, centuries from now, you and I will look back at this bucolic scene as the beginning of our chapter.
AURORA: And what does that chapter entail?
LUCIEN: Power. Domination. Vengeance.
AURORA: Men are such good talkers... But how rarely they produce more than words.

[Aurora laughs to herself]

AURORA: And they call me delusional.

[Lucien smiles as he sits down across from her at the table]

LUCIEN: Your wit is as sharp as ever. Nik is the fool who let you slip away. And, while that loss is punishment enough, rest assured-- I will heap more suffering upon his head.

[Aurora gives him a patronizing look]

AURORA: You cannot defeat Niklaus, Lucien. He is-- and always has been-- your better.

[This remark clearly stings Lucien, but he covers it up with a chuckle]

LUCIEN: I am altogether different now.

[Lucien pulls out the second vial of the serum he forced Vincent to make in the previous episode and holds it up, and Aurora can't help but look intrigued]

LUCIEN: Blood of a Mikaelson witch, imbued with dark magic. This has transformed me into something new, with a power unlike anything the world has ever seen. My bite is lethal, even to a Mikaelson.

[Aurora visibly likes the sound of what he's saying, but seems skeptical of his truthfulness]

AURORA: Is this more of your boasting, Lucien?
LUCIEN: Oh, no. It can all be verified easily enough. Just ask poor Finn. Oh, wait. You can't. I killed him. The rest of the brothers shall follow soon enough, as the prophecy has stated. But first... I wanted to make you this offer.

[Lucien stands to his feet and walks over to Aurora before kneeling before her, and Aurora sits up in her chair, looking stunned as he holds up the vial of serum as though it's an engagement ring]

LUCIEN: My proposal is simple-- Join me, Aurora. Drink this, become what I am, and let us spend the rest of our immortal lives together. In exchange, you will have my undying love... and all the revenge you could desire.

[Aurora seems overwhelmed by this offer and hesitates for a moment]

AURORA: I would accept your offer, but I fear I could not enjoy your love or my revenge as long as my brother suffers.
LUCIEN: Then allow me this further promise-- Say yes, and by the end of day, you shall have Tristan back. Or, I will relieve his suffering by killing Elijah.

[Aurora smiles and takes the vial from his hand, seemingly agreeing to his proposal]



[Freya is in one of the studies upstairs, where she is sketching a rough draft of a spell in an empty grimoire. However, she stops what she's doing when she hears footsteps pacing back and forth behind her. It's Klaus, who looks extremely anxious]

FREYA: [sighs] You're hovering.
KLAUS: I'm supervising. How else to speed up your endeavors? Let's see. Perhaps I should bring Vincent here? Force him to aid you by removing his legs?
FREYA: [rolls her eyes] Vincent doesn't know how to kill Lucien, either. Besides, if he leaves the St. James, who knows what the Ancestors will make him do next?

[Just then, Elijah breezes into the room and joins them]

ELIJAH: The Ancestors are thoroughly occupied, according to Davina, terrorizing our brother.
KLAUS: What a surprise! Another day, another witch-inspired vendetta.
ELIJAH: Well, Davina can take care of Kol for now. Let us focus our energies on Lucien. How do we demolish that rodent?
FREYA: [sighs] I'm working on it.
KLAUS: Yes! While we all have our roles to play, Elijah can stay here and oversee whatever Freya is doing. I'm going to actually accomplish something.

[Elijah looks uneasy as Klaus walks toward the door, and he tries to stop him with little success]

ELIJAH: Brother, accomplishing something--

[Klaus loses his temper]

KLAUS: [cuts him off] The time for talking is done!

[Visibly frustrated, Klaus walks out the door without another word]


[Davina and a strung-out-looking Kol have just arrived hand-in-hand at the club, where a jazzy blues band is playing on the stage, but Kol is overwhelmed by the heartbeats and blood of everyone inside and stops before they can enter]

KOL: Ohhh, I can't be here, Davina. This is a bad idea...
DAVINA: Magic won't affect you in here, so step inside...

[She pulls him over the threshold, and he stumbles inside. It's clear by the look on his face and the way that the heartbeats immediately lower in volume and intensity that the spell on the restaurant is blocking the Ancestors' hex]

DAVINA: ...And take your mind off of it.

[When Davina sees the relief in his expression, she smiles in satisfaction]

DAVINA: Feeling better?

[Davina takes off her coat and lays it on a chair at a nearby table, and Kol smiles as he walks over to her until they're nearly nose-to-nose]

KOL: [chuckles] Seems I owe you again. You must be growing tired of saving my ass.
DAVINA: [smiles] Mmm, actually, I kind of like it. And what if I told you I had a way to fix all of our problems?
KOL: What do you have in mind, darling?

[Davina's face becomes serious, and Kol looks confused when he looks over Davina's shoulder and sees Vincent sitting at the bar. When Vincent and Kol meet eyes, Vincent raises his glass toward him in greeting, though Kol does not look happy to see him]


[The NOLA Music Days festival is happening in the French Quarter as Klaus, looking pale and tired, makes his way to Cami's apartment, where she's reading The Art of War by Sun Zu. When he arrives, he opens the door to walk in, but is unable to pass over the threshold, so he speaks up to get her attention as Cami looks up from her book]

KLAUS: It appears I'm unable to enter.

[Cami stands to her feet and walks toward the door, clearly surprised by his unexpected appearance]

CAMI: So is every other vampire. I put the lease in my neighbor's name, compelled her to forget. I can go get her and have her invite you in--
KLAUS: [quickly] No. You were wise to take precautions. No one should be invited in, even me. I only came to see that you were safe.

[Klaus, looking uncomfortable and awkward, turns to leave, but Cami stops him]

CAMI: Klaus? I haven't had the chance to tell you how sorry I am... about Finn. Losing a sibling is awful.

[Klaus, even more uncomfortable and clearly still grieving about Finn, smiles weakly]

KLAUS: Yes. Well, I'll find solace when Lucien is dead.
CAMI: [tersely] And what about Aurora?

[The small smile on Klaus fades at this change in subject]

CAMI: By now, she could be just as powerful, and if you still harbor feelings for her...
KLAUS: I don't care about Aurora. I care about you. But then, you've made your feelings perfectly clear.

[Upset, Klaus turns and walks away, leaving Cami feeling guilty in her apartment]


[Klaus is walking around the NOLA MUSIC DAYS FESTIVAL, where a huge crowd is drinking, dancing, and eating fair food like cotton candy. However, after a moment, he senses something and turns back to find Lucien standing near the fountain, smirking at him. Klaus glares at him in return, but his line of sight is broken by a crowd of people walking past him, and once they have, Lucien completely vanishes]

[Klaus scowls as he sets off to track him down, eventually ending up in an alley behind a large brick building near CAMI'S APARTMENT. He pulls out Papa Tunde's blade in preparation for a fight as he looks around for Lucien. Just then, Lucien appears and backhands Klaus so hard that he flies backward and rolls across the pavement, quickly righting himself into a defensive position as Lucien chuckles in amusement]

LUCIEN: Hello, Nik!

[Klaus scowls at him, standing to his feet before shrugging nonchalantly]

KLAUS: Not bad. Perhaps I'll return the favor?

[Klaus lunges for Lucien, swiping the blade at him, but Lucien easily dodges all of his strikes as the two spin and block each other]

[Meanwhile, at CAMI'S APARTMENT, Cami is standing in the kitchen when she suddenly hears the sounds of their fighting. Back in the ALLEY, Lucien has once again backhanded Klaus and sent him flying backward, where he lands on the hood of an old car and smashes the windshield. Klaus spits blood out of his mouth just as Lucien leaps forward and lands in front of him on the hood of the car]

LUCIEN: Do you see now, old friend? You cannot beat me.

[Klaus, though slightly weakened, still scoffs in offense at this remark]

KLAUS: Defeated at the hands of a stable boy? I sincerely doubt it.
LUCIEN: [chuckles] I'll have my moment. Yet, you still have a role to play in the prophecy I am to fulfill. You're gonna help me get Elijah.

[Klaus spins on his bottom and kicks Lucien's legs out from under him, causing him to fall off the car as Klaus gets back into a defensive position. He leaps down onto the pavement and prepares to stab Lucien with Papa Tunde's blade, but Lucien gets up even more quickly and grabs him by the wrist to stop him as Klaus struggles to break his hold. Klaus uses his free hand to give him more strength as he aims the tip of the blade toward Lucien's heart and growls at him]

KLAUS: I'm not gonna let you hurt my brother.
LUCIEN: Sadly, you don't have a choice.

[Lucien snaps Klaus' right wrist and uses it to aim the blade at Klaus' own heart, eventually plunging it into his chest and causing Klaus to roar in pain as the blade embeds itself in his heart, just like when he was stabbed with it in Crescent City and Long Way Back From Hell. Lucien seems shocked by this turn of events, but is definitely pleased as Klaus gasps in pain and falls to his knees before him. However, unbeknownst to Lucien, Cami was standing behind them in the alley and watched this all happen, and Klaus seems to have seen her briefly before he fell unconscious]


[Kol and Vincent are sitting across from each other at a table in the St. James, where Vincent has just poured Kol a glass of scotch and pushed it toward him. Davina sits between them with her own drink]

VINCENT: Try to remember. Your spirit was trapped with the Ancestors. Did they say anything?
KOL: Yeah, well, it's hard to recall what anyone is saying when there's a boot in your face.
VINCENT: Imagine when Davina brought you back. Did you hear voices? Spells? Chants? I don't know, a threat?
KOL: There wasn't any talk, all right? They hate me because I'm a Mikaelson.

[Davina sighs in frustration]

DAVINA: What's the point of these questions?

[Vincent's expression becomes grim, which makes both Davina and Kol even more suspicious]

VINCENT: The Ancestors made a deal with Lucien. That's an act of war. And now, they're coming after Kol.

[Kol sighs and laces his fingers together before leaning his chin against them, and Davina looks stunned by this news]

VINCENT: If I knew why, then maybe I could convince them that there's a better way. Maybe I could talk some sense into 'em.
KOL: [scoffs] You make them sound like they're a committee of a sort. Reasonable people.
VINCENT: The dead were once the living. All the living really want to do is avoid trouble and protect their own.

[Kol sighs, knowing that Vincent is at least right on that point, and Vincent looks over at Davina, who is silent and looks overwhelmed before he chuckles and continues]

VINCENT: I remember coming to Music Days when I was a kid. I-I remember all the covens gathering together. And no matter what your beef was with somebody else, well that one day, it was all good. And you could feel the presence of all those that came before. You could feel 'em watching. Peaceful.

[Davina smiles as though she has similar memories of the festival]

VINCENT: Now, every since vampires took over this city, those same spirits have been restless.

[Kol rolls his eyes at this slight dig at the vampires but allows him to continue]

VINCENT: And the covens will never know peace with the Mikaelsons living here. Now, my guess is the Ancestors see Lucien as a weapon. Use him on vampires, right? Use him on the family that begot them. And, if we're gonna stop that, somebody's gotta convince the Ancestors there's a better way.

[Vincent stands to his feet as though he's about to leave, but Kol rises to his feet and stares him in the eyes, clearly suspicious of his motives]

KOL: Why would you ever help me?
VINCENT: This isn't about you. It's about Davina.

[Vincent raises his hands in a non-threatening gesture and shrugs]

DAVINA: I figure I owe her that much.

[Davina seems touched by this sentiment, and she and Kol watch as he walks out of the club]


[In the upstairs living room, Freya is still sketching with a piece of charcoal. Her rough drafts are covering the coffee table, and Elijah is pacing impatiently]

ELIJAH: Freya, we are out of time.
FREYA: [anxiously] A sigil is a complicated magical symbol, weaponized and condensed to its most potent form. If I combine the right elements, we'll have a chance at stopping Lucien, and if I don't...

[Freya trails off, just as the sound of panicked knocking is heard from downstairs. Freya and Elijah give each other an alarmed look as they rush to the courtyard, though Hayley beats them there. She rushes toward Cami with a worried expression]

HAYLEY: What's wrong?
CAMI: [frantically] It's Klaus... Lucien has him.

[Hayley turns to shout for Freya and Elijah, who are approaching them as they speak]

HAYLEY: Freya! Invite her in!
FREYA: [overwhelmed] Yeah, come in, you're invited.

[Cami looks nervous as she takes a step forward, and once she crosses the threshold with no problems, she rushes toward them. Hayley takes a look outside to make sure no one else is coming before following the group in the courtyard]

ELIJAH: Tell us what happened.
CAMI: Lucien ambushed him. He knocked him around like it was nothing.
HAYLEY: Did he bite him?
CAMI: [shakes her head] No. I think he wanted him alive. I followed them. Lucien took Klaus back to the penthouse.

[Just then, Elijah's phone buzzes, and he scowls when he sees that he has received a text from Lucien]

ELIJAH: Lucien is demanding my presence at the Whiskey Cask-- alone and immediately. He says if I delay, Niklaus will die.

[They all look anxious and overwhelmed as Elijah turns and walks toward the door]


[Klaus has been shackled by his wrists that are linked to long chains suspended from the ceiling, which are also attached to a small log of wood that rests against the back of Klaus' neck, forcing him in a pose similar to a crucifixion. He shouts in agony as Lucien kneels in front of him and rips Papa Tunde's blade from his chest. Meanwhile, Aurora is pacing back and forth in front of them and watching with interest]

LUCIEN: That does look uncomfortable. Is it too tight?

[Klaus desperately tries to break free of his restraints and is horrified to find that even his strength is not enough to

AURORA: No, I think it fits just fine.

[Lucien stands to his feet and continues to talk]

LUCIEN: Those chains and that wood were crafted by Ancient Egyptians keen on suppressing all sorts of evil. Nothing supernatural can escape-- not even you. You see, I've been stockpiling such items for a long, long time. Planning this moment for centuries. Tell me-- how does it feel, knowing you've been outdone by your better?
KLAUS: [scoffs] You think you're my better? I think your upgrade has infected your head, and made you as delusional as her. At least you're truly a pair. I'll be sure to scatter both your ashes in the same patch of bog.
LUCIEN: Is that a hint of fear in his voice?
LUCIEN: Usually your taunts and threats are so much more convincing.
AURORA: I think he's beaten, my darling. Just not yet broken. But then, we're just getting started. All I have to do... is take this, and then I, too, shall be your better. Have you any idea what torment you'll endure then for what you did to my brother? And to me? I will take such exquisite joy in killing you myself.
LUCIEN: Well, clearly you two have much to discuss. So, if you'll excuse me, I have business elsewhere.

[Lucien turns to Aurora]

LUCIEN: Now, darling, you may have your fun. But, please keep Nik alive. I would so hate to miss his death.


[Elijah is in the courtyard, about to leave to meet with Lucien, when Hayley approaches him]

HAYLEY: Are you seriously going out there?
ELIJAH: [sighs] I'm seriously going out there.
HAYLEY: Elijah, the whole point of putting the deed to the compound in Freya's name was to make this place impenetrable. Now, you're gonna pick a fight with a guy who can kill you?
ELIJAH: Yes, when you put it that way... It does sound a little reckless.
HAYLEY: [sighs] Elijah? Be careful.


[Vincent is on the first floor of the Lycée, where he's trying to contact the Ancestors]

VINCENT: All right. I know you're listening to me. You wanted me to be the Regent of the nine covens. You believed that I could lead our people. But how am I supposed to be a leader when you keep jerking me around like I'm a damn puppet or something? I need you to talk to me.

[Just then, Van Nguyen appears behind him]

VAN: They won't answer you.
VINCENT: Van Nguyen. All grown up, I see. Not that it matters, man. This ain't got nothing to do with you.
VAN: Actually, it does. See, my mom's one of the Ancestors now. Dead, thanks to your friend Davina. You know, the traitor you've been sneaking around with, even though she was shunned? Some Regent you turned out to be. Well, no wonder the Ancestors want you out.
VINCENT: [scoffs] Oh, so you speak for the Ancestors now? Why don't you ask the Ancestors why they trust Lucien Castle, a vampire who's done nothing but lie and kill ever since he stepped foot in New Orleans?
VAN: He killed a Mikaelson, which is more than you ever did.
VINCENT: Oh, come on, man! I'm trying to keep the peace. And what the Ancestors want to do is start a war.
VAN: A war that the covens are gonna win, thanks to me. Your time as Regent is over. The witches are gonna take back the city. Step one? New management.

[Van begins to cast a spell]

VAN: [chants] Passus doulé trèt...

[The spell seemed to be a verbal pain infliction spell though Van remains unaffected; Van smiles at the failed attempt]

VAN: So... Starting now, I'm the Regent.


[Aurora is still taunting Klaus while he continues to struggle against his magical restraints]

AURORA: I wonder... When you decided to brick me into that dreadful tomb, did it ever occur to you that our roles might one day be reversed?
KLAUS: We both know that I buried you alive because I could not bring myself to kill you.
AURORA: [chuckles] No doubt, you intended to free me after a suitable period of time.
KLAUS: In fact, my methods were not unlike Tristan's-- after all, did he not hide you away in a mountain monastery? The truth is, I still had hopes for us.
AURORA: Oh... your affections for me must run deep, indeed. Tell me-- if I were to kiss you now, would you feel those affections stir? Because I would feel nothing.
KLAUS: Are you so certain? We are flames in the darkness of each other's worlds. We burn brighter together than we ever did alone. And I would forgive everything if you would only forgive me, my love.
AURORA: [giggles] Wow, you really are quite desperate, aren't you? I mean, it's quite pathetic, seeing you resort to this failed seduction. I mean, it's comical, even.
KLAUS: And yet, you would entertain Lucien's brazen advances?
AURORA: Well...
KLAUS: Do you really think you could ever love that imbecile?
AURORA: Oh, poor, sweet Lucien. After all these years, he remains such a dedicated suitor. Such a shame I'll never see him as more than a means to an end. But, if he wants to save my brother in a bid to win his heart, why shouldn't I let him? Wouldn't be the first of his gifts I've accepted. After all, he gave me this-- the means to remake myself, so that I might become a creature of such pure and unbridled power that I can kill even you.
KLAUS: Whatever has passed between us, whatever hatred you're holding onto, in me you see the kindred you have always longed for. To spend an eternity without me? It would be a curse your frail heart could not endure.
AURORA: [determinedly] You're wrong. You see, Nik, whatever terrors may await me in the endless time to come pale in comparison to the joy I will take in ending you.

[She opens up the vial of serum and holds it aloft]

AURORA: Cheers.

[Aurora drinks the serum as Klaus stares in horror]


[Elijah has just arrived at the bar as Lucien requested and is unnerved to find it completely empty, with several nearly-empty glasses on the tables. Prepared for a fight, Elijah strips off his coat and tosses it on the nearby stage as he looks around. He is startled when he hears Lucien's voice behind him and turns to find him sitting on the railing of the balcony]

LUCIEN: Such a treat, being in New Orleans this time of year. But, alas, for all today's talent, nothing quite compares with watching Ella and Louis perform live.
ELIJAH: [sarcastically] Yes, what a wonderful world that was. Give me my brother before your world becomes significantly less wonderful.
LUCIEN: Mmm, I'm afraid I need something from you, first. A brother for a brother, as it were.
ELIJAH: Let me guess-- your fantasy sweetheart wants her beloved Tristan back?
LUCIEN: Hmm. Or your death, to relieve his suffering. So, either tell me how to find him, or I'll kill you.


[Aurora, who has now ingested all of the serum, is still taunting the bound and increasingly frustrated Klaus]

AURORA: Darling, how would you like to watch me burn? That way, you have the thrill of watching me rise from the ashes like a phoenix reborn.
KLAUS: A lovely image... But, I think you might ruin Lucien's carpet. Wouldn't you rather torture me a bit more before you end yourself?
AURORA: Are you stalling me? Perhaps plotting some strategy for escape? But even if you got free, what then? Kill me? Enact the serum, make me into Lucien's equal? Not the wisest strategy for your survival.
KLAUS: Is this what you want? You do realize that becoming like him will only add to your already substantial misery. Lucien cannot save you from yourself. Nor could Tristan. Nor could I, for that matter. You've spent centuries trying to cure your madness, and yet you're still no closer.
AURORA: [angrily] You hold your wicked tongue, or I shall pluck it from your wicked skull.
KLAUS: Yes! More threats! So, go on then. Tear me apart a bit at a time. I may die by day's end, but you will live forever. Unloved. Pathetic. Your life a perpetual slog of soul-crushing despair and you unable to end it.
AURORA: Talking, talking, all this talking.
KLAUS: Well, if I'm to suffer through it, so should you.


[Cami and Hayley are walking determinedly down the street toward Lucien's apartment while they discuss their game plan]

CAMI: Here's the problem-- I haven't been invited into Lucien's penthouse.
HAYLEY: So, you can wave your dark objects in the foyer, and I'll do all the dirty work.

[Cami looks concerned as she stops walking, and when Hayley realizes this, she stops and turns back to face her]

HAYLEY: Hey, are you up for this?
CAMI: What if I'm a liability? I've been training, so I can punch a bag, but in a real fight?
HAYLEY: Cami, here's the thing about being afraid-- if you have to do the thing you're afraid of, then all this fear is for nothing. Either turn it into anger, or leave it at the door. But, either way, you control your emotions, which means you're already one step ahead of Aurora.

[Cami nods, knowing that she's right, but when she sees a sign behind Hayley that reads, "Brennan's Pharmacy Prescriptions," she gets a dawning realization that brings a smile to her face]

CAMI: Hey, I have an idea...


[Lucien and Elijah are still in the empty bar, where Lucien is starting to become even more impatient]

LUCIEN: Elijah, I've asked you a rather important question. Given our current circumstance, you'd be wise not to test my patience. So... Tristan's resting place...?
ELIJAH: [incredulously] You carefully craft yourself into this abomination purely to become... an errand boy to that banshee?
LUCIEN: [chuckles] Oh, you Mikaelsons. Your arrogance truly knows no bounds. Do I need to remind you the prophecy is on my side? Your family is doomed. So, if you'll give me Tristan's location, at least I could make your death quick.
ELIJAH: [shrugs] I have no idea where he is. But you know, Lucien, the thing is that I suspect you don't even really care.
LUCIEN: Mmm. I never really liked him. But, at least I can tell Aurora I tried.


[Davina and Kol are dancing happily at the St. James, occasionally kissing each other through their cheerful smiles]

DAVINA: We're gonna be okay. We've already been through so much. Once we deal with the Ancestors, we'll have that date you wanted.

[They start to kiss again, but after a moment, the sound of Davina's heartbeat becomes overwhelming, and he looks horrified as he opens his eyes and pulls away. He backs away from her, but the feeling of hunger and anger only grows stronger as he hears the heartbeats and blood pumping in the dozens of patrons in the bar as well. He tries his best to keep himself in check as he looks at Davina fearfully, his vampire face and fangs coming out as he sees the carotid artery running along Davina's neck pulsing invitingly. He throws himself at a nearby table and leans over it, and Davina walks over to comfort him. Looking very worried, Davina thrusts her hand forward and uses her magic to shake the glasses on the nearby bar, which only makes her and Kol more anxious]

KOL: You said that magic doesn't work in here.
DAVINA: [horrified] The Ancestors are breaking through the spell. We don't have much time.

[Kol groans, but before he can react further, Marcel vamp-speeds behind him and snaps his neck. Davina looks at him in shock]

MARCEL: Sorry to interrupt date night...
DAVINA: What are you doing?
MARCEL: I'm preventing a bloodbath in the middle of my city, and I'm freeing you up to help Vincent. He's in trouble at the cemetery. Go. I'll clear this place out.


[Elijah, who is panting from the exertion of his previous attempted attack against Lucien, gets into a defensive position to prepare to lunge toward him again]

ELIJAH: You give me my brother. I won't ask again.
LUCIEN: [rolls his eyes] Please, Elijah. Know when you're beaten.

[Lucien turns to face Elijah, and his irises begin to glow bright red as his Beast face comes out. He then marches purposefully toward Elijah, only to be stopped in his tracks when he steps on the sigil that Freya created, which burns itself into the floor under his feet, trapping him there and causing him so much pain that he roars in agony and falls on his knees within the circle of the sigil. Just then, Freya casually walks into the room]

FREYA: Oh. That looks like it hurts. That's what I was going for.
LUCIEN: [groans] What... did you do to me?
FREYA: The sigil will bind you. Weaken you. The boiling blood, I added myself. Maybe I can't kill you, but I can make you wish you were dead.


[Aurora has just ripped the stake out of Klaus' throat, causing him to groan in pain]

AURORA: That's it? Nothing more to say? No more taunts tripping from your tongue? Well, then, I suppose it's time I finish this.

[She takes the stake and aims it at her heart]

KLAUS: What are you doing?
AURORA: I'm gonna drive this into my heart, die, and be reborn. And then, with the aid of my new-found power... I'm going to silence you permanently.

[Before she can make a move, the elevator dings in the lobby, forcing Aurora to go and investigate]

AURORA: Well, it appears we have company.

[Aurora opens the double doors and is both surprised and pleased to see Cami standing there waiting for her]

CAMI: [smiles fakely] As a matter of fact, I'm enjoying it. That's why I'm here--

[She opens the front of her coat and pulls out an ancient-looking knife with a red tassel hanging from the end of the grip]

CAMI: --To express my gratitude.
AURORA: [amused] Ooh, you cheeky little minx! Have you come to have a go at me?
KLAUS: [growls] Get out of here, Camille!
AURORA: Shut up, Nik. This is between us girls. Though, I suppose I will let you listen to her cries as I tear off her limbs like the wings of a pretty little butterfly.
CAMI: [sneers] I'd like to see you try.
AURORA: [mockingly] Ooh! You're brandishing your antiques at me. I suppose I would be scared, if I thought you were quick enough to use them.

[Aurora walks toward Cami, passing through the threshold and backing Cami toward the elevator]

AURORA: You really did not think this through, did you?
CAMI: Actually, we did.

[Just then, the elevator dings again, and Hayley vamp-speeds toward her, tackling her as they slide back into the apartment. Hayley straddles Aurora and plunges her hand into Aurora's chest as she grabs her heart, only to be stopped by Klaus]

KLAUS: Stop! She drank the serum.

[Hayley scowls at Aurora and squeezes her heart even tighter, causing Aurora to whimper in pain before she reluctantly lets go and pulls her hand out of her chest, leaving her heart intact. Hayley makes the mistake of looking back at Klaus, distracting her enough that Aurora can snap her neck while Cami watches helplessly from the foyer. Aurora then throws Hayley's unconscious body across the room, where it slams against the wall before falling into a heap on the ground in the corner. Cami looks down at the knife in her hand and holds it out defensively]


[Kol is just now waking up from his snapped-neck-nap and finds himself slumped over the table. He looks around at the now-empty club, and when the effects of the Ancestors' hex begin to kick in, he starts to pant frantically. Just then, Marcel tosses a blood bag onto the table and gives him an unimpressed look]

MARCEL: That should help. I suggest you drink up before you do something you'll regret.

[Kol wastes no time drinking the contents of the bag as quickly as he can]


[Davina is walking down the aisle that leads to the Lycée. She stops on the front altar, where she finds six candles forming a six-pointed star on the stone tabletop. Inside the star is a matchbook from the St. James Infirmary, which is presumably being used to break down the protections on the club. Two of the candles are already lit, and when Davina gets near the altar, a third candle flares brightly as a flame bursts out. She's just about to grab the matchbook when Vincent frantically shouts at her to stop as he limps out from one of the nearby tombs]

VINCENT: Davina! No! Don't touch that!
DAVINA: [confused] What is it?
VINCENT: That is a very dangerous spell, courtesy of your old friend Van Nguyen. The Ancestors made him Regent... And they're about to make their move. They're coming after Kol next. Once all six candles are lit, we can kiss our neutral zone goodbye.
DAVINA: If they get to Kol, he won't be able to control himself. We need to stop this now.
VINCENT: Davina, I don't have access to the Ancestors' power anymore.
DAVINA: Neither do I... But we can channel each other.

[Davina holds out her left hand, and Vincent sighs before taking it in his own so they can cast a counter-spell together]

DAVINA: [chants] Anprae kata sispann dife. Anprae kata sispann dife.

[After a moment, they both start to chant together]

DAVINA & VINCENT: [chants] Anprae kata sispann dife. Anprae kata sispann dife.


[At ST. JAMES INFIRMARY, Kol, who is becoming more aggressive by the moment, has blood smeared on his face as he finishes another blood bag and adds the empty plastic to a pile on the bar]

KOL: Thanks for the appetizer, mate. Now I best be on my way.

[Marcel quickly moves to block Kol's path to the door when he tries to leave]

MARCEL: Oh, I can't let you do that.
KOL: [angrily] My family is under attack! Davina might be in trouble.
MARCEL: [firmly] I'm not letting you anywhere near her, all right? Not while you're like this.

[Kol furiously grabs Marcel in a choke-hold and pins him backward against the bar]

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina and Vincent are still working on breaking Van's spell, and a fourth candle has just lit itself]

DAVINA & VINCENT: [chants] Anprae kata sispann dife. Anprae kata sispann dife.

[Back at the ST. JAMES, Marcel is still trying to reason with Kol even as the Original continues to choke him]

MARCEL: Listen to me, Kol! All right? I never much liked you on a good day, but you are clearly not yourself. Tell me you can't feel that.

[Kol growls menacingly at Marcel and puts his other hand around his throat]

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina and Vincent continue their spell, and are now holding both of each other's hands over the six candles, just as a fifth has been lit by Van and the Ancestors' magic]

DAVINA & VINCENT: [chants] Anprae kata sispann dife. Anprae kata sispann dife.

[At the ST. JAMES, Marcel is still pleading with Kol]

MARCEL: The Ancestors are doing this to you, and they're not gonna stop, all right? You have to get out of this city, somewhere where they can't reach you. The longer you stay, the more dangerous you are to everyone-- including Davina.

[Kol growls at Marcel again, so loud its almost a roar]

[The spell continues at LAFAYETTE CEMETERY]

DAVINA & VINCENT: [chants] Anprae kata sispann dife. Anprae kata sispann dife. Anprae kata sispann dife.

[Just then, all of the candles on the altar extinguish themselves at once]

[At the ST. JAMES, the effects of the spell being lifted are immediate as Kol instantly lets go of Marcel's neck and backs far away from them, and Marcel pants as he tries to catch his breath]

[Back at LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina and Vincent both look shocked that their spell actually worked]

[At the ST. JAMES, Kol looks absolutely horrified and devastated about what he just tried to do, and about what the hex has been making him do against his own feelings and interests]

KOL: Marcel, you have to believe me. I would never, never hurt Davina.

[Marcel sighs and looks at him sadly, though he's clearly impressed by his change in attitude since he fell in love with Davina]

MARCEL: If that's true, then do the right thing. Go. And don't come back.


[Lucien is still on his knees in the middle of Freya's magical sigil on the floor, and he groans and grunts in pain as he tries to fight against it while Freya and Elijah watch with smug expressions. After a moment, he stops fighting it and rises to his feet, causing Freya and Elijah to do the same in preparation for any tricks on Lucien's part]

LUCIEN: Whew! Well, I admit, Freya, this is a truly valiant effort. Inspired, I assume, by your grief over Finn's demise?

[Freya sneers at him as she thrusts her hand forward and flicks her wrist, bringing Lucien to his knees with a "witchy migraine" as he moans in pain]

LUCIEN: [growls] Pop goes the weasel! Oh! A rather potent aneurysm spell. You never fail to impress.
FREYA: Oh, I have all kinds of tricks. We even brought an audience to enjoy the show!

[Just then, several dozen Strix vampires file into the room and surround Lucien, growling at him menacingly]

ELIJAH: Oh, come now, my darling sister. The Strix are the show. Well... the first act. Act two, Lucien's buried beneath 1,000 tons of cement. Act three? Spoiler alert-- you're a parking lot.
LUCIEN: [chuckles] Oh, even after a thousand years, you've never managed to curb your hubris. You still wander through a smog of your own self-importance. I can kill anything. Even them. Even you. And, since the Ancestors have made me their champion... They will not allow me to be detained.

[A faint whispering is heard around them as Lucien suddenly steps toward them without harm as the sigil on the floor fades away, and Freya, Elijah, and the Strix vampires all look extremely concerned, though it doesn't stop the latter from surrounding him. Lucien spins in a circle and growls in preparation for their battle]


[The scene is still how it was last left-- Cami stands in the foyer with her cursed knife, unable to enter due to not being invited in, while Hayley lays unconscious on the floor in the corner. Klaus is still restrained by the enchanted chains, and Aurora is looking quite pleased by this turn of events]

AURORA: Nik, what a conundrum! Mother of your child over here--

[She gestures toward the still unconscious Hayley]

AURORA: Woman of your dreams over here.

[She gestures toward where Cami is standing in the doorway]

AURORA: Which one should I kill first?
KLAUS: I'm the one who betrayed you. I'm the one you hate.
AURORA: And they're the ones you care for. So, what a pleasure for me to watch your face as I rip them apart!
CAMI: Hey, I'm right here-- ready and waiting.
AURORA: Oh, Cami... "The Hero" was never a good look on you. Trembling and helpless is more your style.

[Cami swipes at her with her knife with an impressive amount of skill, but Aurora's advanced age makes her faster and stronger, allowing her to grab Cami by the wrist and snap her arm, forcing her to drop the blade onto the ground. She then grabs Cami by the back of the neck with one hand, gripping Cami's right wrist tightly with the other as she pushes her toward the doorway]

AURORA: Cami, did Nik ever mention to you what happens when a vampire goes into a room without being invited?

[Klaus' eyes widen in alarm as Aurora shoves Cami toward the threshold, causing her to shriek in pain as she is forced against the invisible barrier. The sound of her cries causes Klaus to struggle against his restraints, to no avail]

KLAUS: Aurora! Please!

[Aurora looks furious at how desperate Klaus is to save Cami, and she forcefully pushes Cami into the apartment, where she falls onto her knees about a step past the threshold and once again shrieks in agony]


[At the WHISKY CASK BAR, Elijah has just been shoved across the room, where he lands on the floor and rolls into the nearby wall. When he scrambles onto his hands and knees to get up, he watches as Lucien easily dominates the fight against the Strix, breaking their bones, snapping their necks, and slamming them into the floor, but not killing them yet. He chuckles in disbelief and spreads his arms wide]

LUCIEN: Is that the best you've got?

[Freya thrusts her hand forward and casts a spell that causes blood to pour down Lucien's shirt as she attempts to use telekinesis to rip his heart out of his chest]

FREYA: [chants loudly] Delphin eoten cor. Delphin eoten cor. Delphin eoten cor!

[At LUCIEN'S PENTHOUSE, Aurora continues to torture Cami by pushing her over the threshold of the apartment, causing Cami to bleed from her eyes and nose as she wails in agony. Klaus roars at Aurora in fury]

KLAUS: Let her go!
AURORA: Hush, Nik! Don't make her final moments any worse than they need to be!

[At the WHISKEY CASK, Freya walks toward Lucien as his heart is slowly being pulled toward her and out of his chest]

FREYA: [chants loudly] Delphin eoten cor. Delphin eoten cor. Delphin eoten cor.

[Lucien stops groaning, and both Freya and Elijah look alarmed when once again, the Ancestors' interference prevents her magic from working. Lucien smirks, just as Elijah vamp-speeds toward him, grabs him around the waist with his arm, and spins him around like a shot-putter before tossing him across the room. Lucien flies into the nearby wall and gets tangled up in the "NOLA Music Days" banner before he falls to the ground, and when he blinks away his disorientation, he realizes that Elijah and Freya have vanished, leaving the dead or incapacitated bodies of the Strix vampires laying around the floor. When he realizes he's lost them again, he roars in fury]


[Back at LUCIEN'S PENTHOUSE, Cami is still bleeding from the eyes and nose as Aurora shoves her through the threshold. Aurora's voice takes on a mocking and condescending tone as she addresses Cami, but she doesn't look at Cami as she speaks-- instead, she keeps her eyes on Klaus the entire time to watch his reaction to her torture]

AURORA: Darling, I almost feel sorry for you. Blinded by love as I once was, ready to give everything-- even your life-- for one who is and will always be unworthy.

[Cami reaches into her pocket and grabs a syringe, though Aurora doesn't see it, and she takes advantage of the fact that Aurora is distracted by staring Klaus in the eyes by elbowing her in the face with her free hand. While she and Aurora tussle in the foyer, Hayley, who must have awakened a while ago, vamp=speeds toward Aurora and punches her in the face so hard she falls backward onto her bottom on the floor in front of Cami]

HAYLEY: Cami, now!

[Cami grabs Aurora in a headlock and injects her in the neck with the syringe, causing Aurora to gasp in pain. Klaus looks both shocked and impressed by Cami and Hayley's plan as Cami breaths a sigh of relief and falls backward]

HAYLEY: Goodnight, sunshine.

[Klaus, too, is so relieved that he allows himself to fall backward onto his bottom, and Cami gives him a significant look before he smiles at her adoringly]


[Marcel is sitting at the bar, looking sullen and unhappy as he sips a glass of scotch. Just then, Davina walks into the bar and looks around]

DAVINA: Where's Kol? Is he okay?
MARCEL: [sighs] He's gone, D.
DAVINA: What? Why? I-I stopped Van's spell. It's safe for him here now.
MARCEL: But it's not a permanent solution. You'll find one. I know you will. But, until then, Kol had to leave to keep you safe.
DAVINA: [devastatedly] No...

[Davina breaks down into tears, and Marcel grabs her into a tight hug]

MARCEL: Listen, I have known the guy for almost two centuries, and this is the first time that he has ever done the right thing.

[Davina cries even harder as Marcel comfortingly strokes her hair]

MARCEL: [whispers] It's okay. I know.


[Kol is in his car on his way out of town as he speeds through the back roads. He's anxious and clearly on edge, yelling in anger when he realizes he's drank through all of his blood bags. His phone rings, and when he sees it's Davina, he shakes his head and tries to ignore it, biting the knuckles on his left hand in an attempt to keep himself in check. The phone rings again just as he approaches a sign that reads, "NOW LEAVING NEW ORLEANS CITY LIMITS," and when he crosses over it, he breaths in relief since the Ancestors' magic is unable to pass outside of the city. However, his relief suddenly turns to agony as his skin starts to turn gray and desiccated, starting with his fingertips and making its way down his arms toward his torso]

KOL: [pained] AHHHHHH!

[He screeches to a halt and gets out of his car, leaning against the hood as he tries to figure out what's going on. When he sees the sign, he vamp-speeds back over the New Orleans border, which stops the desiccation but returns the increased anger and bloodlust of the Ancestors' hex, indicating that it is their magic that is also keeping him alive. As the powerful feelings rush back, he roars furiously]


[A still-angry Lucien has just gotten off the elevator into his foyer, where he finds the now-empty syringe that Cami used to incapacitate Aurora earlier. Looking horrified, he walks into his apartment, first noticing the empty vial of Beast serum on the table, then the fact that Aurora and Klaus are now gone. He rushes toward the mirror on the wall, where he pulls out a lipstick camera hidden behind the mirror in order to see what he missed]

[Lucien plugs the camera into his computer and mirrors it on the television, where he watches Klaus' earlier conversation with Aurora on the screen]

KLAUS: [on video] Do you really think you could ever love that imbecile?
AURORA: [on video] Aw. Poor, sweet Lucien. After all this time, he remains such a dedicated suitor. Such a shame I'll never see him as more than a means to an end.

[Lucien's eyes fill with tears when he realizes that Aurora was just using him, and the way that Klaus looks at the camera after this remark suggests he knew the camera was there all along and baited her into saying it without her realizing]


[Klaus, Elijah, and Freya are all recapping the day's events in the dining room of the compound as Klaus lays the enchanted chains Lucien used to bind him earlier onto the table]

KLAUS: [snarkily] Mission accomplished. And it only took you the better part of a day!
FREYA: Do you want the chains back on?
ELIJAH: You'd be doing us all a marvelous favor. Perhaps you could fasten something to his mouth?

[Just then, Hayley walks into the room to join them]

HAYLEY: Aurora's still out cold. What are the chances of keeping her that way?
FREYA: Oh, my spell will keep her down long enough to use the serum in her blood to figure out a way to kill both her and Lucien.
KLAUS: I must say, I'm rather looking forward to it.
FREYA: [amused] You're welcome.

[Freya smiles at him before leaving the room, and Klaus turns to address Hayley]

KLAUS: I suppose I ought to be thanking you as well.
HAYLEY: [smiles] You can thank me in diaper duty.

[Klaus and Hayley both chuckle before Hayley's tone becomes more serious]

HAYLEY: Although, while you're on the grateful-train, you should probably hit up Cami.
KLAUS: [sadly] I believe Camille prefers I leave her alone.

[Hayley gives Klaus a significant look]

HAYLEY: Oh please, Klaus. Did you see what she went through to save your ass? Cami may tell you that staying away is best, and maybe it is. But it doesn't stop how she feels.

[Klaus, uncomfortable, looks away, and Hayley turns to leave, only to meet eyes with Elijah, who seems to be thinking the same thing about his own relationship with Hayley, a feeling that Hayley also seems to share]


[Cami has just answered a knock on the door, but her smile falls when she opens the door and finds that it's Lucien standing on her doorstep]

LUCIEN: You were quite the hero today.
CAMI: I'm sorry, did I get in the way of your big bad revenge scheme? You can't come in.
LUCIEN: No, of course not. You're a vampire now. The lease would be in someone else's name...
CAMI: [smugly] Goodnight, Lucien.

[Cami goes to shut the door, but freezes when she hears what Lucien has to say next]

LUCIEN: ...Of course, you'd want that person close-by, in case... a friend popped by for tea. Neighbors are close-by. Of course, it couldn't just be any neighbor. It'd have to be someone whose presence was reliable. Perhaps someone who worked from home? Not Gregory on the fourth floor-- he's moving out next month. Or Letitia, 7B, she's agoraphobic. But Stephanie, just down the hall...?
CAMI: [angrily] You leave her alone.
LUCIEN: Well, that's going to be difficult, seeing as I've already killed her. So, you see, I can come in.

[Cami unwisely attempts to slam the door, but Lucien easily breaks through it and walks inside. Cami backs away from him, but when he keeps walking toward her, she attempts to fight him. He blocks both of her punches with his hands, grabbing her arm and vamping-out before sinking his double fangs into her arm, causing Cami to scream in pain]



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