Look, you don't understand, Nik. Finn has locked me in this body; no more jumping. He's put a curse on me, Nik. I am dying.
Kol to Klaus

The Devil is Damned is the thirteenth episode of the second season of The Originals and thirty-fifth episode of the series overall.



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FAMILY IS POWER — More dangerous than ever, Finn remains one step ahead after joining forces with a powerful figure from his past. As the threat to Hope's life grows stronger, Klaus realizes he has no choice but to place his trust in his siblings to ensure she remains protected. Meanwhile, after being presented with an enticing proposition, Kol is forced to make a difficult life or death decision, and Elijah finds himself in the fight of his life after an unexpected visitor arrives at the safe house. At the bayou, Hayley and Jackson continue to prepare for the unification ritual, but things quickly go awry when they become pawns in Finn's dangerous plan. Marcel and Cami also appear.


Finn is struggling to locate Hope, but fails and the map goes on fire. Freya walks in, but Finn doesn't recognize her. She reveals herself by speaking of what they used to do as children.

Rebekah is unhappy with a painting of her original form, as Klaus had drawn her chin differently. Elijah, on the phone, isn't amused, and doubts whether Freya is who she says she is. Klaus asks how she's still alive, before realizing how ridiculous that question is, considering everyone in their family has managed to cheat death. He wants to know if Dahlia is still alive, but Rebekah hadn't had time to ask, and Klaus gets upset since the matter is so important. Rebekah also finds out Hayley is getting married to Jackson.

In the bayou, Jackson reveals a crib that he was working on when Hayley was still pregnant. He also reveals that a few packs outside Louisiana want to be in on the unification ceremony, so, Hope will have all the protection she needs.

Klaus discovers Finn has Marcel. Kol comes back. Rebekah wants to slap him, but he stops her, saying he needs help. Finn has cursed him in Kaleb's body and will die soon. They only believe him because, as a boy, Kol never lied once he's been called out on the act. Kol says Finn is trying to get a secret out of Marcel, but Marcel knows nothing of it. However, Kol says Finn has the means to get it out of him.

Freya reveals that Dahlia put a spell on her, a spell that puts them to sleep for a hundred years and wake with only one year of life. She's repeated the cycle for hundreds of years. Freya fled from Dahlia long ago, and she's been running ever since.

Finn needs to find Hope, and Freya says nothing is impossible. As powerful as Finn is, Freya found him. She helps him find Hope.

Finn needs Marcel to run an errand for him, and kills a few of his crew to get him to do it.

Kol wants to know the secret, but he hasn't earned the right. Kol can't locate Finn or Marcel, and Klaus tells him to get Davina, but he doesn't want her to know he's sick. Klaus says if they can use his own spell (used on Kol to keep him from jumping) against Finn, he can simply kill Finn and their troubles would be solved. He gets inside Kol's head, but sees Kol's plan to create a dagger for him. He goes ballistic, and attacks Kol.

Camille has Elijah fix the house as a way of taking his mind off his PTSD issues.

Marcel tells Hayley about Finn's plan. He needs her blood, most likely for a locator spell. He knows about Hope.

Kol takes off, since he's always the odd one out of the family, and leaves them to find Finn themselves. He gives them pain before walking out of the compound. Rebekah says Klaus' temper will be the end of him one day.

Kol goes back to his lair, crying, and Finn calls him on the phone. Finn needs Klaus' blood, and will undo the curse on Kol in exchange.

Rebekah assures Klaus it would take a hundred witches to find Hope, but Klaus reminds her of Esther's flock of starlings. Kol walks in, putting Rebekah to sleep and attacking Klaus with his magic. He talks of how he's wronged, dead but never mourned, and has a family who don't care if he lives or dies. He goads Klaus to kill him, but Klaus doesn't, because he's still family. Kol tells him Finn needs his blood, and asks why he'd want it. He implies he'd risk his life to help Klaus; and that he knows enough about dark magic to know he's hexed, there's no reversing what Finn has done. Kol would rather help Klaus than to help Finn.

Hayley goes to Jackson for his blood, walking into a ritual involving all the alphas who have come for the unification ceremony. It requires a bit of their blood.

In the bell tower of St. Louis Cathedral, they find it empty except for the remnants of a spell. Finn has already found Hope, they realize, and simply distracted them by "needing" their blood. Kol sees a runic tile with the symbol meaning "baby," and realizes Hope is still alive.

Just as Elijah gets a call from Klaus about Finn, Finn walks in. He reveals Freya helped him, and then he daggers Elijah to put him to sleep for awhile.

Kol says they need to overload Finn with power, because no witch can handle so much of it. He promises to get Rebekah in her original body if it's the last thing he does. Klaus brings a bag full of dark objects, which Kol recognizes half of it is his.

The spell doesn't work, so Klaus lets them channel him. Kol uses Papa Tundé's blade on him, and they try again.

Marcel's crew are lost in the bayou, and attack the alphas. Marcel and Hayley hold them off while the alphas get to safety.

Elijah wakes up and puts a knife into Finn. Finn uses his magic against Elijah, and Elijah gets thrown against the wall. Gas leaks across the house.

Kol's spell works, and Finn is vulnerable. The vampires fall unconscious, Finn's spell is broken. Meanwhile, Camille is heading to the house, but the car stops in front of the house on its own, and won't start.

After Finn goes on and on about Elijah's wicked deeds and taunts him about Tatia, and how Hope isn't safe, Elijah takes off his ring and reveals to Finn about the gas. He puts his hand in front of the sun, and the house explodes.

The car starts back up, and Camille looks in the backseat at Hope.


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  • Antagonists: Finn and Freya.
  • This episode features Cami's 30th appearance.
  • Freya approaches Finn and tells him that she has survived because of a spell Dahlia had taught her which allows a witch to sleep a hundred years and preserve her youth before awakening for a year of aging, only to repeat the cycle anew.
    • It was later revealed in Save My Soul, that Freya was not taught this spell, but instead was forced to allow Dahlia to cast the pseudo-immortality spell on her so that Dahlia could continue to channel her power throughout their centuries-long life, and suggested that for her, the spell was a curse.
  • Freya claims that she escaped Dahlia centuries before and has been running from her ever since. In order to prevent Dahlia from finding her, Freya plans to help him kill Hope. Freya's magic is also a lot more powerful than Finn's even when he is channeling Mikael and Esther, as she is able to locate Hope and Elijah while Finn was unable to do so. However, it is clear that Dahlia's magic still surpasses Freya as she would not dare face her aunt and continued to hide from her.
    • Later, in Save My Soul, Freya claimed that her intention was never to hurt Hope, and insisted that it was actually Finn's plan, though whether or not this is true is still unknown.
  • Alphas from packs outside Louisiana have heard about the planned unification ceremony and, by pledging their allegiance to Jackson, have become a part of the new Crescent Wolf Pack. This means that, with the power of these packs behind them, Hayley will have the army she needs to protect Hope.
    • Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these Alphas were subsequently killed by the vampires who were released by Finn into the Bayou with after having been starved for days on top of being hexed with a spell that increased their hunger and bloodlust to extreme levels, as confirmed by Aiden and Jackson in I Love You, Goodbye.
  • Kol is offered a chance to be saved by Finn if he brings him Klaus' blood to find Hope. However, Kol betrays Finn, saying he knows the spell used on him does not have a cure and insisting that since Finn lied and essentially killed him, the last thing that he wants is for Finn to get what he's seeking. Instead, he joins Klaus and Rebekah to protect Hope.
  • Using the dark objects he created and Klaus as a sacrificial power source, Rebekah and Kol break Finn's link to Mikael and Esther just as he is attacking the safe house. To stop his brother, Elijah removes his daylight ring and sets himself on fire by sunlight, blowing up the safe house (which had been flooded with gas vapor during their physical fight in the home) with himself and Finn/Vincent inside.
    • However, since Elijah is an Original Vampire and thus cannot be killed by flame alone, he walked out of the explosion mostly unscathed.
  • Elijah destroys the Mikaelson Safe House by exploding it to kill Finn.
  • Cami, who had been out of the house at the time of Finn's attack, is saved from the explosion by Hope, who by means unknown (probably magic) switches off the car engine. After the explosion, she also switches it back on. A wound she sustained early while playing also heals, though Cami initially believed Elijah fed her vampire blood. These are the first signs of Hope's power.
    • The fact that Hope is already demonstrating magical ability is confirmed in They All Asked For You, when Dahlia successfully found Hope by tracking her magic and stealthily hinted to this by causing Hope's music box to play Dahlia's whistled tune.
  • Finn mentions Tatia while talking to Elijah.



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  • This is the last episode to bill Yusuf Gatewood as a guest star. From this point onward, he is officially a main cast member.
  • This episode had about 1.22 million viewers in the USA.

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Extended Promo
Finn to Marcel: "I've got a job for you, I need you to bring me Hayley's blood"
Kol to Klaus: "Finn has got Marcel"
Kol to Klaus: "I am not allowing anybody into my mind, do you understand?"
Klaus to Kol: "It's not a request."
Klaus: "This family makes me want to murder people."



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