[Finn is in the middle of casting a locator spell to find Hope, using a map of the United States, many herbs, a jar full of caterpillars, and a small poppet. He holds the poppet in his hands and flicks the doll with his middle finger while he says the incantation]

FINN: [chants] De voile es numerus puerum. De voile es numerus puerum.

[As he chants, his voice grows louder, and veins in his forehead starts to pop out as he focuses all of his energy and attention on the spell, desperate to complete it. Suddenly, the table holding the map and materials, another table nearby, and all of the lit candles burst into flames around him. Angry and frustrated, Finn smashes the candle holders on the table and knocks the materials onto the floor. As he huffs and puffs in anger, Freya walks into the bell tower and smiles knowingly at him, and he glares at her in annoyance]

FINN: Who are you?
FREYA: I was wondering if you would recognize me.

[She smiles awkwardly as she takes in his appearance]

FREYA: Then again, you look a bit different yourself.
FINN: [frustrated] I'm gonna ask you again, before I ask much less nicely. Who are you?

[Freya walks toward him with a smile, but he continues to look at her warily]

FREYA: [walks toward him] Fitting I'd find you up here. We used to climb up into the trees when we were planning on a bit of mischief.

[Finn stares at her in confusion and disbelief]

FREYA: Never wanted Mother to hear what her little Huginn and Muninn were whispering about. [Finn gapes at her in shock] Now, Finn, don't break my heart and tell me you've forgotten me.
FINN: [stunned] It can't be. [Freya smiles and bites her lip, near tears] Freya?

[Freya giggles and lunges toward him to hug him tightly. Finn looks overwhelmed, while Freya smiles happily]



[Rebekah is standing in one of the upstairs lounges, looking at a painted portrait of Rebekah (in her original body) that was seemingly created centuries earlier which hangs on the wall while Klaus stands behind her]

REBEKAH: [pouts] That is just not my chin, Nik. It was much more delicate.
Klaus: The only delicate thing about you, sister, is your ego.

[Rebekah turns to face him with a sarcastic smirk on her face]

REBEKAH: Well, placed next to the behemoth size of yours, certainly!

[They both laugh good-naturedly. Suddenly, Elijah's voice is heard, revealing that they are talking with him on speakerphone while he and Cami stay at the safe house in Arkansas]

Elijah: [on the phone] Could we dispense with this fascinating dispute for just a moment and return to the subject of our supposed long-lost sister?
REBEKAH: [sighs] There's not much to discuss, Elijah. She said she was Freya, and then she darted off into the night.

[At the safe house, Elijah is folding blankets in Hope's nursery while he talks with his siblings on the phone]

Elijah: And you believed her?
REBEKAH: Well, I met the girl in a mystical loony-bin-- she could be anyone telling any lie. But, she did seem... familiar, somehow.
Klaus: [frustrated] Then how is she still alive?

[He rolls his eyes and sighs as he starts to pace anxiously around the room]

Klaus: A question, as ridiculous as its possible solutions, given this family's annoying predilection for cheating death.
REBEKAH: [sighs and shrugs] I dunno, Nik, I'm just telling you what she said!
Klaus: Well, did you happen to ask, if by some similar miracle, our aunt Dahlia lives as well?
REBEKAH: I barely had a chance to process--
Klaus: [cuts her off] --Because on the list of obvious questions, it would be nice to know if the woman who placed a curse on the first-borns of this family is still breathing air.
REBEKAH: [annoyed] Well, let me just turn back time and do it again to your liking, then!
Elijah: [on the phone] Enough! Both of you. If she is who she says, we'll find out soon enough. For now, it remains imperative that no one learns of Hope's existence. This has been our salvation thus far.
Klaus: Unless Hayley's husband-to-be starts flapping his gums. [He smiles] Perhaps I should take preventative measures and separate him from his head?
Elijah: [annoyed] Jackson will do nothing to jeopardize that wedding.
REBEKAH: [gasps in confusion] Hayley's getting married?!

[Klaus smiles at her, and she sighs and pretends to pout again]

REBEKAH: Well, what in hell else did I miss?


[Jackson is sitting outside Hayley's old shack in the werewolf encampments, where he's whittling a tree branch with a knife. After a moment, Hayley comes out with a broom and joins him]

HAYLEY: Uh, why do people keep leaving broomsticks on the porch? [Jackson sees her and smiles widely] Seeing as I'm not much of a "sweep while the soup's cookin'" kind of gal.

[Jackson smiles even wider as he chokes back a laugh]

JACKSON: Well, back in the day, it wasn't easy getting a preacher out here. So, if you were engaged, and you couldn't wait... then the community would let you jump the broom.

[Hayley gives him a look that is visibly confused and oblivious to the sexual connotations]

HAYLEY: Couldn't wait for what?

[Jackson can barely hold in his laughter and gives Hayley a significant look. She looks at him, puzzled, and Jackson starts giggling before Hayley finally understands the joke and clears her throat awkwardly in understanding]

JACKSON: [giggling] Yup.

[Hayley waves the broom in the air before unceremoniously dropping it on the floor]

HAYLEY: I would have been happier with a panini press...

[Jackson laughs hysterically, and she smiles at him goofily]

JACKSON: It's just a tradition!
HAYLEY: [clearly uncomfortable] Yeah! Got it.

[They sit in awkward silence for a moment before Hayley changes the subject and points to the tree branch in his hands]

HAYLEY: So... what are you working on?

[Jackson stands up and moves onto the porch, where he walks toward a sheet-covered mound in the corner]

JACKSON: Oh! I started on this for your little girl when you lived here before. Now that she's alive-- [He pulls off the sheet, revealing a half-finished baby crib made out of wood with a crescent moon carved into the headboard underneath it]-- I figured it was time to finish it.

[Hayley stares at the nursery in amazement, and after a moment, she smiles at him. Jackson clears his throat]

JACKSON: Something else... I'm getting word from a few packs outside of Louisiana? They wanna be here for the wedding! They want in on the Unification ritual!
HAYLEY: [confused] I thought the ritual only affected the powers of the wolves in our pack?
JACKSON: [excitedly] Unless they recognize me as their Alpha. Then your power becomes their power!
HAYLEY: You think their Alphas will step down and bow to you?
JACKSON: [nods] They're coming here today to do just that.

[Hayley looks around, clearly overwhelmed by this news]

JACKSON: They want what you have, Hayley. I mean, we all do. I mean, a couple of weeks after the wedding, you are gonna have one hell of an army to protect your little girl.

[Hayley looks at him and smiles]


[Rebekah is wandering around the compound, calling out for Klaus]

REBEKAH: Nik? Nik!

[Klaus comes out of the next room and joins her as he hangs up the phone and holds it up in the air]

Klaus: That was Aiden. Finn has Marcel.

[Klaus and Rebekah walk into Klaus' study to continue their conversation]

REBEKAH: [horrified] What? Why?
Klaus: [frantically] I don't know. Nor do I know where they are, what they're doing, or what specifically to do about it.

[He picks up a statue off the mantel and slams it down against the wood in frustration]

Klaus: This family makes me want to murder people.

[Suddenly, Kol appears behind them, looking exhausted and nervous as he enters the room]

KOL: I see my timing is as impeccable as usual.
Klaus: [appalled] Well, the traitor just thinks he can waltz in here like he's welcome!
REBEKAH: [growls furiously] As gracious as your apology better be, you're still getting one hell of a slap!

[She lunges toward him, but Kol backs away, holding up a hand in front of him and speaking quickly]

KOL: Wait! Wait. I understand the irony of what I'm about to say, but I came here because I need your help.

[Klaus just laughs dramatically, while Rebekah only becomes more enraged]

REBEKAH: Figure out how to do your wicked little body-swap, and then we can talk about help!
KOL: [frantically] Look, you don't understand, Nik. Finn has locked me in this body-- no more jumping. He's put a curse on me, Nik. I am dying.

[Klaus just raises his eyebrows in amusement, while Rebekah crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. Kol laughs bitterly, hurt but not surprised]

KOL: You don't believe me.
Klaus: Well, you're hardly the champion of truth-telling.
KOL: Of course, why would a brother expect his siblings to leap to his aid?
Klaus: [scoffs] Oh, spare me the pity party, Kol! Your recent actions merit a certain allowance for disbelief.
KOL: [frustrated] Look, I know what I've done!

[He turns to face Rebekah]

KOL: But, I won't apologize for trying to pull one over on you, Bex. You deserved it! But I don't deserve to die! Certainly not at the hands of my own family!

[Klaus yanks at Kol's arm and spins him so they're face-to-face]

Klaus: [unamused] What kind of con are you playing?

[Kol jerks out of his grip and reluctantly meets Klaus' gaze]

KOL: The kind I hate the most-- the truth.

[Rebekah looks at Kol worriedly and walks toward Klaus]

REBEKAH: He's not lying. Even as a boy, Kol never lied once called out on the act. He may play dirty pool, but he's not lying.

[Klaus sneers at him before turning away and pacing around the room. Kol walks toward him]

KOL: Nik, I was helping Marcel for Davina. Finn has got him, he's trying to get a secret out of him, something he thinks Marcel knows about you.

[Kol watches with interest as Klaus and Rebekah share worried and anxious looks, and he realizes that they're hiding something. When Kol makes eye contact with Klaus, Klaus gives him a look as though he's inviting him to question him. Kol laughs bitterly]

KOL: He's right, isn't he?
Klaus: [coldly] Marcel doesn't know anything about anything.
KOL: Well, if I were you, I'd hope that that's true, because believe me-- Finn has the means to get it out of him.


[Finn and Freya are sitting opposite each other, drinking mugs of tea while they catch up on what has been going on]

FREYA: I'm here because of a spell Dahlia cast, placing me in a deep sleep for a century, only to then wake for a single year of life. I've repeated this cycle for hundreds of years. It started as a way for us to stay young and beautiful. She said if a witch can't be immortal, this was the next best thing. But, in time, I realized that all her stories were paired with lies.
FINN: [troubled] The way you're speaking of her... You're saying that Dahlia is still alive?
FREYA: [sips her tea] She doesn't just live-- she hunts. I fled from her long ago, and I've been running ever since. To Dahlia, any act of betrayal is punishable by death.

[Finn sighs anxiously and pinches the bridge of his nose, but Freya leans forward to reassure him]

FREYA: Dahlia is my cross to bear. She has no grudge against anyone but me.
FINN: Did she ever speak to you about the curse she placed on this family? The one that says she can take the first-born of every generation?
FREYA: [confused] Yes. But why should that concern you? Our siblings are vampires, there are no first-borns for her to take.
FINN: [sighs] Niklaus. The hybrid. He had a daughter.

[Freya looks stunned and sits back, clutching onto the blue stone hanging from her necklace]

FREYA: Where is she?
FINN: [panicked] He has her hidden. Our mother filled my head with the terror of what would happen to all of us if that child had lived, and I've been searching for her, but she's been impossible to find!
FREYA: Nothing is impossible to find, Finn! [Finn looks at her skeptically] As powerful as you are... I found you.

[She reaches into the pocket of her jacket and pulls out a stack of Norse rune tiles, which she lays on the table]

FREYA: I'll need wormwood and rippleweed and a few other items.

[Finn looks at Freya with interest, and she picks up a stray caterpillar off the table and holds it in her hand]

FREYA: I've come to understand a hard lesson in our time apart-- [She closes her hands into a fist]-- You have to let some things die so that others might live.

[She opens up her hands to reveal she has turned the caterpillar into a butterfly, which sits upon her finger. Finn looks at it, clearly pleased]

[In another room in the church's attic, Finn has left all of the vampires in their magical circles on the floor. Marcel, who has just awakened, crawls weakly across the floor to where Gia is laying unconscious so he can talk to her]

MARCEL: [whispers] I know you're in there. Whatever Finn has in store, we're gonna get through this together.

[Suddenly, Finn enters the room and stands behind him]

FINN: It's that can-do spirit that makes you the perfect choice. I have a job for you.

[Marcel groans as he tries to stand to his feet]

MARCEL: I don't think so.

[Marcel continues to try to stand, but he's too weak. Finn, annoyed, walks across the room to where some broken furniture lays and picks up a broken table leg before he stakes one of his vampires in the heart with it. Marcel looks horrified and upset as Finn turns to glare at him]

FINN: [coldly] Really? You care to reconsider?

[When Marcel remains silent, Finn telekinetically rips the heart out of the unconscious male vampire sitting next to him and summons it into his hand, which he drops carelessly onto the floor. Marcel becomes even more alarmed when Finn aims his hand at Gia in preparation to do the same to her]

MARCEL: [frantically] What do you want me to do?

[He stands to his feet as Finn stops harming his vampires]

FINN: It's simple, really-- I need you to bring me Hayley's blood.


[Cami is in the living room, playing with Hope, who is laying on her back on a blanket on the floor. In the kitchen, Elijah has just finished cleaning a skillet in preparation to make breakfast for the girls. He puts butter in the pan before cracking an egg into it. Suddenly, he hears a crash in the next room as Hope starts crying, and Elijah vamp-speeds in to see what happened. A broken dish lays on the floor as Cami picks her up. Hope has a small cut on her forehead]

CAMI: Oh! [to Elijah] She yanked the tablecloth and that knick-knack fell on her!

[Elijah tries to soothe Hope as he examines her wound]

CAMI: It's just a scratch.

[As Hope continues to scream and cry from the shock of the injury, Elijah is triggered into another one of his visions, where he gets flashes of the red door at the end of the hallway. Cami holds Hope closer to her as she tries to snap Elijah out of it]

CAMI: [concerned] Elijah? Elijah!

[Finally, Elijah snaps out of it and looks at Cami]

Elijah: Yes.

[He looks embarrassed and uncomfortable, and Cami looks as though she's worried about him]

Elijah: Forgive me.


[Rebekah and Kol are setting up candles, salt, and herbs on top of a map on a table in the courtyard to prepare for a spell, while Klaus leans against the nearby wall. After a moment, Kol looks up at Klaus]

KOL: So, what is the secret, anyway?
Klaus: [bored] The term "secret" implies something only known by those who have earned the right to be aware of it. [He stands and faces them] Start the spell.
KOL: Well, it's easier said than done. Finn is channeling the power from our parents. [He nods his head toward Rebekah] He's a lot stronger than something some week-old witch and I can do.
REBEKAH: [offended] Now, hang on! I may not be trained, but I--

[Rebekah's emotional outburst causes her to accidentally summon a magical wind that blows all of the spell ingredients and candles off of the table. Kol sighs in annoyance and looks at Rebekah, who looks both surprised and guilty by this display of power as she sits on the couch]

REBEKAH: [defeated] Oh, blast.
Klaus: [walks toward Kol] We need a stronger witch. Call Davina.
KOL: [stands to his feet] No, no, no, no, no! I--I don't want her to know that I'm sick.
Klaus: Then do a better bloody job!
KOL: I just need time.
Klaus: [rolls his eyes impatiently] The spell Finn cast to lock you in your body-- do you remember it?
KOL: Well, I was a little distracted by the murder-y part...
Klaus: If we can use his own spell against him, once he's locked in his body, I can end our collective woes with a brief snap of the neck!

[Rebekah smiles knowingly when he realizes what Klaus is suggesting]

Klaus: All I need to do is pull it from your memory.

[Kol frantically backs away from Klaus]

KOL: Oh, no, no, no! I am not allowing anybody into my mind, do you understand?

[Klaus glares at Kol in annoyance as he walks toward him]

Klaus: You came into my home, asking for my help. This is it. [Kol looks at him warily] It's not a request.

[Klaus lunges toward Kol and grabs each side of his head with his hands. Suddenly, Klaus sees a memory from the end of The Map of Moments, when Kol kissed Davina. The memory then turns to a scene from Chasing the Devil's Tail-- Kol had just brought Davina to the Claire tomb, where he showed her the silver dagger he had stolen from Klaus centuries ago, which he wanted Davina's help to enchant to work on him]

KOL: [in flashback] I've wanted one thing for years-- to drive a dagger into his heart.

[Klaus pulls away from Kol and glares at him furiously. Rebekah looks confused while Kol looks frightened]

KOL: [anxiously] See? I'm--I'm guessing, just by the look on your face, that it worked.

[Klaus furiously lunges toward him and throws him against the wall, where he smacks his forehead against the corner of the doorway to the entrance and falls to the floor]


[In the living room, Elijah is sitting on the floor with Hope in his lap, where he's putting a cupcake-patterned bandage on the scratch on Hope's forehead. Cami stands in the doorway and watches]

CAMI: It's a trigger. You pulled yourself back, which is an improvement for sure, but we can't ignore that your mind clearly went elsewhere.

[Elijah stands, holding Hope in his arms, and faces her, looking uncomfortable]

CAMI: It's very common in traditional PTSD patients. We've done the work to face your atrocities. The truth is, it's just going to take some time to settle.
Elijah: [smiles] And you believe you have the power to resolve this?
CAMI: [sighs] It's not that easy. There's no-- [She snaps her fingers]-- and you're fixed. In cases like yours, sometimes not dwelling on the problem is more productive than examining it through the minutiae of therapy.

[She pulls out a list on a sheet of paper and hands it to him]

CAMI: Staying mentally busy instead of physically. This house-- though charming-- is completely falling apart.
Elijah: [examines the list] So, this is your solution? Mend the home, mend the man?
CAMI: [smiles] Or, we could go fishing and I could tell you about the summer I lost my virginity--
Elijah: [cuts her off] I'll mend the home.
CAMI: [nods in agreement] I'll spend the day with Hope! And you spend the day not thinking. And fixing the heater, because this place is freezing at night.

[Elijah looks at Cami and smiles, and she smiles back]


[Jackson is outside of Hayley's old shack, where he is wrestling and playing with a handful of young children. They're all pulling on his arms and legs to try to get him to fall over as Jackson laughs happily. When Hayley returns outside, she finds them playing and starts laughing as well, and watches as they continue wrestling]

JACKSON: Oh, ho ho ho!
YOUNG BOY 1: Hey, that's mine! Go to the water!
YOUNG BOY 2: Last one there's a rotten egg!

[Most of the children rush over to the lake, but one young girl, Daisy, stays behind and keeps tugging on Jackson's arm to try to knock him over. He picks her up and swings her around, but when they see Hayley, he just laughs and puts her down, patting her gently on the head before she runs off to join the others]

DAISY: Wait for me!
HAYLEY: [walks over to Jackson] Looks like I've got some competition!
JACKSON: [laughs] Unfortunately for Daisy, I am a one-woman kind of guy.
HAYLEY: The meeting's taking place at Mary's.
JACKSON: [nods] 'Kay.

[Hayley senses something nearby and looks around for a moment before turning her attention back to Jackson]

HAYLEY: You go ahead! I'll be right there.

[Jackson smiles at her and squeezes her hand affectionately before he leaves for Mary's cabin. Once he's gone, Hayley vamp-speeds over to a wooded area nearby, where she finds Marcel and shoves him, catching him off-guard]

MARCEL: [startled] Ahhh! Whoa!

[He sees Hayley staring blankly at him and nervously puts up his hands to show he's not a threat]

MARCEL: Wait! I'm not here to hurt you!
HAYLEY: Well, stalking me is a very funny way of showing it. You're lucky we're friends, or I would have just killed you.
MARCEL: Okay, remember our friendship when I tell you why I'm here. Finn sent me to get your blood.
HAYLEY: [confused] Why would Finn want my blood?
MARCEL: I assume he needs it for a locator spell... to find your daughter.

[Hayley is stunned and horrified and gapes at him for a moment before speaking]


[She looks around anxiously to make sure no one is listening]

HAYLEY: How does he know?
MARCEL: He put two and two together.
HAYLEY: Where's Finn now?
MARCEL: I don't know. He said he'd tell me where to meet him later. But listen-- I gotta give him something. He's killing one of my guys every hour until he gets it.
HAYLEY: [thinks for a moment] I need to call Klaus.

[She rushes away, leaving Marcel looking anxious and scared]


[In the courtyard, Klaus is confronting Kol about what he found while searching his memories. Kol sits on the floor where he fell, while Rebekah sits and watches from the nearby armchair]

Klaus: [angrily] You come simpering for brotherly love, and the whole time you were plotting against me with that damn dagger! You're no better than Finn!
KOL: [visibly hurt] Oh, and you threatening me makes you better than Finn, does it?

[Rebekah sighs and stands up so she can approach them]

REBEKAH: Both of you, just stop it!
KOL: [stands] I came to you because you're my family! But, I see whilst you and Rebekah and Elijah are all hanging portraits and sharing secrets, I'm the odd one out! You wanna know where Finn is? You wanna find a way to kill him? Well, you can figure it out yourself!

[He casts a pain infliction spell on Klaus that brings him to his knees, and when Rebekah tries to intervene, he casts one on her, too, forcing her to sit back down in the armchair. He takes advantage of them being incapacitated and rushes out of the compound. Once they recover, they stand up, and Rebekah walks toward him]

REBEKAH: [panting] Your stupid temper will be the end of you one day. Just know that.

[She walks out of the room, leaving Klaus panting alone in the courtyard. Suddenly, Klaus' phone starts to ring.. When he sees it's Hayley, he answers it]

Klaus: [annoyed] What is it, Hayley?


[Kol has arrived at his playhouse, where he's pacing around angrily, clearly upset and anxious about his current situation. He loses his temper and smashes a bunch of glass candle holders on the table before swiping the wreckage onto the floor. He falls onto the nearby couch and starts to cry, running his shaking hands through his hair while he considers his options. Suddenly, his nose starts bleeding, and he anxiously wipes it away. After a moment, his phone rings, and he answers it. It's Finn, who is sitting in his car somewhere]

KOL: [furiously] Are you calling to gloat, you venomous, venomous animal?
FINN: [laughs] There's no need for such language! I'm calling with a proposition that might motivate me to spare your life.
KOL: [gasps and sits up] You've got my interest.
FINN: I need you to draw some of Klaus' blood. Bring me some in an hour, and I'll heal you.

[Kol quickly stands and picks up the paragon diamond he stole from the Dowager Fauline off of the desk]

KOL: It would be my pleasure.


[Elijah leaves the horse stable in the yard with a toolbox and a radio and gets to work on repairing the ranch-style fence around the property. He starts hammering a nail the normal way, but after a moment, he grows bored and uses his vampire strength to hammer it in with one stroke]

[Meanwhile, Klaus is trying to call Elijah from the compound, but when he doesn't answer, he starts yelling into his voicemail as he walks down the stairs, while Rebekah follows behind him]

Klaus: [frustrated] Pick up the damn phone, Elijah! Finn is trying to find Hope!

[He hangs up the phone]

REBEKAH: She's safe! It'll take a hundred witches to break the cloaking spell.
Klaus: I would've said the same about Mother finding you, and yet, a flock of starlings later, and here we are!
REBEKAH: He won't let him get to her, Nik. But you need to remain calm.

[Suddenly, Kol storms into the courtyard]

KOL: [angry] Our brother doesn't do calm.

[He throws a handful of powder into Rebekah's face, which causes her to go limp and fall to the ground. When Klaus rushes toward him, he holds out a hand and casts a spell that makes Klaus begin coughing up blood onto the floor while Kol clutches the paragon diamond in his other hand]

Klaus: UGH! Stop!
KOL: [enraged] Oh, you're angry, are you? Well, join the party, I've been here a thousand years!

[Klaus lunges for Kol, but Kol just hits him with another spell, and he falls to his knees]

KOL: I was building that dagger to protect myself against you, Nik. I'm not the bad guy in this chapter of our family's story! I'm the wronged! I'm the dead, but never mourned, and whilst you got everything that you wanted. I got a family who didn't care if I lived or if I died!
Klaus: [furious] Oh, shut up!

[He vamp-speeds toward Kol and grabs him in a choke-hold as he slams him against the wall]

KOL: [gasping for breath] Go on! Go on, finish it off! [Klaus looks torn] Go ahead, kill me!

[Klaus glares at Kol for a long moment before finally letting him go and dropping him to the floor. He takes a moment to calm himself before he speaks]

Klaus: [incredulously] I'm not going to kill you, you idiot! Despite your behavior, you're still my brother!

[Kol looks at him in confusion and surprise as he catches his breath]

KOL: Yeah, just the one you dagger repeatedly.
Klaus: I've daggered all of you! Each for your own good! If you don't agree with my motives, fine. I never claimed to be the bastion of temperance! But stop this drivel about being singled out and unloved.

[He walks toward Kol and kneels in front of him]

Klaus: You are a Mikaelson! You're my blood. And I need you. I need you by my side.
KOL: What does it even mean, Nik? Hmm? You talk about family-- family this, family that. I haven't even earned the right to share your secrets, have I?
Klaus: [shakes his head] No. You haven't. But, by all means, brother-- prove yourself. It's not too late.

[He holds his hand out to Kol to help him up, and after a moment, Kol takes it, and they both stand to their feet]

KOL: [quietly] Finn wants your blood. He promised to heal me if I delivered it.
Klaus: You know where he is?
KOL: You've gotta tell me why he wants it.

[Klaus turns away, obviously unsure about this, but Kol stops him]

KOL: Look, Nik, you've gotta trust me for once in your life, and I will stand by your side! I promise.
Klaus: You would risk your life to help me?
KOL: I know enough about dark magic to know that I'm hexed.

[His voice breaks in fear and sadness, and they both start to tear up]

FINN: There's no reversing what Finn's done to me, which makes him a murderer and a liar. And if I'm gonna die, I'll be damned if he gets what he wants.
Klaus: [swallows anxiously] Finn has been dead to me for a long time. Tonight, I intend to make that official. Help me, and then I will share my secret with you.

[Kol considers this for a moment]

KOL: He'll be in the bell tower of the St. Louis Cathedral.

[He smiles sadly before grabbing Klaus' arms and putting his hands on either side of his head]

KOL: Go inside my head. Find the spell. Let's finish this.

[Klaus uses his vampire powers to dive into his memories, and Kol screams in pain]


[Outside Mary's cabin, she has gathered all of the Alphas of the packs intending to join the Crescents and has set up the ingredients for the ritual to bind them to Jackson and Hayley's pack. She waves a smudge-stick of sage over a bowl before turning to Jackson and the other Alphas]

MARY: Wolves are bonded by what is most important to us. The earth of our territory. The blood of our packs.

[As Mary walks toward the Alphas, Hayley sneaks over to Jackson to talk to him]

HAYLEY: We have a problem.
JACKSON: [concerned] What's wrong?
HAYLEY: [looks around] Too many ears.

[She looks over at the Alphas, who are each pouring a handful of grain into the bowl to symbolize merging their packs]

HAYLEY: But, I need some of your blood. [Jackson gives her a puzzled look] It's--it's a stall. I'll explain later.

[Jackson nods in understanding and looks over at Mary and the Alphas]

JACKSON: Well, your timing's perfect.

[The Alphas each take a blade and slice open their palms to bleed into the bowl in turn]

MARY: Mixing these elements, we irrevocably bind ourselves to one another, creating a new Crescent pack. I ask each one of you-- do you renounce your Alpha status?

[The Alphas all kneel in front of Jackson. Mary brings the blade and the bowl over to Jackson, and he slices his own palm to bleed into the bowl. Mary leaves with the bowl, and Hayley looks up at Jackson]


[Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah arrive at the bell tower, only to find that Finn isn't there. All that remains is the table where he worked his spell earlier, and where Freya seems to have done a locator spell of her own]

Klaus: Where is he? Is this a trick?
KOL: [nervously] He said he'd be here, I swear.

[They all start wandering around the room and examining its contents for clues. Kol looks at the table covered in ash and ingredients of Finn's spell]

KOL: This is the remnant of a spell. Ancient. It's impressive.
Klaus: Admire its artistry later. Tell me what he set in motion.

[Rebekah has walked up a staircase to get a better vantage point, and points at something on the table]

REBEKAH: Kol, what is that?

[When he looks closer, he finds a small, burnt piece of wood under a pile of ash, which he picks up and holds tightly in his hand. After a moment, he casts a spell]

KOL: [chants] Sanguinatum planicium. Sanguinatum planicium.

[Suddenly, the piece of wood becomes whole and unburnt, revealing that it's one of Freya's Norse rune tiles with what looks like a combination of the "thurisaz" and "gebo" alphabet runes]

REBEKAH: Runic tiles. And what's it mean?
KOL: It's a symbol... [He squints at the tile in confusion] ...For "baby."

[Klaus and Rebekah give each other a significant look, which doesn't escape Kol's notice. Kol's eyes widen in alarm when he realizes what it means]

KOL: That's it, isn't it? Your baby's still alive.
REBEKAH: [rushes toward them] Finn tricked is into running about all day thinking he was looking for a way to find Hope--
Klaus: [finishes her sentence] --When he knew where she was all along.

[Klaus quickly reaches into his pocket to pull out his phone]


[Elijah is back in the horse stable, putting away all of his tools, when his phone starts to ring. When he sees it's Klaus, he answers it]

Elijah: Niklaus--
Klaus: [on the phone] --Finn knows. About Hope, about everything. I don't know how long until he gets there, but he is on his way.

[Elijah sees someone approaching him from the driveway, and his body tenses in anticipation]

Elijah: Yes, remarkably well on his way, I would say, brother...

[Finn, who has just arrived, stands in front of Elijah's face as he hangs up the phone. Finn says nothing, but simply flicks his wrist and telekinetically throws Elijah backwards into the wall]


[Cami has taken Hope to the Farmer's Market, and she stops for a moment to call Elijah and leave him a voicemail from a payphone nearby]

CAMI: [on the phone] Hey, Elijah-- I left my cell at the house like an idiot. Luckily, payphones are still a thing out here in the sticks!

[She's distracted momentarily when she looks over at Hope in her stroller next to her and realizes the cut on her forehead is no longer visible underneath the bandage]

CAMI: Um, anyway, we're heading home now.

[She hangs up the phone and kneels in front of Hope's stroller to examine her wound. She peels off the bandage to reveal that while there is blood on it, the wound itself is completely healed. Cami laughs in amusement and gently caresses her head]

CAMI: [to Hope] I don't know if the pediatric ward would approve of Uncle Elijah using vampire blood to heal boo-boos!

[She laughs again and continues to gaze at Hope affectionately]


[Klaus is pacing around as he hangs up his phone and updates Kol and Rebekah]

Klaus: [anxiously] Cami's not answering.
REBEKAH: Elijah will protect them.
Klaus: Finn is channeling both our parents. He's too strong. We need to find a way to sever his link to them! How do we do that?
KOL: I can't sever the link. [His eyes widen as he has a revelation] But there is something we can try. It'll take power of our own. And a lot of it.


[Elijah has just picked himself off the floor and glares at Finn angrily as he lunges for him. Before Elijah can touch him, Finn waves his arm in front of him and casts a spell to protect him]

FINN: Kembe po transi.

[Elijah looks at him murderously, but Finn just smiles and shrugs]

Elijah: How'd you find me?
FINN: A little help from our sister.
Elijah: Rebekah would never lure herself to wallow in your filth.
FINN: We have more than one, you know. [Elijah looks confused] And I get the sense she doesn't like you all that much.
Elijah: [shocked] Freya?
FINN: Mother warned me Dahlia would kill us all to acquire another first-born Mikaelson. And me? I'm in no mood to die!


[Hayley is talking with Marcel, who is holding a vial of Jackson's blood, in her old shack]

HAYLEY: [worriedly] Klaus said it was all just a plan to keep us distracted. He's going after her, I have to get there.
MARCEL: [stops her] Whoa, wait! You said so yourself, it's six hours away. Finn's already there.
HAYLEY: I can't just stand here and do nothing, Marcel!
MARCEL: You listen to me-- there is no way that Elijah is gonna let anything happen to your baby girl today! So, go help Jackson build the army that'll help keep her safe tomorrow.

[Hayley sighs anxiously, but seems to know he's right. After a moment, she nods at him in agreement before leaving to go find Jackson]

[Elsewhere in the Bayou, Gia and the other vampires awaken to find themselves in a dark van, still starving from Finn's spell. Gia opens the back doors to the van to find themselves in the middle of the woods near the werewolf encampments as the rest of the vampires get out of the trunk]

GIA: Where the hell are we?
MALE VAMPIRE: I smell blood.

[Gia and the male vampire lead the rest toward the source of the smell]


[Elijah is still in the stable, pacing around, while Finn stands defiantly]

Elijah: Cowering behind your witchcraft. You always were pathetic, Finn.
FINN: After nearly a millennium of dishonorable acts hidden away in your own mind, you have the audacity to call me names? Ha! What I do now, I do for the members of my family who can still be saved. Unfortunately, neither you nor Niklaus managed to make that list.

[Finn uses his magic to telekinetically throws a nearby pick-ax into Elijah's back. While Elijah desperately tries to pull it out, he telekinetically throws the handle of a shovel into his heart, temporarily neutralizing him. Elijah falls to the ground, and once he's down, his skin starts to desiccate. Satisfied, Finn leaves the barn and walks toward the house]


[Kol and Rebekah are outside the Lyonne tomb, where Finn has Esther and Mikael's neutralized bodies hidden for safe-keeping. Kol is lighting candles around the outside of the tomb]

KOL: [frustrated] We can't get in without Finn's blood.
REBEKAH: Well, how do we disrupt Finn from channeling our parents in there if we can't even get through the bloody binding circle?
KOL: We're not here to disrupt Finn's power, we're trying to overload it.
REBEKAH: [incredulously] Are you daft? You want to make him stronger?
KOL: [stands to face her] Look, a witch can only ever channel so much power. After that, things start to get ugly. I mean, they'll literally start to disintegrate from the inside. He'll either have to release the power, or, well... let it kill him.
REBEKAH: But, he won't be dead, he'll just body-jump.
KOL: Yes, into a body three hundred miles away from the niece he's trying to 'nap.
REBEKAH: [smiles proudly] In case you're wondering, this is the side of you I like.

[Kol, looking touched by her words, stands up after he finishes arranging the candles and looks at her apologetically]

KOL: Look, I'm going to get you back in your body, Bex... if it's the last thing I do. I promise.
REBEKAH: [chuckles] Right now, just worry about how in blazes I'm going to be any use to you whatsoever when I know nothing about magic.
KOL: You don't need to know anything about magic-- I'm just going to have to channel you.

[Klaus arrives with a duffle bag in his hand]

KOL: Did you get me what I asked for?

[Klaus carelessly drops the bag on the floor at Kol's feet]

Klaus: Mystical artifacts and dark objects galore, from my own personal collection garnered over a thousand years.

[Kol rifles through the bag, pulling out a long cord with a feather on the end, and revealing many more items, including the familiar enchanted shackles that prevent witches from doing magic and the Devil's Star]

KOL: I wondered where this had gone! Half this stuff is mine!
Klaus: There's more.

[He reaches into his jacket pockets, first pulling out the blade Finn used to neutralize Mikael and Esther by carving the symbol to channel them and throwing it on the bag. He then pulls out the indestructible white oak stake and holds it out for Kol to take]

KOL: You're going to trust me with this?
Klaus: Whatever you need. [He puts the stake in Kol's hand] Whatever it takes.
KOL: [nods] Alright. Let's get started.

[He lays the stake on the altar in front of the tomb, and places one hand on the door before holding out the other hand for Rebekah to take. She takes his hand and places her free hand on the wall as well, holding their linked hands above the pile of dark objects to channel them]


[Outside Mary's cabin, she has a sheet of parchment titled "Pledge of Fealty," which the Alphas of the other packs signed as part of the ritual to induct them into the Crescent Wolf Clan. Mary has crushed herbs into a paste, which she smears onto the bottom of the treaty]

MARY: After the anointing of the Alphas, will be the final seal of our--

[She stops talking and gapes as Gia and the rest of the vampires swarm around Jackson and the Alphas, looking hungry and weakened. When Jackson looks up and notices them, he watches as Gia's eye-veins start to pop out in hunger. Suddenly, all the vampires start to attack the Alphas, and Jackson rushes toward them to try to break it up]

JACKSON: Gia, you don't have to do this!
GIA: [guiltily] I'm sorry, but I do.

[She vamps-out and starts to feed on one of the Alphas, while another vampire rushes toward Jackson. Jackson picks up a piece of wood to stake the vampire, but Hayley stops him from killing him as she tries to break them up]


[Marcel intervenes and breaks the neck of the vampire trying to attack Jackson]

MARCEL: [to Jackson and Hayley] We just need to keep them at bay until Finn's spell is breaks.
JACKSON: It's a hell of a spell!
HAYLEY: [to Jackson and Marcel] Get the Alphas to the cabin. I'll hold them off.

[Jackson does as he's told and leads the Alphas to Mary's cabin while Marcel follows behind him and Hayley fights the vampires]

MARCEL: [to Hayley] Try and keep my guys alive.
HAYLEY: Ditto!

[She punches a vampire in the face before snapping the necks of two of them in a row with one hand. Marcel and Jackson get the Alphas and Mary safely into the cabin, but once they lock themselves in, they hear vampires leaping onto the roof in an attempt to get in]

JACKSON: Marcel, you got any idea how to end this?
MARCEL: Just weather the storm until we figure that out.


[At the MIKAELSON SAFE HOUSE, Elijah is still neutralized for the moment, so Finn enters the safe house through the front door. He stops and chuckles to himself when he sees baby toys set up all around the inside of the home]

[Meanwhile, outside in the barn, Elijah has begun to heal and awakens from his brief slumber, immediately jerking awake and looking around for Finn]

[Inside, Finn continues looking around the house. He finds a familiar-looking cardigan sweater laying on the arm of the couch, and when he picks it up, he smiles knowingly when he realizes that it's Cami's before dropping again]

FINN: Where are you, Camille?

[Outside, Elijah hears Finn calling out for her and pulls the shovel out of his chest so he can go after him]

FINN: There's no use in hiding!

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Rebekah and Kol are in the middle of channeling the dark objects into the link with Mikael and Esther to overpower Finn while Klaus watches]

KOL & REBEKAH: [chants] Los triforce comète. Los triforce comète.

[After a moment, they're jerked backwards. Rebekah looks at Kol worriedly as his nose starts to bleed. He looks exhausted and sick]

KOL: Oh, we're close! We just need something to put it over the top.
Klaus: [steps forward] Take me. [Kol looks unsure] I am a vampire-werewolf hybrid with ten centuries of blood on my hands. Channel me.
KOL: [shakes his head] No, Nik--

[Klaus squeezes Kol's arm affectionately and stares him intensely in the eyes]

Klaus: You wanted my trust, brother. Here it is.

[He picks up the knife and places it in Kol's hand]

Klaus: Do not fail me.

[Klaus kneels in front of Kol, and after Rebekah nods at him encouragingly, Kol takes up the knife and begins to carve the channeling symbol onto Klaus' forehead. Kol and Rebekah then gently lay Klaus down on the ground between them, next to the dark objects, and once again link hands so they can begin the spell]

KOL & REBEKAH: [chants] Los triforce comète. Los triforce comète.


[At the MIKAELSON SAFE HOUSE, Finn is still searching for Cami and Hope inside, and is looking through the various rooms]

FINN: [angrily] I know you're in here, Camille!

[Suddenly, a large knife flies through the open front door and embeds itself right into Finn's abdomen. He yells out in pain as Elijah walks purposefully through the door in his direction, kicking the door shut behind him. Finn groans as he pulls the knife out]

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Kol and Rebekah continue channeling Klaus and the bagful of dark objects through Mikael and Esther]

[At the MIKAELSON SAFE HOUSE, Finn's nose begins to bleed, and he drops the blade onto the floor as he wipes at his lip. He glares at Elijah and flicks his fingers]

FINN: [chants] Lec tare sel vipre!

[Elijah's body is telekinetically pulled toward Finn, and Finn directs his fingers in such a way that Elijah is thrown back and forth against the walls before being flung through the wall into the living room. As Elijah gets up, he notices that the impact broke a pipe which is now leaking gas into the house. Elijah is distracted suddenly by the sight of blood on his shirt from where Finn stabbed him earlier, and the blood on his hands triggers another vision of the red door in his mind as Finn stumbles toward him]

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Kol and Rebekah are still desperately casting the spell in hopes of forcing Finn's hand. Finn is overwhelmed by all the power and falls against the wall as he screams in pain]

FINN: Ahhhhh!

[As Kol and Rebekah chant, the power forces its way through the tomb, into Mikael and Esther's neutralized bodies, and then into Finn himself at the MIKAELSON SAFE HOUSE]

FINN: [bellows] AHHHHH!

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Kol and Rebekah are overwhelmed by the power flowing through them and scream in pain as well]


[Kol and Rebekah are then both thrown backwards onto the floor, while in the safe house, Finn crumples to his knees]

[In THE BAYOU, Hayley is still furiously fighting against the starving vampires, spinning and kicking them as hard as she can. She inadvertently throws one of the vampires onto the pile of wood, and one of the sticks accidentally goes through his heart and kills him. Hayley looks guilty and ashamed when she turns to find Gia glaring at her]

HAYLEY: [anxiously] I don't want to kill you, Gia.

[Suddenly, Gia faints before she can do anything, and Marcel just barely catches her before she hits the ground. As they look around, all of the rest of the vampires have crumpled to the the ground as well. Hayley and Marcel look confused]

MARCEL: They broke the spell.


[Rebekah stands up and rushes over to help Kol onto his feet. Once he's standing, she hugs him tightly]

REBEKAH: You're a genius! You glorious bastard!
KOL: [embraces her] Well, I'm a little surprised it worked, myself.

[All of a sudden, Kol is overcome by a severe coughing fit, and backs away from her as he doubles over. Rebekah looks at him with worry and rubs his back comfortingly]


[Kol continues to cough, and she pulls him up so she can look him in the eyes]

REBEKAH: Listen. I am not going to let you die. You hear me? Whatever it takes.

[Kol smiles weakly at her and sways on his feet]


[Marcel is carrying the unconscious bodies of the vampires outside in the yard while Hayley stands by and watches. After a moment, Jackson returns from Mary's cabin]

JACKSON: Hayley?

[As soon as Hayley sees him, she hugs him tightly and breathes a sigh of relief. Jackson rubs her back soothingly until she pulls away]

HAYLEY: Hope will be alright. Elijah will protect her, I know it. [Jackson nods in understanding] But Jack, this stuff, these attacks-- they're only going to get worse. We need to get married as soon as possible.

[Jackson nods again, but remains silent]


[Kol and Rebekah are helping sit Klaus up in front of the Lyonne tomb after waking him up from the channeling spell]

Klaus: [panting] Ahh. Tell me it worked.
KOL: [smiles] We did our bit. [Rebekah smiles at them] I promise, Finn is back to being a normal, regular-strength maniacal bastard.
Klaus: [takes a deep breath] I know in the last millennium, we haven't always seen eye-to-eye. But, in this moment, I am reminded once again of something Elijah has always said. Family is power.

[Kol smiles at him, and Klaus puts his arm around Kol and Rebekah's shoulders]

Klaus: [genuinely] Thank you.
KOL: You're welcome.
REBEKAH: Speaking of Elijah...
Klaus: He will prevail. Of that, I have no doubt.


[Cami is driving up the road toward the safe house with Hope in tow in her carseat in the back]

[Inside the house, Finn is still kneeling on the floor in the hallway, but manages to get to his feet. He's shaky as he walks into the next room, where Elijah is staring at his hands in a daze as he rubs them together, smearing the blood over his skin]

[In the car, Cami hears Hope make a whiney noise and smiles as she checks on her]

CAMI: It's okay!

[As they drive, Cami starts humming Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star to soothe her]

[In the safe house, Finn watches Elijah from behind him as he continues smearing the blood over his hands]

FINN: Look at you, brother. You're a mess.

[Unbeknownst to Finn, Elijah is listening and forcing himself not to react as he keeps rubbing his hands together]

FINN: And, as we both know, untidiness is your undoing. Tell me, do your soiled clothes serve as a reminder of your filthy memories? Your many sins? Are you having bad memories now, brother? Perhaps of the innocent Tatia? Or any one of the other poor souls who met their fate at your hands?

[Cami and Hope continue driving toward the house. Inside, Elijah continues pretending not to listen to Finn taunt him]

FINN: It's a shame, really, because, in a way, the child is just another one of your victims. Had you the will to stand against me, you might've saved her. But, because she was left under the protection of a wretch, a beast that basks in the blood of others, She. Will. Die. I suppose your little niece never really had a chance.

[Cami and Hope are just about to the house when the car suddenly shuts off in the middle of the road. Cami, confused, starts pressing the start button, but nothing will power up. In the house, Elijah continues to wait Finn out]

FINN: I'd ask for a response, but I wouldn't want to taint myself with the vulgar refuge that must, even now, be flashing through your mind.

[Finally, Elijah sets his hands in his lap and sighs in annoyance before speaking calmly]

Elijah: Let me assure you-- my mind is quite clear.

[Finn looks alarmed as he stares at Elijah, not expecting this reaction]

Elijah: Much like the gas that has pervaded every single room in this home whilst you've been rambling like the lunatic that you are.

[He turns to face Finn, who is staring at him in shock]

Elijah: You have disgraced this family for the last time.

[Elijah takes off his daylight ring and holds it in one hand while he holds his other hand into the sunlight]

Elijah: Goodbye, brother.

[His hand burns and bursts into flames, igniting the gas in the air and blowing up Finn and the house in a humongous fire-ball. Down the road from the house, Cami sees the explosion from inside the car and jumps in shock and horror as she watches the house go up in flames]

CAMI: [horrified] Oh my God!

[All of a sudden, the car's power clicks back on, startling Cami once again. Completely shocked, Cami turns back to Hope, who is sitting calmly in her car seat. She realizes that Hope magically stopped the car somehow in order to protect them from harm and gapes at her in awe]


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