The Scull Bar--Opening Scene

[Caroline is sitting at the bar stretches out her hand while holding a empty glass, she is trying to get the bartenders attention]

Caroline: Hello, I'm empty. More, please!
Bartender: I think you've had enough.

[Caroline puts her glass down]

Caroline: Okay, look at my face. This is me straining to care less about what you think.

[She stares intently into the bartenders eyes until she eventually laughs at him]

Caroline: Nope. I can't.
Bartender: Okay, I'm going to call you a cab.

[The bartender turns to leave, but Caroline grabs his wrist]

Caroline: Okay, here's the thing-- my mum just died, as in I just put her dead, cancer-riddled body into the ground... [She checks her watch]... four hours and thirty-two minutes ago.
Bartender: [shocked] I'm so sorry for your loss.
Caroline: Oh, no, no, no, I don't care about that. I'm just saying that my feet have been cramped in the world's most uncomfortable heels for an entire day, and your tequila is the only thing that seems to be helping.
Bartender: Okay, I'll grab you another drink.

[He takes her glass and turns around to refill it]

Caroline: Thank you.

[Just then, Liam comes up to the bar to join her]

Liam: Caroline Forbes, the girl from the swimming hole.
Caroline: [sarcastic] Liam, the boy I totally forgot existed.
Liam: Ouch. And I was just about to tell you how sexy you looked.
Caroline: You are drunk.
Liam: Slightly buzzed! Getting my ass whooped in shuttleboard upstairs.
Caroline: Oh, lucky you! I stood all day at my mum's funeral. [She pauses] God, you're cute. Are you a doctor yet?
Liam: [frowns] Hang on-- your mum just died?
Caroline: Do you wanna get out of here?
Liam: [hesitant] I-I-I...
Caroline: What, girlfriend? We all know you're not dating Elena Gilbert.
Liam: [confused] Why would I be dating Elena?
Caroline: [smiles] You wouldn't. But, even if you were, it wouldn't matter. Because nothing matters, not a thing.


[Caroline pushes Liam against the glass, and they begin making out. When Liam starts kissing her neck, Caroline's vampire face starts to come out. She pulls away, and Liam sees her eyes and fangs and is afraid and concerned]

Liam: Caroline, what the--?

[Before he can finish his sentence, Caroline bites his neck and begins to feed on him]


Whitmore College, Dorm Room/Caroline Forbes' House

[Elena walks through Caroline's side of the dorm room, which has been completely stripped of all of her belongings. She is on the phone with Stefan]

Elena: It's like she never lived here. [She opens and closes several drawers, all of which are empty] How's her house? 

[At Caroline's house, Stefan walks down the staircase to the foyer, which is completely empty; all of the furniture and decorations are gone]

Stefan: Totally empty, Caroline took everything but the damn doors off the hinges. 
Elena: So what? She just flips her humanity switch, came back to the dorm, took all of her clothes-- [She opens another desk drawer, which is empty]-- and thank you notes-- [She slams it closed]-- and just left town? I mean, that makes no sense. 
Stefan: This is coming from the girl that burned her house down. 
Elena: Do you think she's trying to cut off all ties to her past?
Stefan: [agitated] I certainly don't think she's having a yard sale, Elena. 
Elena: Okay, why are you getting mad at me? I'm not the one who did this. 
Stefan: [sighs] I know. I'm sorry.
Elena: Okay, look. I'm just gonna look around campus, maybe someone's seen her just let me know if you find anything, okay? 
Stefan: Alright. I will.

[They both hang up the phone. Elena is standing silently in the dorm room all alone when suddenly, the door quietly opens quietly behind her as Bonnie slips into the room unnoticed]

Bonnie: Looks like you could use a friend.

[Elena turns at the sound of her voice, stunned]

Elena: Oh, my god. Bonnie? [Bonnie smiles and laughs, but Elena is shocked and confused] H-how are you--?
Bonnie: [walks toward Elena] Alive? [She shrugs] You think I'd be used to this part by now...
Elena: Oh!  

[Elena rushes over to Bonnie and happily hugs her, thrilled and relieved to have her best friend back] 

Salvatore Crypt

[Damon uses a crow bar to pry open the locks of the coffin that contains his mother's remains. Kai stands behind him, leaning against the doorway as he re-watches the video Bonnie inadvertently took of Damon and Stefan's mother before she left the 1994 Prison World] 

Kai: I can't believe Bonnie made it out! Actually, I can. She's plucky. Hey, do you need help? [He keeps talking before Damon can respond] Oh. Before you answer that, I'd rather not. [He walks toward Damon] I keep experiencing these pangs of guilt watching you. Feelings are hard. 
Damon: [annoyed] So is the end of this crowbar. 
Kai: [laughs] I'm just saying, digging up mommy's grave? That's dark, even for me. And, totally unnecessary. Damon, Bonnie saw her alive in a 1903 Prison World. It's-it's on camera. You want to watch it again?
Damon: [frustrated] My mother died of consumption in 1858. We did not go through the trouble of moving this thing to the family crypt only to find out that she's not even in here. 
Kai: Oh, so you just - you just called me here because you needed a friend? No, you wanted to know if it was possible for her to exist in another prison world... to which I responded, "yes," to which you responded with denial
Damon: [grits his teeth] Whatever or whoever's on that tape, it's not her. 
Kai: Then who is it?
Damon: I don't know. A ghost? Maybe she has an evil Gemini twin. 
Kai: [laughs] Nice. 
Damon: If my mother was imprisoned in 1903, she'd be in her 70's.
Kai: Not if she were like you.
Damon: [angrily turns toward Kai] I know my mother. She's not a vampire. She is not in a prison world. She died of consumption in 1858.

[He throws the crowbar, and it clangs on the concrete floor of the crypt as it makes contact. Damon stares at the old coffin, but otherwise doesn't move]

Kai: Uh, if you're so sure of that, why haven't you opened the coffin yet? [Damon angrily flips off the lid, which smashes on the ground. When he and Kai look into the coffin, they find it's empty] Congratulations. Everything you know about your mom is wrong.  

[Kai pats him on the shoulder and leaves. Damon stares at the empty coffin in horror and disbelief]


[Enzo sits at a table on the second floor, drinking a cup of tea. Down below, Sarah Salvatore takes photos of him with her camera as she tries to hide from him. Enzo casually glances down in amusement and purposely allows his vampire eyes and veins to come out as Sarah takes several shots of him. When she zooms in on the photos she just took, she notices the veins under his eyes and becomes alarmed. However, when she looks back up to his table, he is gone. Suddenly, she hears his voice from behind where she's seated, which startles her]

Enzo: In the future, focus on my left side. It's far more attractive. 
Sarah: [anxiously turns to face him] Oh, my god. 
Enzo: We've met before. 
Sarah: Yes. You saved my friend Matt with your blood. 
Enzo: Oh, yes. Uh, Sarah, right? Care to join me for a cup of tea? My best angle's up close and personal. [Sarah motions for him to join her] Brave. I like that.

[Enzo sits down across from her]

Whitmore College, Dorm Room

[Elena takes out a bottle of champagne as Bonnie goes through her drawers, pulling out some of the clothing she hasn't seen since the Other Side was destroyed] 

Bonnie: My not-flannel blouse, my not-flannel t-shirts, and ooh! Ooh! I really missed my not-flannel V-neck. 
Elena: Suck it, 1994! [She pops open the bottle of champagne, which causes Bonnie to jump in fright] Whew! Ha! So, I bought this bottle of champagne-- [She pours them two glasses]-- the same day that Damon and I thought we were gonna rescue you, but obviously, we didn't, so I couldn't drink it. So, this is to you. [She raises a glass to make a toast, which is actually really depressing] You were stuck there all by yourself while we were back here, living our lives. And, this is the worst toast ever.
Bonnie: [smiles] I'm back home. That's all that matters. Cheers

[They clink their glasses together and drink. Bonnie downs her glass in one gulp]

Elena: Okay.
Bonnie: Can we talk about the fact that I drove Jeremy away to art school?

[Elena pours Bonnie another glass]

Elena: So, does that make you his muse? Because eww.
Bonnie: Do me a favor? Don't tell him I'm back yet.
Elena: Wait. You—you haven't called him yet?
Bonnie: I just... I want to give him a chance at normalcy [She takes a seat on the bed] before we just drag him back into all of this, you know?
Elena: [surprised] Yeah. No. I-I do, too, but Bonnie, you should at least tell him you're okay.
Bonnie: And I will, I'll tell him. Coming back to life is complicated. Trust me, I've done it before. Besides, we have a roommate without her humanity and in need for a severe intervention.

[They both turn as the door opens and find Caroline walking in with several shopping bags)

Elena: Caroline! Um, you're here.
Caroline: And you're perceptive. [She walks right past Bonnie without even a glance and sets her bags on her bed] Ahh.
Elena: [confused and concerned] Uh, what are you doing?
Caroline: Starting over. New everything! [She takes the items out of her bags] New sheets, new clothes. Hey, I even got us a new blow-dryer. [She pulls a hair-dryer box out of the bag and turns to face them before finally noticing Bonnie's presence] Oh, my god. Bonnie's back. Hi. I thought you were trapped in 1994?
Bonnie: I got out.
Caroline: [shrugs] Huh.

[She turns back to her bags, not showing the least bit of interest in Bonnie's return)

Elena: [hesitant] Uh, we-we've been worried about you, Care.
Caroline: You mean, you were worried about those around me, like if I killed them? Okay. Funny story. You remember Liam? [She turns to Bonnie] Oh, Elena dated this pre-med hottie, but then realized she still had feelings for Damon, so she compelled him to forget that they ever had a thing.
Elena: [unamused] Caroline, what did you do to Liam?
Caroline: I ate him! [Camera cuts to a flashback to the previous night, when Caroline bit Liam while they were making out in the alley] And he was delicious. [Elena is shocked and angry and gives Caroline a scolding look] I mean, you know how cute guys just naturally taste better?
Bonnie: [in disbelief] You killed Elena's ex?
Caroline: [scoffs] Okay, can I just tell my story, please? [She turns to Elena] Remind me why we're glad she's back again?
Elena: [angry] Please tell me Liam is not dead.
Caroline: Fine. So I was feeding--

Flashback-- Outside the Scull Bar

[Caroline is attacking Liam; her face is covered in blood and Liams' eyes are wide in fear as he he struggles and gasps for breath]

Caroline: [voiceover] And then, that little voice inside my head that tells me to stop? He never piped up. 
Caroline: [to Liam] More, please [Liam collapses into Caroline's arms, and she catches him] Whoa! [She looks down at him and scoffs] Well, this is awkward. Ugh, god. [She leans him up against a wall and catches a glimpse of her necklace, which has blood on it. She glares at him in annoyance] Oh, you got blood on my necklace! Now I'm gonna have to clean it.
Liam: [scared and weakened] What are you doing to me?
Caroline: Well, I was going to drain you of your blood, but now I'm not really in the mood to drag your corpse through the woods. Definitely not in these heels. I could throw you in a dumpster, but then everyone's always being found in dumpsters, and since I was the last person to be seen with you, I'll be questioned by the police, and what if one of them reminds me of my dead mother?
Liam: [confused] What are you talking about?
Caroline: [grins at him] You, Liam, just got complicated.

Present Day-- Whitmore College, Dorm Room

Elena: [confused] So, you didn't kill him because it would be inconvenient?
Caroline: Elena, I shut off my humanity. I didn't turn into an idiot. The last thing I want to do is give you a reason to ruin my life.

[She drinks straight from the champagne bottle]

Bonnie: [unnerved] . It's so weird. It's like she's Caroline, but she's not.
Caroline: [patronizingly] Oh, Bonnie, how we all just missed your commentary.  Anyway, in return for my good behavior, I want a year where I don't have to feel any pain or grief or remorse. You're not gonna lock me in a cell and dry me out, and you're definitely not gonna try to trigger some latent emotion, hoping to snap my humanity back on.
Elena: [skeptical] So, all you want is for us to leave you alone, and then you promise not to kill anyone?
Caroline: That's all I want. Now granted, if anyone tries anything to flip my switch back on—- and I mean anything— [Her face becomes serious]-- I'll become your worst nightmare. [Elena and Bonnie exchange anxious glances] Great! I'm gonna get a latte. [She grabs her purse and walks past them to head out the door] See ya.

[She leaves the room, and Bonnie and Elena continue to look worried and nervous about Caroline's current behavior]

Salvatore Boarding House/Whitmore Hospital Hallways

[Damon leans against the living room wall on the phone with Stefan as Stefan walks through the hallway of Whitmore Hospital. The scene switches back and forth between their phone call]

Damon: [amused] So, Saint Caroline keeps her halo even with no humanity?
Stefan: [stressed] Yeah, until she snaps and strangles somebody with it. 
Damon: Well, even if she does... [Damon pauses for a moment when he hears a crashing noise in the next room. He turns and sees Kai going through some family antiques in the living room] Could be good for her to blow off some steam, thin the herd. Getting awfully crowded around here. 
Stefan: Damon, if she kills somebody, I--

[Damon cuts him off before he can say anything more]

Damon: Not your fault, Stefan. By the time you figured out how you felt about her, it was too late. She made her choice. 
Stefan: Just do me a favor. Check around Mystic Falls, see if anybody's missing?
Damon: Will do, brother. [Damon hangs up] ...A little later.  

[Damon turns to see Kai pouring himself a drink]

Kai: Whew, yeah, why tell your brother your mother's still alive? No, but I get it. Mom's in a prison world and therefore an evil psychopath. Don't want to ruin little bro's perfect-mommy memory. 
Damon: I'll tell him as soon as I know the truth.
Kai: [mutters] Truth...

[Kai sits down on the couch comfortably]

Damon: Which is why you're still here. Your sister sent me and Elena back to 1994. You can send me back to 1903. 
Kai: Technically, yes, I am able to do that. But, I'll need the Ascendant for the 1903 Prison World. 
Damon: Oh. As the newly elected president of the Gemini freaks, I assume you know where to get it. [Kai shrugs] So? Get it.
Kai: It's my pleasure.

[He loudly sips his drink and gives Damon a look]

Damon: [rolls his eyes knowingly] You want something. [Damon sits down across from him before sighing sarcastically] Shocker. All right. 
Kai: [leans forward] Well, ever since you told me Bonnie was back, I, uh, I can't stop thinking about her, all right? What I did, how she is. It's really annoying. [He sighs in frustration] Look, I need to see her. I need to apologize, and you're gonna make that happen. 

Coffee House

[Enzo sits comfortably across from Sarah with his feet up on the table, and he sips his tea as Sarah questions him]

Sarah: [incredulously] So, that's it? Enzo? That's all I get?
Enzo: A name is a very personal thing, Sarah. See? Doesn't that feel good?
Sarah: I have pictures of you, your veins doing weird, non-human things [Enzo chuckles as Sarah holds up her memory card to prove it] They're all in this little card. 
Enzo: [amused] You went from cowering in a corner to overt blackmail in the span of an hour. Impressive!
Sarah: I want to know more about you.
Enzo: Fair enough. [He leans forward, setting his tea on the table] One... [At vampire speed, he grabs the memory card from her hand] I'm very fast. Two... [He breaks the memory card in half] I'm very strong. 
Sarah: [throws up her hands in annoyance] That was, like, seventy bucks!
Enzo: Three... I'm very rich.

[He tosses the broken memory card on the table]

Sarah: [sets down her camera] Rich, strong, fast. You have weird veins. You can heal people with your blood. What are you? 
Enzo: [scoffs] This is a joke, right?
Sarah: Does it look like I'm joking?
Enzo: Oh. You want to hear me say it. Fine. I'm a vampire. 

[Sarah looks at him, clearly unimpressed] 

Sarah: And?
Enzo: Perhaps you didn't hear me. I said I'm a vampire. You know, Anne Rice, Dracula, that dreadful "Twilight" series. 
Sarah: No, I know what they are. I just thought there'd be more to it. 

[Suddenly, Caroline appears behind them and interrupts their conversation]

Caroline: It's okay. The whole vampire thing is over anyway. 
Enzo: [annoyed] Caroline!
Caroline: Who is this nice girl we're divulging all of our deepest, darkest secrets to? 
Sarah: I'm Sarah.
Caroline: Sarah. Photographer Sarah. Stefan's--

[Enzo cuts her off and turns to Sarah so he can compel her]

Enzo: Darling... [She turns toward him, and he locks eyes with her] You need a drink from the bar.

[Sarah gets up and walks away. Enzo watches her leave then turns his attention to Caroline]

Caroline: It is so nice not to care what you're up to with that poor girl. [She laughs] Old me would have been in such a moral quandary right now. 
Enzo: [confused] Old you? [Caroline grins, and realization hits Enzo. When he figures out that she turned off her humanity, he sighs and rolls his eyes] Oh, you didn't. 
Caroline: [happily] I did right after my mom's funeral. Thanks for coming by the way... Kidding! I don't really care about that either. 
Enzo: [exasperated] You're a laugh riot, aren't you?
Caroline: I'm actually a little bored, which is why I'm recruiting cute boys to come to Whitmore's Warehouse party tonight. You like to dance, right?
Enzo: Yeah, I love it. 
Caroline: See you there.  

[She walks past him, and Enzo turns to watch her leave] 

Whitmore Hospital

[Stefan leans against the wall outside a cubicle and waits until Liam comes out moments later]

Liam: Stefan. Hey, man. 
Stefan: Hey. [He walks over to Liam, puts his hand on his shoulder, and compels him] I'm gonna ask you a couple questions, and I need you to be completely honest with me. 
Liam: [in a daze from the compulsion] I can be completely honest with you. 
Stefan: Good. [Stefan leads him into a room and closes the door behind them] Do you remember being around Caroline last night?
Liam: Uh... [He grins and laughs] Heh. Yeah. Kind of hard to forget. 
Stefan: [concerned] What is that supposed to mean?
Liam: We made out pretty hardcore.
Stefan: Was there any... biting involved?
Liam: [confused] Uh, I guess...? I mean, I-I like to bite the lower lip a little bit... [He starts to look uncomfortable] but I--I th-I think it's kind of weird you're asking me these questions. 
Stefan: No. I meant, did she bite you?
Liam: Not that I remember. Are--are you into her or something? [Stefan sighs in annoyance] Because, like, I thought she was single. I didn't know you two were, like, a--
Stefan: [uncomfortable] She is. We're not... 
Liam: Great! Can I get out of here, please? Because, like, I'm late for this party, and you're really weirding me out. 
Stefan: What party?
Liam: Uh, warehouse party off campus. Caroline will be there if you want to watch.  

[Liam grins and pats Stefan on the shoulder, and Stefan rolls his eyes as Liam leaves. Stefan then pulls out his phone to make a call and dials Elena's number]

Elena: [on the other end of the line] Hey Stefan.
Stefan: Hey. Uh, listen. I never thought I would ask this, but, um... Do you want to go to a rave? 

Warehouse Party

[Loud music and strobe lights are blaring from the warehouse. Two security guards stand outside the entrance as Bonnie and Elena approach it. They pull back a white sheet as the girls enter a full blown party. Girls with painted faces and skimpy outfits, shirtless guys and glow-stick jewelery, and techno music surround them as they walk through the crowd. Everyone cheering loudly, laughing, dancing, talking, and drinking heavily]

Elena: Okay, not exactly the Welcome Home party I was planning for you but--I think we should split up and look for Caroline.

[Elena has to yell over the noise, but Bonnie still doesn't hear her]

Bonnie: [shouts over the music] Maybe we should split up and look for Caroline.
Elena: [laughs] Good idea!

[Elena mouths the words "Good Luck" before turning away from Bonnie and pushing her way through the crowd of ravers. She finally spots Caroline relaxed and having a good time as she dances with a guy. When Caroline spots Elena, she starts to vamp-out and is about to bite the guy's neck. When Elena rushes toward her, Caroline gives her a look that says, "Ah-ah-ah, remember our deal?" before grinning devilishly at her. Elena looks torn, but Caroline gives her a look]

Caroline: [whispers to Elena] I'm fine.  

[Caroline winks and goes back to dancing. Elena sighs as a shirtless guy approaches her and starts to dance up on her. Elena rolls her eyes and pushes past him. Meanwhile Bonnie is also making her way through the crowd when a guy turns to her with a smile]

Guy: Want to dance?
Bonnie: I'm actually looking for someone.  
Guy: Come on, this is a party. Have fun!  

[He takes her by the hand and pulls her toward the dance floor. He starts to grind up against her, but Bonnie just stands there, visibly not in the mood to party. The guy reaches out to touch her waist, but Bonnie stops him]

Bonnie: Hey. Down, boy. 
Guy: Just dancing. 
Bonnie: Look, I really have to go find my friend. 
Guy: I can't let you go. You're hot. [He pulls Bonnie toward him and kisses her neck, Bonnie brings her hand up to his and uses her magic to burn his hand] Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah! [He groans in pain and pulls away from her] What the hell did you do?
Bonnie: [sarcastic] Can't help it-- I'm hot.  

[He stares at Bonnie in shock as she walks past him. Elsewhere, Elena finds Stefan and they discuss his encounter with Liam earlier]

Elena: Did he have any bite marks on him?
Stefan: No, which means she must have given him her blood.
Elena: And he doesn't remember her feeding on him at all?
Stefan: He remembers them making out-- in graphic detail-- but that's about it.
Elena: [surprised] So, that means she's covering her tracks. It's very thorough. It's actually really good. 
Stefan: No, it's not good. It means that she's gonna use him as a human blood bag every time she gets hungry. 
Elena: Or she'll drink from the blood bags in our fridge that she just restocked. 
Stefan: Wait a minute. Why are you defending her?
Elena: I'm just saying she hasn't actually hurt anyone, and there's no bodies that have shown up at the med center, no students are missing... What if she actually has this under control? You know, we give her her year, she's happy, and then--
Stefan: And then what? She magically flips her humanity switch and starts feeling everything that she's been putting off? Caroline is going to snap, and when she does, it's gonna be my fault. Because I am the reason that she did this. 
Elena: [looks at him sympathetically] Pain is the reason she did this. 
Stefan: Her mother died, her world was turning upside down, and she asked me one simple question. All I had to do was tell her the truth, and I didn't. Now, look me in the eye and tell me that I couldn't have stopped this.  

[Elena sighs and nods in understanding] 

Elena: What's your plan? 

[Stefan leaves to join Caroline at the bar with two shot glasses, and they drink them as Bonnie continues to make her way through the crowd, looking extremely uncomfortable. Her cell phone rings, and when she pulls it out, she sees it's Damon and answers it]

Bonnie: [relieved] Can't believe I'm  about to say this, but I'm glad you called.

Salvatore Boarding House/Warehouse Party

[The scene switches between the Salvatore Boarding House with Damon and the Warehouse party with Bonnie during their phone conversation]

Damon: Uh-Oh! Caroline go off the rails? If so, I called it.
Bonnie: Gloating in one of my best friend's times of need? It's weird that I miss you. 
Damon: [smiles jokingly] Bonnie, I thought I was clear-- our relationship only exists within the confines of 1994

[Bonnie smiles in amusement]

Bonnie: You think one phone call makes us friends? 
Damon: You don't have to pretend, Bon. I'm like a fever you can't shake.
Bonnie: Yeah. Yeah. A disease. 
Damon: [concerned] You okay? 
Bonnie: Well, if scorching some douchebag with my magic is okay, then, yeah! Peachy. [She hesitates for a moment] When you came back, did you just slide right back into your old life?
Damon: Oh, you mean the one where my brother was an auto mechanic, and my girlfriend forgot she loved me? Yep. 
Bonnie: [awkwardly] Um... Why, um, why did you call me?
Damon: So... Teensy favor. I don't know if you know this, but when Kai merged with Luke, he went through a... metamorphosis. He went from a sociopathic caterpillar to a slightly less evil butterfly. 
Bonnie: [rolls her eyes] Yeah, and anyone who believes that is an idiot. [Her voice becomes serious] Please don't ever repeat that name to me again, okay?
Damon: [guilty] Yeah, okay. Heh. Already forgot about it. 
Bonnie: What was the favor?
Damon: Don't worry about it. I'll figure it out on my own. Happy raving!

[He hangs up before Bonnie can respond just as Kai walks in behind him]

Kai: Hey. Who was that?
Damon: Bonnie. She doesn't want to do it. [He turns to face Kai] Doesn't believe there's a new you.
Kai: [slightly hurt] But there is a new me. [Damon shrugs and Kai sighs] You-you explained it to her so she would understand, right? Small words, easy to digest?
Damon: [frustrated] It's not gonna happen. End of story. 
Kai: Huh. Shame... [He walks past Damon toward the fireplace, clearly trying to manipulate him] Because Mama Salvatore's story is pretty fantastic...  
Damon: What are you talking about?
Kai: I have a strong lead on the Ascendant. [He turns back to Damon] I checked the Gemini archives. Lily was captured on a dock in New York City in 1903. What if she was on her way here for you? I mean it makes sense she-- she'd just landed from Europe, where...

[He stops talking and stares at Damon expectantly]

Damon: [wide-eyed and anxious] Where what? Spit it out. 
Kai: [grabs his throat and feigns laryngitis, speaking in a raspy voice] Sorry
Damon: [narrows his eyes] You're not gonna tell me, are you?
Kai: [fake coughs] No. Sorry. My throat just got really sore. I'm gonna go find a lozenge. [He clears his throat] Maybe Bonnie will change her mind by the time I find one.

[Kai grins as he brushes past Damon to leave]

Warehouse Party

[Caroline and Stefan continue to drink at the bar as they watch the crowd of ravers. Caroline narrows her eyes in judgment as she stares at a nearby girl] 

Caroline: Well, that's certainly a look. 
Stefan: [rolls his eyes] Don't be jealous.

[Caroline laughs and Stefan smiles at her]

Caroline: You know, you should smile more. You're hot!
Stefan: [pretends to blush] Oh, thank you.
Caroline: And obviously, you're here to babysit me, but I've had less attractive babysitters. Granted, they were old women, and I was eight... 
Stefan: I'm not here to babysit you, Caroline.
Caroline: Yes, you are. You, Elena, Bonnie. You don't think that I can live a normal, humanity-less vampire existence without killing anyone, and you feel guilty for being such a royal ass at my mom's funeral. 
Stefan: You're right. I was. And then, when I came to apologize and tell you how I really felt, you were gone. 
Caroline: And now I don't care. 
Stefan: But I do, so let me tell you how I really feel. 
Caroline: I said, I don't care.
Stefan: [ignores her] I like you, Caroline.
Caroline: [overwhelmed] Stop. 
Stefan: I don't know when it became more than friendship, but it did, and it scared me, so I-I pushed it away, but here we are. 
Caroline: [laughs in amusement] Wow! See? That wasn't so hard, was it? Only took a couple of years, cancer to devour my mom, me to flip my humanity off, but you finally spit it out!
Stefan: That's good. Anger. That means you want to feel. 
Caroline: No, Stefan. You know what? It just means that I'm pissed, so leave me alone.

[She turns to walk away, but Stefan stops her]

Stefan: Hey, hey. [He pulls her toward him] Let it in. It will hurt, and you'll want to die, but I will be here. I will help you through this. But you have to give me a chance. [He reaches out and cups her face in his hands] Please. [Caroline stares at him as if she's considering this for a moment] Come back.

[She closes her eyes and leans her face into his hand for a second, but then quickly naps out of it and glares at him sadistically]

Caroline: [coldly] You shouldn't have done that.

[She pushes his hand away and leaves him alone at the bar, disappearing into the crowd of ravers before he can catch her. Caroline runs into Liam in a hallway and stops to talk to him]

Caroline: Hey, where have you been?
Liam: The bathroom line was, like, a mile long. I mean, look at all these crazy people here--
Caroline: [mockingly] Wow! You are so boring. No wonder Elena didn't pick you. Honest truth. [She pauses for a moment and gets an idea] How good are you at surgery?
Liam: [confused] I'm a pre-med sophomore-- I'm terrible.
Caroline: Perfect! Come with me.

[She grabs his hand and leads him away from the party]

Warehouse Party-- Outside

[Caroline leans up against one of the cars as headlights approach her. Enzo parks his car, turns off the ignition and gets out, slamming his car door before walking toward her]

Caroline: There you are. Finally. [She frowns] Where's your date? What, you don't want to show her off in front of Stefan?
Enzo: [disappointed] Afraid she doesn't find me nearly as fascinating as I do. 
Caroline: [smiles flirtatiously] But you have an accent. Anything you say is automatically fascinating
Enzo: I'm afraid we found the exception. Told her I was a vampire, and her eyes glazed over... Literally. Pure and utter disinterest. 

[Caroline bursts into laughter]

Enzo: [confused] What's funny?
Caroline: Stefan's been looking out for Sarah ever since she was a baby, which means he will protect her at any cost. 
Enzo: [obliviously] Okay? 
Caroline: So, what do you do when you want someone to have nothing to do with vampires?
Enzo: [smiles in realization] Heh. Compel them not to care about anything to do with vampires, Caroline Forbes, you're a genius. 
Caroline: Thank you. [She seductively puts her hands around him and pulls him closer to her] Now, why don't I show you some of my other talents? [She reaches her hands into his jacket and down his waist] Hmm?
Enzo: [pulls away, looking disappointed] Sorry, love. It's not as much fun when you're not really you.

[He walks past her, but she is not bothered by the rejection. She grins and looks down at his cell phone that she picked out of his pocket while he was too distracted by her seduction. She scrolls through the contacts and finds the name she is looking for—Sarah Salvatore]

Warehouse Party, Inside

[Bonnie pushes past the crowd of ravers toward a hallway and leans up against the wall as Damon enters, looking guilty but determined]

Damon: Hey.
Bonnie: Hey! What are you doing here?
Damon: Don't freak out, but, um...

[He clears his throat uncomfortably as Kai walks out from around the corner and joins them]

Kai: Hi.

[Bonnie is immediately alarmed]

Damon: [turns to Kai in annoyance] Just get this over with. 
Kai: Um...
Damon: [impatient] Spit it out!
Kai: Um...I wanted...

Flashback, 1994 Prison World / Present-day Warehouse Party

[Bonnie is overwhelmed by a succession of flashbacks from the 1994 Prison World regarding Kai, while in the real world, Kai is trying to apologize to her, his voice warping as Bonnie is transported through her memories. In the first flashback, Kai and Bonnie are in the caves, when Kai shot Bonnie in the chest with an arrow]

Bonnie: [groans in pain and grabs her stomach] Ugh!
Kai: [voiceover] To apologize...

[In another flashback, Bonnie was in Damon's car in front of the hospital, but she was unable to start the engine because Kai showed up in the backseat and grabs her from behind. She tried to fight him but is unable to overpower him]

Bonnie: Aah! 
Kai: [voiceover] For anything I did...

[In a third flashback, Kai and Bonnie were in Portland outside his family home by the tree trunk where Jo hid her magic in a knife. Kai held the knife in his hand to absorb its magic before he then stabbed Bonnie in the stomach with it. She gasped in pain and gurgled as the knife impaled her stomach] 

Bonnie: Aah! 
Kai: [voiceover] ...That hurt you.

End of Flashback, Present Day--Warehouse Party

[Bonnie stares at Kai, wide-eyed and too overwhelmed by memories and post-traumatic stress to speak. Kai notices how fearful she seems and looks at her in concern]

Kai: Bon, did you hear what I said?
Bonnie: [coldly] If I see your face again, I will melt it off.

[She glares at him threateningly and then stalks past the both of them, angrily using her magic to open the door before she stomps down the steps]

Kai: [sighs] I imagined that going a little differently. 

[Meanwhile, in the crowd of ravers, Elena calls Bonnie on her cell phone and leaves a message]

Elena: [worried] Bonnie, hey. It's me. Where'd you go? Call me.

[She hangs up just as Stefan approaches her from behind]

Stefan: Hey. It worked.
Elena: [surprised] It worked? You're Caroline's emotional trigger?
Stefan: I saw it in her eyes. She's still in there. We just have to find her.
Elena: [worried] Wait. She's gone? Stefan, she made it very clear that if we mess with her, she's gonna retaliate. 
Stefan: Then we find her, we lock her up, and I push until I break through. I can get her back, Elena. 
Elena: [takes a deep breath] Okay. Okay. Let's go find her.

[Before they can go to look for Caroline, Stefans' phone rings. He looks down to see Enzo calling him]

Stefan: [answers the phone, sounding annoyed] What, you really think I want to hear from you right now?
Caroline: Aw, is someone having a bad night?

[Stefan and Elena, who is eavesdropping, are equally surprised to hear Caroline's voice on Enzo's phone]

Stefan: What are you doing with Enzo's phone?

Scull Bar

[Caroline is alone in the restaurant as she sits up on the bar]

Caroline: I stole it, but that's not the question that you should be asking right now. You should be asking, "Why does Enzo have Sarah Salvatore's number in his phone?" Or maybe, "Where is Sarah Salvatore?" And ultimately, "What the hell are you going to do to her, Caroline?"

[The door to the bar opens, and Sarah walks in and looks around]

Sarah: Hello? Enzo?

Caroling: [speaks in a fake British accent] Over here, love. 

Sarah: Oh, um, actually, I'm looking for--
Caroline: Enzo, yeah I heard you. He's not here right now, but I am. 
Stefan: [on the phone] Caroline, what the hell are you doing with Sarah?
Caroline: [to Stefan] There! An appropriate question. Thank you for asking. As a matter of fact. I'm going to kill her.  

[Caroline hangs up, dropping the phone onto the bar]

Whitmore College, Dorm Room

[Bonnie angrily storms into her room room, throwing the door closed behind her and using her magic to ignite the fire in the fire place. Damon cautiously follows her in, and holds up his hands in a non-threatening manner as he slowly steps toward her]

Damon: Hey. Calm down. It's just me. He's not here. Bonnie, this is about my mom. Kai knows a lot of stuff about my mom--
Bonnie: [interrupts] I don't care. I told you I didn't want to see him again, and you did it anyway.
Damon: I know but Bonnie--
Bonnie: [cuts him off] Was I unclear?
Damon: He just wanted to talk--
Bonnie: Now I want to talk, so listen
Damon: I get that he hurt you...
Bonnie: [raises her voice] I said listen!

[She casts a spell on him that makes him double over in pain and clutch his chest]

Damon: Ugh!
Bonnie: I want you to feel what I felt. 
Damon: Ow!

[Blood begins to soak through Damon's shirt from a wound Bonnie inflicted upon him]

Bonnie: You were there the first time he hurt me, an arrow through the stomach. But you weren't there for what happened next, when he chased me through the hospital. [Damon gasps and groans in agony] When he strangled me. [Bonnie uses her magic against him again, and Damon chokes and grabs his throat] He drugged me, he tied me up, and he stuck me in a trunk. And then suddenly, he wants to be nice, huh? Start over.
Damon: [desperately] Bonnie...
Bonnie: Sound familiar? He lied, and then he stabbed me again!

[She uses her magic against him again to make another stab wound in his abdomen]

Damon: Aagh!

[Damon clutches his stomach as blood pours out]

Bonnie: Then came the worst part, because when it was all over, he left me. Alone. [She starts to cry as she speaks] And I wish I could share what that feels like, but I can't. [Finally, she releases him. He gasps and coughs as he sighs in relief] I want you to get out.
Damon: [guilty] Bonnie, I'm sorry.
Bonnie: [screams in rage] GET OUT!

[He does as he's told and leaves. Bonnie turns back to the fire as she cries silently]

Scull Bar

[At the bar, Caroline is making margaritas in the blender as Stefan and Elena arrive quickly in search of Sarah]

Caroline: Hey! I'm making margaritas. You want one? 
Elena: [worried and frustrated] Where's Sarah?
Caroline: I see Stefan filled you in on his big secret. 
Stefan: Where is she, Caroline?
Caroline: Not here. That would be stupid. [She preps the glasses with salt] She's with Liam. Say hi!

[She looks over at Enzo's cell, which is in the middle of a phone call to Sarah's cell and is on speaker. Suddenly, Liam's voice comes through the speaker, sounding shaky and panicked]

Liam: Hello! 
Caroline: Sarah is helping Liam with his surgical skills.

Whitmore Hospital/Scull Bar

[The scene switches between Whitmore Hospital and the coffee house]

[Sarah is restrained to a metal operating table, somewhere in the basement of Whitmore Hospital. Liam stands over her with a scalpel in one hand as he panics desperately. He clearly doesn't want to do it, but he can't resist the compulsion. Sarah is terrified as she struggles against the restraints and begs for her life]

Sarah: Please, please don't hurt me. 
Liam: I don't want to do this!

[He screams in fright]

Caroline: [to Liam] Duh. You're probably gonna get expelled, and then found guilty of murder. That's why I compelled you to do what I wanted. 
Sarah: No! Please! Please!
Stefan: Look, Caroline. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you.
Caroline: Obviously. I was pretty clear about that.
Elena: Look. I know that you can't feel it right now, Care, but if you kill Sarah, it's gonna haunt you forever. Trust me. I did it, and it sucks.

[Caroline pours the margarita mix into the glasses and laughs condescendingly]

Caroline: I compelled a student to perform surgery on Stefan's niece, and you found a way to make this about you? God, you truly have a gift, Elena.
Stefan: Look at me, Caroline. What do you want me to do? You want me to leave town, I'll leave town. I'll stay as far away from you as possible. Just please let her go. 
Caroline: That's the problem, Stefan. It doesn't really matter how far away you are. You're still you-- kind, loyal, [She puts little umbrellas into the margaritas] Who, with one look, can convince me that I'm not crazy. That's the Stefan that I fell for, and that's the Stefan who can bring me back. 
Stefan: Killing Sarah isn't gonna change that. 
Caroline: I know, that's why I'd rather just change you. Let go of that part of you, Stefan. 
Elena: [confused and impatient] Caroline, what are you talking about?
Caroline: If Stefan wants to save Sarah's life-- [She raises up two glasses of margaritas]-- all he has to do is shut his humanity off. [Stefan and Elena stare at her in horror, and Caroline frowns] Why are you both looking at me like that? Do I need to repeat myself?
Elena: He is not turning his humanity off.
Caroline: [sets the glasses on the bar] Elena, Stefan unleashed himself from you months ago. He can think for himself now.
Stefan: It's not gonna happen, Caroline.
Caroline: [shrugs and picks up Enzo's phone] Hey Liam?
Sarah: No! Please! No! No!
Caroline: Cut out her spleen.
Elena: [appalled] Caroline!
Caroline: Relax! She can live without a spleen, you know. It's really the infection you should be worried about. 

[At the hospital, Sarah is still fearfully begging for her life as Liam grimaces at her apologetically]

Sarah: Please don't hurt me. No! No! No! NO!
Liam: I'm sorry!

[She screams as Liam uses the scalpel to cut against the skin of her abdomen. Blood starts to ooze out of the wound, and Liam looks as though he's about to be sick]

Stefan: Hey, Liam-- remember that conversation we had earlier about being honest? Where are you?
Caroline: Don't answer him, Liam. 
Liam: Whitmore Medical.
Caroline: Hey!
Sarah: Please don't hurt me!

[Liam, unable to stop himself, slices her again with the scalpel, and she screams in pain]

Stefan: [to Elena] Go! Get Sarah out of there!

[Elena vamp-speeds to the medical center]

Caroline: [mockingly] Good luck getting there in time.
Sarah: [screams] Please, Liam!
Caroline: How's it going, Liam?
Liam: [gapes wide-eyed in terror at the lacerations on Sarah's abdomen] I think I'm gonna go into pediatrics!
Caroline: You know what? I changed my mind. Leave the spleen. [Liam relaxes and sighs in relief] Let's be a little bit more symbolic. 
Sarah: [shrieks] Please! No!
Caroline: Take out her heart.

[Sarah screams, and Stefan vamp-speeds toward the bar. He grabs Caroline and throws her across the room, where she crashes into a table. The phone slides across the floor as Stefan lunges for it, but Caroline trips him with the leg of the table. Stefan tries to reach for the phone a second time, but Caroline stabs him in the back with the broken table leg before she leans over him and grabs the phone out of Stefan's reach]

Caroline: Liam, you still with me? 

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon sits by the fire with a drink in hand as the door opens. Kai enters, and Damon doesn't even look at him]

Damon: I'm not in the mood for the preamble-- just tell me why my mom's stuck in 1903.
Kai: [sighs] You're not bringing your mom back.
Damon: That's odd. [He finally turns to face Kai] Sounds like you just asked me to kill you.
Kai: You requested a truncated version, so I respectfully jumped to the end.
Damon: [walks toward him] And why aren't we bringing her back?
Kai: Because there are only two prison worlds in existence. Mine, created in 1994, and the one created in 1903 for the sole purpose of locking up your mom and her closet full of crazy-pants.

[Damon attacks Kai at vampire speed, grabbing him in a choke-hold and pinning him up against the wall] 

Damon: [furious] You said we'd get her back.
Kai: [sympathetically] I'm telling you, as a semi-sane person, you really don't want that.
Damon: And I'm telling you, as a vampire who eats people, you really don't want to piss me off.

[Kai looks at him with a concerned and guilty expression]

Kai: I'm trying to save your life. 
Damon: Tell me how to get her back!
Kai: Your mom's a Ripper, okay? [Damon's eyes widen in shock and disbelief] She's a Ripper. [Damon releases him, still stunned] She turned in 1858, faked her death, went to Europe, where she went a little nuts. 
Damon: [whispers] No.
Kai: Bodies piled up, she moved, killed some more, until she had to move again. [He sighs] They think 3,000 in total.
Damon: [whispers] That's enough.
Kai: And, for some reason, my coven made it their duty to stop her. So, they cut her off at New York Harbor before she could tear through Manhattan. Granted-- [He chuckles nervously]-- by the time they got to the ship, they found everybody dead. It was so gruesome they had to burn it there at the harbor. 
Damon: [in denial] I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!

[Damon looks distraught as he glares at Kai, who seems to feel genuinely bad that he had to tell Damon this information and guilty for hurting him]

Kai: [quietly] I guess I should show myself out.

[He leaves, and Damon falls back onto the floor, visibly devastated by this revelation]

Whitmore College, Dorm Room

[Bonnie calls Jeremy on his cell phone, but it goes straight to voicemail]

Jeremy: [voicemail greeting] Hey. It's Jeremy. Leave a message.
Bonnie: Hey, Jeremy, it's Bonnie. It's a really long story, but I'm back. Uh, I had this whole plan to drive out to New Mexico and surprise you... I don't know, show up as one of the models in your drawing class or something. [She laughs awkwardly] Um...Listen, Jer. I'm not sure I'm still the same Bonnie you want to be with. That place changed me, and I don't know if I'm scared of myself or actually kind of like the new me. If it's okay with you, I think I'm gonna figure me out, and then I promise to come visit you. I hope you're well. Okay. Bye, Jer.  

[She hangs up and looks at herself in the mirror, lifting up her shirt to look at her scars. She has a small one from the arrow Kai shot at her, and another from where he stabbed her with the hunting knife]

Whitmore Hospital

[At the hospital red and blue ambulance lights flash through the windows, and the sounds of sirens are blaring and buzzing through the halls, along with a woman's voice on the PA system and the footsteps and chatters of doctors, nurses and patients in the dark hallways. Elena rushes past them and looks around desperately as she tries to catch any sound that could lead her to Sarah and Liam. Meanwhile, Liam is cutting Sarah's shirt open in the basement as she screams in terror]

Sarah: Aah! No! Please! Liam! Liam, No! Aah! 
Liam: [horrified at what he's doing] You're making it worse. You'll only make it worse. 
Sarah: You'll kill me! Liam, I'll die! Liam!

[He shoves a torn piece of her shirt into her mouth to keep her from talking and screaming. Elsewhere, Elena is heading up the stairs in search for them. Sarah is now in a full panic and is desperately struggling against her restraints as Liam pick up a sternal saw and turns it on]

Liam: [guilty] I've never used one of these before. I'm so sorry.

[Sarah screams through her gag]

Coffee House/Whitmore Hospital

[On the floor of the bar Stefan gasps as Caroline stands over him]

Caroline: You don't realize this, but this really does hurt me to watch. [She sighs, clearly disappointed at herself] I'm pathetic. [She picks up Enzo's phone and speaks into it] Liam, she stopped screaming. Is she--
Liam: I think she passed out.
Caroline: [sighs impatiently] Kill her. Call me when it's done.

[She hangs up the phone and shoves it in her back pocket. Suddenly, Stefan's phone starts to ring, so Caroline bends over, pulls his phone out of his back pocket and pulls out the stake in his back at the same time. He groans in pain as she answers it]

Caroline: [brightly] Stefan's phone?
Elena: [races through the hospital hallways] Caroline, where are they?
Caroline: Hey. You're gonna be a doctor, right? How long can one live without their heart? Maybe, like, three seconds tops?

[Stefan gets to his feet]

Stefan: She's gonna let her die, Elena.
Elena: I can't find them anywhere. We're running out of time!

[Caroline turns to face Stefan, who looks terrified. He sighs in defeat and looks at Caroline]

Stefan: [to Elena] Bring me back.
Elena: [confused] What? Stefan, w-what do you mean? Bring you back from where? 
Stefan: [afraid] Just remember to bring me back. 

[Caroline pulls the phone away from her ear, keeping her eyes locked on Stefan she grins triumphantly] 

Elena: No, no, no, no, no, no. Stefan! No! Stefan, no! 

[Stefan takes a deep breath and closes his eyes as Caroline watches him gleefully. Seconds later, Stefan opens his eyes again, and his expression has changed. Caroline smiles in victory and hangs up the phone] 

Elena: [looks at her phone] Stefan. No! 

[Elena hears a clatter coming from one of the rooms, and she runs toward the noise to find Liam covered in blood, an open wound on Sarah's chest, and bloody instruments all over the floor. However, his job isn't done yet]

Elena: [horrified] Oh, my God. 
Liam: [terrified] Elena, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing.
Elena: [frustrated] Just stop.

[Elena rushes over to where Sarah is laying, bites into her wrist and feeds Sarah her blood]

Liam: [upset, but also in a daze] I have to take out her heart. [Liam lunges for Sarah's chest to complete the task Caroline compelled him to do, but Elena, at a loss for other options, grabs both of his wrists and breaks them. Liam yells in pain and falls to the floor] Ah!

[Elena continues to feed Sarah her blood until Sarah starts to cough and becomes conscious again]

Elena: [relieved] Oh. It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay. 

[Elena pulls out her phone and dials Stefan. The phone rings a couple of times. She walks away from the operating table and leans against the door frame for him to answer it. Over at the restaurant, Stefan is pouring himself a margarita from behind the bar as he answers the phone]

Stefan: Hello?
Elena: [out of breath] Stefan, hey, thank God. I found her. I... she's gonna be okay. 
Stefan: Oh, really?

[Elena can tell something is wrong by the tone of Stefan's voice and becomes concerned]

Elena: Stefan, are you okay?
Stefan: Well, I will be in one second. [He takes a sip of his drink and sighs in relief] Mmmm... I really needed that.
Elena: Please don't tell me that you shut it off. [Stefan doesn't answer, and Elena's voice rises in volume as she becomes stressed] Stefan, don't you dare tell me that you shut it off!
Stefan: [unperturbed] Okay. I won't.  

[He passes the phone to Caroline, who is laying on her back on the bar] 

Caroline: [smirks] He shut it off.

[She hangs up the phone and tosses it aside. She grins at Stefan as he drinks his margarita]


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