Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon's fixing himself a drink in the living room when his phone rings. He answers it.]

Damon: You're interrupting my drink.
Katherine: You miss me?
Damon: Katherine. Where are you?
Katherine: Lurking outside your window, pining away.
Damon: What do you want?
Katherine: I'm homesick. What have I missed?
Damon: Well, Stefan's still Klaus' little prisoner and Elena still thinks she can save him and no one's thought about you since you left.
Katherine: And what about you? I'm sure now that you've given up on your brother, you're plotting some sort of way of moving in on his girlfriend.
Damon: I didn't give up on him. I just don't know where he is.
Katherine: Hmm.
Damon: But you do. Are you trailing them?
Katherine: A hybrid who wants me dead and his sidekick who's off the rails? I couldn't be further away.
Damon: Which means you know exactly where they are.
Katherine: All I know is that Klaus pitched a fit once his hybrids didn't work. Now he's looking for some answers.
Damon: How do you know that?
Katherine: Spend 500 years running, and there will be a few people along the way that are looking out for you.
Damon: Is that what you're doing? Looking out for my brother?
Katherine: Maybe, maybe not. I'm conflicted.
Damon: Where are they?


[Klaus and Stefan get out of a car.]

Klaus: Welcome back to Chicago, Stefan.
Stefan: What are we doing here?
Klaus: I know how much you loved it here. Bringing back memories of the good old ripper days?
Stefan: Blacked out most of them. A lot of blood, a lot of partying. The details are all a blur.
Klaus: Well, that is a crying shame. The details are what make it legend.

Chicago Circa 1920

Klaus: Word was the ripper of Monterrey got lonely, so he escaped to the city for comfort. It was Prohibition. Everything was off limits then, which made everything so much fun.

[Stefan is in a car making out with a girl but then he drinks her blood and kills her. He gets out of the car, removes the blood from his lips, and walks down the street.]

[Stefan enters a bar and pats the doorman on the shoulder as he passes. The owner of the bar who is on stage singing sees him.]

Gloria: Guess who my eyes have just spied, ladies? Looking for a good time, Mr. Salvatore?
Stefan: Save me a dance, Gloria.

[He's about to grab a glass of champagne but a lady takes it before he does.]

Stefan: Ooh. Please, help yourself.
Rebekah: Oh, I always do.

[She gets closer, licks his lips and whispers in his hear. She's vamped out.]

Rebekah: Careful, Mr. Salvatore. You're still wearing your date. She's lovely.

[She's about to leave but he grabs her arm.]

Stefan: No, no, no. Who are you?

[She puts her first finger to her lips to tell him to be quiet. She walks away.]


Klaus: Chicago was magical.
Stefan: Yeah, well, I'll take your word for it. Like I said, I don't remember most of it.
Klaus: Going to get down to business, then?
Stefan: Why am I still with you? We had our fun, your hybrids failed. I mean, don't you want to move on?
Klaus: We're going to see my favorite witch. If anyone can help us with our hybrid problem, it's her.

[Klaus walks over to the car door which is being held open by one of his minions.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is in her bedroom, sleeping. She turns over.]

Damon: Rise and shine, sleepy head.

[Damon is lying on the bed beside her with his hands behind his head. Elena's head is on his chest. She suddenly sits up in bed and is surprised.]

Elena: Aah! What are you doing?! Get out!
Damon: You know you were dreaming about me. Explains the drool.
Elena: Ugh. Oh, my God.

[She looks at her alarm.]

Elena: Six a.m. Seriously? Do you really have nothing better to do at six a.m.?
Damon: Fine, don't come with me to bring Stefan home. See ya.

[He gets up.]

Elena: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. What? What are you talking about? Where is he?
Damon: Windy city.
Elena: He's in Chicago? Well, how do you know?
Damon: It came to me in a dream. I was naked. You would have loved it. Start packing.
Elena: Is he okay?
Damon: Well, let's just say he's not there to meet Oprah.

[He opens one of her drawers and takes a pair of Elena's underwear.]

Damon: Ooh. Put these in the "yes" pile.

[She gets up, takes it from his hands and puts it back in the drawer.]


[Caroline is still tied to a chair. She struggles with the hand restraints but they don't give. She hears a noise.]

Caroline: Daddy, are you there? Why won't you talk to me? Dad!

[Smoke enters the cellar through vents. Bill opens the door and enters.]

Bill: Shhh. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
Caroline: Dad...
Bill: I need an answer. How do you walk in the sunlight?
Caroline: Just let me go.
Bill: Sweetheart, please, just answer me. Then we'll get on with it.
Caroline: Is that all you want to know?
Bill: That's all I want to know.

[She looks down at her ring, and Bill sees it and looks at it.]

Bill: Interesting.

[He takes the ring off.]

Caroline: No, dad, no! What are you...

[He tosses the ring on the floor.]

Caroline: What are you doing? What are you doing?
Bill: Your ancestors built this place. People figured it was for unruly prisoners at the jailhouse, but...They had something else in mind. Vervain in the ventilation system to keep their subject weak. Reinforced steel containment chair. And that.

[He exits the cellar.]

Caroline: What are you doing?

[He comes back with a blood bag and puts it in front of her. She vamps out. He takes the blood bag back.]

Bill: Blood controls you, sweetheart. This is how I'm going to fix you.
Caroline: What?

[He walks to and pulls on a chain, rotating slats on the window above and behind her which bathe Caroline in sunlight. Caroline screams and burns.]

Damon's Car

[Damon and Elena are driving on a highway to Chicago.]

Damon: I sure hope we find him, 'cause it would suck if the last memento of Stefan was that crappy old necklace.

[She touches her vervain necklace.]

Elena: It's an antique, Damon. Like you.

[He takes an old diary from the back of the car.]

Damon: Read this. Paints a pretty little picture of Stefan's first experience in Chicago.
Elena: It's Stefan's diary. I'm not going to invade his private thoughts.
Damon: You need to be prepared for what you're about to see.
Elena: I've seen Stefan in his darkest periods. I can handle it.

[He opens the diary and places it in front of the steering wheel.]

Damon: Here's one. March 12, 1922.

[He starts reading, changing his voice.]

Damon: "I've blacked out days. I wake up in strangers' blood. In places I don't recognize. With women I don't remember."

[He looks at Elena.]

Damon: Ahh! I'm shocked! Stefan's not a virgin?

[She takes the diary from his hands.]

Elena: Eyes on the road, grandma.
Damon: Fine. Back to my game. Tell me if you see a Florida plate.

[She opens the journal and reads a page.]

Chicago Circa 1920

[In the bar Gloria is singing another song. A waiter is pouring champagne on a champagne tower. Rebekah is dancing with a man but is looking at Stefan who is at the bar, drinking with his friends. She stops dancing and joins Stefan and his friends.]

Rebekah: Sorry to crash the fun, boys, but some of us actually came here to hear the music. Not you.
Stefan: I am so sorry, sweetheart. Are we offending you?

[His friends laugh. She touches his face.]

Rebekah: It would take a lot more than a baby face like this to offend me.

[She's about to leave.]

Stefan: Ahem. Hey, hey. You ever going to tell me your name?
Rebekah: Sure. When you earn it. Now do Gloria a favor and stick a sock in it.

[She goes back to the dance-floor and continues dancing with the man.]

Gloria's Bar

[In the present day, Klaus and Stefan enter the bar. It's dim, quiet, and empty.]

Klaus: Looks familiar, doesn't it?
Stefan: I can't believe this place is still here.
Gloria: You got to be kidding me.

[Klaus smiles.]

Klaus: So a hybrid walks into a bar, says to the bartender...
Gloria: Stop. You may be invincible, but that doesn't make you funny.

[She looks at Stefan.]

Gloria: I remember you.
Stefan: Yeah. You're Gloria. Shouldn't you be...
Gloria: Old and dead? Now if I die, who's going to run this place, huh?
Klaus: Gloria's a very powerful witch.
Gloria: I can slow the aging down some. Herbs and spells. But don't worry, it'll catch up to me one day.
Klaus: Stefan, why don't you go and fix us up a little something from behind the bar?
Stefan: Yeah, sure thing.

[He goes to the bar. Klaus looks at Gloria.]

Klaus: You look ravishing, by the way.
Gloria: Don't. I know why you're here. A hybrid out to make more hybrids? That kind of news travels.
Klaus: So what am I doing wrong? I broke the curse.

[Stefan is using his super hearing to eavesdrop.]

Gloria: Obviously you did something wrong. Look, every spell has a loophole, but a curse that old...We'd have to contact the witch who created it.
Klaus: Well, that would be the original witch. She's very dead.
Gloria: I know. And for me to contact her, I'll need help. Bring me Rebekah.

[Stefan notices a photo on the wall and pulls it off to look at it.]

Klaus: Rebekah. Rebekah is a bit preoccupied.
Gloria: She has what I need. Bring her to me.

[Stefan looks up from the photo.]

Stefan: What is this?
Klaus: Well, I told you, Stefan. Chicago's a magical place.
Stefan: But this is me. With you.

[He shows him the picture. It's a picture of Stefan with his arm around Klaus's shoulders in the 1920s.]

Forbes Residence

[Liz is leaving a voicemail message for Caroline.]

Sheriff Forbes: Caroline! It's mom. Just coming up for air after a few all-nighters at the station. I thought we'd have lunch and you could remind me I promised not to work so hard.

[Tyler knocks on the door.]


[The window slats open again to let in the sun. Caroline again burns in the sun. She cries.]

Caroline: No! Please! Stop! Please stop! Please!

[Bill releases the chain, closing the slats and the cellar goes dim.]

Caroline: I don't hurt anyone, I swear. Dad, I swear. I can handle the urges. I can!
Bill: If you could handle it, this wouldn't happen.

[He puts a blood bag in front of her. Veins appear under her eyes.]

Caroline: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Bill: I'm conditioning you to associate vampirism with pain, in time, the thought of human blood will make you repress your vampire instincts completely.
Caroline: That's impossible. Daddy, you can't change who I am.
Bill: Yes, I can.
Caroline: No.
Bill: You remember this feeling?
Caroline: No! No! No! No, no!

[He pulls on the chain again to let in the sun. Her skin burns and she screams.]

Apartment In Chicago

[Elena and Damon are walking along the hall in an apartment building.]

Elena: Stefan could live anywhere in Chicago and he chose this?
Damon: There used to be an all-girls high school around the corner, but it shut down for attendance issues. Weird.
Elena: If you're trying to scare me into giving up and going back, it's not going to work.

[Damon puts his index finger to his lips in a motion to keep quiet.]

Damon: Shh.

[He breaks the lock and opens the door.]

Damon: Here we are. Stefan's second personality home.

[They enter and look around.]

Elena: He obviously hasn't been here.
Damon: Tour is not over yet.

[He goes toward a wall shelf panel next to the refrigerator, puts his hand to the edge of the panel and pulls. The panel swivels open to reveal a dark back room. Damon motions to it, walks inside, and pulls a light cord. The light reveals there's a lot of alcohol on shelves against the back wall.]

Elena: Stefan hid his alcohol. What a monster.
Damon: Look harder.

[She gets closer and sees a list of names, starting with Giuseppe Salvatore, John Beach, Randy Smith, Danah Leach, Terrilyn Henson, Catherine Marid, Matthew Wagner, Michael Reddinton, Christian David, Dianne Wagner, Ashley Holliday.]

Elena: It's a list of names.
Damon: Mm-hmm.
Elena: These are all of his victims?

[The names are written in three columns and are about a hundred in number.]

Damon: Still handling it?

[She seems momentarily shocked, then turns around and speaks to Damon.]

Elena: What were you doing in the 1920s? Paving the way for women's liberation?
Damon: I was around. Chicago's a big city. Stefan was a cocky ripper douche. But I could avoid him and still indulge in a few Daisy Buchanans of my own.

[She seems disgusted.]

Elena: Where are you going?
Damon: His old stomping ground.
Elena: I'm coming with you.
Damon: No. You stay here and whip up an actual plan. I'll come back when I find him.

[He leaves.]


[Stefan and Klaus are walking in a warehouse. Stefan is still holding the photo.]

Stefan: This doesn't make any sense. Why don't I remember you?
Klaus: You said it yourself: that time had a lot of dark holes.
Stefan: No, if you knew me, then why haven't you said anything?
Klaus: I'm a little busy right now. Memory Lane will have to wait.
Stefan: What the hell is going on? Answer me.
Klaus: Let's just say we didn't get off to a brilliant start. To be honest, I hated you.

Chicago Circa 1920

[Stefan is drinking blood from a women. Rebekah joins in on the other side of her neck. Rebekah and Stefan kiss. He sees her necklace. It's the one he offered to Elena.]

Stefan: It's beautiful.
Rebekah: A witch gave it to me. Supposedly it's magical.
Stefan: And is it?
Rebekah: It brought me love, didn't it?

[Klaus arrives and catches her.]

Klaus: It's late, Rebekah, we're leaving.

[He tugs her arm.]

Rebekah: Get off of me!

[Stefan gets up.]

Stefan: Who is this guy?
Rebekah: Stefan, don't. He'll kill you. He's a lot stronger than he looks.

[Stefan is standing behind Rebekah, and has his left hand protectively on her shoulder.]

Klaus: So this is the famous Stefan Salvatore. I've been hearing so much about. You're right, he does have funny hair. I'm bored. I want to go.
Rebekah: Then go without me, I'm not your girlfriend.
Klaus: No, you're my sister, which means...You have to do as I say.

[He pulls her over to him so they're both facing Stefan.]


Stefan: Your sister. So I knew another Original vampire.
Klaus: If you can't handle it, then don't ask.

[Klaus walks over to a number of coffins which contain Original vampires. Klaus opens one. Rebekah is lying dead in it with a dagger stabbed in her chest. He smiles and gently touches her face.]

Stefan: I don't recognize her.
Klaus: Well, don't tell her that. Rebekah's temper is worse than mine.

[He pulls the dagger out of her chest.]

Klaus: Time to wake up, little sister. Any day now, Rebekah.

[She's still lying there dead. He looks at Stefan.]

Klaus: She's being dramatic.
Stefan: Look, why don't you just tell me what the hell is going on? I mean, you obviously want me here for a reason, right?
Klaus: Well, you have many useful talents.
Stefan: Do I?
Klaus: In fact, I learned some of my favorite tricks from you.

Chicago Circa 1920

[Klaus is sitting in the bar on one side of a table with Stefan and Rebekah on the other.]

Klaus: So Stefan, enlighten me. What makes you worthy of an Original like my sister? She's pure vampire and you're no more than a diluted bloodline.
Rebekah: Don't listen to him, Stefan. Nik's an elitist.
Stefan: Hmm. And where's the rest of your family?
Klaus: Well, let's see. Um...I killed most of them.
Rebekah: But not all.
Stefan: And you're okay with that?
Rebekah: Well, we all had the chance to choose a side. I chose the right one, eventually.

[She touches Klaus's hand. A man stops by their table.]

Man: Where the hell's my wife?
Stefan: I don't know. I give up.
Man: You think you're so tough? Hiding in your bar, drinking your liquor? A telephone call to Chicago P.D. might set you straight.
Klaus: Ooh!

[Klaus and Rebekah laugh. Stefan calls a woman.]

Stefan: Lila? Lila, please. Come here for a second.
Man: Oh, thank God. Come on, we're leaving.

[The man starts to leave with her but Stefan reaches his arm out to stop him and compels him.]

Stefan: Oh, no, no, no, no. No. You're sitting.

[The man sits down next to Klaus and Lila next to Stefan. He takes off her glove and takes a pen knife from his jacket pocket.]

Rebekah: Stefan, don't be mean.
Man: What the hell are you doing?

[Klaus seems intrigued. Stefan cuts Lila's wrist and the blood pours into a champagne glass. Klaus and Rebekah smile.]

Stefan: Thank you so much, Lila. Why don't you go and bandage that up?

[She gets up and leaves. Stefan compels the man.]

Stefan: I'd like you to join me for a drink.

[He gives him the glass containing the blood of his wife.]

Man: What kind of sick freaks are you?
Stefan: I said, drink!

[He shakily raises the glass to his lips and takes a sip of his wife's blood. He coughs.]

Stefan: I didn't catch your name.
Man: Go to hell.

[Klaus laughs.]

Stefan: Do you want another sip?
Man: Liam. Liam Grant.
Stefan: Liam Grant! Have another sip, Liam.

[Klaus clinks his champagne glass on Liam's glass. Liam shakily raises the glass.]

Stefan: Finish it.

[Liam swallows all the blood in one gulp. Klaus laughs.]


[Back in the warehouse Klaus is walking towards the exit with Stefan following behind.]

Klaus: I was your number one fan.
Stefan: Why should I believe any of this?

[Klaus stops in front of a guardman and compels him.]

Klaus: When she wakes up, tell her to meet us at Gloria's Bar. Then volunteer your carotid artery and let her feed until you die.

[The guardman nods.]

Stefan: Where are you going?
Klaus: You think I'm lying, Stefan. You and I knew each other. You trusted me with one of your secrets and now I'm going to prove it to you.
Stefan: How?
Klaus: We're going to your old apartment.

Gloria's Bar

[Damon enters the bar which is now open and full of customers. Gloria is behind the counter and sees him.]

Gloria: Well, look what the wind blew in. Last I heard, you hated this place.
Damon: Gloria. Damn! If I knew you were going to age like this, I would have stuck around.
Gloria: I always did like you better. But I see your brother is still running in the wrong crowd.
Damon: You've seen him?
Gloria: With Klaus. Bad combo.
Damon: You know where they went?
Gloria: They'll be back here later tonight. They're out running a little errand for me.
Damon: Gloria...

[She pushes a glass of alcohol towards him across the counter. He touches her hand.]

Damon: Don't be a tease. What kind of errand?

[She removes her hand.]

Gloria: I don't think so. You may be cute, but you're still a vampire.

Stefan's Old Apartment

[Elena is reading Stefan's diary on his bed. We hear Stefan reading the words.]

Stefan: April, 1922. Lexi found me last night. Dragged me off the train tracks. Thinks she can make me care again.

[She turns the pages.]

Stefan: June, 1924. Lexi's driving me crazy. More animal blood, more misery.

[She turns the pages again.]

Stefan: 1935. Cravings are there, but it's easier. Lexi's on to her next project: getting me to laugh.

[She jumps when she hears Klaus and Stefan coming. She's surprised. Klaus sees that the lock has been broken. He kicks the door and they enter.]

Klaus: What a charming little homestead. Do you feel that? Is anybody here?

[Elena is in the hidden room.]

Stefan: It's been vacant for decades. People must break in all the time. Why'd you bring me here?
Klaus: Your friend, Liam Grant, the one who drank his wife's blood...I never could figure out why you wanted his name. And then you told me your little secret. It was all part of your special little ritual.

[Elena looks at the list and sees Liam Grant's name.]

Stefan: To write it down.
Klaus: And relive the kill...over and over again.

[He opens the hidden door.]

Klaus: You believe me now?

[Stefan enters the closet to see the list. He turns his head and is surprised to see Elena. She looks at him, with hope. Stefan stands motionless looking at her. Klaus walks back into the apartment.]

Stefan: Look what I found.

[Elena is scared but Stefan takes a bottle and gives it to Klaus. She's relieved.]

Stefan: 1918. Single malt.

[Stefan stands in the doorway of the secret room.]

Klaus: My favorite. Let's go and find someone to pair it with.

[Stefan closes the closet.]

[Later, Elena is hiding ready behind a wall with a vervain dart in her hand. She hears someone coming but it's Damon.]

Elena: Finally! I called you an hour ago!

[He tosses her a bag.]

Damon: Make yourself presentable. I know where Stefan's going to be tonight.

[He sits down.]

Elena: I told you that I was practically discovered by Klaus and you're worried about what I'm wearing?
Damon: I had an hour to realize what a bad idea it was to leave you here alone, process it, and move on. Are you okay?
Elena: Yeah.
Damon: Okay, good. Get dressed. You're all road-trippy and gross.
Elena: So you know where he's going to be?
Damon: Yes, with Klaus. So I'll distract Klaus and you deal with Stefan.
Elena: Okay. Thank you.
Damon: But you're going to have about five minutes tops before that hybrid freak rips my heart out. So please, tell me you can do this.
Elena: I can do this.

Gloria's Bar

[Klaus and Stefan are at the bar. Gloria gives them two beers.]

Gloria: Where's Rebekah?
Klaus: She'll be here. I can't just conjure her on demand.

[He takes a drink and looks at Stefan.]

Klaus: What's with you? I thought Chicago was your playground.
Stefan: So this is why you asked me to be your wingman? Because you liked the way that I tortured innocent people?
Klaus: Well, that's certainly half of it.
Stefan: What's the other half?

[Klaus starts pouring alcohol into two shot glasses.]

Klaus: The other half, Stefan, is that you used to want to be my wingman.

[He slides one of the shot glasses to Stefan along the counter.]

Chicago Circa 1920

[Klaus and Stefan are at the counter drinking.]

Stefan: They're jealous. Your family wants you dead because they can never be what you are.
Klaus: What? An abomination?
Stefan: No. A king.

[Klaus smiles. Stefan laughs.]

Klaus: Look at us. Two sad orphans.

[They look over and see Rebekah staring at them from a distance.]

Klaus: My sister fancies you, you know.
Stefan: Mmm!
Klaus: But...I should warn you, Rebekah doesn't do anything half-speed, and that includes falling in love. So just be careful. She's totally mad.

[They laugh.]

Stefan: I appreciate the advice.
Klaus: And when the point comes where she inevitably leaves you...She can't help it, it's just who she is. Don't let your heart do anything stupid.
Stefan: You know what, you're a good friend, Nik. I'm glad I met you.

[He holds up his shot glass in cheers.]

Gloria's Bar

[Klaus raises his shot of tequila.]

Klaus: To friendship.

[Stefan clinks his shot glass.]


[The cellar is dark. Caroline has burns marks on her skin and her head is bowed. Bill is sitting against a wall.]

Bill: I want you to know, when Carol Lockwood called and told me about you...I sat down and cried.
Caroline: Dad, I'm okay. I've learned to adapt. I don't need to be fixed. I can't be fixed.

[Bill gets up and walks to her.]

Bill: I've always taught you to try your best. I need you to try your best now.

[He crouches down next to her and puts a blood bag in front of her. She doesn't vamp out.]

Bill: There, see? You're doing it.

[Caroline raises her head with tears in her eyes. She doesn't look at Bill.]

Caroline: I can't.
Bill: Yes, you can. Fight the urge.
Caroline: Daddy, I'm starving.
Bill: I know you are, Care. Try.
Caroline: Why? You know that this isn't going to work.
Bill: It has to work. It's the only option.
Caroline: Why are you trying to fix me?
Bill: So I don't have to kill you!

[She turns her head to face him and veins appear under her eyes.]

Caroline: Daddy, I'm sorry.

[He raises his head.]

Bill: The sun's gone down. We'll try again tomorrow.

[He pets her head and exits the room. He closes and bolts the door. He hears a gun being cocked, looks up, and sees Liz standing at the top of the stairs above him, pointing a gun down at him.]

Sheriff Forbes: Hello Bill.
Bill: Put the gun down, Liz. I know what I'm doing.
Sheriff Forbes: That's our daughter in there. She looks up to you. She loves you.

[Caroline can hear them talking with her super hearing.]

Bill: Then she'll trust me to do the right thing. Let me do this, Liz. Not because she's a monster. But because we love her.
Sheriff Forbes: Tyler.

[Tyler walks in behind Liz and goes down the stairs.]

Bill: You're not going in there.

[Liz shoots next to him. Tyler and Bill stop in their tracks.]

Sheriff Forbes: Go ahead.

[Tyler starts walking again. He opens the door and enters the cellar.]

Caroline: Tyler.

[He rushes toward her and breaks the chains with his hands.]

Tyler: It's okay. We're going to get you out of here.
Caroline: My ring.

[He takes it, puts it on her finger, lifts her and carries her out.]

Gloria's Bar

Stefan: So I'm confused. If we were such great friends, then why do I only know you as the hybrid dick who sacrificed my girlfriend on an altar of fire? Huh?
Klaus: All good things must come to an end.

Chicago Circa 1920

[Stefan and Rebekah are dancing. Klaus looks at them with a smile from his table. Suddenly he senses something and looks around. A moment later bullets start flying all through the room. Rebakah and Stefan crouch down and hide behind the bar. Stefan takes one of the bullets from the ground.]

Stefan: They're using wooden bullets. They know.
Rebekah: That means he's here.
Stefan: Who? Who's here?

[Klaus walks briskly over to the counter.]

Klaus: Rebekah! Come on, we've got to go, sweetheart.

[She gets up and Klaus grabs her.]

Stefan: What the hell is going on?
Rebekah: Stefan!
Klaus: Go!

[Stefan notices Rebekah's necklace lying on the floor. Stefan is about to crouch down and take it when Klaus interrupts him to talk with him.]

Klaus: Stefan. I'm sorry, but the fun has to end here.
Stefan: What are you talking about?

[Klaus compels him.]

Klaus: You must forget Rebekah and me. Until I say otherwise, you never knew us, Stefan. Thank you. I had forgotten what it was like to have a brother.

[He disappears.]

Gloria's Bar

Stefan: You compelled me to forget?
Klaus: It was time for Rebekah and I to move on. Better to have a clean slate.

[He drains his glass.]

Stefan: But why? You shouldn't have to cover your tracks...unless you're running from someone.
Klaus: Storytime's over.

[Stefan turns his head and sees Damon, who motions to come over to him. Damon then walks behind a wall. Stefan then looks at Klaus.]

Stefan: I need another drink. A real one.

[Damon has just walked outside and is looking from side to side. Stefan suddenly flies at him at super speed and pushes him against a car. Stefan holds him by the collar.]

Stefan: What is wrong with you?!
Damon: What is wrong with you? You kill Andie one day, you save my life the next. What are you good, bad? Pick one!
Stefan: Klaus almost saw Elena today. You have to get her out of Chicago.
Damon: She's not going anywhere until she's got you checked into vampire rehab and on the mend. Trust me. I've tried.
Stefan: She is the key to everything. Klaus can't know that she's alive.
Damon: What are you talking about?
Stefan: She was supposed to die in the sacrifice and she didn't. Now Klaus can't create any new hybrids. His witch is seconds away from figuring that out. Tell Elena to go home and forget about me.

[Damon pauses a few moments then looks to his left.]

Damon: Tell her yourself.

[Stefan looks and sees Elena standing in the parking lot.]

[Damon rejoins Klaus at the bar.]

Gloria: Last call. Drink 'em up!
Klaus: I see they've opened the doors to the riff-raff now.
Damon: Oh, honey, I've been called worse.
Klaus: You don't give up, do you?
Damon: Give me my brother back...You'll never have to see me again.
Klaus: Well, I am torn. You see, I promised Stefan I wouldn't let you die, but how many freebies did I really sign up for? And clearly you want to die, otherwise you wouldn't be here, so...
Damon: What can I say? I'm a thrill-seeker.

[Klaus extends his hand and grabs his throat.]

[Stefan is in the parking lot with Elena.]

Stefan: You shouldn't be here.
Elena: Where else would I be?
Stefan: What do you want? Damon won't be able to distract Klaus for long.

[She touches his face.]

Elena: Come home.

[She embraces him and is about to stake him in the back with a vervain dart but suddenly spins around and grabs her arm hard.]

Stefan: How much clearer can I make it?

[Elena feebly drops the dart.]

Stefan: I don't want to come home!

[Klaus lifts Damon off the floor by the throat with one arm.]

Klaus: Oh, dear, what was that? I'm boozey, so you'll forgive me if I miss your heart the first few tries.

[Klaus stabs Damon in the stomach with a toothpick. Damon grunts in pain.]

Klaus: Ohh! No, that's not it. Hmm.

[He stabs him again. Damon grunts in pain.]

Klaus: Ohh. Almost.

[He angles the toothpick upwards towards his heart.]

Damon: You want a partner in crime? Forget Stefan. I'm so much more fun.

[Klaus throws him backwards. Damon crashes on top of a table, breaking it, and lands on the ground on his back. Klaus walks over, rips a part of the chair off as a makeshift stake, and crouches over Damon.]

Klaus: You won't be any fun after you're dead.

[With one hand he holds Damon down and with the other he raises the stake. Just at that moment Gloria sets the stake alight with her powers. Klaus throws it away with a grunt.]

Klaus: Really?
Gloria: Not in my bar. You take it outside.

[Damon tries to sit up but Klaus pushes him back down and looks at him.]

Klaus: You don't have to negotiate your brother's freedom. When I'm done with him, he won't want to go back.

[Klaus takes his hand off Damon.]

[Elena and Stefan are still in the parking lot.]

Stefan: Klaus is obsessed with siring these hybrids. The second he knows you're alive, he'll figure out why it's not working.
Elena: Look, I know you're trying to protect me, but I can't let you do it. Come with me, Stefan, please.
Stefan: And what do you expect if I do? Huh? It's never going to be the same, Elena.
Elena: I know that.
Stefan: I don't think you do. I've left bodies scattered from Florida to Tennessee. Innocent people. Humans.
Elena: Lexi found you like this before. In the twenties, and...and she saved you.
Stefan: And you know what I did after that? I spent thirty years trying to pull myself together. To a vampire, that's nothing. To you? That's half your life.
Elena: I can't give up on you, Stefan.
Stefan: Yes, you can. It's done. That part of my life is done. I don't want to see you. I don't want to be with you. I just want you to go.

[Stefan turns around and walks away.]

Damon's Car

[Elena is sitting in the car, looking through the window and touching her necklace while she waits for Damon. Damon enters the car.]

Damon: You okay?
Elena: Just drive.

Forbes Residence

[Caroline sitting upright in her bed drinking from a blood bag and Liz is sitting on the foot of the bed watching her. Caroline finishes drinking and gives the bag to Liz.]

Caroline: Thank you.

[Caroline lies down and puts her head on her pillow.]

Sheriff Forbes: Honey, your dad...all our families, we have beliefs that have been passed on through generations. And we were taught never to stray from them.
Caroline: You did.
Sheriff Forbes: You taught me to look at things in a different way.
Caroline: I just thought that he was the one who got me.
Sheriff Forbes: He did. He will again.

[Tyler appears in the doorway. Liz gets up and is about to leave.]

Caroline: Hey, mom? Thanks for believing in me.

[Liz leaves. Tyler walks in.]

Tyler: Would now be a bad time to give you crap about sneaking out on me?

[She smiles but then is about to cry. He gets under the covers and she puts her head on his chest. She cries.]

Caroline: He hates me. My dad hates me.

[He kisses her head.]


[Klaus enters the room in the warehouse full of his family's coffins. Rebekah's is empty and the guardman is lying dead on the floor nearby.]

Klaus: Rebekah...It's your big brother. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

[She rushes over stabs him with the dagger. He gasps.]

Rebekah: Go to hell, Nik!

Chicago Circa 1920

[Klaus and Rebekah are next to a car in a warehouse.]

Klaus: Hurry up, Rebekah. Let's go!

[She doesn't move and continues looking towards the other end of the warehouse.]

Rebekah: He'll be here any second.
Klaus: Do you want to die? We've been found. We need to move.
Rebekah: Not without Stefan.
Klaus: Stefan's not coming. We have to disappear. He'll draw too much attention. Let him go.
Rebekah: What did you do?

[Klaus takes her arm.]

Klaus: Come on. We don't have time for one of your tantrums.

[Rebekah shakes his hand off her.]

Rebekah: I don't want to run anymore, Nik! All we do is run. I want to be with Stefan.
Klaus: Fine. Then choose. Him or me.

[She doesn't answer.]

Klaus: That's what I thought. Get in the truck. Let's go.

[He starts walking to the truck.]

Rebekah: Good-bye, Nik.

[He stops walking. She turns away from him but he rushes over and drives a dagger through her heart.]


[Klaus takes the dagger out of his chest, holds it out beside him, and drops it.]

Klaus: Don't pout. You knew it wouldn't kill me.
Rebekah: Yeah, but I was hoping it would hurt more.
Klaus: I understand that you're upset with me, Rebekah...So I'm going to let that go. Just this once. Brought you a little peace offering. You can come in.

[Stefan comes in but doesn't show any sign of recognition.]

Rebekah: Stefan...

[Klaus gets closer to him and compels him.]

Klaus: Now you remember.

[He remembers everything.]

Stefan: Rebekah.

[He walks closer to her.]

Klaus: Stefan.

[Stefan stops and turns to face Klaus.]

Chicago Circa 1920

[Stefan and Klaus are sitting at the bar. A photographer is nearby.]

Stefan: Hey, buddy, take a picture of my brother and me.

[He takes Klaus by the shoulders for the picture.]


[Stefan looks at Klaus.]

Stefan: I remember you. We were friends.
Klaus: We are friends.

[He looks at Rebekah.]

Klaus: And now the reason you're here. Gloria tells me you know how to contact the original witch.
Rebekah: The original witch?
Klaus: What do you have that Gloria needs?

[She touches her neck but realizes her necklace is missing.]

Rebekah: Where's my necklace? What did you do with it? I never take it off!

[Stefan realizes that Elena has the necklace.]

Klaus: I don't know. I didn't touch it.
Rebekah: We need to find it, Nik. Now, I want it back!
Klaus: Tell me that's not what she needs, Rebekah!

[She looks into the coffin but doesn't find it so she throws it on the ground. Stefan is concerned.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is on the phone with Katherine.]

Damon: Okay. You were right. He was there.
Katherine: I'm always right. Let me ended in tears and heartbreak?
Damon: Where are you?
Katherine: Why? Do you want to come rub sunscreen on my back?
Damon: I'm thinking Europe. Italy, maybe. Or Spain. You were always a sucker for those lazy afternoons.
Katherine: Keep guessing, Damon. Bye-bye.

[She hangs up and laughs.]

Chicago Circa 1920

[In the bar, the police are confiscating the alcohol and putting it in boxes. Rebekah's necklace is on the ground. Katherine's walks over to it and is about to take it but she looks over then disappears. Stefan walks over and picks up the necklace. She watches him. A man is behind him.]

Mikael: Hey kid. Chicago P.D.
Stefan: I'm not afraid of you.
Mikael: Oh, I'm not here for you. Have you seen these two?

[He shows him a drawing of Klaus and Rebekah.]

Stefan: I've never seen those people before in my life.
Mikael: Wrap it up, boys. We're through here.

[He looks at him and leaves. Stefan has Rebekah's necklace in his hand. Katherine watches him and leaves.]


[Katherine walks out of the phone booth, hails a cab and gets in.]

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