Previously on The Originals

MARCEL: We were in love for two centuries. What the hell happened?
REBEKAH: I asked you to leave with me! But you didn't love me as much as you love New Orleans.
HAYLEY: I saw things, Rebekah, in his mind. Not just memories. I saw his natural instincts, and... I think maybe that's who he really is.
VINCENT: The Hollow is stronger than we are. It's got more followers, and it's going to destroy New Orleans.
LEAD ACOLYTE: The Hollow has shed her flesh to take on that of another.
KLAUS: So we'll kill that body as well.
LEADING ACOLYTE: Oh, you won't dare. Even now, she's locking herself within the greatest witch this world may ever know.
VINCENT: Hope's gone. She's the Hollow now.
HAYLEY: I have to find her.
ELIJAH: Vincent, surely you can pull the Hollow out?
VINCENT: I think I know a way to save her.
KLAUS: Anything.
VINCENT: If we go this route, this is gonna be the end of your family. This is gonna be the end of "always and forever".

The Abattoir

VINCENT: The Hollow has been haunting New Orleans for centuries. It's an unending evil. Its appetite for power is insatiable. And that's what attracted it to your little girl.
KLAUS: You said there was a way to save her.
VINCENT: There is. But I'm gonna tell you right now, you are not gonna like my plan.

[Rebekah, Klaus, Freya, Elijah look at each other worried by Vincent's words.]

VINCENT: Step one: we pull the Hollow out of Hope. Step two: we find someplace else to put it. But with the book gone, I need a place that's both powerful and eternal. And in order to make the transition work, I'm gonna need something that's connected to Hope through blood.
FREYA: You need a vampire. You want to put the Hollow into one of my siblings?
VINCENT: One ain't gonna cut it. I'm gonna need four of them.

[Freya slightly shakes her head in disbelief.]

ELIJAH: Why four of us?
VINCENT: Well, 1,500 years ago, when the Hollow was first killed, they divided her remains. Four bones, four volunteers, four different locations. That's how we're going to beat the Hollow now.
FREYA: Transfer the Hollow's power into four immortal vampires.
REBEKAH: And just send us on our way.
KLAUS: So the evil is drawn, quartered and separated for all time.
VINCENT: And you have to go your separate ways, and you have to stay separate. For all time.

[Klaus and Elijah look at each other.]

VINCENT: We can never see each other again. Can never go near each other again.

[Rebekah is shocked. Rebekah, Freya, Klaus, Elijah look at each other.]

VINCENT: That is the only way that we're gonna beat the Hollow.
KLAUS: Well, if it'll save my little girl, then we will make it so.


St. Anne's Church

[The Hollow (in Hope's body) is standing in St. Anne's Church with her followers. Dominic's dead body is on a table. The Hollow uses her witch power to bring him back to life. When Dominic opens his eyes, the rest of the Hollow's followers backs away and murmurs surprised. Dominic, grateful, looks at the Hollow, then approaches her, bowing slightly, and goes to her right side. Facing the other people in the church, he starts talking.]

DOMINIC: All of you, know that this is the power of the Hollow. The power to transcend death, and destroy all who stand against us.

[Dominic and all the other followers bow to the Hollow.]

The Abattoir

[Elijah is cutting his hand to fill a glass with his blood while Rebekah is watching him and Freya is sitting on a chair thinking. Once he has finished, he turns to Rebekah.]

ELIJAH: Vincent needs our blood.
REBEKAH: Right. All four of us, and Kol isn't answering his bloody phone.

[Elijah sighs and starts cleaning himself.]

REBEKAH: He's finally got a chance at happiness, and we're asking him to come home and play host to a quarter of a demon.
FREYA: There has to be another way.
ELIJAH: And what if there isn't another way?
REBEKAH: I can't believe this is happening. I'm usually the first one who wants to run off on my own, and-and now I don't have a say in the matter. I'm feeling quite perturbed!
ELIJAH: Hope. Hope is all that matters.
FREYA: [gets up] This is not happening. I will not let this family be split apart. I'm going to the bell tower and I'm going to go through more of mother's grimoires.

[Freya starts leaving the room.]

ELIJAH: Freya.

[But Freya doesn't even look at him and leaves.]

REBEKAH: Elijah, you know how it feels to be apart. At first, the freedom is exhilarating, and then, one day, inevitably, you wake up with that pit in your stomach, that dull, aching feeling of missing the only people who know you.
ELIJAH: Until that very ache threatens to consume you entirely.
REBEKAH: For a thousand years, we have been honoring a vow to stand together. Being forced to separate feels like torture.


JOSH: [showing his cell phone with a picture of Hope on it, to some witches] I just texted all of you her photo. Now, Marcel literally said "scour the city". That means everyone is searching everywhere. Witches, check the Cauldron. Vampires, search the Quarter.

[Dominic enters the bar with two other followers of the Hollow. People murmurs.]

DOMINIC: [smiling] Hello, Joshua.
JOSH: [in shocked] No way.
DOMINIC: Goodbye, Joshua.

[Dominic uses his telekinesis to knock Josh into a walk, leaving him unconcous. He turns his attention to the other vampires and casts apain infliction spell until they too fall to the ground., unconscious.]

DOMINIC: [murmuring] Degenerate vampire filth.

[Then Dominic turns to the witches in the bar.]

DOMINIC: Now, why would noble witches stoop to associate with these... parasites? Now, if you wish to embrace true power, and rid your city of vermin, declare your allegiance to the Hollow.

[The witches look at each other, not knowing what to do.]

The Abattoir

[Rebekah is trying to call Kol on the phone, but he doesn't answer.]

REBEKAH: Still no word from Kol. And if he doesn't bother to show, that just leaves Hayley. She is Hope's only other immortal relative.

[Elijah shakes his head but he doesn't speak.]

REBEKAH: That means you would have to part ways with her as well.
ELIJAH: Kol will come. Niklaus will be with his child. The three of them must remain together.
REBEKAH: Oh, and you would just walk away from the woman that you love?

[Elijah looks at his sister, a silent yes in his eyes.]

REBEKAH: And what about Nik?

[Elijah looks away.]

REBEKAH: [continues her speech] On his own, no family. You know very well that without you around, he will go mad!

[Elijah remains silent directing his gaze towards his sister once more. He doesn't speak but he seems to acknowledge that she is probably right.]

The Cauldron

[The Hollow (in Hope's body) is walking alone. Dominic appears with some of the Hollow's followers and starts talking to the witches around him. The Hollow approaches him.]

DOMINIC: Witches of New Orleans. I ask you to join your one and true savior. Pledge your loyalty, and she will free you from oppression.

[People start to escape from the Hollow and his followers.]

WOMEN: Let's get out of here!
MAN: Watch that girl. She kills witches.

[At first, the Hollow and Dominic are surprised by the people's reaction; then, the Hollow gets angry and starts using magic to destroy street lamps, while Dominic watches her proudly.]

HAYLEY: [running towards Hope] Hope! Hope!

[The Hollow stops and faces her.]

HAYLEY: [panting] Baby, I know you can hear me. I need you to fight her.
THE HOLLOW: Hmm, You think you can stop me?
HAYLEY: I'm not gonna let you take her.

[The Hollow lifts Hayley up with her telekinesis and breaks her neck. Hayley collapses on the ground. The Hollow looks at her for a moment, then she turns around towards her followers. Dominic smiles.]

Vincent's House

[Hayley wakes up on Vincent's sofa, still in pain from the recent necks break.]

VINCENT: You're okay. You're all right. Some witches, um, they found you on the street, they called me and I brought you here. You're fine.
HAYLEY: I have to go back. I have to get that thing out of Hope.
VINCENT: That's what I'm trying to do, Hayley. I'm shoring up my power for the ritual.

[Hayley slowly raises her head looking at Vincent.]

HAYLEY: What ritual?
VINCENT: The ritual that we need to talk about.


[Marcel and Sofya enter the bar. There are corpses everywhere.]

SOFYA: [looking at the dead bodies] We should go before whoever did this decides to come back.

[Marcel hears someone coughing, he follows the sound and finds Josh still alive.]

MARCEL: [helping Josh get up] Easy. Easy. Hey. You got hit pretty hard. Tell me what happened.
JOSH: Well, it's, uh... pretty straightforward, really. Creepy resurrected witch made me his personal piñata.
SOFYA: What creepy resurrected witch?
JOSH: Oh, that would be your old buddy, Dominic.

[Sofya rolls her eyes and looks at Marcel.]

MARCEL: Wait, how the hell is he alive?
SOFYA: Does anything surprise you at this point? I mean, look around. We're standing in the middle of a war zone. The Hollow almost destroyed me. Now it's raising the dead? I say we either get out of here while we can or we offer the Hollow a deal.
JOSH: Uh, sorry to interrupt here. Wouldn't it be smart to, like, align ourselves with the crazy powerful, unbeatable family who also wants to kill this thing?

[Marcel looks at Josh, thinking about the possibility of joining forces with the Mikaelsons.]

Vincent's House

[Vincent told Hayley his plan to get rid of the Hollow for good.]

HAYLEY: [taken aback] So, all four of them have to go their separate ways? Forever.
VINCENT: Yeah, and I didn't tell them this. When you leave here, you need to go home, you need to pack some bags, you need to find a way out of town, quick and quiet, just for you and Hope.
HAYLEY: [frowning] What are you talking about?
VINCENT: Hayley, the Hollow has felt your little girl's power. And it's gonna want to get that power back. And when we finish this ritual, the Hollow is gonna live inside of the Mikaelsons.

[Hayley looks away, distressed, finally realizing what Vincent is trying to tell her.]

VINCENT: Through them, it's gonna reach out, and it's gonna try to regain access to your little girl. That can never happen and any time they are anywhere near her, she is not gonna be safe. Ever.

[Hayley, still visibly distressed, slowly raises her head to look at Vincent again.]

VINCENT: Now, you and I both know that Klaus Mikaelson, he's not gonna be okay with that. So when we finish this ritual, when we get your little girl back, you have got to go. Hayley, you take her, and you run like hell.

St. Louis Cathedral (Bell Tower)

[Freya is reading one of her mother's grimoires. Finding nothing useful, she closes the book angrily. Then she picks up her cell phone and tries to call Keelin. Since Keelin doesn't answer, Freya starts recording a vocal message.]

FREYA: [recording] Keelin, hey. It's me, uh...

[Freya pauses for a moment, then continues talking almost on the verge of crying.]

FREYA: [voice breaking] I'm just kind of losing my mind at the moment. family's about to be pulled apart and there's literally nothing I can do about it. I'm supposed to be the big sister that could fix everything, and I just... I really need you.

The Abattoir

[Klaus is trying to call Kol and Hayley on the phone, but none of them answer.]

KLAUS: No word for Kol and Hayley.
ELIJAH: Try again.
KLAUS: What is the bloody point...
ELIJAH: Niklaus, try again!

[Hayley walks into the room.]

KLAUS: Where have you been?
HAYLEY: Doesn't matter. Vincent told me everything. Is this really happening?
REBEKAH: Assuming our other immortal brother answers the damn phone.
HAYLEY: We still need to go get Hope. Vincent said the Hollow is gathering a congregation at the church.
KLAUS: [starts walking] Then let's go get her.
HAYLEY: [stops Klaus] She's possessed, Klaus, surrounded by followers. We can't just go running in there.
REBEKAH: Hayley, we have a plan. It's actually a rather good one.

Marcel's Penthouse

[Marcel is gathering the dark objects he possesses on his desk with Sofya.]

SOFYA: This collection is priceless. You sure you want to hand it all over to the Mikaelsons?
MARCEL: Dark objects belong to the city. As long as they help us take down the Hollow, that's all that matters.
SOFYA: Even if it means trusting the family who made a weapon specifically designed to kill you?
MARCEL: Desperate times. We need allies.

The Abattoir (Hayley's Bedroom)

[Hayley puts Hope's backpack on a chair and looks at it. Elijah approaches the door of the room but does not enter. When Hayley notices his presence, she moves a bit closer to him. They look at each other standing where they are.]

ELIJAH: Hayley. [Hayley looks away.] I can't undo the things I've...
HAYLEY: [interrupts him] Elijah...
ELIJAH: No. I can't stop...

[Hayley directs her gaze back to him.]

ELIJAH: [continues speaking] being... this.

[Elijah begins to approach her.]

ELIJAH: [going closer to her] I also can't stop loving you. So you tell me what you need me to do.

[Hayley looks at him, remaining silent]

ELIJAH: Yes, I'm ashamed and I'm appalled...
HAYLEY: [interrupts him] I don't need you to apologize, Elijah. Not right now. Right now, I need you to get my daughter back.
ELIJAH: [taken aback, in a low voice] Of course.

[They look at each other for a while. Elijah seems to expect her to add something but she remains silent. Elijah walks out of the room. Hayley watches him leaving.]

St. Anne's Church

[The Hollow (in Hope's body) is standing in the church with her followers.]

MARCEL: [walks in with Sofya] Quite the party.

[Marcel and Sofya walk past the Hollow's followers, heading towards her and Dominic.]

DOMINIC: Marcel Gerard, king of New Orleans.

[Marcel and Sofya collide against an invisible wall.]

DOMINIC: Accompanied by his top advisor. Well, I trust you've come to grovel and bow before the power of the Hollow.
MARCEL: Actually, we came to make a truce. The way I see it, we both have the same enemy: the Mikaelsons. Now, you help me get them out of this city, and maybe there's a world in which we all live happily ever after.
DOMINIC: Diplomacy. A wise choice.

[Dominic slowly turns his head to look at the Hollow standing next to him. When she nods, Dominic releases the boundary spell that stops Marcel and Sofya so they can get closer. Marcel and Sofya approach the Hollow stopping in front of her.]

THE HOLLOW: I want the king to kneel before me.

[Marcel kneels.]

DOMINIC: Behold, covens of New Orleans, even the great Marcel Gerard is nothing in the face of the Hollow.

[Marcel raises his head and blows some magic dust in the face of the Hollow, causing her to fall asleep. Then he takes her in his arms and goes off at vampire speed. Sofya, on the other hand, stays there and kills Dominic. Then she turns to face the rest of the Hollow's followers.]

KLAUS: [appears from the left side of the altar] Hear ye, hear ye, all disciples and acolytes of the evil Hollow. Now that your master has been subdued, the power she promised you has been revoked, rendering you helpless,and bringing this pitiful coup to a rather abrupt end. [He lift and shows the witches an object in his hand.] This dark object has the astounding ability to seal you in the room.

[Klaus drops the dark object, which immediately breaks, trapping the Hollow's followers.]

ELIJAH: [appears from a raised floor in the church, holding a bottle containing flammable material, with a handkerchief wrapped around its neck] Which is very inconvenient indeed. Particularly when one considers the architectural composition of the structure. And so, with very little effort...

[Elijah sets the handkerchief on fire with a candle]

ELIJAH: [continues his speech with the bottle still in his hand] This place becomes an inferno.

[Klaus looks at his brother, Elijah drops the bottle where the followers of the Hollow are trapped, watching them as they scream and burn alive.]

The Abattoir (Hope's Bedroom)

[Hope, still possessed by the Hollow, is sleeping in her bed with chains on her wrists. Klaus is standing looking at her.]

KLAUS: I know you're in there. And I know you can hear me, so I want you to listen very carefully.

[Klaus leans over to Hope and begins to talk to her, his eyes glistening with tears.]

KLAUS: You are my daughter. You're a Mikaelson. And you are strong, and brave, unlike anyone I've ever known.

[Hayley is walking around there. When she sees Klaus talking to Hope, she stops to look at them.]

KLAUS: [continues talking to his daughter] In fact, you helped me believe in something your uncle once said. "Family is power".

[Klaus kisses Hope on the forehead, then sighs and turns around, finding Hayley looking at him. Hayley nods to Klaus to come nearer and Klaus approaches her.]

HAYLEY: You're a good dad, Klaus. And you deserve the truth. There is something that you need to know about the ritual. Vincent didn't want to tell you because he didn't think that you'd go through with it, but I know that you will. I know that you'll do anything for her. Even if it means never seeing her again.

[Klaus is completely taken aback, he is about to say something but decides not to, then he turns around to look at Hope.]

The Abattoir (Courtyard)

[Vincent is preparing the ritual. An angry Rebekah approaches him.]

REBEKAH: Did you honestly think you could trick us into performing the ritual without telling the entire truth?
VINCENT: You and your family aren't my problem. The only thing that I'm concerned about right now is that little girl and the monster that's inside of her.
REBEKAH: Is it hard to see me from up there on your high horse? She is my niece. Of course we will do whatever we have to do to protect her, but you can damn well be honest about it!
VINCENT: See, your reaction, right there has just proven my point. You Mikaelsons are selfish, egocentric fanatics. It is not my job, nor is it my inclination to try to convince you to do the right thing. If you really want to save your niece, then you need to get out of my ear and let me do what it is that I do.
REBEKAH: You know what? You...
FREYA: [interrupts Rebekah and approaches her] He's right. I may not agree with his tactics... but he's our only chance at saving Hope.
REBEKAH: [looking at Vincent] Lucky you, I guess I'll just have to postpone the disembowelment.
FREYA: Rebekah?
FREYA: Have you heard from Kol?
REBEKAH: Not a word.
FREYA: I'll try reaching him with magic.

[Freya is about to leave but stops when she hears Vincent talking.]

VINCENT: Okay, look, we need four volunteers that are connected to Hope through blood. We have Rebekah, we have Klaus and Elijah, that makes three. If you can't get to Kol, then we're gonna have to use Hayley.
FREYA: No. No, that is not happening.

[Vincent frowns, both him and Rebekah look at Freya, waiting for her to go on with her speech.]

FREYA: Not when there's another way.

[Freya leaves.]

Lafayette Cemetery

[Klaus is at Cami's tombstone; the inscription which says, "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." 1 Corinthians 13:7. Marcel arrives and Klaus approaches him.]

KLAUS: Thank you for coming.
MARCEL: Was something wrong? Vincent said that...
KLAUS: [interrupts Marcel] Vincent said a lot of things. And he failed to say a few things more, one of which has me rather vexed.
MARCEL: Oh, okay, I see. So you need another favor.
KLAUS: No. No more favors. Unless, of course, you count the burden of hearing my confession.

[Marcel looks at Klaus waiting for him to continue while Klaus looks away searching for the right words. Then he starts talking.]

KLAUS: I was never a good father to you.

[Marcel looks away uneasy.]

KLAUS: No surprises, I never had much in the way of an example.

[Marcel looks at Klaus again.]

KLAUS: I never saw myself in the man who raised me. In fact, the first time I saw myself in another was the day I met you. [smiling at the memory] Throwing apples at the oppressor who whipped you raw. I should've known you'd grow up to be a better man than I.

[Marcel takes a breath before speaking]

MARCEL: You do realize we're about, um, 100 years too late for this talk?
KLAUS: Well, I'm hardly perfect. Unless we forget the five years I spent in your dungeon, neither are you.
MARCEL: Yeah, well, you see, I'm not really too moved by your opinion. If I was, I'd have to face the fact that I'm not good enough for your family, that I'm not good enough for Rebekah, that I'm not...
KLAUS: [interrupts him] You are family. And as for my sister, her love for you was a threat. How could either of you love each other and still have room for me? In any case, I just wanted to see you one last time before we part ways for good, if only to set the record straight.

[Klaus looks away for a moment, searching for the right words.]

KLAUS: I failed you... Marcellus. To my eternal shame.

[Klaus puts his hand on Marcel's shoulder and leaves. Marcel is moved by Klaus's words and barely manages to keep the tears out.]

The Abattoir (Freya's Bedroom)

[Freya is looking out the window. Keelin opens the door and enters the room. They approach each other.]

KEELIN: Hey, I got your messages. Are you okay?

[Keelin takes Freya's hands in hers.]

FREYA: We need to talk. And... you're not going to like it.

[Keelin nods]


[Keelin and Freya sit on the bed.]

FREYA: I just...
KEELIN: Say the first thing that comes to mind and... then the next and we'll keep going from there.

[Freya nods, takes Keelin's hands in hers, and, looking in her eyes, she starts speaking.]

FREYA: I grew up without a mother, without anybody who loved me. And I can't just sit back and watch Hope be taken from Hayley. If Kol doesn't show up, I have to make things right. They need four vampires... each related by blood to Hope. [pauses for a moment] I can be the fourth... if I turn.
KEELIN: But you would lose everything: your home, your family, your ability to practice magic.
FREYA: And will I lose you?

[Both Freya and Keelin barely hold back tears.]

FREYA: [continues talking] If I become the kind of monster that killed your family?
KEELIN: I am not going anywhere. Julie and Juliet all the way.

[Keelin and Freya look at each other, smiling, their eyes glistening with tears.]

The Abattoir (Balcony)

[Elijah is on the balcony looking at the city below. Hayley approaches him.]

HAYLEY: We should talk before it's too late.
ELIJAH: [Not looking at her] You don't have to say anything else.

[Hayley sighs and pauses for a moment.]

HAYLEY: I want you to know that what happened in the pendant doesn't take away everything that we've had between us.
ELIJAH: [Interrupts her] I know it's over.

[They remain silent for a while, then Elijah turns to face her.]

ELIJAH: And what are we, anyway? What is the Mikaelson family? Desperately searching for some kind of humanity beneath the ridiculous banner of always and forever.

[They briefly look at each other.]

ELIJAH: [Approaching Hayley] Whatever we are, you and me...we were doomed. I could never be what you needed me to be.

[Elijah pauses for a moment and looks away.]

ELIJAH: Best thing I could do for you is disappear.
HAYLEY: I love you.
ELIJAH: I love you, too.

[Hayley and Elijah kiss.]

The Abattoir

[Freya drinks a glass of blood.]

KEELIN: Ugh. Is that disgusting? You're chugging a glass of blood? That looks disgusting.
FREYA: Are you ready for what's next?

[Keelin nods.]

KEELIN: [takes Freya's left arm and raises the sleeve.] Potassium chloride. It'll stop your heart, quick and painless.

[Keelin takes a deep breath.]

KEELIN: Okay, this is crazy. I mean, what if you don't wake up?
FREYA: I will. Okay? I promise.

[Freya and Keelin kiss. Then they both sigh.]

FREYA: I'm ready for this. Okay? It's gonna be okay. I come from a long line of vampires. And, besides, magic's kind of overrated.

[Kol appears.]

KOL: Easy for you to say. You haven't had to live without it.

[Relieved, Freya and Keelin look at each other, smiling.]

FREYA: [approaching Kol] I didn't think you were coming.
KOL: Almost didn't, but given the number of messages and magic notes appearing in my pocket, I figured there might be an emergency.

[Freya hugs Kol.]

[In another room, Elijah and Klaus are seated. Elijah is reading.]

REBEKAH: [enters with Kol] Look who decided to show up.

[Klaus and Elijah stand up.]

KLAUS: Little brother. You always did love a dramatic entrance.
KOL: Well, I prefer them more than my departures, which often involved you and the pointy end of a dagger.
ELIJAH: Now that we're all here... shall we?

[Klaus look at Rebekah and Kol, they both nod and then they leave. Klaus and Elijah also start walking but Klaus stops and turns to his brother.]

KLAUS: Elijah. You were always the keeper of our bond, and because of that, you will feel this pain the most. When the inevitable happens, and I, devoid of family influence, relapse into a spiral of mayhem and bloodshed...I need you to leave me to my fate. If you come to my rescue as you have done so many times before, it will only serve to aid our enemy, allowing it one step closer to my daughter, and I cannot allow that. So, my brother... when the time comes, I beg you, let me go.

[Elijah and Klaus briefly look at each other, then they hug.]

ELIJAH: You have my word.

[Elijah takes a deep breath and watches Klaus leave.]

The Abattoir (Courtyard)

[Hayley is sitting on the floor with Hope in her arms. Vincent and Freya are standing near her. Rebekah and Kol approach them.]

VINCENT: Uh, Kol, if you would, right there. Uh, Rebekah, perfect. Right there.
REBEKAH: [sees Marcel] What the hell are you doing here? You come to gloat?
MARCEL: No, I came to make sure that this works.

[Elijah and Klaus approach them.]

VINCENT: Elijah, I need you right there at the top.

[Elijah and Hayley look at each other.]

VINCENT: Klaus, right there for me, please. And we are ready.

[Klaus, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah look at each other.]

VINCENT: I just want to say that what you guys are doing here today is gonna go a long way towards setting things right in this city. The Hollow took everything away from me. It inspired nothing but suffering and torment. It's ruined families, [looking at Hayley and Hope] it's gone after little kids. And yet, here and now, [looking at the Mikaelsons] despite all of our differences, and there are many... [looking at Klaus with a hand on the heart] thank you.

[Klaus nods.]


[Freya goes next to Vincent.]

REBEKAH: The savage Mikaelsons heroically defeating a terrible evil. Maybe this will finally earn us our redemption.
KLAUS: Do any of us really believe that?
ELIJAH: Not for a second. It's a wonderful sentiment.

[Elijah and Klaus look at each other for a moment, Kol takes a breath, Freya and Vincent hold hands.]

VINCENT: Let's go.

[Vincent and Freya kneel, still holding hands.]

VINCENT: Hayley, when I tell you to, I want you to take the manacles off. Hold onto Hope. Do not let her go. Everybody else, when this spell is over, you got to get away from each other, and you have to stay away from Hope.

[Klaus and Elijah look at each other, Rebekah takes a deep breath before speaking.]

REBEKAH: Always and forever. We had a good run.
VINCENT: Diviser... Diviser ak konkeri. Diviser ak konkeri. Diviser ak konkeri. Diviser ak konkeri Chire apa ak po. Ak konkeri. Ak po.
VINCENT: Hayley, do it now. Do it now, Hayley.

[Hayley takes the manacles off. The Hollow's spirit gets out from Hope. Then it divides into four parts, and each one of them enters the body of one of the Mikaelsons.]

REBEKAH: I can hear it... whispering.
VINCENT: Okay, you guys need to go. Now!

[Kol goes off at vampire speed, shortly followed by Rebekah. Elijah and Hayley look at each other for a moment, then he leaves too.]

KLAUS: [looking at Hope] I need to know if she's all right.
VINCENT: Klaus, I promise you, she is going to be okay if you go.

[Klaus does not seem to have the strength to leave. Freya looks at him, worried. Hope wakes up.]

HAYLEY: It's okay, baby. You're okay.
HOPE: Mom.

[Hope looks at Klaus.]

HOPE: Daddy? What's happening?
KLAUS: Hope. I love you.

[Klaus goes off at vampire speed. Vincent sighs with relief. Hayley holds Hope in her arms.]

HOPE: [desperate] Dad? Dad! Dad!

Mikaelson Mansion

[Elijah is looking at the mansion. Marcel approaches him and stops next to him, looking at the mansion too.]

MARCEL: It's a funny thing, meeting here... where it all began.
ELIJAH: Doesn't it all feel like yesterday? That funeral procession which took place just beyond those trees, as I recall, that sweltering heat. Amazing that Klaus was able to see anything at all, and yet, he saw that tortured little boy.
MARCEL: You're getting nostalgic in your old age.

[Elijah smiles slightly.]

MARCEL: But I guess it's to be expected, given the circumstances.

[Marcel turns to face him.]

MARCEL: Why'd you ask me here, Elijah?

[Elijah turns to look at Marcel.]

ELIJAH: I'm a danger to my family.
ELIJAH: You see, Marcel, my disease has always been this blind devotion to my brother. A thousand years. And whenever he has needed me, I have been there. And no matter what I do, I'm at the complete mercy of that devotion. I can't do that anymore.
MARCEL: What are you asking me to do? I don't understand.
ELIJAH: You have to end this for me.
MARCEL: What do you want me to do? You want me to put you down?

[Elijah takes a deep breath.]

ELIJAH: I want you to set me free.

St. Louis Cathedral

FREYA: Rebekah...

[Rebekah is looking at some flowers. The flowers start to wilt. Freya is behind her.]

FREYA: You all right?
REBEKAH: [still looking at the flowers] You mean besides harboring an ancient malignant spirit that continues to rattle around inside my skull?
FREYA: That will subside... when you leave the city. Once you're on you own.

[Rebekah sighs.]

REBEKAH: [turns around and approaches Freya] Then I better not dally. You know, I spent eight glorious months covered in spit-up, changing dirty diapers and reading bedtime stories to that sweet girl. Please give this to her.

[Rebekah gives Freya a necklace with the Mikaelson crest.]

REBEKAH: And tell her that her auntie Bex loves her.

[Freya looks at the necklace in her hands, then directs her gaze to Rebekah again.]

FREYA: Sister, I will fix this. The Hollow was born on this land, and if I stay and study its power...
REBEKAH: [interrupts her] You are such a Mikaelson, stubborn until the end.

[Rebekah takes Freya's hands in hers.]

REBEKAH: I'm gonna give you some advice that took me way too long to learn. [Her eyes glistening with tears.] Family is sacred, but so is love. What you have with Keelin, don't lose that.

[Freya nods, Rebekah and Freya hug.]

Mikaelson Mansion

[Vincent is preparing for the spell he is about to perform. Elijah and Marcel approach him.]

MARCEL: How do you know that this will work?
ELIJAH: All of Vincent's power. He can open my mind, allow you to compel me. To release me from always and forever.
VINCENT: The Hollow's too powerful. It's gonna tempt him to try to get back with his siblings. If we don't do this, the Hollow's gonna come back.
MARCEL: What if we're just creating a monster here?
ELIJAH: I am a monster. You, of all people, know that.

[Marcel looks at Elijah.]

MARCEL: Okay. Okay, but how do I compel an Original?
VINCENT: Marcel, you haven't even begun to tap into all that power that our Ancestors put inside of you. Now, if we combine that with my spells, we can wipe out centuries of family drama.
MARCEL: [still looking at Elijah] Are you sure you really want that?

[Marcel and Elijah stare into each other's eyes. Seeing Elijah so resolute, Marcel agrees to compel him.]

MARCEL: All right.

[Marcel nods to Vincent and comes closer to Elijah. Vincent goes behind Elijah and starts the spell. When he has finished Vincent turns to Marcel.]

VINCENT: Louvri, louvri animo. Pémét pou accessum. Okay, do it now.
MARCEL: [compelling Elijah] Your vow. The promise of always and forever. Forget it. All the pain that went with it...

[The scene cuts to a series of quick Elijah's flashbacks. In order: Elijah trying to break free from Esther's chains (Red Door), Elijah daggering Rebekah (Savior), Elijah ripping Marcel's heart out (The Bloody Crown), Elijah looking at Hayley's dead body in St. Anne's Church, killed by the witches after giving birth to Hope (From a Cradle to a Grave), Elijah being daggered by Klaus (Always and Forever), and Elijah watching Finn die (Behind the Black Horizon).]

MARCEL: [continues compelling Elijah] All the love... forget it.

[The scene cuts to a quick flashback where Klaus is talking to Elijah about taking back New Orleans from Marcel.]

MARCEL: [continues compelling Elijah] The family you cherish...

[The scene cuts to another series of quick Elijah's flashbacks: Elijah watching Hayley, in her wedding dress, play with Hope (I Love You, Goodbye), Elijah kissing Rebekah goodbye on the cheek (Fruit of the Poisoned Tree), Elijah standing side-by-side on the balcony with Freya looking down at the courtyard on Christmas (Savior), Elijah fastening the zipper on Hayley's wedding dress (The Casket Girls), and Elijah taking a picture with Rebekah, Hayley, Klaus and baby Hope (The Map of Moments).]

MARCEL: [continues compelling Elijah] the vow that you have honored... forget it.

[The scene cuts to another series of quick Elijah's flashbacks: Elijah in 1919, putting his arm around Klaus's shoulder and whirling him around to overlook the scene before him (Le Grand Guignol), Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Marcel in 1914, posing for a family photograph, and Freya raising her glass to Kol, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah in 1919, watching the Opera House in flames, Elijah in 1821, talking and smiling with young Marcel (Alive and Kicking), and Elijah in 1821, talking to a daggered Kol in his coffin.]

MARCEL: [continues compelling Elijah] Let it go.

[The scene cuts to another series of quick Elijah's flashbacks: Elijah in the 10th century, rushing into the room where Mikael is brutally beating Klaus to urge him to stop (Farewell to Storyville), Elijah, in Freya's pendant, killing people (Phantomesque), and Elijah, overwhelmed to the point of numbness, falling to his knees in horror, after handing Tatia's dead body to Esther (Red Door).]

MARCEL: [continues compelling Elijah] Let it go.

[The scene cuts to the 10th century, when Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah made their promise of always and forever (Ordinary People). Then the scene returns to the present. Elijah, visibly disoriented, is looking at Marcel with a tear on his cheek.]

MARCEL: Elijah?

[Elijah doesn't answer. He simply looks at him, but seems to be happy.]

The Abattoir (Courtyard)

FREYA: Your aunt Rebekah asked me to give you this. She loves you so much. Family heirlooms are very important. They remind us where we come from, and that no matter where we go, our family is with us. I love you.
HOPE: I love you, too, aunt Freya.

[Hope gives her aunt a hug.]

HAYLEY: You ready?
HOPE: Yeah, yeah.

[Keelin walks up to Freya after Hayley leaves with Hope.]


New York City, New York

MARCEL: [Walks up to Rebekah.] You never said good-bye.
REBEKAH: Figured you'd be busy with your plaything, Sabrina.
MARCEL: Sofya is gone for good.
REBEKAH: Well, that's a pity. But I hope you didn't come all of this way because your mercenary girlfriend dumped you. I don't really care to be somebody's second best.
MARCEL: She asked me to go with her. But instead, I'm here.
REBEKAH: Spare me the details. Look, Marcel, I don't want to play this game. I am finally free and I don't want to waste a second...

[Marcel kisses Rebekah, then cups her face.]

MARCEL: You are free, and so am I. And nobody's ever gonna tell us that we can't be together. Ever. So, what do you want to do?"

San Francisco, California

KOL: [Shows a jeweler the paragon diamond.] I want this made into a necklace, earrings, and one massive engagement ring.

[The jeweler takes a look and examines the diamond.]

KOL: Thanks.

[Kol looks at his cell phone, he read a text message from Davina, asking "Are you almost here?" He texts back, "Will be there soon bearing gifts." He smiles looking on.]

Mystic Falls, Virginia (Salvatore Boarding School)

ALARIC: Looks like she's fitting right in.
HAYLEY: She's adaptable. And honestly, I think this is what she's always wanted. A normal life, friends her own age.
ALARIC: Well, the kids here are pretty great. You know, they're accepting, eager to learn. You know, we just try to keep up. Teach them discipline, compassion, ethics.
HAYLEY: Magical potions, spell casting, broomstick riding.
ALARIC: [chuckles] Yeah, well, there is some of that. I've just spent a lot of time with supernatural people who were never comfortable in who they were. These kids... these kids will do better.

[Hope waves to her mother, Hayley wave back as she looks on seeing her daughter interacting with some of the students.]

Manosque, France

[At a bar, Elijah is seen playing the piano and looks at his tipping cup as Klaus puts a hundred dollar bill in it. Klaus starts to watch him him from afar, Elijah turns to look at him. After a long moment of eye contact with Klaus, Elijah gives him a nod and resumes playing. Klaus understands and leaves the bar. Elijah looks at his tipping cup once more and keeps on playing.]


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