Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena bursts out of the bathroom, putting on her shoes. Stefan stands in the middle of his bedroom, putting on his socks . Elena strides quickly over to a chair containing her backpack.]

Elena: Stefan, we're late for school.
Stefan: (flirtatiously) Let's be later.
Elena: Stefan, it's school. Remember, that thing that we keep forgetting about?

[Stefan comes up behind her and places his arms around her.]

Elena: Hey!

[Stefan turns her around so she is facing him]

Stefan: School?

[Stefan kisses her passionately as Elena giggles.]

Stefan: Doesn't ring a bell.

[Stefan growls and picks her up, carrying her over to the bed and continuing to kiss her. Elena giggles.]

Elena: Stefan!

[Stefan kisses her as Elena continues to laugh playfully.]

Elena: Stefan! Okay, 5 minutes, only 5 minutes.
Stefan: (growls) Five minutes?!

[Stefan and Elena continue to kiss]

[Elena is dressed, she's putting on her coat. Damon is reading one of Johnathan Gilbert's journal.]

Katherine: Good morning, Damon.

[He looks at her then rushes over and pushes her against the wall by the throat.]

Damon: What are you doing here? I told you to leave.
Katherine: What is your problem?
Damon: You're wearing her clothes? Like that's going to work.
Katherine: You think I'm Katherine? Why would you think that? Katherine's in the tomb! Isn't she?

[He releases her. Stefan arrives.]

Stefan: What the hell's going on here?
Katherine: I don't know, you tell me. Is Katherine in the tomb or not?

[Stefan rushes over to Elena and pushes her against the wall by the throat.]

Elena: What are you doing?!
Stefan: How could you do this?!
Elena: Stefan, you're hurting me!
Stefan: Stop it, Katherine!
Katherine: Stop what? It's getting really easy being you.

[Katherine is there. She was posing as Elena with Damon.]

[Damon, Stefan, Elena and Katherine are in Stefan's bedroom.]

Elena: What is she doing here?
Damon: When we killed Elijah, it broke the compulsion and freed the bitch from the tomb.
Stefan: How's that possible?
Katherine: He's an Original. They have all sorts of special skills.
Elena: I don't want you here. Get her out of here.
Katherine: You need me, Elena. You all do.
Stefan: Like hell.
Katherine: We all want the same thing...Klaus dead. Yet here you all are, running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
Elena: I don't need your help and I don't want it.
Katherine: And that's incredibly stupid of you. Do you know where Klaus is? When he's coming, what he looks like?
Damon: If you know something, say it or get out.
Katherine: Fine. Then I'll just go to the Grill and have some lunch...maybe Aunt Jenna's free for a bite.

Mystic Falls High School

[Matt is putting up a poster which reads "Live music tonight at the Mystic Grill" on a wall. Caroline joins him.]

Caroline: Hey, Matt.
Matt: Hey.
Caroline: Live band?
Matt: Yeah, business has been a little slow. The Grill's trying to stay afloat.
Caroline: Aren't we all?
Matt: Have you heard from Tyler?
Caroline: Not a peep. You?
Matt: No, not since he stopped by the Grill to talk, and I've left messages on his cell phone.
Caroline: He stopped by to see you? What did he say?
Matt: Not much, really. I mean...I think to say good-bye without really saying good-bye. I just didn't know it.
Caroline: And that's all he said?
Matt: Yeah. Yeah, that's all he said, Caroline. Why? I mean, is there something you want to tell me?
Caroline: Yeah! I...I mean, no,'s just not that easy.
Matt: I don't get it! Since when have am I the one that can express himself and you're the one at a loss for words?
Caroline: No, you're right, and I'm sorry.
Matt: You know how I feel. So it's your move. Just make a decision or leave me alone.

[He leaves.]

[Elena and Stefan are in the parking lot. They get out of Stefan's car.]

Elena: Why is she still here? She was free.
Stefan: She wants what we want...Klaus dead. Maybe she sees us as her only chance.
Elena: Or maybe she's trying to lure you and Damon back into her web. I want her gone.
Stefan: So do I. But you're right, she stayed. Shouldn't we at least try to figure out why?
Elena: How? All she does is lie.
Stefan: Look, I hate it as much as you do, but she does make a point. We don't know anything about Klaus. She does.
Elena: Right, but that doesn't mean I want her shacking up with you.

[He embraces her.]

Stefan: Maybe we should stay at your place tonight.
Elena: Hmm, I can't. I told Bonnie and Caroline that they could come over. Bonnie's freaked because she lost her powers and Caroline's having Matt drama again. It's kind of a girls' night. Maybe Katherine can join us.

[He kisses her on the forehead and they leaves.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is trying to burn Elijah's body with a flame gun but it doesn't work. Katherine joins him.]

Katherine: Mmm, burning flesh. If you're trying to get the dagger back, you're wasting your time. He's indestructible.
Damon: No kidding. How do you know so much about Original vampires?
Katherine: Spent 500 years running from one.
Damon: So when I told you my plan to kill Elijah, why didn't you warn me that I'd die if I used the dagger on him?
Katherine: Oh, there's so many rules. It's all very confusing.
Damon: Did you know I would die?
Katherine: Did Elijah tell you his plan? Did he have a dagger to kill Klaus with?
Damon: Why are you still here?
Katherine: Because you haven't forcibly removed me.

[He points the flame gun threateningly at her.]

Katherine: You wouldn't.
Damon: Oh, I would.
Katherine: Damon, be smart. I want Klaus dead just as much as you do. More. If I wasn't be honest about helping, I'd be long gone by now, okay? You can hate me. But we want the same thing. And you know...I always get what I want.

[He lowers the flame gun. She's about to leave.]

Katherine: I wanted out of the tomb. Didn't matter who paid the price. Of course I knew that you'd die.

Mystic Falls High School

[Stefan is with Bonnie and Jeremy.]

Bonnie: She's out of the tomb?
Stefan: Yeah. We're dealing with it, all right? Just be extra careful. She's gotten a little too good at impersonating Elena.
Jeremy: With Katherine still around, we gotta find a way to get your powers back.
Stefan: Listen, I want to get the Martins on our side. I want to figure out a way for us all to work together now that Elijah's out of the picture.
Bonnie: It's impossible. They hate us.
Stefan: It's either win them over or somebody's going to end up dead. You think you can at least convince them to have a civil conversation?
Bonnie: I'll try.
Stefan: Thanks. Keep me posted.

[He leaves.]

Bonnie: Okay. I gotta get to class.
Jeremy: All right, I'll see ya.

[He tries to kiss her but she laughs.]

Jeremy: Come on. Elena's nowhere in sight.

[She kisses him.]

Bonnie: I'll tell her soon. I promise.
Jeremy: Alright.

[Alaric is alone in his classroom with Elena.]

Alaric: It was bad. You know, John planted all these seeds about Isobel and now Jenna knows I'm lying about something.
Elena: John's going to end up dead on the kitchen floor if he's not careful.
Alaric: Yeah, well, easier said than done. I gave him back his ring so...Look, Jenna keeps asking about Isobel. You know, was she murdered? Why haven't they found the body? I mean, how much longer can she stay in the dark?
Elena: You think we should tell her the truth?
Alaric: I'm saying I can't be with her and not tell her. It's not fair to her, and it's not the kind of relationship I want.
Elena: Not to mention it's becoming more dangerous for her not to know. I just thought that we'd at least hold off until after we've dealt with Klaus. You know, and even then, how do we tell someone what we know? How does someone hear that?
Alaric: Look, I'm sorry to put this on you. But I feel it's your decision to make. And whatever you decide to do, I'll respect it. I want to be honest with her. But until then, Jenna and I are done.

Mystic Grill

[Jonas and Luka rejoin Stefan and Bonnie.]

Stefan: Thank you for coming.
Jonas: I didn't want to but my son made a case to hear you out.
Luka: Bonnie said that you have information about Elijah.

[Stefan looks at Bonnie.]

Stefan: Elijah's dead. I'm sorry.

[Jonas and Luka look at Bonnie and Jonas gets up but Stefan grabs his shoulder.]

Stefan: Hear me out. We can help you.
Bonnie: We know that Klaus has your daughter. I'm sorry about the way I had to get that information, but it's good that we know. We can all work together to get her back.
Luka: How?
Stefan: I suspect that you and Elijah had a plan to kill Klaus. Let us help you carry it out. You can trust us. I give you my word. We all do.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is in the living room, organizing Johnathan Gilbert's journals. Katherine joins him.]

Katherine: What you up to?
Damon: None of your business.
Katherine: We're pouting now? Are those the Gilbert journals?

[He doesn't answer.]

Katherine: How am I supposed to help you if you won't tell me what you're up to?
Damon: Can you tell me where a bunch of witches were massacred in this town a couple centuries ago?
Katherine: No.
Damon: Then you can't help.

[She tries to grab a journal but he slap her hands. She hits his arm and he pushes her on a chair and is above her.]

Katherine: If it's any consolation, I'm glad that you're not dead.

[She gets up.]

Katherine: Emily Bennett told me about the massacre. It was a big deal in witch folklore. When a witch dies violently, they release a mystical energy marking the place of their death with power.
Damon: Elijah wanted to know the site of the massacre.
Katherine: What was he going to do when he found it?
Damon: I don't know. What did papa witch and baby witch have to say?
Stefan: Isn't she gone or dead yet?
Katherine: For the last time, I'm here to help. Can we skip the secrets, hmm?
Stefan: Elijah had no weapon to kill Klaus but he believed that if a witch could channel enough power...They wouldn't need one.
Damon: Like the power you get from a spot marked with a hundred dead witches?
Stefan: We just need to find it.

Martin Residence

Luka: But what if they can find the burial ground?
Jonas: They won't. We tried, Luka, for weeks.
Luka: We don't have a back-up plan, though, dad, and we need to be doing everything we can to save Greta.
Jonas: We will save her but Elijah is the answer, not Stefan and his brother. Those people, they're our enemies. They need to be dealt with.
Luka: You're going to kill them?
Jonas: No. I'm going to let Elijah do it.

Gilbert Residence

[Elena, Bonnie and Caroline are in the kitchen.]

Caroline: Chinese food or pizza?
Elena: Like you have to ask.
Caroline: I will get it.

[She takes her tablet computer and sees a picture of her with Matt.]

Bonnie: I'll do it.

[She takes the tablet.]

Elena: Do you believe that Jonas is being sincere?
Bonnie: I don't know what to believe. I think he's at a loss. He's not sure who to trust.
Elena: Join the club.
Caroline: Well, what are we going to do about this movie situation? What about "The Notebook"?
Elena: Caroline, how many times have you seen that movie?
Caroline: That is so not the point.
Elena: Well, yeah, I mean...

[Jenna enters the kitchen.]

Elena: Hey.
Jenna: What's going on?
Elena: Girls' night.
Jenna: Oh.
Elena: How are you doing?
Jenna: You heard about my fight with Ric.
Elena: He feels terrible.
Jenna: Is this some kind of disguised attempt to cheer me up?

[Elena looks at the girls.]

Elena: No. No, this is about us girls hanging out and you know, we'll be here if you happen to want to talk, or...
Caroline: Because I am a winner when it comes to successful relationships.
Jenna: You, too?
Caroline: You have no idea.
Jenna: Okay, then.

[She joins them and opens the fridge.]

Jenna: It's this whole Isobel thing. He's hiding something from me.
Caroline: To play devil's advocate, maybe there is a great reason why he's not telling you. Maybe he is just trying to protect you.
Jenna: Well, that's not his call to make. I mean, I deserve the truth. Everybody does.
Caroline: Sometimes it's harder than that.
Jenna: Not if it's somebody you care about, it isn't.
Caroline: You know what we need? Dancing. There is a band at the Grill.
Bonnie: I'm in.
Jenna: In.
Elena: In.

[Caroline claps her hand with delight.]

Martin Residence

[Luka is sitting at a table. Jonas walks holding a candle and a spellbook and sits at the table. Lots of lit candles are on it.]

Jonas: Are you sure about this? I mean, I would go if I could.
Luka: No. I'm not strong enough to send you. I can do this.
Jonas: I'll stay anchored. Use all my energy. If you feel weak...
Luka: Dad. I want this just as much as you.
Jonas: Concentrate on Elijah. Picture him in your mind.

[Luka closes his eyes.]

Luka: I got it.

[Jonas casts a spell.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Luka is in the Salvatore house. Damon is lying on a couch reading while Katherine is reading in a chair next to the couch. Luka is invisible to them.]

Luka: I'm in the Salvatore house. Elijah's body must be here.
Jonas: What do you see?

[Damon thinks he senses something, and looks at Katherine. Katherine looks at him and gestures that it's nothing.]

Luka: Elena and Damon. They're reading.
Jonas: Good. If Elijah's there, you'll sense him. Stay focused.

[He leaves.]

[Katherine looks over Damon's shoulder to see what he's reading.]

Damon: Can I help you?
Katherine: I'm bored.

[She reads.]

Katherine: "Emily Bennett was taken by the Council today. They kidnapped her from her home and took her to the same location her ancestors were burned a hundred years ago." So Emily died on the site of the massacre, too. Does it say where?

[She tries to take the journal but he moves the book aside to stop her.]

Damon: Nope. You know this whole friendly, cooperative thing?
Katherine: Mm-hmm.
Damon: I don't buy it.
Katherine: I have no reason to lie to you, Damon.
Damon: Lie.
Katherine: I'm hungry.
Damon: You're the unwanted house guest. Go feed yourself.

[She goes in the basement and takes a blood bag from the freezer. Luka's there. She doesn't see him but she feels something.]

[Stefan walks to where Damon is.]

Stefan: Well, nothing in any of these. Find anything?
Damon: (Nodding.) Nope.

[He pretends so Katherine can't hear but he shows the journal to Stefan and points to it. Stefan reads the journal and joins the charade.]

Stefan: That's too bad.
Damon: Yeah, bummer.

[Katherine goes in the cellar and looks at Elijah's body. Luka is crouched next to the body and is ready to pull out the dagger. She's about to leave when she hears the dagger being removed. Luka's trying to remove it. She sees the dagger is half-out and rushes over to it and pushes down on it.]

Luka: Elena's fighting me.
Jonas: What's wrong?
Luka: She's stronger than me.
Jonas: That's because it's not Elena. It's Katherine Pierce. Luka...kill her.
Luka: What?
Jonas: She's a vampire. Find a stake and drive it through her heart.

[Luka releases the dagger. Katherine feels the lack of resistance and releases it too, then looks around the room. She sees a wooden chair being broken but doesn't see anyone.]

Katherine: Damon!

[Luka drives a stake through her stomach but misses her heart. Damon arrives.]

Damon: Katherine.

[She removes the stake with Damon's help.]

Damon: What happened?
Katherine: Damon....

[She looks at Elijah's body. Luka's removing the dagger again. Damon takes the flame gun and shoots flames around the dagger.]

Martin Residence

[Luka suddenly bursts into flames.]

Jonas: Luka! Luka!

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan joins them.]

Stefan: What are you doing?!
Damon: Some kind of crazy ass psychic witch attack! Get over there and do something about it. Go!

Martin Residence

[Luka is burning. Jonas grabs a blanket and wraps it around Luka to smother the flames and they end up on the floor. When Jonas rolls Luka over on his back, he's severely burnt and unresponsive.]

Jonas: Oh, my God! Luka! Luka! I'm sorry. Please. Just wake up, son. Open your eyes.

[He takes a grimoire and casts a spell.]

Jonas: Victas Phesmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phesmatis Ut Victas. Victas Phesmatis Ex Eleto...

[Jonas stops the spell because nothing is happening. He realizes that Luka is dead.]

Jonas: Luka!

[He cries over Luka's body.]

Mystic Grill

[Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Jenna arrive and look at the band. Jenna sees Alaric. Alaric heads for the bar.]

Jenna: I need a drink.

[Matt is next to them.]

Caroline: Hey, Matt.

[He doesn't answer and walks past her.]

Bonnie: Things just got real awkward.

[Alaric joins Jenna at the bar.]

Alaric: Jenna.
Jenna: Not tonight, Ric. Tonight I have traded you for señor tequila.

[Jenna drinks her shot of tequila.]

Alaric: Yeah. Well, señor tequila's not going to be treating you very well.
Jenna: Well, the two of you have a lot in common.
Alaric: Look, Jenna, I hate that you're this upset with me.
Jenna: Yeah, well, it's your fault. Because whatever it is you're keeping from me, Whatever you think I can't handle...You're wrong. 'Cause last year I was a grad student who smoked a lot of pot and couldn't keep a goldfish alive and now I'm a parent, so I think I can handle anything, Ric.
Alaric: Jenna...

[She gets up and leaves. Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie are listening to the band.]

Bonnie: He said the ball's in your court.
Caroline: Yeah, but I can't do anything about it.
Bonnie: Why not? All you do is talk about how much you care about him.
Caroline: Yeah, but I am still keeping so many secrets.
Elena: Alaric's in the same boat with Jenna and maybe that's our mistake. We're trying to protect the people that we love by keeping them out of it, but in the end, we're hurting them anyway.

[The song ends. Caroline takes off her jacket and gives it to Elena.]

Elena: What are you doing? Where are you going?

[She goes on the stage and takes the microphone.]

Caroline: Hey, everybody. Let's hear it for the band! Weren't they awesome?

[She starts clapping and everyone joins in.]

Jenna: This isn't going to end well.

[Jenna drinks another shot of tequila.]

Caroline: So there's this guy. And, uh, he told me to tell him how I feel about him. Like it's so easy. Um, you know, just 'cause I talk a lot doesn't mean I always know what I'm actually talking about. Ah, like now, I'm feeling loopy and I don't really know how to express myself.

[The singer goes to gently take the microphone off Caroline but she resists.]

Caroline: I can sing. Yeah! Yeah. You know what, I'm going to sing.

[Bonnie, Jenna, and Elena all look baffled.]

Elena: Sing?
Singer: Come on, off the stage.

[She compels him.]

Caroline: You are going to let me live out my rock star fantasies, and you are going to be my back-up.
Singer: What'll it be?

[She whispers something in his hear and he tells the band the song. She starts singing "Eternal Flame".]

Jenna (to Elena): She's good!
Elena: Yeah!

[Jenna shares a glance with Alaric. Later in the song, Matt looks at Elena and she smiles and nods at him. Matt joins Caroline on stage.]

Caroline: Matt...I...

[He kisses her. Bonnie, Elena and everyone scream and laugh.]

Martin Residence

[Jonas is angry. He takes Elena's pictures and her hair brush to cast a spell to find her. Stefan enters the apartment and sees Luka's body.]

Jonas: You killed him.

[He uses his powers on Stefan. Stefan holds his head in pain.]

Jonas: He's dead and I have no one. And now you're about to find out exactly what that feels like.

[Stefan falls to the floor, screaming. Jonas steps over him and leaves. The pain subsides and Stefan sees Elena's picture on the floor.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon comes into the living room holding a blood bag which he hands to Katherine.]

Damon: Here you go!

[As she takes the blood bag Damon drives a stake into her stomach.]

Katherine: What the hell?!
Damon: That's for not telling me the dagger would kill me. Next time...It goes in your heart.
Katherine: Is that how you treat someone who...

[She removes the stake.]

Katherine: trying to help you?
Damon: You wanna help? Start talking.
Katherine: I'd love to, but you're not going to like it.
Damon: Try me.
Katherine: Fine. John Gilbert and Isobel want you and Stefan out of Elena's life.
Damon: That's old news.
Katherine: Not the part where he offered me a deal. He knew that killing Elijah would get me out of the tomb, so he gave me a choice. Either I stay and help with Klaus, or he kills Stefan.
Damon: But he still tried to have me killed.
Katherine: Right. That was part of the deal. I could only save one of you.
Damon: So you chose Stefan. Of course you did.
Katherine: You wanted the truth, Damon. Would you rather I lie?

Mystic Grill

[Elena goes into the bathroom but Caroline and Matt are in it, kissing each other.]

Elena: Ahh! Oh, sorry.
Caroline: Sorry Elena!

[She leaves.]

Matt: You know, I really have to get back to work.
Caroline: Definitely.

[Bonnie's going to the bathroom but Elena stops her.]

Elena: I...I wouldn't. Caroline and Matt are...
Bonnie: In the bathroom?!
Elena: If they're happy, I'm happy.
Bonnie: Um, hey, speaking of happy, would it freak you out if I started dating your brother?

[Elena stops walking and turns around.]

Elena: You're into my brother?
Bonnie: I know it's weird, but he's been so good and strong. He makes me happy and I really can't tell what you're thinking...Right now.
Elena: I'm thinking that...My brother has had more pain in his life than a hundred people's worth of pain, and...He deserves to be with someone as amazing as you.
Bonnie: Really?
Elena: Really.

[Bonnie hugs her. Elena's phone rings and she answers. It's Stefan.]

Elena: My phone. Hey, Stefan, I'm at the Grill. I can't hear you. Hold...yeah.

[She leaves. Bonnie sees Jonas entering.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is walking to the front door.]

Katherine: Where are you going?
Damon: Luka Martin's dead. His father's going after Elena.
Katherine: I'm coming with you.
Damon: No, you're not.

[Katherine rushes over to him.]

Katherine: Wait.
Damon: I don't need your help. I don't want it.
Katherine: I know what we can do, Damon. You have to let me do it.

Mystic Grill

[Bonnie joins Jonas.]

Bonnie: Dr. Martin. You okay?
Jonas: Where is she?
Bonnie: I don't understand.
Jonas: My son is dead.
Bonnie: Whatever it is you think you need to do, there's a better way.
Jonas: They killed Elijah and they killed Luka and my only shot at getting my daughter back is if I have Elena.
Bonnie: No. No, Dr. Martin.

[Jonas breaks the stage lights with his powers.]

Jonas: Where is she?
Bonnie: I don't know. I haven't seen her.

[He breaks the rest of the lights in the Grill.]

[Caroline and Matt are still kissing in the restroom, but now they're in the dark.]

Matt: What the hell?
Caroline: Mmm!

[He opens the door and sees that none of the lights are on.]

Matt: The power's out.
Caroline: Even better.
Matt: I wish, but I should probably go help.

[She kisses him and he leaves. She smiles. Elena and Stefan joins her in the restroom.]

Caroline: Hey.
Elena: We have a problem.
Caroline: What's going on?
Stefan: Jonas is here and he's after Elena.
Caroline: Oh my God!
Stefan: We have a plan, but I need to get Elena out of here.
Caroline: Well, what can I do?

[Alaric joins Jenna.]

Alaric: I think it's time we get out of here.
Jenna: I have to find Elena.
Alaric: She's with Stefan, she's okay.

[Bonnie is still talking with Jonas.]

Jonas: No one's getting out of here until I have her.
Bonnie: Don't do this. Please don't do this.

[He breaks all the bottles with his powers and sets fire to the bartop. She tries to stop him but he puts his hand on her forehead and she falls on the floor, unconscious. Everyone is going out. Matt tries to stop the fire and he sees Bonnie.]

Matt: Bonnie! Hey, Bonnie!

[He rushes over to her.]

Matt: Bonnie! Bonnie! Hey, Bonnie!

[She wakes up. Matt helps her get up.]

[Elena and Stefan stop and see Jonas.]

Elena: Dr. Martin! I'm so sorry about Luka. I never wanted that to happen, least let us help you get your daughter back.
Jonas: Only Elijah can do that.
Elena: You don't need Elijah.

[He sets fire to another bar and turns to Stefan and Elena but Caroline jumps on him. Elena and Stefan leave. Caroline tries to bite Jonas but he provokes a headache with his powers. Caroline screams. Matt sees her.]

Matt: Caroline!

[He rushes over to Jonas and pushes him against the wall.]

Matt: Get away from her!
Caroline: Matt, no!

[Jonas breaks a bottle and stabs it in Matt's neck and leaves. Matt falls on the floor. Caroline cries and rushes over to him.]

Caroline: Matt! Matt! Oh! Oh, my God!

[She tries to calm herself.]

Caroline: Just breathe Caroline...just breathe.

[Her face changes, she bites her wrist and puts it to Matt's mouth.]

Caroline: You have to drink. Please, please.

[He keeps looking at her face while he drinks.]

Gilbert Residence

[Bonnie and Jeremy are in the kitchen.]

Bonnie: Luka...I can't believe he's dead. After what we did to him.
Jeremy: No, after what he did to you. Look, I'm sorry, I know you feel bad about all of this but I don't.
Bonnie: I couldn't do anything to help. I was useless. I hated it.

[Stefan and Elena enter the house.]

Bonnie: Thank God.
Elena: It's not over yet.
Jeremy: What's going on?
Elena: He'll explain.

[She goes upstairs.]

Stefan: When did you guys get home?
Bonnie: A few minutes ago.
Stefan: Did you check the house?
Jeremy: And why would we check the house?

[Elena goes into the upstairs bathroom and starts washing her hands. Suddenly she sees Jonas behind her. He grabs her. Her face changes and she bites him. It's Katherine, posing as Elena. Stefan and Bonnie arrive. Katherine is licking her lips.]

Katherine: You're welcome.

[Bonnie goes toward Jonas's body.]

Bonnie: You didn't have to kill him!
Katherine: Yes, we did.

[Bonnie gets closer to him and goes to close his eyes but suddenly he gets up and grabs her face. She screams. Stefan kills him.]

[Damon and Elena are downstairs.]

Elena: How did you guys convince her to do this?
Damon: We didn't. It was actually her idea.
Elena: Wow. That's...not good.
Damon: No. No, that's not good at all.

[Stefan and Katherine goes down the stairs.]

Stefan: Everything's taken care of.

[Katherine pulls off Elena's necklace.]

Katherine: I'm guessing you're going to want this back. But your pretty little outfit is going to need a good dry clean.

[She snatches her necklace from Katherine's hand.]

Elena (to Stefan): You're going to have to get her out of here before Jenna gets home.
Katherine: Is that all you have to say to me?
Elena: This doesn't change the way I feel about you.
Katherine: I don't much like you, either, if we're going to be open and frankly, I'd be happy to see you dead but if we're going to try to take on Klaus, we kinda need you to be alive. So I'm not a threat to you, Elena. If any of you are going to believe anything, believe that.

[Alaric and Jenna are on the porch.]

Jenna: Thanks for getting me home. That was kind of crazy.
Alaric: Jenna, are you going to be okay? (She nods her head slightly.) Look, Isobel is dead and there things about her death that I can't tell you. That aren't for me to tell. You can be upset and hate me. I get it but just know that I love you. At least I can tell you that much.
Jenna: Good night, Ric.
Alaric: Good night.

[Alaric leaves. Jenna enters the house. Elena's there.]

Elena: Hey. You made it home.
Jenna: Tonight was very weird.
Elena: Tell me about it.

[Jeremy and Bonnie are in his bedroom.]

Jeremy: I'm worried about you.
Bonnie: Don't be.
Jeremy: No, I'm serious, Bonnie. The only witch that could given you your powers back is dead, and...I think you have a serious case of denial going, and I want you to know that I'm here for you no matter what, and...

[She kisses him.]

Jeremy: Not that denial's the worst thing.

[She puts her hands on his chest. The lights flicker.]

Jeremy: Did you...?
Bonnie: When he grabbed me...he gave me my powers back and something else. Jonas wants me to kill Klaus.
Jeremy: And did he include a how?
Bonnie: Yes. He did.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is on his bed, reading Johnathan Gilbert's journal. Katherine joins him. Her hair is curly again and she's in lingerie.]

Damon: You know what I can't figure out?
Katherine: What's that?
Damon: How the town knew Emily Bennett was a witch. I mean, because according to Johnathan Gilbert, he was the only one who knew. I know he didn't turn her in.

[She doesn't answer. He looks at her. She shrugs.]

Damon: Mmm, I should have figured as much.
Katherine: She was a loose end. I like mine tied up. You know what I can't figure out?
Damon: Do I care?
Katherine: Why you won't tell me where to find the site of the witch massacre.
Damon: Because I have no clue.
Katherine: You knew that Emily Bennett was the key to getting me out of that tomb and something tells me that you did everything in your power to make sure that she was safe, yet you have no idea where she was killed. Who's the liar now? (Damon flicks her a glance.) You hurt me today.
Damon: Tit for tat.
Katherine: You were mean and very rough and monstrous.
Damon: You deserved it.

[She gets closer to him.]

Katherine: I like this, Damon.
Damon: Katherine. Katherine, there are six other bedrooms in this house.

[They're about to kiss.]

Damon: Go find one.

[He pushes her off. She's upset, she looks at him and leaves.]

Forbes Residence

[Matt wakes up. Caroline's there.]

Caroline: Hi.

[He looks at his shirt. There's a lot of blood. He touches his neck.]

Matt: What the hell? Your face...And all the blood. I...I drank your blood.
Caroline: You were dying. My blood healed you.
Matt: What do you mean, it healed me? How can your blood heal me?
Caroline: Because that's what vampire blood does for humans, and that's what I am. I'm a vampire, Matt.

[He starts backing away from her. She follows him.]

Matt: No.
Caroline: But it's all going to be okay, because I am going to tell you everything, and you're going to understand why I had to keep it from you, and we're going to be fine.
Matt: We'll be fine?!
Caroline: Yes, because we're together and we love each other.
Matt: Vampires. Oh, my God. Vicki, oh, my God, at the hospital, I thought that she was tripping out.
Caroline: What?
Matt: Vicki, she knew about vampires, and I...What...what did you do?
Caroline: Nothing. Nothing! Matt!
Matt: I need to get out of here.

[He tries to leave but Caroline stops him.]

Caroline: No, no, no! I can't let you leave. I cannot let you leave.

[He cries.]

Matt: What did you do to my sister?
Caroline: Nothing! Nothing! I swear, I swear, nothing, nothing!
Matt: What did you do?!
Caroline: Nothing, Matt! You have to calm down! Matt!

Gilbert Residence

[Jenna's in the kitchen, eating ice cream. Elena joins her.]

Jenna: Are John and Jeremy asleep?
Elena: I think so.
Jenna: If I go to bed right now, there's a chance I'll wake up hangover-free.

[The door bell rings.]

Jenna: Who's that?

[She goes toward the door and opens it. It's Isobel.]

Isobel: Hi. You must be Jenna.

[Elena is walking behind but stops dead in her tracks when she sees who's at the door.]

Isobel: I'm...Elena's mother.

[She looks at Elena.]

Elena: Isobel.

[Jenna seems shocked.]

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