You killed my brother when you let Hayley die. Because despite what you might think, you did love her. Not 'cause of some family obsession, because of her. Because she believed in something better for all of us. And because she fought for it when we couldn't. Come on. I don't know who you'll be on the other side of that door, but I know that you can't open it alone. You need me.
Klaus to Elijah before helping him escape the Chambre de Chasse

The Kindness of Strangers is the eighth episode of the fifth season of The Originals and the eighty-seventh episode of the series overall.


CHAMBRE DE CHASSE — As pressing matters rage on in New Orleans, the Mikaelson siblings find themselves forced to set aside their differences and work together to escape a "chambre de chasse." Klaus, Elijah, Marcel, Freya, and Hope also appear.[2]



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  • Hayley appears in flashbacks.
  • In a flashback involving Klaus, Hayley and baby Hope, some of the names Hayley considered to name Hope were Zoe, Caitlin, and Katherine. They both eventually named her Hope Andrea Mikaelson, after Klaus mentions that Elijah considered the baby their last hope as a family. Her middle name comes from Hayley's birth name, Andrea.
  • Freya is revealed to be the one that put her siblings into the Chambre de Chasse, helping Hope in an effort to reunite their family.
  • Never-before-seen pictures of Hope are featured throughout the episode, including one with Rebekah.
  • Hope removes The Hollow from Klaus, Kol, Elijah, and Rebekah.
  • Elijah gets his memories back, which were erased by Marcel via compulsion in The Feast of All Sinners.

Body Count

  • Unnamed Women - Drained of blood; killed by Niklaus Mikaelson (flashback)



Behind the Scenes

  • Despite being mentioned in the synopsis to appear, Danielle Rose Russell (is credited but) does not appear.
  • In the flashback regarding naming baby Hope is a callback to a mini flashback in From a Cradle to a Grave, Hayley's choices of the names Caitlin and Zoe are briefly brought up.
    • After the first two names are not chosen Hayley says an third possible name 'Katherine' which Klaus quickly dismisses due to Katherine Pierce.

Cultural References


Rebekah: "We made a vow, always and forever."
Elijah: "I made another vow!"
Elijah: "What is this place?"
Kol: "We're in Elijah's mental maze."
Klaus: "Elijah! What have you done?"

Elijah: "Every last exit is sealed. If you're thinking about jumping, don't. I already tried it, I landed in the world's most pretentious wine cellar."
Klaus: "You sorted it by vintage. You don't remember, do you? I thought Marcel was intent on retrieving your memories."
Elijah: "He was, he failed. I still remember absolutely nothing, and Antoinette is dying."
Klaus: "Is she? Right. Yes. I'd forgotten."
Elijah: "What the hell are we doing here? What is this place? This is dangerous, you and I here together."
Klaus: "We're not actually here together, are we? Not physically, at least. It's called a Chambre de Chasse, it's a magical mental prison designed to resemble our home, but don't worry. There's always a way out -- a game or a riddle."
Elijah: "How do we solve this riddle?"
Klaus: "We don't do anything. We're square, you and I. You got Hayley killed, and Antoinette will die because of me. I would hate to upset that delicate balance. So I'm gonna find my way out, and you're on your own."

Elijah: "Ominous weather."
Kol: "That's an indication of what's actually happening in New Orleans. Hope and Klaus are in the same city, the resulting consequence is leaking into this reality."
Kol: "Here, this might jog your memory. This is all the junk you deemed is worthy of preserving. Ring any bells?"
Elijah: "You know, Klaus came to visit me at my bar in France. Rebekah, too. You didn't."
Kol: "You and I never really had much in common, besides our dashing good looks. And you and Freya and more or less murdered my wife, so..."
Elijah: "I'm..."
Kol: "The journals. They may contain information about what represents you, somewhere amongst the martyrdom and self-righteousness."
Elijah: "Wait. Did I ever apologize to you for what I did?"
Kol: "In your peculiar way, I suppose. Look, what matters is that I got her back. Not everybody is so lucky."

Rebekah: "Always been dramatic."
Klaus: "Rebekah."
Kol: "Oh, bloody hell. My least favorite recurring nightmare. Suppose I'll ask the obvious, piss off any witches lately?"
Klaus: "Split up, we need to turn this place upside down. I only just promised my grieving daughter I wouldn't abandoned her again."



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