Let me be clear about something. If it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you.
Damon to Elena

The Last Dance is the eighteenth episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries and the fortieth episode of the series overall.     


DANCING WITH DANGER — As the high school prepares to throw a 1960s Decade Dance, Elena starts receiving disturbing messages from Klaus via an unusual source. Bonnie tries to reassure Jeremy that she is strong enough to help Elena, but a worried Jeremy asks Stefan for advice. Caroline talks Matt into taking her to the dance. Expecting Klaus to show up at the dance, Damon and Alaric attend as chaperones, but Klaus is playing a complicated game that keeps them on the edge. Finally, Damon comes up with a new plan of action that shocks and upsets everyone.



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  • Antagonist: Klaus.
  • Klaus appears in this episode in Alaric's body.
  • Damon and Elena dance in this episode. This is the second time they dance in the series; the first time they danced was in Miss Mystic Falls.
  • Elena undaggers Elijah at the end of this episode to request his help in killing Klaus.
  • Bonnie fakes her death in order to protect Elena.
  • Damon was the only one aware of Bonnie's plan to fake her death, both because the others would have objected if they found out the truth, and because they needed everyone to believe it in order to properly convince Klaus that she was really dead.
  • Foreshadowing: Klaus says that he preferred the '20s over the '60s (as a party theme). The next decade dance in Season Three's Do Not Go Gentle ended up using a 1920s speakeasy theme.
  • This is the second decade dance after the '50s Decade Dance as seen in Season One's Unpleasantville.



  • In the scene where Bonnie is dead, her eyes are shut, which is technically incorrect—in reality, a dead person's eyelids can only be shut with the use of special tools and equipment.

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  • This episode had about 2.81 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.08 million more than the previous episode.


Damon: "Let me be clear about something-- if it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you."

Klaus: (in Alaric's body) "I’ve searched for you for over 500 years. Your death is going to last at least half that long."

Klaus: (about Elijah) "Okay, that dagger needs to stay exactly where it is. Last thing I need to do is resurrect Elijah. That guy is a buzz-kill."

Dana: "Hey, Elena. There you are. Okay, this is gonna sound freaky, but this totally-hot guy just asked me to ask you if you’re going to the dance tonight."
Bonnie: "Tell him she has a boyfriend."
Dana: "You could at least meet him. He’ll be at the dance tonight, look for him! His name is Klaus. I know the name is stupid, but I swear he’s hot."

Damon: "C'mon, remember the last Decade Dance? The vampires were all, 'Rargh!!!' And you were all like, 'Aaah!!!'"
Elena: "Right and we won."
Damon: "Yes, we did."

Damon: "Your secret’s safe with me. I mean, with all that power, is there no way to increase your odds?"
Bonnie: "Careful, Damon. I might start to think that you actually care."
Damon: "We wouldn’t want that."



Last.fm_play.png "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" – Patrick Stump
Last.fm_play.png "Hush" – Kula Shaker
Last.fm_play.png "Dedicated To The One I Love" – The Mamas And The Papas
Last.fm_play.png "Last Kiss" – Trent Dabbs

Last.fm_play.png "I Think We're Alone Now" – The Birthday Massacre
Last.fm_play.png "I Wanna Be (Your Everything)" – The Manhattans
Last.fm_play.png "Dream Lover" – The Dollyrots


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