Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is in his bed and hears Elijah's conversation with Elena and Stefan. He gets up, goes downstairs and joins them.]

Elijah: Tonight is the full moon. We should assume that Klaus is prepared to break the curse.
Stefan: Elena said that the Sun and the Moon curse is fake? That it's actually just a curse placed on Klaus.
Elijah: Klaus is a vampire born of a werewolf bloodline. The curse has kept his werewolf aspect from manifesting. But if he breaks it...He'll be a true hybrid.

[Damon joins them.]

Damon: Then why are we letting him break the curse? We can kill him today. With Bonnie.
Stefan: Damon...
Elena: No. Bonnie can't use that much power without dying.
Damon: I'll write her a great eulogy.
Elena: It's not an option, Damon.
Stefan: All right, how do we break this curse?
Elijah: Well, the ritual itself is relatively straightforward. The ingredients, so to speak, you already know.
Stefan: The moonstone.
Elijah: A witch will channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that's bound within the stone. After that, Klaus, being both werewolf and vampire, will sacrifice one of each.
Elena: And where do I fit into it?
Elijah: The final part of the ritual.

[Elijah takes a wooden box from the shelf.]

Elijah: Klaus must drink the blood of the doppelgä the point of your death.

[Damon looks at Elena. Stefan takes Elena's hand. She looks at him. He opens the box and takes a jar from it.]

Elena: And that's where you come in.
Elijah: This is an elixir that I acquired some 500 years ago for Katerina. It possesses mystical properties of resuscitation.
Elena: So I'll be dead?
Elijah: And then you won't.
Damon: That's your plan? A magical witch potion with no expiration date?

[He looks at Elena.]

Damon: You want to come back to life, what about John's ring?
Elijah: Those rings only work on humans. The doppelgänger's a supernatural occurrence. Odds are, the ring won't work.
Damon: I'll take those odds over your elixir. What if it doesn't work, Elena?
Elena: Then I guess I'll just be dead.

[Damon looks at Stefan. He shrugs. Damon looks at Elijah and leaves.]

Elena: Do we know if Klaus has everything he needs to do this? Does he have a werewolf?
Elijah: Klaus has been waiting to break this curse for over a thousand years. If he doesn't already have a werewolf, my guess is by tonight, he will.

Lockwood Mansion

[Carol is walking up the stairs. She's leaving a voicemail to Tyler.]

Carol: Tyler, honey. It's your mother. I don't know where you are, but I need you. I've had an accident and I'm in the hospital.

[She's upstairs. Maddox is here and she looks at him. Maddox looking at her and mouthing the words that Carol is saying.]

Carol: Please, Tyler, come home.

[She hangs up and looks at Maddox.]

Carol: Why did I say that?
Maddox: Because you had a terrible fall.

[He pushes her with his powers. She falls downstairs. Maddox looks at her emotionlessly. She's unconscious.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon is outside, drinking scotch. Stefan rejoins him.]

Stefan: Breakfast of champions, huh?
Damon: I'm surrounded by idiots. I need all the help I can get.
Stefan: You know, you're not helping.
Damon: Elijah is an original vampire, Stefan. One we tried to kill. You're going to believe this guy?
Stefan: What do you want me to do, Damon? Elena made her decision. She's choosing to trust Elijah. I'm going to put my faith in her.
Damon: Why? She's going to end up dead.
Stefan: Because she put her faith in me. She chose to trust me in spite of what I am. I'm going to bet on somebody's instincts, it's going to be hers.
Damon: Well, then, that makes you the biggest idiot of them all.
Stefan: She chose to trust you, too.
Damon: Then maybe you shouldn't be so sure about her instincts.

[He looks at him, takes a drink from his glass, throws the rest away, and leaves.]

[Elena joins Elijah in the library.]

Elena: You'd think he'd understand why I'm willing to do this.

[Elena touches the elixir bottle and lifts it upright.]

Elijah: Why are you?
Elena: I'm the key to breaking the curse. Klaus is here because of me. If I don't stop him, then he's going to hurt people. It's that simple.
Elijah: You know, there's a possibility this elixir won't work. I don't want to mislead you.
Elena: I know the chance I'm taking.

[They hear Jenna and Alaric near the front door so they go there.]

Jenna: Get out!
Alaric: Jenna, Jenna!
Jenna: Get out!

[Jenna has a crossbow trained on Alaric.]

Alaric: Jenna, put the crossbow down, okay? It's me.
Jenna: Stay away from me.

[Elena, Stefan, Damon and Elijah join them.]

Elena: What's going on?
Alaric: It's me, Elena, I swear, okay? He let me go. Klaus let me go.
Damon: Prove it.

[Alaric looks at Jenna.]

Alaric: Okay, uh, first night you and I spent together, Jeremy walked in right when I was about to...
Jenna: Okay, it's him.

[She lowers the crossbow.]

Stefan: Why did he let you go?
Alaric: He wanted me to deliver a message. The sacrifice happens tonight.

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Carol wakes up in a hospital room. Tyler's standing by the window.]

Carol: Tyler?
Tyler: Mom.

[He kisses her on the forehead.]

Carol: You're back.
Tyler: I'm back.

Mystic Grill

[Matt is working. He turns around. Caroline's there.]

Matt: Ohh. Jeez!
Caroline: Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you.
Matt: It's okay, I just, I didn't know you were here.
Caroline: Yeah, I wanted to try and catch you on your break so we could hang out.
Matt: I have lunch in an hour.
Caroline: Perfect. I will go run some errands and I will be right back.

[She kisses him.]

Caroline: I'll see you in a bit.
Matt: Okay.

[She leaves.]

[Matt joins Sheriff Forbes at a table.]

Sheriff Forbes: Does she suspect anything?
Matt: No, but...I can't do this anymore. I've been with her the past few days, and I'm putting on the best show of my life. But either she is too, or she's still the same Caroline.
Sheriff Forbes: She's not the same. She's a vampire.
Matt: At this point, I don't even know what that means.
Sheriff Forbes: Look, I know this is hard to understand, but my family, we were raised with this. They're monsters, Matt. They have no soul, no humanity.
Matt: There's nothing about her that makes me believe that.
Sheriff Forbes: It's an act. I believed Damon Salvatore was my closest ally in this town. Instead, he's a killer. They killed your sister. What other proof do you need?
Matt: I could ask you the same question, Sheriff. Why haven't you done anything? Why are you hesitating?
Sheriff Forbes: Because I need more information. And because, in spite of everything I just said, I still look at her and I...I see my daughter.
Matt: Damon is the problem, not Caroline. You should focus on him.
Sheriff Forbes: I shouldn't have involved you, Matt. Thank you for all of your help, but I'll take it from here.

[She gets up and leaves.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Alaric, Jenna, Elena, Stefan and Elijah are in the living room.]

Stefan: So you don't remember anything that happened?
Alaric: No. It's like I blacked out and woke up three days later. Katherine was there.
Stefan: She's under compulsion. Damon snuck her some vervain, but she can't leave until Klaus tells her she can.
Elena: Where is Damon?
Jenna: I saw him go upstairs.

[Elena gets up and leaves.]

Alaric: So what else did I do?

[Elena goes up to Damon in his bedroom. He's standing by the window looking out.]

Elena: You disappeared.
Damon: I don't want to hear anymore.
Elena: I need you to understand why I'm doing this.
Damon: Why? It clearly doesn't matter what I think.
Elena: I'll be fine, Damon. I'll drink the elixir, Bonnie will kill Klaus and then all of this will finally be over.
Damon: If it works.
Elena: It will work.
Damon: You think it will work. You want it to work. Why am I the only one who's convinced it won't? There has to be another way.
Elena: There isn't.
Damon: And you're going to die, Elena.
Elena: And then I'll come back to life.
Damon: That is not a risk I'm willing to take.

[He walks over to her pointing his finger at her.]

Elena: But I am.

[She takes his hand in hers.]

Elena: It's my life, Damon. My choice.
Damon: I can't lose you.
Elena: You won't.

[She goes toward the door but Damon intercepts her.]

Damon: There is another way.
Elena: What are you...

[He bites his wrist so it starts bleeding.]

Elena: Damon, no!

[He puts his wrist to her mouth so she can drink his blood but she doesn't want to. Stefan arrives and pushes Damon. Elena falls on the floor. She has blood in her mouth.]

Stefan: What did you do?! Huh? What did you do?!

[He goes toward Elena.]

Damon: I saved her life.

[He looks at Elena.]

Damon: You're so bent on dying, at least this way I know you'll come back.
Stefan: As a vampire! She'll come back a vampire!
Damon: It's better than nothing else.
Stefan: How could you, of all people, take that choice away from her?

[Damon looks at Elena.]

Damon: Go ahead: wish me an eternity of misery. Believe me, you'll get over it.

[Stefan rushes over to Damon and pushes him.]

Elena: Stefan!

[Damon takes a wooden stick and pushes Stefan against a wall with it.]

Damon: Admit it. You just wish you had the balls to do it yourself.

[Stefan punches him in the face several times in a row. Damon falls on the floor. He has blood on his face. He takes the wooden stick and drives it through Stefan's abdomen. Elena rushes over to Stefan and pushes Damon. She looks at Damon.]

Elena: Get out of here!

[Alaric and Jenna arrive.]

Alaric: What the hell's going on?
Elena: Get him out of here!

[Alaric goes toward Damon but he pushes him, gets up and leaves.]

Jenna: Oh, my God.
Alaric: Okay, Jenna, downstairs are some blood bags. Go get them now. Go!

[She leaves. Elena removes the stick. Stefan puts his head on Elena's legs.]

Elena: It's okay. It's okay. You're going to be okay.
Stefan: I'm so sorry.
Elena: Shh. It's okay.
Stefan: I'm sorry.

[Damon goes in the library and pours himself a drink. Elijah's there, closing the wooden box with the elixir in it.]

Elijah: Well, it sounds like you won't be needing this anymore. Feeding her vampire blood rendered it useless. Tell Elena I'll be back before nightfall. We'll proceed as planned.
Damon: We both know that elixir wouldn't have worked anyway.
Elijah: The problem, Damon: you talk a good game but you don't actually know anything. She'll never forgive you. And never for a vampire...It's a very long time.

[He leaves.]

[Stefan, Elena, Jenna and Alaric are in Stefan's bedroom. Stefan is finishing drinking a blood bag. He looks at Jenna.]

Stefan: Thank you. Both of you.
Alaric: Yeah, well, we'll be downstairs.

[Jenna and Alaric have left the room. They're in the corridor.]

Alaric: I know it's, uh, it's a lot to take in.
Jenna: Yeah.
Alaric: I tried to protect you from all this, but I should have known you could handle it.
Jenna: Can I?
Alaric: Well, you just did. Look, Jenna...I know we have a lot to talk about.

[She touches his face.]

Jenna: Hey. I'm glad you're okay. I should have said that already.

[She kisses him.]

[Elena and Stefan are sitting on Stefan's bed.]

Elena: How could he do that to me? Why?
Stefan: Hey. We've never talked about this. What this all means.
Elena: It doesn't matter.
Stefan: Of course it matters. Hey. It matters. I want you to go somewhere with me.
Elena: Stefan, I can't.
Stefan: No, no, it's not far, okay? It's just for the day. I promise.

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Carol is sleeping. Tyler looks at her and goes out of her room. Jules walks up to him.]

Tyler: What are you doing here?
Jules: I should be asking you that. I told you not to come.
Tyler: She's my mother. I had to.
Jules: Now we have to get out of here; Lock ourselves up before tonight.

[Outside as they are walking to the parking lot, they meet Caroline. She's surprised.]

Caroline: Tyler? Jules.
Jules: I'll give you a few minutes.
Tyler: Thank you.
Jules: Just a few, Tyler.
Tyler: I got it.

[She leaves so they can be alone.]

Tyler: She's just making sure I'm safe.
Caroline: So what, are you two, like, friends now?
Tyler: She's been helping me. How are you?
Caroline: I heard about your mom. I just came to check in on her.
Tyler: She's banged up, but she'll be okay.
Caroline: And you? Um...How's everything with you?
Tyler: I'm hanging in there.
Caroline: Good.
Tyler: Yeah. I should get going. Jules and I need to get on the road.
Caroline: You're leaving again?
Tyler: I left for a reason, Caroline.
Caroline: Your explanation must have got lost in the mail, along with your goodbye.
Tyler: Well...Take care of yourself.
Caroline: Tyler...

[Suddenly Caroline holds her head and screams and a moment later so does Tyler. Maddox appears from behind a car with this hand outstretched in a claw pointed at Tyler. Greta appears behind Caroline and injects vervain into her.]

Greta: Let's go.

[Maddox takes Tyler and Greta takes Caroline.]

Mystic Grill

[Matt is leaving a voicemail to Caroline.]

Matt: Hey, Caroline, it's me. I thought you were coming back to meet me. Look, I need to talk to you. It's important.

[He hangs up and sees Damon arriving. Damon goes to the bar and asks for a drink. Alaric arrives and sits next to him.]

Alaric: I'll have the same.
Damon: I screwed up.
Alaric: Yeah. Yeah, you did.
Damon: Yeah.
Klaus: Gentlemen? Why so glum?

[Klaus is standing next to them at the bar. Alaric and Damon look at him.]

Damon: Ugh. Klaus, I presume.
Klaus: In the flesh.

[He looks at Alaric.]

Klaus: Thanks for the loaner, mate.

[Damon gets up looking angry.]

Damon: Any reason you stopped by to say hi?
Klaus: I'm told you and your brother fancy my doppelgänger. Just thought I'd remind you to not do anything you'll regret.

[Damon breaks into a smile at the irony of the comment.]

Damon: Ha. Thanks for the advice. I don't suppose I could talk you into a postponement, by any chance, huh?
Klaus: You are kidding?

[He looks at Alaric.]

Klaus: He is kidding, right?
Alaric: No, not really.
Damon: I mean, come on, what's one month in the whole grand scheme of things?
Klaus: Let me be clear...I have my vampire. I have my werewolf. I have everything I need. The ritual will happen tonight. So if you want to live to see tomorrow, don't screw it up.

[He leaves.]

Damon: That was fun.
Alaric: You're going to screw it up, aren't you?

[Damon looks at him.]

Damon: You think if I took his werewolf out of the equation, she might...Get over the fact that I tried to turn her into a vampire?
Alaric: I think it won't matter, because you'll be dead.
Damon: But without the werewolf, he can't perform the ritual tonight, which means I would have bought her one month before the next full moon.
Alaric: And you'll still be dead.
Damon: Are you gonna help me or what?
Alaric: What do you want me to do?


[Elena and Stefan are walking in the woods on the side of a mountain.]

Elena: Where are we?
Stefan: It's a surprise. Just a little bit longer.
Elena: I'm not a vampire yet, you know. My legs still get tired.
Stefan: Ready to talk about how you're feeling about all this?
Elena: Uh...this morning I was wondering if I would live or die, and now...I'm going to be a vampire. I...I don't really know how I'm feeling.

[They arrive at a waterfall.]

Elena: God, this is beautiful.

[Stefan looks at her.]

Stefan: I think you do know how you feel. I just want you to know that it's okay to tell me.
Elena: I can't. Stefan, I just...I can't talk about it.
Stefan: Well, if you don't want to, that's your choice. Today's about you. But...It's a long way to the top. Let's go. You never know what might come up.
Elena: We're climbing all the way up to the top?
Stefan: Oh, yeah.
Elena: Well, can't you do one of your super power vampire jumpy things?
Stefan: No, it's your last day as a human. Why cheat now?

[She smiles and takes his hand. They both start walking up along the waterfall.]

Alaric's Residence

[Katherine is looking for a blood bag in the fridge. She hears the key in the lock. She gets up and goes to the door. It's Alaric. He stands outside his apartment without entering.]

Katherine: Look who's dumb enough to come back.
Alaric: Well, somebody had to invite him in. Damon. Would you like to, uh, come in?

[Damon comes in and she rushes over to him.]

Katherine: Are you trying to get me killed?

[He pushes her against the wall.]

Damon: I gave you vervain, now I'm here to collect. I got it from here, Rick.
Alaric: You sure?
Damon: Yeah, only one of us needs to get blamed for this. Get back in the house. Keep Elena from handing herself over.
Alaric: Okay.

[He leaves.]

Katherine: Get blamed for what?
Damon: I need to know where Klaus is keeping his werewolf.
Katherine: Why? What are you going to do?
Damon: Dead werewolf equals no ritual.
Katherine: No. You can't interfere, Damon. Klaus will kill you and everyone you've ever met.
Damon: I just need to delay this thing.
Katherine: No. No way.
Damon: You should like this. It's going to buy another month of your pathetic life.
Katherine: Right. Except that I'm not the vampire he's planning on sacrificing.
Damon: What?
Katherine: Yeah. He's got Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood. Therefore, I'm in the clear.
Damon: And where'd he get that idea from?

[He goes toward her. She holds her hands up in innocence.]

Katherine: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, I'm just trying to stay alive long enough to get myself out of here.
Damon: What if I told you Elena had vampire blood in her system?
Katherine: What?!
Damon: Imagine how much fun that will be competing with Elena for Stefan's love for, I don't know, forever.
Katherine: The tomb. He's got them in the tomb.
Damon: Thank you.

[He leaves.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Caroline and Tyler are chained against the walls, facing each other. Caroline wakes up. Tyler is looking at her.]

Caroline: Tyler?
Tyler: You all right?
Caroline: Yeah. I think so.

[She tries to break the chains but she can't.]

Tyler: I already tried.

[Caroline tries to stand up but falls back down.]

Caroline: Those witches vervained me.
Tyler: Who were they?
Caroline: I think they're with Klaus.
Tyler: Who the hell is Klaus?

[She doesn't answer right away.]

Caroline: Tyler...You shouldn't have come back here.


[Elena and Stefan are climbing to the top.]

Elena: I guess Bonnie will have to make me a daylight ring.
Stefan: Yeah, piece of cake.
Elena: And I'll never be able to watch "Bambi" again.
Stefan: I definitely wouldn't recommend doing that.
Elena: What's the best part about being a vampire?
Stefan: Ahh. You feel like you could do anything. Be anyone. Beautiful things are more beautiful. Everything's heightened, you just live more intensely, love more powerfully.
Elena: And the worst?
Stefan: Ah, you know the worst.
Elena: Aside from the blood?

[He stops and looks at her.]

Stefan: Anger becomes rage. When you're sad, you're in despair. Grief. Loss. It can cripple you. That's why so many of us turn our emotions off. It just becomes...Too overwhelming. You know, for a while, for me, the good just wasn't worth the bad.
Elena: How long before you learned to handle both?
Stefan: Well, I'm still trying. Every day. What else?
Elena: Let's just keep going. We're not even halfway to the top.

[She keeps walking.]

Alaric's Residence

[Katherine is making coffee. Klaus arrives.]

Katherine: Everything okay?
Klaus: What have you been doing?
Katherine: Making coffee. Do you want some?

[He rushes over to her, grabs her by the throat and compels her.]

Klaus: Tell me what you've been doing.
Katherine: Making coffee.

[He releases her and she holds her neck, gasping and turns around.]

Klaus: Wait. Take off your bracelet.

[She takes it off and gives it to him.]

Klaus: Now, I want walk over to the window and stand in the sunlight.
Katherine: But I'll burn.
Klaus: You don't have a choice.

[She stands in the sunlight and the side of her face exposed to the sunlight starts to burn. She keeps screaming. Klaus looks at her with a smile. He lets her burn for a moment.]

Klaus: That's enough.

[She rushes over to the corner of the room, in the shadows.]

Klaus: Guess I was wrong. All right, then. I need you to do something for me.

Fell's Church Tomb

[Damon is in the woods just outside the stairs leading into the tomb. Maddox is there.]

Maddox: Which one are you trying to save? The blond, or the wolf? Did you really think Klaus would leave them unprotected?
Damon: Wishful thinking.

[He rushes over to Maddox and pins him on the ground. He starts strangling him but Maddox uses his powers and throws Damon back against some rocks. He falls on the ground. Maddox gets up and uses his powers and provokes a headache. Damon screams and tries to fight the pain. Suddenly there's a gunshot. Maddox falls to the ground. Damon raises his head and sees Matt with a rifle. Damon gets up, snaps Maddox's neck and looks at Matt suspiciously.]

Damon: What are you doing here?
Matt: Where's Caroline?
Damon: Listen, man. Not a good time to play the hero.

[Matt quickly cocks the rifle and points it at Damon.]

Matt: Where is she? And what did he do to her?

[Damon puts his hands up and starts stepping forward slowly.]

Damon: I'm just here to rescue her.

[Damon rushes over to him and hits him with the butt of the rifle. Matt falls to the ground, unconscious. Damon picks up the rifle and clears the bullets out of it.]

Damon: You're lucky I already screwed up once today or you'd be dead.

[Damon crouches and picks up a bullet. He realizes it's wooden.]

[Down in the tomb, Tyler and Caroline are looking at each other. They're still chained up.]

Tyler: The whole sun and moon curse is fake?
Caroline: That's what Elena learned. Klaus still needs to do the sacrifice, but it's just not for that.
Tyler: And you think that's why they grabbed us? For the sacrifice.
Caroline: Yes.
Tyler: He's going to kill us?
Caroline: I think so. Yes.
Tyler: This whole time I've been gone, Jules has been helping me come to terms with what I am. How to deal with it. I guess none of it matters anymore.
Caroline: Why didn't you say good-bye? You just left.
Tyler: You want to talk about this now?
Caroline: Well, if we're going to die, I might as well know the truth. Why did you leave me?
Tyler: I knew you hated me. I thought you deserved better than having someone like me in your life.
Caroline: I was hurt. You know, you turned your back on me when I needed you. But...I could never hate you, Tyler.

[He smiles. They hear the door of the tomb open. Damon arrives.]

Caroline: Damon?

[He goes toward her.]

Damon: Your boyfriend's outside with a rifle loaded with wooden bullets. You have some explaining to do.
Caroline: What, Matt?
Tyler: Matt knows about you?
Caroline: No, I...
Damon: Shh. Tomorrow's problem.

[He releases her and she gets up.]

Damon: Let me just get you out of here.
Caroline: Wait, Damon No! I'm not leaving without him.
Damon: Ohhh. It's getting dark soon.

[He looks at Tyler.]

Damon: How fast can you get the hell away from here?
Tyler: I need to get to my family's cellar. I can lock myself up.
Caroline: I'll help.

[Damon goes over to Tyler and crouches in front of him.]

Damon: Don't make me regret this.

[He breaks Tyler's chains.]


[Elena and Stefan are at the top of the mountain.]

Elena: We made it! Ahh.
Stefan: That's nothing, if you've climbed Mt. Everest.
Elena: Nobody likes a bragger, Stefan.

[She takes in the view.]

Elena: Oh, wow.
Stefan: Yeah. Hey, you can say it.

[She looks at him.]

Elena: Say what?
Stefan: The thing you've been wanting to say, but...Been afraid of how it'll make me feel.
Elena: There's nothing I can say, Stefan. It's not going to change anything.
Stefan: Might make you feel better. Look, I know this isn't the first time you've thought about it. Drinking vampire blood to survive. I mean, I know I've thought about it a hundred times.
Elena: And before all this with Klaus, did you think about it then?
Stefan: Of course I did. Elena...If it were my choice, I'd want to be with you forever.
Elena: Why have you never brought it up?
Stefan: 'Cause I knew if it was an option, you would have. It would be selfish for me to ask you.
Elena: Didn't stop Damon.
Stefan: He shouldn't have done what he did. He did it because he loves you.
Elena: But he did this to me, Stefan, which means he doesn't really know what love is. And to be honest, I don't know if I do. I'm seventeen years old. How am I supposed to know any of this yet?

[She takes his hands.]

Elena: I know that I love you, Stefan. I know that. But my future? Our lives together? Those were things I was supposed to deal with as they came along. I was supposed to grow up.

[She starts crying.]

Elena: Decide if I want to have kids and start a family. Grow old. I was supposed to have a lifetime of those choices, That's all gone.
Stefan: Hey, say it.
Elena: I don't want to be a vampire, Stefan. I never wanted to be one.
Stefan: I know. It's okay.

[He embraces her. She's still crying.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[It's dark. A full moon is shining in the sky. Damon, Caroline and Tyler go outside. Matt is waking up. Caroline rushes over to him.]

Caroline: Hey, Matt!

[She looks at Damon.]

Caroline: Hey. Did you hit him?!
Damon: Did you already forget about the part with the gun and the wooden bullets?

[Tyler growls and holds his chest. He looks up at the moon.]

Caroline: Tyler? Tyler?
Tyler: It's starting.
Damon: Grab boy wonder and let's go.
Caroline: Come on.

[They leave.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan parks his car, goes out and opens the door for Elena. She gets out of the car.]

Elena: Thanks for today.

[Stefan feels something. He puts himself in front of Elena and they both turn their heads. Klaus is there.]

Klaus: You got me all nervous. I thought maybe you'd done something stupid. You ready, my dear?
Elena: I'm ready.

[She starts walking toward him but Stefan stops her.]

Stefan: No.
Klaus: I wouldn't. No reason for you to die, too.

[She turns around and looks at Stefan. He can't stop staring at Klaus.]

Elena: No. Stefan, hey, hey, it's fine, it's fine. I'll go. No one needs to get hurt. There's no reason for you to get hurt.

[She kisses him.]

Elena: I love you.
Stefan: I love you.

[They kiss again.]

Elena: Close your eyes. Close your eyes.

[He closes his eyes. She lets go of his hand. When he opens his eyes, she's gone.]

[Stefan enters the house. Alaric's there.]

Alaric: There you are. I got here, the house was empty.
Stefan: Where's Damon?


[Damon, Caroline, Matt and Tyler are walking through the woods.]

Matt: What's happening? Is he okay?
Damon: He better not wolf out on us.

[Damon's phone rings. He answers. It's Stefan.]

Damon: Bad time, little bro.
Stefan: What the hell are you doing?
Damon: Saving the day. I figured you'd understand. Just tell Elena to stay put.
Stefan: She's already gone, Damon.
Damon: What?
Stefan: Klaus came. He took her.
Damon: I'll take care of it.

[He hangs up. Tyler doubles over and falls to the ground. The transformation begins.]

Matt: Tyler!
Tyler: I don't know if I can hold it off. Get out of here.
Caroline: Tyler, it'll be okay.
Tyler: Go!
Caroline: You've got time. We're almost there, just...
Tyler: It's happening faster.
Caroline: Tyler, it's okay.

[Tyler's eyes are yellow. He rushes over towards Caroline but Damon intercepts him and they both fall to the ground. Damon is on his back and Tyler is above him. Damon pushes him but Tyler bites him in the process. Damon gets up.]

Caroline: Damon...
Damon: I'm fine.
Tyler: Get out of here!
Damon: Get to the Lockwood cellar. If it held him in, it'll keep him out. If it doesn't...use these.

[He gives them wooden bullets.]

Damon: It'll buy you a couple seconds. Go. Go!

[They leave. Tyler continues transforming. Damon rushes away.]

Alaric's Residence

[Klaus enters the apartment.]

Klaus: Where's Maddox? He should be back by now.
Katherine: I don't know.

[Klaus sits down and opens the laptop. It shows a live video of Jules lying on the floor of a cellar, chained to the wall.]

Katherine: What are you doing? Where's Elena?
Klaus: I sent her off with Greta.

[He's looking at Jules, who's transitioning.]

Klaus: It's almost time.

[The door opens. Katherine and Klaus look at the door.]

Klaus: I wasn't aware you'd been invited in.

[Damon's standing behind Klaus.]

Damon: I've come here to tell you that you have to postpone the ritual.
Klaus: Didn't we already have this conversation?
Damon: Yeah, but that was before I rescued your werewolf and vampire and killed your witch.

[Klaus gets up.]

Klaus: Excuse me?

[He faces Damon.]

Damon: And you can kill me for it. I don't care. It was
Klaus: Katerina, give us a moment.

[She looks at them and leaves.]

Klaus: I've heard about you. The crazy, impulsive vampire in love with his brother's girl. I knew one of you would try to stop me. It was a just a 50/50 guess on who.

[He shows him the video of Jules.]

Klaus: The nice thing about werewolves is they tend to travel in packs. Need a closer look?

[He throws him the cellphone so he can see better.]

Damon: Jules.
Klaus: When you spend a thousand years trying to break a curse...You learn a thing or two. First rule...always have a backup. Backup werewolf. Backup witch.
Damon: Backup vampire.
Klaus: I've got that covered, too.

Lockwood Cellar

[Caroline and Matt rush into the cellar and close the door.]

Caroline: Come on, down here.
Matt: Is that going to hold?
Caroline: No.

[They go further into the cellar. Caroline is starts closing the iron gate.]

Caroline: Help me with the gate. Help me with the gate!

[He helps her. She closes it. Tyler the wolf enters the cellar and looks at them.]

Caroline: Tyler? It's me. It's Caroline. Tyler?

[He rushes over to the gate.]

Alaric's Residence

[Damon is on the floor lying unconscious. Katherine gives him some blood from a blood bag and slaps him on the cheek to wake him.]

Katherine: Hey. Damon. Hey. Damon!

[He wakes up.]

Damon: Ahh. What the hell happened?
Katherine: He's gone. He went to do the ritual. I'm sorry. I had to. He would have known that I was on vervain if I didn't do it.
Damon: Ahh. Do what?
Katherine: Klaus. He made me call her to lure her out. He needed another vampire.
Damon: Who did you call?

[He grabs her arm.]

Damon: Who did you call, Katherine?


[Elena and Greta are walking in the dark through the forest.]

Elena: Where are we going?
Greta: This way.
Elena: You're Luka's sister, aren't you? I heard about you. He and your father were looking for you.
Greta: Well, they were wasting their time. I wasn't lost.

[Elena trips on a rock.]

Elena: God, I can't see anything.

[Greta lights fires all around them. Elena sees someone lying on the ground. She rushes over to her. It's Jenna.]

Elena: Jenna? Jenna, Jenna! Jenna? Hey, hey, Jenna! Jenna!

[She can't find a pulse.]

Elena: Oh, my God. No. Jenna! No!

[She looks at Greta.]

Elena: He killed her? Why? I did everything that he asked.

[Jenna wakes up.]

Greta: She's not dead. She's in transition.

Alaric's Residence

[Damon gets up from the floor.]

Damon: Should have used me. Why didn't he use me?
Katherine: He couldn't. Damon, he said you were as good as dead.
Damon: What does that even mean?
Katherine: What does that mean?

[She looks at Tyler's bite on Damon's forearm.]

Katherine: What is this, Damon?
Damon: It's a werewolf bite.

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