Elena: I want my memories back.
Caroline: Wait, what?
Elena: I've made up my mind. If Damon survives this, then.. I want Alaric to uncompel me. I mean, I can't imagine ever loving him, but I also can't.. ignore the parts that I don't like, just to avoid the truth. I mean, how will I make any decisions.. if I only know half the story..

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get is the sixth episode of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and seventeenth episode of the series overall.


The Vampire Diaries - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get Trailer

The Vampire Diaries - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get Trailer

A RESCUE IN THE NIGHT — When Alaric realizes that Jo can't be compelled, he asks Elena to do some digging into her background. After learning that Enzo has been captured by Tripp, Caroline teams up with Matt and Stefan to rescue him before Tripp learns of their true identities. Armed with some new information about her past, Sarah breaks into Tripp's office and is surprised when she finds Matt there, doing some investigating of his own. Meanwhile, Elena is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions, and Jeremy hits rock bottom, lashing out in a destructive way. Lastly, Damon is determined to take matters into his own hands when he receives some upsetting news.



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  • AntagonistTripp Cooke.
  • With its nine words (31 letters total), this episode has the longest title so far in the series.
    • The title may refer to Damon's return and Elena ignoring him.
  • Ivy is killed by Tripp by driving her over the Mystic Falls border.
  • Stefan and Damon decide to tell everyone that Bonnie wasn't with Damon.
  • Damon lies to Jeremy that Bonnie found peace, since he was under the impression that Kai killed her in the prison world and believed it would be easier for him to hear.
  • Damon calls Bonnie's phone to hear voice as he wanted to hear her voice as he realized he missed hearing it.
  • Jo informs Elena that she knows that Elena and Alaric are vampires. She also tells Elena if there are any more blood bags missing she'll know who to come to about it.
  • Elena figures out that Jo is a witch after determining she wasn't on vervain and yet still couldn't be compelled.
  • Enzo threatens to expose the Mystic Falls Gang vampires to Tripp (which includes Stefan, Elena, and Caroline) when Matt comes to visit him at Tripp's cabin, since it was Stefan who handed him over to him in the first place.
  • Matt finds out that Tripp's next target was Caroline after he had found Caroline's number in Ivy's phone.
  • Tripp and his hunters go to Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena's dorm room, but instead of finding Caroline, they come upon Damon and capture him.
  • After refusing to have Alaric restore her memories all day, Elena finally talks to Caroline and realizes that she wants her memories back after all, because she knows she can't make informed decisions without knowing everything about her life. This seemed to relieve Caroline quite a bit, until it was revealed that Alaric had been turned back into a human and had thus lost his ability to restore her memories after all.
  • Damon, Enzo, Alaric and Stefan cross the Mystic Falls border while the latter two were trying to rescue the former two from Tripp's van, where they were chained in the back.
    • Alaric was pulled over the anti-magic barrier when he tried to wrestle control of the wheel away from Tripp, who wouldn't let go of him.
    • After Stefan saw that the three of them had crossed the border, he rushed over it as well in order to save them, causing the gunshot wound that killed him in 1864 to appear on his chest. However, though he was able to save Enzo and Damon, they were all too weak from the anti-magic spell to save Alaric, who was too weak to get up and save himself.
  • Tripp escapes injured while Stefan is busy freeing Damon and Enzo from his van.
  • It is revealed that Enzo died of consumption as a human.
  • We see that being within the anti-magic border prevents vampires from accessing their powers, such as heightened speed and strength, since Stefan wasn't able to vamp-speed over to the van that held Damon and Enzo, and had to use a crowbar to break them free. All three vampires also had to limp their way back beyond the border threshold in order for their vampirism to return and allow them to recover from the effects of the spell.
  • Jo saves Alaric from dying at just the right moment with hemostatic gauze after he was thrown over the Mystic Falls border and nearly died from the stab wound that originally killed him and turned him into an Enhanced Original vampire. However, though Jo was able to save him from death by exsanguination, his vampirism was totally stripped away, returning him back to his previously human state.
    • This means that Alaric can no longer replace Elena's lost memories.
    • It also means that there are only three Original vampires left-- Niklaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikaelson.
  • Matt informs Sarah that her ancestors, Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore, are vampires.
  • After Stefan tries to make amends with Caroline after the return of his brother, Caroline becomes upset and tells Stefan that she doesn't want to be friends with him anymore.
  • After avoiding Damon the whole day, Elena finally decides to meet Damon. Before he arrives, she starts going through the box of packed memories of her relationship with Damon.
  • It is established that a vampire can survive after having their vampirism stripped away by the magic purification spell, though this is dependent on several factors such as timing, whether the wound that originally killed them is 100% fatal or not, and whether or not they can get medical attention in time.
    • However, Jo explains in Do You Remember the First Time? that Alaric being turned back into a human was a very rare confluence of events that could likely not be replicated a second time.
  • This is the only time Katherine Pierce has not appeared in the sixth episode of a season, as she made her first appearance in the sixth episode of season one, and appeared in every sixth episode until this point in time.

Body Count

  • Ivy and two other vampires - forced to cross the anti-magic barrier into Mystic Falls and had their vampirism stripped away, killed by Tripp Cooke



  • Jeremy, Matt and Enzo were last seen in Black Hole Sun.
  • Enzo was freed from Tripp's captivity in this episode. Tripp captured in Enzo in Welcome to Paradise with help from Stefan who was hoping Tripp would kill him.
  • This is the last appearance of Ivy.
  • This is the first episode not to feature Bonnie since I'll Remember, but she's mentioned by several characters.
  • Damon has his first interaction with Stefan since Promised Land and his first with Elena since Home as well as Alaric.
  • Alaric becomes the third vampire to be made human again and the second to do so without the cure.
    • The first vampire to be made human again was Katherine after she was force-fed the cure.
    • The first vampire to be made human again without the cure was the Traveler Sloan, who was immediately killed after ingesting the mixed doppelgänger blood.

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had 1.59 million viewers in the USA, 0.01 million more than the previous episode.
  • Hashtag during the airing is #WelcomeBackDamon

Cultural References



Damon"I'm back!"
Elena"He’s back?!"
Tripp: "Draw up the location of your vampire friends, or you and I are going to go sightseeing in Mystic Falls."
Alaric: "How the hell are ya?"
Damon"My best friend compelled my beautiful and lovely girlfriend to forget that she ever loved me. I’m great, Ric."
Alaric: "We need to know who the next target is."
Damon: "Enzo?"
Damon: "I came back for this?"
Damon"Our eyes will meet, fireworks will go off and the balance of nature will be restored."



Last.fm_play.png "Why Don't You Love Me" – Hank Williams
Last.fm_play.png "Lucille" – John The Conqueror
Last.fm_play.png "I Don't Wanna Be In Love" – Dark Waves
Last.fm_play.png "Last Summer" – David Gray
Last.fm_play.png "Last Night Of Summer" – The Garden District
Last.fm_play.png "Unbreakable" – Jamie Scott




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