They’re still rising, the spell calls to them, but it takes time to work across distance. Our ancestors in New Orleans heard the call first, but it’s still working its way outward. There are mentions of your mother in here. Esther, right? Grandmother used one of her spells. It was something about contacting her ancestors. Not to bring them back, but just to create a link between this world and the Other Side. The spell made the barrier permeable and located them behind it. Mother built on that, using the vulnerability that Esther’s spell created to send her own magic through. There’s a beacon. The call is being sent out by something, and that same something provides the power that keeps the dead witches on their feet. It controls them and animates them, and if you destroy the signal the entire spell will end.

Les Morts-Vivants (English: "the Living" or "Walking Dead", or simply "the Undead"; Pronounced: LAY MORE-VEEVont) were a coven of powerful, undead, zombie-like witches in the 18th century.

Having had it with vampires and the Mikaelsons ruling cruelly over the City of New Orleans, Lily Leroux, the daughter of the coven's fallen witch leader decided to take matters into her own hands and seize control over the witches, casting a spell that would open a door from the Other Side and the Ancestral Plane allowing thousands of witches to come back through to the land of the living as extremely physically strong beings under her control. Lily's spell was strong enough to ripple throughout most of the New World, resurrecting any dead witch in its path to do her bidding.

Les Morts Vivants were members of the New Orleans Coven and were the only other undead creatures known to have been more powerful than the Original Family.

Throughout The Originals Novels

In The Originals: The Loss, Lily uses a spell to resurrect the dead witches and one of the first casualties caused by the resurrection is Ava Duquesne, a vampire turned by Elijah.

After Ava's death, Lily began to use her army to attack multitudes of vampires and began killing them. The spell even started to ripple throughout New Orleans and regardless of turning people into vampires, it still wouldn't have been enough to defeat them. Fortunately, the Mikaelsons found out that Vivianne would have die again in order to defeat the army of undead witches.

When Vivianne dies, the spell works slowly and eventually the undead start collapsing to the ground. They rise up again and began reassembling themselves with not only their own parts, but with other recently deceased werewolves and vampires, and began attacking witches, vampires and werewolves to eat their hearts. Soon, one is set ablaze and becomes a puddle of ooze as his flesh began to slough off his bones. Rebekah then realized this was starting to happen to the rest of the undead witches and all then disintegrated, leaving puddles of ooze and remains.

Physical Appearances

The reanimated witches look they same as they did when they were still living, but more animalistic.

After Vivianne destroys the opal and does a spell herself, the Morts Vivants disassemble and while they were reassembling themselves again, it didn't matter if a body part matched or not. There were a few of them that reassembled themselves with different body parts of a witch, vampire or werewolf.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: The Morts Viviants are extremely strong.
  • Self-Resurrection: The Morts-Vivants can self-resurrect themselves as long as the "beacon" they are connected to is alive.


  • They bear a striking resemblance to zombies, but unlike the zombies, still have the ability to speak.

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