Turns out Teddy Carver, the archeologist who excavated Horemhabi, brought his wife with him. And Gemma Carver was a witch. And not just any witch, but the most powerful witch in England at the time. They weren't in Egypt looking for mummies. They were excavating specifically for "The Heart of the Nile." The stone was legendary among witches. We'd been looking for it for centuries.
Bonnie about Teddy, Gemma and the Mummy

The Mummy is the eleventh volume of The Vampire Diaries Digital Comic and the nineteenth and twentieth issues in the series.[1]


Part 1: A traveling mummy exhibit offers the teens of Mystic Falls a unique opportunity—an overnight museum stay! When freshman class members Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett and Stefan Salvatore volunteer to chaperon pre-teens for extra credit, they have no idea what they're getting themselves into!

Part 2: Stefan Salvatore woke up a 1000-year-old mummy. But what kind of curse has he activated, and will Elena and the rest of his friends be able to save him?


Part One

Egypt, 1901. The full moon's moonlight shines down upon the barren sand. A man shouts in the distance of an excavation site, "they've found something!" Teddy Carver runs through, ordering diggers to move out of his way. Before him, he's in the main chamber with a sarcophagus and a large jewel. His wife, Gemma and other diggers join him. It's the Mummy of Horemhabi.

Mystic Falls, 2009. One-hundred and eight years later following the mummy's discovery. Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, and Stefan Salvatore are in the freshman class at Mystic Falls High School. Matt is frustrated with Caroline for dragging him into this. A night away from their parents and no chaperones. She doesn't understand how he couldn't be more into this. They've volunteered to chaperon pre-teens for extra credit at the museum. Their teacher calls back their attention and appreciates their willingness to volunteer as he believes it will do the kids good to spend time with older students that they can look up to. Ad the proceeds they head to the museum, Horemhabi's Tomb is in its final days, and they've partnered up with their students at seven after their dinner. Afterward, they'll go on a tour of the museum. The tour guide believes the final part is the most exciting. Not many people get to spend the night with a mummy. Jokingly, she tells the students that exhibits do not come to life after the doors are locked. With their attention on her, she asks the group if anyone's familiar with Horemhabi's curse. A little girl speaks up. The story goes that as soon as they opened the tomb, the mummy attacked and killed the exhibition and went back to sleep. According to the tour guide, she's correct and wonder's if any of the high schoolers know what happens next. Matt raises his hand and speaks up. The Egyptian workers took it as a sign from the gods that they oppose the British archeologists and rioted for two weeks which led to the French getting exclusive rights to excavate the Valley of the Kings. Stefan, Caroline, and Elena are all surprised at his wealth of knowledge; Caroline playfully calls him a "nerd". Matt, embarrassed, tells her he was into mummies when he was a kid. But he's correct. The tour guide continues the story. The authorities thought that grave-robbers might have attacked the two archeologists, as a large jewel, "The Heart of the Nile", was taken from the sarcophagus. However, given that the only thing missing from the camp was the jewel, the rumor of the "mummy's curse" spread with the telling. Stefan declines to go any further into the exhibit - he's never been into the whole "Egypt thing". Once you've seen the real things, an imitation leaves a bad taste. Elena goes in and sees the mummy. He's not so scary, she thinks. Bonnie, however, surprises and scares her. She couldn't resist. She thought she wasn't scared, but wanted to make a point. While they look over the exhibit, Matt and Caroline make-out over in a corner. Elena's happy for him, though. The more time she spends in the exhibit, the more she gets a weird vibe from the mummy. Elena doesn't understand, but Bonnie believes something isn't right. Matt asks Caroline if she wants to sneak away, but Caroline doesn't as they have to watch the kids. Matt seeks advice from Stefan. he's trying hard to get over Elena, but he's not sure if Caroline's playing him. Stefan's seen her "kind" before. They're all about playing the game. Matt wonders if that's why he feels like he's losing. The tour guide calls their attention one more time and instructs Elena to do one final headcount and they can all go to sleep. They're all there, except for Billy. Stefan offers to go find the missing boy. He's back in Horemhabi's exhibit, admiring the mummy. Stefan tells him it's time for bed, but he doesn't want to go. As Stefan approaches Billy, the mummy springs to life and grabs Billy who screams. Stefan speeds over and grabs Billy from the mummy's clutches as Elena enters, hearing Billy's scream. He tells her to get Billy out of there but the tour guide gains her attention, asking what is going on. She tells the women that they have to get everyone out of here, now! The mummy leaves the exhibit and the tour guide runs away. Stefan faces the mummy on his own. Despite his speed, the mummy grabs him by his arm and grabs Stefan's head and twisting his arm behind and above his back.

Part Two

Stefan forces himself free from the mummy's grasp and twists his neck sideways, snapping as if to stop it. The mummy is unaffected and restores his neck and head in seconds. Stefan's surprise, this mummy isn't what he believed it to be, a vampire. The mummy and Stefan continue to fight as Elena and Bonnie usher the pre-teens to safety. With the remaining kids out of harm's way, Bonnie tells Elena to stay. She'll face the mummy. Telling Stefan to duck, she uses her pyrokinesis and sets the mummy ablaze. The mummy's rendered to ash and smoke, and Stefan's fine. Stefan informs them if they don't act quick, they'll all be in trouble and asks Elena to help him - the boy, Billy, is missing and he needs her to find him. He'll go talk to the tour guide. Matt consoles Caroline, the mummy having almost got them. She's more concerned for herself. They've almost died. Stefan finds the tour guide and compels her. The exhibit wasn't safely installed and a light caused the mummy to catch fire. He tells her that she's the one who dragged the mummy from the exhibit to keep it from burning down and saved everyone. The tour guide understands and he instructs her to go tell the police. In the meantime, Elena's found Billy. Stefan wonders if he can keep a secret and he immediately believes that Stefan's superman. Outside, the fire and police departments are on the scene. The tour guide explains what happens to Sheriff Forbes. She expresses that it was a shoddy construction job and is surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Sheriff Forbes seems doubtful but doesn't pursue it. Later at Mystic Grill, Bonnie joins Elena and Stefan. She's found something her Gram's attic. Turns out Teddy Carver, the archeologist who excavated Horemhabi brought his wife with him. Gemma Carver was a witch and not just any witch, but the most powerful witch in England at the time. They weren't in Egypt looking for mummies, they were excavating specifically for "The Heart of the Nile". The stone was legendary among witches and they've been looking for it for centuries. Unfortunately for Matt, Elena believes they were just grave-robbers and not interested in Egyptology. Stefan asks what happened to the jewel, but Bonnie doesn't have a clue. No one does and it's still missing.

Egypt, 1901. After Teddy finds the jewel, he shows it to Gemma. After all these years searching they finally have it. However, before they can do anything, a noise comes from the camp. A "mummy" stalks through the camp; diggers begin to riot and run for their lives. It's the curse, they exclaim. The mummy finds Teddy and Gemma, but Teddy attacks him, attempting to defend his wife. With a shovel, he bashes the "mummy" in the head and it falls to the ground, seemingly taken care of. Teddy's surprised. He's never seen anything of the sort. A Groaning mummy. He wants to examine it further, but Gemma doesn't believe it's a good idea. The "mummy" springs back to life and attacks Teddy's throat. It's not a mummy, but a vampire. Gemma screams for her husband, but the vampire attacks her.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan returns home to the Boarding house. Damon questions how his little campus was. Stefan explains when he got close to the mummy, it attacked him. Damon finds it strange and it seems like he quite the uneventful evening. He tells Damon that Bonnie believed the mummy was booby-trapped with a spell if a vampire got close. Directly, he asks if he would know anything about the situation. Damon, closing the lid on a box containing "The Heart of the Nile" rhetorically asks what he would have to do with a mummy attacking him.

Flashback to Egypt, Damon rips through Gemma's throat. Teddy, barely alive, pleads to "mummy" as he releases Gemma, letting her fall to the ground. With "The Heart of the Nile" still in hand, Gemma casts a spell using the jewel. The mummy's sarcophagus begins to glow as the spell takes effect, cursing the mummy so it would come alive and attack any vampire that got too close. Despite the spell, Gemma perished alongside her husband as Damon fully recovered from his desiccated state.


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  • Art by: Tony Shasteen
  • Colored by: Rex Lokus
  • Cover by: Jason Badower
  • Page Count: 23
  • Age Rating: 15+ Only



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