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Tremble then in the presence of [...] The Necromancer! Bringer of life and death. He who holds the Fates' threads. The cursed king of the underworld!
The Necromancer about himself to Dorian and Alaric in Mombie Dearest

The Necromancer is a witch who appeared in the sixth episode of the first season of Legacies and a secondary antagonist of the second season. He was once the world-renowned necromancer, whose name alone caused people to tremble. His legacy, however, was essentially reduced to "barely a footnote" for a brand of sorcery, the practice of necromancy, when he was erased by Malivore. After he completed his objective, to return the supernatural knife to Malivore, he was released to find peace. Instead, he was sent to Texas as a chance to start over, a life well-lived and eventually find peace. However, he was not content with this and reclaimed his birthright for magic — Necromancy.

Early History

Before the 1920s, he had frequented Rousseau's and had known Klaus Mikaelson, who he had stated to be good for his business.

In 1944, he was in Normandy and resurrected a few soldiers on the beach, and killed Nazis while doing so. He was then stabbed in the heart by an unknown person and ended up in the darkness.

Throughout Legacies Series

The Necromancer greets Alaric and Dorian

In Mombie Dearest, he briefly takes over Jo when he talks to Alaric and mocks him about finding his daughter. Later, when Dorian and Alaric are at Jo's grave, he appears and menacingly tries to frighten them, but this doesn't work. After he mocks them and asks what they're going to do, Alaric raises the shovel he has and hits the Necromancer unconscious.

Alaric interrogates the Necromancer

In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, he is being tortured and interrogated in the werewolf cell by Alaric. Unfortunately for Alaric, many of his methods didn't work and the Necromancer laughed it off. He then gets excited and tells Hope he was wondering when she would visit him again. A little bit later, he tells her that he can smell a powerful scent of death on her and he at first doesn't believe her when she tells him that nobody has heard of him. When she continues about the dark place he was in and the knife, he tells her to continue and she gives him a book. He is deeply angry that he can't find an inch of an entry about himself and they continue to talk about Malivore.

He tells her if he returns the knife to Malivore, he'll be free to find peace and he then tells her about the symbol she shows him. He tells her about being in Normandy and killing Nazis with his resurrected soldiers, and then all of sudden there was just blackness. She tells what if they were able to access the memory through his subconscious, and tells her to bring a powerful vampire, but she's at her own peril. He then sees MG with Hope and mentions MG's great grandmother Imogene being behind him.

Hope enters the Necromancer's mind

He then gives his hands to MG while he sends Hope into the Necromancer's subconscious. While in his subconscious, he's sitting at the bar in Rousseau's and reveals to Hope he knew her father back then. He then begins to wonder if she really wants to solve the mystery of Malivore or instead find out about if Klaus is at peace or suffering. He then tells her that they need to find a door to his subconscious and proceeds to go outside where a line is walking. He sees a coffin and begins to mock her about if Klaus might be in there, and she opens it, seeing nothing inside. He then proceeds to open it up and jumps in, and disappears.

The Necromancer lets Hope wander in darkness

While Hope is suffering in an empty space of darkness in his subconscious, he laughs when MG tells him to cut it out. When Hope is crying and admitting about wanting to know about her father, she asks him to let her out of his subconscious and he does. He tells her that after he left her, he returned to the scene of his death and that he was stabbed in the heart with the knife Malivore needs. He tells her he also summoned the man who forged the knife and she needed lessons to be learned while he had work to do. He tells her more about Malivore being created to erase the supernatural and that there are three locks, with the knife being one of them. He then tells her not only he stalled her in the darkness he suffered in, he did what he did best and controlled Rafael's girlfriend, Cassie to retrieve the knife.

The Necromancer "finds peace"

He then tells her about summoning a Bennett witch to ensure the knife was returned to Malivore quickly. He does tell her that her father watches over her every day and he did die with love in his heart but he won't find peace until she does. He then senses the knife being destroyed in Malivore and one lock is released, and with that, so is he, and he then disappears, finding peace.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, the Necromancer is revealed to be the mysterious figure under the red cloak. He cuts off Ryan Clarke's head, and throws it into the Malivore portal, essentially closing it for good.

The Necromancer is powerless

In I Couldn't Have Done This Without You, one year previously, the Necromancer was released from Malivore's grasp. He wakes up at a strip mall in Texas and confronted by a store security guard. When he threatened to call the cops, he attempted to strike the guard down with his magic, though he learned he was powerless. Beyond that, his form had been reverted back to a human appearance. The Necromancer believes that Malivore had broken their deal and took away his magic. With no powers and not at peace, he's re-assumed his, presumably, the identity of his former, human self — "Ted".

"Ted" works at the Ice Dream Palace

A month later, struggling with the concept of being human, Ted begins working at the Ice Dream Palace working with Gary as his Boss. He attempts to call to and resurrect a dead cockroach but nothing happens. With Gary getting to him, another employee, Chad, introduces himself. Breaking the ice, Chad tells him that he was the one that toasted Gary's phone with waffle cones. Ted reveals that it was a masterstroke that provided him the only smile he's had that month.

The Necromancer regains some of his magic

As another month passes at the Ice Dream Palace, the Necromancer is fed up with being human — he shouldn't be there cleaning up congealed dairy and sugar. They should be kings and people should tremble at the sound of their names. He wants to reclaim his power. Necromancy, dominion over life and death and the ability to bend the universe to your will. Chad, though naive, believes him, expressing that he wished he could have seen him back in the day. That gives Ted an idea. He crushes a cockroach beneath his heel, picks it up and places it on the freezer. Like before, he calls out to the bug. "Rise", he commands the insect. He's been practicing and, this time, it does as commanded. Having witnessed his sorcery, he asks Chad to become his acolyte, to which he agrees. He's going to become "the Necromancer" once more.

The Necromancer continues to regain his magic

In three months time, he's still struggling to regain his powers of necromancy. Cockroaches are child's play compared to more complex animals. Chad remains ever supportive though. Eventually he'll work his way back up to humans. The Necromancer recounts that Malivore took away his powers, but he couldn't take his birthright — a propensity for magic. Unfortunately, he now needs to rebuild his skills, step by step. Curiosity gets the better of Chad and asks why Malivore did this to him. If he was promised peace, why did he send him to Texas? Conceitedly, the Necromancer assumes that it's because he was jealous of his power and that he was the only one who was smart enough to outfox someone, though he can't remember exactly who.

The Necromancer decides to sacrifice Chad

With two more months passing, still struggling with his magic, the Necromancer falls into depression. Chad attempts to lighten the mood, asking if he'd like to do some magic, but he feels it's pointless. The Necromancer believes himself foolish — to think he could reclaim his former glory when it took him centuries to become "the Necromancer". Chad convinces him that he can't give up. Believing that he's still a sentient pit of black goo in rural Georgia, Chad convinces them that they should fight back. They take a trip to Georgia, but learn that Malivore is gone. He was defeated. In order to begin to reclaim his glory, he tells Chad that dark sorcery requires a steep price to be paid in exchange for power and he must sacrifice that which he holds most dear. Unfortunately for Chad, he's the one who the Necromancer has grown fond of in their time together. Despite his sacrifice, a month has passed to which he's now able resurrect humans, starting with Chad. In that time, he's devised a master plan, a plan that takes him back to Mystic Falls — a place of immense magical energy, a place where so many people have died, the very ground courses with blood and power.

Within another month, he and Chad have made their way back to Mystic Falls — specifically Mystic Falls Cemetery. He plans to consecrate the ground. There he'll set up a trap for the next hapless soul who wanders through. This revelation upsets Chad, but the Necromancer explains that to seal his bond to the cemetery and draw from the mystical hot spot beneath, he'll need to murder — a murder of pure, unbridled cruelty.

The Necromancer controls Chad

As the next few months pass, the Necromancer discovers that the school, more specifically Josie, has a mora miserium. In one stroke, it could restore his powers. Furthermore, he recalls the girl who suddenly returned to his memory, she's a tribrid. He believes she'll be an obstacle and opts that they may have to kill her. To save him the trouble, he elects to kill them all instead. Not fond of this plan, Chad attempts to kill the Necromancer, but he stops Chad, finding his futile attempt funny. The Necromancer can't be stopped by Chad as he's not in control of himself anymore. The Necromancer renounces their apparent friendship — he is his eternal master and commands Chad to kneel, which he does. Chad believes he finally understands why Malivore did what he did. What if he made the Necromancer human to give him a shot at peace? If "Ted" could have just lived that life well, he might have gotten to peace. Malivore had given him a second chance to start over and "Ted" blew it.

The Necromancer recreates the Malivore portal

Spying on and witnessing various events unfolding at the Salvatore School, the Necromancer takes Ryan Clarke's body and casts a spell to recreate the portal to Malivore. A day following the creation of the new portal, a creature emerges from it. The Necromancer however makes a bargain with it. He knows that Malivore promised it peace, however, he has a much better offer — he can grant it freedom from death and all he'd have to do is pay a visit to the Salvatore School and bring him back what he seeks, the mora miserium.

The Necromancer greets the newest Malivore monster

In What Cupid Problem?, using the jogger's reanimated eye, the Necromancer spies on Josie and Lizzie and the Salvatore witches send away the mora miserium. It's just gone. Chad makes light of his situation. Chad's comment upsets the Necromancer even more and he picks up the blood cauldron and throws it to the ground, spilling blood all over and screaming at Chad. Despite the outburst, Chad offers the advice that he's got to be more positive, giving him the idea that there's got to be something else they can use at the school that has more power. The Necromancer attempts to strike Chad, but the Malivore portal begins to bubble. He tells Chad to hold that thought and goes to greet their new visitor.

Chad gives the Necromancer the golden arrow

With Pothos busy causing a distraction at the school, the Necromancer and Chad breach the protection spell that surrounds the school, breaking into the weapons armory. As they make it back to the Salvatore crypt, the Necromancer inspects their haul. Junk! It's all junk. The Necromancer asks Chad why they wasted their time stealing all this junk. Chad wheelbarrows in Pothos' corpse. Asking what took so long, Chad tells him that he had to wait until they buried him for him to dig him back up. The Necromancer isn't interested in his excuses and commands him to put Pothos' body with the sphinx. Before he moves, Chad notices the arrow that Pothos wanted in exchange for distracting the Salvatore kids. The Golden Arrow. The Necromancer, for once, is pleased and, though reluctantly, tells Chad that he's done a good job.

In Kai Parker Screwed Us, as a new monster crawls out of the Malivore pit, the Necromancer greets him. The 'monster' is surprised that he's made it as the Necromancer continues with introductions. He asks the 'monster' who he is as he is quite unlike any monster he has ever encountered.

In You Can't Save Them All, his form is summoned by Kai using the crystal that was stolen along with the other items from the Salvatore weapons armory. Kai tells him that he could get in and this is proof, though he finds Kai's bragging unbecoming. He warns Kai that underestimating Hope is at his own peril. Kai, however, has a plan for her. He always has a plan. To the Necromancer's dismay, he won't reveal it, despite all the information he's given Kai. It's time he returns the favor. Kai addresses him as "Mr. Necromancer", but that upsets him further — it's the Necromancer. Kai tells him that he'll get what he wants — Josie Saltzman, crackling with all the black magic that he needs. However, he'll only get it if he backs off and does exactly as he says. The Necromancer listens to his plan. It involves the golden arrow from the prophecy.

The Necromancer is summoned once again, though this time, Kai is ensnared in chains and trapped. Kai's relieved that he's still up. Kai wants him to send a minion to free him, but the Necromancer refuses because Kai lied to him. He's aware that he attempted to have another witch sever his connection with the Prison World and thereby severing his connection would have killed the dark witch that he needs. Kai admits that betrayal is sort of a habit at this point for him, but asks for freedom nevertheless. The Necromancer, however, reveals to him that the dark witch, Josie, has returned and he's no longer in need of Kai. He hears metal scrapping on the floor, it's Alaric with his sword. With that, the Necromancer vanishes, leaving Kai's fate up to Alaric.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, the Necromancer and Chad stand over the basin, watching Hope, MG, Lizzie discuss 'dark' Josie. Lizzie leaves but his reanimated creation can't keep up after her. He's sure that Hope is plotting something. Chad, unhelpfully, believes that she is — she always got an awesome plan. He's uninterested in what Chad has to say but events take a new turn, a new twist. Josie has found the Necromancer's creation. Chad believes that their "favorite show" is about to get canceled, but Josie appears behind them — it's more like a spinoff. Chad's amazed with her sudden appearance, but it's only an astral projection. A mere parlor trick as far as the Necromancer is concerned. He introduces himself as the "Almighty Necromancer", but Josie's rather unimpressed, more so when she realizes that he and Chad are the masterminds behind Malivore.

Despite initial appearances, he agrees to work with Josie and her plan to complete the Merge. Gaining entry into the Salvatore School he summoned all the students to witness the Merge, setting up a boxing ring and becoming Josie's hype-man and reanimated Alyssa Chang, after Josie killed her. When Lizzie did not show, Hope entered the boxing ring to face Josie, nothing else to stall until Lizzie showed. Hope, like the others, are just as surprised at the Necromancer's appearance. He even tells Hope that should she survive Josie, he'll tell her the whole story.

Meanwhile, the Necromancer controls Rafael — having killed and reanimated him previously — preventing him from ending his own life.

With Hope's pleas beginning to reach Josie, the Necromancer demands her to kill Hope. Josie briefly loses control and tells everyone to shut up. The real Josie breaks through for mere moments before her darkness regains control. The Necromancer watches as Josie nearly kills Hope, but his plans are thwarted by Lizzie's return, saving Hope in the process. The Necromancer brings out a knife and Josie and Lizzie commence with the Merge as he, Alyssa, Chad, Hope and MG watch. Josie and Lizzie collapse to the floor; the Merge completed. MG and Hope disappear and Alaric and Kaleb rush in, finding them both on the floor. The Necromancer would love to take responsibility for this payback, but it's all Josie's idea. Josie wakes and emerges as victor. With Lizzie apparently dead, the Necromancer, Josie and his two acolytes return to the crypt and watches from the basin as Alaric addresses the students of Lizzie's death.

With Josie having gotten what she wanted, the completion of the Merge, the Necromancer wants to put all her black magic to good use — to raise and control Malivore. Josie's concerned that if they raise him and he gets his hands on Landon, he'd be invincible. The Necromancer assures her not to worry. He already has a plan for Landon. Using Rafael as a puppet, Rafael stabs Landon with the golden arrow, seemingly killing him in the process.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, the Necromancer commands Chad to get the robes. They must have ceremony. With the phoenix vessel no longer a threat to his plans, today's the day they raise Malivore. The Necromancer's excitement is cut short. Chad and Alyssa are redecorating the crypt at Josie's command. They're supposed to be preparing the pit. Josie, however, has revealed that the Merge wasn't successful. If it had been, she would have absorbed Lizzie, but she can't feel her at all. Alyssa guesses it's Hope. The Necromancer is furious. Josie is not the one who decides what they do next. Chad and Alyssa are his puppets and takes control over them, amusing himself. Josie, however, has other plans and forces the Necromancer to her will. He's going to do what she says now. Adding insult to injury, she asks him if her instructions are clear or does she need to make him nod in response. Unable to do anything else, he tells her that her wish is his command. Josie releases him, as well as Chad and Alyssa, from her grip and commands him to use his zombie eye to find out what really happened to Lizzie.

As Josie stands over the pit, the Necromancer reports back to her. They've been watching the basin all day, as requested, and the entire school has been planning Lizzie's memorial. Who is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Which they already knew from witnessing the Merge. Josie's not convinced. There's something new in her my mind that she can't quite reach, something that shouldn't be there. She tells him that he's been fooled — they know of his zombie eye and they're all acting. She mocks him, calling him Ted. The Necromancer immediately grows furious, lashing out at her, but quickly curbs his rage. He asks her what she wants him to do. Josie believes that Alaric is behind this and wants him to chat with him as she searches her mind to find the thing that is out of place.

Having control over Rafael, and knowing of his conversation with Alaric, he knocks Alaric unconscious and has him bring Alaric to Mystic Tap. The Necromancer fixes Alaric a drink as he comes too. Alaric grabs a bottle and breaks it over the side of the bar ready to attack. Rafael calls out to him. Chad, Rafael and Alyssa are all present. If he attacks, the Necromancer will force them to fight. Alyssa tells him that the Necromancer just wants to talk. It's true. He has an offer for Alaric. he refuses to make a deal, but the Necromancer assures him that it will result in saving Josie. They both want the same thing — the black magic out of Josie and for her to be out of his life. Alaric, again, refuses his help. The Necromancer warns him that it's only a matter of time before he fails. Josie already suspects he's up to something and when she figures out what he's up to, she'll put an end to it. He doesn't care either way, but he desperately wants that black magic. Alaric wants him to set Rafael and Alyssa free. No strings attached. The Necromancer agrees. Why not. He'll raise his puppets, then he'll sever his tie with them. Rafael asks if he could bring back Landon, too. Of course he could. Rafael pleads with Alaric. This is his way of saving them both. Alaric still doesn't trust the Necromancer, so he offers an alternative. An unbreakable covenant spell. If neither of them don't hold up their end of the bargain, then neither of them gets what they want. Alaric will lose Rafael, Alyssa and Landon, and he'll lose his magic. No exceptions. He leaves the grimoire with Alaric and commands the acolytes to leave. When he's made up his mind, he knows how to signal him.

Alaric eventually decides to take the Necromancer's offer. Meeting at the crypt, Alaric and Lizzie perform a spell over Josie, still searching her conscience for Hope. Lizzie takes the black magic out of Hope and transfers it to the Necromancer — restoring his power. Keeping true to his word, or the covenant spell, he raises Alyssa and Rafael and frees them of his control. Landon, however, doesn't wake.

LGC301-006-The Necromancer.png
In We're Not Worthy, the Necromancer finds Landon's spirit nearing peace. Before he's about to cross over, he pulls back his spirit asking him where he's going.

Later, with Landon's spirit in tow, he barges his way into the Salvatore School. He demands for Alaric to deal with the lying, cheating, backstabbing miscreant that is Landon. Curiously, Rafael can see Landon while Alaric cannot. The Necromancer reasons that because Rafael was attached to him in death, he can see him. Alaric demands to know what's going on and he explains that he's in possession of the phoenix's infuriatingly stubborn spirit. But the dark magic he was promised remains out of his grasp until Landon returns from the dead. He explains that all he needs to do is drop him back into his body, and they can all go about their merry business. The only problem is, Landon won't come back.

LGC301-044-Landon-The Necromancer-Alaric.png
Alaric questions if he's not powerful enough to force Landon back into his body. The Necromancer scoffs at the thought. He is, afterall, the lord of the restless dead and judge of all men's fates. He swims laps in the River Styx. Despite this, even he has limitations. Begrudgingly, he admits that he can technically only raise a spirit to life if the spirit or the host is willing. Alaric's angry, considering that's a big technicality. Landon quips that it at least matches his ego. The Necromancer is astonished by Landon's behavior. Never has a soul been so stubborn as to refuse his gracious offer to return to the realm of the living. Alaric agrees that they'll convince Landon, but he questions about Hope. The Necromancer doesn't want to involve Hope, the last thing he needs is tribrid hellfire raining down upon him over this technicality. So, he asks Alaric that perhaps they just keep this under their chapeaus until he's resurrected. Alaric's not interested in games. He takes hold of the Necromancer and demands to know what he's done to Hope. He's lost to what Alaric is asking. Rafael explains that she won't wake up and they believe that it has something to do with the black magic that was transferred to him. The Necromancer freely admits that this is not his doing. In fact, he doesn't even haven full use of the magic yet since Landon hasn't been resurrected. Rafael pleads with Landon to come back, but he continues to refuse. The Necromancer calls him an unreasonable, ungrateful git, but Landon reveals the true reason why he won't come back. He doesn't want the Necromancer to get any of the black magic that was promised to him. He's furious with Landon. Literally, everybody else was cool with it, but him. Rafael calms him down. He's not helping the situation and asks to talk to Landon alone. The Necromancer agrees, but with the condition of only having an hour.

LGC301-102~Landon-The Necromancer.png
With their conversation finished, Rafael returns to the Necromancer. He has another idea to offer. Rafael asks him that in order to bring back Landon, he only needs the spirit or the host to be willing. The Necromancer confirms this and asks about the status of the spirit. Landon is still unwilling. Rafael offers to put Landon's spirit in him. He's intrigued. Landon attempts to intervene, telling Rafael that's not what he wants. The Necromancer, however, is all too happy to do it and that Landon doesn't get a vote in what happens anymore. As the Necromancer raises his hand in preparation to force Landon's spirit into Rafael's body as a host, the doorbell rings at the school. It's Chad, who's initially unaware of the Necromancer's presence at the school. He startles him, causing Chad to reveal that he had returned to the crypt to get his headphones and that he's not touched his stuff or the pit. However, he reveals that a new lady monster has come out of the pit. She's asked for a worthy champion, so he's here looking for Hope. He reveals to Chad that Hope is unavailable at the moment and wants to know if she said anything else, but all he knows is that she's searching for a sword and that she sensed it was in a field.

LGC301-155-The Necromancer.png
Landon eventually agrees to return to his body and the Necromancer deal is made complete. He returns to the crypt and Alyssa finds him later that night. She informs him that Chad is dead. They were linked and questioned if this means she is going to die, too. Again. The Necromancer empathizes with her and understands her concern. He explains that it will be a gruesome and quite painful death. However, she'll need not fear sharing that fate if she agrees to give herself back over to him as his eternal acolyte. He asks her what she wants.

In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, Alaric bursts through the Salvatore Crypt and he's furious. They had a deal. He's very aware of their deal, as he's now coursing with black magic as a result. He warns Alaric that he better watch his tone. Alaric holds up a bad and Chad's decapitated, head falls out. It's more like that of a corpse than that of the recently deceased. The Necromancer is proud. Alaric didn't need to get him anything, but he points out that it's his former acolyte. Alaric wants him to stop playing games as he believes this was all his doing. The Necromancer confesses the opposite. They sealed their pact with a covenant spell and he's obviously upheld his end of the bargain, hence the magic. As the deal demanded, he severed his connection to them, just like he asked with no strings attached. He followed Alaric's word to the letter, but alas he was the one who brought them back to life. Therefore, Alaric's deal inadvertently doomed them all over again. He asks the Necromancer if they're going to die and he confirms that Rafael will most definitely be dead by sunrise. Landon, however, it's doubtful. Truthfully, he's not completely sure he was ever technically dead given his powers of resurrection. Alaric asks about Alyssa, but he simply tells him that one out of three ain't bad.

Later, the Necromancer reminds Alyssa that he's made her an offer. She is, however, still considering it, if her skill set can affect real change. He explains that the black pit is the reconstituted Malivore Pit, a portal to another dimension, forged by his own hand. She's more concerned with it being an eyesore, but he believes her to not understand what he's offering, what power dynamic is at play between them. She's confident that she does. The way she sees it, this is a job interview, and she's also interviewing him, too. She wants to know what his plans are, such as how he's going to raise Malivore and, more importantly, she wants to know how much pain and misery it's going to rain down on the Salvatore School. The Necromancer is contemptuous of his own plan, and believes mind would shatter if he attempted to explain. Alyssa, however, wants him to sell it to her and asks about his pitch as she won't sign up for it until she's sold.

The Necromancer bows as he lays out his plan for Alyssa. His arrogance is underwhelming to her and was, frankly, expecting more. He thinks that her puny mind could not possibly process the profundity of his plot. Alyssa, however, isn't a fool and reiterates his plan to him in exact details. It's not a bad plan, it's just rather small and outright petty. She tells him that he's better than this and he agrees, albeit muttering under his breath. If this spell is to be a sequel, it has to be bigger and badder than the one before. He likes the way that sounds and asks her what she has in mind. Alyssa takes it a step further. They bring back Malivore, just like he said, but they also bring back all the monsters, too.

To confirm their plan, the Necromancer reunites the sphinx's soul with his body and he's resurrected. The Necromancer shares the plan with him and ultimately asks whether or not their plan will succeed or fail. As an all-seeing oracle, the sphinx looks into the future and tells him that it shall come to pass just as he has described it. Alyssa also wants to know if the Salvatore students will suffer. Not only that, the sphinx tells her that one will die. With his answer given, he turns back into a pile of sand and falls to the floor. Alyssa's plan had worked. They have their answer and the Necromancer agrees with her, calling her partner.

In Salvatore: The Musical!, the Necromancer stabs a blindfolded man. The soul exchange has been consecrated. For every life they take, they can draw a monster from the darkness of Malivore. Alyssa's there and he turns to her. All they need now is the final piece of the Triad spell. He asks her if she's secured a vampire. Like clockwork, MG vamps in with a blade, startling him. MG wants to vamp Alyssa away, but she remains loyal to him. She casts a sleeping spell on MG and he falls to the floor, unconscious. They now have a vampire for the spell.

In Hold on Tight, the Necromancer prepares to raise Malivore and begins preparation for the spell at Mystic Falls High School. He's pouring blood on the floor in the shape of an omega symbol. The school's principal enters the classroom and demands who he is and what he's doing. He tells him that he consecrating this space and tethering the grounds to another dimension, preparing it to become a Repository Monstrum. The principal demands him to leave. However, the spell that he plans to cast requires far more blood than what he has so far. What better a place to find it than a school teeming with human beings to sacrifice, he muses to the principal. He reaches out his hand, concentrating his black magic and magically crushes the principal's heart; blood bursting from his chest as he collapses to the floor and he continues preparing the spell.

The Necromancer sits and waits as monsters are raised from Malivore. Landon appears, wanting to disable the dark object that's preventing Hope and other supernatural begins from entering the school. The Necromancer advises him not to touch the candle, and he backs away. Although, Landon is adamant he doesn't have to listen to what he has say, considering he's not a zombie. The Necromancer has other plans and doesn't wish to "stop" him. Landon wants to know what his plan actually is. It boils down to revenge. He tells Landon that he wants to fuel a spell so powerful it will set every monster within Malivore loose to rain destruction upon this world. He wants Malivore to consume humans the way he did supernaturals and conversely he wants all the supernaturals to serve him. Landon comments that his plan is pettier than he originally though. Their conversation, however, is over. He was a blood sacrifice to attend and he has a reunion with his father, the newly raised Malivore. The Necromancer commands Malivore, his newest acolyte, to listen well. He wants him to end Landon as he sees fit, as this will be his last act of free will. Once he's finished he shall then return to him so that his eternity of misery can begin. Malivore bows in response, the omega symbol now replacing the Triad symbol. The Necromancer takes his leave and makes his way to the football field.

On the football field, the Necromancer consecrate the ground with more blood from six teachers at the school. More blood means more monsters. He thanks his unwilling sacrifices and laughs as his sacrifice is complete. He begins to cast his spell but is interrupted by Landon. He's impressed at Landon's resilience and comments that he's just in time to witness the end of his world. However, as he approaches him, Landon lands an uppercut on him that sends him flying across the field. "Landon" approaches him, telling him that this is not his world and he is not Landon Kirby. The Necromancer makes the horrible realization that this is Malivore. The attempts to cut a deal with Malivore, but he won't listen. They're both enveloped by a bright light. He's confused at what just occurred, but Malivore doesn't care. He intends to kill and consume the Necromancer. A roar is heard in the distance. The Necromancer laughs as he's called his faithful zombie dragon. Malivore releases him and turns to face the dragon, but it incinerates him and his host, Landon, in a single breath of fire.

Hope witnesses Landon's demise. The Necromancer chuckles as Hope's just missed Landon, though his dragon didn't. He continues to mock Hope. She's always good for a snarky quip. She sits quietly on the ground. The Necromancer intends to have his pet come back and barbecue her, too. Hope stands and faces him. He can bring all the dragons he wants back, they'll always have a soft spot for her to kill. Besides, he need not hold his breath. He'll be dead before his pet returns. The Necromancer responds to her quip. He doesn't breath; he is the Herald of Hades. The Grimmest of Reapers. He is death incarnate and she can't kill him. True to her word, Hope decapitates him and his head and body falls to the ground.

Though he's been decapitated, he still functions relatively normal. They're all confused until Hope makes the realization that they've been banished to a prison world. His head on the ground, he reviews what he did to find his mistake. He consecrate the school and this field. He used black magic to tether them to Malivore to summon him. Everything was working perfectly. Hope doubts he's the one that linked all those spells to the ascendant that banished them here. He realizes that he should have never trusted Alyssa, for this is her doing. Landon mocks him, telling him that literally no one trusts Alyssa. They're all trapped now, it's all of their problem. Hope and Landon can't leave with the possibility that he and Malivore will be released too. He asks Landon to be a dear and return his head to his body. Hope has an idea and he mistakes that he's included in their plan. He's not. In fact Landon kicks his decapitated head across the football field for his body to run after as they make their way to escape without the Necromancer.

Eventually his body finds his head. He's wandering through the woods, believing that no prison can hold him. Malivore finds and approaches him. It's about time that is servant returns to him. The Necromancer, however, realizes that his symbol is no longer present on Malivore's forehead. Malivore is free from his influence and can consume him once more. The Necromancer, trapped within the prison world with Malivore, flees for his life with Malivore chasing behind him.

In To Whom It May Concern, the Necromancer greets Landon who's just entered the Ice Dream Palace. He's been expecting him and it's taken him long enough. A patron tips the Necromancer and questions whether or not he'll sing. Despite the tip jar, the Necromancer screams there will be no singing and demands for her to get out. He tells Landon that he has a constant stream of human debris passing through here. Landon doesn't understand where they are. The Necromancer explains that this is his own personal hell and that when he and Hope left him in the prison world, Malivore consumed him. The then constructed the Ice Dream Palace to torture him by forcing him to serve the humans and creatures stuck within him. Landon questions that if he hates it, why can't he just break out. He can't, however. He's bound with enchanted shackles and he's unable to get them off. He finally found a passing sphinx who was able to read the inscription on the sides and, apparently, they're spelled to only come off if you "do the thing you would never do." Unable to figure it out, all he can do is look forward to is getting the latest gossip from customers. Speaking of which, he wonders why Hope would leave him to wander within Malivore all alone. Landon explains that she didn"t leave him. They had both escaped back to the real world but something happened and he got sent here. Despite this he believes that Hope will find a way to get him back. He finds it strange that she hasn't done it already, though. Since time moves differently here, what feels like days is probably months out there in the real world. He proposes that she might've already moved on. Landon wants to stop the conversation. As far as he's concerned, he can rot here forever. The Necromancer, however, hypothetically knows a way out of Malivore and reveals he has a key. The passing sphinx said it's a key to a door out of the darkness but the location is unknown. Landon questions why Malivore would leave him a way out. The answer is simple, however. He likes to torture him with something just out of reach and he can't go and find said door because he's stuck in here. He makes Landon a bargain. If he helps him out of the shackles, then I'll find them a way home.

Landon questions him about possible solutions to escape. This is his dilemma; there is nothing he wouldn't do. Despite this, he applauds Malivore. He knows where to stick the knife. The room darkens and the Necromancer explains that this is another way he punishes him. The illusion of time passing. They're only open from 8 am to 5 pm, technically, but this is worse. He spends all night dreading the next day, knowing that this wretched cycle is doomed to begin all over again. Malivore knows it's the anticipation that gets you. Everything that he does in here is psychological torture. He even points out that the freezer is always locked. Malivore is trying to drive him insane. Landon's found the solution, though. He recalls the reason why Malivore made him "human" before. Landon picks up the tip jar and tells him that the customer is alway right. His answer has been hiding in plain sight. The Necromancer resigns himself and forces himself to sing. Louder, he sings a few verses and the shackles fall from his wrists. The Necromancer is pleased and approaches Landon, but sucker punches him.

Unconscious, the Necromancer rouses Landon awake. He reveals that he lied about their deal and the mythical door out of Malivore only lets one person through. Both of them couldn't have used it to get out. Despite this news, he chains them together with the enchanted shackles, which Landon questions. The Necromancer explains that he's not looking for the door. He believes that Malivore wants to torture him by giving him a key and having him search endlessly in the dark for some escape hatch that probably doesn't even exist. And, if it does, it probably only leads to the prison world where Malivore's body is trapped anyway. He has a better idea for an escape plan - him. Landon confesses that he can't escape this place, but this comment only causes the Necromancer to laugh raucously. No one would ever think that he could escape by himself. He's placing his best bets on Hope, as he's seen her mind. She is her father's daughter and she'll cross every line to save what she loves. She'll do whatever it takes, unlike him, who just waits to be saved.

Dragging Landon out of the constructed Ice Dream Palace, they sit outside the door in darkness. Landon questions if his big plan is really to just wait for Hope to show up. It is. Malivore is infinite darkness and he's not wasting his energy looking for some mythical door. He counters and poses the same question to him, that he was waiting to be saved when he stumbled across him. Landon doesn't want to wait and wonders if there's an inscription or something, like with the shackles. The only thing on the key is a few words about a snowstorm, or something. Landon connects this to a company that makes appliances, like refrigerators and coolers and freezers. They both come to the realization that the locked freezer is the door out of Malivore, and they both scramble to grab the key from one another or to stop the other from reaching the freezer.

The Necromancer gains the upper hand and removes the shackles from himself and locks Landon to a pipe, preventing him from escaping. He takes the key and unlocks the freezer with escape within mere steps. Like the tip jar, Maliore hid it in plain sight. He makes a move to jump into the freezer, but Landon takes the shackle chains and wraps them around his neck, pulling him backwards. On the floor, Landon finally decides to stand up for himself and pummels the Necromancer's face bloody and to the point where he passes out. Landon's shackles fall off as he did the thing he would never do and he uses the portal to escape, leaving the Necromancer on the floor and trapped in Malivore.

In I Was Made To Love You, the Necromancer sits at an organ, playing for a widow at Mystic Falls Mortuary. The widow applauds the Necromancer's skills as her husband, Robert, lies in the adjacent coffin. She is ready to say goodbye and he closes the coffin lid as it's his honor. He mispronounces her name, and she corrects him, citing that it's Italian. The language is beyond his grasp, but tells her that it suits her. As he walks her out, Mrs. Vaspucci asks if he'll join her for lunch. She tells him that Robert would want her to be happy, but the Necromancer kindly rejects her. She insists it's "miss" now and for him to call her Sophia. Again, he tells her that the only thing that satiates grief is time. Before more awkward moments can occur, he's relieved that two guests - Alaric and Josie - enter the mortuary. The viewing is over, but they're here for him. Alaric raises a crossbow and Mrs. Vaspucci collapses in the Necromancer's arms in shock.

The Necromancer is utterly confused and doesn't know the two people before him. They regale the story of "The Necromancer" and of "Malivore". Theodore, as his nametag shows, believes it all to be lies and wonders if he's truly expected to believe them and their tales of revenge. The Necromancer introduces himself. His name is "Ted". He's a simple man who does a job that few wish to do though it brings comfort to others. Josie finds the affirmation to be ironic as he's surrounded by dead people. Ted on the other hand believes her and Alaric needs professional help, as he never was or will be a necromancer. Alaric plays along and assumes he's telling the truth. He wants to know why he's in Mystic Falls. Ted explains that he doesn't know as he has amnesia. A few weeks ago, he awoke not far from the mortuary in a garish ice cream store uniform with no memories of Mystic Falls. However, he's a firm believer in blooming where one is planted, so he decided to make the best of the situation. With that he apologizes to Alaric for scuttling his psychotic agenda and asks for them to come up with plan B elsewhere. Alaric doesn't leave because he's also plan B. He has an artifact that he's in desperate need of answers and he, rather the Necromancer, can help him get them. Ted dismisses them; magic isn't even real, though Josie siphons from him, proving he has magic within him. Ted insists that they leave and Alaric complies this time, though he hands the Necromancer a grenade to hold and pulls the pin. He leaves the rest to Josie, who offers to put up a shield spell.

Alone with Josie, Ted attempts to call to Robert's spirit and return him to the world of the living. He even attempts a spell, though he finds the whole situation pointless. Josie scolds him; it is if he keeps butchering the phonetics. He questions why they're making him do this. She gives him the short answer. They used to be black magic frenemies that in turned her into a supervillain. So standing up to him is personal growth. The long answer is, however, there's a girl she likes, but with werewolf drama, witch drama, twin sister drama, everything is screwed up and turning him back into the Necromancer seems like a less of an impossible fix. Ted doubts that, but at least he's talking to her. He wonders if she's even tried, she has nothing else to lose. He encourages her to tell her how she feels because he sees people in this mortuary doing just that, but their loved ones can no longer hear them. As Josie contemplates his words, Robert raises from his coffin, alive. Ted is startled at the sight and drops the grenade as Alaric reenters the mortuary. Alaric attempts to re-pin the grenade but Ted rushes to him, grabs it and tosses it towards the coffin, knocking Robert in the head and falling into the coffin. Ted and Alaric duck behind Josie who raises the shield spell. The grenade goes off sending a burst of fire and debris towards them, though they are protected. Ted comments, ashes to ashes, dust to dust and gives a hearty laugh.

Ted is still in disbelief. He can't raise the dead, though Alaric corrects him. He can, at least briefly. Despite this, he chooses not to and asks them to respect his decision. Alaric, however, can't. He needs him to do it again, though this time, he needs Leonardo DaVinci. As the Necromancer he was always willing to make a deal and Alaric is desperate and asks to name his price. Ted continues to refuse. There is no price, because if what Alaric's told him is true, then he doesn't wish to become that person ever again. Alaric doesn't accept that answer. He believes that people don't change, not deep down. He's still the same person that laughed when Robert blew up. Ted, again, laughs at the thought. Perhaps he won't succeed, but if he doesn't try, then he's surely evil. Alaric decides to move to Plan C, which involves torture, but Josie stops him. They'll find another way.

Following him back to the Salvatore School, Ted wonders if he's interrupted him. He blames him for their current dilemma, at least in part. He sees that Alaric truly loves the school, the kids. Ted gives in and agrees that they should work together and redeem themselves. Alaric questions how they can do that, as he won't do what he needs him to do. Ted counters, Alaric still believes he can't change. Maybe they're both wrong. In that spirit, he introduces Leonardo DaVinci, joining them from the spectral plane. There is, however, just one complication. Neither one of them speaks or understands Italian.

They enlist Jed in their attempt to communicate with Lenardo as Ted goes through his grimoire. Alaric is frustrated as Jed oversold his abilities, citing that he's only visited Rome on vacation. Cleo bursts into the office as Jed leaves, telling Alaric that something is wrong with Landon. She suggests he brings his deadliest weapon. Leonardo appears and recognizes the girl, something Ted points out immediately. Alaric questions how it's possible they know each other, but Cleo doesn't elaborate. She telekinetically takes the axe from Alaric's hands and exits his office, spelling them behind a boundary spell.

Alaric attempts to leave, but each time he attempts to touch the door knob it shocks him. Ted is annoyed with his stubbornness and yells for him to knock it off. He's trying to concentrate and find a spell to release them. He's distracting him, which is why he sent DaVinci's spirit away. Alaric quips back that he can't even read the grimoire. Ted corrects him. He couldn't, but now he can, though he doesn't know how that is possible. He assumes with each dark art he performs, he becomes more of the monster he used to be. Alaric questions if there's a spell to free them. Ted believes there is a rather powerful one, given the requirements. It's a spell to dispel other spells. He grabs the knife from Alaric's desk and begins the spell. The lights flicker and cut off. He reveals that the second requirement is a human sacrifice. Alaric immediately assumes he's the sacrifice, but Ted plunges the knife into his chest. Alaric rushes to his side, calling him Ted, and tells him to hang on, that he'll get them out of there. Ted is happy to hear Alaric calling him Ted and not the Necromancer. He can die knowing he is no longer a monster in his eyes. He's accomplished his mission in this life, an act of redemption. With his last breath, he wishes him to do the same. With his death, the spell is complete and the doors to Alaric's office open.


He is menacing and shows little to no care for what happens to the zombies he raises or the people that are put in danger in getting what he wants. He shows some arrogance towards his occupation as he thought that Alaric and Dorian would tremble in fear at the mere mention of his name. He is what Alaric has called a "diva" considering he wasn't providing answers about the knife or anything else. He was also shown to have a morbid sense of humor, very dramatic and had a tendency to repeat himself.

Physical Appearance

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He wears dark colored clothing with a silver like brooch near the top of his collar or tie. He has a grotesque appearance, with yellow to rotting teeth and translucent light blue eyes. He bears what he calls the "mark of the underworld" across his face, it hooks around his cheek that spans up to his forehead and back down the opposite cheek. His pale skin seems rotted, and has dark brown hair slicked upwards.

Powers and Abilities

The Necromancer possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a witch. However, he uniquely possessed the ability to see, communicate with, summon and raise the dead. More specifically, he can summon spirits, even from peace, and resurrect them in their bodies or to raise corpses, thereby creating "zombies", as coined by MG, in small masses to do his bidding. The resurrected people retain the memories they had before their lives ended; however, he is able to assume control over their minds and caused them to commit feral deeds for his own personal gain. The Necromancer also stated that death cannot hold him, though this statement remains unexplored. He is world-renowned in dark sorcery, and has a particular penchant for necromancy. While he has an extraordinary ability to raise the dead he can technically only raise a spirit to life if the spirit or the host is willing, though he’s never had a soul been so stubborn as to refuse his gracious offer to return to the realm of the living.


The Necromancer has the typical weaknesses of a witch.



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  • While his real name is unknown, his title, "Necromancer", is adapted from Late Latin "necromantia", which itself originates from the post-Classical Greek νεκρομαντεία (nekromanteía), a compound of Ancient Greek νεκρός (nekrós) "dead body" and μαντεία (manteía) "divination by means of".[1]


  • He had shown a particular disdain for Nazis and the "Grim Reaper", the latter, he even called a "carnival sideshow hack".


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