Agnes stuck me with a needle. Cursed objects were created a long time ago. We use them so we don't get busted by Marcel for doing magic. The one she used is called the Needle of Sorrows.

The Needle of Sorrows is a Dark Object which was cursed in the 19th century by a unknown witch. By appearance, it resembles a large, golden steampunk-style needle. The Needle was imbued with Dark Magic in 1860; cursed to raise the blood temperature of a pregnant woman when injected causing a miscarriage. It was one of the dark objects that the French Quarter Coven still possessed up until 2011, when it was then confiscated by Father Kieran and added to his collection in his secret apartment.

Throughout The Originals Series

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, the Elder, Agnes used the needle on Sophie Deveraux to magically kill Hayley Marshall's then-unborn child through the linking spell between the two women while avoiding getting caught using magic by Davina. It appears to have no effect on non-pregnant women as Sophie was relatively unaffected after she was infected by the cursed object. 

When the Mikaelson Family learned that Agnes had used it on Sophie (and, by extension, on Hayley and Hope), Niklaus gained the help of Father Kieran and the Human Faction to arrest her. In exchange, Kieran was given possession of the Needle, and Agnes (who had hexed Kieran's nephew Sean prior to the start of the series) and her cohorts were killed for her crimes.  

The Needle is now in the possession of Camille O'Connell, who inherited Kieran's secret apartment and his collection of dark objects after his death in An Unblinking Death.


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