Old Witch House

[Bonnie is walking through the woods. She walks into the old abandoned house where the witches were burned. There are voices whispering all around her. She goes into the basement and sees that there are four coffins there. She walks toward the coffin that is held up higher than the rest of them and opens it. Klaus is inside, holding Elena's necklace. Bonnie reaches out to grab it, but she hears a noise behind her and turns around. She wakes up in her bed.]

Mystic Falls

[Elena is jogging through Mystic Falls. She checks her watch to see what her time was. She turns around and sees a man in a hoodie running towards her. She turns back around and starts running again. The man continues to follow her. Elena turns a corner and speeds up. After a while, she stops running and looks behind her. The man is gone. She calms down and turns around, when she walks straight into the man who was following her.]

Tony: Excuse me. Should have been watching where I was going.
Elena: Don't worry about it.
Tony: Have a nice day.

[He jogs away, Elena watches him go.]

Mystic Grill

[Elena and Bonnie are sitting at a table.]

Elena: I feel like I'm going crazy. Totally paranoid all the time.
Bonnie: You have a right to be. Klaus is still out there and he knows you tried to kill him.
Elena: Why hasn't he made a move? There has been no sign of him. Nothing. Just my slow spiral into insanity.
Bonnie: Join the club. Every time I close my eyes, I have that nightmare. On repeat.
Elena: The same dream?
Bonnie: Yeah! Four coffins, Klaus is in one of them. It's weird.
Elena: What if it's not just some dream? What if it's know...witch dream?
Bonnie: It's just stress. I'll figure it out. And what about Stefan? Has there been any sign of him?
Elena: He betrayed us Bonnie. The Stefan that we know is gone.
Bonnie: How is Damon handling it?
Elena: Damon is...Damon.

[Damon and Alaric are sitting at the bar. Damon has lots of different alcohol bottles in front of him. Alaric is reading something.]

Damon: Oh, I give you a choice. Bloody Mary or Screwdriver. Brunch in a bottle. Come on Ric, I can't drink all this by myself. I mean I can but then somebody's getting naked.

[Damon looks at the female bartender. She looks back smiling.]

Damon: Oh man I can't believe you're making me drink alone.
Alaric: I'm busy.
Damon: It's the eve of Klaus-ageddon. You're doing homework?
Alaric: This may come as a shock but I am not here to hang out with you. I'm here to see Jeremy. Who is an hour late for his shift.
Damon: Kids today...Where are their values?

[Alaric puts Jeremy's mid-term paper on the counter which has the title "American History 201". It has an "F" grading on it.]

Alaric: That's his mid-term paper. Copied it straight off the Internet. Didn't even try to hide it.
Damon: Ohh, somebody's getting grounded.
Bartender: Did you say you are waiting for Jeremy-as in Jeremy Gilbert?
Alaric: Yeah.
Bartender: He was fired last week.
Damon: Oops.

[Alaric looks away from the bar and sees Elena at a table.]


[Jeremy and Tyler are together. Jeremy shoots a can with a crossbow and hits it.]

Tyler: Nice shot!
Jeremy: So what's the point of this again?
Tyler: The point is I'm pissed at Caroline and Bonnie dumped your ass. The point is to get drunk and shoot stuff.
Jeremy: Profound. Alaric finds out I took this he is gonna use it on me.

[Jeremy reloads the crossbow.]

Tyler: So what's the deal with that? He is like your guardian now?
Jeremy: Sort of, yeah. I think he feels responsible for us.
Tyler: Do you like him?
Jeremy: Yeah. Yeah-I like him. [He aims with the crossbow] You wanna move out of the way?!
Tyler: I'm a hybrid, Gilbert. You can't kill me unless you cut off my head or rip out my heart. And you're not gonna do it with that lame ass crossbow! Go ahead!! Take a shot! Unless you don't think you can hit me.

[Jeremy aims the crossbow and shoots at Tyler. Tyler catches the arrow.]

Mystic Grill

[Elena is on the phone, leaving a message for Jeremy. Damon is shooting darts.]

Elena: Jeremy, the minute that you get this call me!!

[She hangs up. Damon gets a bulls-eye.]

Elena: Unbelievable!!
Damon: You are feisty when you are mad.
Elena: It's not that I'm mad. I'm just-I'm worried.
Damon: But why? He lost his job at the Grill. He can survive, Elena.
Elena: He is spiraling. Ever since Bonnie broke up with him, he is moody, he is not really talking to anyone.
Damon: It's typical teenager.
Elena: Who's seeing ghosts and has lost everyone that he cares about.
Damon: Not everyone. He still has you.

[Damon shoots a dart. He goes to the dartboard and retrieves his darts.]

Elena: You okay?
Damon: What makes you think I'm not okay?
Elena: Well, you're daydrunk. It's not exactly your most attractive look.
Damon: Hmm- what is my most attractive look?

[Damon moves closer towards her.]

Elena: Ah, ah- I'm not saying you have any attractive looks. I'm saying this is my least favorite one...
Damon: Noted. See if I can make any improvements.
Klaus: Don't mind me.
Elena: Klaus.
Damon: You gonna do this in the Grill? In front of everyone? It's a little beneath you, don't you think?
Klaus: I don't know what you are talking about. I just came down to my local pub to grab a drink with a mate.

[The jogger that followed Elena shows up behind him.]

Klaus: Get a round in, would you Tony?

[Klaus smiles, seeing that Elena is shocked.]

Damon: I'm surprised you stuck around town long enough for happy hour.
Klaus: My sister seems to be missing. Need to sort that out.
Damon: Cute blonde bombshell, psycho. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
Klaus: Truth is I've grown to rather like your little town. Think I might fancy a home here. Oh I imagine you're wondering how does this is affect you. The answer is: not in the slightest. As long as I get what I want and everyone behaves themselves you can go on living your little lives however you choose. You have my word.
Elena: What more could you possibly want?
Klaus: Well for starters, you can tell me where I might find Stefan.
Damon: Stefan skipped town the second he saved your ass.
Klaus: Well you see that is a shame.

[Klaus throws a dart and gets a bulls-eye.]

Klaus: Your brother stole from me. I need him found so I can take back what's mine.
Elena: That sounds like a Klaus and Stefan problem.

[Klaus moves toward Elena. Damon steps in between them. Klaus smirks.]

Klaus: Ha. Well this is me broadening the scope, sweetheart.

Old Witch House

[Bonnie enters the house. She hears voices whispering. She goes down into the basement. When she enters, she sees that there are no coffins there like there were in her dream.]

Stefan: Hello Bonnie.

[She turns around.]

Bonnie: Stefan. You followed me here?
Stefan: Yeah. Wasn't too hard. You should probably be more careful.
Bonnie: What do you want with me?
Stefan: Relax. I just need your help.
Bonnie: Why would I help you? Elena said you saved Klaus's life.
Stefan: Let me fill you in on a little secret about Klaus. He kept his family with him at all times...daggered. Stored in coffins. And now I have them, and I need you to help keep them hidden.
Bonnie: Are you out of your mind? You're just gonna make him angrier.
Stefan: His family is his one weakness. As long as I have that, I can ruin him.
Bonnie: I don't have enough power to hide four Originals!
Stefan: You're a witch. You hate Klaus. I know you can figure something out.

Gilbert Residence

[Elena and Alaric are preparing dinner and setting the table.]

Alaric: So, you're ready?
Elena: Vampires, hybrids and originals. No problem. My rebellious brother. I'm worried.
Alaric: Proof that you're still human.

[The front door opens and Jeremy enters and goes to the fridge.]

Elena: Just in time! We're cooking.
Jeremy: Sorry, just passing through.
Alaric: Ah, well I thought we would all stay in, have a meal together like a typical, atypical family.
Jeremy: Why?
Elena: Maybe because you got fired and you didn't tell anyone.
Jeremy: Ahh- look, can we do this later? I made plans with Tyler. He's right outside.
Alaric: Oh wait! When did you start hanging out with Tyler Lockwood?
Jeremy: I don't know...Does it matter?
Elena: Yeah, Jeremy! It matters. He was sired by Klaus. He's dangerous.
Jeremy: He can still hear you. He is right outside. Besides you of all people are gonna lecture me on who I can and can't hang out with?
Elena: What is with the attitude?
Jeremy: Yeah, whatever, this is lame. Tyler is waiting.

[He starts to leave, but Elena blocks his way.]

Elena: Oh, no no! You're not going anywhere, especially not with Tyler.

[Jeremy looks at Alaric for help.]

Alaric: I'm with her on this, Jer. Sorry.
Jeremy: All right, fine. You want me to stay in? Let's all stay in then. [He shouts] Yo, Tyler! Come on in!!
Elena: Jeremy...!

[Tyler opens the door and comes in.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon pours himself a drink, he turns around and sees Klaus standing in the doorway.]

Klaus: I think it's about time we had a drink, don't you?
Damon: I'd say we're overdue.
Klaus: Well, you've been so busy with all your plotting and scheming.
Damon: You know me. Never miss a chance to plan an epic failure.
Klaus: Don't be so hard on yourself. Who could have guessed your own brother would betray you?
Damon: Well, I did have a front row seat when your sister lied to you.
Klaus: Yeah, well she's fickle that one. And you say you have no idea of her whereabouts?
Damon: That's the thing with younger siblings. You just never know what they're gonna do.
Damon: Drink?

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy gives Tyler a glass of water.]

Tyler: Thanks.
Elena: This is weird. Klaus has hybrids stalking me and now you're just sitting in our kitchen.
Tyler: Look, maybe I should go.
Jeremy: Oh, stay. You're not doing anything.
Elena: Unless you have to, you know, check in with your hybrid master.

[Tyler laughs.]

Tyler: It's not like that Elena.
Alaric: Tell me Tyler...What is the difference between being sired and being compelled?
Tyler: Compulsion-that's just mind control-like hypnosis. And being sired's like faith. You do something because you believe it's the right thing.
Elena: So you believe that serving Klaus is the right thing?
Tyler: I don't serve him. Klaus released me from a curse that was ruining my life. I owe him for that.
Alaric: What if he asked you to jump off a bridge?
Tyler: He wouldn't! And even if he did I'd be fine. I'm a hybrid.
Elena: Okay, so what if he asked you to rip your own heart out?
Tyler: Again, he wouldn't.
Elena: What if he did?
Tyler: I don't know! Then I'd rip out my heart!

[Elena, Jeremy, and Alaric look taken aback.]

Tyler: You guys sound like Caroline, getting all freaked out over something you don't understand.
Elena: You're right Tyler I don't understand. Klaus has terrorized every single one of us and you're just blindly loyal to him.
Tyler: You're over-thinking it. I can still make my own decisions.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon pours Klaus and himself a drink and hands Klaus one of the glasses.]

Klaus: Cheers mate!
Damon: Down the hatch.

[They both take a drink.]

Klaus: You know, we've actually got a lot in common, you and I.
Damon: Really? Well, yeah. Maybe we can bond over our mutual loathing of my brother. Why are you so mad at him? He stole something?
Klaus: My family, the Originals. I had them daggered, boxed-up awaiting the day when I saw fit to wake them. And he went in and pinched the bloody lot.
Damon: Of course he did. Such a buzzkill, my baby bro. Well, I'd love to find him. Just the trouble is, I sure as hell don't work for you.
Klaus: You know, your drink stinks of vervain- so I can't compel you. There be no point in killing you because your actually the one with the most help of getting me what I need. And yet it would seem a demonstration is in order. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough when I told you to find Stefan. Well, it seems you people respond best to displays of violence. Why don't you take this as an example of my reach.

[He takes out his phone and calls someone.]

Klaus: There he is! So, that thing I told you to do...why don't you go ahead and get on with it?

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy hangs up his phone.]

Elena: What was that about?
Jeremy: It was nothing.
Tyler: I got to go. Umm, thanks for the food offer, but...
Alaric: Next time.

[Tyler leaves.]

Alaric: That was illuminating.
Elena: So, Tyler Lockwood is a lunatic who has access to our house.
Alaric: I mean this whole sire bond thing is...wild. I don't even think Tyler is fully aware of what little reason lies behind what he's saying. It's this weird cult logic.
Elena: Well, great, that's a wonderful influence for you Jer...

[She turns around but Jeremy is gone.]

Elena: Jeremy?

[Jeremy's protection ring is lying in the middle of his plate on the table.]

Alaric: That's his ring.

[Elena picks it up.]

Elena: Where did he go?

[They go outside, Jeremy is standing in the middle of the street.]

Elena: Jeremy? What is he doing??

[Suddenly, a car comes whipping around the corner and speeds towards Jeremy. Alaric and Elena run to him.]

Elena: Oh my god! Jeremy!!
Alaric: Jeremy!!
Elena: Jeremy move!!!!

[Alaric pushes Jeremy out of the way at the last second and is hit by the car instead. Elena runs over to Alaric's body and turns him over. The car pulls up next to them. Tony, the hybrid, is in the car.]

Tony: There I go again. Bumping into people...

[He drives away. Elena checks Alaric's hand to make sure his ring was on. Jeremy gets up and runs over to them.]

Elena: He's gonna be alright. Are you all right?
Jeremy: I don't understand.
Elena: Who was that on the phone earlier?
Jeremy: It was Klaus!
Elena: You were compelled, Jeremy! We've gotta get him inside- help me!!

Klaus's Mansion

[Klaus and Mindy are walking through the rooms of a large mansion; workers are everywhere.]

Klaus: Compel the men to open up this wall. We need sun. I want a fortress not a dungeon.

[Tyler appears.]

Klaus: Here he is: man of the hour!
Tyler: So everything went okay?
Klaus: Tony ran down Alaric instead of Jeremy, but apples, oranges, message lands the same.
Tyler: You said you are sending them a warning.
Klaus: And I did. An effective one! Elena's family suffers, she is motivated to get me what I want.
Tyler: I didn't think that we actually have to kill anyone.
Klaus: Tyler, mate. What you are feeling is the remnant of a guilty conscience. I need you to get over it, okay? End of the day human life is just a means to an end. Our means to our end. You do well to remember that?

Gilbert Residence

[Alaric is lying on the sofa, still dead. Damon enters the house.]

Damon: How is he?
Elena: He's dead, but he had his ring. Klaus's hybrid hit him. Now we just wait.
Damon: Jeremy, why aren't you wearing vervain? Where is your bracelet?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Elena: It was Tyler! It had to have been. That's why he was hanging out with you. To get you off the vervain.
Damon: Klaus is trying to send us a message. He wants us to find Stefan who stole his coffins full of his dead family members.
Elena: Coffins?
Damon: Yep! So all we have to do is find four coffins and voilà! No one else on your family's Christmas list needs to die!
Jeremy: Wait- that's your big plan? To steal back four dead originals so this evil hybrid doesn't kill me and everyone else we know?
Damon: You got a better idea?
Jeremy: Yeah! Let's get the hell outta here! Pack our bags and go!
Elena: Hey, Jeremy calm down.
Jeremy: No, no!! I'm not gonna calm down, Elena! This happens every time, no matter what we do! Get on my case about school and work...Who cares? None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive.

[He leaves.]

Elena: He said he wants his family back.
Damon: No! No!!! I know what you're thinking. The answer is no!
Elena: If we give him Rebekah...
Damon: Yeah, then Klaus undaggers her, first thing she does is kill you! Frying pan, fire. Not an option!
Elena: Klaus's coffins...How many did you say they were?

[Bonnie's phone rings.]

Bonnie: Elena, hey!
Elena: Klaus is looking for four coffins, just like in your dream. Guessing it's not just stress?
Bonnie: Elena, don't get involved. Whatever Klaus wants, stay as far away from it as you can!
Elena: Klaus won't let me. Bonnie, he tried to kill Jeremy.
Bonnie: What do you want me to do?
Elena: We need to find Stefan. Look, I know that you don't think that your locator spell still works, but we have to at least try.
Bonnie: You don't need a locator spell...

Old Witch House

[Damon and Elena are walking towards the house.]

Damon: I thought Bonnie said this place lost all its mojo.
Elena: The dead witches were angry at her for bringing Jeremy back to life. I guess now they have something they want her to know.
Damon: I hate witches. So fickle...Passive-aggressive...

[They enter the house.]

Elena: Stefan?
Damon: Come on, Stef. Olly olly oxen free. [When he walks into the light, his skin starts to burn] Aaah. Ow. Ugh.

[He rushes to a shadowy corner.]

Damon: Really?! Still?!
Elena: What?
Damon: Witchy spirits aren't a big fan. And they use their juju to screw with my daylight ring!
Elena: Then wait outside.
Damon: Elena...!
Elena: I'm not leaving until I know if he's here.

[She goes further into the house; Damon rushes out.]

Elena: Stefan?
Stefan: Go away! You shouldn't be here Elena.

[Damon listens from outside.]

Elena: Stefan, I need your help. Bonnie said that you would be here.
Stefan: Well, Bonnie sucks at keeping secrets.
Elena: Listen, you need to give Klaus his family back.
Stefan: Oh, really? Is that what I need to do?
Elena: Klaus compelled Jeremy to stand in front of speeding car. Don't you get it? Stefan, he's not gonna stop until he gets what he wants.
Stefan: Elena, stop talking. I'm not giving Klaus anything.
Elena: Are you listening to me? He's gonna kill Jeremy!
Stefan: Not really my problem.

[Elena slaps Stefan.]

Elena: And you can go to hell!!

[Elena comes out of the house.]

Damon: That didn't go over well.
Elena: Don't even start, Damon!
Damon: Let me talk to him!
Elena: You can't get in! The witches won't let you!
Damon: Here. Take my car keys. You go deal with your brother, I'll deal with mine.

[He gives the keys to Elena, and then rushes into the house, running from shadowy spot to spot, so that he doesn't get burned, until he reaches the basement where Stefan is siting in a chair.]

Stefan: Wow! That was impressive. But the coffins aren't here, so...You can go away now.
Damon: [Recovering from his burns.] I don't care about the coffins. We need to talk.
Stefan: Okay, lets talk.
Damon: Nothing's ever easy with you, is it?

[Damon attacks Stefan and throws him out the house, kicks him in the stomach, takes a branch off a tree and stakes him in the stomach.]

Damon: That is for screwing up my plan! You stop me from killing Klaus and you steal his family! Why?? Doesn't make sense! Answer me!!
Stefan: Piece by piece Klaus took everything from me. I'm doing the same to him.
Damon: But I had him, Stefan! Why did you screw it up?
Stefan: I did it to save you!

[Stefan throws Damon off of him. Stefan sits up and removes the branch.]

Damon: What?? No. No way! You didn't do this for me.
Stefan: He was one step ahead of us. If Klaus died, his hybrids would have killed you.
Damon: When are you going to get it through your head?

[Damon gets up and stakes him again.]

Damon: Stop saving me!!

[Damon leaves.]


[Tyler is sitting on a stump, drinking; Jeremy shows up behind him, aiming at him with a crossbow.]

Tyler: Don't do it, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Why not? You stabbed my back, I stab yours.
Tyler: I didn't stab you in the back!
Jeremy: Is that why you wanted to hang out? To get me off the vervain?
Tyler: Klaus asked me to. I never thought he would try to kill you.
Jeremy: It's Klaus, Tyler! What did you think was gonna happen?
Tyler: He doesn't care about you. All he wants is to get his family back.

[Jeremy shoots; Tyler catches the arrow.]

Tyler: What the hell?
Jeremy: Whenever Klaus wants something, someone ends up dead! You think about that next time before you blindly do whatever he says.

[He turns around and leaves.]

Tyler: Jer! You should get home. Stay inside. Klaus isn't gonna stop until he gets all those coffins back. He is not done with you.

Gilbert Residence

[It's nighttime. Alaric comes back to life. Elena enters the house.]

Elena: Ric, hey! When did you return to the living?
Alaric: Oh just a few minutes ago. How is Jeremy?
Elena: Hating me. Hating life. Hating the fact that we can't even have a family dinner without somebody dying before dessert. Are you okay?

[Alaric coughs violently into his hand, and sees there's blood on it.]

Elena: Oh my god!
Alaric: Something's wrong! The ring!

[He collapses on the floor, moaning.]

Elena: Ric, hey.

[Elena opens the front door, letting the paramedics in.]

First paramedic: What happened?
Elena: He got hit by a car and...he's coughing up blood.
Second paramedic: Get his vitals.
First paramedic: Pulse pretty weak. Looks like internal bleeding. We gotta get him outta here.
Second paramedic: Let's move!

[Tony appears at the doorway.]

Tony: Let's not and say we did. Why don't you two meet us at the hospital?
Elena: What?

[The two paramedics start to leave.]

Elena: No, no, no, wait. No wait! You have to help him!! What are you doing?
Tony: You can still save his life, Elena. Here, take my blood.

[He raises and offers her his wrist.]

Tony: I can't get in. You're gonna have to invite me.
Elena: No. Why are you doing this?
Tony: Klaus asked for his family. You didn't deliver.

[Ric starts coughing again.]

Elena: Ric! Oh my god! I'm right here.

[She rushes over to him and kneels next to him.]

Tony: He's gonna die. Might want to invite me in, Elena.

[Suddenly, Tony is hit in the back with an arrow and falls to the ground; Elena runs to the door and sees Jeremy with the crossbow.]

Elena: Jeremy!
Jeremy: He's not dead yet.

[Jeremy enters the house and passes by Elena.]

Elena: Where are you going?

[He takes a meat cleaver and goes out of the house again.]

Elena: What are you doing?

[He cuts Tony's head off.]

Elena: Aahhh!
Jeremy: Now he's dead.

[He stands up.]

Jeremy: We've gotta get Alaric to the hospital now.

[Jeremy drops the knife and goes back in the house. Elena stands there in shock.]

Old Witch House

[Damon is walking back to the house. Stefan is just outside the entrance.]

Damon: Do you know what I can't figure out? Why save me? Was it brotherly love, guilty conscience? Is the switch on, is the switch off?
Stefan: You have somewhere you need to be Damon?
Damon: Reflection. That's not gonna work on me! I invented that.
Stefan: We're done. Can't you just go away?
Damon: Not until you told me why you saved me. You owe me that.
Stefan: I don't owe you anything.
Damon: Fine. Next question. Why did you steal the coffins?
Stefan: Because Klaus's family is one weakness I can use against him.
Damon: Use against him to do what? You're not gonna kill him, you know how I know? 'Cause there was only one way to kill him and you blew that to save me.
Stefan: You're wrong Damon. Klaus isn't just get to just live forever. There's another way. There has to be.
Damon: Fair enough. But whatever you're doing I want in.
Stefan: I don't need your help.
Damon: Really? Last time I checked you're hiding in a haunted house.
Stefan: I'm in this alone Damon.
Damon: You're go after Klaus you have to be cutthroat and devious. I'm so much better at that than you. Come on brother. What do you say? If you're gonna keep saving my life at least make it for a good reason.
Stefan: You want in?
Damon: Yeah.
Stefan: Okay. But it's just me and you. Elena stays out of it.
Damon: Deal!
Stefan: Follow me.
Damon: Wait. I'm not so...welcome in there.
Stefan: Don't you worry Damon. We all want the same thing.

[They enter the witch house.]

Stefan: Have a look.

[There are no coffins.]

Damon: What? Klaus is allergic to dust?
Stefan: Hm...Look again.

[Damon looks again and sees there are four coffins.]

Stefan: Witch spirits hate Klaus as much as we do. They're using their powers to hide the coffins.
Damon: So even if he comes in the house...
Stefan: ...he won't be able to find them.

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Alaric looks at his ring. Dr Meredith Fell enters the room.]

Meredith: Mr. Saltzman. What are you doing up? You should be resting.
Alaric: Ah, I'm more of a walk it off kinda guy. Do I need to sign something?
Meredith: Internal hemorrhaging, three broken ribs and a concussion. I have no idea how you're on your feet right now but I need to run some more tests.
Alaric: I actually have some place I need to be but...thank you...Dr....
Meredith: ...Fell. But the patients who follow my advice get to call me Meredith.
Alaric: Well...I appreciate your help Dr. Fell.
Meredith: Mr. Saltzman...what is your secret? Guardian angel or did you sell your soul to the devil?
Alaric: Hm...a little of both.

[He leaves.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena opens the door; Klaus stands outside.]

Elena: Thank you for coming.

[Klaus enters the house.]

Klaus: I trust you have news of Stefan?
Elena: I couldn't find him. But I have something else.

[In the cellar, Elena opens the door to Rebekah's cell; Rebekah lies on the ground, daggered.]

Klaus: My poor sister. I can't turn my back on her for a moment.
Elena: You have Rebekah. A deal is a deal.
Klaus: The life of my sister in exchange for your brother? Yeah I'd say that's a bargain. Consider him spared.
Elena: You should know I was the one that daggered her. When she wakes she'll come after me.
Klaus: I can control Rebekah. Besides I still need your help finding Stefan.
Elena: I told you I don't know where he is.

[Klaus undaggers Rebekah.]

Klaus: You're lying. Fortunately you have no shortage of loved ones. If I don't find my family the question you should be asking yourself is who's gonna die next! Bonnie? Caroline? Damon? It's only a matter of time before Stefan gives me what I want.
Elena: He doesn't care about me anymore. You made sure of that. You turned him into a monster. Now he's your problem. And just so you know I'm not the only one that Rebekah wants dead. She knows what you did to your mother. She knows that you killed her. You can let yourself out.

[Elena leaves.]

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Jeremy and Alaric are walking outside the hospital.]

Jeremy: So the ring brought you back to life, but it didn't heal you. Does that mean it's broken?
Alaric: I don't know. It's never happened like that before. I guess I have Damon's blood to thank for the fact that I'm still walking.
Jeremy: He said to say you owe him a drink.
Alaric: That's funny. I'd rather have head trauma. Hey, okay?
Jeremy: Why wouldn't I be? I shot a hybrid in the back and chopped his head off with a meat cleaver. Typical Sunday, huh?
Alaric: You can talk to me about this stuff. You know that, right?
Jeremy: What could you tell me that I don't already know? This is the way things are. It sucks but...I just gotta get used to it.

[He leaves.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena is in the kitchen, washing blood out of a rag. Damon enters.]

Elena: Did you get rid of him?
Damon: Yeah. Tony the headless hybrid is down at the bottom of Steven's Quarry.
Elena: What about Alaric?
Damon: Took care of him, too. He'll be fine. How are you?
Elena: I think I got most of the blood off the porch.
Damon: Elena. Look at me. It's gonna be okay.
Elena: I have to tell you something. I made a deal with Klaus. I gave him Rebekah.
Damon: What? No. No, no, no you did not do that. She's gonna come here and try and kill you!
Elena: No she won't. Klaus won't let her because he needs me.
Damon: And suddenly you trust him??
Elena: No I don't trust him. But what other choice do I have? I don't trust Stefan. Do you think he's just gonna give up the coffins?
Damon: My brother is- sort of running his own show right now.
Elena: Yeah. My brother just chopped off someone's head! It's not right. It's not fair. He's sixteen years old. He shouldn't have to live like this.
Damon: Elena.
Elena: There has to be another way. We have to fix it.

[She turns back to the sink and continues rinsing out the cloth. Damon comes over to her and grabs her face in his hands.]

Damon: We will! Hey...Elena. Hey. We will. Okay?

Klaus's Mansion

[Rebekah is lying on a table, her skin still gray.]

Klaus: Here we are, Rebekah. Home sweet home. Only took a thousand years...And to think I was counting on you being here with me. But that's all ruined now, isn't it?

[He sees one of her fingers moving a little.]

Klaus: I'm so sorry.

[He strokes her cheek.]

Klaus: Sister...We'll meet again one day...

[He daggers her again.]

Gilbert Residence

[Alaric and Elena go up to Jeremy's room. The door is open, and Elena knocks on the doorframe.]

Elena: Hey. Can we talk?
Jeremy: Ahh, what did I do now?
Elena: I've been thinking about what you said earlier. About how we should pack up and go...
Jeremy: Elena, I didn't mean any of that.
Elena: But you were right. You shouldn't have to give up a normal life- just because of me.
Jeremy: What's going on?

[Damon enters the room.]

Damon: Your sister thinks we should have another one of our talks.

[He sits down on the bed at Jeremy's side and starts to compel him.]

Damon: Here's the thing, Jer. You're gonna go out of town for a while- a long while. You're gonna stay with some nice family friends in Denver, you're gonna be at a new school, you'll meet new girls, living girls. You're going to drink a few beers, take an art class. You do whatever you want.
Alaric: Tell him he's gonna leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it.

[Damon looks at Elena; she nods in agreement.]

Damon: You're gonna leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it. You're gonna have a better life, Jeremy.

[Elena is crying.]

Old Witch House

[Stefan and Bonnie enter the room with the coffins and she walks up to one of them.]

Bonnie: This is the one I dreamed about.

[She tries to open it.]

Stefan: Don't bother. It won't open.
Bonnie: What do you mean? Is it locked?
Stefan: Nope. Just won't open. I've tried everything. Blow torch, axe, crowbar. Can't even scratch the finish.
Bonnie: I think it's closed with a spell.
Stefan: Meaning whatever is in there, should probably stay in there.
Bonnie: You said you wanted to make him suffer. The witches led me here for a reason. I think whatever is inside this coffin is our answer.

Gilbert Residence

[Elena walks out onto the front porch. Damon follows her.]

Elena: I feel like a horrible person.
Damon: You just saved his life, Elena. Take it from me, strange is bad, dead is worse.
Elena: I just can't stop thinking about what happened the last time I asked you to compel him.
Damon: He found out. And he got over it. Again: not dead, Elena! He's so lucky to have you for his sister.
Elena: Thank you.
Damon: No problem.
Elena: Not just for this, Damon. For everything...I don't know what I would do if you weren't here.

[Damon considers her for a moment.]

Damon: You should know this, Elena. Stefan didn't screw us over. He screwed us over but he had a good reason.
Elena: What?
Damon: He saved Klaus to save me. Then he stole the coffins to get even.
Elena: What? Damon, if he did it to protect you then...Why would he even do that? What is it even mean?
Damon: What's it even mean?.....Means I'm an idiot. 'Cause I thought for one second that I wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore.
Elena: What? What are you talking about? Guilty for what?
Damon: For wanting what I want.
Elena: Damon...
Damon: I know. Believe me, I get it...Brother's girl and all.

[He starts to leave then stops halfway down the stairs.]

Damon: No!! No, you know what? If I'm gonna feel guilty about something, I'm gonna feel guilty about this.

[He kisses her.]

Damon: Good night.

[He walks away.]

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