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The Originals: The Awakening is a four part webseries tying in with second season of The Originals.

The series explored the history of the character Kol Mikaelson and showcases the dynamic between the Mikaelson Family in 1914. Throughout the flashbacks, Kol is on a quest to form an alliance with the witches of the French Quarter to rival his brother, Niklaus Mikaelson. The Awakening answers some burning questions about Kol's past, including how and why he found himself up against his siblings, why he was daggered and his unique back-story with the New Orleans witches.

All four webisodes were written by Carina Adly MacKenzie and directed by Matt Hastings.


The first webisode starts with Klaus un-daggering his brother Kol, after an unspecified amount of time Kol meets the witch Mary-Alice Claire who he appears to have a relationship with. As he's urging Mary Alice for the whereabouts of Astrid she tells him that his brothers spread rumors about Kol not to be trusted. He reassures her of his objective: to kill Klaus once and for all. In the second, Mary says that Kol taught her and Astrid Kemiya. They used it to enchant The Devil's Star, bracelet and several other objects. Kol tells them that they need to make as many weapons as possible.

In the third, Kol slaughters half of a St. Anne parish after he becomes aware that a witch has a diamond in her possession that would help make a gold dagger for Klaus.

In the fourth Astrid and Mary Alice are locked in the house with a barrier spell cast by one of Klaus's witch. The house becomes an asylum for crazy witches. Mary Alice notes that karma played to for her because she didn't think clearly about the price she would have to pay.


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  • Each webisode is 2 minutes long.
  • It was revealed that Kol was awakened 80 years after being daggered in Alive and Kicking by Klaus who also revives him 1901.
  • Mary-Alice Claire appears to be a witch ancestor to Davina Claire, showing that Kol has helped the Claire Family of Witches over a century.
  • Kol told Mary-Alice that he needed two witches to teach them what he needed to teach them, this when he asked where Astrid was.
  • The whole webseries is added to The Originals Season Two DVD as a special feature.
  • The webseries episodes are the only ones without ratings.



  • In 1914 there was a faction of New Orleans witches that were allied with Klaus. Kol tells Mary-Alice if he doesn't help her faction of witches they'll be wiped out by Klaus and New Orleans will be a vampire city.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the behind-the-scenes video, Nathaniel Buzolic, Julie Plec, and others discuss how the web series was based on previous "C" storyline scenes which were cut out of previous flashbacks. As Julie explains, "The little story pieces are actually feeding into the story that's happening in the present day. By the time we get to our mid-season cliff hanger, both stories from the webisodes and the series itself intertwine and we see them all pay off at once".


Mary-Alice (narrating): "It was a happy time for New Orleans, the skies were clear, liquor flowed, then something changed. After the original vampire Klaus Mikaelson woke his brother from a eighty years slumber, curse after curse befall the city. War threats, the bubonic plague, signs of a war raged between two factions of witches: those who aligned with Klaus, and those of us who placed our bets with someone else."
Mary-Alice: "Just once, Kol Mikaelson, you might greet me like a gentleman?"
Kol: "If you are in the market for a gentleman, Mary-Alice Claire, I'm afraid you have the wrong Mikaelson brother. Where is Astrid? I need two witches before the lessons can begin."
Mary-Alice: "She thinks you can't be trusted. We've all heard the stories of how you use the witches and then discard them."
Kol: "Lies. Propagated by my wicked family, love. I hold witches in high regard. You know, if Klaus says his way, you'll all be dead. This will be a vampire country, don't you want to keep you all in safe, for all the future generations of Claires to come?"
Mary-Alice: "Why are you so keen to help us? What do you get out of this?"
Kol: "As soon as we get rid of Klaus's witches, we are going to get rid of Klaus. Follow me, Mary Alice. We are going to change everything."

Mary-Alice (narrating): "Kol taught us a new kind of magic that he learned on the shores of the Red Sea. Kemiya, he called it."
Kol: "It's the intersection between science and spirit, darlings. With the right chemistry you could realize your wildest dreams."
Mary-Alice (narrating): "Using a perfect paragon diamond to focus our power we created a bracelet to force obedience a rosary to drive men to madness shackles to halt the witches power."
Kol: "A blade that can make a thousand cuts with just one throw. Those traitors who dare work with my tyrannical wanker of a brother, wouldn't have a chance to say a word of their pathetic spells.
Astrid: "Every weapon we make is more disturbing than the last. We have enough, it's time to make our move."
Kol: "Do you ever get tired of being the spoilsport, Astrid? We don't have to use them all. The most important thing is to show Klaus's witches, you're more powerful than they ever imagined. To scare them into standing down. And it will scare Klaus the same way he scared me for centuries. All my immortal life my brother has controlled me stolen decades all by the constant threat of a dagger to the heart. These dark objects are merely practice for you to hone yours skills. For this, a dagger. That will work on him and him alone."
Mary-Alice (narrating): "So it began our quest to create a weapon laced with so much power it would plunge the infallible Klaus Mikaelson into a magical slumber. I trusted Kol, despite his reputation as a mad cap trickster. I would pay dearly for that."

Mary-Alice (narrating): "To stop Klaus' heart we had to turn the silver dagger to gold. We toiled for what felt like ages. Going half mad in the process."
Kol: "You've been working on this for weeks and my family goes even more insufferable during the holidays. We need to finish."
Mary-Alice: "We've tried everything, Kol. We need a bigger diamond."
Kol: "There is no bigger diamond."
Mary-Alice: "There may be. That gossip Genevieve had a rumor that the dowager Folly keeps a massive gem hidden inside her mansion. That's why she never leaves. She's worried someone will steal it."
Kol: "She never leaves, you say."
Astrid: "Only once a week, for a Sunday Mass."
Mary-Alice (narrating): "As long as the dowager was alive, Kol couldn't enter. Deep down we knew he'd kill her. We didn't know he'd slaughter half the parish."
Astrid: "You're a monster!"
Kol: "I didn't know how the dowager looked like, best is to kill them all."
Astrid: "You knew she didn't look like the altar boy."
Kol: "I was parched. Well, I'm off to a family dinner now. I'll see you tonight."
Astrid: "We're not helping you."
Mary-Alice: "We've come this far, Astrid."

Kol: "You know what to look for. Creepy. You sly old bat. Clean up. Meet me in the cemetery. This little beauty and I have a date with a dagger."
Astrid: "You can't leave! He's such a fiend!"
Mary-Alice: "He is. But so am I. I spelled the door to his clubhouse shut. If he wants his precious dagger back, he'll need a Claire witch to open the door."
Astrid: "All this time I thought you were blinded by your lust for him."
Mary-Alice: "I know what you thought. Come. Let's explain to him, that if he wants his dagger back he'll have to start acting with a little decorum!"
Astrid: "Mary Alice, Klaus is outside! He has got Kol and the diamond!"
Mary-Alice: "No! Come on!"
Mary-Alice (narrating): "Klaus said one of his witches to put a boundary spell on the Fauline cottage, that night. We never did leave that place. We never will. Over the years, the Fauline cottage has become a home for all witches who others believe to be insane. And yet I was never truly crazy. Just crazy enough to believe I could betray one Mikaelson sibling without another sneaking up to put a knife in my back."



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