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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
Klaus daggers Elijah TO 1x01 ScreenCapture Always and Forever 7 - 4 Unnamed Men (flashback), 2 Unnamed Vampires, Klaus' First Human Kill (flashback), Elijah (neutralized) 2 - Sophie and Thierry Marcel
In the flashback to 300 years ago, on the ship, four men were killed. One was definitely killed by Rebekah but it was unclear which, it was also unclear whether Elijah killed any at all, Klaus also killed one and threw him down the stairs of the boat below deck. Back in the present Elijah saves Sophie's life when two Vampires came after her for praying at an altar. He pulls one up onto the roof in Vampire-speed and rips out his heart before flinging it to the ground below, Elijah then flings the other Vampire against the wall which impales him on a signpost which stakes him through the heart, killing him. In another flashback it shows Klaus making his first Human kill which turns him into a Hybrid. In a confrontation with Marcel, Klaus bites one of his lackies, Thierry, whom becomes infected with Werewolf toxin but towards the end of the episode uses his blood as a bargaining tool, so Elijah can get back Jane-Anne's body to give to the Witches. Marcel then gives the blood to Thierry healing him and saving his life. At the cliffhanger of the episode Klaus stabs Elijah through the heart with the White Oak Ash Dagger which neutralizes him. Klaus apologizes to Elijah as he drifts into unconsciousness, he cannot let Elijah's morality get in the way of what he needs to do.
Rebekah 18 TO 1x02 House of the Rising Son 15 - 6 Unnamed Vampires, Two Girls (flashback), Emil (flashback), Unnamed Man (flashback), Tina (twice), Josh, 3 Unnamed Vampires, Rebekah (neutralized, flashback) 2 - Josh, Hayley Marcel, Davina
On her way into New Orleans, Rebekah went into a bar to ask for directions and was set upon by six Vampires who didn't know that she was an extremely powerful Original Vampire, she murdered all six, very bloodily. In a flashback Klaus is seen grooming two girls at a party where he lures them upstairs and drains them of their blood. Rebekah had become stricken by the Governor's son Emil with whom she was infatuated with, she begged Klaus and Elijah to let her turn him but they refused her request, when Klaus made a joke about Rebekah's history with men, to which Emil stood up for her and confronted Klaus. Klaus responded by grabbing Emil by the throat, running him down the hallway and throwing him off of the mezzanine. Back to the present Hayley's presence in The French Quarter had consequences as she was soon found out by Marcel who ordered three of his men to hunt her down and bring back her head on a stick. They found Hayley sat on a park bench drinking hot tea, she threw the hot tea into the face of one of the Vampires. Rebekah showed up and snapped one of their necks off and ripped the heart from the other, she had saved Hayley's life, she appeared to had have killed them all but one remained alive who they took back to the Mikaelson Mansion with them. In another flashback it is shown that Marcel was a slave and being whipped by the man whom Klaus killed, he took the boy in for his own. Back to the present, Earlier in the day Josh and Tina had been partying at The Abattoir and had been fed upon and then healed and compelled by Vampires, as a consequence of Rebekah killing six of his nightwalkers, he had need for more Vampires so Klaus broke both their necks, they later wake up in transition and Marcel says only one of them will get to be immortal so he puts down a coin and says the first one to grab it gets to be a Vampire and the other one dies, Tina lunges for it no hesitation, to which Marcel snaps her neck stating that he doesn't like people who betray their friends, off-screen Josh completes his transition, in a final flashback it shows that Klaus neutralizes Rebekah with the dagger for catching her and Marcel kissing.
Katie 13 TO 1x03 Tangled Up In Blue 2- Max, Katie 2- Katie, Marcel Klaus, Marcel
In an attack on the Witches by the Nightwalkers, a Vampire, Max went into Jardin Gris and dragged Katie out of hiding and attacked her. Thierry pulled him off and rushed him before staking him in the heart killing him, as a result he broke Marcel's biggest rule and was to be punished. Knowing this, Katie went to the Lafayette Cemetery with Sophie and invoked their ancestors for power, Katie then used this power to confront Marcel and his Vampires, she took them down and was about to stake Marcel but Klaus intervened and snapped her neck killing her, saving Marcel's life in the process.
Diego's dinner TO 1x04 Girl in New Orleans 20 - Unnamed Girl, 9 Seminary Students (Flashback), Sean O'Connell (Flashback), 9 Bayou Witches. 4 - Tim, Hayley (Threetimes) Marcel, Klaus, Agnes
In a bar, Diego is shown to be draining a girl dry, when Rebekah comes to him for information about Cami, he thrusts the dead girl down to the floor. In a flashback to a massacre that took place with the church, it is shown that a boy went on a killing spree with a hand scythe, he killed nine of his fellow seminary students and then killed himself by slitting his own throat in front of Father Kieran, it was later revealed that this boy was in fact Camille's twin brother Sean. Back in the present, after Agnes had organised a scan and check up for Hayley by a doctor in the Bayou, it seems that she has her own agenda as she is seen to conspire against Hayley as she makes a phone call to an unknown person telling them to make it quick. While in the appointment, the doctor attacks Hayley, but Hayley headbutts her and escapes through a window, she is pursued by nine witches, she manages to kill four of them herself and Rebekah arrives just in time to kill the fifth one to stop him from hurting Hayley. Four more Witches find them, Rebekah tells Hayley to run but they are both shot with arrows, which renders them unconscious. Rebekah awakens to find all four Witches dead they had been ripped and ravaged meaning that Hayley was saved by an unknown savior, the baby's vampire blood also healed her from her wounds saving her life for the third time. In a plot to get Davina on side Klaus flings Tim from the mezzanine of the church and made it look like Davina had done it herself when she unleashed her magic upon Klaus, Klaus saved his life by healing him with his blood and got Davina in his debt at the same time. She owes him one.
Human Sacrifice TO 1x05 Sinners and Saints 7 - 5 Unnamed Witches (Flashback), Bastiana (Flashback), Monique Deveraux (Flashback) 1 - Davina Agnes, Bastiana
In the flashback it is shown that four Witches need to be sacrificed in a ritual called "The Harvest" which the witches must perform every three hundred years in order for the French Quarter Coven to keep their connection to their ancestors magic, they plan to sacrifice four young witches, Davina Claire, Monique Deveraux and two other witches, one of the elders of the coven Bastiana, slits the throat of the two unnamed Witches with her Athame, she called up Monique to be next but their ritual is interrupted by Marcel and some other Vampires. Two of the Witches are killed by Vampires. A Vampire then grabs Bastiana and kills her and another unnamed Witch is also killed. Seeing that Bastiana is dead and the ritual is failing Agnes steps up, grabs Bastiana's Athame and slits Monique's throat much to the dismay of her best friend; Davina. Davina absorbs all the power from the sacrifice and Marcel grabs her and rushes her away to hide her from the Witches to prevent them from completing the ritual, which now puts their powers into jeopardy.
Elijah 8 TO 1x06 Fruit of the Poisoned Tree 6 - 2 Unnamed Girls, 3 Members of The Faction, Agnes 2 - Hayley, Klaus and Hayley's Unborn Baby. Agnes
At the beginning of the episode a girl's body is shown to be strewn across a table and dripping blood onto the floor, it was mentioned that Klaus had offered her to Elijah but he had drank her himself, later in a bar a Vampire is shown to be feeding from a dead girl. Elijah gives Davina a page from Esther's Grimoire which happens to be an unlinking spell, she eventually succeeds in casting it and Hayley and Sophie are unlinked and Davina unknowingly saves the lives of Hayley and her unborn baby, Elijah then hurries to the church and in a calm but apparant rage rips the hearts from three members of The Faction, flinging their corpses across the room before rushing upto Agnes and breaking her neck for hurting his family.

[[Image:|150px]] Bloodletting Dwayne (twice) Tyler
Tyler killed Dwayne two times. First time after he drank the blood so that he can become a hybrid. And the second time, after he Dwayne felt sired to Hayley he tried to attack Tyler but he managed to kill him.

[[Image:|150px]] The River in Reverse

[[Image:|150px]] Reigning Pain in New Orleans

[[Image:|150px]] The Casket Girls

[[Image:|150px]] Après Moi, Le Déluge

[[Image:|150px]] Dance Back from the Grave

[[Image:|150px]] Crescent City

[[Image:|150px]] Long Way Back From Hell

[[Image:|150px]] Le Grand Guignol

[[Image:|150px]] Farewell to Storyville

[[Image:|150px]] Moon Over Bourbon Street

[[Image:|150px]] The Big Uneasy

[[Image:|150px]] An Unblinking Death

[[Image:|150px]] A Closer Walk With Thee

[[Image:|150px]] The Battle of New Orleans

[[Image:|150px]] From a Cradle to a Grave

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