All characters who have been killed during the third season of The Originals, and that have been saved by resurrection or other means.

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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
TO 301 0252 For the Next Millennium 18 - 9 Unnamed persons (flashback), 2 Unnamed murder victims, 5 Hired hunters, 1 Art critic, 1 Monk 1 - Lucien Castle The Mikaelson siblings and Lucien
In a flashback to Southern France 1002 A.D. the Mikaelson siblings (Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah) feed on at least four peasants.

In present day New Orleans Vincent takes Cami to a crime scene to help the police psychologically analyse the murder. They determine the victim was killed by a vampire.

In the next scene of the flashback the Mikaelsons can be seen with five bodies whom they have just fed on and killed. They then discover Lucien Castle hiding in the wagon. Kol and Elijah want to kill him but Rebekah and Finn defend him, saying he could be of some use for them.

In the present Elijah is preparing a picnic in the Bayou for the wolves who turn human during full moon, when some independent contractors arrive wanting him to leave because they are hunting wolves. After proudly admitting they already killed six wolves last night Elijah kills their leader.

Later that night he encounters some more hunters and he kills at least four of them.

Cami becomes a call from the detective that there has been another murder.

Klaus goes to visit Cami but she upsets him and he leaves angrily. On the street he kills an art critic who criticized his paintings earlier.

In the final scene Aurora de Martel is seen in a monastery receiving a letter, the content of which make her so angry she kills the monk who brought her the letter.

TO302 1552Kara You Hung the Moon 11 - 10 Witches and Kara Nguyen Davina, Hayley
Davina was humiliated by Kara Nguyen, one of the witches. Marcel suggests she uses a show of force, so Davina forces Hayley to go kill her.

As she does so, she gets trapped and surrounded by 10 witches. The only way for her to escape is to kill them all.

Dead Monks I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans 7 - Lucien Castle (as a human), 1 Businessman, 5 Monks Aurora de Martel
In a flashback to France, Lucien, after realizing Klaus' blood healed him, thinks he has become like him. He then goes after Tristan for revenge, but is killed by a guard.

In present time New Orleans, another murder victim is discovered while Lucien is being questioned at the police station.

In the final scene Aurora is seen leaving a voice message for her brother just after she killed at least five monks.

Normal TO304 2993Alexis-Lucien A Walk on the Wild Side 2 - Mohinder, Alexis Aurora de Martel, Mohinder and Tristan de Martel
Mohinder gets his heart ripped out by Tristan after Marcel poisoned him with Werewolf venom.

Alexis returns to the Mikaelson Compound where she shows the prophecy one more time, but dies immediately after since she has been poisoned by Aurora.

Normal TO305 0294KlausElijah The Axeman's Letter 2 - 1 Flower Delivery Girl, 1 Murder Victim Aurora, Lucien
Aurora compels a flower delivery girl to send Niklaus a message. The message includes her lying dead on a bed of lavender.

Lucien brings Cami into an alley way and threatens her, saying she is about to find out what he is capable of. He then leaves and Cami discovers another murder victim, about to bleed to death.

Normal TO306 2572Min Beautiful Mistake 3+ - Eva Sinclair's body, members of The Strix, Shen Min 2 - Marcel and Hayley Aya, Lucien Castle and Shen Min
Aya is sent by The Strix to find Rebekah, more precisely her vampire body. In order to find it, she slits open Rebekah's throat while she is still in Eva Sinclair's body, killing the witch body and forcing Rebekah to jump back into her original form.

Rebekah, back in her own body, is then attacked by some members of The Strix and kills a few of them before Freya turns up and magically breaks the remaining vampires' necks, temporarily killing them and ending the fight.

Marcel and Hayley have taken Shen Min prisoner, but he frees himself and attacks them. The two are saved by Elijah who stakes Shen Min through the chest just as he was about to tear out Marcel's and Hayley's hearts out.

Shen Min is then further interrogated by Elijah but says he would rather die than reveal the plans of the Strix. He takes off his daylight ring and burns up in the sun.

Normal TO307 2907Anton Out of the Easy 1 - Anton Anton, Aurora de Martel, Lucien Castle and Tristan de Martel
Cami manages to escape from Lucien's flat and from Anton who was supposed to guard her. A little while later Klaus arrives, but is unable to find out where Cami is now, so he stakes Anton.

TheOriginals708Aurora&Camille The Other Girl in New Orleans 9+ - 5 men (at first as humans, later while in transition), 4 members of The Strix 4 - Hayley, Freya, Cami and Tristan Aurora de Martel, Aya Al-Rashid
Aurora feeds her blood to 5 humans willing to become vampires and then snaps their necks, killing them and leading to their transition.

Elijah is attacked by The Strix who want to imprison him to keep him safe, he kills at least two of them, one by removing the heart, one by decapitating him. Although Marcel stakes Elijah, he later revives. Marcel saves Hayley from two members of the Strix by ripping their hearts out. Then he goes and gives Freya some of his blood, saving her from bleeding out due to a stab wound Aya gave her.

Klaus saves Cami from the danger Aurora put her in, first by getting Aurora away from Cami and then by killing one of the men now in transition. Camille had previously already staked one of the men in transition.

Marcel also saves Tristan from Hayley's wolf venom by giving him some of Klaus' blood.

TO309 3334Cami-Klaus Savior 9 - 5 Sailors, 2 members of The Strix, Rebekah (neutralized), Camille O'Connell (as a human) 3 - Freya, Detective Kinney, Hayley Aurora de Martel, Tristan de Martel and Rebekah Mikaelson
Elijah kills five men at the harbor as they open the box containing Rebekah which they just pulled out of the ocean.

Freya is attacked by some members of The Strix, who try to get The Serratura back. Jackson comes to her rescue and beheads two of them.

Cami worries about Detective Will Kinney and pays him a visit with Klaus following her. They arrive just in time to prevent a suicide attempt, forced on Will by Lucien's compulsion.

Rebekah attacks Hayley due to a curse but Klaus saves her just as Rebekah has her hand around Hayley's heart. Later on, Rebekah insists Elijah daggers her to prevent her attacking someone else and he hesitantly does so.

Klaus and Cami share a romantic scene, but Klaus later wakes to find Cami dead with her throat slit. The cause of her death is revealed in the next episode to be a compulsion by Aurora de Martel. Aurora compelled her to drink a vial of her vampire blood and then to silently slit her throat to hurt Klaus.

The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 A Ghost Along the Mississippi Tristan kills Jackson A Ghost Along the Mississippi 5 - 1 Obi Witch, 3 Unnamed Vampires, Jackson Kenner 1 - Vincent Aya, The Strix and Tristan de Martel
Vincent Griffith is being held captive in the cemetery by a couple of Strix vampires and an Obi witch. In an attempt to escape, he hexes the witch and kills her for her involvement with The Strix. He is then attacked from behind by one of the vampires but Elijah arrives and rips his heart out.

As revenge for Hayley torturing him in a previous episode, Tristan de Martel kidnaps both Hayley and Jackson and then rips out Jackson's heart in front of her very eyes.

In order to get Hayley back, the Mikaelsons come up with a plan to kidnap Aurora to trade her life for Hayley's. Vincent causes the car she is in to crash and Elijah then stakes the two vampires who were in that car with her.

Ariane Wild at Heart 2 - 1 The Strix member, Ariane The Ancestors and Camille O'Connell.
Aya uses The Sisters, the private coven of The Strix, to determine which of the members were loyal. Upon discovering one unfaithful vampire, she instantly decapitates him.

Elijah allows Ariane, a member of The Sisters, to see into his mind to find the weapon that could destroy an Original. When he finds out what it is, he cannot allow her to live with what she has seen in his mind, so he seeks her out and first bites her and then lets her drown.

Madison death Dead Angels 1 - Madison Aya, Madison, Camille O'Connell, Aurora de Martel
Madison, one of the witches from The Sisters, delivers the last of the White Oak to Aurora because she had promised her to free her from her affiliations with The Strix. Aurora does so by killing her.

TO313FREYA23 Heart Shaped Box 1 - The Sisters member 3 - Hayley, Freya, Elijah Aurora de Martel
Freya gets shot by Aurora and then buried alive in order for her to get to Niklaus and Elijah. She gets rescued by Klaus, with a little help from Finn.

Aurora manages to shoot Elijah with one of the White Oak Bullets, only barely missing his heart. Klaus succeeds in getting the bullet out before it reaches his heart. The Sisters attack Hayley in order to take her heart, which they need to break the sire bond between the Originals and the other vampires. Hayley manages to break the neck of one of them. She is ultimately saved by Davina and Kol's magic interference.

TO314 Ayadeathbyhayley A Streetcar Named Desire 7+ - 2+ Strix Members, 3 The Sisters Witches, Rayna Cruz (temporarily), Aya Al-Rashid Aurora de Martel, Tristan de Martel, Aya Al-Rashid, the Sisters, Davina Claire and Rayna Cruz.
Stefan Salvatore leads Rayna Cruz directly to The Strix' house through his wound which is acting like a beacon. There she kills at least two Strix vampires until she is (temporarily) killed by Aya.

Elijah awakes from the representational magical confinement in The Sisters' indoor pool. He jumps out and drowns and feeds on one of the witches to stop them from breaking the sire lines. Two other witches die by getting their neck snapped, one by Elijah and one by Hayley.

Aya ultimately still wants to be free from Elijah's sire line but Elijah is unable to kill her. Hayley takes it upon herself to drive a stake through her heart.

Gaspar Death An Old Friend Calls 18+ - 1 Limo Driver, 4 Girls in the Limo, 1 Message Man, 7+ (presumably 11) The Strix Vampires, 3 Humans at the bar, Gaspar Cortez, 1 Woman on the Street Gaspar Cortez
Gaspar Cortez compels the driver of a limousine to set fire to it with himself and four other girls which Cortez had previously drained of blood still inside.

A man delivers a note to Vincent Griffith and after he has received it stabs himself in the neck. He was also compelled to do this by Cortez.

Throughout the episode, The Strix are worrying about members going missing. Four dead vampires are found, torn apart by a werewolf. Elijah has a suspicion. He finds Hayley as she is torturing and beheading another vampire, several more bodies are lying on the ground. Hayley reveals that she has a list of all the vampires who were responsible for Jackson's death and it is clear that she wants to kill all of them.

Meanwhile, Klaus confronts Cortez and throws a stake at him, he however had compelled some people to kill their friends should anything happen to him, so Klaus quickly breaks the 3 people's necks before more people have to die. Cortez, left alive by Klaus intentionally missing his heart, explains that all of Klaus' enemies now know of the White Oak and are coming to kill him. He taunts Klaus about this until Klaus furiously punches his head off.

Elijah has a change of heart and decides to help Hayley complete her list by killing at least two more vampires. At the end of the episode, all the vampires on her list seem to be dead, making 11 dead Strix vampires in total (and taking the body count of the episode to 22). Since The Strix still demand to find the culprit, Marcel hands them Cortez's head, claiming it was him who killed the vampires.

In the final scene, Kol, being only recently brought back from the dead, is unable to maintain control of his hunger and feeds on a girl in an alley.

[[Image:|150px]] Alone with Everybody 2 - 2 of Sofya's Vampires 1 - Davina Lucien Castle and Sofya
Josh arrives in Sofya's suite pretending to want to buy the last of the White Oak. However, Sofya knows he is working for Marcel Gerard and has two of her vampires beat him while she leaves. They do this until shortly after, Marcel arrives and rips their hearts out.

Davina confronts Finn because she wants to avenge the fact that Kol is being tormented by The Ancestors and casts a spell on him that locks him permanently into his vampire body. Finn becomes angry and attacks her, but Kol intervenes and attacks him instead.

TO317 2881 Behind the Black Horizon 6+ - 2+ Guards, 1 Staff Member and 1 Vampire at Lucien's facility, Lucien Castle (as a vampire) and Finn Mikaelson 1- Freya Lucien Castle and The Ancestors
Klaus and Hayley investigate Kingmaker Land Development Inc.. In one of the facilities they are attacked by several guards. The fight does not end well for the guards. Klaus intrudes further into the building and breaks a staff member's neck to steal his keycard. Inside a locked room they find several werewolves and one dead vampire, who presumably died as a result of Lucien repeatedly testing his antidote for werewolf venom on her.

Meanwhile, Freya is being held hostage by Lucien as Finn, Elijah and Matt Donovan arrive. Finn takes Matt's gun loaded with wooden bullets and shoots Lucien through Freya's shoulder straight in the heart. Lucien dies and Elijah saves Freya by giving her some of his blood. Shortly afterwards however, Lucien revives in his new form. They get into a fight and Lucien manages to bite Finn before Freya can put up a barrier spell to protect them. Lucien's venom works quick and brutal in Finn's body, and the siblings have to discover that even Klaus' blood is unable to heal him. Finn dies in the Mikaelson Compound surrounded by his siblings.

TO318 2693 FreyaElijah-Lucien The Devil Comes Here and Sighs 3+ - 1 Woman, 1 Man, The Strix, Stephanie 2 - Elijah, Aurora Lucien Castle, Aurora de Martel and The Ancestors
In the first scenes of this episode, Lucien Castle, enjoying his brand new existence, is treating Aurora de Martel to an elegant feast in order to ultimately offer her to join him in his new life. They kill one human each, Lucien a woman and Aurora a man.

Later on, Lucien, who has captured Klaus and is holding him hostage, threatens Elijah to find out Tristan's location for Aurora. Freya intervenes and magically contains him while The Strix arrive to take him down. However, Lucien is too powerful and breaks free of Freya's spell and kills most of The Strix Vampires, leaving Elijah and Freya no choice but to run.

Meanwhile, Cami and Hayley attempt to rescue Klaus. Hayley is about to tear Aurora's heart out as Klaus warns her that she has already drunk the same serum Lucien used to become more powerful, thus leaving Hayley no choice but to spare her life. Aurora breaks Hayley's neck and then goes after Cami, pushing her into Lucien's Penthouse without being invited. Cami puts up a fight and finally Hayley manages to vervain Aurora and then they free Klaus.

Upon returning to the Penthouse and discovering Klaus and Aurora's disappearance, Lucien heads to Cami's Apartment. In order to gain entrance, Lucien kills Stephanie, Cami's neighbour who owns the apartment since Cami became a vampire and then overwhelms Cami and bites her, insuring her certain death

TO319 2781 Cami No More Heartbreaks 2 - Camille O'Connell and Davina Claire Lucien Castle and The Ancestors
After being injured by Lucien's lethal bite in the previous episode, Cami is unconscious to begin with but wakes up and manages to get away from him. Throughout the episode she becomes weaker and weaker from Lucien's venom and nothing seems to be able to cure her, although Klaus and his siblings try everything, including Lucien's blood, Hope's blood and Freya's spells. In the end, Klaus enters her mind to give her one last perfect day and stays with her until she dies.

In St. James Infirmary, Davina sits next to Kol's daggered body as a strong force of magic disturbs the whole of New Orleans and undaggers Kol. In a bloodthirsty rage he feeds on Davina. As soon as she is dead he regains his senses and realizes in horror what he has done.

Lucien Deceased 320 Where Nothing Stays Buried 2 - Lucien Castle and Van Nguyen Lucien Castle, Van Nguyen and The Ancestors
Lucien Castle is finally going after Klaus. He attacks Hayley but gets briefly overwhelmed by Elijah which gives Freya enough time to use the magic she stole from The Ancestors by channeling Davina - and thereby ruining Marcel and Kol's chance of bringing her back from the dead - to make Lucien killable again. Nothing but an ordinary vampire once more, it is easy for Klaus to kill him by ripping his heart out.

Angry about losing his chance to bring Davina back, Kol seeks out Van Nguyen and kills him for his involvement with The Ancestors and in Davina's death.

TO321 3108 Give 'Em Hell Kid 1 - Marcel Gerard (as a vampire) Vincent Griffith and Marcel Gerard
By channeling Alexis' prophecy, Freya and Elijah realize that the threat they face is in fact Marcel, who blames the Mikaelsons for Davina's death and has taken the serum extracted from Aurora's body and plans to use it on himself. Klaus is trying to make amends with Marcel but Elijah turns up and makes Marcel reveal that he has the serum with him. Laying out how unfairly the Mikaelsons have treated him and everyone around them, Marcel threatens to take the serum. Knowing the prophecy foretells that Marcel will be their downfall, Elijah rips out his heart before he can drink the serum and Marcel's body falls into the river.

In the final scene it is revealed that Marcel had in fact already taken the serum and he wakes up in his new form.

TO322-067-Klaus-Trial The Bloody Crown 10+ - 1 Female Vampire, 1 Male Vampire, the Strix members 4 - Freya, Kol, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson Marcel Gerard and Klaus' Sirelings
Marcel and other sirelings from Klaus break into the Mikaelson compound intent on revenge. One of them attacks Freya by scratching her with a poisoned ring but is soon killed with a chair through her heart by Hayley. As a further vampire attacks them before they can leave, Hayley defends herself by ripping his heart out.

Meanwhile, Detective Kinney brings Vincent to a crime scene in St. Anne's fight gym which is littered with the corpses of dead Strix vampires. Vincent presumes that Marcel is behind these murders. One of the Strix is not quite dead yet and attacks Kinney so Vincent drives a stake through his heart.

During the confrontation at the Mikaelson compound, Marcel bites both Kol and Elijah, condemning them to die from his lethal hybrid-like poison. Freya manages to save her and her brothers by putting them, along with Rebekah, into a deep sleep and linking their lives to Klaus', leaving Hayley enough time to find a way to save all of them.

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