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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
Normal TheOriginals201-1075KlausElijah.jpeg Rebirth 5+
Normal TheOriginals202-0053.jpeg Alive and Kicking 21+ 2 Kol Mikaelson (flashback), Hayley
  • 8+ village people - drained of blood, killed by Kol Mikaelson (flashback 1702)
  • Kol Mikaelson - daggered by Klaus (flashback 1702)
  • 2 unnamed witches - drained of blood, killed by Hayley
  • 3 maids - drained of blood, klled by Kol (flashback 1821)
  • 2 actors - compelled and killed by Kol (flashback 1821)
  • Kol - daggered by Klaus (flashback 1821)
  • 4 unnamed werwolves sent to attack Davina - killed by Mikael
  • Gia (as a human) - killed by Marcel


[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Every Mother's Son 0 Esther Mikaelson
Normal TheOriginals204-1655Oliver.jpeg Live and Let Die 10+


Normal TheOriginals205-1563ElijahTatia.jpeg Red Door 3+ 2 Elijah (flashback), Mikael, Esther
  • One village person - ripped apart by Klaus (flashback)
  • Tatia - fed on and killed by Elijah (flashback)
  • Several campers compelled by Mikael to attack Klaus - killed by Klaus


[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Wheel Inside the Wheel
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Chasing the Devil's Tail
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] The Brothers That Care Forgot
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] The Map of Moments
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Brotherhood of the Damned
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Sanctuary
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] The Devil is Damned
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] I Love You, Goodbye
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] They All Asked For You
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Save My Soul
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Exquisite Corpse
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Night Has A Thousand Eyes
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] When the Levee Breaks
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] City Beneath The Sea
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Fire with Fire
[[Image:{{{image}}}|150px]] Ashes to Ashes

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