[Aurora, who is driving in a black town car, has just pulled into the small parking lot behind St. Anne's Church. Once she's parked, she gets out of the vehicle and walks around until she reaches the trunk, which she opens to find Cami just as she left her the previous night-- seemingly unconscious with a blood-crusted bite wound on her neck. Aurora smiles at the sight of her]

AURORA: [smugly] Aw, poor dear! Still sleeping. Well, you have a big day ahead of you. We should get started.

[Aurora smiles even wider and bends over to pick Cami up out of the trunk. However, before she can even begin to lift her up, Cami reveals that she has been awake all along by quickly opening her eyes and grabbing the crowbar laying next to her before whacking Aurora upside the face with it. Aurora shouts in pain as Cami takes advantage of her distraction and tries to run away]


[Cami runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction of Aurora, but the ancient vampire catches up to her easily and blocks her way, glaring at her in annoyance as she does so]

AURORA: That was not nice.

[Cami's eyes widen, and she appears to be so scared that she simply freezes in place]

AURORA: Okay, you and I need to have a little heart-to-heart conversation. Come along.

[Aurora grabs her by the arm and drags her into the back entrance to the church. Once inside, they find at least a half-dozen men working out in Marcel's fight gym. One is lifting weights at the bench press while another man spots him, and two other men are sparring inside the cage. Cami looks terrified as Aurora continues to drag her toward the equipment]

CAMI: What-what are we doing here?
AURORA: [cheerfully] I heard a rumor these men train here, hoping to be made into vampires. So, I'm going to grant them their wish.

[Aurora shoves Cami forward, and Cami quickly turns to face her with a pleading expression]

CAMI: Wait. Please. I don't know who you are, but if you have a problem with me, fine. Just let them go.

[Aurora looks at her in surprise]

AURORA: Huh. I had assumed you knew who I was.

[Aurora looks at Cami for a brief moment before continuing on]

AURORA: No matter. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aurora de Martel.

[Aurora fake-curtsies in front of Cami, who looks confused and scared]

AURORA: Long-lost love of Niklaus Mikaelson. He and I are having just a little bit of a spat at the moment, as he took my brother captive. Now, it's come to my attention that you are... quite precious to him.

[Aurora laughs bitterly and takes a good look at Cami's appearance before referencing a conversation she had with Klaus in the flashbacks to 1002 in The Axeman's Letter]

AURORA: So, I'm taking you. And these "lovely, delicious, delightful" specimens are going to provide incentive!

[Aurora looks over at the men sparring in the ring before turning back to Cami]

AURORA: Once they're in transition, they'll need to feed.

[Aurora circles around Cami and brushes Cami's hair off of her shoulders to reveal her neck]

AURORA: And since you will be the only human blood available... Well, Nik had better give me what I want,

[Aurora then grabs Cami by the hair and shoves her so hard she collapses onto the ground. She then raises her voice to call out to all of the men working out in the gym]

AURORA: [cheerfully] Gentlemen! Come down! Quick, quick. Off you pop!

[Aurora claps her hands for emphasis, and the men reluctantly gather around her, though it's clear they're wary of what she wants]

AURORA: Thank you!

[Cami starts to pull herself into a seated position and watches as Aurora turns to the two shirtless men at the bench press, who stand to join the others]

AURORA: Hello! You, too! Congratulations. You have all been selected to receive the highest honor bestowed upon your pitiful species.

[Cami looks at Aurora in horror]

CAMI: Don't do this!

[Aurora looks around at the men for a moment until she finally stops at a blond man standing near her. She bites her lips in excitement as she vamp-speeds over to him, bites into her wrist, and feeds him her blood. As soon as she's sure he's ingested enough, she snaps his neck without any warning, causing Cami to flinch before she drops his body onto the ground. Aurora then looks at the other men with blood staining her lips and teeth]




[Freya and Elijah are in the upstairs study, where Freya is in the middle of setting up a magical binding circle made of salt and herbs to trap Tristan, who has been chained to a chair. Inside the circle are Elder Futhark runes, including ingwaz and algiz. Once the circle is complete, Freya looks up at Elijah and sighs]

FREYA: The spell is complete. Tristan cannot cross the boundary of his own will, but we can enter and leave as we please.

[Elijah crouches down to look at Tristan more closely]

FREYA: I took the liberty of injecting him with hibiscus and mugwort to counteract any vervain in his system. All you have to do is compel him to give you the longitude of Rebekah's location.
ELIJAH: He says he's immune.
FREYA: [shrugs] Well, then I'll find some other way to make him talk.

[Freya walks over to an end table and sets the jar of salt on it before she picks up an old-fashioned looking dagger with a thick, wavy-cut blade]

ELIJAH: Will you?

[Elijah walks over to Freya and holds out his hand, and she sighs again before reluctantly giving him the dagger]

FREYA: You're still upset I tortured Aurora without your permission.
ELIJAH: [amused] Oh, Freya. I'm obscenely fond of torture. But yes, when I'm entertaining, I like to be the one to choose precisely when and how we violate the guests.

[Elijah turns the dagger in his hand so that he's holding the blade with the handle facing toward Freya before he sits it down on the table]

FREYA: Fine. How should we proceed?
ELIJAH: Devastate his body, infiltrate the mind, and steal the information we need. To that end, I've invited a friend.

[Just then, Hayley, who has Hope balanced on her hip, walks through the doorway to join them. At the sight of his niece, Elijah gives Hayley a look of confusion]

HAYLEY: Elijah. I got your text.
ELIJAH: Unless she's violently teething, I don't recommend this as a daycare...
HAYLEY: [sighs] Jack's gone, and I don't know if he's coming back. I also really don't want to talk about it. So, which one of you will take Hope while I take out my anger on this pompous dick.

[Elijah seems shocked by the news that Hayley and Jackson's relationship is strained, but after a moment, he gives Freya a significant look. Understanding what he's trying to communicate, Freya turns to Hope and smiles before taking her out of Hayley's arms]

FREYA: Come here, baby girl.

[Freya gives Hayley a sympathetic smile before taking Hope into one of the other rooms, leaving Elijah and Hayley alone with Tristan. Elijah looks at Hayley as he walks toward the door as well]

ELIJAH: Bon appetit!

[Hayley snarls at Tristan before baring her fangs and hybrid eyes and biting him viciously on the neck, causing Tristan to awaken and scream in pain]



[Klaus has just burst into Lucien's apartment without warning and is looking around the room when Lucien greets him]

LUCIEN: Not a fan of knocking, are we?
KLAUS: [furiously] I afford courtesy to those who are in my good graces! You've fallen short.
LUCIEN: [sighs] Which is why I've called you. The whole Cami situation has gotten a tad out of hand.
KLAUS: [appalled] Out of your hand! You put her in danger!
LUCIEN: I put her in protective custody! Her decision to leave was rather ill-advised. See for yourself.

[Lucien walks over toward the nearby television and uses a remote control to turn it on. Klaus and Lucien move closer to the screen, where Lucien is playing surveillance footage from the previous evening. The footage is from the elevator, where a terrified-looking Cami is standing in the corner. Aurora, looking pleased, holds the palm of her hand in front of the camera, which has "JACKSON SQUARE" written across it. The sight of this causes Klaus' eyes to widen in horror]

LUCIEN: I would say this does not bode well for your friend Camille.

[Klaus continues to stare at the screen for a moment, where Aurora is blowing kisses to the camera and waving while Cami looks at her angrily. Klaus sighs deeply before addressing Lucien]

KLAUS: Aurora is upset because I have her beloved brother. She took Camille as leverage. Well, it'll be the last mistake she ever makes.

[Klaus turns and stomps toward the door, only to be blocked by Lucien, who has vamp-sped in front of him and is clearly frustrated by Klaus' behavior]

LUCIEN: Might I suggest you pause just a tick and think this through?
KLAUS: [furiously] Move. Now.

[Lucien, not wanting to incur Klaus' wrath, sighs and steps aside, allowing Klaus to walk out the door. However, Klaus' mood doesn't stop Lucien from following him into the hallway]

LUCIEN: If Aurora is upset with you, might she just be leading you into a trap?

[Klaus presses the button to summon the elevator]

KLAUS: Aurora has neither the means nor the will to harm me.
LUCIEN: So you say, but she is a vindictive lunatic. The prophecy said that you and your siblings would fall-- one by foe, one by family, one by friend.

[Klaus rolls his eyes in annoyance, but Lucien is undeterred]

LUCIEN: What is Aurora to you, if not a friend?

[Lucien lowers his voice to mutter under his breath]

LUCIEN: ...With certain benefits...

[Klaus, unamused by Lucien's attitude, quickly shoves him backward and pins him against the wall by his throat]

KLAUS: Perhaps I should murder my friends, starting with you.
LUCIEN: [nervously] You are my sire. I have a vested interest in keeping you alive... Which means I won't sit back and watch as you walk half-cocked into a trap.

[Just then, the elevator arrives, and Klaus ducks into it through the open doors, only for Lucien to follow him in as well]

LUCIEN: I'm coming with you.
KLAUS: [sighs] Just stay out of my way.

[Both Klaus and Lucien look annoyed and frustrated as the doors shut in front of them before they descend to the lobby]


[All of Marcel's potential vampire recruits are now laying dead on the floor, their bodies sprawled all over the gym and their mouths smeared with Aurora's blood. Cami is standing in the middle of the carnage while Aurora looks at her curiously]

AURORA: It's odd you'd be his therapist. Isn't it true Nik killed your beloved uncle right about... here?

[Aurora walks to the spot where Klaus was forced to kill Kieran in An Unblinking Death, and Cami looks surprised and uncomfortable with the fact that she knows this information]

CAMI: Yeah... It was a mercy-killing.

[Aurora smiles as she strips off her jacket, and Cami continues to stand with her arms crossed over her chest, visibly tense with this situation]

AURORA: "Mercy." That is such an odd little word.

[Despite Aurora's motives, she seems genuinely interested in hearing what Cami has to say]

AURORA: Tell me-- was it difficult to watch?
CAMI: [gulps nervously] Yes.
AURORA: Hmmm. This church hasn't been much luck for your family, has it?

[Cami's eyes widen in shock]

CAMI: You know about my brother?
AURORA: [smiles] I confess... When I first heard your name, I was intrigued. Nik cares for so few people, so I looked you up. The internet, it is such a marvel. I learned all about your storied past.

[Aurora starts to walk toward Cami, who looks pale from bloodloss and is clearly miserable as a result of these reminders of her history]

AURORA: The insane twin brother slaughters nine seminary students and then does himself in! Wow.

[Cami's expression has gone from nervous to angry at this statement and loses her temper]

CAMI: Are you enjoying this?

[Aurora smiles brightly and nods her head in agreement]

CAMI: Bringing up the tragedies of my life? Do you get off on being cruel?
AURORA: [shrugs] Maybe I'm looking for the ways in which we are alike.

[Aurora walks away from her so she can sit down on the nearby bench press]

AURORA: See, Nik's been obsessed with me for centuries, and now he's infatuated with you. What do you think the overlap is between us?

[Cami, even more uncomfortable now, cannot bring herself to look Aurora in the eyes]

AURORA: Is it... crazy brothers? Yours was quite mad, and mine? Well... Tristan. I love him, but he can be a bit daft sometimes. You know, he likes to have me committed every so often? Hoping to cure my more... eccentric predispositions. Thanks to him, I've been plunged into ice baths, bled for meloncholia, and exorcised for demons five-- no, six-- six times.

[Cami looks surprised that Aurora is telling her this]

AURORA: And my latest diagnosis is bipolar disorder. I imagine with your credentials, you're familiar with it.
CAMI: And there have been great strides in--

[Aurora, annoyed, stands to her feet and cuts Cami off before standing so they're face-to-face]

AURORA: --Shut up, Cami! I prefer not to be condescended to by someone who only just got her degree.

[Cami looks at her in confusion, and Aurora starts to pace around again as she talks]

AURORA: Now, tell me a bit more about you, starting with how you feel about Nik. And do bear in mind-- I'm a stickler for honesty.

[Cami, worried about her safety, gulps nervously and looks down at the floor]


[At the loft, Marcel is pacing around the living room while he talks to someone on the phone. He's visibly frustrated about the lack of success in finding Cami as he speaks to one of his vampires]

MARCEL: Yeah, I know exactly how big the Quarter is! Stop whining and find her. And when you do, you call me.

[Just as Marcel is hanging up his phone, Aya walks into the apartment and watches him curiously]

AYA: Trouble in Crescent City?

[Marcel smiles in an effort to look as though he's still on The Strix's side]

MARCEL: Nothing I can't handle!

[Aya gives him a skeptical look]

AYA: Such hubris. Surprising, given your lack of accomplishment.
MARCEL: [smirks] Tell that to your boy Mohinder. Oh, that's right! You can't. He's dead. Your boss killed him, right after I made him look like a chump.
AYA: [amused] Is that how you recall it?
MARCEL: [smugly] Yeah. That's pretty much how it went down.
AYA: [shakes her head] You are a skilled revisionist. Why not tell me your version of another tale? About the witch Regent who was shunned by her own people?

[Marcel's smile falls, though he puts on his best poker face]

MARCEL: I don't know that one. Witch politics isn't my thing.

[Aya looks at him suspiciously]

AYA: You were once guardian to Davina Claire, and just as she's about to be recruited by a consortium of the most powerful vampires in the world, her status as Regent is revoked, making her all but useless. You have to admit, that's quite a coincidence.
MARCEL: [scoffs] The covens hate me. You really think that I got them to impeach their Regent?
AYA: It would be foolish of you to defy the very organization that had so recently granted you membership. After all, you and your menagerie of downtrodden vampires have only just begun to reap the benefits we provide.

[Aya walks toward Marcel until their face's are inches apart and glares at him]

AYA: The Strix have no tolerance for insubordination.
MARCEL: [smirks] Oh. Well, I guess I better pay my dues.
AYA: Funny you should mention that. We do have a favor we require.

[Marcel looks at Aya warily, not knowing what to expect]


[Upstairs in the study, Hayley has just finished giving Tristan at least a half dozen hybrid bites over his neck and arms as he screams in pain]


[Hayley wipes the blood from her mouth and backs away from him, groaning in annoyance]

HAYLEY: Don't be such a baby, or I'll give you something to really cry about.

[Tristan continues to pant for breath as he replies]

TRISTAN: You mistake me, milady. I cry out only in grief. I was so struck by your beauty when I saw you at the gala. And now, after this affront to my person, I'll be forced to pluck those lovely almond eyes from your perfectly shaped skull.

[Hayley rolls her eyes at him just as Elijah, looking amused, walks into the room to join them]

ELIJAH: My goodness, I could watch this forever...

[Elijah walks over to Tristan and puts his hand on his progeny's forehead, yanking his head backward painfully]

ELIJAH: ...If only my sister wasn't trapped in the bottom of the ocean.

[Elijah lets go of him before he continues to speak]

ELIJAH: Let me ask you again, Tristan-- the coordinates, please.
TRISTAN: [groans in pain] Mmm. If I tell you, you'll just kill me.
ELIJAH: The alternative is significantly less pleasant.
TRISTAN: I think I'll hold off on any confessions. At least until The Strix arrive to free me and burn your home to the ground...
ELIJAH: [amused] Oooh...

[Elijah turns to Hayley, who doesn't look impressed by Tristan's behavior]

ELIJAH: I think the pompous dick could use a little more persuasion.

[Elijah leaves the room to allow Hayley to take her frustrations out on him once again, and when he's gone, she walks over to him with her arms crossed over her chest and glares at him]


[Aya has just finished explaining to Marcel what is expected of him, and Marcel is looks at her incredulously]

MARCEL: You want to go to war with the Mikaelsons?
AYA: The Mikaelsons declared war when they took Tristan captive. I'm calling on you as a Strix to come to the aid of your brethren.
MARCEL: [skeptically] By going on a suicide mission?
AYA: [rolls her eyes] I assure you, Marcel, I have no suicidal tendencies.

[Aya reaches into her bag and pulls out an ornately carved stake that is identical to the one she used to incapacitate Rebekah in Beautiful Mistake]

AYA: What I do have is a weapon-- one that can take down even an Original. It won't kill them, but it will subdue them indefinitely.

[Aya walks toward Marcel and looks at him seductively]

AYA: I used one much like it on your darling Rebekah.

[Marcel is stunned and horrified by this information, but he pretends as though he's shocked that there is a weapon that can be used on an Original without killing them]

MARCEL: That thing can take down an Original?
AYA: You'll take this, go into the Mikaelsons' home under the guise of friendship, and then you will drive this stake into Elijah's heart. We will free Tristan and imprison the head of our sireline, all in an entire evening.

[Marcel looks nervous and conflicted, which does not escape Aya's notice. Aya leans in even closer to Marcel's face]

AYA: Do this, and you will have proven your loyalty to The Strix. Fail, and we will revoke your membership... and your life along with it.

[Marcel doesn't look at all happy to be blackmailed like this and gives Aya an annoyed look]


[Freya is at the KENNER APARTMENT with Hope, holding her talisman pendant in her hand and staring out the window when suddenly, Mary Dumas enters the room behind her. Freya turns and looks at her suspiciously as she takes off her jacket]

MARY: You must be the sister. Freya?
FREYA: [warily] And who are you?
MARY: Name's Mary. I'm a Crescent. Closest thing your niece has to a great-grandmother. Figure she's napping?
FREYA: [nods] That's right.
MARY: And Hayley?
FREYA: She's across the street helping with a... family matter.

[Mary rolls her eyes at this news]

MARY: Was that Elijah's idea?

[Freya sighs and gives Mary a look. The scene then cuts to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where Hayley has stepped out into the hallway after Freya has called her to verify what Mary has told her]

HAYLEY: [to Freya] Yeah, she's fine. She's a little rough around the edges, but she's family. Don't worry. I'll be there soon.

[Just as Hayley hangs up the phone, Elijah appears behind her, looking concerned]

ELIJAH: Is everything okay?
HAYLEY: [sighs] Just fun with the in-laws. Jackson's grandmother just showed up. Which is very strange, considering that he's out sulking in the Bayou. Not that I can really blame him, considering I didn't try to stop him, or run after him...

[Elijah frowns, not liking that Hayley's life has been made difficult by their current drama]

HAYLEY: ...Mainly because I figured that you would need me here.

[Though Elijah does seem mildly touched that Hayley would do that for him, he gives her a sympathetic look]

ELIJAH: You've done more than enough. Go to your family, please.

[Hayley and Elijah share a long look before Hayley smiles weakly and turns to leave. Elijah watches her as she heads to her apartment across the street, clearly torn between his love for Hayley and his desire for her to be happy]


[Lucien and Klaus are walking around the square, where artists are displaying their paintings to a large crowd of people milling about. Klaus looks annoyed by Lucien, who is scoffing in distaste at their current environment]

LUCIEN: It's typical of Aurora, forcing us to look for one of her needles in a rather vile haystack.
KLAUS: [annoyed] Yes. It's quite the undertaking, made all the more onerous by your incessant chatter.
LUCIEN: [incredulously] I speak so that I might be listened to. Aurora clearly has some devious plan in mind, which begs the question-- given how vindictive she is, why bother playing her game?

[Lucien walks around Klaus so he's standing in front of him, and Klaus stops and stares at him]

KLAUS: I'm not playing for her.

[Lucien, realizing this is all about Cami, rolls his eyes and follows after Klaus as he continues to walk down the street]

LUCIEN: Ah, then... Then tell me, what's the best-case scenario? You save Cami today, Aurora will just kill her some other time. And you can't very well kill Aurora, given she alone has the information needed to find Rebekah...
KLAUS: [irritated] I'm quite aware of the dilemma, thank you.
LUCIEN: [sarcastically] Oh! Yet you're still determined to rush into this harpy's trap.

[Klaus, even more annoyed, stops walking once again, and Lucien looks him in the eyes with an exasperated expression]

LUCIEN: What for? Why do you even care about Cami?
KLAUS: I trust her, which is more than can be said for you. Now, if you're gonna help me, then help me.

[Lucien sighs dramatically in frustration]

KLAUS: Otherwise, bugger off.

[Klaus pushes past Lucien and walks away. Lucien sighs and mutters under his breath as he follows after him]

LUCIEN: All right.


[Cami and Aurora are still talking in Marcel's fight gym. Whatever Cami has said off-screen has made Aurora laugh in amusement]

AURORA: Hahaha! You really said that to him?

[Aurora adopts a mocking tone of voice]

AURORA: "People are not awful. They want to be good." Wow! A bit saccharine, no?
CAMI: [annoyed] Why don't you ask your boyfriend?
AURORA: [giggles] You feeling jealous? It seems as though you are, and yet you and Nik are not lovers. You admitted so yourself. You've never even kissed.
CAMI: We're not romantically involved, no. But I do care about him.

[Aurora shrugs as though she doesn't understand, so Cami continues to explain]

CAMI: I see that he wants to be more than what he is, and I don't think you would do much to help him get there.
AURORA: You see the good in Nik. Tell me, are you the one to bring it out of him? The frail, little human that he has manipulated, abused, and compelled to be everything from stenographer to spy?

[Aurora stands to her feet and walks toward Cami with a smile]

AURORA: He doesn't care about you, darling. You're just a thing that he uses from time to time. That's all.

[Cami, not willing to back down, walks closer to Aurora and stands her ground against her]

CAMI: You can say whatever you want. I can't stop you. But I do find it interesting how angry you are. I think you're worried. If there's anything that Klaus likes about me, it's my mind, that I can understand him. And you? You are beautiful, and you are powerful, and you do have a long history together. But you're worried he doesn't love you, that maybe he does see the truth-- that your mind, it's a bit damaged, isn't it?

[Aurora becomes so furious that she backhands Cami across the face so hard that she's thrown backward into the cage]

CAMI: [groans] Uh!


[Klaus and Lucien are still walking around the square. Klaus looks around at the various pieces of art for a clue to Aurora's scavenger hunt while Lucien just rolls his eyes in annoyance at the people around them and sighs loudly. After a moment, Klaus looks over at where a small fence with paintings hanging on it has been set up nearby. On the fence is a familiar looking painting of a blonde girl, the same painting that Klaus gave to Cami in For the Last Millennium. He walks over to it and picks it up as Lucien watches curiously]

KLAUS: I gave this to Camille as a gift.

[Klaus flips the canvas over to find a small green object has been taped onto the back of the painting. When Klaus plucks it out, he smiles weakly when he realizes that it's a small charm made of felt that has the Prayer to St. Anne written on the back of it]

LUCIEN: [snarkily] Ah, so now Aurora has you attending church. Have you not had enough of her leading you on a leash like some lovesick imbecile?

[Klaus rolls his eyes and walks toward the church. After a moment, Lucien groans and grabs the painting so he can follow him once more]


[Cami has just flipped herself over after having been thrown into the wall of the cage again, and she's panting heavily as Aurora tries her best to regain her composure, since she knows that she just revealed too much with her outburst]

AURORA: [breathing deeply] Okay. I've had enough analysis. Let's shine the light back on you, shall we? Tell me your deepest, darkest secret. And if I sense that you are holding back... Well, you might not live long enough for Nik to get here.

[Meanwhile, Klaus has just arrived to the parking lot behind St. Anne's, and Lucien continues to try to talk him out of confronting Aurora as he walks toward the back entrance]

LUCIEN: Will you please listen to me? All I suggest is that we find another way to deal with Aurora than follow blindly along her bread-crumb trail.

[Klaus, who is losing his patience with Lucien, turns and points at him aggressively]

KLAUS: You know, even as you talk, I cannot help but recall you were the arrogant wanker who endangered Camille in the first place!
LUCIEN: Well, better arrogant than foolish. Your judgment is off, my friend, and all because of this mortal girl!

[Lucien squeezes Klaus' shoulder as he stares him in the eyes with a pleading expression]

LUCIEN: Well, I say let Cami die. All of your secrets and vulnerabilities can die with her.

[Klaus, visibly frustrated with him, claps him on the shoulders with a sigh before quickly snapping his neck, allowing his body to drop onto the ground before he leaves to find Cami]


[Freya has returned to the compound, where she's holding onto Tristan's head with both hands as she casts a spell on him. Tristan looks pale and feverish, and Elijah watches her silently until Freya finishes and looks up at him]

FREYA: He's as weak as I can make him. If I push further, I might kill him.
TRISTAN: [gasping] Weak as I am, you still won't take from me what you seek.

[Elijah sighs and walks toward Tristan until he's standing beside Freya and staring at his progeny in annoyance]

ELIJAH: [sighs] It's an unpleasant thing, delving into such a depraved and repellent mind.

[Tristan starts to doze off as a result of the werewolf venom, and Elijah kicks his foot hard to wake him up, clearly growing impatient with him]

ELIJAH: Tristan, unless you'd like me to fetch the chainsaw--

[Elijah kneels and taps Tristan under the chin with his hand]

ELIJAH-- I recommend you give me what I seek.

[Elijah quickly grabs Tristan by the side of his head and uses his vampire telepathy to go through his memories. The first glimpse he sees is of Tristan and Aurora sword-fighting in You Hung the Moon, followed by a flash of Elijah and Hayley together at the Strix Gala in A Walk on the Wild Side. Next is a flash of Tristan talking to Lucien at the bar at the Mikaelson Thanksgiving dinner in Out of the Easy. The last flicker of a memory is a quick glimpse of what looks like a flight manifest with a list of names, including "Andromeda," "Cepheus," and "Perseus." Once the visions end, Elijah gasps in surprise, which worries Freya]

FREYA: What did you see?

[Elijah continues to pant for breath as a result of the exertion combing through his mind has required. He stands to his feet and stands next to Freya]

ELIJAH: Just flashes. He's resisting, but still, Th... There's something else. It was a word.

[Elijah looks down at Tristan, who is becoming weaker by the moment, and grabs him by the face]

ELIJAH: What was it, Tristan? Hmm? What is "Cepheus?"

[Just then, Marcel walks into the room, looking unimpressed by their methods]

MARCEL: [scoffs] What's next? Charades? While you guys host the world's most messed-up game night, you got bigger problems.

[Elijah looks annoyed by Marcel's unannounced visit as he turns to Freya]

ELIJAH: Freya, would you mind dealing with this situation, please?

[Before Freya can react, Marcel cuts her off]

MARCEL: Oh, no offense to your lovely sister, but you and I need to talk.

[Elijah turns away from Tristan to face Marcel with an appalled expression]

MARCEL: I'm here on behalf of The Strix, and I'm not leaving without Tristan.

[Elijah stares at Marcel coldly while Tristan laughs weakly in relief]

[After the break, the scene returns to the compound, where Marcel and an unamused Elijah are walking down the hallway near the courtyard]

MARCEL: [exasperatedly] Elijah, look-- the way I see it, you don't have a choice.
ELIJAH: [rolls his eyes] Is that so?
MARCEL: How long before The Strix decide to come get their guy? And if they destroy half the Quarter in the process...

[Elijah cuts him off and stops walking, blocking Marcel from going any further]

ELIJAH: I can handle The Strix.
MARCEL: [scoffs] Oh, you can't even handle Tristan! He's about to OD on wolf venom, and the only thing that you can get out of him is-is Cepheus, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

[Elijah glares at him coldly, but Marcel is undeterred]

MARCEL: The guy has been around for a millennium. He can withstand all your vampire mind-games. And if you end up killing him, we lose Rebekah for good.
ELIJAH: [sarcastically] So what are you suggesting here, Marcel? I simply hand over this wretched fiend and stand idly by as you set him free?
MARCEL: [sighs] If I take Tristan, make it look like I busted him out, I get in tighter with him and The Strix. I can find out where Rebekah is and keep them from declaring war on the Quarter if you trust me.

[Elijah shakes his head]

ELIJAH: I will not release that filth.

[Elijah turns and walks away from Marcel, leaving the younger vampire to consider his options]


[Hayley, Hope, and Mary are all sitting around the kitchen table and talking while Hayley feeds her daughter]

MARY: Jack is my grandson. I love him, stubborn as he is. And I know he loves you.
HAYLEY: [sadly] Then where is he?
MARY: [rolls her eyes] Drinking whiskey. Chopping wood. Shooting arrows. Gets that way when he doesn't know what to do. And... and right now, he doesn't know how to help you. Which makes sense, seeing as how you don't know how to help yourself.
HAYLEY: [warily] What's that supposed to mean?
MARY: After all the Mikaelsons took from you, you're still over there playing right along like you was one of them.
HAYLEY: [sighs] They're my family, Mary. They're Hope's family.
MARY: And when you got married, Jack became your family. And maybe they need you, but your husband needs you, too.

[Hayley, who seems to know that Mary isn't wrong, is clearly torn about what to do next]


[Freya is standing watch over Tristan upstairs in the study while she waits for Elijah and Marcel to return. After a moment, Tristan, who has been watching her curiously, speaks up in a weak voice]

TRISTAN: There really is no need for this. You and I have much in common. For one, we both adore our sisters.

[Freya turns to face him and gives him a cold smile]

FREYA: Whatever we have in common, trust me-- it's outweighed by the fact that I want you dead.

[Freya turns away from him again and returns to staring out the doorway, but Tristan isn't finished talking]

TRISTAN: I must have spent centuries looking for your family, only to find animals. Treacherous savages who betray even each other. Were you disappointed?
FREYA: They're my family. My blood.
TRISTAN: Such devotion. It is admirable. I wonder... why does it not extend to your poor brother Finn?

[Freya quickly turns on her heel and walks toward Tristan, visibly unhappy with this question]

FREYA: What do you know about Finn?
TRISTAN: We were acquaintances a thousand years ago. He was the most noble of your siblings, and he knew me as a man of my word.

[Freya is clearly torn and doesn't know what to believe]

TRISTAN: Why not ask him yourself? Assuming that he will speak to you after what you've put him through...

[Freya remains silent as she turns to walk away, grabbing the pendant on her talisman in her hand as she thinks about what Tristan has just said. As Freya walks away, Tristan smiles weakly in satisfaction]


[Cami and Aurora are still in Marcel's fight gym, where Aurora is standing in front of Cami and starting to lose her patience with her as Cami recovers from being thrown against the wall of the cage]

AURORA: I will not ask again. Your greatest shame. Admit it And do not bother lying, because I will know, and then I will end you.

[Cami hesitates for a moment before she speaks]

CAMI: Junior year of college... I was arrested for assault, battery...

[Cami pulls herself to her feet, though it's clear she's still weak from blood loss. Aurora smiles, visibly pleased about what she's heard so far]

AURORA: Ooh, fabulous! Now that's more like it.

[Aurora walks over to the bench press and sits down, crossing her legs daintily before looking at Cami with an expectant expression]

AURORA: Now, do go on...
CAMI: [sighs] It was... some guy. He was dating my roommate. She tried to break up with him, so he hit her. Broke her nose. I tried to get her to go to the police, the dean, anybody, but she was too scared. I hated that he was just getting away with it, like nothing ever happened. I saw him one night at a bar, hitting on a freshman...

[Aurora watches Cami curiously as the human girl's voice becomes colder]

CAMI: So, I took a beer bottle, and I smashed it in his face.

[Aurora hisses in response to the thought of the man being hit in the face with a broken bottle]

AURORA: Oooh...

[Cami continues her story in a detached tone of voice]

CAMI: The next thing I knew, I was kneeling on his chest and pounding his head on the floor. And by the time the pulled me off of him... Well, he wasn't laughing.

[Aurora studies Cami's demeanor for a moment, trying to determine if she's lying and analyzing her feelings on the matter]

AURORA: You're not ashamed that you did it.

[Cami blushes in embarrassment, which makes Aurora chuckle in satisfaction that her suspicions were correct]

AURORA: Huh. You're ashamed that you enjoyed it.

[Aurora stands to her feet and walks over to a very uncomfortable Cami so they're face-to-face]

AURORA: And that's why you study psychology-- to understand your own dark impulses.

[Cami tries her best to change the subject]

CAMI: Here I thought I was the shrink.
AURORA: [chuckles] Ha! Well, I see why Nik is so taken with you. The trouble is... my burgeoning respect for you is overshadowed by my somewhat puerile jealousy. So, I suppose we've reached the inevitable...

[Aurora raises her voice louder as though she's calling out to someone]

AURORA: Wouldn't you say, my love?

[Just then, a very unhappy Klaus walks into the room. Cami looks relieved by the sight of him, but when she tries to rush toward him, Aurora smirks and turns her back to Cami, covering her with her body and pushing Cami backward against the cage with one hand so she can't move any closer. Klaus spreads his arms wide in a gesture of defeat]

KLAUS: Stop this game.
AURORA: This is not a game, Nik! This is an intervention. You're in danger of losing the love of your life... Me. We're finally together after so long apart, all the world before us, if we can just dodge a few minor obstacles. Like this nuisance of a prophecy, my brother's internment, the insufferable influence of Elijah... But what I cannot overcome is your affections for someone else.

[Klaus, looking somewhat bemused, sighs dramatically]

AURORA: I've waited far too long to share you now.

[Klaus, knowing that Cami is in a lot of danger, tries to carefully navigate this situation so as to not get her hurt in the crossfire. Aurora shrugs, and her voice becomes softer]

AURORA: Call me jealous.

[Klaus walks toward Aurora and Cami and continues to make pleasant conversation]

KLAUS: I remember full well the extent of your jealousies. But what surprises me is that they extend to the, uh...

[Klaus gestures toward Cami and smiles]

KLAUS: The lowly therapist. Aurora, you can't believe she means anything to me.
AURORA: [desperately] But I do believe it, Nik! I see it, the fear in your eyes.

[Klaus' eyes widen in alarm, though he tries to cover it up]

AURORA: Do you actually love her?
KLAUS: You know I love you.

[Aurora looks at him in relief, and the tension leaves her body as she smiles at him]

AURORA: I'm so glad you admitted that. I wanted Cami to hear it...

[Aurora suddenly grabs Cami in a choke-hold, and Cami gasps for breath as Aurora, still clutching her throat tightly, turns back to address Klaus with a maniacal smile]

AURORA: ...Before I rip out her throat.

[Cami's eyes widen in alarm, and Klaus, too, looks concerned]

[After the break, Aurora has let go of Cami's throat, though she still has a tight hold on her to keep her from moving. Klaus is pacing around the room as he does his best to calm Aurora down]

KLAUS: Honestly, Aurora... These petty displays are so far beneath you. Wild scavenger hunts, threats against innocent acquaintances... They cast you in a very unflattering light. Jealousy's more my game.
AURORA: Oh, would that I didn't have the need for it.
KLAUS: Why should you? Camille is no rival to you.

[Cami frowns sadly, not sure if Klaus is lying for her benefit or is actually being serious]

KLAUS: Your fears are ridiculous.
AURORA: Nik, I have no doubt that you love me. I was just hurt to learn that you would lower yourself to this distraction...

[Aurora jerks Cami's body toward him in emphasis, and Cami groans in pain as she sways on her feet]

AURORA: And particularly when she constitutes a rather fiendish lie.

[Klaus frowns in confusion, unsure of what she's talking about]

AURORA: You were drawn to her under the mistaken belief that she is pure, and she tells you that people want to be good, but she's not quite the ray of unwavering sunshine that you believe her to be.

[Cami looks at Klaus with a pleading expression as Aurora continues to hold her upright by the back of the neck]

AURORA: No. There is a darkness in her. Why else would she be drawn to the darkness? Why else would she be drawn to you? See, I might have my own imperfections, but at least I am not a fake. Whereas Cami here?

[Aurora jerks Cami's body around again to emphasize her point, causing Cami to gasp in pain once again]

AURORA: Well, she's... she's just an illusion.
KLAUS: Aurora...
CAMI: She's right. Klaus, everything I ever said to you is a lie.

[Cami pauses for a moment as though she's searching for the words to say, but instead, she headbutts Aurora in the face from behind]


[Aurora becomes so furious that she hits Cami in the head hard enough to knock her out, and her body crumples to the floor as Klaus vamp-speeds toward Aurora and pins her to the wall of the cage. However, Aurora just laughs as she looks over at Cami's unconscious body on the floor]

AURORA: Oh, poor, frail little thing. How sad you involved her in this.

[Klaus glares at Aurora furiously, taking one moment to glance over at Cami's body before he vamp-speeds them both outside]


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Elijah is in the downstairs living room, heading up the spiral staircase, as Marcel rushes in and follows him to try to talk to him]

MARCEL: [loudly] Elijah! I'm not finished.

[Elijah stops walking up the staircase and turns to face Marcel, clearly annoyed by his attitude]

ELIJAH: Why don't you run along to your little friends and remind them that any attack on me is a really bad idea.
MARCEL: That's not gonna work. They're as stubborn as you are.
ELIJAH: So stay away from them, Marcel, before I interpret your behavior as an act of betrayal.

[This visibly offends Marcel, who glares at Elijah for a moment before he replies]

MARCEL: That's the thing, Elijah...

[Marcel reaches into his inner jacket pocket and pulls out the enchanted stake he was given by Aya]

MARCEL: See, I betrayed you before I even got here.

[Elijah turns around at the sound of footsteps to see a dozen suit-clad male members of The Strix flooding into the room from every entrance. Elijah turns back to Marcel and gives him a cold look]

[Upstairs in the study, Freya is walking around an even-weaker Tristan and the magic binding circle as she casts a spell]

FREYA: [chants] Somo ve de ver se, nat--

[Freya stops chanting when she sees another male member of The Strix walking into the room. She immediately makes a fist with her hand and jerks her arm downward, casting a silent pain infliction spell on him that is so strong he is immediately brought to his knees. However, just as the man falls unconscious, Aya vamp-speeds into the room and stabs Freya in the stomach with the knife Freya planned to use on Tristan earlier before she can even react]

FREYA: [gasps] AH!

[Aya jerks the knife out of her stomach, and Freya collapses onto the floor as Aya sneers at her from above]

AYA: Your sister put up more of a fight.

[Freya continues to gasp for breath on the floor as she bleeds out, and Tristan turns and gives Aya an annoyed look as she drops the blade onto the floor]

TRISTAN: Took you long enough.

[Aya smirks at him in amusement]

[Downstairs in the living room, Marcel and Elijah are in the middle of a heated fist-fight. Elijah shoves him backward so hard that he hits one of the weight-bearing stone columns and chips off a large piece of rock from it. Marcel falls to the floor, allowing Elijah to turn and start fighting one of the other Strix members]

[At the KENNER APARTMENT, Hope is seated in her stroller next to the table, where Mary is doting on her as Hayley packs up their things, presumably to head to the Bayou]

HAYLEY: Okay, I think I have everything.

[Just as Hayley is putting the rest of the clothes into her overnight bag, Hayley's hybrid-hearing picks up the sounds of fighting from across the street at the compound]

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Elijah is still in the middle of fighting two of The Strix's members. He rips the heart out of one of them and drops it unceremoniously onto the floor before spinning and karate-chopping the neck of the other so hard that he's decapitated, causing a splatter of blood to spray against the portrait of him hanging on the wall]

[At the KENNER APARTMENT, both Hayley and Mary have realized an attack is happening at the compound, and they both look out the balcony of the apartment toward the compound's balcony in hopes of seeing something]

HAYLEY: [worriedly] There's something going on over there.

[Hayley moves to leave, and Mary immediately tries to stop her]

MARY: Hayley, no! Whatever trouble that is, it ain't yours.

[Hayley gives her a look before vamp-speeding toward the balcony so quickly that Mary flinches in surprise. Hayley then launches herself from her balcony to the one at the compound in a single bound, landing in a crouched defensive position on the floor of Klaus' bedroom]

[Meanwhile, the fight is still going on in the living room, where Elijah is fighting several other Strix members. Elijah has just punched one in the face before twisting his arm so hard that it snaps, but is too distracted to see another Strix member grab Elijah in a headlock from behind. Fortunately, Hayley instantly vamp-speeds toward the man and snaps his neck, allowing Elijah to do the same to the other vampire. The two look at each other for a long moment, and they're about to relax when Marcel comes up behind Elijah and stabs him through the heart from behind with what looks like the stake he was given]

HAYLEY: [shocked] Elijah!

[Marcel drops Elijah to the ground, and his skin starts to turn gray and desiccated as Hayley glares at him in confusion and betrayal. Just then, two other members of The Strix start to surround her, cornering her while Marcel watches from behind them]

[After the break, Marcel watches with a frown as one of the vampires grabs Hayley in a choke-hold and pins her against one of the stone columns. Hayley struggles against his hold for a moment before reaching out with her right hand and snapping his neck. When the other vampire attacks her, she kicks him in the gut, only for yet another vampire to speed toward her. Each vampire takes one of Hayley's arms and pins them to the column so she can't fight back. The older-looking vampire starts to choke Hayley, but before they can kill her, they both collapse onto the floor, revealing that Marcel has ripped out their hearts through their backs. As Hayley coughs and tries to catch her breath, Marcel gives her a significant look and holds up the hearts before dropping them onto the ground. Hayley is clearly confused as to what game Marcel is playing, but before she can recover and decide what to do with him, Marcel vamp-speeds away. Hayley continues to cough and massage her throat as she looks down at Elijah's incapacitated body on the floor]

[Meanwhile, upstairs, Aya has just broken the magic circle and has gently helped Tristan up, wrapping his arm around her shoulders so she can support him. Tristan stops and looks down at Freya as she gasps for breath and bleeds out on the ground]

TRISTAN: Oh, Freya. Things might have been different. Alas, you chose poorly.

[Just then, Marcel vamp-speeds into the room with a worried expression and looks at Aya]

MARCEL: Hey, you need to get him out of here.

[Aya, annoyed, gives him the side-eye]

AYA: Are you giving me an order?

[Marcel gestures toward Tristan and scoffs in frustration]

MARCEL: Look, he's too weak to fight, and Elijah's cavalry just got here. Go! Now!

[Aya looks over at Tristan, who nods in agreement with Marcel's assessment. She nods in understanding before taking Tristan's hand and vamp-speeding him away. Once they're gone, Marcel looks down at Freya and walks toward her, taking note of her bleeding stab wound and what sounds like a punctured lung. He pulls out the stake Aya gave him from his pocket, revealing that he didn't actually use it on Elijah, before walking toward Freya, who looks as though she thinks he's going to finish her off. Instead, he lays the stake on the nearby table and kneels next to her, rolling up his jacket sleeves]

MARCEL: Your brother's gonna wake up mad at me.

[He gently lifts up Freya's head and bites his wrist before feeding her his blood]

MARCEL: When he does, be sure to remind him who his friends are.

[Freya, shocked by this turn of events, whimpers as she drinks his blood to heal from her wounds]


[Klaus has vamp-sped himself and Aurora outside the church, and he's now dragging her to the parking lot behind the building as he scowls at her. Aurora, however, seems amused]

AURORA: Oh, you're quite cross, aren't you? I haven't seen you this mad in a thousand years.
KLAUS: [coldly] If you don't behave yourself, you'll see a lot worse.

[Aurora jerks out of his grip and stops walking, turning so she's looking him in the eye with a haughty expression]

AURORA: I don't much like that tone! Although, given what I did to Rebekah, I suppose it's to be expected. Unless the source of your ire is the threat I made against your little pet...

[Inside the church, Cami awakens on the floor next to the fight cage and groans in pain as a result of the bleeding head wound Aurora gave her]

CAMI: Ugh...

[Cami weakly pulls herself to her feet, groaning all the while. However, she doesn't realize that the first man that Aurora turned and killed has awakened in transition and is staring at her ravenously from behind her. She winces as she touches the bloody wound on her head until she hears footsteps approaching her and spins on her heel to find the newly-turned vampire slowly walking toward her]

CAMI: [worriedly] Hey...
NEWBORN VAMPIRE: I'm so hungry...

[Suddenly, a gasp is heard, and Cami turns toward the source of the sound to find that yet another of the fledgling vampires has awakened in transition as well. The first newborn vampire continues to walk toward her, causing a terrified Cami to back away from him in fear]

[Meanwhile, in the alley behind the church, Klaus and Aurora continue to talk]

AURORA: You really do care about her, don't you?

[Klaus gives her an annoyed look, though he smiles weakly and patronizingly at her]

AURORA: Well, now I suppose I shall have to kill her.

[This immediately enrages Klaus to the point that he vamp-speeds toward her and slams her against the wall of a nearby building. Aurora yelps in surprise]

AURORA: Ooh, are we to play rough now? Foreplay's changed in the last millennium.

[Before Klaus can react, Aurora spins them around so that it is now he who is pinned against the wall and she who is doing the pinning]

AURORA: Tell me, can your pathetic Cami excite you the way that I can?

[Aurora tugs on the lapels of his jacket with a hungry and flirtatious demeanor]

AURORA: Can she allow you the joy of giving into your most wicked desires?

[Aurora strokes his chest as he glares at her]

[Inside the church, Cami is still backing away from the fledgling vampire who is stalking toward her and gently tries to talk him down]

CAMI: Listen to me, all right? You're in transition. You're gonna have to feed on blood.
NEWBORN VAMPIRE: I know the rules.

[Several loud noises are heard behind them, and Cami fearfully looks around the room as more of the newborn vampires awaken in transition]

NEWBORN VAMPIRE: Marcel told us. If I don't feed... I die.

[Outside, Klaus angrily pushes away from Aurora and walks back toward the church]

KLAUS: I tire of this fantasy. You were someone I left behind long ago. There is nothing between us now.

[Aurora, realizing that her plan has backfired now that she's pushed Klaus too far, tries to fix it]

AURORA: You're angry.

[Klaus turns back to face Aurora and scowls at her as she rushes over to him]

AURORA: We say things to hurt each other when we're angry. That's what lovers do. But I know that I'm the one for you. As I know that you will thank me-- eventually-- for killing your little human pet.

[Cami, knowing that she's in even more trouble now, rushes over to where a mop is laying on the ground nearby and grabs it. She then kicks it with her boot-clad foot until it snaps in half before brandishing the broken end of the handle in the newborn vampire's direction like a makeshift stake]

CAMI: Back off!

[The newborn vampire keeps walking toward her, and she aggressively jabs it at him]

CAMI: [angrily] Right now!

[The newborn vampire frowns and tries to decide what to do as he's joined by another fellow fledgling]

[Outside, Klaus is furiously continuing his conversation with Aurora as he sneers at her]

KLAUS: You presume to know me? Then know this-- I will gladly end you for what you did to Camille. But first, I'm gonna make you suffer in ways your spoiled little mind cannot possibly imagine.

[Aurora's eyes widen in shock and fear, visibly hurt by the rage in his voice as he talks to her]

KLAUS: And when it's over--

[Klaus lunges toward Aurora and grabs her by the arms as he slowly pushes her backward]

KLAUS: --When your sweet recollections have been rendered obsolete, you will associate my name with fear and pain, and perhaps the dull realization that you--

[Klaus slams her backward against the wall of the nearby building, and Aurora whimpers fearfully]

KLAUS: --Are nothing to me.

[Aurora gasps in shock and fear as Klaus quickly grabs either side of her face with her hands and closes his eyes as he dives into her mind for the information he seeks. After a moment, he finds the memory of Aurora handing Tristan the envelopes with the latitude and longitude of Rebekah's location in Out of the Easy. They each open their envelope to memorize the coordinates. Klaus then sees the latitude coordinates on the card in Aurora's envelope, which are "27° 46' 26" N"]

[When Klaus has memorized the coordinates for himself, he pulls away from Aurora with a shocked expression as Aurora recovers from this mental intrusion. Aurora looks at him in horror and is visibly feeling betrayed, which makes Klaus smirk in satisfaction]

AURORA: You went into my mind.
KLAUS: [smugly] And took the only thing I needed from you. So... What's to stop me from killing you now?

[Inside the church, Cami is still trying to fend off the starving newborn vampires who are swarming around her by brandishing her makeshift stake at them. It's clear by the tone of her voice that she is both angry and terrified]

CAMI: I said get back!

[When the vampire continues to walk toward him, Cami desperately backhands him across the face with the stake, but it does nothing but make him angry. Cami's eyes widen in fear as the vampire tackles her onto the floor, and the squishing sound that follows indicates that Cami was able to stake him by holding the stake between them and allowing him to fall on top of the pointed end]

[Outside, Aurora is looking at Klaus with tears in her eyes as she cries plaintively]

AURORA: But I love you, and I know that you know me!

[She looks at Klaus pleadingly, but Klaus is distracted by the sounds of fighting and Cami's voice that he picks up with his hybrid hearing]

CAMI: [from inside] Get off of me!

[Klaus vamp-speeds away and heads straight for the church, where the newborn vampire is still laying on top of Cami on the floor. The newborn makes one last choking noise before he falls dead on top of her, revealing that Cami did indeed stake him through the heart. However, a second newborn looks at Cami hungrily and starts to walk toward them, causing Cami to desperately struggle underneath her first now-dead attacker. The weight of his body is too much for her weakened human strength, and she's unable to move the man's body off of her.

[Just as the second vampire is about to lunge for Cami, Klaus vamp-speeds into the room, grabs the man with one arm, and breaks his back before dropping his body onto the ground. Cami is finally able to crawl out from under the first vampire's body as she tries her best to catch her breath. Klaus quietly walks over to her and holds out his hand, which Cami takes to help her stand to her feet. As soon as she's upright, Klaus immediately wraps his arms around her in a hug, which Cami returns by wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him tightly, finally able to relax after her hellish last few days]


[Downstairs in the now-trashed living room, Freya (who is now healed thanks to Marcel's blood), Elijah, and Hayley have gathered together to discuss the events of this evening. Freya is holding the enchanted stake that Marcel left behind in her hands as she examines it]

FREYA: This stake was imbued with dark magic.

[Freya looks up at Elijah with concern]

FREYA: It's strong enough to take down even you.

[Elijah, who has been pacing around the destruction, looks down at the dead Strix members]

ELIJAH: So apparently The Strix has no shortage of weapons.
HAYLEY: Well, at least they don't have Marcel...
ELIJAH: [bitterly] I'm not so sure about that.

[Hayley, who seems to disagree, looks Elijah in the eyes]

HAYLEY: Look, I know he attacked you, but--

[Hayley gestures toward the stake in Freya's hands]

HAYLEY: --He could have used that thing on you, and he didn't.

[Elijah doesn't seem convinced, and Hayley blushes in embarrassment before she continues]

HAYLEY: And, for what it's worth, he did save me.
FREYA: [quietly] And healed me. A few minutes more and I would have been dead.

[Elijah, still unimpressed, shakes his head in disagreement as he returns to pacing around the room]

ELIJAH: Do I need to remind you that because of your beloved hero, Tristan is free, Rebekah is lost...

[Elijah is suddenly distracted by the sight of the blood splatter over his portrait on the far wall. This triggers a flashback to the visions he received from Alexis in You Hung the Moon. First is a flash of the portrait of Elijah that has been splattered by a fount of blood, just like what happened in the fight less than an hour ago, followed by a glimpse of a grimoire that is open to a page with a complex-looking spell written on it and illustrated with pentacles. He then sees the part of the vision that includes a very strong-looking, unidentifiable man who snarls, revealing wickedly-pointed fangs that are longer than any other vampire seen on either series. In the present day, Elijah looks concerned as he stares at his portrait]

ELIJAH: This prophecy threatens to devour us still.


[Tristan is being doted on by Aya and is looking very worse-for-wear when Marcel comes downstairs with a small vial of blood, which he hands to Aya]

MARCEL: Klaus' blood. I got it from him a while back. Only thing I know that's guaranteed to heal a wolf bite.

[Aya opens the vial and hands it to Tristan, which he drinks the blood in one gulp, sighing in relief as his wounds finally start to heal. His panting breaths start to subside as he recovers from his hybrid bites, and when he looks up at Marcel, he's visibly impressed by actions today]

TRISTAN: Aye, you've proven yourself quite helpful, Marcel. You have my gratitude.

[Marcel nods in acknowledgement as Aya grabs her coat and walks over to Tristan to help him to his feet]

AYA: We should go. There's much to do.

[Tristan and Aya head for the door, which makes Marcel scowl in annoyance]

AYA: Marcel, we'll be in touch.
MARCEL: Wait! So, what, that's it?
TRISTAN: [confused] You were expecting something more?
MARCEL: [angrily] Yeah, you're damn right! Your deputy came into my home, threatened me, gave me no choice but to declare war on the most dangerous vampires in the world. Now I'm a marked man. You talk a lot about my loyalty to The Strix. How about your loyalty to me?
AYA: [frowns] We have every intention of making good on--

[Marcel, clearly offended, interrupts her]

MARCEL: Don't give me that. Today was proof-- you need me on your side. But, if this is how you treat your friends, I might not be there.

[Aya looks appalled that Marcel would talk back to her like that, but when she growls and goes to lunge at him, Tristan stops her]

TRISTAN: He's right.

[Aya looks at Tristan incredulously as he turns his attention back to Marcel]

TRISTAN: Marcel, you've earned a place at our side and everything that entails.

[Marcel seems surprised by Tristan's reaction, as does Aya, who is still giving Tristan a look that says she does not agree with how he's treating Marcel]

TRISTAN: Come with us.

[Tristan turns to leave, and Aya scowls at Marcel, who gives her a smug look before the two walk out the door]


[Mary looks anxious as she looks out the window toward the Mikaelson compound. After a moment, Hayley returns home, and Mary looks both relieved and annoyed to see her]

MARY: Are you okay?
HAYLEY: Yeah. I'm doing a lot better than the other guy...
MARY: [sighs] Well, then you're damn lucky, along with being damn foolish.

[Hayley walks around Mary and heads straight to where Hope is playing with her toys on top of a blanket that has been spread over the floor. She then picks up her daughter in her arms before turning back toward Mary, who is looking at her with concern]

MARY: The Mikaelsons are a thousand years old-- you're, what, twenty-five?

[Mary gestures toward Hope]

MARY: And with a baby? The way you risk your life for those people... it ain't right.
HAYLEY: [frowns] We all risk our lives, Mary. That's just the world that we live in.
MARY: Well, maybe... But you go out of your way to help them, and every time you do, you're temptin' fate.
HAYLEY: I fight to protect the people I care about. And if Jackson loves me, then he would be here doing the same thing.

[Mary looks surprised by Hayley's reaction but doesn't disagree with her. Hayley sighs before biting her lips and looking around, conflicted about what to do next]

HAYLEY: He needs time. I get it. Just tell him that when he wants to talk, he should come home.


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Elijah is walking down the staircase into the courtyard with a thick pile of stapled papers in his hands when his phone buzzes. He reaches into his inner jacket pocket to pull it out, looking both confused and surprised when he sees he's received a text message from Marcel that reads, "Wanna know what Cepheus is?" After a moment, Marcel sends a second text which reads, "Got some insider info."]

[Elijah smiles in satisfaction before putting his phone away. He then walks over to the nearby armchair where an angry and miserable-looking Klaus is sitting and waves the file in his face. Elijah quickly skims the contents of the file while he explains to Klaus what he's learned]

ELIJAH: The Strix have numerous corporate assets, including private airlines. One of them specializes in cargo jets. Now, according to Marcel, a vessel they favor the most has the codename "Cepheus."

[Klaus looks intrigued as Elijah hands him the file and shows him the part he's referencing]

ELIJAH: Records show this flight here left Marrakesh to Miami the very night our sister was taken. Now that we have the course, all we need to do is match the path...

[Klaus seems cheered up by this news and finishes Elijah's sentence for him as he sets the file onto the coffee table]

KLAUS: With the latitude I plucked from Aurora.
ELIJAH: "X" marks the spot. The very moment we have our sister once again, Tristan and Aurora no longer have any leverage whatsoever, and we are free to deal with them however we choose.

[Elijah stops pacing around and turns to Klaus with a bright smile on his face]

ELIJAH: I recommend something delightfully gruesome.

[Klaus smiles weakly and stands to his feet, stopping in front of Elijah before he heads into the other room]

KLAUS: Just make sure you leave Aurora to me.

[Elijah's smile falls slightly, but he nods once in understanding. Once he's sure he's understood, Klaus walks past him and into the hallway]

[Aurora is sitting by herself on a park bench on the street in the FRENCH QUARTER, her eyes filled with tears and a devastated look on her face. After a moment, she's approached by a sympathetic-looking Lucien, who sits silently next to her for a moment before he speaks in a quiet voice]

LUCIEN: If you ask me, Niklaus is an utter fool. Always has been.

[Aurora, unable to hold back her tears any longer, starts to sob, and Lucien looks at her with a sad smile, scooting closer to her so their arms are pressing together. Aurora seems comforted by this gesture and moves closer to him as well as the two sit together in silence]

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Cami is sitting on the couch of the den with a towel full of ice pressed against her injured head when Klaus comes in and looks at her with concern]

KLAUS: Can I get you anything?
CAMI: I'm fine.

[Cami sets the ice pack down on the coffee table and scoots over to make room for him]

CAMI: I mean, my head is throbbing, but all things considered...

[Klaus smiles at her, and it's clear that he's nervous about what he wants to say]

KLAUS: Well, for tonight, I'd like you to stay here... where I can protect you.

[Cami hesitantly nods in agreement, and Klaus takes a deep breath before he sits down on the coffee table so he can look her in the eyes]

KLAUS: Camille, I want you to know... what happened today...

[Klaus struggles to find the words he wants to say, and Cami smiles weakly at him]

CAMI: Hey, forget about it. It's not your fault.

[Cami begins to look nervous herself as she musters up the courage to ask him a question]

CAMI: I have to ask... Right before you showed up, did you hear what Aurora and I were talking about?

[Klaus looks at her with sympathy before he replies]

KLAUS: Your incident at the university... the man you assaulted?

[Klaus pauses for a moment before he looks at her with a deadpanned expression]

KLAUS: I've already compelled some people to go and kill him.

[Cami smiles awkwardly at him, not sure if he actually means it]

CAMI: That's a joke, right...?

[Klaus feigns embarrassment and smiles mischievously before he shrugs]

KLAUS: ...It doesn't have to be.
CAMI: [smiles] Don't kill anyone for me, please.
KLAUS: [chuckles] Whatever you want.

[Klaus' lower lip quivers nervously as he tries to determine what Cami is currently feeling, but when she smiles at him with affection, he begins to relax and smiles back. After a moment, Cami's exhaustion starts to overwhelm her, and she curls up with her head resting on the arm of the couch]

CAMI: [whispers] It's been a lousy couple of days... Do you mind if I just close my eyes for a second?

[Cami is so tired that her eyes flutter and close before Klaus can even answer. Not wanting to disturb her, Klaus remains silent and stands up so he can pick up the throw blanket resting on the other arm of the couch and cover her up with it. He then turns to leave the room, but stops right at the doorway, sighing in relief that Cami is okay and smiling to himself as he turns to look back at her. Cami is now sleeping soundly, and Klaus watches her relaxed form on the couch for a moment before he leaves her to sleep]

[In the attic of ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL, Freya is just finishing setting up for a spell by lighting the dozens of white candles that surround her around the room. She picks up the tallest candle from the far table and brings it over to the one she uses for spells, where she sets it in the middle of the tabletop. She then reaches behind her neck to unclasp her talisman necklace, winding the chain and the pendant where Finn's spirit was trapped in They All Asked For You around the middle of her left hand. She tightly clasps her hands together and begins her spell]

FREYA: [chants] Trete che che che mal nunc que frater septime dominae...

[Just then, Finn, in his original body, appears behind Freya. She senses his presence and immediately turns on her heel to face him. He smirks at her as the two of them take in the other's appearance]

FINN: Sister.
FREYA: Finn. My brother, I believe it's time we had a talk.

[Freya smiles at him, and he looks at her curiously]


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