Gilbert Residence

[Elena awakens from her slumber when she hears a noise coming from inside the house. Her bedroom door is slightly ajar. Elena lays back down, turns over in her bed, and shuts her eyes. In the bathroom, a towel is rustled by movement. Jonas appears in the doorway, looking at Elena. Elena is jolted out of bed, once again, when she hears a door slamming loudly. She sits up in her bed. Jonas has disappeared from the bathroom. Elena gets out of bed and slowly walks across her room. She quietly opens her ajar door and walks out onto the landing. Elena looks around the landing for anything suspicious and quietly approaches Jeremy's room, looking in through his ajar door. Suddenly, Elena hears a noise from behind her. She gasps and spins around. Alaric, shirtless and in his boxers, has also been startled by Elena's unexpected appearance on the landing. Elena and Alaric both try to catch their breath after the scare.]

Alaric: Elena. Ahem.

[Alaric lowers the ice cream bowl he's carrying towards his nether region.]

Elena: I heard something.

[Alaric chuckles nervously. Elena avoids his gaze, embarrassed. Jenna walks up the stairs, wearing Alaric's shirt. She runs her hand through her hair, embarrassed as well.]

Jenna: That was us. I'm sorry.

[In Elena's bedroom, Jonas pulls out a handkerchief and collects some of Elena's hair from her brush.]

Alaric: We didn't think anyone else was up.
Jenna: But here you are.
Alaric: We were just-

[Back on the landing, Jenna and Alaric try to explain the situation to Elena, but are failing in their attempt. Alaric sighs and holds out the ice cream bowl to Elena.]

Alaric: Chunky Monkey?

[Back in Elena's bedroom, Jonas also grabs some of Elena's jewelry and places it in the handkerchief. He folds the handkerchief and places it in his coat pocket.]

Alaric: Well...[chuckles]  I'm naked. So I'm gonna go.

[Alaric walks past Elena and into Jenna's bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Elena starts to walk back towards her room. Jenna, embarrassed, walks up the remainder of the stairs.]

Jenna: I'm really really sorry.

[Elena turns around when she reaches her doorway.]

Elena: It's okay, Jenna, don't worry about it.
Jenna: I know he's been staying over a lot. Are you --- are you sure it's okay?
Elena: Seems like things are good.
Jenna: [smiling] They're extremely good.
Elena: Then I'm extremely okay with it.

[Jonas, still in Elena's bedroom, grabs a picture of Elena in her cheerleading uniform, places it inside his jacket, and leaves the room quickly. Jenna and Elena smile at each other and go back to their respective rooms. Elena gets into her bed. Jonas quietly hides in the bathroom, waiting for Elena to shut her eyes. Elena curls up in her blankets and drifts off to sleep. Jonas heads out of the bathroom, stopping to take a hand mirror, before he exits, placing the mirror in the waistband of his pants. He exits the bathroom, walks onto the landing, descends the stairs, and exits the house without a soul knowing he was there.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Damon and Stefan walk down into the tomb and look at each other.]

Damon: Let's do it.

[They grab the stone door; Damon taking the right side, Stefan taking the left.]

Damon: 1,2,3.

[They pull the stone door off the entrance of the tomb.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena opens the front door. Stefan and Damon are standing on the front porch.]

Stefan: Hey. Uh, can we talk?
Elena: Why?
Damon: We went to see Katherine.
Elena: Come on in.

[Elena steps aside and Stefan and Damon enter the house.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Damon and Stefan successfully remove the stone door from the entrance of the tomb. They place it to the side and approach the entrance. Stefan and Damon lean against the frame of the entrance, waiting for Katherine, who comes around the corner, looking hungry.]

Katherine: Please...come on in. There's plenty of room for all of us.
Damon: I'd rather poke my eyes out.
Katherine: Mmm, they're such pretty eyes.
Stefan: We're here for the moonstone.
Damon: Feel like tossing it over?
Katherine: Tell you what, you get your little witch to hocus pocus me out of here, you can have whatever you want.
Stefan: I thought you liked it in here. Nice and safe where Klaus can't get to you.
Katherine: I've had time to reconsider.
Damon: Meaning you're hungry.
Katherine: I'm starving, Damon. And dirty. But above all, I'm bored. [Katherine has progressively gotten closer to the entrance, stumbling and grasping at the wall as she does so.] At least running from Klaus wasn't boring - so here's the deal: you get me out of here, you get the moonstone and I'll disappear from Mystic Falls forever.

[Stefan and Damon look at each other. Katherine starts to walk away.]

Katherine: Let me know what you decide.

[As she says this, she holds up the moonstone and stumbles back into recesses of the cave.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena, Damon, and Stefan stand around the island in the kitchen, talking.]

Elena: You don't believe her, do you?
Damon: No, of course not. We just want the moonstone.
Stefan: According to Rose's friend Slater, there's a way to destroy the spell that Klaus wants to break.
Damon: No spell, no doppelgänger sacrifice. Ergo, you live.
Elena: How do you destroy it?
Stefan: By releasing it from the moonstone.
Elena: How do you guys even know this is gonna work?
Damon: Cause we have a crafty witch on our side.
Elena: You discussed it with Bonnie.
Stefan: She agreed to do anything she could to help us.
Elena: It's Katherine who has the moonstone. She's not gonna give it to you.
Stefan: We're gonna get it from her.
Damon: Well, what he means to say is, we will pry it from her cold, dead hand if we have to.
Stefan: Bonnie just needs to find a way to release the seal long enough for us to get in, get the moonstone, and get out in time for her to return it.
Elena: Wow. I mean, it sounds like you guys already have it all planned out.
Damon: Yep. We're awesome.
Elena: Except for one thing. I don't want you to do it.

[Stefan and Damon exchange looks.]

Stefan: What are you talking about? Elena, we don't have a choice.
Elena: What about Klaus?
Stefan: We'll find him right after we get the moonstone.
Elena: Is that before or after he kills everyone that I care about, including the two of you.

[She points from Stefan to Damon. The idea that Elena cares about him startles Damon.]

Stefan: Elena, if we can de-spell the moonstone, we can save your life.
Elena: I know. Everybody keeps saying that.

[Elena gets up and leaves the room. Stefan and Damon exchange a look again.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Bonnie and Luka are walking together across the schoolyard.]

Luka: So your Grams waited until you were in high school to tell you that you're a witch?
Bonnie: Well, she brought it up before but I just thought she was drunk. [Luka laughs] In my defense, she was.
Luka: So, then, you're like, new?
Bonnie: New-ish. I still have some growing pains.
Luka: Like?
Bonnie: Physically, it's become a lot harder. I have a bad reaction to it sometimes.
Luka: Your nose bleeds?
Bonnie: Yeah. And I pass out sometimes.

[Bonnie and Luka stop walking and face each other.]

Luka: It's 'cause you're trying to do too much on your own. You need help.
Bonnie: From what?
Luka: From nature. The elements. Just things that you can draw extra power from. Have you ever channeled another witch before?
Bonnie: What is that?
Luka: Say we put our energy together. We can double our strength. I'll show you, watch. Let me see that bracelet.

[Luka takes his backpack off his shoulder. Bonnie removes her bracelet while Luka removes the dog tags from around his neck. Bonnie skeptically holds out her bracelet to him. Luka takes it and places his dog tags in her hand.]

Luka: Take this. Now, I want you to stand very still and concentrate.
Bonnie: I don't get it.
Luka: Okay. I know...
Bonnie: What are we doing?
Luka: We're channeling. The personal items will act as a talisman. Now concentrate.

[Bonnie holds the dog tags tightly between her hands and shuts her eyes. Luka looks on at her, smiling. Bonnie hears a noise around her and opens her eyes, looking at Luka.]

Bonnie: What is that?

[He smiles without saying a word and shuts his eyes. Bonnie continues to look at him. Other students are in the schoolyard talking as the wind starts to blow the leaves up. Bonnie gasps and shuts her eyes as the wind continues to blow, sending student's papers flying about and tousling Bonnie's hair. Luka and Bonnie smile broadly as the wind dissipates.]

Luka: [laughing] Pretty cool, huh?

[Bonnie laughs gleefully. Jeremy approaches the two of them.]

Jeremy: What's with that weather, huh?
Luka: It's global warming, man. I don't know. I got to go. See you later, Bonnie.
Bonnie: Bye, Luka.

[Luka picks his backpack off the ground. Bonnie smiles at him.]

Luka: Bye.

[Luka smiles back at her and leaves. Jeremy walks around to face Bonnie.]

Jeremy: The guy is weird, huh?
Bonnie: No, he's not.

[Bonnie looks down at her hands and sees that she still has Luka's dog tags. She is about to yell after him when her cell phone goes off. She takes it out of her pocket and looks at the message.]

Jeremy: What is it?
Bonnie: It's Damon.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena opens the front door to the house and walks in. She shuts the door behind her and looks around the hallway. Rose comes down the stairs, tying a silk robe around her.]

Rose: It's not nice to leave a girl naked so early in the morning.

[Rose looks up and sees that it's Elena, not Damon, standing in the hallway.]

Rose: Whoa. Sorry, I thought you were...

[Elena looks away, embarrassed.]

Elena: I, uh, sorry, I...
Rose: There's no one else here.
Elena: Actually, I came to talk to you.
Rose: Then I should probably get dressed.

[Rose smiles broadly and walks back up the stairs. After Rose has exchanged her robe for real clothing, Elena and her converse in the parlor room.]

Rose: It's a bad idea.
Elena: No, it's not. From what Stefan told me, your friend Slater obviously has more information about Klaus. You and Damon just gave up before you got it.
Rose: Because somebody blew up a coffee shop with us in it.
Elena: There's more to learn. We just have to find a way to learn it.
Rose: Why are you coming to me with this?
Elena: Because you owe me. One word from me, and Damon and Stefan could have killed you for kidnapping me.
Rose: Or maybe it's because you know that they wouldn't want you doing this. And their moonstone caper gives you a chance to sneak away.
Elena: We're having a disagreement, okay? They're willing to risk everyone that I love and I'm not.
Rose: They're just trying to protect you.
Elena: And you've proven that you couldn't care less whether I'm protected or not. So, we're back to you taking me to Slater.

[Rose sits down on the couch next to Elena.]

Rose: What exactly do you hope to achieve by this?
Elena: How would you like to be able to walk during the daylight?
Rose: I've been a slave to shadows for 500 years, what do you think?
Elena: I think I know a witch who's willing to do whatever it takes to help, if you're willing to make a deal.

Mystic Falls High School

[Tyler is on the basketball court, shooting hoops. As he shoots for a basket and misses, Matt approaches, grabbing the basketball and carrying towards Tyler.]

Matt: Hey man, how you doing?
Tyler: Good, you?
Matt: I'm pissed at myself for picking a fight with you. And feeling guilty for what happened to Sarah. I mean, I've been dodging you for days because I didn't know what to say to you.
Tyler: Don't worry about it, man.
Matt: I'm really sorry. Please know that.

[Matt hands Tyler the basketball and walks away. After a few steps, Caroline approaches Matt. He stops to talk to her.]

Caroline: Matt.
Matt: Hey.
Caroline: How are you?
Matt: I -- I've been better. I gotta -- I gotta get to class.

[Matt quickly walks away.]

Caroline: Okay.

[Caroline walks over to Tyler.]

Tyler: You two still on the outs?
Caroline: Looks like it. You realize there's almost a full moon?
Tyler: Vampires don't have enough problems, you want to take on mine?
Caroline: Have you even thought about it? The whole...wolf thing? Do you know what you're gonna do?
Tyler: I have a plan.
Caroline: Well...?
Tyler: Kind of private.
Caroline: I'm student council vice president, head of the prom committee, not to mention I single-handedly organized this town's clean up campaign. And you're really gonna turn down my help?

Salvatore Boarding House

[In the parlor, Bonnie speaks to Stefan, Jeremy, and Damon about their plan.]

Bonnie: I might be able to lower the tomb spell long enough for you to get in there and grab the moonstone from Katherine.
Jeremy: How? It took both you and your Grams last time, and look what happened to her.
Bonnie: I'm well aware of what happened. I've learned a few new things.
Jeremy: Bonnie...

[Bonnie deflects Jeremy's concern and looks over at Stefan.]

Bonnie: How will you get it?
Stefan: She hasn't been feeding. She's weaker. We're not.

[Damon raises a glass of blood towards Bonnie.]

Bonnie: You wouldn't be underestimating her, would you?
Damon: It's a plan. Is it perfect? [scoffs] What plan is?
Jeremy: Let me do it. I've got my ring. I can get in, get out, no spells necessary.
Damon: Gee, thanks, you 16-year-old child. Why didn't we think about that? Why are you even here?
Bonnie: Maybe I can help better the plan. Do you have anything that belongs to Katherine?

[Damon looks over at Stefan, significantly.]

Slater's Residence

[Elena and Rose park Rose's car in an underground parking lot below Slater's apartment. They ascend the staircase to the apartment. Rose bangs her fist on the door while Elena stands nearby.]

Rose: Slater? Slater, it's Rose. Open up!

[After a brief moment, Rose looks over at Elena.]

Rose: He's not home. Sorry.
Elena: Mm-mm. No. We didn't come all the way out here for nothing.

[Rose sighs and pushes the doors open using her vampire strength. Elena looks inside the apartment and Rose gestured  into the room.]

Rose: After you.

[Elena walks into the apartment with Rose following suit. Rose wanders farther into the apartment than Elena does, looking for Slater.]

Rose: Slater?

[As Rose moves towards the back of the apartment, she looks through a doorway and her face falls in shock.]

Rose: I don't think he's gonna be much help.

[Elena rushes over to where Rose is standing and gasps at the sight of Slater's dead body.]

[Rose walks over to Slater's body and drags it away. Elena, regaining her composure, walks over to Slater's computer desk and picks up a bunch of papers.]

Elena: Looks like whoever blew up the coffee shop found him and killed him for his information.

[Rose walks up behind Elena and watches as Elena shuffles through the papers.]

Rose: Yeah, probably to stop him from helping people like us. The guy was a vampire almanac. Knowing too much information just bit him in the ass.

[Elena shuffles through a few more papers before picking up a framed photo. Rose walks over to a set of windows and pulls back the curtains, startling Elena.]

Elena: What are you...?
Rose: Tempered glass. U.V. rays can't penetrate.

[Rose looks out the window.]

Rose: I used to just come here and watch the day.

[Elena looks down at the framed photo which contains a picture of Slater and a girl. She looks back up at Rose.]

Elena: I'm sorry about Slater.
Rose: Any luck?

[Elena places the photo back on the desk and attempts to log into one of the computers.]

Elena: Um...It's password protected. I can't get in.
Rose: No, this is fine. Let's just go.

[Suddenly, they hear a doorknob rattling from inside the apartment.]

Rose: Stay here.

[Rose walks past Elena and opens a set of doors. She peers into the small hallway and sees a girl hiding behind a corner.]

Rose: Alice?
Alice: Rose!

[Alice, crying heavily, rushes towards Rose and embraces her.]

Alice: He's dead!

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan re-enters the parlor room where Bonnie, Jeremy, and Damon wait for him. He has the picture of Katherine in his hands.]

Stefan: This belonged to Katherine. Found it with her things after I thought she was dead, but it was hers.

[Stefan holds out the portrait of Katherine and Bonnie takes it. Bonnie places the portrait in a ceramic bowl. She dips her fingers in a glass of water and lets the water droplets drip from her fingertips into the bowl. Flames sprout from the bowl. Bonnie shuts her eyes and begins to chant a spell in Latin.]

Damon: What will this do?

[Bonnie opens her eyes, watching the picture burn.]

Bonnie: I can turn the metal into ash. Blow the ashes on her, and it'll incapacitate her for a minute or two. Long enough for you to get the stone and get out.

[Suddenly, Bonnie's nose starts to bleed. Bonnie raises her hand to her nose and wipes it away before anyone notices.]


[Tyler and Caroline walk through the woods towards the Lockwood Ruins Cellar.]

Tyler: Matt's bumming pretty hard.
Caroline: I know. It's better this way.
Tyler: I get it.
Caroline: You do?
Tyler: Yeah. You can't be honest with him.

[Caroline stops and looks at Tyler who stops as well.]

Tyler: It's not really fair to be with someone and not really let them know who you are. I get it.

[Tyler starts to walk again and Caroline follows.]

Tyler: Right over here. There's a cellar that goes to our old property.
Caroline: I know.
Tyler: You do?
Caroline: I know that this is the old Lockwood property.

[Tyler looks at her skeptically and heads down the steps of the Cellar.]

Tyler: Watch your step.

[Caroline follows behind Tyler. Tyler turns on a flashlight as they enter the Cellar and moves the beam of light around the room.]

Tyler: I'm guessing this is where Mason was headed the night he turned. It's this way.

[Tyler heads deeper into the Cellar with Caroline cautiously entering behind him.]

Caroline: Did Mason tell you about this place?
Tyler: Mason bolted before I triggered the curse, but I found these.

[Tyler shines the beam of light at a part of the cave. Caroline walks into the Cellar and looks at where the beam of light has landed. Three deep scratches run across the wall.]

Caroline: Whoa. They look old.

[Tyler shines the light further down the wall at a pair of rusty chains.]

Tyler: And these bolts and chains. I need new chains, but the bolts could still hold.

[Tyler grabs the ring around the bolt and pulls it hard, showing Caroline how resistant they are.]

Tyler: I think that's what this place was used for. Full moons.

[Caroline and Tyler proceed to glance around the cave. Caroline walks forward and spots something in a nook.]

Caroline: What's this?

[Caroline grabs an item wrapped in a piece of cloth and walks back over to Tyler.]

Tyler: I have no idea.

[Caroline unwraps the cloth around what appears to be a journal. She takes it out of the cloth and hands it to Tyler.]

Caroline: Was it Mason's?

[Tyler takes the journal from her and flips through the pages. He stops at a page and begins to read out loud from it.]

Tyler: "August 31 -- My body is changing. I'm edgy, angry, impatient. I get so mad, I black out and forget what I say or do. I'm not myself, not since Jimmy's death. What's happening to me?"

[Tyler flips further back into the journal and glances up at Caroline.]

Tyler: He chronicled everything. [Tyler stops at a page and reads from it.] "The full moon is tonight".
Caroline: Well, does he say what happened?

[Tyler flips the page and sees a memory stick taped to the page of the journal. He slides it out of its place and holds it in his hand, looking at it and then up at Caroline. Both of them look puzzled.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Bonnie pours the ashes from the bowl onto an end table. Stefan and Damon re-enter the room with supplies for the excursion.]

Stefan: Still gotta get the torches.
Damon: Alaric's stake gun's in my trunk. Bonnie?
Bonnie: Go ahead. I'm almost done.

[Stefan leaves. Damon packs a few more things in a bag and follows Stefan out of the room. Jeremy waits until they are unable to hear him before he speaks to Bonnie.]

Jeremy: What are you doing?
Bonnie: Shh!
Jeremy: Hey, you're not strong enough.

[Bonnie places a finger to Jeremy's lips to quiet him. When he doesn't try to talk, she lowers her finger.]

Bonnie: I'll be fine.
Jeremy: You could get hurt.
Bonnie: And Elena could die. I'll be fine. Promise. I promise.
Jeremy: Here, I got this okay? Go get me, um, go get me something to put this in. All right?

[Bonnie and Jeremy smile at each other and Bonnie leaves to get a holding container for the ashes. Jeremy glances over his shoulder before pulling out his wallet and taking out a card. Jeremy uses the card to carefully scrap a handful of ashes into his wallet without Bonnie noticing.]

Slater's Residence

[Rose rubs Alice's hand comfortingly as Alice tries to regain her composure. Rose gets up and walks into another room where Elena is pouring hot water into teacups. Rose sits down next to Elena.]

Rose: She found him a few minutes before we did.
Elena: How is she?
Rose: Overreacting. Big time.
Elena: Her boyfriend just died. There's no such thing as overreacting.
Rose: Those tears are for her. She didn't care about Slater. [Elena looks at Rose, curiously.] She was only dating him long enough to see if he'd turn her.

[Elena turns around and looks at Alice. Grabbing the cup of tea, Elena walks out of the room towards Alice and hands her the cup.]

Alice: Thank you.

[Alice takes the cup of tea as Elena sits down next to her. Alice looks at Elena with an air of familiarity.]

Alice: You look really familiar. Did you know Slater?
Elena: Not personally, no. I just knew that he kept detailed records of all of his vampire contacts and I was hoping that he could point me towards Klaus.
Alice: Doubtful. Klaus doesn't want to be pointed at.
Elena: Do you know Slater's computer password?
Alice: Are you seriously asking me that right now? I just saw my boyfriend with a stake through his heart.
Elena: I understand that. Do you know his password?
Alice: Who do you think you are?

[Alice looks away from Elena and takes a sip of her tea. Elena looks over at Rose and her eyes light up with an idea. Elena looks back at Alice.]

Elena: What if I could convince Rose to turn you?

[Alice looks back up at her. Rose, hearing what Elena has said, looks over at her, disdainfully.]

Elena: Will you show us his files then?

[Alice has managed to log on to Slater's computer, but all the files have been deleted. Elena and Rose stand behind her, watching.]

Alice: Someone's been here. The hard drive's completely wiped out.
Rose: Yeah, probably whoever killed him.

[Elena runs a hand over her face and turns away.]

Alice: Lucky for you, Slater was paranoid. Everything's backed up on a remote server.

[Rose turns back to speak to Elena.]

Rose: [speaks softly] You know that she's not going anywhere near my blood, right?
Elena: I know. She doesn't.

[Elena walks past Rose, who smiles at Elena's deception. Elena leans down next to Alice to look at the computer screen.]

Alice: Kristen Stewart. God, was he obvious.
Elena: These are all leads to vampires?

[Alice continues scrolling through the files.]

Alice: Slater was obsessed. Almost as much as me.
Rose: What about that one? Cody Webber. They exchanged dozens of emails about Elijah.
Alice: I could call him.

[Elena hands the phone over to Alice.]

Elena: Tell him that we're trying to send a message to Klaus. The doppelgänger is alive and she's ready to surrender.
Rose: What?!
Alice: Oh, my God, I knew I recognized you.
Elena: Get him the message, please.

[Elena quickly walks out of the room. Rose follows her out. Elena places her hands on a table and exhales heavily. Rose enters the room.]

Rose: What are you doing?
Elena: I'm getting Klaus' attention.
Rose: If Klaus knows that you're alive, he'll find you and he'll kill you.

[Elena looks back at Rose, but doesn't respond.]

Rose: Which is exactly what you wanted all along.
Elena: It's either me or my family.
Rose: So this whole charade is some suicide mission so that you could sacrifice yourself and save everyone else?

[Alice enters the room.]

Alice: [to Elena] Cody is on his way and he really wants to meet you.

[Rose shuts her eyes and sighs.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Katherine, hearing footsteps coming down into the tomb, walks over to the entrance. Jeremy walks down the steps and stands in front of the entrance, where Katherine can't reach him.]

Katherine: The youngest Gilbert. This is an intriguing surprise.
Jeremy: I'm here for the moonstone.
Katherine: Yeah, yeah, the moonstone. It's very popular today.
Jeremy: Just give it to me.
Katherine: [sighs] Naïve little Gilbert. If you want it, you're gonna have to come here and get it.

[Suddenly, Jeremy pulls a stake gun from out of his sleeve. He shoots the stake at Katherine, hitting her squarely in the stomach. Katherine grunts in discomfort and clutches at the stake, ripping it out. Before Katherine can regain her composure, Jeremy throws the handful of ashes he took from Bonnie directly into Katherine's face. Katherine gasps and falls to the floor, temporarily unconscious.]

Jeremy: I kinda figured you'd say that.

[Jeremy enters the tomb. He pats Katherine down in search of the moonstone.]

Jeremy: Come on, where is it?

[After realizing the stone is not on Katherine, he looks at the back of the cave. Turning on a flashlight, he shines the beam down the cave and slowly walks back into the crypt. He sees the moonstone laying on a stone ledge behind an iron gate. Jeremy opens the gate and grabs the moonstone from its place. Jeremy looks at it for a moment before turning around and dashing to the entrance of the tomb. As he enters the front portion, he sees Katherine, her eyes red with hunger, up from the ground. Katherine vamp-speeds over to Jeremy, grabs him, and bites into his neck. Jeremy yells and throws the moonstone out of the tomb. Katherine gasps for air, blood dripping down her face.]


[Bonnie approaches Stefan and Damon who are waiting in the church ruins by the entrance to the tomb.]

Bonnie: Sorry I'm late. I had to grab the grimoire from home.
Damon: Jeremy couldn't take the pressure, huh?
Bonnie: He said he'd be here.

[Stefan and Bonnie descend the stairs to the tomb. Damon starts to follow but stops abruptly when his cell phone rings. He answers it.]

Damon: Not a good time, Rose.

[Rose is on the other end, still at Slater's apartment.]

Rose: Don't be angry with me.
Damon: Why, what did you do?
Rose: You need to get to Richmond immediately.
Damon: Tell me.

Fell's Church Tomb

[Stefan and Bonnie have made it down into the tomb. Stefan drops his bag and starts rummaging through it, but something catches his eye. He sees the moonstone lying nearby.]

Stefan: What the hell?
Bonnie: Is that the moonstone?

[Stefan and Bonnie rush over to it. Stefan picks it up. Katherine, lips drenched in blood, comes to the entrance of the tomb.]

Katherine: I hate to interrupt, [Stefan and Bonnie look up at her.] but today has just been full of surprises.

[Katherine pulls Jeremy out from behind the wall. Jeremy's eyelids flutter and the bite mark on his neck oozes blood. Stefan rushes over to the entrance and Bonnie looks on in horror.]

Jeremy: I'm sorry. I took some powder.
Katherine: Don't worry, I know that he's wearing his ring, so no matter how many times I kill him, he'll just keep coming back for more. So, I'm going to be in the back playing with my new little toy. [She shoves Jeremy back into the cave] And you guys just give me a holler when you've got the tomb open.

Martin's Residence

[Jonas has laid out all of Elena's trinkets that he stole from her bedroom on a table. Elijah sits across from Jonas.]

Elijah: So how exactly does this spell work?
Jonas: Give me your hand.

[Jonas has a silver knife in his hand. Elijah extends his hand out, palm facing up, and Jonas slices it open with the blade.]

Jonas: Place it here.

[Elijah places his bloody palm face down on the picture of Elena in her cheerleading uniform.]

Jonas: Now, take my hand.

[Jonas extends his hand to Elijah who takes it.]

Jonas: Close your eyes. Relax your mind. And look for her.

[Elijah shuts his eyes. Jonas follows suit and begins chanting a spell in Latin.]

Slater's Residence

[Elena is gazing out a window. Suddenly, she sees Elijah's reflection walking towards her in the window. Elena gasps and turns around. She sees no one else in the room with her. Confused, she turns back and looks at the window and back into the room again.]

Martin's Residence

[Elijah's eyes fly open.]

Jonas: You saw her, didn't you?
Elijah: I know exactly where she is.

Fell's Church Tomb

[Bonnie has set up a circle of torches in the antechamber. She lights them with a flame.]

Stefan: Where the hell is Damon?
Bonnie: We can't wait, we have to get him out of there.
Stefan: She's fed, she has her strength back.
Bonnie: We still have what's left of the ash. [Bonnie hands Stefan an envelope with the ash.] Do you think you can get close enough?

[Stefan takes the envelope from Bonnie.]

Stefan: I don't have a choice.
Bonnie: It's gonna take me some time.
Stefan: How long?
Bonnie: I don't know, a while.
Stefan: Just get me in there as soon as you can.

[Stefan walks away.]

Martin's Residence

[Luka enters the apartment. Jonas is looking through a grimoire when he enters. Luka places his backpack on the table.]

Jonas: So how was school?
Luka: Riveting.

Fell's Church Tomb

[Bonnie has the grimoire open, her eyes tightly shut, she begins chanting a spell in Latin. Stefan watches her.]

Martin's Residence

[Luka inhales sharply, feeling Bonnie channeling him. Jonas looks back at him.]

Jonas: What's wrong?
Luka: Nothing.

[Luka touches his neck and feels that his dog tags are not there.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Bonnie, with Luka's dog tags clutched in one hand, continues chanting the spell.]

Forbes Residence

[Caroline and Tyler are sitting on a couch in the living room. Tyler has his laptop out and he inserts the memory card into the flashdrive. A video starts to play.]

Mason: "It's September 15 -- 2 hours from the first full moon since I triggered the curse".
Tyler: He taped his first transformation.

[Tyler pauses the video and looks at Caroline. Caroline, who has Mason's journal, flips through the pages.]

Caroline: Um...There's nothing. [Caroline finds something and holds the journal towards Tyler, pointing at the page.] September 16th, he -- he wrote about everything the next day.

[Tyler fast forwards through the video as Caroline reads aloud from the journal.]

Caroline: "I chose the garage. I could deadbolt the door. It was far from the street so no one could hear. I bolted hooks to the floor for the carabiners". [Tyler slows the video down and watches] Like for mountain climbing?

[Tyler speeds the video up again.]

Tyler: Retractable cables.

[Tyler slows down the tape to a part where Mason is drinking a golden liquid from a water bottle. Mason sputters and coughs, kneeling on the ground.]

Tyler: What's he doing?
Caroline: It's....wolfsbane. [She continues to read aloud.] "I diluted wolfsbane with water to weaken myself, but I could barely get it down without puking. It felt like I was drinking battery acid. Over an hour passed and nothing happened. It got so quiet I could hear my own blood pumping. That's when..."

[On the video, Mason begins to scream in pain, pulling at the cables holding him. Caroline puts a hand up to her mouth in shock, but continues reading as Tyler watches the video play out.]

Caroline: "I kept thinking I'd black out and not feel it. But I did. I...I felt all of it".

[On the video, Mason has fallen to the floor due to the pain he is experiencing. Mason cries and yells for help.]

Caroline: How long is it?
Tyler: [in a shaky voice] We're three hours in.

[Tyler starts to fast forward the video.]

Tyler: Four hours.

[He continues to fast forward the video.]

Tyler: Five hours. How long does this last?

[Caroline flips through the pages again, but doesn't respond. Tyler continues watching the video. Mason's body begins to contort and he yells even louder now. Tyler, not being able to handle it anymore, pauses the video. He gets up, his eyes filled with tears.]

Tyler: I can't -- I can't do that. Caroline, whatever that was, I can't go through that.

Slater's Residence

[Elena walks into the main room, sipping on a glass of water. She looks over at Alice, then turns around and gasps because Damon has snuck up from behind her.]

Damon: What are you doing here?
Elena: What are you doing here?

[Rose enters the room. Elena turns around and looks at her angrily.]

Elena: You called him?
Rose: I'm sorry, Elena.
Elena: You said that you understood.
Damon: She lied.

[Elena turns around and looks at Damon. Alice walks up to them and is starstruck seeing Damon.]

Alice: Damon Salvatore!
Damon: [to Rose] Get rid of her.
Alice: No...Way!

[Rose grabs Alice's arm and leads her out of the room.]

Damon: Come on. We're leaving.
Elena: No.
Damon: I said we're leaving.
Elena: I'm not going with you.
Damon: You do not get to make decisions anymore.
Elena: When have I ever made a decision? You and Stefan do that for me. Now this, this is my decision.
Damon: Who's gonna save your life while you're out making decisions?
Elena: You're not listening to me, Damon. I don't want to be saved. Not if it means that Klaus is gonna kill every single person that I love.
Damon: Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself.

[Damon grasps her arm tightly. Elena struggles and releases herself from his grip.]

Elena: No!

[Elena throws a punch at Damon. Damon clutches her fist in his hand and moves in towards her. Elena gasps in shock.]

Damon: Don't ever do that again.

[Damon releases her fist from his grasp and walks away. Elena stands there, horrified.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Bonnie continues to chant the spell and the flames flare up. Katherine, dragging Jeremy behind her, comes back towards the entrance.]

Katherine: Ohhh, something's happening.

[Stefan looks back at them.]

Jeremy: Bonnie, no!

[Stefan looks back at Bonnie, a look of alarm on his face.]

Jeremy: [to Stefan] You have to stop her, she's not strong enough!

[The flames flare up higher.]

Katherine: Maybe she is.

Martin's Residence

[Luka is sitting at a table, doing homework, when suddenly, he feels Bonnie channeling him and he grimaces in pain. Jonas places his hands on either side of the table and looks at Luka.]

Jonas: What's going on?
Luka: It's Bonnie Bennett. She's channeling me.
Jonas: Why would you let her do that?
Luka: You told me to bond with her, so I bonded.

[Luka groans in pain. His nose starts bleeding profusely.]

Jonas: Oh, God.

Fell's Church Tomb

[Bonnie's nose is bleeding as well, but she continues to chant the spell. Stefan walks over to her, concerned.]

Stefan: Bonnie....Bonnie....
Jeremy: You gotta stop her!

[Katherine elbows Jeremy in the face and he falls to the floor. Stefan looks back at Jeremy and sees he's okay. He looks back at Bonnie and grasps her arm.]

Stefan: You need to stop. Bonnie!

Martin's Residence

[Luka falls out of the chair and onto the floor, clutching his head in pain.]

Jonas: Luka!

[Jonas removes Luka's hands from his head and replaces them with his own. Luka finally seems to be okay if a bit weak.]

Fell's Church Tomb

[Bonnie continues to chant the spell as Stefan tries to persuade her to stop.]

Stefan: Bonnie!

[Suddenly, Bonnie faints. Stefan gets down next to her and begins to shake her.]

Stefan: Bonnie. Bonnie, wake up, please. Bonnie, wake up. Bonnie.
Katherine: Yes, please because I'm still in here!

[Katherine impatiently paces around inside the tomb. Bonnie finally wakes up.]

Stefan: Are you okay? You all right?

[Bonnie, feeling fuzzy, sits up with Stefan's help. Bonnie uses Stefan's arm to stand herself up.]

Bonnie: It didn't work.

[Bonnie looks into the cave, upset. Stefan holds onto her arms so she won't fall back down.]

Bonnie: I'm not strong enough. Even with help, I can't do it.
Katherine: Ahhh, that's too bad, I'm still hungry.

[Katherine grabs Jeremy's shirt and pushes him up against the wall. She extends her fangs and prepares to bite Jeremy's neck. Stefan vamp-speeds into the tomb, grabs Jeremy, throws him out, and restrains Katherine against the wall.]

Stefan: Go!

[Jeremy falls onto the ground and Bonnie kneels down and wraps her arms around him. They both look up at Stefan as Stefan looks back at them. Katherine looks up at Stefan with a smug smile.]

Forbes Residence

[Caroline closes Mason's journal and places it on a table.]

Caroline: You know what? I don't think we should read this anymore.
Tyler: Why? What did you read?
Caroline: There's a...a reason it's called a "curse", Tyler.

[Tyler takes the journal from off the table, opens it up, and begins to read aloud.]

Tyler: "Unimaginable pain. I thought it would never end. It was the worst night of my life".

[Tyler laughs humorlessly, shuts the diary, slams it down on the table, and sits back down on the couch. Caroline approaches him.]

Caroline: But...he did say that the transformation speeds up over time.

[Tyler takes a glass of alcohol and drains it in one gulp.]

Caroline: So, if you can just get through this first time, then...
Tyler: Why are you helping me?
Caroline: What do you mean?
Tyler: Why do you care? We've never been friends before.
Caroline: That's not true. I've known you my entire life, Tyler. I-
Tyler: We've never been close. Not like this.
Caroline: I don't know. You just seem like you kind of need it.

[Caroline sits down next to Tyler.]

Caroline: I was alone when I turned. I had no control over my body or my...urges. And...I killed somebody. I don't want that to happen to you. I don't want you to be alone.

[Tyler nods, understanding. Suddenly, the door bell rings. They both glance at the door. Caroline gets up to answer it.]

Caroline: I gotta...

[Caroline walks to the door and sees Matt standing outside, looking nervous. She opens the front door.]

Caroline: Matt.
Matt: I know I should have called. I'm sorry.

[Caroline steps out onto the porch and shuts the door behind her.]

Caroline: What are you doing here?
Matt: I don't know, but I was driving home from work and I just-I kinda found myself here.
Caroline: Well, are you okay? I-I've been worried about you.
Matt: I miss you.

[Caroline smiles at him. Matt smiles back as Caroline softly laughs.]

Matt: Yeah.
Caroline: Matt, I...

[Suddenly, Tyler opens the front door. Matt and Tyler exchange looks.]

Matt: Hey.
Tyler: Hey.

[Matt looks down, making the assumption that Caroline has moved on.]

Slater's Residence

[Damon opens a set of double doors and exits the bedroom. Elena and Rose look at him from their seats in the living area.]

Damon: Time to go. Alice is soundly sleeping and won't remember a moment of this horribly stupid day.

[Suddenly, the front doors burst open and three men walk into the apartment. Damon turns his head to look at them as Rose and Elena stand up.]

Cody: We're here to meet the doppelgänger.
Elena: Thank you for coming.

[Elena attempts to walk towards them, but Damon pushes her back.]

Damon: [whispers to Elena]  I will break your arm.

[He looks at Cody.]

Damon: There's nothing here for you.

[The man in the back suddenly drops to the floor, dead. Elijah stands behind him. The other two vampires look back at Elijah. Elijah vamp-speeds towards them, looking from one to the other. Rose gasps and vamp-speeds out of the apartment. Elijah looks over at Elena and Damon.]

Damon: [surprised] I killed you. You were dead.
Elijah: For centuries now.

[Elijah looks back at Cody.]

Elijah: Who are you?
Cody: Who are you?
Elijah: I'm Elijah.
Cody: We were gonna bring her to you. For Klaus. She's the doppelgänger. I don't know how she exists, but she does. Klaus will want to see her.
Elijah: Does anyone else know that you're here?
Cody: No.
Elijah: Well, then, you have been incredibly helpful.

[Elijah plunges his arm's into the two vampires' chests. They grunt as Elijah rips their hearts out. The two vampires fall to the floor, dead, and Elijah lets their hearts drop from his hands. Damon prepares to fight with Elijah, but Elijah shocks them, by turning around and vamp-speeding out of the apartment. Damon looks back at Elena, both of them with shocked expressions on their faces.]

Martin's Residence

[Elijah is standing at a window, looking out. Jonas enters the apartment and shuts the door behind him.]

Elijah: Where's Luka?
Jonas: Asleep.
Elijah: Your shadow spell was successful. I was able to track that girl. However, I did have a little run in with one of the brothers that killed me.
Jonas: I assume he didn't live to tell about it.
Elijah: Actually, I spared him. He'd die before he'd let anything happen to her. They both would. She'll be kept safe.
Jonas: For now.
Elijah: Well, that's precisely what we need her to be. [Elijah looks back at Jonas.] Safe.

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy and Bonnie enter the house from the back entrance. Jeremy clutches a rag to his bloody wound and Bonnie shuts the door behind them. Jeremy throws the rag across the kitchen. Bonnie follows him.]

Jeremy: I'm home, okay? I don't need an escort to my room.

[Jeremy opens up the medicine cabinet and takes out a bandage.]

Bonnie: Oh, I don't know. Between here and upstairs there's still time for you to do something stupid.
Jeremy: I already feel bad. I don't need you to berate me.
Bonnie: Stefan is stuck in there, and I don't know how to get him out. What should I be doing?

[Jeremy places the bandage on his neck wound.]

Jeremy: You should admit that you never should have tried this in the first place.
Bonnie: I didn't have a choice, Jeremy!
Jeremy: Yeah, well neither did I.

[Jeremy walks past her and throws away the remains of the bandage. Bonnie turns around to look at him.]

Bonnie: Wha-Why did you have to get involved?
Jeremy: Because I didn't want you to get hurt.
Bonnie: Look, can't feel that way about me.
Jeremy: Don't.
Bonnie: What?
Jeremy: Don't act like this is one-sided. I'm some kid that has a crush on his sister's friend. You could have died today.

[Jeremy walks closer to Bonnie and caresses her cheek with his hand.]

Bonnie: And you almost did.
Jeremy: That was a chance I was willing to take.

[Jeremy moves in to kiss Bonnie.]

Bonnie: I can't. I - I can't.

[Jeremy pulls away and removes his hand from her face.]

Bonnie: I'm sorry.
Jeremy: Yeah...

[Bonnie walks to the back door and pauses. She looks back at Jeremy for a moment, opens the door, and walks out.]

[Damon and Elena walk up the steps to the front porch.]

Elena: [sighs] Thank you for bringing me home.
Damon: Well, your ride left you. I didn't want to leave you stranded.

[Damon and Elena stop at the front door and turn to face each other.]

Elena: She was just scared. She didn't mean to run.
Damon: Yes, she did. She's been running for 500 years.
Elena: I can't believe Elijah's alive. Why do you think he killed those two vampires and just let us go?
Damon: If I had a dollar for every time some evil vampire surprised me.

[Elena walks towards the door, but Damon catches her arm before she opens it and turns her around so she faces him.]

Damon: What you did today was incredibly stupid.
Elena: Actually, the only thing that was stupid was that I got caught. [Elena wriggles her arm out of his grasp and he lets her go.]  I don't question why you and Stefan and everyone else tries so hard to save me. You shouldn't question why I would try to save all of you.

[Jeremy opens the front door.]

Elena: Damon, good night, okay?

[Elena is about to enter the house but stops when she sees Jeremy. Damon looks at him.]

Damon: What?
Jeremy: It's Stefan.

Fell's Church Tomb

[Elena bolts down the stairs of the tomb. She rushes towards the cave and looks in, but sees no one.]

Elena: Stefan! Stefan!

[Elena is about to enter the cave when Damon comes up from behind her, grabs her, and pins her against the wall.]

Damon: Don't you dare.
Elena: Stefan's in there, Damon! How could you let this happen?
Damon: What are you talking about? I was too busy saving you from your crazy kamikaze mission.

[Stefan and Katherine are in the back of the cave, listening to Elena and Damon argue. Stefan paces around while Katherine twirls her hair between her fingers.]

Elena: You didn't even have to go after the moonstone in the first place!
Damon: It was the right call, Elena.
Elena: The right call? How was any of this the right call?!

[Elena hits Damon's chest with her fists.]

Elena: Damon, let go of me! Damon, let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me!

[Elena repeatedly beats her fist into Damon's chest, who keeps a calm face and restrains her. Elena becomes tired and desperately looks up at Damon.]

Elena: Please.
Damon: Are you done?

[Elena breathes heavily. Damon releases her from his grip and backs up. Elena looks into the cave and starts to move towards it. Damon holds his hand up to block her way.]

Damon: Don't.

[Elena snarls at Damon and stomps out of the tomb in a rage. Damon watches her go then looks back into the cave. Stefan walks over to the entrance.

Damon: Of all the idiot plans, Stefan.
Stefan: Yeah.
Damon: I'll find a way to get you out.
Stefan: Ah, it's all right. I'll handle myself. Bonnie has the moonstone. Work with her. Try to figure out how to de-spell it.
Damon: You martyr yourself in a tomb and I get partnered with a semi-competent witch. Wonderful.
Stefan: Keep Elena away from here.
Damon: Yeah. 'Cause that'll be easy.
Stefan: Promise me. No matter what happens. You'll protect her.
Damon: Promise.

[Damon leaves the tomb. Katherine emerges from the shadows and looks at Stefan.]

Katherine: That right there was the biggest mistake you've ever made.

[Stefan silently walks past her into the recesses of the cave.]

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