A few miles that way, 12 hybrids were killed at the Lockwood cellar. And a few miles that way, 12 humans died at the Young farm. And this is the site where 12 witches were killed.

The Sacrifice of Twelve Witches was an event planned and orchestrated by Atticus Shane as part of the Expression Triangle. Its purpose is to use the energy of the twelve souls to allow Bonnie to access a kind of Dark Magic called Expression (the darkest magic), to perform the spell required to lift The Veil separating The Other Side from the physical world.


In Because the Night, Abby had previously arranged a meeting with her former witch friend Aja. Not long after that she and her coven arrive in Mystic Falls, planning to cleanse Bonnie from her use of Expression, though unaware of Silas' influence over her. As the spell begins, Aja instructs her coven to link as one and they begin chanting in unison; Aja drawing the full power of her coven.

Stefan suddenly appears and tells the witches of Bonnie's plan to complete the massacre involving her coven, Aja pulls out a dagger and says "If Silas has her, she's lost". Stefan attempts to intervene though, Aja is easily able to over power him with a pain infliction spell. With Klaus holding back Stefan to allow Bonnie to be sacrificed, Caroline, in order to save her friend's life, intervenes, fatally wounding Aja. With Aja's death and that of her linked coven's, the third massacre was complete.


  • It was the last of the three massacres, after the sacrifice of the humans and twelve hybrids.


  • Aja
  • 11 members of Aja's coven


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