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Unmasked is the third and final book in The Salvation trilogy and the thirteenth book in The Vampire Diaries novel series overall. This book ended the initial novel series.


Love is the most powerful force of all…

Elena Gilbert is dying. When Damon Salvatore avenged his brother Stefan's death, he broke the sacred deal he'd made with the Guardians—and put Elena's life at risk.

She should be dead, but instead, the Guardians are offering Elena a once-in-a-lifetime chance: to start over. Ever since she met the Salvatore brothers, Elena's love for them both has caused endless death and destruction. But if Elena can return to the beginning—her senior year of high school, when she first met Damon and Stefan—and prove that she can exist alongside them without either of them killing a human, then Elena can live.

But the Damon of years ago is unpredictable, rash, and dangerous. The only way for Elena to save everyone—including herself—might be to give up the Salvatores forever. Will Elena be able to sacrifice her own desires for the greater good? Or is her path to tragic love already written in the stars?[1]


Bonnie and Zander are enjoying their newly married life in Colorado, and while Bonnie feels somewhat guilty for leaving her friends and her family in Virginia, she knows that being with her husband is right and while sitting nearby the fireplace, she receives a call from Meredith who asks if she can come home as something dire is wrong with Elena. Meanwhile, while Meredith is on the phone with Bonnie, Damon is sitting on Elena's bed trying to will her to wake up and stay alive, but while she is breathing, she remains unconscious regardless of what he does. He begins pacing around the room and decides that he needs to get out of the room as he's not doing much to help matters. He heads to the place where they buried Stefan's body and apologizes to him, saying he failed him [Stefan] and Elena. He begins thinking of Jack, becoming angered at the scientist's actions and what led to Stefan's death. As the rain heavily pounds against him, Damon's rage rises and yells for Mylea, but receives no response from the Guardian.

Meredith sits next to Elena on the bed and asks if she can hear her [Meredith], but still no response. Meredith recounts when Damon had brought Elena to Virginia she had been in terrible pain. As Meredith walked around and started tidying things around the room, she picks up Elena's scarf, getting ready to stuff it inside until she saw Elena's high school yearbook in the drawer. She picks it up and breezes through the pages, looking at the pictures from junior year and spots a message she wrote for Elena. As she looks back at Elena and hears her breathing, Damon opens the door and walks in, with Meredith noticing his eyes being red-rimmed. Matt and Jasmine then arrive and as they ride in the elevator, Matt angrily says that he knew the brothers would get Elena killed one day, with Jasmine trying to reassure him. They reach Elena's apartment and Damon answers the door, Matt then balls his fist and punches Damon in the cheek. Damon tells Matt he probably deserved it and Matt walks past him, stopping in the doorway of Elena's room. Damon explains to them that the doctors in Paris were baffled and Matt comments that since the Guardians did this, they are the only ones who can fix it. Damon mentions Andrés when Meredith asks how they got the Guardians to talk to Elena the first time and he told them Elena was ready to kill Damon. Matt angrily comments on how everyone dies except him, with Damon's hate burning in his chest until he lets it go. Bonnie and Zander soon arrive, and Bonnie goes into Elena's room to see if she get into contact with her. When dawn begins to break into the bedroom, Bonnie comes out of her trance and tells Damon that they should start saying goodbye as she couldn't reach her, but Damon refuses and leaves the apartment.

At the same time, Elena tells Damon she loves him, but sees that no one can hear her. She walks for a good amount of time until she sees a light that almost beckons her to walk down the path towards it. She keeps refuses and yells that she still has a part to play in the living world. She sees Mylea walk up to her and while the Celestial Guardian tells her Jack was human despite using his scientific abilities otherwise. Elena asks her if she can do anything to get her life back and Mylea suggests that she can go back in the past to change the course of things where her actions with the Salvatore brothers won't destroy hers or anyone else's lives. Elena thinks about it for a moment and agrees to it, and Mylea sends her back to the beginning she had begun her senior year and met the Salvatore brothers.

Elena wakes up and writes in her diary about waking up on the morning before she met Stefan, reliving her senior year for a second time. She worries about feeling out of place, but has no trouble with talking with Judith and Margaret. She walks down the sidewalk on her way to school and reminisces of the memories she had. She arrives at the school and sees her crowd of friends, and greets them again. Bonnie begins her palm reading on Elena, but she becomes confused as she sees that her love line has two forks, instead of just one from the previous time. Bonnie decides to stop reading and brushes it off as a dumb game, which worries Elena. As they begin to walk towards the opening doors, the girls hear the loud engine of a black Porsche and Stefan steps out. She has a hard time trying not to look, but does so anyways and fights back wanting to run to him so she wouldn't ruin what she's trying to accomplish. Before she and Meredith head into the trigonometry classroom, Meredith asks if anything happened in France as Elena is acting different than she normally has. Elena manages to hold back and tells her she's fine, and as the class goes on, Elena begins planning on how to meet Damon. As Mrs. Halpern asked questions, Elena begins thinking about Meredith and her predicament in the future as a vampire, and wonders if she can somehow steer Meredith from becoming a vampire if Mr. Tanner is saved from Damon. After class, Elena heads to the cafeteria and passes Caroline on the way there, asking if she's wants to join her for lunch. While the relationship between the two isn't well, Caroline still joins them and they sit with Bonnie and Meredith. Bonnie talks about Stefan being in her biology class and Meredith sees him coming through the cafeteria. He glances at Elena and after walking past them, Elena tells Caroline that she should go talk to him. While not necessarily liking the idea, Elena notices Caroline staring after Stefan and wanted to set something in motion as Caroline did many acts when Elena chased after Stefan.

Afterwards, Elena makes up a lie to Matt that she needs to hear about Margaret's day, but in reality needs to look for Damon so he won't make a mistake he'll regret in the future. She thinks as she walks and decides to head to the cemetery, hoping Damon would be there if she was alone. She walks across the bridge, relaying memories of Katherine and drowning. She smiles casually at the crow intently watching her and goes to well kept part of the cemetery where her parents are buried. A storm suddenly comes through and she realizes it's not natural, and calls out that she isn't afraid. Damon comes nearby the oak trees and seductively looks at her, readying himself to feed on her. She tells him she knows he wouldn't hurt her, stopping him in his tracks and begins to say something until Meredith and Bonnie yell for her. The three girls sit in the cemetery for awhile and talk, with both Bonnie and Meredith commenting on how she's acting different than usual. While she can't tell them about everything, Elena says everything's changing and since it's their last year together, and Bonnie says nothing's going to change. After this, Meredith takes a pin off her blouse and decides that they should swear a blood oath that they'll always be there for each other no matter what, and all three girls take the oath. During a trigonometry class, Elena thinks of ways to get near Damon and breaks up with Matt in the process, holding back tears and tells him that he should try for a football scholarship, wanting the best for him. She later hangs out with Meredith and Bonnie at the McCullough house until she hears from Bonnie's sister, Mary, that a man had been attacked near the cemetery. After hearing this, Elena decides she needs to work on Damon before Halloween or all of her planning would be for nought.

Elena makes it her priority to reach out to Damon by going into the woods and makes excuses to her friends in order to do so. She purposefully trips and injures herself to lure Damon out with blood, she hears a familiar voice, but it's not Damon. Stefan holds out his hand to her and checks her injuries to see if she's alright. He helps and mentions the attack, telling her to be careful and that a monster was responsible. She tells him she doesn't believe it, and he says she looks like he used to know. She holds back on telling him Katherine is still alive and he offers her some flowers, which she recognizes as vervain, and accepts them. She tells him she doesn't believe in monsters, and he leaves, but she knows that he will carefully guard her from a distance while she walks towards home. Later that night, she gets a visit from Damon and partially reveals she knows about vampires. She gives him a laugh as she mentions bringing him into the light with her and tells her she'll see him again, and leaves.

The next morning, Elena gets ready to head to school until she sees Damon when she opens the front door. She invites him in and he introduces himself to Judith. He tells her he'll be taking Elena to school and teases Elena as they get into his car. After he drops her off and leaves, Elena hears all the excited voices talking about Damon and her. She notices Matt, who looks slightly annoyed, with Tyler Smallwood and Dick Carter not helping matters when they come up to him, talking loudly about Matt not cracking Elena's "Ice Princess" personality. Matt tells her it's fine but walks away as she tries to explain herself about the situation with Damon. Before she can further, Tyler stops her and asks her to come to Homecoming with him, Dick and Vickie. Elena refuses him and suddenly remembers the memories of that night she went to the cemetery with Tyler and they had been attacked by Katherine, who had tormented Vickie for months afterwards. Her contemplation is broken by Meredith and Bonnie who are wondering about Damon, but Elena promises to tell them later. As they walk towards the doors, Stefan asks if can talk to Elena alone and he asks what she knows about the guy who drove her to school. He tells her Damon is dangerous, revealing he and Damon were responsible for Katherine's "death". She apologizes to him and brushes past him, knowing that he was watching her as she left him. After school, Elena joins Meredith and Bonnie to look for dresses for Homecoming. She tells them that she met Damon at the cemetery before the homeless man was attacked, and Bonnie if she's going to the dance with anyone. She tells them probably no one and while Bonnie is a bit aghast, Meredith says while she planned on going with Ed Goff, she thinks it might be fun for the three of them to go together instead. While they try on dresses, Elena finds a crimson dress to coax Damon more and talks about who Caroline is bringing, but Bonnie says she hasn't really talked to her much anymore. Elena brightly says they should invite Vickie and the two wonder why as Elena had never liked Vickie, having described her as a useless little drip, and Elena tells them she was wrong.

During the Homecoming game on Friday evening, Elena leads Damon up to the bleachers and talk about American traditions. As they sit and watch the football players come out, Damon tenses up and watches as Stefan walks onto the field. He wants to go somewhere else, but she has him stay as she needs a favor from him. She tells him she wants Tyler and Dick to get kicked off the team so they won't attend the dance. He uses his power to get the two to fight until Elena tells him to stop when blood is spilled due to the punching. Stefan, however, isn't paying attention to the skirmish and is scanning the stands trying to find Damon, but is stopped when the referees called the teams back into place. Elena also notices how good a team Matt and Stefan make, watching them play and sees Damon's hostile face, wondering if this was the expression he had worn all those centuries watching Stefan. After the game and no one at home, Elena tells Damon the invitation still stands, and he comes in. He inspects many of the items in the house and asks why she wanted him to use his power on the two boys earlier at the game, and confidently tells her he knows she's not a witch or psychic. She offers her neck to him, telling him she trusts him, and he pricks the skin, drinking her blood and their minds intertwine.

The girls get ready for the dance and talk about the football game. Bonnie talks about Matt and Stefan, telling Elena that Matt is still crazy for her and Stefan practically swallowed his tongue when he saw her get out of Damon's car. She tells her it doesn't matter as she's with Damon, and Meredith questions why Damon isn't coming to the dance if they are together. Elena tells her she wanted to go with them instead and Bonnie warns Elena that she should be careful, mentioning that she'll have two loves when she had read her palm. Vickie quickly tells them she was glad they invited her and recounts what Dick told her why he suddenly felt anger towards Tyler. Elena thinks to herself and while feeling sorry about what happened, she knows bigger consequences would've have happened later on down the line. She later pulls the other girls together and look in the mirror, happy to be spending time with them. They all walk down the stairs to see Judith, her fiancé Robert and Margaret waiting for them. Robert makes mention of Elena's name being a form of Helen and some reason thought of Helen of Troy, which Bonnie remarks with "beautiful and doomed", sending a chill down Elena's spine. They arrive at the dance and notice Caroline being the center of an ever changing crowd, and Elena tries to spot Stefan, but can't find him. She then sees that Caroline's date is Matt and walks towards them, but Caroline spots her and kisses Matt. The principal calls the nominees on the stage and while she watches Meredith and Bonnie climb the stairs, Caroline asks her mockingly how it feels that she has taken everything she ever wanted, and Elena looks at Matt. She thinks of Jasmine and quietly whispers to him that she hopes he doesn't waste his time on the wrong people. She hugs him and finally spots Stefan, whose eyes are only on her. He walks towards her and she decides to step outside near the lockers until she hears Stefan's voice, asking her if she is alright. She tells him she doesn't want anything Caroline has, and holding back tears, tells him she can't have everything she wants either. She cries as he wraps his arms around and begin dancing to the music. She pulls him closer and they begin kissing until Damon walks in. He gets angry and tells Stefan he'll make him suffer, threatening he'll kill him, but not until he destroys everything his brother cares about. Stefan tries to get Elena to take her friends and go somewhere safe, but Elena tells him she needs to talk to Damon, but Stefan says it won't help to talk to Damon at the moment, and disappears as well. While she ponders her thoughts, Elena decides to grab her friends for help and they begin to search for Damon, with Elena handing Matt, Meredith and Bonnie vervain beforehand. As she and Meredith search the rooms and hallways, Elena smells smoke and they begin trying to find either brother before the fire gets out of hand. As she and her friends watch the flames from the parking lot, the fire department and Elena hears Mr. Landon muttering about the electrical wiring in the school, but she knows better. She looks around the crowd, spotting Caroline, Sue Carson and Vickie, noticing that none of the students had no expression of cheer or anything, just shock. She then decides to look for Stefan in the school as she doesn't see him among the crowd, and tells her friends to watch out for him and stay out of Damon's way if they see him. She decides Stefan might be in the bell tower and after a few times to knock the door down, she sees a figure and it's Stefan, who can barely move. She sees that he's tied up and gagged, she tries to loosen the tightened knot while also feeling the flames rising underneath the floor. She works on the gag, eventually cutting it off and sees thin stalks of vervain come out of his mouth. She becomes angered at Damon's actions towards his brother and helps take out the vervain, while he briefly sucks the blood from her finger when it hit one of his canines. He slowly begins to get up as he recovers, grabs her and leaps into the night to escape the fire. He brings her back to him room at the boardinghouse and asks how she knew where to find him. She tells him about the fire and Damon, which he asks how she knows his brother. She tells him about the graveyard and that's she not their enemy. She says she can help control Damon and he won't be alone, he leans forward and kisses her. She then pulls away, apologizing and he offers to take her home. As she thinks about Damon and Stefan's relationship, she realizes that their relationship needs to be fixed instead of trying to have Damon fall in love with her. Before she gets out of his car, she tells him she knows how to fix everything and they need to find Damon.

The next morning, Elena writes in her diary about Stefan and Damon, wondering how their relationship was so hateful despite their moments of caring for each other. She and Bonnie walk together to school, being disappointed that they still had school despite the events that transpired at the dance. For the rest of the school year, the students and staff have to use trailers for classrooms until the school is rebuilt. Elena heads to the trig trailer and sits next to Meredith, who looks up with a worried frown and asks if she knows about the rumor that Stefan had started the fire. Meredith suggests staying away from both brothers and Elena gets a little defensive, until they are interrupted by the teacher. Elena thinks of the first time when Stefan was accused of murder after Damon killed Mr. Tanner and now because of her, the suspicion and hatred has started earlier. As she went through each classroom trailer to catch a glimpse of Stefan, she doesn't see him until Mr. Tanner announces his presence during history class. After class is over, Elena talks to Stefan, who is shocked she isn't afraid to be around him. He tells her Damon is never under control and she says to him they can't give up as he's the only one that can change things with his brother. While his face is sorrowful, he replies to Elena that while he believes Damon will never change, but thinks he knows where they can find him. They head to the unkept section of the graveyard in hopes of finding Damon as he thinks acting as a creature of the night is funny and would surround himself with death. They go through each mausoleum until they see some of Damon's belongings and the door slams shut on them, with a heavy thud hitting the outside of the building, sealing them in. They sit for awhile until Elena suggests he drink her blood to give the strength to push open the door. He protests at first until she assures him that she trusts him and he proceeds to feed from her. After drinking, he pushes the door open and light fills the mausoleum, and they see a huge oak tree that had been pulled out of the ground next to the door that trapped them inside. During the evening, Elena returns to her house and Margaret tells her Damon had stopped by, leaving Elena shocked and trying to take the lollipop away from her, but her sister sticks it in her mouth defiantly. She tells Margaret to not let Damon in as he isn't her friend anymore, and at first wonders he had influenced her, but Judith calls her baby sister in. Elena thinks of how she could get her family out of the house and decides a course of action. She bundles a few of her belongings and screams, telling her aunt that she thinks that someone broke in the house. While Judith does check the "evidence", she doubts someone did as many of her belongings are still where they should be. Elena pleads with her, saying she can stay at Meredith's while they [Judith and Margaret] can stay at Robert's until the window is fixed. Robert arrives at the house and takes Elena to Meredith's house, where she watches TV with Meredith and Bonnie. As Elena does Bonnie's hair while Meredith checks the cookies in the oven, they notice Meredith is taking a long time to check and Elena becomes deeply shocked as she sees Meredith is now wearing a scarf. Elena inspects her neck, seeing nothing, and her friends notice the mood has changed, with Bonnie remarking they should get to bed. As they do, Elena asks the two if the kept the vervain she gave them, and they didn't keep the plants. She apologizes to them about acting a little weird and plans on getting more vervain to protect her friends. They promise they'll be more careful, letting Elena know they are here for her when she is ready to talk.

The next morning, Elena awakens with Meredith waiting at the foot of the bed, telling her they need to get to school. Elena begins telling her about having sleeping issues until she notices the scarf around her friend's neck and the deep purple-blue color nearby. Elena now knows that Damon had influenced Meredith while they were asleep and that nowhere is safe from Damon. While the day goes back during school, she talks to Stefan about Damon and he tells her to come back with him to the boardinghouse so they can figure something out. The two head towards his room and when they open the door, they see has been trashed and that the objects he kept in a black iron box were all gone. Stefan threatens to kill his brother and Elena goes downstairs to search for Mrs. Flowers. She states she has a message and Stefan tells her to give him the message. She tells them that Damon has taken all his precious things as payback for taking something of his. Elena notices Stefan's expression on his face and comes to realization that there's a high possibility that bringing the brothers back together might already be lost.

The next day at lunch, Elena contemplates of getting her friends somewhat involved as a way to watch out for Damon so she can start planning again. She notices deep purple bite marks around Caroline and Matt's necks, with anger rising in her. She sees that Bonnie doesn't have any bite marks on her though and they talk about plans for the Haunted House. Elena asks Bonnie if she had seen Damon and while uncomfortable, she tells Elena that Damon had come up to her at the grocery store, trying to influence her to be close with him. She notices the bracelet on Bonnie's wrist, asking her about it, and Bonnie tells her that her grandmother gave it to her as it's protection against an assortment of things. Elena then abruptly gets up and heads outside, extremely angry at what Damon is doing to her friends, and walks to the graveyard. She yells for Damon and he eventually appears, she runs towards him and asks what he is doing. He tells her everything's wonderful and she slaps him across the face. He tells her he's not just going to be feeding from them, but he plans on turning them into vampires. She tells she was never with Stefan and he had fed from her so they could get out of the mausoleum Damon locked them into. Damon tells her he'll see her around Halloween and leaves, leaving Elena alone in the graveyard. She heads back to the school for class and writes Bonnie a note to meet her afterwards, and with some pleading, Elena writes back to her again telling Bonnie she is a witch.

The two head to the graveyard and it's revealed that Elena has told Bonnie the truth about coming from the future, vampires and Bonnie being a witch. Bonnie is in disbelief and really wondering if Elena is telling her the truth, but despite the reluctance, she hasn't ran away from her friend. A little bit earlier, the two head to the boardinghouse to ask Mrs. Flowers for some help in supplies and she comes back with the items, telling Elena good luck in getting back to where she belongs. They head to the church where the tombstone of Thomas and Honoria Fell is and Elena tells her they have to open the tomb. They take out the ingredients and begin the spell to pry the tomb open. After some hesitation, Bonnie manages to open it and she asks what's next, to which Elena tells her to go home as it's not safe and she has to do the next step on her own. After Bonnie leaves, Elena climbs down and heads down the vault beneath the church to get in contact with Katherine. She walks through the darkness with just a flashlight and further down the tunnel, she calls out for Katherine. After a few moments of no response, she turns to go and the beam of light landed on Katherine. She calls Elena a greedy girl as she wants both of her boys (Stefan and Damon), and Elena tells her she's going to leave them be, but she wants the two to be brothers again and happy. Katherine tells her they don't want to be happy and she had given them a chance, but Elena counters that it may not be too late to fix the relationship. Katherine angrily tells her she doesn't want them to, but wants to make Elena like her since they look so much alike. Elena tells Katherine they are sisters, but Katherine doesn't necessarily believe the claim, and Elena continues that the brothers never stopped loving her. Elena pleads with Katherine, but she wants none of it and tremors begin around the tomb. Elena manages to get away and heads back to where she came from, climbing out and heads towards the Wickery Bride to get home. Before she can reach the bridge, Katherine is seen standing before her and Elena asks what she wants, knowing that she wouldn't be able to outrun the vampire regardless of what she did. She tells Elena that she'll let the brothers know she's still alive.

On Halloween night, Stefan and Elena head to the Haunted House with the objective of protecting her friends from Damon, but he doesn't know that she had been in contact with Katherine. They head towards the Torture Room and before going in the room, he tells her he'll protect her friends if he can. She spots Meredith and Bonnie trying to reason with Mr. Tanner, who is complaining about the fake blood that would be smeared on him. After seeing her other friends and customers ready, Elena tells Bonnie to steer Damon towards the torture chamber and not let him on that she recognizes him. As the customers come through, Stefan and Elena wait for a certain amount of time for Damon until he eventually shows up dressed as the Grim Reaper. He greets Stefan and they exchange seething comments until Damon bites into Stefan's throat. Katherine tells him to stop and they both turn to stare at her. Stefan is in disbelief and other emotions, and Katherine tells him she wanted them to believe she was dead. She tells them she wanted all of them to be happy, but that didn't work, and thought her "death" might bring them together. Stefan apologizes to Katherine and Damon, telling his brother their hatred was pointless, and reaches out his hand. Damon steps away and tells them he won't forgive them as little, and disappears to get on with his plan. Katherine starts to get angered until it is diffused by Stefan and she disappears so they can look for Damon. She and Stefan split up to look for Damon, with her heading into the Druid Room. She sees Mr. Tanner laying on the altar and checks to see if he is still alive, until he shrieked into her face, and lays back down in place. She takes many of the other rooms until Stefan comes up to her, telling her he influenced Meredith to stay with a crowd. They eventually find Bonnie, who took over for Raymond Hernandez for a few minutes. She asks if she had seen Matt or Caroline, and she goes with them to find the others. They run into Vickie, who has been influenced by Damon to keep others out. Bonnie leads Stefan and Elena into another entrance and going through the room, they spot reflections of Damon and Caroline. Caroline begins feeding on Damon's blood and come face to face with the group. Elena asks why Damon wants to be make a new family instead of fixing the brotherly relationship, but Damon counters that Stefan hasn't been his family since he stuck a sword through his heart. Elena and Stefan bring up memories of the past of their brotherly love to convince Damon to loosen his grip on Caroline. Stefan tells Damon he would spend the rest of his days trying to right the wrong of killing him if they could be brothers again and Damon pushes Caroline in front of him. He says he won't turn Elena's friends or kill Stefan, and he shows a smile that he would only give Stefan, leaving Elena extremely hopeful. After closing the Haunted House, Elena joins up with her friends, happy with what happened, and spends the last time she had with them when they were younger. She and Bonnie embrace with tears in their eyes, and she recommends that Bonnie go see Mrs. Flowers to harness more of her magic. They see Stefan walking across the parking lot and Elena goes to talk to him. He tells her that he and Damon plan on heading back to Italy to see what's left of the Florence they once knew. She watches as he leaves, tears streaming down her face, happy this Stefan might live. After her friends drop her off, Damon walks towards her and says he should thank her. He pleads with her to come with them, but she refuses and tells him that he can be a good person if he wants to, saying goodbye to him in the process. She heads up the stairs and lays down on her bed, a tear slowly running down her cheek, and peace settling on her.

She wakes up to find that she's not in the same clothes or room anymore. She sees the music box Damon had given her and opens it up to find a note from Mylea congratulating her. She walks out to the balcony and sees the Eiffel Tower, realizing she now lives in Paris. Elena finds out she works at an art gallery and finished her education in Paris, having never attended Dalcrest. She hears a knock at the door, rushing to it thinking it's either Meredith or Bonnie, but instead sees a young woman named Veronique. They head to meet with two other girls, Lina and Manon, for lunch. They talk about art and Veronique asks if Elena is going to go out with a man named Hugo again. After returning to her apartment, Elena sees an invitation to the wedding of Bonnie and Zander, causing Elena to smile that some things are destined after all. She goes to the wedding and sees many faces that weren't at the previous wedding, such as Sue Carson. While Bonnie's life had some minor changes, Meredith never became a hunter or a vampire, instead she graduated from Harvard and wants to work as a public defender in Boston. After the vows and Jared's toast, Elena spots Matt at the reception table and hugs him. She sees a girl next to Matt, who introduces herself as Jeannette, and sees that there are some people they weren't meant to meet. While others gather on the dance floor, she spots Alaric talking to Meredith and asks Bonnie how they met. She tells Elena that they met and said the High Wolf Council had called Alaric in a matter some time ago. Elena begins to feel sad, and Matt offers to dance with her, with her thinking about the Salvatore brothers. While she is on a plane heading to Paris, Elena writes in her diary about her family and possibly moving back to spend time with them. After getting her luggage, she spots a familiar face and begins running towards him happily, and Damon greets her with a smirk.


  • The book was written by a ghostwriter Aubrey Clark.
  • This book is the final book of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Publication date was May 8, 2014.
  • In the previous books, all antagonists were destroyed or disappeared:



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