Gilbert Residence

[Logan Fell is standing outside on the porch. Jenna is talking to him from inside the front doorway.]

Jenna: Why are you here, Logan?
Logan: I missed you. I was out of town. I...
Jenna: Yeah, I got that email.
Logan: [shocked] You got an email?
Jenna: You didn’t send an email?
Logan: I can explain. Just invite me in and I'll tell you everything.
Jenna: I’m not gonna invite you in. Forget it.
Logan: Come on, Jenna. It’s me.
Jenna: The answer's no.
Logan: I know you. You’re always one step from a "maybe", a tiny nudge to "yes".
Jenna: [scoffs] You just pointed out that I have no self-control. Clever strategy!

[Logan opens his mouth to say something, but Jenna slams the door in his face. Logan, clearly frustrated with the way their conversation went, walks to the edge of the porch. He sees a neighbor taking out the garbage. He walks down the porch steps and towards the man.]

Logan: Evening.

[The man gives him a polite wave and walks back towards his house. Logan walks down onto the sidewalk and watches the man leave. He breathes out heavily. Suddenly, a woman comes jogging around the corner. Logan turns around to looks at her. She stares at him as she jogs past him, but stops abruptly. Logan turns to face her again.]

Daphne: [walking towards Logan] Hey, you’re that guy from the news, Logan Fell. I watch you every night. Well, I used to, I mean, you’ve been missing from my TV.
Logan: I took some time off.
Daphne: I noticed. I’m Daphne.

[She puts her hand out and he shakes it.]

Logan: Hey you know something, Daphne?
Daphne: No, what?

[Logan's eyes start to vamp out. Daphne screams as Logan goes in to bite her neck.]


[The next morning, Jeremy is up and reading his ancestor Johnathan Gilbert's journal.]

Jeremy: "I live in fear. It consumes me. In the early evening when I see the sun begin to fade, the fear comes, because I know that the night brings death."

[Jeremy continues to flip through the pages of the journal. He finds a loose paper with a sketch drawn on it and becomes inspired. He pulls out an box from his closet and grabs an old sketchbook from it. He sets the box down and grabs a piece of charcoal. Flipping through the sketchbook, Jeremy sees all the old sketches he used to draw. He smiles at the memories and finally finds a blank page. He starts recreating the loose sketch from the journal. Elena walks out of her room and glances into Jeremy's room. She walks over to the doorway and sees Jeremy sketching. She smiles and quietly closes the door. Downstairs, Jenna is getting ready to leave. Elena comes down the stairs.]

Elena: Jeremy's got his sketch pad out.
Jenna: You’re kidding?
Elena: Nope. But don’t say a word. The minute we encourage him, he’ll put it away.
Jenna: Psychology major. Check that!

[Elena looks at her phone.]

Jenna: You and Stefan? Update?
Elena: [buttoning up her jacket] He knows how I feel and where I stand and I know where he stands but it doesn’t matter. He’s leaving, moving away.
Jenna: Where is he going?
Elena: I've stopped asking questions. The answers get scary.

[Elena opens the front door and the pair walk out of the house.]

Jenna: Yours leaves, mine returns.
Elena: Logan?
Jenna: He’s back. [Elena groans]  I didn’t let him pass the front door.
Elena: I hope you slammed it in his face.
Jenna: Ah, medium slam.
Elena: Three strike rule, Jenna. You're not even aloud to watch the news.
Jenna: Exactly. No more Logan "Scum" Fell.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan walks into the parlor room where Damon is staring out the window.]

Stefan: So any idea of where you'll go?
Damon: I don’t know. London, maybe. See some friends.
Stefan: You don’t have any friends, Damon.
Damon: You’re right, Stefan. I only have you. [turns away from the window] So, where are we goin'?
Stefan: We are not going anywhere. I’m gonna live my life as far away from you as possible.
Damon: [walking towards Stefan] But we’re a team! We could travel the world together. We could try out for "The Amazing Race".
Stefan: Mmmm, that's funny. Seriously, where are you going? Because we are not staying in this town.

[The doorbell rings. Damon and Stefan glance at the door and back at each other. Stefan leaves the parlor and opens the front door. Liz Forbes is outside.]

Sheriff Forbes: I’m here to see Damon.
Stefan: Uh, sure. Ok.

[Damon comes to the doorway.]

Damon: Sheriff. What a surprise.
Sheriff Forbes: Sorry to bother you, but we need to talk.
Damon: Come in.

[Liz enters the house. Damon shuts the door and leads Liz out into the back courtyard.]

Damon: Um, I hope you understand the secrecy. Stefan doesn’t know about this yet and I’d like to keep it that way.
Sheriff Forbes: Of course, kids are too young to be brought into this.
Damon: So, what do you need?
Sheriff Forbes: There’s been another attack. A female victim, her throat torn out, completely drained of blood. It fits the pattern.
Damon: I’m sorry. I don’t understand. I thought we solved that problem when I [glances back]...staked the blond one.
Sheriff Forbes: I'm thinking she must have turned someone. Or multiple someones. I don’t know.

[Inside the house, Stefan uses his vamp hearing to listen in to Liz and Damon's conversation.]

Sheriff Forbes: The story for the town is another animal attack but I’m not sure how long we can keep lying to them. The council is in an uproar. We thought we were past this.
Damon: So, uh, what do we do?
Sheriff Forbes: You’re the only one who's ever taken on a vampire. We were hoping you could tell us.

Mystic Falls High School

[Caroline and Matt are walking together in the hallway.]

Matt: And then the ballet dancer and the Krumper did the salsa.
Caroline: Well, I was awake for that part.
Matt: Well, I don’t know when you fell asleep. Umm, did you see the Celine Dion waltz about cancer?
Caroline: Those always make me cry!
Matt: Yeah, and then the loud judge kept screaming and I couldn't take it, so I turned it off.

[They stop walking and stand face to face with each other.]

Caroline: I sat through Family Guy. [poking Matt in the chest] So, you owe me.

[Elena and Bonnie are walking down the opposite end of the hall. They see Caroline and Matt together.]

Elena: Did I miss something?
Bonnie: They’ve been hanging out.
Elena: Kind of weird, don’t you think?

[Caroline and Matt back away into their classroom.]

Bonnie: She needs someone nice like him, as opposed to a homicidal vampire like Damon.
Elena: Yeah, how are you doing with all that?
Bonnie: I’m freaked out. Damon attacked me. I could be dead right now. But I'm also grateful.
Elena: Hmm?
Bonnie: To Stefan. He saved my life and...Have you seen him?

[Elena removes her scarf and goes over to her locker.]

Elena: [throwing her scarf and bag in her locker.] Not since he told me he was leaving. For all I know, he’s already gone.
Bonnie: He wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.
Elena: [retrieving books from her locker] Yes, he would. He thinks he’s protecting me. Clean break and all that.
Bonnie: So, what are you gonna do?
Elena: What am I supposed to do? I’ve already begged him not to go. If I ask again, I’m being selfish. It is what it is.

[They start to walk down the hallway again.]

Bonnie: Maybe it’s for the best.

[Elena stops and looks at Bonnie who stops as well.]

Elena: What? Why?
Bonnie: I mean, what kind of future could you have had with him, even if he stayed?

[Suddenly, a banner falls down on them that says "The Promise of your Future.]

Elena: Did you just...?
Bonnie: No, I swear.

[Elena sighs and hits the banner out of her way, storming off to her class.]

Elena: Oh, God.

[Bonnie walks after Elena.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Damon and Liz are at the front door. Stefan is sitting in the parlor, still listening to them.]

Damon: Thank you for stopping by.
Sheriff Forbes: Let me know what you come up with.

[Damon opens the front door for her.]

Damon: Absolutely.

[Liz exits and Damon shuts the front door. Stefan gets up and vamp speeds over to Damon. He grabs him by his shirt and holds him against the door.]

Stefan: What is wrong with you? You killed somebody?
Damon: Get off of me. [pushes Stefan off] A...don't touch me. B...if I had, I wouldn't have been so obvious about it. [walks past Stefan and turns around.]  C...There's another vampire in town.
Stefan: That’s impossible.
Damon: Obviously not.

[Damon turns around and starts walking into the parlor.]

Stefan: Then, who could it be?
Damon: Ah, what do we care? We’re leaving anyway, right?
Stefan: No, I can’t leave now and you know that. [approaches Damon] How are we supposed to find this person?
Damon: Let the adults handle this, Stefan.

[Damon walks into the parlor, leaving Stefan in the front hallway, looking conflicted.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Elena and a friend part ways at the front of the school.]

Elena: See you later, ok?
Girl: Bye.
Elena: Bye.

[Elena continues to walk forward but stops abruptly when she sees Stefan sitting right in front of her on a table. She is shocked.]

Stefan: Hi. [Standing up] We need to talk.

[Elena nods, understandingly.]

[Tyler and Matt are playing basketball.]

Tyler: So, what’s up with you and Forbes?
Matt: Nothing's up.
Tyler: I saw you two in the hall today. Don’t even try to deny it, bro. You're tapping that.
Matt: No, it’s not like that.
Tyler: Never is. Until you become "we" people.

[Tyler shoots the ball and scores a goal. Matt grabs the ball.]

Matt: "We" people?
Tyler: Yeah, "we can't make it to the party"; "we'll never miss a game"; "we don’t like the color red"
Matt: We hung out, like, twice.

[Matt shoots a basket and scores. Tyler catches the ball.]

Tyler: Like I said, "we."

[Elena and Stefan are sitting together on a table.]

Elena: So, you have no idea who it could be?
Stefan: None. But it must be somebody new because leaving a body like that, they're either sloppy or they're trying to send a message.
Elena: And you're sure it’s not Damon?
Stefan: Well, I’m never sure about Damon, but he’s been trying to keep a low profile lately, so it’s just doesn’t make any sense to me.
Elena: So what are you gonna do?
Stefan: Damon is tracking them right now. [Stands up and faces Elena.] Look, I promised you the truth so I wanted to tell you. I want you to be careful.

[Elena nods and stands up as well.]

Elena: When I saw you, I...thought you were coming to say goodbye.
Stefan: Not yet.

Gilbert Residence

[Jeremy is sitting on the couch, sketching in his notebook. Jenna walks in and Jeremy shows her the sketch.]

Jeremy: Hey, what do you think?
Jenna: [pausing and looking at the sketch.] Creepy.
Jeremy: I found this old journal in dad’s stuff, Johnathan Gilbert from the 1800s. He's kind of a freak show. [Jenna sits down on the back of the couch.] He wrote about demons and all of these people getting slaughter and...
Jenna: Yeah, he was a writer...short stories, horror stuff.
Jeremy: Oh, he wrote fiction? Figured he was just a lunatic or a drunk.

[Jenna gets up and grabs a book from a nearby shelf.]

Jenna: Well, he was a Gilbert, probably a little bit of both.

[Jeremy smiles. Jenna hands him the book she retrieved from the shelf.]


[Caroline is on the phone with Damon, holding the vampire compass.]

Caroline: So what do I do now?
Damon: Just wait. I’ll be there in minute.
Caroline: Can you hurry? I have things to do.

[Suddenly, Damon appears behind Caroline. Caroline is startled by his sudden appearance.]

Damon: You can give me that.

[Caroline holds out the compass and Damon takes it.]

Caroline: So, why did you need me to do this?
Damon: Because I interfere with the signal.
Caroline: Can I go now? This has blown, like, half of my day.
Damon: You do that. [compelling Caroline] Get in your car. Go home. Forget I asked you to do this.
Caroline: [smiling] Ok. Bye now.
Damon: Bye.

[Caroline leaves. Damon turns to face the entrance of the warehouse. He walks up the steps and opens the door, entering the warehouse. Damon looks around as he walks deeper into the warehouse. Suddenly, Logan Fell shoots Damon multiple times. Damon groans in pain and falls on his knees to the floor. Logan approaches him.]

Logan: I have tons of these wood bullets, so nothing funky.

[Logan circles around Damon, holding out the gun.]

Damon: You don’t wanna do this, trust me.

[Logan shoots Damon in the shoulder. Damon screams in pain.]

Logan: That’s what you get.
Damon: For what?
Logan: [crouches down in front of Damon] You made me like this.
Damon: I killed you. I didn’t turn you.

[Damon pries a bullet out from his chest. Logan holds up one of the wooden bullets and examines it.]

Logan: See I know what you and your brother are. I’ve been watching the two of you. I knew you'd show up here and I'm glad you did, because I have some questions.
Damon: [prying another bullet out] Me first. Who turned you?
Logan: [crouching down, face close to Damon's] How should I know? Last thing I remember is, I'm about to stake your brother and then you grabbed me. That’s it! Until I wake up in the ground behind a used car dealership on highway 4. Somebody buried me.
Damon: It happens. [prying a bullet out of his leg] Ow.
Logan: You bit me.
Damon: [examining the wooden bullet he just extracted from his leg] Damn it.
Logan: It had to be you.
Damon: You have to have vampire blood in your system when you die. I didn’t do that. Some other vampire found you, gave you their blood.

[Damon groans and falls back onto the floor.]

Logan: Who?
Damon: That’s what I wanna know.
Logan: Dude, it’s not like the welcome wagon was waiting with a bundt cake and a handbook. It’s been a learn as you go process. You know, one minute, I’m a small town on the rise news guy and next thing I know, I can’t get into my house, because my foot won’t go through the door.
Damon: [sitting up and prying another bullet out] You have to be invited in.
Logan: I know. I live alone.
Damon: Ah, [chuckles softly] that sucks.
Logan: So now, I am at the Ramada, watching pay per view all day, eating everything in sight, including housekeeping.
Damon: It could be worse.
Logan: All I can think about is blood and killing people. I can’t stop killing people. I keep killing [laughs maniacally] and I like it. I’m conflicted.
Damon: Welcome to the club.

[Logan stands up.]

Damon: Wait a minute. Cops only found one body.
Logan: I left one. I was tired. But I’ve been hiding the rest of bodies. They're right back there.

[Logan points to the bodies with his gun. Damon looks over.]

Damon: You're kidding.
Logan: They're just piling up!

Mystic Falls High School

[The career fair is in full swing at the school. Liz walks into the main room in full uniform. Richard walks up next to her.]

Mayor Lockwood: So what do we know?
Sheriff Forbes: Nothing new to report yet. [Richard groans.] My highly reliable deputies are all on alert, but if you feel the need to be more proactive, by all means, grab a stake and have at it.
Mayor Lockwood: [grabbing a coffee cup] What extra precautions can we take?
Sheriff Forbes: For right now, there is nowhere safer than a crowded public place, and for once, Mayor, we actually know where our kids are.

[Tyler is flipping through some sketches in a giant notebook. Jeremy walks in and looks over at Tyler. Tyler looks up.]

Tyler: What do you want?
Jeremy: Hey. Uh, I’m just surprised to see you here. [walks towards Tyler] Art usually implies culture and culture implies, well, not you.
Tyler: Go to hell.

[Jeremy smirks and looks down at the drawing Tyler stopped on. Tyler is the one who drew it.]

[Elena approaches Matt.]

Elena: Still wanna be an astronaut?
Matt: I can’t believe you remember that.
Elena: I can remember the tinfoil that you wore on your head.
Matt: I was eight.
Elena: How are you doing?
Matt: I've had it easier. You? I heard some things. [Caroline enters the room and sees Matt talking to Elena.] So it’s true that you and Stefan...
Elena: Yeah, it is.

[Caroline exits the room quickly. Clearly upset.]

Elena: What about you, Matt Donovan? I heard about Caroline.
Matt: Aw, man, not you too.
Elena: Hey.
Matt: We’re friends. [Elena looks up at him, skeptically.] It’s not a big deal.
Elena: No?
Matt: No.

[Matt and Elena stare at each other for a moment. Elena turns her head and sees Stefan standing in the doorway. The pair look at each other and Matt looks at Stefan, clearly jealous.]


Logan: Why am I so overly emotional? All I can think about is my ex-girlfriend. I wanna be with her and bite her and stuff.
Damon: Well, you probably love her. Anything you felt before will be magnified now. You're gonna have to learn how to control that.
Logan: What about walking in the sun? I’m a morning person. You can walk in the sun which, by the way, is pretty cool. [Damon flexes his hand with the daylight ring on it and hides it with his other hand.] The council will never suspect you. That’s not in the journals.
Damon: The journals?
Logan: Yeah, the founding fathers, they passed down journals to their kids. Come on man, you gotta tell me. How can you walk around in the sun?
Damon: Who turned you?
Logan: How do you walk in the sun?
Damon: Who turned you?
Logan: You know, I’ve been really nice so far but I will kill you.

[Logan stands up and points the gun at Damon.]

Damon: Then you'll never know. [Damon stands up.] You're not answering my question.
Logan: You first!
Damon: It seems we're at a bit of an impasse then, doesn’t it?
Logan: I have things to do, people to kill. Guess I'll be needing a little head start.

[Logan shoots Damon a couple of times. Damon groans and falls to the floor while Logan exits the warehouse.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Elena and Stefan are leaning against a wall, facing each other.]

Elena: I’m guessing you’re not here to plan the path for your future. [pauses] You’re looking out for me.
Stefan: Hope that’s ok.

[Elena doesn't respond and walks over to a table, looking at the career pamphlets set up. Stefan walks over to her.]

Stefan: You know I wanted to be a doctor before everything happened, but, uh, then I couldn’t, 'cause...
Elena: The blood.
Stefan: Yeah. I’ve dabbled in a bunch of different things, though.
Elena: Didn’t love anything enough to stick to it?

[Elena moves on to the next booth with Stefan right behind her.]

Stefan: No, I...I loved it all. I just...I had to move on before anybody could notice that I wasn’t getting any older.
Elena: How long before that would happen?
Stefan: Few years, usually. Sometimes shorter.
Elena: [finally looking up at him] And you always left?
Stefan: I didn't have a choice.

[Elena looks away.]

Stefan: [smiling] So, what about...what about you? What are your, uh, plans for the future?
Elena: [looks up at Stefan, frustratingly speaks] I don’t wanna talk about my future, Stefan. Because everything you’re saying is making it perfectly clear that you’re not gonna be in.
Stefan: Elena, it’s not that I don’t wanna be in it.
Elena: You can’t, I get it. I heard you the first time and the second time, and I appreciate you looking out for me but, please, if you’re gonna leave, then just go.

[Jenna walks into the room and approaches Elena and Stefan.]

Jenna: Hide me.
Elena: What’s going on?
Jenna: The scum Fell has landed.
Elena: Logan’s here.
Stefan: [surprised] Wait, Logan Fell?

[Jenna nods. Stefan goes out into the hall and spots Logan. Logan looks over at him and waves. Elena walks out into the hallway to talk to Stefan.]

Elena: Stefan, what’s going on?

[Logan approaches the pair as well as Jenna, who comes out of the classroom after Elena.]

Logan: Jenna, are you dodging me?
Jenna: It’s a form of self-preservation.
Stefan: Um, Elena, why don't you and Jenna go somewhere else?

[Stefan looks at Elena, significantly. Elena looks at him, understandingly.]

Elena: Let’s go.

[Elena grabs Jenna's hand and leads her away from Logan and Stefan, quickly. Logan watches them leave and turns to face Stefan.]

Stefan: What are you doing here?
Logan: You know, your brother asked me the same thing. In fact, why don’t we just skip past all that who turned me stuff and get the answer that I want? How can I turn into a day walker?
Stefan: Damon and I are the only two that I know of.
Logan: But you're both very cagey on the how, which tells me that there is a way. You know, in case you hadn't noticed, I’m quite the celebrity in this town. It would be very, very easy for me to expose you.
Stefan: You wanna know how you can walk around in the sun?
Logan: I do.
Stefan: You can’t. Don’t ever threaten me again.

[Stefan walks past Logan.]

[Elena and Jenna stop in another part of the school. Elena faces Jenna.]

Elena: When Logan came to the house, what did he say?
Jenna: Fake flattery. Stupid, dimpled grin. Puppy dog eyes.
Elena: I’m serious, Jenna. How did he act? What did he say?
Jenna: He was the usual Logan, was charming, a little more manic than usual. He kept trying to convince me to let him in. [Elena looks up at her.] What?
Elena: Ok, listen to me very carefully. Do not, under any circumstances, talk to him again. I’m serious, Jenna, like ever!

[Alaric enter the room.]

Alaric: Hey Elena. Jenna
Elena: Hi Mr. Saltzman.
Alaric: [to Jenna] Yeah, I was hoping to see you tonight.
Jenna: Career night is the new bowling.

[Alaric laughs.]

Elena: Ok, um, excuse me.

[Elena leaves]

[Stefan is outside of the school, talking to Damon on the phone, who is back at the Salvatore Boarding House.]

Damon: Logan Fell is a vampire and when I find him again, I’m gonna destroy him limb by limb.

[Elena exits the school and looks around for Stefan. Stefan sees her but doesn't acknowledge her.]

Stefan: [to Damon] What happened? Are you ok?

[Elena spots Stefan leaning against the railing.]

Damon: No, I'm not ok. I was ambushed. I was shot. [Standing in front of a mirror, taking his shirt off.] Now, I’m vengeful. Just got to find him.
Stefan: Well, there's no need. He’s here at the school.
Damon: You’re kidding me. Why the hell is he there?
Stefan: He’s working the crowd.
Damon: Well, I’ll be right there.

[Elena approaches Stefan as he hangs up his phone.]

Elena: [crossing her arms over her chest] So. Anything you’d like to share?

[Caroline leads Liz to a booth at the Career Fair.]

Sheriff Forbes: What are you doing?
Caroline: Following my future. [They approach a booth and Caroline points to the banner.] There it is.
Sheriff Forbes: Broadcast journalism?
Caroline: Yes. Broadcast journalism. [Liz looks at her skeptically] Why are you looking at me like that?
Sheriff Forbes: You don’t even read the paper.

[Caroline walks out angrily without a word. Liz pursues her, but Logan comes up from behind her.]

Logan: Liz.
Sheriff Forbes: [surprised] Logan.

[Liz starts to pull out her gun.]

Logan: What are you gonna do stake me? Bury me in another shallow grave? What would the email say this time?
Sheriff Forbes: I didn't have a choice.
Logan: [moves threateningly towards Liz] You bitch! I died for you, for this town. You’ve known me since I was six and you swept me under the rug like dirt.
Sheriff Forbes: You knew what you were getting into.
Logan: I was one of you.
Sheriff Forbes: And now you're one of them.

[Logan starts to leave, but turns around and whispers into Liz's ear.]

Logan: Watch your back, Sheriff.

[Logan smiles and finally leaves. Liz phones her deputies.]

Sheriff Forbes: Get a backup team to the school immediately. Keep it within the circle. It’s a V5.

[She hangs up quickly.]

[In the school hall, Jeremy approaches Tyler.]

Jeremy: I didn’t know you drew.
Tyler: It’s an elective.
Jeremy: Because it’s good stuff. You like graphics? Cause that's, uh, that's kind of my thing.
Tyler: [stopping] Woah, whoa, what are you doing?
Jeremy: [stops and faces Tyler] Well, it's just something else we have in common.
Tyler: What’s the other thing? Vicki? Let’s hang out because we did the same chick? Go be friends with one of the many other guys that she screwed, there is no shortage of them.

[Jeremy and Tyler start fighting. Alaric and Mayor Lockwood break them up.]

Alaric: [to Jeremy] Alright, work it out, tough guy.
Mayor Lockwood: You two, follow me.

[Jeremy and Tyler follow the Mayor.]

Alaric: Excuse me, Mayor. [They all stop and face Alaric.] Where are you taking them?
Mayor Lockwood: I’m gonna talk to them. All fights should end in handshakes, don’t you think? [Turns back to Tyler and Jeremy.] Come on.

[Caroline is outside of the school, leaving a message for Bonnie on her phone.]

Caroline: Bonnie, where are you? I’m ready to go. I’ll be outside.

[Caroline hangs up her phone. Logan pulls up next to Caroline in an SUV.]

Logan: Hey, damsel in distress, need a ride?
Caroline: [sarcastically] Oh my God. Logan Fell, channel 9, is that you? [fake gasps]
Logan: I used to baby sit you, Caroline Forbes. Don’t mock me.
Caroline: Well, I was supposed to go home with Bonnie, but I can’t find her.
Logan: It's not a problem, really. It’s on my way.
Caroline: Okay.

[Caroline gets in the car. Matt sees her get in.]

Caroline: You know, this is fate.
Logan: And why is that?
Caroline: Because I’m interested in broadcast journalism. So can I ask you a couple questions?
Logan: Anything you want. But first, buckle up.
Caroline: Ok.

[Caroline reaches around for her seatbelt when Logan slams her head against the window, leaving a blood smear on the glass and knocking her unconscious.]

[Stefan and Elena are walking down the hallway. Matt walks in the opposite direction.]

Matt: Hey.
Elena: [stopping Matt] Hey, have you seen Logan Fell, the news guy?
Matt: Yeah. He just gave Caroline a ride home.

[Matt walks away. Elena looks at Stefan. Stefan starts to walk away.]

Stefan: Stay here.

[Elena watches Stefan leave with a look of anguish on her face.]

[Outside the school, Mayor Lockwood escorts Jeremy and Tyler to a secluded area.]

Mayor Lockwood: Ok, let’s get this out of your system. Go ahead. Fight.
Jeremy: You want us to what?
Tyler: I’m not gonna fight him, dad.
Jeremy: I don’t think so, sir.

[Jeremy attempts to leave, but the Mayor blocks his way.]

Mayor Lockwood: You don't fight in there like pansies. You take it outside, fight your battles like men, and move on. Best lesson my dad taught me. So let’s settle it. Fight.

[Alaric walks out the back entrance and sees the group of men.]

Tyler: Come on, dad.
Jeremy: That's not gonna happen.
Mayor Lockwood: I said fight!

[Tyler tries to leave, his dad pushes him into Jeremy. Alaric approaches them.]

Alaric: Whoa. What’s going on out here?
Mayor Lockwood: Just letting these two kids work it out. We’re good here. Go back inside.
Alaric: I don’t wanna go back inside. What I want is an answer to my question. What’s going on out here?
Mayor Lockwood: Who do you think you’re talking to? Do I look like a student?
Alaric: No. You look like a full grown alpha male douchebag.

[Jeremy smirks, Tyler looks shocked that Alaric had the guts to say such a thing.]

Mayor Lockwood: You don't talk to me like that. I can have your job like this. [Snaps his fingers.]
Alaric: Ah, you do that. Then it will be you and me in this parking lot, working things out. You cool with that?
Mayor Lockwood: You just marked yourself.
Alaric: Ok.

[Richard looks back at Tyler who starts walking away. Richard follows him. Jeremy is trying to contain a smile. Alaric looks over at him.]

Alaric: [to Jeremy] You all right?

[Jeremy nods, still suppressing a smirk.]

Mystic Falls

[Sheriff Forbes is driving in her car. Her phone rings and she answers it.]

Sheriff Forbes: Where are you?
Logan: Your daughter has expressed an interest in journalism. I think it’s important to foster young minds.
Sheriff Forbes: What do you want?
Logan: The satisfaction of turning your daughter into a vampire.

[Logan stops at an intersection. Suddenly, Stefan vamp speeds at the car and pulls Logan out of the car, throwing him to the pavement. Logan gets up and Damon comes out of the woods, shooting a gun at Logan, who falls to the pavement.]

Damon: Payback's a bitch, isn't it? [to Stefan] Get her out of here.

[Stefan goes around to the passenger's side to retrieve Caroline.]

Sheriff Forbes (on the phone): Logan, what happened?! Logan?

[Damon jogs over to the car and picks up Logan's phone.]

Damon (phone): Sheriff, yeah, it’s Damon.
Sheriff Forbes (phone): Where is Caroline?

[Stefan grabs Caroline and vamp speeds out of the area.]

Damon (phone): She’s ok. I’m on Elm Street.

[Damon hangs up the phone and opens Logan's trunk. He grabs a tire iron.]

Damon: Gonna try this one more time. [swings the tire iron, indicating that he will harm Logan] Who turned you?
Logan: I told you I don’t know.
Damon: [examining the tire iron] This tire iron here could take your head clean off. [holds the tire iron in a swinging position] Is that your final answer?
Logan: How can you side with them?
Damon: I don't side with anyone. You pissed me off. I want you dead. Who turned you?
Logan: I don’t know!
Damon: Oh, well. You're screwed.

[Damon starts to swing the tire iron towards Logan's head.]

Logan: Wait, wait! I do know.
Damon: You’re lying.
Logan: You think you’re the only one who wants to get in that tomb underneath the old church?
Damon: If you're lying to me, I will end you.
Logan: I am not lying. There is another way to break the spell. We can help you. Meet me at the old church.

[Sirens are heard in the distance]

Damon: Take me down. Make it look real. Make it look real!

[Logan throws Damon against his car and vamp speeds off. Sheriff Forbes gets out of her car.]

Sheriff Forbes: Where is she?
Damon: She’s ok. My brother's taken her home. I’m sorry, Sheriff. I just wasn’t strong enough.

Mystic Falls High School

[Stefan enters the school and stands at the end of a hallway looking over at Elena. Elena is speaking to a friend and tells her bye when she sees Stefan. She quickly walks over to him.]

Elena: Caroline?

[The two walk a short distance away and stop.]

Stefan: She‘s ok. I took her home. She was shaken up. But all she knows is Logan attacked her. Nothing else.
Elena: Where's Logan?
Stefan: Damon's dealing with him.
Elena: As in...?

[Stefan nods.]

Stefan: You saw what happened tonight, right? [Elena touches Stefan's arm to soothe him. Stefan crosses his arms over his chest and she retracts her hand.] I mean, you understand why we can't be together? You see it?
Elena: Yeah, I’m starting to see a lot of things, Stefan. Come on. I’ll, uh, I'll give you a ride.
Stefan: Uh, I can get home.
Elena: I know.
Stefan: All right. That'd be nice.

[Elena and Stefan leave together.]

[Outside. Jeremy approaches Tyler, who is sitting alone.]

Jeremy: Hey.
Tyler: What do you want?

[Tyler gets up and walks towards Jeremy.]

Jeremy: I don’t know. I, uh, I thought that was weird with your dad, what he did. Is he like that all the time? Is that...Is that what you gotta go through? Man, I...I get it. I get it. [Tyler hits him.] What’s your problem?
Tyler: Look, I don’t need your pity.
Jeremy: Seriously, you don’t have to be like this. You don't.
Tyler: Just go.

[Jeremy starts to back away.]

Jeremy: What is your problem, man?
Tyler: I don’t know, ok? I don’t know.

[The shot pulls out to reveal a full moon.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena and Stefan pull up to the driveway. Elena turns the car off, but they remain in the car.]

Elena: What I said before about you leaving. It was harsh.
Stefan: No, no. You had every right.
Elena: You asked me what I wanted my future to be. I wanted to be a writer. My mom sort of push me into that direction from the time I was able to read. She supported me, encouraged me, bought me my first journal, and then she died. And I can’t see myself being a writer anymore. That was something that we shared. I know that you think you put all of this bad stuff into my life, but my life already had it. I was buried in it.
Stefan: This is different.
Elena: It doesn’t make it any less painful.
Stefan: I know that it’s...that's it's hard to understand, but I’m doing this for you.

[Stefan gets out of the car. Elena remains in the car for a moment, but eventually gets out. Stefan walks up the driveway towards the house.]

Elena: No.

[Stefan stops.]

Elena: You don’t get to make that decision for me. If you walk away, it’s for you, because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you.

[Stefan still has his back towards Elena. Elena waits for a moment, tears sparkling in her eyes, afraid that Stefan will walk away. Stefan finally turns around with tears in his eyes. He quickly walks over towards Elena, grabs her face in his hands and kisses her with passion. As they continue kissing Stefan has Elena against the wall for a second as they make their way into the front room of the Salvatore house. Elena removes her scarf and tosses it to the floor. Elena runs her hands through his hair and Stefan holds her face to his as they continue to kiss. Suddenly, Stefan feels his eyes changing and he stops kissing her. Elena breathes heavily as Stefan rests his head on her shoulder. Stefan, also breathing heavily, finally pulls away and turns around so Elena cannot see his vampire face. Elena tries to pull him back to face her.]

Elena: Don’t.
Stefan: Elena, I can’t...
Elena: Yes, you can. [She touches his face.] Don’t hide from me.

[Stefan turns his face towards hers. Elena still has her hand on his cheek. Stefan's eyes are red and the veins still crawl towards his eyes. Elena looks at him with no fear. She gently touches the veins around his eyes Stefan feels a little more under control with his urge to feed on her, Elena then kisses him. When she pulls away,he pulls her back for another kiss before Stefan's face has becomes normal again. Elena smiles and takes Stefan's hand. She leads Stefan up to his bedroom. They stop on the landing and begin to kiss passionately. They, eventually make it to Stefan's bedroom where Stefan beings removing his and Elena's clothes while touching each others bodies. Stefan then gently lowers Elena onto the bed and they continue to kiss with intense passion. Stefan and Elena's hands intertwine as they start to make love. Elena explores the muscles on Stefan's back and traces her finger against his lip while Stefan kisses her neck and touches one side of her cheek. Elena's face shows nothing but pleasure as the two have sex for the first time together.]


[Logan exits the warehouse. He walks to his car but hears a loud clang from behind him. He turns around to investigate and when he turns back towards his car, Alaric is blocking his way. Logan backs up.]

Logan: Who are you?
Alaric: A friend of Jenna's.
Logan: Jenna sent you?
Alaric: No, I came on my own.
Logan: Ah, I get it. Well, buddy, I know you think this makes you brave. But actually it makes you pretty stupid.
Alaric: Either way, here I am.
Logan: What do you want?
Alaric: Jenna is a good person. She deserves the best. I'm here to make sure she gets it.
Logan: Was that supposed to be a threat? Couldn't you throw a punch? Maybe provoke me a little?
Alaric: I’m not a violent guy by design.
Logan: Well, you’re not a very smart one, either.
Alaric: How’s that?

[Logan turns his back to Alaric. Alaric slowly takes the hidden stake out from inside the sleeve of his jacket.]

Logan: 'Cause you have no idea who you're talking to.

[Logan starts to vamp out. He turns around and goes to attack Alaric. Alaric, who knew Logan was a vampire and was expecting to be attacked, stakes Logan. Logan falls to the ground dead. Alaric looks shocked at what he was capable of and quickly gets out of there.]

Mystic Falls High School

[Tyler is leaning against Matt's truck. Matt approaches him.]

Tyler: I need a ride
Matt: Sure.

[Tyler goes towards the passenger's door.]

Matt: Look, I like Caroline. [Tyler stops and looks at him] She’s got this thing....this way about her....and I like her ok? And I’m not gonna defend it or apologize about.
Tyler: Ok.
Matt: So stop your little bromance bitch act.
Tyler: [calmly] Ok.

[Matt walks over to the driver's side and gets in. Tyler gets in the other side shortly after.]

Forbes Residence

[Caroline is asleep in her bed. Liz strokes her hair as she watches her sleep. Liz's phone goes off and she leaves the room to answer it.]

Sheriff Forbes: Yeah, I’ll be right there.

[She hangs up and quietly closes Caroline's door.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan is holding Elena in his arms and stroking her hair. Elena is wearing Stefan's shirt and looking around the room from the comfort of Stefan's arms.]

Elena: I’ve never been in your room before.
Stefan: Hm, well, it hasn’t changed much over the years.
Elena: Do you leave everything here when you come and go?
Stefan: It’s the only place that...that has remained constant. This room holds every memory that I've ever thought was important enough to hold on to.

[Elena smiles and snuggles into Stefan's chest. Stefan kisses her head.]

Elena: A lot of memories.

[Elena looks up at him. Stefan kisses her forehead.]

Stefan: Yep. Are you thirsty or anything?
Elena: A little. You? Uh...[Stefan laughs.]
Stefan: I’m fine. Let me get you something to drink, ok?
Elena: Ok.

[They kiss. Stefan gets up and leaves the room. Elena snuggles up against a pillow and smiles brightly. Soon she gets up and starts exploring Stefan's room. Elena finally comes across the picture of Katherine. She picks it up and sees they resemblance. Teary eyed, Elena puts the picture down and leaves.]

Old Church

[Damon is pacing around, waiting for Logan. His phone rings and he answers it.]

Damon: Hello.

[Liz is on the other end. She is outside of the warehouse.]

Sheriff Forbes: I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t know how you did it.
Damon: Um, not following.
Sheriff Forbes: We found Logan’s body up by the old Fell warehouse. He has been disposed of. He was hoarding victims, innocent victims.
Damon: What?
Sheriff Forbes: This town owes you so much. So do I.

[Liz quickly hangs up. Damon looks completely and utterly shocked.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Stefan comes back in his room with a glass of water.]

Stefan: Elena?

[He sees the picture of Katherine and Elena's necklace on top of it. He picks up the necklace and the picture. He looks around, worried.]

Mystic Falls

[Elena is driving down a deserted road, crying. She sees someone in the middle of the road. She slams her brakes, but the person hits her windshield. Her car flips. She is stuck in her seat, the man who she hit slowly gets back up and starts to approach her.]

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