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A Darker Truth is a series of webisodes, exclusive to, that follows Jason Harris' investigation into murder of his sister, Joanne Harris.

Jason has followed Stefan Salvatore from Manhattan to Mystic Falls, Virginia. He chronicles his investigation on video, presenting evidence for the case that Stefan is a vampire.

Upon arriving in Mystic Falls, Jason learns that the Salvatore Boarding House was recently closed for business to prepare for the return of family (from Mystic Grill Hostess). Jason breaks into one of the rooms to set some vampire traps: mainly garlic, holy water and crucifixes. While there, he finds a collection of Stefan's journals. Upon reading them, he suspects that Stefan has been stalking victims. Determined to not allow this to continue, Jason readies a wooden stake.

Outside of the boarding house, Jason captures Stefan flying from the roof to the ground. After seeing him walk around in the sunlight, he wonders if his stake will even work on him. Doubting his own methods, Jason stumbles across dead animals and a dead couple who have been killed while on a picnic.

Returning to Stefan's room, Jason decides that to kill the vampire, you must destroy his nest. So he decides to burn down the boarding house. As he readies the gasoline, another figure appears in the room. Jason realizes that it is not Stefan who killed his sister, but who is revealed to viewer as Stefan's brother, Damon Salvatore. After a moment of toying with his prey, Damon promptly attacks Jason and leaves him for dead.


Note 1: neither cast member is credited throughout the run of the entire webseries

Note 2: appear only through archive footage of 1x01.




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