The Vampire Diaries Game was developed by Her Interactive. It was released in November of 1996 by American Laser Games, Inc. for Windows.


Based on several L. J. Smith's books of the 1990s, The Vampire Diaries is a suspenseful mystery adventure about a town infested with vampires and one teen's efforts to find them. Featuring real actors and actresses in full motion video and a point and click interface, the game ships on 3 CD-ROM discs.

You play Elena Gilbert, a popular Robert E. Lee High School teen, who lives with her Aunt Judith and younger sister, Margaret, in Fells Church, Virginia. After the introduction, the game begins during a party at the Romanoff Gallery, which they are attending. Suddenly someone screams, and Margaret is found lying on the floor ... a wispy figure floating away from her comatose body. Determined to find who (or what) attacked her sister, Elena investigates on her own. She soon discovers that the entire town of Fells Church is in fear for their lives! There are Vampires here .. and everyone is suspect.

Puzzles range in difficulty and many are dependent on inventory objects found, conversation topics chosen and/or the time of day. Travel to different locations via the in-game map and change from day to night by adjusting a clock or going to bed.[1]


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