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Name Description
Carver †
TVD-Comic-Teddy Carver
Egypt, 1901. Teddy Carver and his wife Gemma lead an archaeology expedition. They eventually uncover the Mummy of Horemhabi and the Heart of the Nile, a legendary artifact among witches. While they excavated the mummy, Damon Salvatore was also unearthed in a severely desiccated and mummified state. He tore through the camp, killing everyone. Teddy attempted to defend his wife, attacking the "mummy" with a shovel. Seemingly dead, he wanted to examine it further, but Damon awoke and tore into his neck, killing him.
Carver †
TVD-Comic-Gemma Carver
Egypt, 1901. Gemma Carver, the most powerful witch in England at the time, and her husband, Teddy search for and uncover the mummy of Horemhabi. With it, they find the Heart of the Nile, a legendary jewel among her kind. While they excavated the mummy, Damon Salvatore was also released, though he was in a severely desiccated and mummified state. He tore through the camp and killed everyone. Teddy attempted to defend his wife and attacked the "mummy" but wanted to examine it after the fact. Gemma attempted to tell him it wasn't a good idea, but Damon recovered and tore into his neck. With Teddy dead, Damon, attacked Gemma. As she lay bleeding out on the ground, she performed a spell using the jewel and cursed the mummy to come alive and attack vampires. Despite the spell, she perished as Damon fully recovered.
Mummy of Horemhabi †
TVD-Comic-The Mummy of Horemhabi
Egypt, 1901. Teddy and Gemma Carver unearth the mummy of Horemhabi and the Heart of the Nile fixed to the sarcophagus. However, Damon was also unearthed and severely desiccated, mummified in appearance, and attacked the two archaeologists. Gemma, the most powerful witch in England at the time, with her dying breath cast a powerful curse using the Heart of the Nile on the mummy - to come to life in the presence of and then attack vampires.

Mystic Falls, 2009. Horemhabi's Tomb exhibit is in its final days at the museum and students from Mystic Falls High are paired up with younger students to get to spend the night in the museum. Stefan unfortunately, got too close to the mummy, and as Gemma's curse decreed, he came to life and grabbed Billy, a younger student. Stefan, however, rescued the boy and attempted to break the mummy's neck, believing it was a desiccated vampire. The attack proved futile and began to overpower Stefan. With the children safe, Bonnie stepped in, telling Stefan to duck. Using her magic, she set the mummy on fire and destroyed the spell along with the mummy.


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Name Description
Empress Alexandra Romanov †
TVD-Comic-Empress Alexandra Romanov
As political unrest captivates Russia, Empress Alexandra Romanov summons Rasputin to her son's bed chambers and tasked him to save her son. He is the heir to the Tsar and his very blood is poisoning him. He's failed in his task. Not only that he's failed his Empress, the future Tsar, and the whole of Russia. Rasputin asks her for patience. Overturning the laws of life and death are delicate matters not for mere mortals. He has, however, found a way to save her son from his fate. Empress Alexandra leaves Alexei's care in Rasputin's hands and, as promised, Alexei is returned to her seemingly in good health. She was overjoyed to have her son back and believed what Rasputin had done was magic. Rasputin spun his tales and rumors spread of her occult dealings. Eventually, the people rose against the royal family in a revolution. The ensuing storm devastated the family, resulting in all of their deaths except for Alexei, who had became a vampire.
Grigori Rasputin †
TVD-Comic-Grigori Rasputin
Rasputin is summoned by Empress Alexandra to save her son, Alexei. Alexei was dying - his blood poisoning him. She's furious that he's failed her, failed the future Tsar, and the whole of the Motherland herself. Rasputin expresses she must have patience. Overturning the laws of life and death are not the matters of mere mortal men, but he's found a way to spare her son.

Katherine joins Rasputin, though she's cautious. Her contact has warned of him, but this does not dissuade his actions. He questions her if she does or doesn't want to learn how to kill an Original vampire. Katherine accepts the deal though questions his own opinions for valuing the Empress' ear. The protests are growing against the royal family. Per their deal, Katherine feeds Alexei her blood. After this, Rasputin doesn't hesitate to break his neck. Now his transition into a vampire beings. Rasputin locks away Alexei in a cellar with two young women - protesters against the Romanovs. They curse Rasputin, calling him the devil and a bottom-feeder but he ignores him. He's the future of Mother Russia. Meanwhile, Alexei wakes and feeds, completing his transition.

With Alexei's recovery, Empress Alexandra is pleased and Rasputin expresses that there is no power in the world or the next greater than his loyalty. With Katherine's part of the deal fulfilled, Rasputin works to complete his. However, Katherine grows impatient. Though what she's asking is a great task indeed. She's not his sycophant and demands that he performs the spell or ritual that will end an Original. Rasputin claims that there is no spell, just the legendary Petrova doppelgänger - the witch Qetsiyah's greatest masterpiece. Using his magic, he immobilizes her with a pain infliction and lifts her into the air. Rasputin's determined to dissect her and find what secrets that lie in wait. However, Rasputin's interrupted by Katherine's loyal lover, Carissa. The two witches battle - a battle of wills and might. Rasputin attacks with fire and Carissa defends with air, the resulting magic obliterate Rasputin's castle. Rasputin, however, is victorious and mocks Carissa in her defeat. She's presumed to fight him, though she had sent Katherine to him for help when she's not powerful enough to do what he can do. He calls her a pathetic lovesick kitten, but Katherine surprises him and feeds from his neck, eventually ripping his head clean off of his shoulders.

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