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The Vampire Diaries Parody

The Vampire Diaries Parody is the parody made by The Hillywood Show. It was released on February 25, 2011.



The Hindi sisters have became famous by their musical parodies. They started doing parodies of several characters of Johnny Depp, but gained worldwide recognition with their Twilight Parodies, that went viral. They use cleverly chosen music, voice overs, well rehearsed choreography, carefully made costumes and a high quality of production. They often strive to give realism to their creation, carefully matching sets, clothes to the original to make them more believable.


The video starts with "Damien" and "Steven" at the dentist's office, and they note that the dentist "looks like the chick from Vampire Diaries". With the card with the Show name comes a wind up denture, which sets the tone of the parody.

When the song starts, they cut to several scenes from Vampire Diaries, season two, mainly focusing on the "Masquerade Ball " that took place at the Lockwood property. Hilly impersonates Katherine, and the scenes not only address events from season 2, but also sometimes illustrate the lyrics of the song.

Among the scenes are Katherine killing random victims during the Ball, flashbacks of Katherine making love and drinking blood from both brothers in 1864 and being imprisoned in the tomb. At some point, "Katherine" turns "Damien" into a vampire by sticking a plastic denture into his mouth, and there are also scenes where they are hanging upside down.

"Katherine" takes bites from several fruits, starting, like in the series, with a ripe strawberry, but progressing to bananas and watermelon.

The scene where Katherine enters the masquerade ball with one brother in each arm was later mirrowed in season three "Mikaelson's Ball", when Elena enters with both Salvatores.

Cultural References

  • "Damien" in the waiting room makes reference to Glee, a musical comedy that aired on Fox. The Hillywood sisters way of including music numbers in their parodies reflect the show's musical attitude.
    • On Glee's episode "Britney/Brittany", the show's characters have hallucinations, generated by the anesthesia.
  • "Teeth" is probably the least known of Lady Gaga's album "The Fame Monster". It was written by Taja Ryley, has many gothic and vampiric imagery.
  • The phrase "Show me your teeth" could also mean "show me the truth". It could be a reference to the expression "you know a horse by the teeth ", which is a way to tell the horse's age by inspecting their teeth.




  • Like many of Hillywood's productions, the clip ends with some bloopers as the credit rolls.
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