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Providing sources is one of the ways that we ensure readers that content is valid. This is done in several ways.

Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources:

Although there are many websites out there that may post information regarding The Vampire Diaries, The Originals or Legacies, only a few are deemed reliable and are able to be used on the wiki to reference information added. To be reliable, a source must have other citations reflecting information released directly by The CW, the cast, writers or producers of either show. If you're trying to reference what has occurred in episodes, usually, it can be done by referencing withing the wiki, which is deemed reliable as all information is pulled from episodes themselves.

Although we do accept most websites as verified sources, we do not accept websites such as IMDB. Wikipedia also has special cases. Wikipedia should only be referenced as a source of information if the Wikipedia information you are referencing has references to citing the variability of the source, in which case, you may opt to copy the source Wikipedia is using. Twitter is also deemed a half-trusted source. Information published on Twitter can only be deemed reliable if it is by a verified account and/or any member of the TVD/TO production team, this includes, writers, producers, directors, cast.

Reference Tags

Reference tags can be used as an easy way to add sources to an episode quickly. Reference tags allow users to link to outside websites with minimal effort. Reference tags can be used with the tags <ref></ref> where the link to the outside source goes between the opening and closing ref tags. We recommend using square brackets inside ref tags to display text over the link. An example of what a text looks like when it is cited using reference tags is shown below. The below example uses square brackets to hide the link URL and display whatever text is set.

After citing using ref tags, you must include the tag <references /> to gather all the cites from an article and order them in a numerical list depending on where they are declared on the article. Although information should be cited accordingly, some pieces of information can be cited with the same source if the information is proved by one source only. This can be done by attributing names to ref tags. Such thing can be done the following way <ref name="s8last></ref>. Putting the link to a source inside the ref name tag means that every ref defined with the 's8last' ref name will have the same attribution. This ref name is then called using <ref name="s8last" />.

Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries will be the last[1]
Season Eight of The Vampire Diaries will be the last.[1].



This section will automatically generate the footnotes by adding {{reflist}} to the page.

External sources are usually other websites. When citing this source, please use the <ref> tags. You should provide a link to the site, the name of the site, the author, the date it was published, and the date you accessed it. If you are updating the format of references already on the page, you can use the date that the information was added as the date retrieved because that will be the date that the person who first added it used it.


For information that was inferred, it's often best to add clarification. For example, a statement saying that Atticus was born in 1980 should explain that this was because Hayley stated that he's thirty in "My Brother's Keeper", this should be done with a ref tag explaining how you arrived at that value. Ref tags should also be used in infoboxes because parenthetical citations would clutter up the box.

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